The Echo register. (Echo, Umatilla County, Or.) 190?-1909, July 30, 1909, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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    FRIDAV, JULY 30, 1009
. THt echo mai'sTeR, ecMO. orcqon
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
N lh best of all medicioei for the cur of discaiei,
disorder and weaknesses peculiar to women. It it the
only preparation of iti kind deviled by a ref ularly radu
ted pbvtioian an experienced and skilled specialist in
the disease of women.
It h i safe medicine ia nor condition of the system.
THE ONE REMEDY which contaios no alcohol
and no injurious babit-formiof drug's and which
creates no craving for such stimulants.
THE ONE REMEDY so food that its maker
. nre not afraid to print its every ingredient on
ach outside bottle wrapper and attest to the
truthfulness of lb am under oath.
It is sold by medicine dealers everywhere, and any dealer who hasn't it cam
et it. Don't take a substitute of unknown composition lor this medicine o
known Mirosmo. No counterfeit is as good as the genuine end the druggist
who sat something else is "just as good a Dr. Pierce's" is either mistaken
or is tr to deceive you for his own selfish benefit. Such a man is not to be
trusted He is trifling with your most price!? possession your health
fflsy be your life itself. S that you rrf altar you ai for.
A first-class cement block manu
facturer. A candy factory.
Planing mill.
Electric lights.
Sash and door factory.
Building and loan, organization.
Cigar factory.
Cheese factory.
Broom factory.
Sugar factory.
Canning factory.
(Man or Woman.)
They will make mistakes somH lines-typewriter operators: but
who won't? The Important thing is to correct m (Makes with the
icast posMlilo luksof tluo. Willi
The Underwood
the visible writing makes the error immediately apparent. Then the
place for a replacing letter is shown rlgh in line with the "V sluiped'
notch in the type-lnr guide. No
calculation is necessary the type
cannot go to the wrong point.
If saving time and in
efficiency are worth recurlng in
your office, then it Is worth
while to obtain full knowledge
of the Underwood Standard
Typewriter and the superior
features It possesses. I f you will
come in, no further draft on
your time and patience will he
made than you choose to permit.
A 320-Acre South African Veteran
Bounty Land Certificate.
i Issued by the Department of
the Interior, Government of
Canada, Ottawa, under, the Vol
unteer Bounty Act, 1U08. Good
for 320 acres of any Dominion
Lands open for entry in Alberta,
Saskatchewan, or Manitoba.
Any person over the age of 18
years, man or woman, can ac
quire this land with this certifi
cate without further charge.
For inimedirte sale. $800.
Write or wire, L. E. Telford,
131 Shuter 'Street, Toronto,
If you have a sweet tooth,
sweeten it at Lisle & Co.'s.
Remember that J. Hutchens
carries a neat stock' of high
grade groceries, confectionery,
cigars, etc., and sells at the
right price.
It's luck to smoke Puck.
The better than 5c cigar.
The cigar in the green box.
The World's Best
Chickering, Weber, Kimball,
Hobart M. Cable, . Lester
and the
Genuine Pianola Piano
Victor, Edison, and Columbia Talking Machines
and Records.
Eiler's Piano House
813 Main St., Pendleton
Dispensers of
.Born, at Stanfield, July 27,
1900, to the wife of D. D. Con
nor a girl. Dr. Dorn attend
ing. Contractor J. II. Armstrong
has a force of men at work lay
ing the concrete foundation for
the new cement bank building
on Coe avenue.
A crew of men with ."0 head of
horses are leveling land undtr
the Furnish-Coe project for fall
Mr. Keller, superintendent of
eminent work, has moved with
his family into tl e W. V. Wolf
Mr. Sawyer and family, of
Northfield, Minu., have arrived
in Stanfield. They purchased
10 acres in section 23.
E. N. Wheeler, superintendent
of agents for the Columbia Land
Company, has arrived in Stan
field from Portland with his fam.
ily to permanently reside.
The Stanfield Fruit Growers
Association has been organized.
The officers elected are: Frank
Sloan, president; M. C. Barager,
vice president; James M, Kyle,
second vice president: James K.
Faucett, secretary; J. D. Wal
lace, treasure.
Born, on Butter creek, July
28, 1909, to the wife of Clark
Ware a girl. Dr. Dorn attend
ing. Mother and child are do
ing nicely, but Clark's friends
are quite anxious lest the happi
ness of the occasion causes him
to purchase an aeroplane.
For Sale Two fresh young
co s. L hns uoberts.
Twenty-Five Cents In the Price
of Peace.
The terrible Itching and mnartlntr.
Incident to certain skin diseases, is
almost instantly allayed by applying
Chamberlain's Salve, Trice, Scents.
tor sale by I Kirn & lKrn.
toft m
rammer Kates East
During the Season 1909
via the
Oregon Railway & Navigaton Go.
Portland, Seattle, Spokane, Taeonm, Wullu Walla anl all point on The O.
It. & X. line
To OMAHA and return - - $60.00
To KANSAS CITY and return $60.00
To ST. LOUIS and return - $67.50
To CHICAGO and return - - $72.50
and to other principal cities in the East, Middle Went and Sout. Correspond
inplj low fares. On Sale June 2, '.I, July 2, 3; August 1 1, 12
To DENVER and return - - $55.00
On Sale May 17, July 1, August 11
Going transit limit 10 days from date of tale, final limit October 21t.
These tickets present some very attract I re features In the way of trfoporer privileges, and elioice
of routes; thereby enabling passengers to make side trip to many interesting points enroute.
Routing on the return trip through California may be had at a slight advance orer the rates
Full particulars, sleeping ear reservations and tickets will be furnisned by any O. R. & X. local
agent, or
WM. McMCRRAY, General Passenger Agent, Portland, Oregon
Administrators Notice of Final
In the County Court of the State of
Oregon, for umatuia bounty .
In the Matter of the Estate of Harney
L. siieriuan, Deceased.
that Peter Sheridan, t tie undersiirned
administrator of the estate of Harney
Ij. Sheridan, deceased, has tiled his
final report and account in t he aUive
entitled Court and salt! Court has
fixed Tuescufy, the 7th darof Septem
ber, lftHi, at the hour of 10 o'clock A.
M. as the time, and the count v Court
room in the Court at iVndle
ton. Oregon, as the place for hearing
and delermlniirg said final account.
Any heir, creditor, or other iktsoii In
terest td in said estate may, on or he
fore the day appointed for such hear
ing and settlement, tile his objections
thereto, or to any particular item
thereof, specifying the particulars of
such object ion: hut no creditor shall
lie allowed to object to such account
who-- claim has been sat Utlitd, as al
lowed by the executor or administra
tor, or established by Judgment or
This notice ts published pursuant
to an older heretofore made bv the
Hon. T. 1'. (illlilaiul. Judge of the
almve wit It ltd Court, made and en
terwl on the Tlul day of July, Unci.
I nil fd at Echo, Oregon, this Zln
day of Jul v. Vn.
Adiiiinist rat or.
siiKitiFF's ham:.
Notice Is hereby given that under
and by virtue of an Execution IsmkmI
out of the Circuit Court for the State
of Oregon, in and for linker County,
and to me directed and delivered up
on a judgment and decree rendered
and entered In said Court mi the 3rd
day of July, ltNKi, in favor or Smith
Hardware Company, n corMiration,
plaint itt and against E. W. Jewell,
defendant, for the sum of ill. 37,
with interest thereon at the rate of
six er cent per annum from
the 1st day of August, I'.tttH; and
for the further sum of t:inM4
with interest thereon at the rate of
six -r cent per annum from the 2.'nd
day of July, !tnx: mid for the further
ftiun of l.ivj. 13, with interest thereon
at the rate of six percent jut annum
from the llth day of May, l'M; and
for the further sum or "!.. with
Interest thereon at the rat of six ier
cent per annum from the 3'fh dv of
July. 1!; and for the further sum ol
(.'jo. with Interest thereon al the
rate of six per rent per annum from
the 2T'.rd day of July, l'-ioand for the
further sum of i2l.t, costs; and
whereas by said Judgment It was
flirt her adjudged and decreed that the
hereinafter described real proierty,
Lots One (1), Two (2), Three (3).
Four (t). in Hlock Four Uk Koont
addition to the town of Echo, I'uia
t il!a County, Oregon, be sold to sat
isfy wild Judgment and all costs. I
wlMou the 2Hth day of August, iwrti,
at the hour of 2 o'clock in the after
noon of said day in front of the Court
House door. In Mk Citr of l'endieton.
Umatilla County, Oregon, sell the
right, title and interest the said K.
W. Jewett lud In and to the alwve
descritied real property on the 2oth
day of March, li. or since then
have sculrl. at public auction to
I Ite hltftwt bidder for cash in hand,
f he proceeds to lie applied In satisfac
tion of iad execution arid allcost.n.
Dated thU 24th day of July. vm.
T. D. TAYLOR, Sheriff.
By B. a W1LSOX, Deputy.
E(SJ Listen
WW nnd IWsqaq in all iiAur
uuu aawukfw tu uit uvii
Spring and Summer Styles now
being closed out. Values up to
$17.50- The entire lot at one
F. E. Livengood & Co.,
Pendleton, Ore.
Teutsch's Old Stand
All charges prepaid to the nearest express office.
A qvart bettks f GENUINE CYRUS f A Qfl
If NOBLE dir to you, ill chtrfM paid VZt
to th BMrot railroad cxprrx office.
Containing all those secondary constituents
the government chemists say MUST B THERE
that it may be called whiskey.
Any so called whiskey that doesn't contain them,
whether bottled in bond or not, is tkohol-aot
CYRUS NOBLE 'a pure;
It is old.
It is whiskey and nothing but whiskey.
Now sold direct to you by the biggest and best
known legitimate wholesalers in the Northwest
EtuLbUl 1664 105-107 Secd Stmt. PonUd. Or
W. J. Vu SciMyw A Cfc, faiW Ofm
EU! (Jtm. Ui (4 90 km Vk f4..M
lj.ivc jmrclmsi'il tin' Sam Woo Lung tnul refitted it up
ami now ready for business. I solicit your family
washings no different!! how small or how I ir. I guar
antee all my work. Iejtve your order and 1 will eome
and ret it and return it.
(Jive me a Trial
Wkts la Pesalctsi ioi't fail ts stop is st tit
I Sc Ut If w
It nrtusts urtkial tbt ku tfer Icti fit si tit Birktt