The Echo register. (Echo, Umatilla County, Or.) 190?-1909, May 28, 1909, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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FRIDAY, MAY 28, 1909
f by zexa iiorsER. J and the avernpe weight is about
Every institution whether 121 pounds. Willard Atcheson
small or great has a story con- j is the fat man ot the Class while
nected with its origin and growth, j Fee Esteb is the puny dwarf.
The history of a nation is the mi, , , ' -.
... . long and short of us are
fnrv nf its irvpnt mpn ami thou -
:t,,i .:. z :
, , , . '
tory of a school ts the story of
. i ,
its teachers, its classes, and ev
cry individual boy and girl con
nected with it. Tho I have not
the- time to delve deeply into
the past, I shall try in a brief
way to trace the growth and de
velopment of the present Class,
which you see here represented, '
the first Class to formally grad
Echo Public '
uate from
Just nine years ago the chry
and it has been added to and
substracted from until now its
membership consists of the roses :
of the class, four girls, and the
thorns, five boys. In 11XX) the j
Class contained three of its5
present members, Lawrence uiass- u,e ine or meteen nun
Malcolm, Fee Esteb and Antone'dl'ed and Nine thouRh not at all
Cunha. In 1902 Stella McCul-; hkil,ed in athletic tactics or base
lough, Vina Houser and the' bal1 loi"e- we hilV0 successfully
writer joined the class; In 1005 combated the curves of the State
Frank Young and Kuth Godfrey ; Examining board, the questions,
added their names to the rol, ve made the base in the five
and Willard, Atcheson came to us ! rooms- and each has made his
in llo7. Thus the butterfly from score to tho crodit of A,ma
the chrysalis. Mater, our own Echo Public
From a little two-roomed 'School. Our umpires, the teach
school house during this period e,!i- have rendered fair decision,
of time, the Echo school build-, and 110 one found u"lltv
ing has grown into a five-roomed of dealing bases. A mile stone
structure and its rooms are tilled hils boen successfully reached,
to overflowing with happy, joy- even tI,ouRh our motto has been
ous school boys and gi rls, whose "Ad astra Pcr aspera."
loyalty can never be questioned. We, as a Class are prond of
Variety is the spice of life and our achievements of the past,
our Class has certainly had its yet we realize that the future
share of spice in the matter of has much in store for us. Some
teachers. Among the teachers
who have boosted us alone the
thorny path of knowledge, we
find the following: Mr. Mink,
Misses Duncan, Moorehouse,
Pooler, Phillips, Mrs. Flora
Foreman and the later teachers,
Messrs. Cannon and Keeler, We
appreciate the efforts and the
kind care which they have given j
us, and we are truly grateful for
the aid and assistance they have
rendered without which, this
happy conclusion could not have
been so easily attained.
Perhaps a few statistics con-
cerning my fellow classmates '
might interest you. The Class
together weighs just 1084 pounds
Ruth Godfrey 1
In ancient times, prophets
were accustomed to suspend
themselves on tripods above vol
canic fissures or by observing the
flights of birds and other natural
phenonoma were want to tell
forecoming events. Though I
have not that volcanic fissure
and am not evtn skilled in inter
preting avian actions, yet by
some peculiar workings of the
fates, I am chosen to tell the
future of each member of the
class of 1909. And should my
prophetic insight not please
every member of the class, I
mignt be destined to suner worse j
perils than ever any volcanic!
-fissure can produce. Even in
this straight I think of the words
of the poet:
So near is trrandure to our dust,
So near b God to man;
When duty vrhUper low "Thou
The youth replies. "I can!"
Some are bom great, some
achieve greatness, and some
have greatness thrust upon
them, yet each following his
own ambition and native pro
clivity, weaves out his own
future destiny. Realizing how
ever the necessity tor thorough
preparation and equipment for
future usefulness our class as a
unit, not content with a mere
whose modesty will not allow
t,n tn ,,. , ,
,,er to "vulge her name, the
i former being 5 feet
10 inches
i and the latter 5 feet lH inches
; in height The Class as a whole
is 16 yards 1 foot 1 inch long and
,the average height is 3 feet 4 4-."
! inches.
And now I am about to tread
on dangerous ground, the matter
of a!'?- If Closs were j"st
i one old man he would be a cen
jturyandtwo score years old.
'The Class baby, as to aire, is
easily Fee Esteb. The two eld
est have seen seventeen sum
mers, but for fear of the conse
quences which might ensue, I
hesitate to divulge their names.
Thus reads the history of the
one has said,
the affairs of
There is a tide in
men, but there is
no gulf stream setting forever
in the same direction." We are
anxious for further victories and
we intend to
"Hitch our wagon to a star,"
knowing that it is only through
personal effort the top most
round of the educational ladder
may be reached.
As Class Historian, I can but
wish my fellow classmates suc
cess. May it be said of them
that the world is better for their
having lived in it; may their
several lives prove a blessing
and benediction to their fellow
High School educatio.n have
rounded out their lives with a
college career.
Lift the veil of the future and
note the change which Old
Father Time has wrought.
Twenty years has elapsed since
that memorable night in May in
the little white temple in Echo.
A magnificent edifice of brick
now stands in its place and the
chimes are heard from the
steeple, sounds which are sweet
in the eventide. Echo has grown
to a magnificent city with its
cool shady avenues and boule
vards. The hum of the factory
and the whir of the electric car
as it whisks up the well kept
streets awakes the echos of the
surrounding hills and the bowl
of the hungry canine is heard
no more as
"Curfew tolls the knell of parting
City life has forever banished
the plebian sounds of yore.
Music has charms however.
The world has given us a Wag
ner, a Straus, a Verdi, and a
Jacobiski, a Madam Patti, and
our class has given their part
to the worlds great musicians.
Stella M. McCullough, after
studying under the great masters
of America and the Old World,
now takes the world by storm,
by her beautiful voice and brilli
m wm.ce Maicoim and
ant songs. Her voice is r.eard
in all the great musical circle
and people come from far and
wide to hear our former class
mate, the American Night in
The business world needs un n
of ability, who are prompt nnd
always at their post of duty.
The former traits of our former
classmate, Frank Young, the
boy who through rain or srnne
braved the storms of winter in
order to keep his record of at
tendance and punctuality untarn
ished, whose traits are not lost
to him, as he runs his big Hank
Establishment. And there is a
rumor afloat that he has a hand
in shaping the financial policy of
our nation, the nation which now
stands on the top most round in
the worlds great system of fi
nance. And who, pray tell, is this
lady who may be seen alighting
from her auto-car and entering
the big Emphorium on the busy
corner. If it isn't our old friend,
Vina Houser!! And they say
that she presides over a big
house full of servants in her inter-urban
home. While other
foolish American girls fished for
foreign counts and Dukes with
empty titles, she did not fish at
all, and the result is that she
has a nice well furnished home
and a big true-hearted American.
Her home is the center of pleas
ure and social delight and no
queen ever presided over ner
subjects with more graceful hos
pitality than she.
Entering the big store on the
corner, you will find everything
modern and up to date. The
s moot he wellgroomed floorwalk
ers and the pretty salesladies
neat, and everything in the way
of equipment burnished to the
highest degree of brightness.
Everything moves along with
systematic accuracy, and well it
should, for over the door of the
neat little room designated as
office, you will see in large plain
AntoxeCunha, Prop.
Walk In.
And he is the "man behind the
Zena Houser has developed
into a stern, dignified school
ma'am. Matrimony has no
charms for her, she would rather
"teach the young idea to shoot"
and her "Forty little urchins"
think there is no one like Miss
Houser. One of her former
class mates however keep taking
lessons after hours and you can't
always tell what the result of
the electioneering may be. But
I have my doubts for as long as
"she spares the rod and spoils
the child" her heart will be
too full of love for her boys and
girls to take any outside party
into the firm.
Lawrence Malcolm, the Long
fellow of the class, though not a
long haired poet has turned out
to be a Civil Engineer. His long
spare frame has assumed vast
proportions since he has finally
finished the Panama Canal. His
next scheme is to survey a sub
ocean railway, and thus join the
American and European contin
ents with a rapid transit line.
But now the prophetic mists
become hazy and the air a som
ber stillness holds. But the
vision clears and I behold a mag
nigcent audience of expectant
people. And as the beautiful
strains of the gigantic pipe or
gan cease, a dignified young man,
bright of eye and elert of gesture
begins to speak. The whole
vast throng almost held their
breath as the great man stirs
them with his magnificent elo
quence. With fluent spech he
teaches the gospel of "love"
that great power which guides
the world. Who would ever
have thought that boy, Fee
Esteb, so full of roguish fun and
harmless mischief would have
developed into a preacher! But
thus "Old Father Time rings in
his changes."
Another great legal light has
been added to the profession.
Our old class mate, Willard
, Atcheson, has never lost a case,
' and lie .s one of the few honest
! In....... . .. 1.. U :n
ionj u lie Will
cause the most hard hearted to
qu:a'.-3 Chief Justice of the
United States, he with dignity
an i careful judgment will take
h: place in the world's affairs.
T.inrc's .i divinity 'vhich sharps our
!!oiifi how them how we vi!i
That power wnich made ti e
mountain in all its majestic
grandeur; that powjr that lets
the violet blush unseen along the
unkept paths; that power which
commands the winds and the
waves, and makes the stars shed
their brilliant lustre; that same
power which causes the lofty
pines to send its branches high
into the heavens, that is the
power which guides us and
makes what we are!
And now I have spoken about
almost all the class. The re
maining member is a very modest
'.hi Id! It might be said of her:
She (lwell.sainnii)r the untrodden ways,
l'esidu the springs of lHve:
A ma id whom there were none to
And very few to love.
She is determined to add her
little might to the worth of the
class and hopes not to bring any
reproach there-upon.
And this will be her guiding
lie good, sweet maid, and let who will
be clever;
Do noble deeds not dream them all
day loii)?:
And make life, death and that vuM
( Hie grand sweet song!!
Call for liiris.
I will sell to the liMit-st and lx-st
bidder on Saturday June lutli, 1'kmi,
at 10 o'clock A. M. at my oltlee in the
court house of I'matilla County. Ore
gon, $l,5ot). of the i),ooo. live per
eent bonds, issued liy School District
No 5 of Umatilla County, Oregon,
for the pur)ose of erecting a school
building or school buildings, or for
the purchase of laud for school pur
poses,, and for refunding the existing
bonded indebtedness of said district.
Interest parable semi-annually on
May 1st, and Nov 1st, of each year.
A tit-posit of .Vk. with each bid.
Dated this 13th, day or Mar l'.NK).
J. V. Hradley,
County Treasurer.
May 14th, to June lth, liKW.
Department of the Interior, United States
Land Office. La Grande, Oregon,
Ma- 17. in.
Xottc-o Ik lifivliy Klvi-ii thai Mldoey B,
Walton, of Echo. On-con. who, on March
31u IPM, made llunn-u-sd entry No. I'7
Herlal. No. 03W&, for HH 8WM. KWM PWSt.
8WMNWM. Hmlon II. Towmdilp 3 North.
ltsnf Eat. Wlllsim tto Meridian, has Bled
notice of InU-iitlon to wake Final (Ave year
I'ruof. tomlalilUht-lalin to the land above
deacrilwd. iNifore A. C. Crawford. V. P.
Comnilmlouer. at ll.-rniUloo. Ort-ifun. on the
6th day of July. I(U.
Claimant names as wltnemes; II. ft. Hurl-
hurt, of F.-ho On-Kiui. Frank I', Mlliur. of
Echo Ores-un, T. U. Xnitlh. of Echo Oregon.
Clark Wan, of Echo on-con.
P. C. BRAMWELL, Register.
4 St.V
Dnnrtm-nt of the Interior, t'nlted States
Uind Office. I -a urantle, Oregon.
April 17. iww.
A ftiiftlcient contfM aflldavit liavlna- twt-n
filed In I III iiffli-t. liy J. K. HlMrtwHI. i-imiUi-ant.
aralnM II.K.It4v-wrial No. ot.HI. ml
OrtutK-r 3". for SVM iV.-iI.hi Hi, TownoMp
S North, lianm- F.ait VIIIn-lui Meridian.
liy Murry ItickliMHi Hit-tp, In which It I
all.-K.-d that tin- l.l Murry ilck!nan l not
now n-tidina inm IJ land and lia never
ralalilUlitnl or iiaiiiialii.-l a n-ld.-n-- iIm-h-oii
and lia wholly altaiidiiiH-d tli iih-: that
if ilwwf litim ald land ha .-.MUlnii.-d lor
a m-rl.xl of nnire than l nHith Inum-dlnti-ly
prior U tl.c -omiiM-nca-iiH-nl nf lhl conM!,
and thai Mild all.-ir.-d slwn.ii from said land
j not out' to his employment In Hie
army, nary or oisrlne corm of the
I nltcd mate: oalu partlea an herein-
ordered to api-ar. ntiiiwl, ami otter
evidence touchituc uild allftt-atkm at Ki clock
a. ni. on Juimi Irt, lt'. Lotil A-holl. a
N.Mary I'ulillc. at hl olhce In F-cho, iimnn,
and that final heartna will lie held at lilo'chi k
ni. on Jum -JX lt. U-fore the Itca-Wtrr
and Receiver at I lie I lilted Male Land Office
III ramie. Ore.Hi.
Tlw Mid ronieotant liavlna. In a proper af
fidavit tiled March It. Ikv. m-i forth fact
which kIm.w that aft' r due .llllifem e personal
aervtceof thix notice cannot l- made. II la
hen-l.y orl.-n-d and directed that Mich notice
be irlven by due ami pnnn-r olillcatlm. ,
r. I . n,l.M r.l.l, !(etlT.
United HlaU-a Land Office. La ramie. Ore-
fun. April . If".
A auffb-lent context nolle liavlna Inu
(led In thl office by J Kuch conirmtant,
aalrert II V.. No. I VM1 - erlI.No IH-vO. made
June . !. for N K' v- Vn It. Towtwhip
I North. Kantfe Ti W lllsmette Meridian.
brJutmll. alciee. annu-t.-e. in which It U
aileaxl that Mid John H. McFee never etat
iiabed a rMidewr upon xald entrr within l
maantlia from the date or hla S line or anr other
time: that tie ha mn-r rultlvaied Mid land
a niuired by law or otherwtae or Imiirovrd
tlw mom In any manner; hut ha wholly ab
andoned Mid entry and been aiwnt for ntun
than ! naontha at a time and more than sis
nxaittia lax ivt and ha never actually reakl-
-d thenim. and hi al-n- waa not duo W
military i-rvi.-e. aaia partlea an
brret.v Dutlfie.1 to lt" r. reauond. and off.-r
rvtdrnt-e UMV'hliia- ii alleaalki at Ho'rka-ti
a SLutiJunt Ij. It v. l-Ior lwl rvhttll. a
Notary Public, at hi rftt-! In Echo, on-trtm.
ami that Mnal lM-ani.- wll! brlM-li at lu.. h.-a
a m. im J una '2. It. i-f.ire tlMt Kea-lu-r and
Receiver at ttt I'nlied Ctau- Land tf ao in
Lat.rauoV. tr."wm.
Tt. M naiMtiM l.avlnc. In a tanwr
affidavit filled April A iw. vt furttt Iv u
which tiow that after du dllia-t-ocw tw-nwRal
aervlec of (hi nutim cannot tw ta
herehy ordered and dlivried that u-n eutk-a
lw alvra by due and proper iml.llcatkm.
F. V. kHAMw LLL. UetrlUT.
Fads for Weak Women
Nine-tenth of all th sickness of women it du lo torn deranfemcnt or di
tit oi tha orfans distinctly feminine. Such sickness aa bt cured it cured
eery day by
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
it Makes Weak Women Strong,
Sick Women Well.
ft acts directly on the organs effected end ii at the time time a general restore
five lonio for the whole system. It cures female complaint right in the privacy
(, home. It mskrs unnecessary the disagreeable questioning, examinations and
l.x- l treatment so universally insisted upon by doctors, and so abhorrent ta
ccy modest woman.
. - shall not particularize here at to the symptoms of
hoc peculiar affections incident to women, but those
satin;; lull information as to their symptoms and
means of positive cure are referred to the People's Com
mon Sense Medicnl Adviser 1008 pages, newly revised
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cent limn to cover cost of mailing only; or, in cloth
binding lor 31 stamps.
Address Dr. R. V. Pierce. Buffalo. N. V.
.1. II SWI.tMI. 1' nt
It. N.STANI IKI.I. Vliv Pnoiiih-tit
It. B. ST 1'1,.1,1,-r
NONA llol KK. AmUiam Ca-lil. r
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United States.
We solicit the Banking Business of this Locality.
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i III.
we are now
4 1 . 1 TV
Vmirh Hiinr n Haiioaii
j Any quantities
160 to 2500 acres now partly in
: ,
Vl 1 I i iw i x
Of all kinds.
Commercial Printing
(J. n.s.wi.oit
selling me
. A vtr f
K. M.M.J LIL1'U. H j.
U 1
J. m A. aT ..
of wheat land for
Realty Co.