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    0"n Historical 8art-
NO. 44
Campaign Urges
Milk Diet for Under
Weight Children
For the past week the Oregon Dairy Council has been conducting a
male wide campaign urging the use of milk and food products ot milk, lo
calise of the high food value of he products. During the campaign, from
June 20 to 27, steps were taken to educate the public to the proper use
nf milk will the healthful effect It had on children underweight. During
the lust school year a great many women's clubs throughout the state ad
vocated the milk diot for children who were under normal weight,- with
gratifying results. At Grants Pass, toward the end of the IubI school
year, thirteen children were given the diet and within a short time had
nude rapid tins In weight. The Oregon Dairy Council states that It has
remarkable success wlh its campaign. The following article on milk diet
ing for children has been written for the Tidings by Dr. Crandall.
BRIDK M GIVEV s - . . -.
" SHOE SHOWER A FT Kit , - ,
By DR. W. J. CKANDALI, . vltamlnes the child is susceptible to
You know what a yearling calf ch diseases of altered metabolism
tthould weigh, what a six months old
pig should weigh how many miles
you get to a gallon of gasoline with
your Ford but do you know what
your child should weigh?
as scurvy, rickets and purpura.
Pasteurization of Milk. -See
that the milk is fresh. It
may be preserved by two methods,
pasteurization ami lowered tempera-
Is he physically handicapped or' ,ure- In Pasteurization two meiuods
undernourished? See that he Isn't) a'"o "holding" and "flash," In
by giving him ut least a quart of i 1,19 former the milk is brought to a
whole milk every day. Buy from aceMjlln temperature and held
clean dalrv or see that vour cows audi " minutes Wllicn Kills all or
milkers are clean and healthy.
Xend Vegetable Foods.
Vour children need vegetables,
Miss Kvelyn Hess, dollgliter of
Mr. and Mrs. Frank -Mess, 501 Al
lison street and Phillip Wolcotl,
nil employee of the Soul hern Pa
rifle company, were united in
. nmn luge yosiei day afternoon - ill
the Methodist parsonage in Med
ford by Rev. Basuett nt two
o'clock. They wer accompanied
to Medford by Mr. and Mis, U. H.
Wo'nner. . Mrs. Weniior Is u sis
t4T of the bride.
Mr. and Mis. Wolcott will
nuikit their home ut 107 Allda
street, this city. Ilotli urn well
known Ashland young people.
.Mrs. Wolcott wus formerly an
opi'ralor hi the local office of (be
telephone roniuuiy. Uolli Mr. and
Mm. Wolcott attended high school
In this city.
When Mrs. Wohtiii returned lo
the leleplmiie office titter her
marriage she wus .accorded, n
great shower of roses mingled
with several old shoes.
TIIROl (ill O. A. ('
; ganlsms and sports.
In the latter K0"e' J,me. 22. Of the 2311 student
the milk is brought to a high tem-l1;0 Ifuduatod this year from' th
Derature. and allowed to cool. Therel 1 'ity of Oregon, eighty per
fruits and cereals as well. The milk!
seemB to be little doubt that the
"holdilne" method is best. Rv low-
gives them the body building protein. ered ,t been ouIu
necessary for their growth. It th8t growth o( ,g prerelltel.
.ueiu itniii lor nine hu eHHeiiiiui in
building bone and teeth, sugar for
fuel. Thero is more calcium in a!
Milk and Cheese Dlgeslnble.
Don't worry about constipation
from milk or cheese. In the nrncess
Hour, . n.., m.ur in u quart oi lime-, Qf ikm the water ,,.
XlltJ lUHl'l oi mils is
cent have earned more than a third
of their own way during lour years
of study, ncrordhig to statement
made by members of the class this
week. Twenty per cent have been
entirely self-supporting.
Many and Interesiirg tre the lobs
which have yielded an income to
In food value to one pound of meat orith nmMk , ;,, they studied. The hop yards ,ior
Wants Against
separates from the casein as it enters! ,uw,e 'ou,l m"" W0111"
i guig camps, ship
r illed Milk."
and longer time for digestion.
The same with cheese. Chew thci
rounds, saw tnllK
Don't let any advertising lead you cheese thoroughly and eat It slowly. iH,lllcl"1- harvest
to use so culled "Filled Milk." There
is no substitute for fat the milk con
tains. "Filled Milk" is milk in
yards, fishinfc
highway con
fields, farms.
! warehouses, mid the. forest service
Drink milk slowly, sin bv sin. in or
der that the ptyallne In the saliva j-"11 have tl,e "ource" of I'ay
can act before the milk or cheese ciwk" crrIIy saved during the
which the butterfat has been reiuov-) reaches the stomach thereby prevent-1 s,,mm,M' ''"' ''h"01 P'H'' '
ed and some cheap vegetble oil sub-1 ing indigestion or contsipstiou. lhe wln,Pr- Dishwashing, mowing
Give your boy and girt a chance to " conning, waiting on tallies.
normal 1 K noors. nave tieen uoineiy
fat soluble vltamine. Without these child. j tasks willingly iind oven eagerly
1 performed by lliu young men and
atltuted, as cocoaimt oil. Cocoanut
oil does not contain the all essential : attain the standard of
i ; KXHIlllT PL.iX.NElt
j ,' ' AT STATK C. OF C.
1.J1...J. -
Mrs. Winnie llrudcu, stale ex-
hllilt agent, was In the city today
co-operating with Joliu H. Fuller,
WTK-tnry of the Chamber of Com
metre, hi ,, effort to find some
one willing to arrange for tin e.
. ' hlblt of grains, grass seeds, npd
fruit from Ashland to be placed
The students of. tho local brunch i lp SUl( vhmuhv of ,.,.
of tho Normal school had a splendid, m.,. building at Porthind.'
opportunity of hearing Dr. Curtis. h.H. in(.i, was well plensed
the greutest authority on phiygroundj Wiu, ,. ctw.penu lii she had re.
work and children's welfare yester- ceive ,Pra ,Uid staled that there
rtxy- was no question hut Unit Ashland
lift said -1 hero were tour grout would be well represented i,n,ong
reasons why 28 of- our suites had the exhibits from various sections
made physical training a part of ev-j or the state. Mrs. Ui-aden is iimk-
ery teacher's day's work, and that lug n tour of Southern Otegon mid
teachers may reason: bly expect' ramo to Aslilaml fnnu .Medford
much more legislation along the I where she had been pnimiscd aid
'lines of playground work and phys-l In obtaining exhibitions from that
leal welfare of our people. At the city and Itogue River willey.
present lime there are two bills be-!
fore Congress, either .of which will I lM V ''ou SI'KHAK
Jacksonville to Lead
In County Celebration
Parade My Fourth
(Special) J make, their decisions and award the
A meeting of the various coin-j prites without any confusion. The
miltees'on the Jackson county par- Judges' stand will be on the bsl
ade and celebration at Ashland on; cony of the Hotel Austin
July 4 was held last night at thej The parade will start ou tin
Hotel AuBtln. , Boulevard at th lihrnrv iri m.i-
ceed to Kant Main Street thence
ON' Jl l.V Kit ItTII
make large Federal' appropriations'
for the advancement of this work !
They are the Smith-Towner nml the
Fess-Capper bills, one r.J which hej
feels sure will become a law at .) ;
very early date. ' I
Tho reaoim' asslgnra for the noed'
of regular physical education in tlm' -"nn.iltee for Hie r.-le-
in anon .inly 1, ror ti sMrijtl train
to run lieiwcvn here and ftrants
Mrs. Looiuis, chuirmaii of the
Ways al Means committee, made
an interesting report of her visit to
various coinmuiUJes In the county.
She was cordialy received every
where, ami found that the Interest
fin the event was general throughout
the county.
The biggest feature of Mm meet
ing was the action taken in the mat
ter of precedence in Hie parade.
V. (i. Irf-wls, triiveling agent of
the Southern nclfir company, was
In the city ycsKTibiy milking Jir
rangeiiientN wllh the f'hainlM-r of
north ou Kast Main, Street to thd
Hhza, thence on North Main Street
to Mechanic, theuee Eastward on
Meclianic to llelmant thence south
ou lleliunn to Its intersection Willi
North Main Street where it will dis
band. The wrestling mulch will Uikit
place at J o'clock. Tickets are now
on sale in Ashland at Itose Brothers'
in 'lie'
of the
schools are:
1. Congestion of pedpl,
city districts. '
2. Chungo in the untiir
work of all our peoplp. '
.1. Great amount of leisure that!
have conu to all people because of
short working hours.
4. Closing of the saloons anil the
resulting necessity of supplying I
something to t;ilio their !:kt. !
Girl Hikers On Tramp Thru
Oregon Stop at Austin
Accompanied by "RocKy Mt. Goat," Hate
women wearing caps mid gowns on
the campus this week.
A graduate from Klamath Falls
tells how he got up 'at font-'o'clock
'In the morning to do Janitor work.
A girl from Washington Irolld lor
rt'ilinon in the f'olui.iblii. Anolher
girl has been a cook for ' hnnesi
hands. Two young men were oil
ers ou a ship. Another was fore-
in 'ii of a HilflO-acrc farm. A girl!
" carried tlie mail anil earned 26 p' l j
but still smiling,, loaded with bedding, cooking uten-lnp,,, f ier ,,. W1V. still anotli-.
I);-. Curtis poii'ted on that many
of tho great educational institutions
ltd made (he ability to j lay A of
our nntluual yarn's a i.-.iiisiii for
graduation. All stnclents Iruv lo
spend at least .'our !iu:i n- wivk
In sotuo of llicse insi iU:tlo:ir, In out
door games, baseball lVoth'll. ias
ketball, teiMils, liacl: y. ; nil x oil -y
Dr. Curtis will speak nv in at the
Normal School ou Tu -.'.iv nd at
lh: Chaiitaiitiua bull lint: on Mon
day evening. Stnce.t;:' -o is no het
tr.i1 authority '.linn Dv. (' i: :U. every
one should make It n poii i to In n
l.!:n. O.'A. llRIKCdR.
puss to race for the large crowds
of visitors cvmcI(nI Ik ic for the
"big time."
Mr. I.ewls, who had cluu'ge of
the speclnl cur Miiite tlironK,
Ashland to Portland with 200
liiembe,., f t. n(Ki own
ers mid Miuuigcis association,
states thai nienilM-rs of the party
were pleased t the leccptlon ac
corded the,,, M.r'. "U as milch,"
static Mr, ,ewis, "as the welisime
was not on the program, the parly
was especially pliiused wllh the
.The Building Owners and Man
ager association xvere welisiinetl .
ti Asliland at the Southern Pnctftr
depot when Ihej- passed tlmiugh
h'H( .lime 10, by the. Chamber of
t'oiiinieice. F.uch memlH'r of the
party was given a Im of cherries,
j a bottle or l.iihia water anil a Port
I land iiewspiiM'r isintnliiilig an ex-
1 tended writoup of Asliland.
Dawes Hopes to
Save On Expenses
Of Government
- s... (K AI'NTIX MtrTKL
hultetl at the Hotel Austin yesterday
afternoon at 3 :':t o o'clock, parked a
By Ralph II. Couch
(I'liltcdi Press 1 iit-MH,nilent)
WASHIXf-TOX, l. ('., June 1!H.
I.. A. WhitehnHd succeeded Austin
A. Clilsholui today as manager of 111";
Austin hotel. Mr. Whitehead has
Just returned from u two and a hall!
weeks vacation at Itogue Elk resort j
whore he acquired a tanned complex-1
Ion and a reputation as an angler. II
is reported that the fishing ut Itogue
Klk is very good and that tho finny
ones give the sportsman a "royal
battle." .Mr. Whitehead states thai I
Rather dusty,
Henrietta McKai::;han and Herniliie1 ' and other camp equipment, is u er Kr worked at a soda fountain.'
Htp.ubery, young hiking eatnuclauU.! patleut hikl"B W-- K"to laj T'' rk that will be taken up;
,an enmusiasuc Asuianu tosirtsi ioi by ineso z.iii young men and wo- A $1,000,000,000 cut in th- govern.
ne cuv moans a uriei rest lroin ma- inen noon erauiiaiion is aiinosi as - . ......... :
- ' , ,i . , " . ' "l" "0.1 .ms ....r.i.K me jenr.le la(t ull enjovable time at the ic
ing exertions. varied as the tasks by which the) heglniilng July 1 Is the hone of the '
burro of tho "Rocky Mountain goat( Miss McKaugha,n hails from Jo:t-e:irned their way. A large 11 liiuhei ni i1i ni; adiiiinistiatioii. t'ongn-ss' ,' ,., j
variety" nt the cui1j and decided to-iand, and is a member of the l'ort-lwill bo high school teachers. Sev-....,. ,1llM1111.iie,i ei mm mom ,.J .. .' ! '''""'' nianagei or
eriil will teach In collegea. Koine lhr heBlM,,!,,,, Jv: but hi- ..ut. ., . - . . .
" "- lions 10 leave soon lor i;raier i.akc
sUiy a while. Their stop Ij Ashland and Journal newa-alt and is writ
completes a hike from l'ortlaud ; lng travel articles for her paper
down the coast, over the Cascades, I while on . her bikini: trip. .Miss
by Crater Lake over the tcp of Mt. Sauber comes from Boise, ldi'ho.
Ashland. They will remain here
for a few days preparatory to re.
newing their tramp of circling the
state without and deflr.ato course.
will practice law. Others will take ,nK . ,,,., , j clerki' l'"''"t 'U!,H it Carpentier
Arher'rHinn ,ion 1 v,f nt - h. .irj' i s , 0y cm
TuTTJ' JlZ : t, J h":lV "" "r ! Mr. C.,sl,o.,n'. dejartur. will be re-, can win the world title is ,
Other arrivals at the Hotel Aiutinj 'l(W have been ordaliiod as miuislers lm,kP twenty-five per rent saving.
are: A. N. Wysoug, C. J. Parker and an(' ' l'icli. itatiK, lite liuur- his ,, vvm M. .Hsciissed In open
mice, foreign trade, the diplomatic meeting of department and bureau
service, architecture, farms, engi-! heads
family, Portland; . Mr. and Mrs. M
W. Vann, Hornbrook, Calif.; F. E
The roads followed by the girls are! Wlbou and family, Mrs. W.' A. Tai-1 "eerins' nnisic. newspaper, publish
not "according to Hoyle" and t.ii.'ir
destination is "nowhsve in particu
lar." The young hikers tell tales of
tramping through the mountain for
ests, over poorly bh.zed trails and
no trails at all. During the trip,
which slatted In May from Port Or
ford, Or., they have been lost or.Jy
get and daughter, Coos Hay; .Mr.iillK houses, literature, aerial forest j Tl.11(.K ,...,
g ret led by many friends in this city.
Hu slated, however, that his family
would reinuin here and thai he has
intentions of again making his home
patrol, nursing, library work, will
claim tho services of.lhos.t wlin
and Mrs. S. E. Martin. Klnui:.ti !
Falls; H. Conn and family, Etta
Martin, Mr. and Mrs. Darby M ttin.
R. H. Wesrdng, San Fratiebro. Cul.:
Mr. and Mrs. A. F. N-nrhar.i. Dr.ns-) K,,ltiit.r HI1I(, Mold
muir, uaur.
A. G. Adams as.'.erij, that he t.iKesI It. O. K. K. Band To Play lleie
, riidualedi from tlie
.O.egou on June 2(1.
I'uiversily of
O. F. Carson and Fred S. Engk'.
ill oni lieis of tho July 4 celebration
I Mrs. Katie (Joble Spindler has wood nt the iiitcMjf'Ctlon of North
New arrivuls at the Hotel Ctiluin-'.,,! hmn n m,, i... sii-e.t tn Main and Church slroetn. withnut
j the prize for acclduuii without ser-
I Ions consequences. Saturday after-
noon he orerltirned with a Ford ! committee, who were recently In
truck!nnited with nearl? a cord of Medford ou business for tlin coni-
mittee. report that tho li. 0. K. K.
baud or I lie Knights of I'yllilns, will
Jacksonville, being the oldest city laud Irwin's Uigur Sluie; Brown &
in tlie county was given the honor I Hi own. Medford; Moss & Ross, Ceu
ot leading thu parole, while Ash-jtral Point: Rower's Drug store Gold
loud, to show her liberal spidit, and; Hill.
brouiliulndedness. voluntarily took The ball game will Occur a 4 o'
list place. Miss Hrltt. the sister o clock, and thu flying machine slums
the Mayor of Jacksonville, was chos-j will occur over the grounds dilrliig
en to take the part of tlie limbless of, tlie game. Flowers will be thrown
Liberty In the I) A. R. float which! from the aeroplane upon tho parudu
will lead the march. ' ! while it is moving throuph the
Medford is to be second, followed I streets,
by Phoenix, Talent, Central Point, j ilelweea 1 and 2 o'clock free-tor-Eagle
Point, tiold Hill ami Rogue! all sprints will he held in the park,
River, In llin order named. Thej add cash prizes gittm to the win'
faet that Ashland unanimously ot- ners.
cd herself into last position, is uij From 2:.'in t1( :3n ,md 7 to 8 3.1,
evidence Hint tlm old rivalry that the band will give cone rts In Utliia
was said to exist between her and Park, and at ! o'clock the big fire
MedfortMs gone and forgotten. 'works display will take place.
II det eloped at the meeting that Dancing will wind up the most
some big surprises are in store front' spectacular 1 vent that ever took
several of the cities in Jackson ' place in Ashland,
county, which will huv.i places I11J An official program will be ills
the parade Much mystery sur-j tribute.! free t0 everybody 011 the
rounds the features they will cou-1 morning of the parade. It will h
tribute, and from the careful man-a largo four-page publication, and
nor in which details am being cou- will contain no nuvulUliis.
coaled from the public. It. seems that! In tomoimw's Tidlujs a ilotui'.d
competition frr th cash prizes Is program of the linn of march and
going to be imy keen. ! fnUi-r pellicular about tile parade
Mr. Slanget of T; loin will lirlng 11 will be given,
number of cowboys who will takej Those who are managing tho par
part in the parade. .!. and celebration express ti.o
U wus derided to have the parallel opinion that the crowd which will
start ut in o'clock in the morning. come to Ashlautl 011 tlie Fourth will
Fturh feature l!' .thjKTjd..i:Hl .l.i.arj he. iry Jurseperlup th. Jiicaicn.
a number to enable thejiidgee loj ever asssiubled in Juckson county.
I fake, and If Carpentlar actually
j wins the road of faku will be load
er, more sustained and uioro di:i,s
trous In Its effects than ni.y TVT
explosion. Even now there are vu
mors of fako anil last Sitttrday in
New York (lie followlnr cab!.) was
recMred from I.omliin: "Wurnlniv.
don't bet on Dempsey."
What does It mean? Myron
Townsend, sporting editor of. the f
Pasco Herald has also heard thj re- .
port and comments on It al length.
Thn cable is said to ham been sent
by one Oeorge M. Rartlott, one of
the best known English bankers ami
financiers It Is said that tho cyblo
was sent to bankers connected with
the Morgan Interests. The cable
says nothing morn than as quoted
Ubove. but It is sinister lu Its nieaiir
Wo hardly think that tho ronilii:,'
fight Is crooked and further wo do '
not. believe that all the cry of f.ike '
connected with previous fights were
correct or justified. We believe'
i; 1111.1. rx.MACK
1 Pacific Sports Service)
Everyone is shouting that Denip-
knock Dempsey out Suppose Car
pentier fools the wisn ones mid
"stays" with Dempsey the full 12
Such an eventuality Is possible.
and if It iKipp't.H the fans will bei
I loud in their praises of Carpe'ilier.
They will slioiit his good points,
forget any weakn 's 1 :ul forgive
lilm for his "private training." Yesl
but what will bo the opinion of tin;
flame fans regarding Dempsey.
Come right down lo facts, and If
once during which time they wau-. bla are: Mrs. F. Cardoan i:, daugb-j Mr ,, Mrs ,,eill. stevetis. Thej the police state, so much r.s blocking! play . lu Ashland during the "big! Carpentier slays the limit It will bo
dered for two days before hitting on
a road that led to civilization.
The Rocky Mountain goat, Kate,
constitutes the third member nt the
trio. That diminutive pack animal I Klamath Falls.
tor; Mr. and Mrs. M. 0. Dunn. Eu
gene; Oeorge Buclin en, Dunsmttlr,
Calif.; Mrs, Maymo Dwitt and ::on,
Hornbrook, Calif.; 0. L. Williams,
By Mrs. Oordon Mac Cracken
About 100 former Illinois resl
. dents gathered at noon Friday in
Mtfcla Park for their annual picnic
A dinner wna spred on the tables
.underneath the shade ot the large
forest trees beside Ashland Creek,
and cheer and good fellowship pre
vailed. A piano having been provided,
Miss Isabelle Barron accompanied
by her brother, George Francis Bar
Ton, gave two pleasing solos. The
Wood family rendered everal selec
tion. An original poem by Walter
Frazier Brown of Medford was read
.and short talks were given by May
. or Lanikln.
A business meeting followed and
the officers elected for next year
are: Pres., Dr. Mnud I. Hawley; vice
Pres., Walter Frazier Brown; Sec
treao., Mrs. W. L. DePrsr.. In con
clusion, all stood and aang America.
Among those present were: Mr.
and Mrs. W. P. Fresd, Mrs. Cora
McFadyein, Mrs. Helle Dunnavan,
Mrs. W. N. Oadvlne, Judge (iilmore,
Dr. Woods and family. Mr. and Mrs.
Chas. Brown, Miss Harrou, .Mrs.
France Barron, Mr. and Mrs. Heav
er, the Misses Heaver, Mrs. Wilerl
Henderson and children, Mrs. Milan
Relmer, Mrs. Herman Lambkin, Mr.
and Mrs. Oldflold, Mrs, H. E. Mc
Oee, Mr. and Mrs. J. I.. Greenwood.
Mrs. E. Kyle, Mrs. L. Smith. Mrs.
Hibbs, Mr. and Mrs. Connor. Mr.
and Mrs. Ross, Mr. and Mrs. Geo.
Walter. Mr. and Mrs. C. B. I..nn
kln, Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Sterns, Mr.
C. F. Walters, Mrs. Martha Shnll.
Mr. and Mrs. Hodklnson, Miss Em
ma Furi'r, Miss Amelia Furrer, Mis
Auirusta Bagley, Mr..aud M s. C. A.
Brand, Mr. and Mrs. W. S. De Peau.
Mrs. Maine Abfsher, Dr. Maude
Hawley, Mrs. A. L. Harvey, Mr. J
J. Cambers, Dr. and Mrs. Gordon
McCracken and boys, Mr. V. V.i
Hawley, Mr. Ray Hawley, Mr. R. D
San ford, Mr. McGee..
The Port of Missing Men
Rev. Hammond Horn
Rev. P. K. Hammond, vicar of
-Trinity Episcopal, is home from an
extended stay In Portland, summon
ed there as a witness In circuit court
by Judge Catena in a esse involv
ing property In which the diocese of
Oregon 1 interested.
deil-was made, through tho Heaver the traffic. OuIkIiIo 0' i few minor time." The band is being hired by! a moral victory for tlie Frenchman
Realty company. bruises, Mr. Adams wrs unhurt. I the Medford committee. ; anil a moral defeat for Deinpey that
will ca'iy will it Kdversu criticism
of the champion ir.111 cMiy nook
and cranny of the world. Jack
Dempsey is looked 011 as a fst
I "knocker-out." ami he has done liisj
work so speedily ill the past lliati
the fans liMik for and expect the,
same sort of action in every fight!
bo paricipali's ill. Tint Hill llien-
11 an stave, I twelve rounds with him
did not do the champion any good.
He was critised from every con
ceivable angle on that result, so it
is easy to Imagine that even greater
criticism will couui If Cirpentier
slays the limit.
Carpentier Is not given a ghost of
a chance with the champion by the
average fight fall. The writer of
this article Is one of the minority
who concedes Carpentier a chance.
His chance Is III keeping away from
Dempsey. avoiding as much as pos
sible the trip hammer blows and
using ull his ring generalship, clev
erness and running. Everyoii eon
reed Doinpsey is dnngerens, iiut
few people eonceed the same- ass -t
to Carpi e Her. Tn' KVm rl-man is
level, and if Curnentler wins or
stays the limit it will not surprise
us, nor will anyone ever make us
believe the fight wus crooked, hut
we do know those things will be
said and Dempsey will be roundly
criticised for not "putting the
Frenchman sway."
n rr 4Kt iifwoR-isourn n
I Hex,,,,.,,. 9 W4 -11 1
Borah Amendment
Given Support By
The Republicans
WASHINGTON, It. ('., Juue 2H.
RepubliCHn ea(kl-s have decided to
support the IhHali disarmament
plans which Insurm the prompt eu of the pisMwal calling for
the conference of the
I'nlU'd States Jupan, and (ireal
KeiTMiilMtlve K. lley, Michigan,
in 'Iuuk of tlie navnl appropiiii
tli.H bill, of which he Retail paan Is
mm ameudiiM'iit, will wk the house
ti wret a propomd alrea.I) nccept
ed by lie Senate. . . The majority of
the Republican and Ifcinocrat lead.
r-s in the lloue tire tuuklng htm.
dangerous and shnul.l be spll: in Itcalo Im Park-
Mr. aud Mrs. tieorge llmndon of
Medford, and Mrs. Mabel Hok, of
Woodhuru. were in the city yesterday
capitals To my w.y of t.iinkuig.
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