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;';t i..u'.'; !. m,a
Crowned Kings Are
Still Numerous On
European Thrones
(United Tress Stuff Correspondent)
LONDON, July 11. The sport of
lopping crowns lu Europe thut be
came so exhiliratlng during the war,
seems not only to have subsided, but
also to have been followed by its
equal and opposite reaction.
Hungary, though kinglets, is by
legislation of its own parliament still
a kingdom. Austria bag n small but
Important royalist party. And Ger
many manifests a strong leaning to
wards a king, and a Hohenzollern at
Constantino has come back, though
the regal supports are wobbly. Old!
King Peter of Serbia, who pulled,
through the war, more or less, tins -
found hb new kingdom of the Serbs,
Croats and Slovenes so pregnant with i
spontaneous combustion, that hel
leaves his son, Alexander, to do most!
of the work. Ferdinand of Rumania
still has his picture on the postage!
stamps, but Is refraining from all I
other publicity. And Boris of Uul-jpart of the country Is Calvlnlst'c.
garia, answering a public welcomej Since Karl's last departure, sev-j
on a church festival day In Soflu, eral rivals have sprung up. Admiral;
was greeted by a bomb which killed Ilortliy. des'gnated governor by the
and wounded several persons close; parliament until a king was select-j
by blm. i ed, was, according to stories in VI-1
The thrones more familiar toenna, himself to have been set up)
Americans arc at present having I It-1 by the Small Landowners party asl
lie difficulty in weathering present king. That, however, fell through. j
fair winds. In England. King Archduke Joseph and Archduke AI-,
fieorge has lost by his quietness the brecht both have Btrong following.
little vestige of power bis father by :
his strong personality was able to
exercise. His popularity was under-!
... ... . J
going 11 slump until the Prince of 1
Wales came to but. !
Tk. D.Im.a I. ..n.l....t.....ll..
-most popular person 111 the rniteiii
Kingdom, and If he comes to the
throne, which some people though ad-
nilrlng him. donbt, he will probably!
welld a positive Influence.
The most stable throne of all, np-.
.. 1 . . I ...... j 1 r 1 1 . . 1
if a 1 trill i) , in umi ui nu luuu. uuhuii
Wllhelmlnaenioys and cherishes the I
aa....I.a sfnlUn a 1 muH-
prince consort. Henry of Mecklen-!
'burgi Is not popular, hut the Queen:
.1,-ft'an .!..,. Thn U..n..n In 1... n...lfl ..fmnnv Tl,l tw.llni. 11,..., oh
" " v
tviui no guani. ine men in ine
Atreets fp their hats and she bnws
plensantly. There was an attempt !
not long ago to hold a demonstra
tion against her, hut she drove witli-
out any guard to the place where it!
was to be held, and the Hollanders
took the horses from her carriage
..a a u.. 1 1
and drew her through the streets;
In triumph.
King Albert of the Belgians alsoj
Christian Kndeavorers met lust ev
,enig on the lawn of the Presbyter
ian church for the monthly business
. nmjl social meeting.
(lertrude Brown was made treas
urer, Gertrude Wlkseli, chairman of
Lookout committee; and Grace
Leslie, chairman of missionary
work in places of Archer, John
;and Mrs. Hoyt, who tiavo resigned.
$10 was voted for union work and
,othor business was transacted.
The soclii coinmiitee distributed
sheets of tissue paper, and the niein
iberB adjourned to the church parlor
where tbey manufactured some per
fectly wonderful summer huts.
' Bach wearing his own creatlou, a
parade started. Each member then
marched past the treasurer, left his
eniitributlnn to tho new church fund
!nnd told how It was earned, which!
was very entertaining.
jvjelllo Hake gave hers In a very
good song, words and music com
posed by herself. RoBe Hake gave
an original poem, one had borrowed
his casn. one nan iu !
malortty was apple thlning and
ry picking money. Next the hats
were tagged and left to the mercleaj
L. J I 1 f nn
of the social commuiee. wane ui3
members flocked to the yard for a
round of Jolly games.
Called to the manse for refresh
ments, each found his place at little
tables, marked by the huts, which
the members donned once more and
enjoyed the cake and sherbet pro
vided. ' AH felt this to have been one of
the very Jollies parties of the year.
HWISf fOMlN'O TO !'. H.
' C'AN'ADA IS AFTER. THE ; The shot was beard by the house-
- GENEVA, Jnly '.'. Emigration.; CHEKSK CHAMPIONSHIP; niJd wno rlls,,p, to hg ,ide ,,,
which had almost ceased in Switz-er- " SASKATOON. Sask.. July 1 2. ! called his son Neil. Mrs. Vilas ami
land during the war, "u since been ; Holland has a new rival in the cheese; son (leorge were In Central Point
resumed on an increasing scale. As-j making Industry. Canada has step-! at the time, being called by t-le-cording
to a report publlsh.-d by tbeipe(j nto fourth position among the I phone.
federal council. The high water inurkj producing nations and 's 3100 dairy! He Is survived by his son (leorge.
of emigration was re.-.clwd last y;arj factories are rapidly Increasing thej connected with a trans-Pacific steam
whei 798S Swiss u'ld 12ii (oreign-j output. Thirty-six million dollars islsljp line of Sun Frsnc'sco, now at
. resident In Switzeiland. !t thej the sum returned to Canadian farm-1 home, aiwl his son Ned. and bis
country. The favoiiie goa' of Swiss ers. for cheese exported during the; widow and other relatives who hare
emigrants is tb-" Uiited Stats; Ai- last year. Most of these exports the sympathy of the community in
cent Ine and Brail come xt. fol-;went to England, long one of Hoi- their bereavement. The funeral ar-
reigns with comparative quiet. King
Victor Emmanuel of Italy, however,
Is in none too good a position, though
It has shown signs lately of strength
ening. The king of Spain, also man
ages to hang on.
The question of a king for Hun
gary is the puzzling one. Karl is
the legally crowned monarch. After
his recent fiasco bis supporters in
Hungary Insisted that be would be
back in' six months, and the nnnunce-
meut that he is about to go to Spain
gives some credence to the opinion
: that he may' try another coup, be -
cause lu Swtlzerlaud he Is very close -
I ly guarded. He has put himself in
a rather ridiculous position however
by having left Hungary twice now,
each time after proclaiming that lit -
would rather die than leave. Beside,
the little entente, supported, though'
somewhat casually by the big one,
is determined not to have a HupB -
burg on the throne. lie is, further,)
a Catholic,, and, while the Catholics I
are strong In West Hungary, u large!
In Austria, In spite of the royalist.
party and the members of the no-1
blllty, who kept their titles only by
. .. ...
courtesy and persistence, the chanced
of a kingdom are small. Many ;eo-
V., ....... .nnla.n.aH 4I.A
" .c...c.,.c.
times ueiore ine war, ana unnic;
they would come back automatically
with a restored monarchy. The
thinkers of Austria, however, say1
frankly that the financial burden of'
keeping up a royalty would be In-
i.l.MLI. '
There Is. on the other hand, a party :
I. Caviaa Biso.Aftlnf it I.Iaa n(
monarchy, especially n Austria for!
the purpose of preventing union
" ' - '"I
uewain on me suriaee, ;s a vnai one.
France's policy Is unu.uestlon.ihly
one of building as many small etutes
ns possible, for two reasous that ofj
holding the leadership of Europe and!
that of maintaining her security. If;
she can strew kings about K Mr lift i
she can lessen the danger of amal-,
., u n
gamatlon, (hus walliii,' Russia off
from any expansion westward and
Germany out t M'Ue' Kuropa.
Arrangements for the tennis tour
nament in Lithla Park July 11, L'
and 16 are rapidly being shaped for
the most successful meet that has
been held in Ashland. Tho commit
tee In charge have made the follow-
I ing appointments: J. D. Beesnn, tour
nament manager; William llrlgrs.
: welfare; Mrs. P. D. Wagner and Mir
I D. Perozzl, refreshments; Rev. ('.
I F. Koehler and Mr. H. T. Elmore, re
ception. Heretofore there has been
no charge made for entries. This
year it was decided to follow the
general custom and charge 11 small
fee. This money will be used for
the purchase of the tennis halls and
Incidentals of the meet.
The fees will be as follows:
Free for all. men $1.00
Free for all, lad es .50
Junior, boys 50
Junior, girls 25
Juvenile, boys 25
Juvenile, girls 25
Mall your entries to J. D. Beesnn. I
eare of Chamber of Commerce, Ash-! MEDFORD, Or., July 6. J. S
land, Or. Entry book will he opened, Vilas, one of the best known rnnch
until Wednesday noon. Drawings ers in tho Itogue River valley was
for Juvenile and juniors will be made1, instantly killed uhout 9 o'clock Tues-
on ,he gTOunAn Th free f()r j dQy monlUK t nlU(:ll h()me ,.,,,
drawng. wM, he pnb.nP(, Tburs-! of the city when a 30-35 Winchester
dy Juvenle entr,e. aire , , ,, ;,,,, froln belu,h t , ,,,. ,,
14 years; juniors, 16 years; free for
all. everybody.
This tournament Is for the South
ern Oregon championship. The Lithla
Park title for 1921 will be awarded
the winners in each event. Players his bunkhnirj", 'and was using a
who have been' active In the game in! bench as a work stand. WhlhTclean
past years are becoming Interested j Ing a .22 rifle, the Winchester fell
and some snappy games are prom-off the bench, and it Is presumed
ed. Invitation Is extended to all! that Mr. Vllus stooped to pick up thu
tennis players. Spectators are we!-1 rifle and It exploded lu some unar
comed. 1 countable manner. He toppled from
1 j h's chair. Death was 'nstuntaneom.
MEDFORD, Or., July . Author
ity h:is beun given Ensign Frame by
the commundunt of the Thirteenth
Naval district to organize u naval re
serve unit In Jackson county.
The purpose of such a unit will;
be to give the present naval reserve
of Jackson county a chance to com
ply with regulations regarding re
tainer pay and to keep them its closer
touch with navy activities. At the
same time men not having had pre
vious' naval experience will be per
mitted to enlist in the reserve here.
The uavy reserve offers a man 15
days' cruise or vacation each yeur,
with pay and traveling expenses In
addition to a retainer pay of from
$12 to $252 u year, depending on
liy thu formation of puch u unit
i reserve men will be allowed to take
j their summer cruises in a body and!
j at such u fine and place as the unit;
might decide. I
This will be explained In detail and1
I questions unswered at a meeting to
1 bo held ut the American 'Legion hall
Thursday evening, July 7, ut 8 p. m.
This meeting is of vital Importance
to all reservist and ex-navy men and:
j a large delegation lu expected to bo
present from all over the county,
; the United States, this does not lu
A meeting will be held It- tlicj Jlcate HVecu) congestion.
i Illt'I I i:U II .t'lIIIII llilll UL .UDIIUl J
.. ,.,,, - ,, .. - , .!
Thursday eeulng of this w--ek nt S,
o'clock for the purpose of
Ing a division of the United ,S!s'es
aTai reserve force In Jnckon conn-
ty. All ex-uuvy men are special yj
requested to atteud. ;
A preliminary nieeUcif win held, ,.,ler oll pv.en tl. ,tli., m- (,(M,
there Thursday evening and much lu-i ot mpnn ,h:lt t;. , ,(,s..inn
terest and enthusiasm was shoii.i,s ,( niollevmik!l, nr.;V, u
When sutficlcnt interest is uioused,lia ,iiinn.iv no, B. ,, who .
li.l ... - .
ine navy, wu cn is DacK ol in ni'jvc-i
. .. , , ......
" '
, ',,,' ,., Il.;,i,, ,l
men for different ratings there will
be mtmHrrwrllarget pract
nai;g auu otner wow 01 miere.-u , ,allv BOlemnient :..Mi-'..r. are avail
Ensign Frame asserts th:.t If prop r; , mm trajp,, hl , ,;lw r,.
spirit Is shown, the organlr.tlon wlU,,,., ,.', ,,e ,.,ov ,,.r .
be supplied with anything from ma-jj, of nrtftniT , ,:,, (i .,. ,JUS1.
chine guns to airplanes. Each yesr, ,., M.,nv ,,,,
there will be a cruise of about fif-i... , .. ..... ,.. , r .
iAnn ,1,.,,. ,. ,. i .it.. ...... aiiI
fHres and exI)flnSes for f ansnor'tationl
rares ana e3""368 for fansportution
to the point of embarkation will lie also.
At present a party of Portland re
servists are on a trip to Alaskan!,
ports. On August 1 there will be a
trip open to those who desire "'I
visit i-ugei nnunu cities, linn Aug
ust 15 another crulBe to Alaska.
(Lluetenant Commander John A.
BeckwHh, who is In charge of the
Oregon reservists, was formerly In
command of the Oregon naval mil
itia, which organization proved its
worth by itB services at the outbreak
of the recent war. Prior to this
these men had been upon a number
of occasions highly praised and com
plimented for their nssstunce ren
dered during serious conflagrations
that threatened the city of Portland.
Thlu Wfia nn uTnnnf tf t tin it runt !
In fire drill which made the n,e,,'w" P'1"-"1"9 Proiemmr.. un.l Is ,!!
equal to any well trained hose con,-!"" Vm'am M ""y 0B ,lH'
pany I fit the young men and young woni-l
Any further particulars and lnfoi-!e," "f ,,,e l'M!f,c Nor,"wei; for
1 matlon relative to the organ'alion
' of local men, can, be obtained from
I Ensigns Perry Ashrraft. of Ashland,
j Howurd Frame, of Talent, or Prank
Farrell. of Medford.
exploded, the ball passing through
the left lung and the heart.
.Mr. Vllus was engaged In clean
ing his guns when the tragic nee'dent
occurred. He was seated In front of
(Special to Tidings)
GENE. Or., July 12. Why do wom
en study law!
What are the opportunities for
lawyers in Oregon?
How much money do lawyers
make? ' ' ' ' '
What cun a trained lawyer do be
sides pructlce law?
What should a prospective law
yer study besides luw?
What Is- the law school of tin
University of Oregon doing for thecal
legal profess'on in Oregon?
These questions were put straight
to Proressor W. 0. Hale, dean of
the university law school this morn
ing. "As to why women study luw." In
said, "there are many government
positions, federal, state and munici
pal, that call for law tininlng. So
cial service workers of all kinds can
utilize a knowledge of law. There
i s a demand for law-tmined women
In these fields. In juvenile courts,
i women with law tra iling arc- play
I Ing an Increasingly large and Im
1 unrtant nart."
"As to the opportunities of prac
tice In Oregon, there are approxi
mately 1000 lawyers In the state
Not all of these are In actual prac
tice. Th's means about one lawyer
to everv 750 people. As compared'
with conditions In other sec'oni of
T7..., miiaI mamas- fl.. 1 .. .i-i.i.i.o
" , ' , '.; ,'
The law dean sinlh-d at this
cva(je it.
but d'(l not attempt to
'While incuniury rewards'
I in the legal prof .'ss on
,,, or tne
yearn, yet one wh .
three nr four
-llCO'eils will
r,.f ion(i., wii nr... ,.,i ,ut,u
EHffc,entl we" Pf-'I':""1 o nua 1111 in inn awv-' i tinorl anil es
will earn enough aud to spare."
"A trained lawyer Ciin, find jruii)
ni es for h's law rv
n if lip neve:-p).-.ltlois
i practices. Jui'.iclc
"""" lnw-t',,,n", p"""'-v ; ml
m0rtnntly. tin! study of law Is
a preparation for!iip.
"A prospective l.iwyr should
i study many tlilnr i l.ei les law. He
should study EuglVi, a: giinien'a'.lon
nlirl ftehnte In ni-nn.t-e i -- i,,h,i .."
Illcl(,, f()R,;fu slHle,,;m. ,;,,
study sociology, economics niwl pol
itical science in oi ler to gr.isn the
human which it i. .lie liinction of
the law to serve. A lini.wieilgo of
accountancy and of the general prin
ciples of business are Inv.ilui Mo to
the lawyer.
"As to your lust iuesiloii. "What
is the law school of the r'versily
doing for the legal profession?
Through its higli standards of ad
mission it is helping to raise the
standard of the profession in the
state.' It uow has fne fail-time and
tice. The law library now ii'iiiuii:jir",eiivn
18,000 volumes). Special .'inpliHsIs j
is laid on the Oregon luw and pro-
cedure but without neglecting lliej
broad principles which lie at the hot-
torn of Anglo-American Jurispru
dence. Four limes a year it pub
lishes tho Oregon Law Review, which
is devoted to problems of special in
terest to Oregon lawyers." i
HARTFORD, Conn., July 7.
President Daniels, of the Aetna
Life Insurance company, today de
clared that "extemporaneous
blondes and bobbed haired girls"
have no place iu American busi
ness." The company recently issued a
mandate that no peroxide blondes
be employed, charging that they
are light headed, and in effect
urging the girls to drop artific
iality and return to normalcy.
"Natural Swedish blondes are all
right," be stated, "they are Indus
trious, faithful and studious." The
peroxide using blondes are under
a ban, accordsig to Daniels.
Daniels claims that 90 per cent
of all blondes and bobbed haired
girls are useless In business. "The
Ideal bus'ness woman," he says,
"has two years college education,
doeen't powder her nose, watch
the clock, use rogue, or smoke
cigarettes. Girls should dress
neatly and attractively. Long
haired brunettes, he says, ire best.
... V ...
; Following t no pnrcnase of the Asit-
land Sound The Service auto ucces-,
sory house In the Motel Austin build-1
lug July 1, C. A. Burns and Son have!
taken possession and are conducting
I n machine simp lu connection with
j tlie auto accessories sales room. The
j new owners have opened the garage
I for car storage room. The purchase I
was made from D. U. Conner, well!
known here, and former manager of
Mile Hotel Austin.
j C. A. Burns formerly lived In
I Weed, Cut., although he has been
back and forth between that city and
Ashland for the past several yeirs.
Mr. Burns and family .have moved
Into the Barnard home Just outside
the city limits and near the old
Slate Normal grounds.
feci Burns, associated with his
father In the business, is from Hilt.
He will take charge of the
mechanlrul and repair department. I
Roy Taylor, former owner of the I
Lithla Garage, Ins been employed by
the new firm as a muchlnlsl.
New eiiiilpinent has been lus -illc.l '
to care or difficult machine work.j
A wash rack Is a feature of the scrv
ico offered hy the new firm. ,
PORTLAND, Dr.. July l2.--ily nu
ngreeiueiit Just signed hy District
Forester (leorge II. Cecil mid Fred
erick D. Strieker, state health 1 lfl
cer of Oregon, the fore; supervisors
in the stale of Oregr-1 i.'ive been ap-
jollied as deputy :tite officers.
This . greenie'it apu'i 's o.ilv Ut Hi.'
fiiest supervisors w.n. are lb: mi-;
iers in charge of the nation. il for
(sls, of which there ui.i lain teen In j
Oregon. The above imivem 'jit oo. j
lie applv to fie foro' iMiipi'is or i
(ther field officers. Tin foivst sup-!
orvisors will co-iiperiiio with the Ol"-
1'i.n state lii all h hoard In enforcing j
the sanitation 'aws ol !o state with-,
'n the national t'otesti in.l will serve,
without pay. Tint di"fe of the ftu-j
est siipevvHni's nude "h agreement I
i re to i'')rt Inn. irv 'iuf it imiK j
and ft-t of ih .'n.-. h hcdih I
l::ws nccurniM within ll:e m m i . ui.i I
forests; to inlv"" iolatnr.i of whalj
tb" state aeallli laws ere, and if Ml hi
violat'o'i', .il-;'- eonrniiiii, ti.. ie(.rtj
such cmlM 'is in :hc t;iii. In.. I i i
officer. I
The ii.i'.'si (iirieialy iiinln' oisliiiif I'll' i aie r. i u : '!: . .-l
ect ani' keep pure so fer as they
are ahl - the ilomestlc water supplies,
of town:', c'fes and camping places,'
and to prevent the accumulation oi '
filth and Insanitary practices lu
forests that mnv he injurious to the
public using the national forest
areas. j
With the greatly Increasing use
being m a da of national forests hy the!
public for recreation, forest officios!
state that the necessity of enforce-j
ment of the federal and state snnl-
tntlon rules becomes Imperative, for
thero are still careless campers who;
do not comply-'.: :dareshnl shrd s ;
not only do not put out their camp
fires hut who leave nt their camp
Ing places tin cans, rubbish and filth.!
,,r wllicll , , ,,.,.. 1...H, to the
public and to the forests. Fore,.
offVers urgu compllatice wllli the
we-kMwn slogan of the M:m.,nus,
clean camp and a dead
J. K. Aiki'iiiuin, president of
the Monmouth Nmiiial school mill
former kIiiIi- school sllS'iiiili'll
ilcnt, died jenU'rihiy nt hl lioine
In Moiinioiiili as the riNull of h
Ntrokn of pin ill) sis, according to n
telegram received hen this limm.
Ing by (1. A. Briscoe, c'ly school
NiiporiiiU'iiik-iit mill head of the
summer normal M-liool, branch of
tho Monnioiilli Normal, being con
ducted here.
Mr. Ackenniili was hi Ashland
about n week ago on all Inspii tinn
lour, Wiling II i t w'IhmiI
while Iter. At Unit time In- ap-
Miiml to Im In the Imm of health
ami look n ureal liilenM In the
six n-H'ks eteiilni course of the
normal niiitiw. HU death warn a
shock mid nimih'w to his many
friends throughout I Ik state. Mr.
Arkerniiin i'ii for eight years
slate siiMi-ilitend-lit of school In
(hgin ii ml Iiiik Ix-en pieinlncnl
In MtMlfl edncalioiijil actlvitb's for
cviTl yrnn. He I" survlvedi hy
his wife and as daughter, Mit. ('.
F. Carlton.
The most likely candidal- for
the position left mniiil hy the
Hill of Mr. AckTmnn could nol
he lejirm-d lodny. Mr. Ilr'wvne
itiitpd that ibti prenldrnt's chair
would Ihs flllcil by th hoard of
notnml wliool regents who would
call a spprlul meeting.
n r i i I: j if J ' i ,'-:' . ' """
Lien linn nnr i a iArf
Water Rates Of Anv
City in
During a discussion of Ashland
wniei nil in v nun waipp rniea in n
recent meeting of the city council
the statement was made that Ash-
laud had the cheapest water supply
of any other city In the United States.
The unusually low level of the rates'
is thought to be a great advertising;
asset for the city. At u request from
the Tidings the following statement i
of comparison In city water rates
throughout the country was pre-;
pared by t'lty Engineer P. H. Walker. ;
(.City Engineer)
A recent pamphlet Issued by th.
National Meter company of New York,
on the "water supply statistics ol
over 1000 cities using meters," turn-
Ishes much food for thought to any-
one Interested lu the subject of wa
ter supply charges. Our city has
been especially favored In its water!
supply, not only as to its quality.!
which cannot he excelled anywhere,
hut to its economy in first cost, unci,
to Its maintenance and upkeep of!
'plant. These fuels have led us to;. Ashland sells water tor" per
j expect too much In the way of cheap! 100.000 gallons.
rales, and wu have furnished our
selves with water ho cheap that tin
plant Is still burdened with IioikU
for its construction, and only re 1
cently our city council derided initi
to spend from the water fund en
ough money to It 11 Id a settlini.- I1.1. !
n with which to at least partially
remove the roily condition of the
wat r after heavy rains in tin
Chamber of Commerce Will
Aid Farm Bureau Picnic
Propose Outing For Summer School Students
Jackson county farmers will be
eiilertainoii mid given aasilauc
at the Farm Huron u picnic, to bo
held in l.lthia I'ark July 2:, ac
cordini; to a resolution passed hy
the Chamber of Commerce at u
noon forum luncheon today. Co
operation with thu Farm Korean
was urged by John II. Fuller, sec
retary of the Chamber of Com
merce, who oi'Klnnted the Idea
and placed it h-fore the directors.
A coniiuitteii of three was appoint
ed to take charge of the matter
and net in conjunction with Farm
Hurra u officials.
It was stated at the luncheon
that this 'year would be the first
time that the Farm Bureau has
held its picnic lu Ashland. In
view of that fact, efforts will he
made by local merchants to make
the event u success such us w!l
encourage future picnics of county
wide scope us regular summer act
ivities. It Is thought that more
than a thousand Jackson county
fanners will attend the' picnic. It
was suggested that merchants be
urged to have special sales during
that day. President Henry find
ers stated that he believed busi
ness houses would i "iidlly fall In
line In put over the sales propo
s lion.
A report was made hy Amos O.
Niiilngcr. chairman of Hie Inde
pendence Day celebration commit
tee, giving
the tola! expense of
' The following communication from
i J. I). Beesnn. superintendent of the
Lithla Park playground, giving the
i)lst of winners hi the sports toiirna-
inent'Jiily 4. was received this niorn
I Ing:
The names of the winners of the
'ill?! Lithla Park sports titles liuv-j
jlng been misplaced, their publlcii-
! linn has been delayed.
I In the homo shoe contest Mr. Bolw
( of Katie Point won t lie singles title,; nean-st point in tne list of Cali-
liiiid Mr. Hartley of North Talent andl(nrllj.( ,,., 0ifu.e vacancies l tliaC
In Mr. Fuy won the doubles title. 1 f Hilts.
Seveiity-fiv yard dashes: (llrls.
j under Hi. Marlon Nedman. .M-dforrl;
girls over lh. Olivia llently. Ashlanil . i
boys, It! and over. I.. Ilotey, Ash
laud; boys under IB, Ralph De Joln-i annoonceinenj. but a competitor for
ft: girls. HI and under, Erola Cass.jsny office may be examined at ati
IWoillord. one of the places named." "Ashlui.d,
j WliMharrow race for hoys, Lewis ! Oregon." Is among !h names of rides
llohsnn and K. llobson. . where examinations will be held.
Ladles' nice, Mrs. Hollowpeter. A, the Ashland office has been
first. I necond class office for about 15 yearl
Heavyweight race, ladles or nien.jn Is thought by E. J. Kafcer. local
Mrs. Oscar. Ashland. I postmaster, that the Information hut
Tug of war. boys vs. g'rls. girls; no relxvant meaning to an appoint?
won. ' ment for the Ashland post office, it
, j is probable. Mr. Kaiser states, that
No human society is sti-unaer or1 the examination will be held here
more virile than Its morals. Moral to fill in existing vacancy at some
decadence brings on other. forms of nearby small town, probably Hilts.
7 'rtutj
ol. ziS
the Country
Our water system should ut eas(" "'
, . .
uum id care tor ati necewuiry ex-.,
WM ,,, ., imm.0V0I,,n... tl.rm ,tu
'.own earnings, and whnbttl! 1 e;tHiiti': 1
.lil flat 9.-!: 'iM '
'on the neon Id ior 1 emit lir. ifirecl .
tiu I(W ptlrJOS..B: w'iM,' '
Illllke llWr ,,,.,.,, W)tbr( auloi,
,.,,. lUjlU .,,.,, a i,,,,,,,,,,,-.,.-!
eiU!h yBMr .,,. hotps.'Wy
m.ltl,Hllv jn ,.,.. dIy tMXeVi;;
otllt.r expenditures. us make a few comparisons of
our meter rates with those of other
cities, in order to show how favored
we are, and possibly how over-leu-lent
with our consumers, especially
""IS" 1,1,1 otherwise taxpayers:
'''or the first 100,000 gallons of
water used:
Ashland charges
Roseburg charges . .
La Grande charges .
Medford charges . . .
1 6.2:.
Ellensbiirg, Wash, charges 10. 64
Oregon City rhurgvs . . . 20.00
Corvallls churges D.OO
After thu first lno.000 gallons.
linker City charges ....$ 5.00
Eugene charges ti.'o
Klamath Kails charges.. 7.00
Medford charges 10. Ill)
In other cities the comparison is
still more unfavorable.
Out Of a thousand cities listed,
there are but four (hat have auv
rates as cheap as Ashland, this beiim
a I'oiumercial rate, the domestic rate
belli; In all cases very much higher.
thu celebration to the Chamber of
Commerce us $1'J1C. The Chamber
had originally set aside $10011 for
the celebration, afterwards add
ing ?:lh0 to tile fund.
A motion was made and passeu
providing for resolutions of thanks
to be extended to meiiiliprs of the
celebration coiiiinttee and Jesse
Wltibiirn, chairman of the parade
committee. .Mr. Wliihuru was lu
a large degree responsible for the
county-wide scope of the celebra
tion here July I.
.Secretary Fuller made a report
on the summer extension course
of tho Monmouth Normal school
being held at the local high
school. It wusx suggested by Mr.
Fuller that the students, eighty in
uiimber, and the teachers, be en
tertained before the end of the
course July 29. A suggestion was
made favoring un automobile dr'vo
to (.rants Puss lu cars decorated
with Ashland banners, which
would bu a good advertising fea
ture for the school and Ashland.
Mr. Fuller slated that during the
v'slt of the late President Acker
lu a n. of the MoiininiMi Normal
school, here about two weeks ago.
It was decided to extend the time
of the extension courses to twelve
weeks Instead nt six, beglnnlm
with next year's term. A com
mittee was appointed to take
charge of the entertainment pro-,
gram for the summer school stu
The Tid'ngs this morning received
a notice from the United Statu
Civil Service commission requesting
publicity for "un open competitive
rxamliMUion to be held on July .:!,
1921, to fill the position of postmas
ter ut each of the off'ces hereinafter
,lmn,i at w(lt.h
Vacancy exists.''
Tho Uh ()f vucau. n;(llll,j lire lhw
,,f (hir( e )()st ntiitn ,:uii.
fornlu. Colorudo, Florida, (leorgia.
Nona are named In Oregon. The
On the back of the sf.eel is print-I
KXHmintn will be !ild only ul
n,. following named places on tin
,ate indicated at the head of IhU
lowed by Africa snd As. land's best customers. rangementi will be announced later.l
1 .... . 1