Wallowa County chieftain. (Enterprise, Or.) 1909-1911, June 03, 1909, Image 4

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    aVatbu-a (County Chieftain
County Pioneer Paper
Established in Published every
Thursday bv The Enterprise Press.
Office East side Court House
Entered in the pouoffice at Enter
prise, Ore., as second-class matter.
Dnp ve:ir Sl.iO Three uioiths
lnvariablv in Advanre.
Of Inte est to Farmers
and Me-
Farmers and meohai.irs frequently
meet with slight aciidetus uv.d jur
ies which cause theai much anno
ance and loss of time. A cut or
bruise may be cured in about one
third the time usually required by
applying Chamberlains Liniment a?
o oj iu in inrv is received. This
liniment is also valuable for sprains. ,
snn nf tho mus-.-les and rhe i-
niatic pains. The.e U no danger of
blood poisoning resulting from ai
injury when Chamberlain's Uiitnie-.it
is applied berore the parts beconu
inflamed and swol'en. For s;.ie b
Bumaugh & Mayfield.
Supt. F. S. Ilramwell and two fie! J
foremen of the La Grande suga j
factory, were here over Wednesday ;
night to see how the experimenta I
160 acres near here planted to beets
were coming on. Mr. Ilramwell l
greatly pleased with the stand ant
growth. He says they are lookine ,
fine. The Japs are now engaged it: ,
thinning the beets. I
If You are Worth $53,000 uon t ;
Read Thi3.
This will not interest you if you
ih fifty thousand dollars, but
If you are a man of moderate means
and cannot afford to employ a phy
sician when you have an attack of
diarrhoea, vou will be pleased tj
know that one or two doses of Cham-
berlain's Co'.ie. Cholera and Diar-1 Stomach Troubles,
rhoea Remedy will cure it. This j;anv remarkable cures of stomach
remedy has been in usa for many j troubles have been effected by Cham
years and is thoroughly reliable, j r,., stomach and Liver Tablets.
Price 25 cents. For sale by Bur-, c)ne n);m who nad 8l,ent over two
naugh & .Vayfield. thousand dollars for medicine and
Morrie B. Stereter has -written the
Enterprise opera ho.isa management
that the Streeter-lirayn company will
positively return to this valley for
the summer, reaching here not lat
er than July 1. Mr. Sireeter says
they are coming "home" and will
renew their old camp just above En
terprise. Chamberlain's Cough Remedy the
test on the Market.
"I have used Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy and find it to be the best
on the market," says E. W. Tardy,
editor of The Sentinel, Gainsboro,
Tenn. "Our baby had several colds
the past winter and Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy always gave It relief
at once and cure! it in a short time.
I always recommend it when oppor
tunity presents itself." For sale by
Bumaugh & Mayfield.
k !
Pacific Horse Liniment is prepared
expressly (or the needs of horsemen and
ranchmen. It is t powerful acd pene
trating liniment, a remedy lor emergen
cies. A soothing embrocation for the
relief of pain, and the best liniment for
sprains and soreness. Lncqualed fcr
curing the wounds and injuries ol
BARBED WIRE and lor healing cuts,
abrasions, sores and bruises. Paciiic
Horse Liniment is fully gusraniced.
No other is to good or helpful in so many
ways. If it fails to satisfy, we authorize
all dealers to refund the purchase price.
trm LMoc aoTTita rirrv cents
Hoyt Chemical Co., ptla)o, ot.
-Careful Birh'.z fr.zurcs Ik: Ssfily of Dposih."
I-iepofcilors Have That (iuarantee at
capital rxi.roo
SL'Ui'l.l fo0,(XM)
We Do a General Banking Business.
Exchange Bought and Sold on
. All Principal Cities.
Geo. W. Hyatt, President
Geo. H. Craig, Vice President
Geo .S. Ckaio
J. U. Dobbin
I the undersigned have thia day
takeu up: Seven Calves, three heif
rs and fojr bulls, all branded H H
on left hip. . One Jersey bull catf.
the others led and white, black and j
white. Came to my place on Alder ;
O. J.
Roe. Mountain View Fruit
Enterprise, Oregon. May 1,
Women Who Are Envied.
Those attractive women who are
lovely in face, form and temper are
:he envy of many, who might be
like them. A weak, sickly woman
will be nervous and irritable. Con
:ipation or Kidney poisons show in
pimples, blotches, skin eruptions and
i wretched complexion. For all such,
Electric Bitters work wonders. They
regulate Stomach Liver and Kid
neys, puii'y the blood; give strong j
nerves, bright e. es, pure breath.
moo;h, velve'y skin, lovely complex
ion .Many charming women owe
rhoir hon'th am! beautv to them. 50
.nts , Tturnaugh & Mayfield s
Department of the Interior.
Fulled States Land Office at La j
irande. Oregon, May 3, rJt'J.
Notice is hereby given that John F.
Itfov. of Imnaha. Oregon, who, on
lay 8, l'.02. made Homestead Entry I
. . ... , . . .... , .vi ) n ,- T nt .
o. li-iW-oe.mi ;u. vouij, ii
:, SEVi XWVi. andSVi NE. Sec
ion 10. Township 2 North, RangelS
:u-it. WiUaniette Meridian, has filed
ioUee Qf intentl3n tJ mai;e Final five
ear Pioof, to establish claim to the
1 :ind above described, before D. w
, s commissioner, at En
5ieanaUj L s! Commissioner, at En
lCrl)rjeSi Oregon, on the 21st. day ol
nine, 19U J.
Claimant names as witnesses: Gil
bert H. Vest of Enterprise, Oregon;
Jonathan Haas, of Enterprise, Oregon
Luther Stumbaugh of Imnaha, Ore
gon; Jasper N. Stuublefield, of Ini
uah4, Oregon.
::7cj F. C. nramwe'.l, Register.
treatment was cured by a few boxes
of thee ttb'.e .s. Price, 25 cents.
, Samples free at Bumaugh & May
: field's drug store.
Any person knowing of any viola
tion of the game or fish laws of the
state, or of persons not property
keeping screens over lrrlgatior
ditches, are requested to notify
Deputy State Game and Foreuir;.
Warden, Zumwalt, Oregon. 42tf
A Thrilling Rescue.
How Bert R. Lean, of Cheny, Wash,
was saved from a frightful death is
a story to thrill the world. "A hard,
told.' he wtites, "brought on a des
perate lung trouble that baffled an
expert doctor hera. Then I paid $10
tr $1j a visit to a lung specialist In
Spokane, who did not help me. Then
I went to California, but without
benefit. At last I used Dr. King's
New Discovery, which completely
cured me and now I am a3 well as
ever. ' For Lung Trouble. Bronchi
tis, Coughs and Colds. Asthma, Croup
and Whooping Cough its supreme.
50 cents and $1.00. Trial bottle free.
Guaranteed by Bumaugh & Mayfield.
Watch for
ment V. R. Holmes, Cashier
Frnuk A. Iteavis, AhmL Cashier
Geo. V. Hyatt Mattie A. Holmes
V. R. Holmes
Home Course In
Modern Agriculture
XII. The Selection and Care of Farm Machinery
Agricultural Di-Oiiion. Iotua Slat Collect
Copyright. 1000, by American Ptcm Association
TITE methods of farming followed
today are made possible only
by the use of modern labor
saving machinery. The farm
band of today needs brains more than
muscles. The ability to handle a com
plicated machine successfully Is more
valuable thun (he power to do a hard
day's inauual labor.
With the coming of Improved ma
chinery the problem of what to buy
and what to get alons without has be
come a serious nue. The farmer has
more money tied up In machinery than
in any ime thing besides bis land.
UflvltiK too much machinery Is nearly
an bad as baring too little.
What is
uccatu as u him; ftcievruuu.
It is always well to do a little figur
ing before buying a new machine. Di
viding the cost of the Implement by
the number of years It may be reason
ably expected to Inst will give the
amount that must be charged to de- i way of raking in bunches nnd plteh
preclatlon each year. Add to this an j lng It on to the wagon by hand is too
allowance for repairs, storage and slow and laborious. A much better
each year's share of the Interest, nnd plan Is to rake the liny Into w indrows
you will have the yearly cost of the with a side delivery rake and gather
machlue. A little further figuring will it up with a hay loader. Where the
show whether the benefit received
from It in a year will warrant this
Machinery may be roughly divided
Into five classes tillage, planting, hay
ing, harvesting and miscellaneous. Of
the many tillage Implements there are
some that are absolutely necessary on
any farm. Among these are the plows.
For the farmer on a quarter section a
sixteen Inch riding plow will be all
that is needed for the field work. In
addition It may be well to have a
cheap walking plow for plowing the
garden, turning out potatoes and for
use in case of an emergency. A gang
plow requires too many horses to be
practicable on the average 100 acre
farm. On larger farms, where plenty
of horses are available, a gang plow
will save the time of an extra man. It
is a good plan to have the plow sup
plied wrth two or three moldboards
of different slants. A steep mold
board pulverizes the soil more and for
this reason Is a good thing to use on
stubble land. On clover sod, however,
a longer moldboard should be used in
order to lessen the draft.
One of the most Important tillage
Implements Is the disk. No other ma
chine will pulverize the soli so quick
ly or thoroughly. The use of a tongue
truck a small two wheeled arrange
mentunder the rear end of the
tongue is of considerable advantage
in tuking the weight off the horses'
necks. Solid wheel disks pulverize
the ground more thoroughly than
spaders or cutaways.
A good harrow is a necessity on any
farm. The flexible type Is best for all
conditions, as it gets down Into the
hollows and rides over trash better
than will a solid frame barrow.
Spring tooth harrows, rollers and
weeders all have their special uses,
but can hardly be said to be neces
sary on the average quarter section.
Next In order come the cultivators,
nnd there are so many styles of these
that choosing is a difficult matter. The
most Important part of the cultivator
Is the shovels. A happy medium is
struck in the six shovel type. The
shovels on this can be run deep
enough to loosen the soli well the
first two times over the field and can
later be set shallow enough to avoid
serious Injury to the spreading roots.
If you are In the corn business ex
tensively enough to afford two seta
of cultivators It is well to have spe
cial surface machines for the last two
cultivations. Some companies make
surface blades which can be attached
In place of the shovels when so de
sired. In the bands of a careful man
the two row cultivator does good and
rapid work.
First In the line of planting ma
chines come the seeders. While cost
ing a little more at first, there Is no
better Implement for sowing amall
grain than the disk drill The disks
cut through cornstalks and other
trash, and the seed is deposited evenly
and at, a uniform depth. The result
ing eveuness of stand will cause an
Increased crop sufficient to pay the
entire cost of the drill In a year or
In selecting a corn planter the run-
ner type ot furrow opener is prefet
able to the disk. Bluce the latter H
hard to guide. The essential point in
planters, however. Is the drop. If yu
lire lu the habit of grading your wed
corn carefully so tb 't the kernels tire
nil about the sHiiirlize the cile drop
plates will give a more even uliind
than will the round hole drop. Plant
ers in which the plntex nre turned by
a chain from the uxlu nnd the wire
used only to open the shoe lire surer
to drop every time than those In
which all the work is done by the
There are two baying implement
1 that nre absolutely essential, the mow-
of atirl tlm pnL-a U.i nuit tn ttl.-lr n
wide cut mower. Six feet is a goid
width. The extra draft amounts to
little, and considerable time will be
saved In going over the field.
Where much Imv is ninde the old
j hay is nut In the barn a net of double
harpoon forks will make short work
of the unloading. If it is to be stacked
some form of stacker will save u groat
denl of hard work.
The most important harvesting ma
chine is the self binder. The binder is
i no. xxrv loading the makube sciiem.-
the most complicated u'-.Thino on the
farm and the one most likely to get
out of order. In buying n binder sim
plicity of construction, ease of adjust
ment nnd hnndiness of oiling nre im
portant points to look after. A tongue
truck Is an attachment that should go
with every binder. This Is the only
means of eliminating side draft that
has yet been discovered. A tongue
truck is rather expensive, bill so are
sore Kiiouiuers nnu neeus on tne nurses
nt harvest time.
Where much stock Is kept the corn
binder is a necessary implement. By
cutting a large share of the corn and
using it as fodder or sllnge much feed
Is saved that would otherwise be wast
ed. About -40 per cent of the entire
feeding value of the corn plant is In
the stalk. When these are left stand
ing in the field the greater part of this
feed Is wasted. The shocked fodder
may profitably be run through a shred
der before feeding. This will husk the
corn and leave the stalks in the best
shape to be fed or used for bedding.
One of the most important of the
miscellaneous Implements is the wind
mill. No farmer can nfford to pump
water for his stock by hand when the
wind will do It for nothing after the
mill has once been put up. Iu erecting
a windmill be sure that it Is put on a
' high enough tower so thnt surround
ing trees or buildings will not cut off
the wind. A mill which is geared bnck
so that the wheel makes three revolu
tions or so to one stroke of the pump
will run in a lighter wind than will
tlie straight geared type. A three
legged tower Is Just as strong as a
four nnd considerably cheaper.
A machine that is ulniost indispensa
ble on a stock farm Is the gasoline en
gine. The original cost of these en
gines Is reasonable, and the amount
required for fuel and repairs is small.
With a gasoline engine to furnish the
power to run a sheller and grinder
feed can be cheaply and easily pre
pared for the stock. The engine will
also saw wood. If you are fortunate
enough to have any to saw, run the
silage cutter, grindstone, separator,
churn and washing machine. It may
also replace the windmill as a source
of power for pumping.
In selecting a gasoline engine be
sure to get one large enough to do the
required work easily, remembering nt
the same time that where much light
work Is to be done a small engine
will Uo it with much less gasoline
than will be used by a large one
This objection to a large engine can
be overcome to a large extent by so
arranging the work that several ilght
machines may be run at the same
time. The most reliable type of en
gine is the four cycle, in which there
are two revolutions of the flvwheel to
one explosion. The water system of
cooling Is the most efficient, though
air cooled engines are all right for
light work.
Another necessary machine of tbe
tock farm s the manure spreader.
Not only does this save a great deal
of work, hut It also applies the ma
nure more evenly and will cover a
greater amount of ground with a giv
en quantity of manure. There should
be little wood In a manure streader
luce It rots out quickly, '
Colds that bang on weaken the con
stitution and develop into consump
tion Folevs Honey and Tar cures
persistent coughs that refuse to yield
to other treatment, uo noi
ment with untried remedies as delay
1 mar result In your cold settling on
Ivour lungs. Ilurnaugh & Mayfleld.
tiring vo ir hides and pelts to En
terurise and receive big price
them. Joe Allen & Co.
west of Bos well's barn.
Public Land Sale.
Djja.tiuent of the Interior,
i S Land Office at La Grande,
Oregon. .Vav 19th., 1909.
Notice is hereby given that as di
rected bv the Commissioner of the
General Land O'fice, under provisions
i of Congress approved June 27,
'i (34 Stats., J17), we will offer
at public sale, to the highest bidder,
at 10 o'clock a.m., on the 8th. day
of July, 1900, at this office, the following-described
land: S NW
Section 1. and Lot 1 and SE4 NEVi
Section 2, T. IS., R. 44 E. W. M.,
Serial No. 01! 131.
Any persons claiming adversely the
above described land are advised to
file their claims, or objections, on or
before the time deiignated for sale.
F. C. Brum well. Register.
tic3 Colon R. Eberhard, Receiver.
National Weeklies
Coleman Brothers
The Best Cigars, Confec
tionery and Fruit.
Stationery Supplies of all
First door east of Postoffice.
Dealer in
Harness, Saddles, Chapps, Spurs, and Leather
Goods of all descriptions.
I will fit you out with the best goods for the least
money. When in need of anything in my line, call and
inspet myrstock before purchasing.
Did It Ever Oecur To You That A
Telephone in Your Home
Provides safety, convenience, economy and
p easure, and makes vour home life com
plete? Its cost is little, its benefits are
Home Independent Telephone Co.
Covering Union and Wallowa Counties
ii -
During the Season 19 0 9
via the
Oregon Raflroad & Navigation Co.
Fortland, Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma, Walla Walla
and all points on The O. R. & N. line
?w!i54nd Return - - $60-
?rmr?SJ?andReturn -$67.50"
lo CHICAGO and Return - $72 50 ...
and to other principal cities In the Eaat. Middle Wat and South.
Correspondingly low fares.
On Sale June 2, 3; July 2, 3; August 11, 12
To DENVER and Return . . $55.00
On Sale May 17, July 1f August 11
UU Z.Z&lut. "m,t 10 da8 h0m fin- "tun,
ZZollZS Zmt:r aUraCt,Ve ,,atUr98 ,n Tr
i v "lieges, nd choice of routes: thereby enabl-
enrouTe n8era "lde l " l"tere8t'n
a slfgOhttlnagdv0an "'""I tr'P through ctt V be l
a sugnt advance over the ratee quoted
fnml!IfItl.C-U!.a,: ! car reservation, and ticket, will b
" . ft N.
McMURRAY, General P.efl.r Aent portlan, 0r.Bon.
u. marman, Agent, Enterprise, Oregon.
I (1 II h N.
TEMPLE, No. 1, Pytolu
MASONIC no!1 o!RRo Aw"
meets first and third Tuesdays 0f
month in Manonlo HalU All vtoltln.
Royal Arch Hasons welcomed.
J. B. OLMSTED, High Prlast
I. W. 8HEAHAN, Secretary.
WALLOWA LODGE, No. gj, A. T. ft
A M., meets second and fourth Batur.
days of each month In Masonic Ball
Visiting Hasons welcomed
W C BOATMAN. Secretary.
50, O. E. 8. meets first and third Sat
urdays of each month. In Masonic Hall
Visiting Stars are always welcomed.
Mill I EAGLE CAMP, No. 10497, M
Il.n.W. A Meets tint and thin!
Thursdays In each month. In new Fra
ternal halL Visiting Neighbors always
T. M. DILL, Clerk.
Wn iii enterprise camp, n.
,U. II. 535, W. of W.
ALMOTA CIRCLE. No. 27S. W. of W.
S. K. Clark
Plumber 4
Full line of plumbing
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Shop at Keltner's Hardware Store
Leave Orders.
Stock Inspector for Wallowa
County. .
Rates East
Iocul awnt or