Wallowa County chieftain. (Enterprise, Or.) 1909-1911, June 03, 1909, Image 8

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City and County
Brief News Items
Seed potatoes for sale at V. J.
Funk & Cos.
.Mrs. R. L. Dej!azer "ami daughter
are at Imbler visiting friend.
Harry Hearing and John McFc".
ridge we.it to Wallowa, Monday.
Carpeta, China and Jap Mattings
at Ashley's.
John Wortrran, Jr.. returned horn'
6aturday from a vacation trip U
outside points.
Go to Jackson & Weaver's for Io
Creani Sodas, Sundae3, and Soda
Water, all flavors. Everything san
itary and clean.
C. B. Horner of Snake River le't
Monday for Tur'.ock, Cal., to visit
liis father, J. S. Homer.
Mrs. C. M. Lockwood and children
went to Pendleton, Monday, for an
extended visit with her sister, Mrs.
Sit Up And
Ta ke Not ice
Every department of our store
has been replenished with new
and up-to-date goods and our
ck is now complete iu al
most every department.
V'e pay spot cash for our
goods, and therefore get the
benefit of all cash discounts
and we give our customers the
benefit of our cheap buys.
Our New Goods
just received direct from Chi
cago In the dry goods depart
ment consists in part of tne ;
In dress goods of the newest
and most exclusive patterns,
NOTIONS, Etc, etc.
We have in transit a large in
voice of Men's Clothing which
wi.l arrive in about 10 days.
We also take orders for the
Our spring shipment of Hats
is already here, both men's and
boys'. We carry the HARDE
MAN HAT, superior in style
to any other hat in the mark
e', and only equalled in dur
ability and holding Its shape
by the celebrated Stetson.
We have just received a largo
assortment of men's, boys' la
dies' and Mli.se3' Oxford Shoes
In black, tan, chocolate and
ox-blood (lace or buckle.)
Our Grocery and Hardware de
partments are also complete.
Drop in, look at our goods,
and compare prices.
R. S. & Z. CO.
Just to 'Remind You
WHEN MONEY is scarce general stagnation sets in with its
resultant disasters to every line of business, to every profession,
and every wapre-earner. It is therefore to your interest to help
to make rwr.ey plentiful in Oregon by simply keeping it here.
The sworn statements of life insurance companies on file with
State Insurance Commissioner S. A. Kozer, Salem, Oregon,
show that
was sent cut of OREGON for life insurance premiums
in the past live years.
is the total returned here to pay death losses and dividends in
the same live years.
is the net amount drained out of Oiegon in 5 years
for life insurance premiums sent to enrich Wisconsin, New
York and ether states by making their home companies the
custodian?: of these trust funds from Oregon. Does anyone
doubt that the commercial supremacy of New York is due to
the centralization of the insurance assets in that market, more
than to ar.y other one factor? More money is handled by the
insurance companies than all the transportation companies in
the country, and it is the centralization of these immense
accumulations in one locality that makes that locality the seat
of the financial empire.
It is the personal interest of every ritizen of Ore
gon to i s; his influence that Life Insurance be bought
of OlEElOLfc and the money Kept in Oregon for Ore
gon's development.
Home Office: Corbett Bldg. Corner 5th and Morrison Sts., Portland, Ore.
A. L, Mi'.U, Pros L-:u L. Samuel, General Manager Clarence S. Samuel, Ant. Manager
AKa 'a sead Uc sale at R. S. & Z.
Bargains at Wheat's closing out
Warner Funk of Oaklrjid, Cal., is
viii hig his bnther. Chas. E. Funk.
S. L Haworth returned Friday
from Curry county.
Choire residence property for rent,
"ee E M. & M. Co.
Srj-t Harris of Walla Walla was
ie:e Thursday and Friday visiting
d.l friand.s.
('oiing oat sale of watches, clocks
jAelry, silverware the entire stock
)f E. B. Wheat.
-Mr. and Mrs. Henrv Fletcher of
"own-itita were tradiag in town
r 1 osu Fish every Friday and Sat
urday at Cray & Willett's City Mar-
Els in Flour at W. J. Fuk & Co's.
j Patent $1.50 a sack, straight grade,
I 51-40 a sack.
I Riv. E. Owen le't Welnesday of
last week for Astoria to remain a
j while in hopes the sea air will be.ie-
ut his hea.th.
. Jacks jii & Weiver guarantee their
Sarsaparilla Compound to give as
good results as a iy blood purifier o i
the market.
H. V. Moire of Caldwell, Ida., ar
rived Mo.iday and accepted a position
)!';or with Riley & Riley. Hj
soured the job through a Ne,v:i
. hi! want ad.
Mrs. O. ,M, Corkins attended the K
of 1' memoiial service at Wallowa,
'.'j.id.iy. Her father is the only mem
b:;r o' the. order buried in the ceme
tery tiie.e.
-a-s. Jane Foarty of northeast of
to v.-ii le.'t Monday for Albany to se
i h -;r daughter, who is ill In a hospice!
tilers. Mrs. Fogarty will visit a'.
Newport before returning.
C. S. Reavis returned Saturday
from a business trip to Portland ind
o:h ;r W'iilamet e valley points. H
s.oppju at Hood River on his way
jhxnc- and visited his brothers.
Mi-:s Cressie Warnock left Mon
day f ir Yaquina to join her father,
Robert Warnock. She had been
visiting her grandmother and other
relatives on the Imnaha and in this
Mrs. Alvin McFetridge and baby
and .Mrs. Ange'ine Hanson spent Mon
day at Wallowa, attending Memorial
Day exercises. Mrs. McFetridge's
brother, Orven Hearing, is buried in
the Wallowa cemetry.
Mrs. J. A. French and son Dwight
left Monday for Pendleton, where
they will stay a few days and thei
go on to CorvaUis to visit her par
ents, and renia'n until -the meeting
J of the Grand Chapter, O. E. S.', at
F(irtii.nti, June 14, which Mrs. French
will attend as matron of Wallowa
Valley chapter.
l-v i i
"ciuie uuiug a mattress see
Ashley's $13.."o special.
u.ie-.Minute Washers the Onlv
Best Washer. For sale by Ashley.
A. G. Smith of Joe3ph was an En
terprise visitor Tuesday.
Ice Cream
Ice Cream Soda
Sundaes, Root Beer, Re
freshing Drinks
When extra CANDY
is wanted come to
Next Door to Bank
Enterprise, - - .Oregon
Electrically Welded
Is in a class of Its own because it Is
he only Fence of its kind made,
and it is the Fence for you to use
1. It is the best made.
2. Has same sized "stay as strand
3. Has no wraps or clamps to
hold moisture and cause rust
4. 8tays cannot be apread by
5. The price Is right.
6. It is the strongest Fence on
the market.
Buy it, try It, and your Fence
troubles will be over..
For Poultry, Hojs, Horses, Cattle,
Lawn and Corn Cribs.
I will sen at public audtion at the
Red Front Livery Barn in Enter
prise, Oregon on
Beginning at 10 a.m., sharp, the fol
lowing described property:
or rjore, from one year old and up
wards. All good grade, farm-raised
Terms of sale: Six months note
with approved security, without in
terest, if paid when due. 5 per cent
discount for cash.
J. C. McFETRlDGE, Owner.
Up-to-date shapes and colors in
ice cream cones at Enterprise Ciiam-
Largest and finest line of Ice
cream cones at Enterprise Cream
The be3t washing machine on
earth Is the Flyer. For sale by
s. u. Keener.
Mrs. Will Zuroher and children
accompanied Mr. Zurcher to their
ranch at Chico Monday morning to
De gone about two weeks.
Sunday school teachers and dudIIs
in attendance at the county conven
on may procure ribbon badges free
oy calling at Jackson & Weaver's
drug store.
Mrs Ellen Smith of Wallowa return
ed home Tuesday after a visit of
several days with Mrs. Bessie Whit
more. The latter accompanied her
friend to Wallowa to remain for
some time.
Mrs. J. T. Bircher and three young
est children and her mother, Mrs.
I-ottle Crumley, left Monday for the
latter's home at Kingston, Ida. Mrs.
Crumley had bean visiting here for
several weeks. Mrs. Bircher will
also visit her daughter, Mrs. Lennis
AlcCIoud, at Kingston.
The dance at the opera house Fri
day given bv the bosehnll hnva in
honor of th Union team, was a de-
iigniiui affair and attended hv about
30 couple. Splendid music was fur
nished by the Enterprise orchestra.
An elegant supper was arvrl .f mt-..
Mayor's new restaurant. vhM s.
ing quite popular. The tables were
beautifully decorated as well as boun
fully laden.
D. H. demons of Lostine was an
over Sunday visitor in Enterprise.
NeU Nelson of Elgin is here look
ing over the country with a view to
Miss Lydia Miller of Los'ine "
a guest of Miss Grace Wood of this
city over Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Larsen at
tended the funeral of their friend. I
"Uncle John" Hill on Cricket Fl"'-.
five miles northeast of Elgin Sunday.
Mr. Hill was 80 years old and a host
of friends from all over Union county
attended the funeral. Mrs. Larson
remained for a visit with friends la
Auction sale at the Joseph Mer
cantile Co., Joseph, will commence
June 5, from 10 o'clock in the fore
noon until 5 o'clock In the after
noon, consisting of Dry goods. Notions
Trimmings, Shoes and Men Wear
ables. In order to wind up our bus
iness affairs quick we have decided
to let you have everything at this
great auction sale at your own price
To avoid serious results take Foi
ey's Kidney Redely at the first
sign of kidney or bladder disorder
luch as backache, urinary Irrigular
ities, exhaustion, and you will soon
be well. Commence taking Foley's
Kidnev Reme Iv today. Uurnaugh
& Mayfleld.
Notice U hereby slven that the Uinl.
described leow embracing lio acre
within the Wallowa National Forest
Oregon, will Le subject to settlement
and entry vnler the provisions of the
homes-tcad laws of the United hiaies,
and the act of June 11. 190e (31 Stat.
233), at the Unite! Stales l.vi 1 office
at La Grande. Oreaon. on July Ji
WO?. Anv sutler who was actually an-':
In good lalth cla mins any of said lands
for agricultural purposes prior to jan
ua-y 1, I90ij, and haa n:t abandoned
same, has a preference ru-ht to mane n
homestead entry for the lan.ls actuail;.
occupied, tall lam's were listed upon
the ail atlons of the persons mention
ed below, who have a preference riH'it
subject to the pilir rlilit of nny suci
settler, provided such settler or ap
plicant is qna'.ifiel to malto homestead
entry and the preference rhiht Is exer
elsed prior ti Ju y 31, l.Ol. on which
date the lands will be Fubjcct to settle
ment and entry by any mialltled person
The lands embrace a tract which, when
surveyed, wll prolably he within Sec.
3. T. 2 N.. R. 50 IC, W. M., bounded
and described as follows: llenlnniiitf a
a point 20 chains west of the northwest
corner of Fe .2. T. 2 N., K. 50 tl: ei
tending thence P. 10 chains; thence
V. 10 chana; theme X. 10 chains
then e IC 10 chains to the point ol
beginning; and' besinnins at a point
20 chains west of the west 4 cornel
of Sec. 2, T. 2 X.. Ii. 50 K.; extendin
thence X. 10 chains; thence W. IC
chains; thence F. 10 chains; thence K
10 chains to the point of beginning
containing 20 acres, listed upon th.
application of Howard Whlttier, o
White Biid. Idaho.
Also the SKVi of XWVi of XWU
the S4 of NK14 of NWfc of NW'4
the SEVi of NW.of NWfc of NW'i.
.he EV4 of SV4 of XW4 of XWVi, the
3WV4 of SWii of NW4 of XW'4, the
Ni4 of SWV4 of NWT4. the SWVi of SUV
Si of XWVi, Sec. 13. the H of S of
NICV4 of NEi, the SEVi of XEVi
Sec. 11, T. 2 N., II. 50 11, 105 acres.
application of It. O. Wilson, of White
Bird, Idaho. Fred Dennett. Commis
sioner of the General Land Office. Ap
proved May 14, 1909.
Frank Pierce. First Assistant Secre-
.ary of the In'.erlor.
Information Concerning Eighth Grade
Final Examinations.
I. Dates:
Three examinations annually. Each
county superintendent to select
months for his county.
(a) January 21-22, 1909.
(b) May 13-14, 1909.
(c) June 10-11, 1909.
(d) ScptemLer 2-3, 1909.
2. Program :
(a) Thursday Arithmetic, Writ
ing, History, and Civil Govern
ment. (b) Fridays Grammar, Physiol
ogy, Geography, and Spelling.
. 3. Sources of Questions:
(a) Civil Government United
States Constitution.
(b) Geography State Course
Study; Redway and Hinman's
. Natural School Geography.
(c) History List of topics from
History Outline in State Course
of Study and Current Events.
t" Language Buehler's Modern
English Grammar, no diagram
ming. (e) Reading The teacher will
send to the County Superintend
ent the applicant's class standing
in reading, which shall be taken
by such superintendent as the ap
plicant's standing on the subject.
(f) Spelling-Eighty per cent
from Reed's Word Lessons, and
twenty per cent, from manuscript
in Language.
(g) Writing Specimens of pen
manship a.3 indicated in copied
matter and from manuscript i:i
Rejpejtfdlly submitted,
Supt. Public Instruction.
J. c rnxi.pv
lbl Sunt nf ok,'
Notice of Examination.
Notice is herebv
regular eighth grade evillllinof ; ...411
be held June 10-11 in the several
school districts.
Teachers nrenarlnv i,,.
- o -'"ca lur tins
examination will report number and
.mu.es ot applicants to this. ffi,.
at once.
.... J- C. CONLEY,
ioi County Superintendent.
Needle. Shuttle and Bobbin for
use In All Make of Sewing Machine.
iS. D. Reltner
Official Proceedings of County Court
(Continued from page 6.)
V. M. Sutton, 2 days 8th
grade examinations I 6 00
S. R. Haworth, payment on
contract for court house.... 6000 00
J. W. Macauley, grand Jury.. 32 00
L. G. Page, grand Jury 32 00
Chas! E. Is'.ey, grand jury.. 23 00
H. E. Driver, grand Jury .... 25 00
I. B. Ready, grand jury bailiff 21 00
Luther Campbell, grand jury. 46 00
lohn Fruitts, grand jury 51 20
I. T. McLain, petit Jury.... 49 60
H. R. Hanna, official reporter 110 00
?red Harsln, petit Jury 53 20
A'. H. Nicoson, petit Jury 57 00
'.!. C. Davis, petit Jury 52 00
D. I . Mlllar.Fetlt Jury 47 00
(. E. McNutt, retit Jury 52 00
lame. Nolan, petit Jury 30 2C
I. O. Kiddle, pttlt Jury 53 00
?t. T. Bollng, petit Jury 55 00
Hen Rich, petit Jury 52 20
3. W. Pagln. court ballff .... 33 00
tl. C. Cramer, jury bailiff ap
pointed by Court 36 00
Oaniel Boyd, atty. for J. Bed-
lugfield 15 00
!ay Le.vis. petit jury 6 00
... E. Kuhn, petit jury 12 60
A". E. Boner, petit Jury .... 4 40
3eorge Lightle, petit Jury .... 31 00
las. Gill, petit Jury 28 20
H. C. Laird, pe lt Jury 21 70
3. .B Warnock, petit Jury 47 00
d. L. Lay, petit Jury 2 20
J. B. Williamson, petit Jury.. 46 60
I. N. Daalc, petit Jury 44 60
i'red Falcoier, petit Jury.... 2 20
1. Yavfield, petit jury 2 20
J. J. Forsythe, petit jury 2 20
M. K. Bue, petit Jury 2 20
VV. C. Wilson, petit Jury .... 2 20
John Calvin, petit jury .... 2 20
-. J. Ro, petit Jury 46 00
C. S. Haney, pe lt Jury 39 20
J. W. Hanson, petit jury 48 50
I. H. Hartshorn, petit Jury .. 2 20
Fred U. Robin, from Heppner
and return 57 20
Ed Ebea, witness State vs.
Tucker 3 40
John Chilcotte, witness State
vs. Tucker 5 20
A. Carter, witness State vs.
Tucker 11 00
Hank Sprague, witness State
vs. Tucker 10 00
I. H. Britton, witness before
grand jury 6 00
5. B. Conner, witness before
grand Jury 11 00
J. W. Ba'.e, witness before
grand jury 12 00
Jame3 Bankhead, witness be
fore grand Jury 2 20
Moved Here From Arlington.
Frank Hampden and family of
Arlington have moved to this city to
reside, their car of goods coming In
Monday. Mr. Hampden Is a man of
means who came here a few weeks
ifro on Invitation of Judge Corkins,
and liked the country so well con
cluded to make this their home.
Many of our citizens are drifting
towards Bright's disease by neglect
ing symptoms of kidney and bladder
trouble which Foley's Kidney Remedy
win quickly cure. Burnaugh &
Price for
Pelts and Hides
Hack Calls to
any part of the city
answered day or night.
J.U SHACKELFORD, Proprietor.
I'irst Class Rigs
and careful drivers.
Hieat (Ularket
Fresh and Salt Meats
River 8t, 1 block south of Funk's
tore, Enterprise Oregon,
Mrs. W. L. McCubbin and children
spent Tuesday at Lostlne.
Superintendent Conley announce
the next meeting of the County Tea
chers association will be held at
Flora, June 12.
Dr. C. T. Hockett went out to La
Grande Tuesday to assist Dr. Gllmore
of Flora In an operation for appendi
citis on Mr Ackman of the North
Country. From La Grande, Dr. Hock
ett will go on to Salem to attend the
meeting of the alumni of the medi
cal department of Willamette Univer
sity. SUMMONS.
In the Circuit Court of the State
. of Oregon, for Wallowa County.
Charlotte B. Cutler, Plaintiff, vs. J.
F. Cutler, De'endant.
To J. F. Cutler, the above named
You wl!l take notice, that you are
required to appear and answer or
otherwise plead to the complaint
filed against you in the above en
titled Court and Cause on or befort
the expiration of six weeks from
the date of the first publication of
this summons, which date of tint
publication is Thursday, June 3rd,
1909; and you will further take n
lice that if you fall to appear and
answer or otherwise plead thereto
within said time, the plaintiff for
want thereof will apply to the Court
above named for the relief prayed
for in her complaint filed herein, to
wit: That the bonds of matrimony now
and heretofore existing between the
plaintiff and defendant be dissolved
and henceforth held for naught,
on the grounds of willful desertion of
plaintiff; and that plaintiff have uch
other and further relief as to the
Court shall seem Just and equitable.
Vou will further take notice that
this summons Is served upon you by
publication thereof, for six con
"tlve weeks, in the Wallowa Chief
tain, a weekly newspaper printed and
published at Enterprise, Wallowa
County, Oregon, commencing with
the Issue of June 3rd, 1909, by or
der of the Honorable J. B. Olmsted,
County Judge of Wallowa County,
Oregon mnrto mil HotoH at Rntef-
Drisfi Wnllrtua PftnntT fmerm OH
- , .V,T UUb.f, O 1 -
the 1st day of June, 1909.
41c7 Attorneys for Plaintiff.
Dunuc non
rnuna, aw
Both Phones
TT v Jrt
xiome independent tv
Pacific States 45. S
Our bus meets al
trains. Faie 10c.
within city limits