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Less Than One Month Until the
Congress Will Be Convened in
the City of Spokane.
Board of Control Offering Every In
dacement to Secure Proper Partic
ipation Will Attract Attention
to Echo flake i Good Display.
In less than one month the
National Irrigation Congress
will be convened in the city of
Spokane. Now will Echo be
represented in the Congress?
What are we doing to make our
presence felt? What plans are
being made to advertise this
community to the hosts which
will attend the Congress?
These are questions which every
loyal citiz .n of Echo should be
asking himself. A month is a
very short time in which to ans
wer these questions creditably.
The Board of Control at Spo
kane has offered every argument
and inducement to secure our
proper participation and to have
us realize our really great op
portunity to place before the
eastern visitor the splendid ad
vantages of our section. They
have asked us to send our band
and a ami ching club, and have
even offered under fair condi
tions to refund the railroad fares
of the band members. The
Board of Cont rol urges that we
make the inarching club as
unique as possible. Why? Not
to attract attention to Spokane
but to Echo.
It is not merely the onlooker
and visitor at the Congress who
will be impi eased by our display
if unique and attractive. If we
do the thing right our success
will be heralded over the entire
country by the scores of press
correspondents repres e n t i n g
every important daily who will
be present on that occasion,
As John S. Hughes, field rep
resentative of the Hoard of Con
trol, said while here: "No
community can in this day live
to itself. Its interests are
wrapped up with those of every
other community in the section
of the country where it is placed.
No city realized this more than
Spokane. Everything
trary is of course equaliy true, of amusements which can prop
If we can induce you to grasp erly be called a bargain counter
your opportunity to appropriate entertainment, edification and
the advertising possibilities of amusement. If the tiger riding
the Congress for Echo, then an elephant, the leopard riding
surely in time we of Spokane the horse, the lion playing with
will reap some of the benefits of fire and the man wrestling with
your increased growth and pros- the polar bears is not sensa
perity through the ircreased tional enough to satisfy the
trade between our cities. "We patrons I hen they may have
shall be glad, indeed, if many their demands met by the scores
new people be secured to your of death defvinir circus acts on
community through the Irriga- the two stages and in the three
tion Congress." 'rings, while the horse fair of
Let Echo citizens be up and four hundred beautiful horses
doing. Let us send our band to ani the million dollar menac-
this Congress, and let us organ-erie and glittering street parade
ize a marching club which shall ( will each do much towards mak
be so unique in appearance that ing the day a memorable one for
twin become the talk of the those who go to the trouble to
Congress. Let us send a float attend.
or device which shall fitly sot
forth the great agricultural pos
sibilities of our land.
Here is work and a grand op
portunity for a Chamber of
Frank Sloan informs us that
sir now hnilil intra nro tr' hn
Commerce to do some good ad ! erected at Stantield immediately,
vertising for Echo. construction work on three of
them having already been com
menced. Also the construction
of two dwellings, under the
Furnish-Coe project, are under
way. One of the dwellings is
N. D., and the other for William
Shrump, of Laramore, N. D.
The buildings at Stantield will
be occupied as soon as com
Mr. and Mrs. Z. T. Herndon,
of Lodi, Cal., arrived in Echo
Sunday on a v'.sit to relatives
and friends. Mrs. Herndon is a
The Hjjenbeck-WiUirt Showi Are Fijht-
laf the Qrcvi Trust
Many of our readers will re
gret that such a combination of
famous shows as the Hagenbeck
Trained Wild Animal Exhibition
and the Great Wallace Shows
cannot be brought to this place,
and yet they will be pleased to
learn that it is to exhibit at Pen
dleton on July K5.
Some people may have lost
the habit of going to a neighbor
ing city to see a circus for the
reason that they think all shows
are alike. This will not apply
to the Hagenbeck- Wallace Show?
When operated under different
proprietorship each of these
shows was in a class distinct
from any of the other tented
shows. Now that they are com
bined and the public can sec both
th famous and sensational per
formances of the wild boasts of
the Carl Hagenbeck Shows and
the exclusive features of the
three-ringed exhibition of the
Wallace Show for one price of
admission, it is expected that an
unusually large number of ieo
pie of this community will at
tend the exhibition at l'endleton
on July 10.
Those people who have at
tended any of the great "World's
Fairs" may have seen the Hagen-1
beck Trained Wild Beasts, but'
most of our readers have never !
which s( en them. The Wallace circus!
helps Echo helps Spokane either! combined with the Hagenbeck'
directly or ind.rectly. The con- shows furnishes a combination
Estimates Fix Probable Yield of the
Pacific Northwest States at
55,000,000 Bushels
Will Bring Prosperity to the State-
Recent Rains Prove of Great
Benefit to the Fruit CropA
Good Yield is Promised.
Carl Anderson, employed on
the ranch of Frank Sloan at
Stantield, became violently in
sane Monday night. Anderson
had been acting queerly for some
time past and imagined that par
ties were trying to do hi::i bodily
harm. On different occasions ho
told Mr. Sloan and others that
people had it in for him. Mon
day night he became so bad that
Others on the ranch were fright-,
ened and Frtd Lowry came to
Echo for assistance. City Mar-'
shal Jerry Borland, City lie-'
c order E. II. Brown and Frank
Sloan accompanied Fred back to
the ranch. They found Ander-1
son asleep with his clothes on, S
and when awakened and in-
Sloan that he
Estimates of the year's wheat formed by Mr
crop in the Pacific Northwest ! wished him to go to Echo, An-j
.... p.vif&UJV: J IVUI Ufa UIJUUl H.-IIV-I tlll-J U" Ul 1L 111
.rir,00,000 bushels, an increase! for me down there, but 1 know
by 13,(KK), 000 bushels over last Mr. Sloan will protect mo." He '5
year. 1 his figure may not be i came along peaceably enouirh
reached if unfavorable conditions; and was incarcerated in the city:
at harvest set in, but with nor- jail. Tuesday morning the off!
mal weather, it is believed the
yield will be large. Hecent
rains have been of immense ben-
cers at Tend let on were notified ;
and Deputy Sheriff Joe Blakely I
came down and took the unfor-'
The Lisle Co,
Echo, Ore.
ror Dr. r . E. Ball, of Fareo. etit tr. tl
' - - i. - - v i
tints where the grain was prac- where he was examined and. J
tically given up because of the j taken to the asylum at Salem.
continued drouth have taken
heart again and the wheat is
filling out in fairly good shape.
The value of the recent rains to
Dr. Alexander Heid, of Echo,
New Line of
Nickel Plated
f Pocket Knives
the wheat crop is variously esti- jis surely a sportsman, as demon-!
mated at from $1,000,000 to'strated by the interest he is
$.'1,000,000. Increased acreage! showing in that line. The Dr. I
in many sections of the state1: has hatched out two settings of!
makes up in the total yield for a : Chinese- pheasant eggs, and is
. . . T, . ,, , """ u iu Nuimjuisiricis. .s now me. prouci possessor or
sister to the Kcnison Bros, and ;., , .. , . I. . ,. ,. , ....
.. 'Wlieat IS still Rtir-kmir iii-nii n.l i t ivplvo litflo ir.ii.wi lii.,lj 'VUa
Mrs Herndon Z, ''." - OroBo- biB m.. bird, aro .U .chirp d
. " . i wneat crop will mean a great' loomng, and it is the
wu, .U I ui ,ms secuon proMpM ity for this section of the '" r Dr. to raise them and
living aooui nve mues soum oi i .T, , w,, . . , .. ,, . nexi year to give, or sell at a
couple of weeks, then to Dayton.
Wash., for a visit and from
'Ult'ilb tn-iii-iiL ill i in irmr. firtt-i
very nominal nrice. the ivtr ti
lA'ea,' the farmers around taho fnr
Hecent rains have also Is'en of I hatching puri)oses, so that in a
gieat benefit to the 'fruit crop. I fuw J't'1' " fan enjoy the sport
unung incse onus.
. 1. , .... . O 1 .1 it
uieie ! io oi-uuie ana iai;e in me ir:,i. .1, , ,
: "! iiil- t,-(wuii 01 .Hume loss i
j to c herries and hay, no damage i
TwentyFive OntM Is the Vrlve been done by the downpour i
of IVftre. ! but incalculable good has bHn
realized. Sli-'ht'o t Mrs. Tom Hni-ll.nit n.l . in...l
cherries has been more tlmn;iat week from her visit to
al.,.t Instant ly a..a.l l.y ap.,1, in ZvUhs Lnnn ' S",Wn' "lnil by her sis-
nears and nonius ' , ter. Mrs. J. 1. Day, who will
' i visit in Echo for awhile. Dur-
! hi iTiir nniDTrno 'nK absence Mr Hurlburt
liH ncil VUAniLlld. erected a new residence on their
farm of KM) acres alx)ut four
Hie Ijhle Ctiimmnv liavi' mil.. mi hI f .',-hr.
The terrible Itchliig and smart luir
Incident to cvrlain skin illst-asfs is
( liiiinlHTliilii s Salve, I'rii'c, 25 wnls.
For naif by 1 Krn & I Krn.
Swell Line of
A first-class cement block manu
A candy factory.
rianing mill.
Electric lights.
Sash und door factory.
Building mid loan organization.
Cigar factor)-.
Cheese factory.
Broom factory.
Sugar factory.
Canning factory.
We hive a few Collar Pads
and Halters left.
The Lisle Co.
Echo, Ore.
pri.h together ran echo.
PV1.U TOGETHER, for echo.
Attorm-y J. R Shdton lrt
Monday on horsebiick for (lil
gard, Oregon, and his wife fol
lowing for the same oint Wed
nesday by train. Mr. and Mrs
Sbelton will met-t at llilgard
and will go from thre with1
pack hors's way back into the
O DOUBT "you want the best and purest
canned goods on the market. If so
THINK of Preferred Stock Peaches at 30c per can
THINK of Preferred Stock Pears at 30c ner can
THINK of Preferred Stock Tomatoes at 20c per can j J
f i niiNi oi preterred btock Corn at 20c per can
I X H I N K F ANYTH,NQ In the pnhrrc6 Stock Goods and you
t are thinking of goods that are put up from the choicest
Fruits and Vegetables, under the most sanitary conditions, and are fit for
a King. Limited space will not permit us to tell all the good things about
the Preferred Stock Line For Sale By.....
InAi .ul ll...!.. I... ...I . . .
.j.w. i nt-ir luiiim hit store ircill ' n i , , ,
r . I llousi'liold goods for sale,
the hcho LuiiilNr Company p Tjjcip
'building to the Smith building, ; " '
on the opHiMi hidf of the ""
Miivt. Tin? change Kivcs t h -XWW8
. u ni l WIIIMIIII 111)11
much more room in whii h to
display their wares. The Li.sle
Company will enlarge their
i-tock in the n?ar fiiturt; und
carry everything to be found in
an up-to-date hardware establishment.
How Co in U I nt in Cliililren.
Wlu-n six i.iontlis ol the littlp
iaiij(lit.r or K. X. lieKrr. a nt-li
kiMmn im irliuTii of .KiH-wlllf, Va .
Iiad an attack of rliolera inrant inn.
(liamlit-rlaiir Colic, (luilvra ami
IHarrhoca It-midjr atrii and f f
fwtwl a roitiili-te cure. TliW rt-rnedy
lj)vovcn very Mimtful In caw-tut
tiowtl roinilaiiit in cliif !- n ami vthi-ii
Klven ardlii( to tlie plain printed
Results assured and your money
back if you are not satisfied
I will jriv a jinu liral ili'iuuii.stnitioti of the new
I. I). & Co. Aiitiiiiicr, for the prevention ninl ile
ht met ion of lice of nil kimls, unitize or senli, flisiiiil
lnosillit oes.
VOl'U Closet, Cesspools, I law
or IIor I 'ens in a few minutes.
The In-ht ami ijuickest way to H1 vour j.oult ryof lice.
No trou I le at all; yon follow ilinrt ions, it will do
tlie lest.
One pillon of I test rover costs - - $1.35
Automizer 1,25
IS siillit ient to rid any poultry yard of
liee ami thoroughly disinft t it for one
Call in any time it's convenient for von.
I have the pleasure of recommending Dr. A. Heid, of
Cortland, who lias loraU-d in Echo, and any one in need of
.w..K.1 ii a i r . At. . A .1 a
direct loiu, i. . n,li ...-J. .i.i.lZ ' ' ' m ne uoor 10 spinning s
" aaa i j
with water and tt-iid ir I '.
plwiiant to take, which Uot irrraf Jin-' ;
portanee wUen a mnHi-Uu r..t ' ',
DRUGGIST--Phase 48
, gi vn to joun rhlidrrn. For aal by I
iwii i"nj.