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    FRIDAY, JUNE 18, 1909
ItlOT CHAIUii: AtiAIXST 12, Mllt
Striker Ilml IMannitl OnmiwlRn of
Intimidation and Violence to
Control Sugar indimtry.
Honolulu, June 15. Fifteen of
the Jaiuuiine strike leaders arrested
upon Indictments returned by the
grand Jury were plven a preliminary
hearing. District Judge W. L. Whit
ney held 12 of them for trial on
charges of conspiring to riot and
three for conspiracy to murder.
The authorities declare the evi
dence adduced before the grand jury
and the papers seized Friday, when
the offlcoa of the JIJi, a Japanese
newspaper, and those of the Japan
ese Higher Wage Association were
raided, furnish abundant grounds
for believing the strikers intended
from the beginning to resort to in
timidation and violence In their ef
fort to control the sugar industry
and eventually the internal affairs of
the territory.
Strong efforts are being made by
the strikers to get the Japanese gov
ernment to make an International
incident of the forcible entry Into
the office of the Japanese news
paper and the seizure of papers by
the sheriff. Leaders in the strike
have appealed to Ambassador Taka
hlra at Washington by cable and de
manded an immediate investigation
of the alleged violation of the treaty
Senlchl Uyeno, the Japanese consul-general,
has advised his country
mon against the men who led the
strike movement from the beginning
of the agitation. He expresses ap
proval of their arrest and prosecu
Example to Ik Made of Men of Con
stabulary Who Seized Post.
Manila, June 15. Brigadier-General
Bandholtz, chief of tbePhillp
pine Constabulary, who Is at pres
ent on a tour of inspection In the
Island of Jolo, will at once proceed
to Davao, Mlndano Island, the scene
of the mutiny of the second company
of Constabulary on June 6. The in
sular government Is determined to
make an example of the mutinous
men who fled to the mountain with
their rifles and equipments, and the
pursuit will be preosed with the ut
most vigor until the last one of the
mutineers has been captured.
Market Their Own Grain.
Lewlston, Idaho, June 15. Farm
ers of the Inland Empire are rapidly
freeing themselves from the grain
companies and subsidiary organiza
tions which have brought Immense
wealth to many concerns. The work
is being effected through the agen
cies of the Farmers' Educational
and Co-operative Union, an organi
zation introduced about two years
ago, and which now enjoys a mem
bership of approximately 20,000
farmers In the Inland Empire. '
WuIIim Four Itayn tin IJrokon Leg.
Portland, Or., June H. His leg
broken four days ago, Wm. Young,
47 years old, benumbed by the ex
cessive use of intoxicants In the In
terim, was not conscious of his in
Jury until Sunday afternoon, when
he fell to the street, the fractured
limb finally falling to withstand the
weight of Its liquor-laden possessor.
Los Angeles Ilobberjr Reveals SrrU
ous Defects In System.
Los Angeles, June 14. Theft by employes and not an er
ror in routing was responsible for
the loss of registered packages con
taining (30,000 in currency mailed
by the First National Bank of Los
Angeles to he Bank of Bisbee, Ariz.,
last week. To a sudden uproar in
the postofllce following the discov
ery is attributed the failure to ap
prehend the thief, who made away
with two packages con'alning $15,
000. This alarm is believed to be
responsible for the recovery of the
other two packages, which were
found in the registry division of the
main poatoXce.
Terriffic Boiler
Denver, June 15. Four known to
be dead, as many missing, three per
haps fatally hurt and six more or
less seriously Injured, with property
loss estimated between !50,000
and I500.000. Is the story of a boil
er explosion that wrecked the prin
cipal power plant of the Denver Gas
A Electric Company at I o'clock this
Joseph J. T. Sutton was trrested
and lined (50 tor spearing fish with
a grab-hook.
Roseburg The body of Lewis
Haysanny, who mysteriouoly disap
peared two weeks ago, was found in
the Umpqua river last week.
Marshfleld Claude Stutsman and
MlbS Alice Rehlcld, two well known
young Marshfleld people, elopud to
Coquille ar.d were married.
Salem The laws passed by the
special session of the legislature and
not bearing the emergency clause
became effective Tuesday morning.
Jun? 15.
Astoria Excellent progress is be
ing made on salving oil barge No.
91, and It is now certain the vessel
will be saved. About 17,000 bar
rels of oil have been pumped from
the bargj's tanks.
Salem- Action hat been started In
the circuit court for this county to
condemn over 2800 acres of land
lying southeast of Gervais for drain
age ditches.
La Grande Elmer Cbrlstlanson,
indicted by the grand jury several
weeks ago on a charge of passing a
raised check on an Elgin bank, was
acquitted by a jury.
Wallowa The Bales-Jones Com
pany of Grangevllle, Idaho, shipped
570 head of cattle from Wallowa to
the Red Rock, Mont., ranges for the
summer. The price Is said to have
averaged better than $25' per head.
Salem Without watting for an
order of the state railroad commis
sion, which has been investigating
the matter, the O. R. & N. and the
S. P. have filed notice of substantial
reductions In wool rates.
La Grande The La Grande horse
and live stock show, held Saturday,
was a splendid success. Dr. J.
Wlthycombe, of the Oregon Agri
cultural College, judged the stock
and awarded prises In the different
Salem The warm weather the
past week having ripened the cher
ries faster than anticipated. It was
decided by the cherry fair committee
to change the date of the cherry fair
from July 15, 16 and 17 to July 8,
9 and 10.
Astoria Three Japanese women,
In appearance young girls, have bees
arrested by Immigration Inspector
Bonham on a charge of their being
Illegally in the country. The spe
cific charge Is that they were Im
ported for immoral purposes. They
will be given a hearing as to their
right to be In this country.
Portland The annual Sunday
School Convention of the Methodist
Episcopal Church in Oregon opened
at the Taylor-Street Church Sunday
night with addresses by Bishop C.
W. Smith, Dr. Daniel Rader, editor
of the Pacific Christian Advocate,
and Dr. Edgar Blake, assistant sec
retary of the Board of Sunday
Portland The Oregon state build
ing at the Alaska-Yukon-PaclQc Ex
position will be formally dedicated
Friday, June 18, when Governor
Benson, Mrs. Benson and a number
of prominent Oregon men and wo
rn' . will be present. Mrs. Benson
Is to be the hostess at the afternoon
reception and her attendants are
women prominent socially in state
Warrenton The D. L. Kelly
Lumber Company has completed a
railroad spur for the purpose of un
loading logs In Sklpanon creek. The
contract for logs consists of about
90,000,000 feet of spruce, cedar and
fir. to be furnished by the Moore
Logging Company. A large dredge
Is now at work at an expense of $50
per day improving the channel of
Sklpanon creek.
Portland A meeting of pioneers
and other citizens Interested in tho
matter was held in the city hall Sat
urday af'ernoon to take the prelim
inary steps towards perfecting a
an for providing the ways and
means to create a state park at
Cbampoes; in order to perpetuate the
organization of the provisional gov
ernment at that place on May 1,
Salem Attorney-General Craw-1
ford has commenced condemnation
proceedings In the circuit court for
Benton county to condemn and ac
quire for the nse of the Agricultural
College lota 20 to 24 of of Avery A
Mills' addition to the city of Cor
ral Us. The land adjoins that al
ready owned by the college and as
the Interested parties could not
agree on the price the condemnation
proceedings became necessary.
Portland It took barely 10 min
utes of the jury In the federal court j
to come to the conclusion Carl Logs- '
don, the 19-yeer-old Indian from i
the Slletx reservation, aceused of j
murdering his cousin, Grover Cleve- ,
land White, and they returned 4 ver
dict to that effect.- The verdict was
a popular one and about 50 Indiana
surged around .the boy to congratu
late him on his escape from the gallows.
t.i ft sends special message
. sk.;i:stin; plan.
Tariff lenders Asked to Attend ta
CorjHirntlon Tax, and States
Will Art on Incomes.
Washington, June 16. President
Taft today sent to congress a mes
sage urging the pnssagn of an
amendment to the tariff imposing
a tax of 2 per cent upon the undis
tributed net earnings of corpora
tions, 'and the adoption of a resolu
tion submitting to the several states
an amendment to the constitution
giving congress the power to impose
a tax on Incomes.
This understanding was reached
at a session of the Cabinet Tuesday
and was approved by Republican
senate leaders, who conferred with
the President.
The President favors an amend
ment providing for a tax on the net
earnings of corporations, not only
because of the added revenue It
would produce, but also because he
believes it would throw a healthy
light of publicity upon the affairs of
It has been estimated that a 2
per cent tax on the earnings of cor
porations available for dividends
would yield approximately $20,000,
000 a year, while at the same rate
a tax on all Incomes would yield
from $70,000,000 to $80,000,000.
Probe to Enter Sugar.
Washington, June 14. The de
partment of justice has assigned two
agents to duty in New York with
Instructions to examine Into the con
ditions under which the recent com
promise was affected between the
American Sugar Refining Company
and the Pennsylvania Refining Com
pany. The agents are to examine
into the allegations that the com
promise disclosed conditions involv
ing a violation of the Sherman anti
trust law.
CoiiitreHN Provides New Requirement
for Saloon Licenses.
Seattle, June 16. To obtain a
liquor license in Alaska in the fu
ture, an applicant must present a
petition to which the names of a ma
jority of the people in his precinct
are signed Is the principal clause
of a bill passed without noise during
the past Winter at Washington, D.
C. Not only must the majority of
men In the precinct show their will
ingness to have tho license granted,
but the women are also Included,
and t bis fact has led some Alaskans
In Washington to the belief that the
Northland will now go dry.
NiKro Shoots Traffic Men.
Shanlko, Or., June 16. B. H.
Trumbull, commercial agent of the
Illinois Central, and J. S. McLaugh
lin, traveling freight agent for the
mine road, with headquarters in
Portland, were slmt and seriously
wounded early this morning by a
drunken negro car pdrter.
Will Save Money on Purt'Iutfte From
Sun Francisco Mint.
San Francisco, une 15. The Jap
anese government has purchuscd
from the United Statvs mint In this
city gold Ingots to the amount of
$2,250,000 for the announced pur
pose of augmenting Ita reserve fund
to 'cover a portion of Its Issue of
bank notes. It has been the custom
of Japan to purchase gold in Lou
don, but a considerable saving has
been effected by the present transac
tion, owing to the favorable rate of
exchange between New York and
Famous Women In HeJin
Toronto, June 15. More than 7,
000,000 women, living In all parts
of the world, are represented at the
fourth quinquennial meeting of the
International Council of Women,
which, b-igan Its sessions In this city
today. The council will remain la
session two weeks.
Itued lo Cut Rates.
Lewlston, Idaho, June 14. Oper
ation of the independent steamers
Between Portland and Lewlston,
which has brought about a 25 per
cent reduction In freight charge has
also resulted In the railroad com
panies taking steps to meet the cut
on a number of commodities.
Hog HighM For 27 Yemr.
Chicago. June 14. The blithest
June price far live hogs since 1.12
wa established today, when the best
porkers sold at $8 a 100 pounds.
Lumber production In the United
StHti-s was lug la the calendar year
1D0S than the preceding year. The
5tv:-ase amounted to 17.3 per cent.
t'overelsn Camp, Wooilmeu or the
Vorld, has appropriated 1750,000 to
b- used for the erection of a head
quarters building at Omaha.
Organization of the Son Sen Chicle
Company, with a capital of JO.OJJ,
0U0, which will take over tua busi
ness of six of tho largest chewing
gum factories in the United Slates
and Canada, has been completed in
New York.
Two hundred pounds of dynamite
mysteriously exploded at Fredericks
burg, Iowa, wreck lug the business
district of the town and Injuring a
score of persons. The shock was
felt 12 miles away.
During the year 1908 the steam
and electric railroads of the I'nited
States purchased more than 112,
000,000 cross ties, costing at the
point of purchase, over $56,000,000.
The call for the forty-first annual
convention of the National American
Women's Suffrage Association has
been Issued. The convention will be
held at the A.-Y.-P. Exposition at
Seattle on July 7.
Edward Everett Hale, chaplain of
the United Stales senate for many
years, minister, author and teacher,
died last week at his home in Rox
bury, Mass. He was 87 year old.
The steamer Tanana has arrived
at Dawson with $500,000 worth of
Fairbanks gold-dust, making a total
of $2,000,000 received so far this
season, en route to Seattle.
Two $50 gold pieces, struck from
the United SltUfca mint at Philadel
phia in 1877, have been sold to a
wealthy New York collector for $10,
000 each. They are the only $50
pieces ever minted by the govern
ment. Secretary of the Interior Ballln
ger has just designated 27,000 acres
of land In New Mexico and 46,000
acres In Montana as coming within
the provisions of the 320-acre home
stead law. These lands are semi
arid and must be farmed according
to "dry-farming" methods.
An additional $5000 was sent to
the American embassy at Constntl-
i nople Saturday by the American Red
Cross Society for the relief work
among the destitute people In Tur
i key. This makes $20,000 sent by
this society.
I The petition of the prosecution for
t a rehearing in the case of Louis
' Glass, vice-president of the Pacific
States Telephone Company, who was
convicted of bribery by a San Fran
! Cisco Jury In 1907, has been granted
I by the supreme court of California.
Attorney General .Mu Liens has
j commenced suit against the Western
i Union Telegraph Company to com
' pel the company to file articles of
Incorporation with the state of Wy
i omlng or suspend operations within
: Its borders.
! R. H. Thomson, city engineer of
I Seattle, Is the man Secretary Ball
! In ger has in mind for appointment
as director of the reclamation ser
vice in the event that F. II. Newell
is retired from that office.
The signature, purporting to be
j that of Grover Cleveland, which was
: attached to an article furnished to
! the New York Times by Uroughton
, Brandenburg, and represented as the
work of Mr. Cleveland, was repudl
j ated as forged Tuesday by Mrs.
Monday was the 1 3 2d anniversary
of the adoption of the American flag
by congress, that Important event
having taken place June 14, 1777.
While not a legal holiday, the day Is
generally observed throughout the
United States by the raising of flags
on all public buildings.
Anthony Meyer, a Brooklyn, N.
T., Iceman, on the same day sold an
lnter4.t In an oil well, which bad
coat him $100. for $10,000 and re
ceived a letter from a long lot
brother la Seattle saying he bad
made $1,000,000 In Alaska, and In
viting him to go into partnership.
He will live la Seattle.
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