The Echo register. (Echo, Umatilla County, Or.) 190?-1909, July 09, 1909, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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FRIDAY, JULY 9, 1909
(p As Good as the Best, Plain and Facy f
i - m a" m f.m "
pMmnr gv 1 icflif" Aitia anil oas fliam I
icio, Oregon
i Uh-JlrLlfi LUhiiiik .
?i; OIHc Phone, Main 22
A. Longwel!, I Ta::aer
Home Phone, Black 442
-i 'i I- .!' l J .l . v' ' vli W. . :1 . v. v v$i 0' '' -,' ' ' vl vfc vt l; V ' .$ U Si s sti i 4- '- i vt v vl vi v l sly i v'.i vl y vW vl ,
. ,, ,. ". ,. .1'.. . i. i- . . . ,' i r ,sr -,Vv . i.' -,'' , . , .' .. ' i."i."l"if " .""i 'i. "fi- ,.''r -i.' -,r ir "C W Vlrlrlr Vit f
lift' iLciu; HcLiisti
i iiiini: main no.
i m vi i i.i. ri t;i.iNiii.s; ni,
I i . i ' it : Mi
I-:. II. :!loV, .MiuiiiKtr.
A Vlly ii.wspiiiiiT. )iit;ish-cl
vciy l'il !:iy lit l.rlio, rmatlliu INmii
ty, Or. K .n.
RiiliM-rlplloiix 91.50 IVr Voiir. j
rnliTril as fcorul-c-lasn matUT j
March 1, 1900, at the Pontofflre at
Echo, Ori'Knii. imiliT act of Congri-HS '
of M.i n h 3. 1ST9.
Inrh Mr InnaTtlun, xrept on year
cnntmi'lH. when It shall be 60 ccnU
per int'li p r mutith.
llrnt liiM-rtlon. nrt In H lxilnt yte.. r
brrvl.-r I s ht Uric for Brl lnrrtliu uDil
I rcuM eiii'liiuKlilioiiUt liifortluu.
O. R. A N. Railway, Echo, Oregon,
i3si:n;ku tiiains.
West Hound.
No. .1 On koi i Kxprt-ss 12.10 a. in.
No. II I'anlie Kxprttss :40 a. in.
No. 7 l'orlliinil Siwlal 1:15 p. in.
Rant noiim!.
No FjiMrrn Kx press l:2a. m.
No. U Atlantic Kxiin-ss. . . .4;imi p. in.
No. H CMeno SHrlal 4:5 p. in.
WeHt nound.
No. 2.1 Way frellil 1::U p. in.
No. .Vt I'o! I laiul fa-.t freight . .2:55 p. in.
Eofit Dotind.
No. 24 Wav fn-lKlit r,:.K a. in.
No. Tmi KaMt-t'ii fast freitflil.l:25 p. in.
No. 7 ami H do mil slop lierc.
Partli's dcslrlnR Inlerllno tickets or
reservation of berths enn secure namo
by nl vlsfni: us n few ilayii prior to
day of dcpaiturc.
:.: w .. .':..! !:o(,i tiif
Mn m ';'is:.; .. :it i. i f. i 'ircuitiMaii-
ti.'.l ' i i ! "I Miliil't iilil'.s takfS
unjii-!iii;ilif i ;ips tn conclusion-..
Ciri;r's is tr.viiitr t)
maUc tin- jH'Dplc believe that it
is tlif vi iced retailer who is
re.NpoiiMide for the liili prices
of clotliin. Tliore an soine'
cireu instances leaning towanl
that conclusion but they have
been Miieared on by the trusts.
The proposed amendments to
the initiative so far tabulated
indicate that the originators
would like to curtail it the
way the Dutchman is said to
have curtailed the caudal ap
pendage of his dog he applied
the axe close to the animal's
populus better be slow in accept
ini any of them.
am A
t r v
ce-t i
:n-i- as t!ic direct fi'sult f tlie
liuiin.ite hawk nml nl sLmli
: !:i il at .l.tViMf0. A Wash
i .nit In rlly lias fninil lliat !M) wr
f the fcii-d i'f the red Fhiiulilcred
. ti-u:il!y known r. tlie '"hen
," cwilsiH (f iujtirloua mammuU
.mil liivc' ts. while 2(!0 dropping of the
lmi!i owl were found to con til In the
Kkulis of 451 Miniill inaiiiinnls,
this numlier lieliis of the dextructlvo
! fluid or meadow mouse.
(Cuiyrih'lt. I'-'JJ. by Ainoiicun J n Amo
clutlnn. This matter mu:t not b r
piintuj wltliout npfi-liil poi'inlsslon.
Professor U. S. Shnw of the Mlchl-
I-'or that reason the vox Rnn A Krl,nl! ur!" co,,,,;'l, ",e or,-
: inntor or n plan lor coHipi'iMtivp Itreed
.Ins in dairy cattle that elves promise
of belnj; of real value to those section
j where It Is followed. The plan In
There is a little too much red Mlt ' f"H"ws: A com:nuuliy con
tape in the operations of the l'""1" uU',n f w wnlw.l
' 1 Into n co-opiTiitlvc breeding assocla
Reclamation Service, and this n,,,,. This huiuImt of rows are dlvid
re.slllts in delay and hardship to ' "early as possible Into three
actual settlers proceeding in R'M .f ial nuinU. it In-Ip im
1 " mntorlal Just haw many rows the In-
t,'ood faith to make homes. dividual far r may have. A breed Is
. : then selcrtcd whli-li Is most In favor
The Chinese orKani.ati o n s '", th? ""M ", 'ster-
n ed sires purchased, one belns placed
could tind the murderer of Elsie wit I ea.h block of forty cows. The
first cost its well as the cost of keeping
the bulls Is divided nmoiig the tncin
liers of the association on the basis of
the uiimbcr of cows owned by each.
Siegal if they wanted.
Kcho has a little warm weath
er jtiM now. hut so has even the
mountain towns four thousand
feet higher.
(lood land with water for irri
gation will not Ion; remain at
fIT.'i an ai re near Echo.
Echo has the i;oods on her
mid can show any man from
Eet the candidates for con
e,ress hold an "assembly" in
Eastern Oregon and recoin
mend a candidate for the repub
lican party. Why should any
body else chip in? There are
enough of them to till a hall.
There is cheap land every
where, but the cheapest land is At the L'"li ,,f Ue ,,vo ',,i,r V"- ,n
ihlnr t h n full I li I .rnfwl I tiff t twt Imlla
often the highest priced. There nrp tnU)Sf,.rr(.(1 , other ll.Vks and at
island near Echo that would he the end of the second erl.'d trans-
dear at, $: an acre, and there is f,,rr,,l "::,,ln- nnwment which
, ... , .. ., . . . , makes It possible to keep nil three
land all around it that is cheap ,,,, , ,,, ....ilmrhoMd six years
at $L'iH. People lookinj; for without InbrsMllnir. This nrranpe
cheap land often get the dearest ! niM" "nU' possible to keep n sire,
1 1 , . . ioi Known incru tiurniK ii is nesi years,
kiiui oi a iiaram. i. ,.,,. M,hX,,,.. ...,pri,.,i ,ir
"mmm jtp pirsent system of entirely itall-
The i)hilanthropic New York , vU,"1,, "mnnsement. Hesldes this, the
eoi.le whoaretryuif,' to bring lU,r, , ,inf,if ,, K,VM
,the poor but industrious idle and a mmh better market for buyers who
siilVerinj,' families back to the'wlsh lo Priase dairy cows of a
i i I I, i ii i 'slncle breed In considerable numbers,
land should look around Echo:wlIe , b,n W(,rl.(d
and see what opiortunities out as yet for a full six year period,
there are for home builders in : ,,s nlvnntn:es are s. apparent that
It might well lie ndoptisl In any stri. t-
A iille extensive test which tins re
' ceiitly been niailo In determining? the
weight of eggs show that they vary
In weight from fifteen to twenty-eight
ounces per don, the overage weight
belnj about twenty-two ounces. Such
figures as these would seem to Justify
the selling of egs by the pound and
not by the dozen, especially In a sen
son when they have ranged from 25
to 40 cents per dozen regardless of alza.
Proper Treatment For Dysen
tery and Diarrhoea.
Tlie tfreat mortality from dysentery
and diarrhoea is due to a lack of prop,
er treatment at the first stages of the
disease. Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy is a reliable
and t'lTcctual medicine, and when
given in reasonable time will prevent
any dangerous conseiicnces. It has
been in use for many years and has
always met with unvarying success.
For sale by lorti tc Dorn.
4 nt.
A well known writer declares
that three acres are enough on
whii I. to support a family in
comfort, and declares that it is
an authentic yield on an acre of
2I,(HH) quarts of strawberries.
A thousandquartsbrings wealth
in Hood Kiver, and how to get
Jl.(HH) or. a single acre is what
regular growers would like to
every direction.
(Man or Woman.)
ly dairy section.
San Francisco has some of the
worst InHullers ami grafters the
world ever suv, and the state
l.iws are apparently construed
and were devised to protect
A mining to ah w ithout any
agricultural resources around it
soon goes to the bow wows if
tlie mines play out. Echo has
no gold mines to sell stock for.
I'k'ho has thousands of acres of
the tir.est soil, with climate and
market and transportation
thrown in. and every acre is a
gold mine to any industrious
Mny Is n good month In which to
start the rose lied. Hose like a rich
and rather firm soil, the uVrlst recom
mending n mixture of one-third clay
soli, one-third wood loam and one
third well rotted twimyard manure.
The bed In iniiUlii-; should be worked
I up to a depth of nboiit r-!it or ten
i i ... i it . . t Inches nml the soli ilmretighly mixed.
Issued by the Department of re fom, ,)f Mins,IM.Bnil tho
the Interior, t overnment of
Canada, Ottawa, under the Vol-
A 320-Acre South African Veteran
Bounty Land Certificate.
unteer Mounty Act, I'.mn. Good
for ,"iit) acres of any Dominion
hands open for entry in Alberta,
Saskatchewan, or Manitoba.
Any person over the age of lh
years, man or woman, can ac
quire this land with this certifi
cate without further charge.
Eor iinmedi: te sale, sio.
lied should lie located so that It will
get a good lot of It. Much of the dam
age to leaves and blossoms can tie
prevented If the bushes are given a
dully shower bath with water under
good pressure. Should they still be at
tacked, powdered hellebore or common
mud dust will llx the green slugs, nml
spraying wlih a sola l Ion of tobacco
water will knock the red spiders and
green lice. The lied should lie hoed
frequently to keep tlie sell loote and
watered often enough to keep It moist.
As to varieties, there Is a great chol -e. '
D'imrlmi'iit of the Interior. United Statu
Land Office, La Grande, Oregon,
J line i. liip.
A Miffli-leiil content tfllilavit liavinir bt-t-n
Ulisl In UiU oltt.-e liy William O. Norton. i-on-tcstiiil,
(iratiiKt II. V.. No. lvH-s-rtn Kntry,
No. ottliiii. mailt! January 17, Hoi. for NK'.
Secilun 10. Tornlilu 4 North. Uanire :i Fail,
WillmiH-tte Meridian, by Krnnk I.. T.irlil-ineyi-r.
i-oiitentit. in willed It Is allemsl that
said Frank L Tivliimeyt-r lia never eMali
IWitsI liN nMilence tl,in-on, nor lia he ever
nuldisl ihi n-,111. that he has neti-ren-ctiil any
lillllillnt.'s I hereon, nor ha I vereiildvaKsl
Hie lamU emlirai-rd wlihin onhl emry, or any
imn then lot ; and that lcl ulli k't-d alist-nee
from ald land was not due to Ids employ
incut In the Army, Navy or Marine form of
the In I led Slalin. ull imnli-. are herehy
nutlHisI toaoia-ar. reiamd. and offer evhleneu
Uiuehhur said alleiration at I" o'clock a. in.
on July . ltW. Iiefore.l. S. Heck with, a No
tary I'ulill". at l i n il. Ion. Orei.Mii. nml that
ttunl hearitur will In- h-ld .it ! o'cl.a-l, . in.
on AnuiiM 4. lle. Ufore the Keirlster
and Ki-eelrer at Hie I tilt., I Stat,- Land
Ollict' In I. a tiraiide. Orcitoii.
I'he kalil iMiitiMaul havimc in a pmivr afll
davit, May 111. I'.mi. ,-t forth facts
wlih-li xliotr that afterdue dlllkviic- ivisonai
service of this notice cannot Is- made. It l
hen-liy ordered and dlnvta-d that such notice
be irlvcn liy due and iro-r inililii-ation.
Y. C. HK.VMWKI.U Keirlster.
I tt Ik anraiiins n1
Write or wire, L. E. Telford, 'the American Penuty. Carnot. Pride,
lol Shuter Stiwt, Toronto, Victoria. Golden Gate. Ma men rochet.
Ulierty, Mme. Chatenay and Iji i
prance are among the best. Of the
; hardy roses. General Jack. Ijtlng.
, Plckson, Rohan, Morrison, Neyron and
i , nun tie i rr j vaiiaiaiiory. io a j
well rosea need care. If they receive It I
4 they give a most grateful and delight-
It is said that a boy once ate
nearly all of his mother's cus
tard pie. and company coining!
Seizing upon the innocent family
cat he suuared her over with
the retnuant and exhibited the
circumstantial evidence to his
eKaierated parent, whereupon
Monday afternoon about
o'clock the big bridge spanning, return-
the I'mat ilia river at the foot of j a COSTLY EXPERIENCE.
Main strtvt was discovered to- By ef showing that hawk and
l on tire The tire depart mert owl" ar ,D pe,,,T frU,UlU nJ not
oiiiirt. nil tire ill pailllltr.l -neniksj of the farmer a n m..
was called out and in a very sine article cites an experience which
short time had a stream of water ,h ,u, of l"yinta hsd a cor
Playing on the structure and iLTZJZ 'wi?
the tire under control. There , known as the scalp act which author-
was no material damage to the i M th PV f bounty of M
TT-Kia U-BI vu Bi U.Htl ma OWIf
bridge. The origin of the tire is
unknown, but it is quite likely
that it started from a lighted
match or cigar inadvertenthy
tlropiHHl among the dry chaff on
the bridge falling from hay wag
ons crossing.
killed In the slat. Under this act
bounties were paid on lOOO) birds,
which wa accepted by the farmer a
pretty good proof that th chicken
killers were exterminated. Rut this
was not th end of their troubles
Within a period of two years gophers,
Aekl mice and notion Insects appear
ed to such numbers that the farmer
wer powerless to cope with them, and
the. Itwse which the suffered froir
4-S4- Ii
U't Hl.l.-llEi:
Uc: arlinent of the Interior, t'nil. d States
Iji nil Office, ljl Oraiide, OreRoi.
June r. llit.
Notli-o Is hereby given that .lame-. I'llalien '
Thonivin. of KcIki, I'tiiatill.i t onnt v.t in iron, j
wiiu mi May ... lut. maile lloini-ti ail Kntry
No. li-.'-M-rlal No. ii. for K1. SK. KU,
SK. Section M. Towii-liliiM North, liun.. : I
KaAt. Wiliamette M, ha tiled notice tif
I ll lent ton to ninkc nnal live year proof. Inn
talilUh claim to the land almte ln-. rlUil.
la-f ire.lolni II alley, . I r.. I". S. t onilnilotK r.
at I'enillelon. On-mni. on the i-'nii day of
JiCy, lti
Claimant names as witness-.: Frank Sloan.
Iti-rt Ijiiik'enis ker. Otis Mi-Carty. (iraut Itu
chanan. all of Kclto. Ort-imn.
K. C. RKAMWRI.I. RitrUter.
Cuius) Slate Land oiH.v. La lira tide. Ore-I-isi.
Juno Ii. ItMt.
A aufflclent cmtent muh-e harliur bten
(lleii InlhioitTlceliy Klnnia.l Kritt.coiil.ant.
axalltst II. V- No. I.'t Serial Kntrv. N.i.
ii:tl. made Si-tnenils-r -.T.ltti;. for N W XW.
Xi Sections' T.iwn-hln
S North, Italian- Kant Willatiii tte Merhliali.
by William T. KcrliracheinnteMce. In which it
laalleavd that I he said William T. Kerhrachr
Is not now n-sidlna' tiinsi said land, that for
more than ix tuonthalast t lie haa faihsl
Ul rMie uii. cultivate or i'npnive theanie
and has wholly aliandomsl aiii land and en
try, anil that ald ail,-trel liwinv from aid
lamlwaanot due to liU etnilo) nu-nl in the
army, nary or marine cori of the
L'nittsl Statto. a a private xildier. olfl.-er.
4-aman or marine: aid rti,K are In-n hy
inlensl to apa-ar. o-lshI. and offer
Tlilclxf Muching- aid alleKalltsi at lOoVkk-k
km. iwi AuirttM i l-forv lil Seholl.
NSary Puliltc. at K-thV. Oretfim. and
hat Una I heartiur will Is- held at l-i.i'clo-k
k m m Auu-.t s. isie. ts-fotv ttie K.vui. r
l ml Uitviver at lite I tilted state Land Office
n I jitimiule. t invon
Theaid i-,snt,tant havtntr. In a pnnr af-
tdavit ti;,sl .nine 14. t''. -t forth fact
hlch nlkiw that after due dilim rk-p i rsml
-rvl-e is! thu not U-e cannot ! made. It I
M-rt-hy orila-nsl and ilins-le.1 that Mich notice
tr riven liy due and Wi-r tmtlt-aii,t
K. I . UUAMU KLU Kt!cr.
Ctatractsr aad Boilier
Estimates FurnlslieJ Jobbing and
Vt the Hotel Eclio Echo. Oregon
rtnx Ton ether for rciia
We have a nice line for
you to make selection
Liceue. Embalmer
nens and fancy striped . $ 1 .911
A few JUMPER SUITS at Cost
Big Reduction Lafesrse
Ladies White Underwear
A Choice Line of Ginghams
iDo You
THAT we are selling a good lands
for $175 iM'racreas can be bought
for $.j()0 in the Walla Walla valley. That we
have just as gootl climate, just as good water
supply, just as good peoploand have more room
for more of them. That a man can get land
enough here to make a good home and have all
the comforts of life for less money than any
other place in the Columbia basin.
If you are looking for bargains this is the place
and now is the time. Take nobody's word, see for
yourself, give us a chance to prove it. Raw lands that
don't blow for $100 an acre; the same lands in alfalfa
at $175; garden land, no better on earth, for $175 per
acre that you can raise anything on that is possible to
raise in Oregon. Beaver dam land that will grow
onions or spuds so large that the culls are prize win
ners, fruit in quantity and quality unsurpassed any
where, and land that you can do this on for less than
half you have to pay for land not half so good. This
land is sub irrigated and also has the best water right
on the Umatilla river. Call on or address,
C. A. CHAPMAN, Mgr. of
I have purchased the Sam Woe Lung and refitted it up
and now ready for business. I solicit your family
washings no difference how small or how big. I guar
antee all my work. Leave your order and I will come
and get it and return it. Give me a Trial