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Ofigoa Historical gootttr
NO. 36
Ashland Post, No. h
Glenn E. Simpson Pout Commander.
H. O. Wolcott, Vice-Commander.
Ralph Hndfield, Hlslorlna.
Vni Holmes, Treasurer.
1 Donald Bpenosr, Adjutant Mid Legion Editor.
tlilcf of Police HuU-hcr received a wire last today from tlie United
8UUe N'atlona iBank of Portland, stating in effect tliut the cashier's
check canned by W. J. Boyd, here on a felony charge, at a iociil
clothing store for $73 In a forgery ,
The Victory Medal Again. , "World War Veteran" superimposed ( men. It will help the ex-service man
National headquarters has made! w'thln wreath. .There is a flag become a home owner and a tax
The telegram stated that no trace of' another call upon all fcosts of the folder ' of the disc. payr tai the , paverf w, not be
Boyd a a Portland resident could be found, and his name was not list
ed In either tlie telephone or city dl rectory. There lit no record of I he
number given on the supposed rashiero's check and It was stated I hut
Arthur S. Dick, cashier of the Portland bank, seldom signs tlie checks.
Farther infornintlon regarding the alleged forgery was solicited by the
bank. .
W. J. Boyd, purporting to be a lale
arrival from Portland and a repre
sentative of the Universal Film com
pany, was arrested yesterday at 6:80
o'clock on suspicion of having forged
in $75 check drawn on the L'nlte.l
States National Bank , of Portland
and cashed at the local tulloring firm
of Puulscrud and Barrett on East
Main street. Boyd was arrested by
Chief of Police Hatcher in bis room
At a local hotel, dressed in a new
suit of clothes obtained from Paul
serud and Barrett. The check ten-
ber stamp Imprint of ."Cashier's
Check.", He started .i ;ir.'vate Inves
tigation which lad him to Mayor C.
B. Lamkln's office, Mayor Lam
kin bad early yesterday rented a
bouse on Monroe street to Boyd,
who arrived here Sunday with the
understanding that Boyd was to pay
four months rent in advance today.
Boyd stated that he intended to leave
for Portland today for the purpose
of bringing his mother, and his wife
and family to Ashland to take up
their residence on Monroe, street.
Mayor Lamkjn noticed Boyd on the
dered In payment fur the suit and a I street late in the afternoon and or-
check given by Mr.. Paulserud for
,$37.50 as change, with the under
standing that the check was not to bo
cashed until today.
Boyd did not cash the Paulserud
check hut Boyd's partner, Frank
Moore, who Boyd claims to have been
his employer, ! alleged to have
cashed the check at . Irwin's cigar
store on Gust. Main street. Boyd
claims to have left the check In bis
room and asserts to the local police
that Moore cashed it unknown to
him. Moore has disappeared.
Suspicions of Boyd were ffn.1
aroused when Mr. Paulserud noted
that the cashier's check was an ordi-j
derlug a man standing nearby to
shadow Boyd, called Chief of Police
Hatcher, who after tracking Boyl
through the park and later tp hU
hotel room placed him under arrest.
The suit was returned to Paulserud
and Barrett.
Mr. Paulserud took the questioned
cashier's check to J. W. McCoy,
cashier of the First National Bank
here for Identification of the cas!.
ler s signature, Arthur S. Dick,
signed to the check. Mr. McCoy,
who happens to be familiar with the
signature of Arthur 8. Dick, cash
ier of the United States National
Bank at Portland, stated that the
American Legion to make a- final j According to our records at thlsjout anything because the money Is
drive for the purpose of assisting thi; "me we nave nine grsies in me aso- ony a ioan and will be paid back (o
War. Department In disposing of. the, land nl Mountalnview cemeteries. the state
Victory Medals. There are about 1 and two In the Talent cemetery which Oregon's share toward this loan
lo.uou yet to be claimed in the state w and bonus fund is about 11, .100,000.
win ne suppnea ounng me next weeg but If the Ex-Servlce man hal allow
and a flag will be placed In the hold- U Germany to win, Oregon's share
er on Memorial Day. . would have been at least calcula
tions 1350.000,000. That leaves a
; balance in favor of the State of some
of Oregon and about 125 yot to be
claimed in the City of Ashland. Every
one of you have earned this medal
and are entitled to it, but it is ne
cessary that each of you make' your!
own Individual .application for it.
because your case is Just a- little dif
ferent than any other. To make it
easy to get these medals your Ad-
llltnnt tifitf nl.talnml n lm-ffA .lll.nlv
of application blank, with all thJ 'f to Pt ovw MinrthlBR
necessary supporting papers
In a position to assist you in every
way in their preparation. The War
.1 W 10
Prince Lvoff Claims Situation is Rapidly
Clearing, Refugees Eager to Get Home
l. ' By PRINCE O. LVOFF '0( refugees lu Europe for so long a
(Former Prime Minister of Russia . ( time that we can cope intelligently
(Written for the I'uited Press.)- ; with any new problem.
PARIS, May 3. I believe that, Most of the refugees wish to ro
the situation In Russia la now rap-jturn to Russia. They will do so
idly clearlug and that the time Is j with the first opportunity and with
uot far distant when we Russians i0ne Idea on'y to help build up their
shall see our vast country again at (country in the best and most efff
work, helping in the reorganization 'cacloua way which offers,
of the . world. Thousands of Rus-i in n u-n-b . .v.. t
- Soma Blow Out Coming.
1UO euivi luimiicui cvuiuilliev Ul mmtm hah tinn ...... , . .. . w ..unom.. ri-
Ashland PostNp. 14. headed by Don '";'r " "i Terywl""e' exUc" as we" Mlw during the past two years, wa
' " ' l,,u U"'K " ir;hare had enormous assistance from
energies to a single end. without re-America through the Red Cross,
Mil w.r.. . . ... on .! ah nnlttlnal I tr ..II . .
iiiB noiucn Auxiliary. ... h ". n which has furnished medical sup-
Th. latest dope wo have regarding re,"ie 1 thlnlt' ,bnt at tlme " food and clothing. Workships
' "Igood for next Teday night. They UdlW Auxiliary Is that thel P " '; overthroUKhoMt Kllropa are v
and !s f . ...... '. ".. ..: it .., . . .differences of politics must cease if Li ... ...,.. . .. .
nr. i uviuk engraved auu wi.i .... iimijuicuc iu numaa men anu wo-
Dickerson and Milt Blegel, and as
sisted by the "Get 'em" committee, j
headed by Henry Pace and Vie Mills
nary counter check with only a nil;-'signature was not Dick's.
With the accommodation of more
than twenty-five motoring tourists;
during Frlduy and Saturday of last
week and a number of new arrivals
this week, the Ashland Free Auto
Camp ground, as a barometer for the
tourist season, shows a favorable out
look for the number of newcomers
that may be expected in the city this
C. W. Keffer, of Redfleld, Iowa,
who stopped at the camp during the
latter part of lust and the fore part
of this week, says that the conveni
ence of the Ashland camp are not
equaled by the facilities of any other
anywhere on the Pacific coast. Mr.
Keffer and his wife have driven the
entire distance from Redtield by way
of Southern California, and are .on1
their way home via the Northern ; teen years old
The funeral of the late' Joshua
Patterson will be held Sunday after
noon, at 4 o'clock from the family
residence on the . Pacific Highway,
between Talent and Phoenix. New
of "the death of Mr'.' Putfereon yes
terday at his home was received with
deep regret throughout Jackson
County where he was well known
and most highly respected.
For sometime past he had suffer
ed serious Illness but his friends
had hoped that his naturally rugge
constitution would overcome disease
Und his life be spared for many more
years' of usefulness.
Mr. Patterson came to Oregon
and Jackson county In 1862 when a
small lad, with his father's family
from Michigan, where he was born
December 2, 1867. He was one of
a family of eight children, who com
prised with the father and mother,
the Patterson family which has had
an active part In the affairs of this
county ever since.
The family located a few miles
north "of Ashland, near Talent, and;
here Joshua lived until he was stx-i
when, he went toj
Department now has a Victory Med
al Distributing Bureau connected
with 'the Army ftocrulting station at
Portland to help out. This bureau
will soon be closed and then you
will have to send your application
direct to Washington with the usual
red tape and delay of action. DO
IT NOW while doing Is simple. This
call Is not made to members of the
American Legion alone but to All
Ex-Service persons in this vicinity. ..
. Germany seems to hnr changed
their National slogan from "Me und
flott" to "We alndt Got."
"Klaxlies of At tlon."
The War film, "Flashes of Ac-,
tlon," la at last assured us on defi
nite dates' We are to have it In
Ashland on May 12, 13 and 14. They
come with a very ' strong endorse
ment by our State Headquarters and
also by every Post who has so far
shown them. Wo consider our
selves very fortunate In getting these
films for a three night run, because
It Is shown thut In every case where
they are shown the only complaint
Is that they could not have them for
another night so that all those In
terested could see them. In every
have hud their beads together with
considerable show of enthusiasm
supposedly planning plans, but may
be tbey were just watching the lit
tle spotted bones roll. They are
very mysterious . about the whole
thing, except that they all sbout.
"Many -come Much good time
great gobs of eaU." We'll bet that
all the ex-non-coms will be at tha
head of that mess line, because they
will all remember how Mess Sari;.
Wolcott broke them of being late
Into the mess line at Ft Stevens
when he took the line in wrong end
first. We wonder If be still ordeis
"Right Face, March."
It'i a free for all to all ex-service
persons In the community. Remem
ber how we used to gather In the
First Squad tent and spin yarns and
sing?' This will, be just annth.-r
such an opportunity. You are sure
to get three or four hours of the best
kind of time and it won't cost a
cent, besides you will havo all you
can eat Into the bargain. It Is Jut
a case Of "LETS GO."
The' members of Ashland Post
have contributed well, toward the
various funds recently started in bi
half of our comrades. The overseas
grave decoration fund has been for-
be forwarded Immediately upon its
completion. However there seems
no real necessity why the women
folks should wait for the charter to
arrive, but they can call a meeting
any time and complete their organ
isation, elect their officers and se
cure the membership. The necessary
forms have been received and are
now in the possession of Post Com
mander Simpson, who will be glad
to help the todies In nny. way that
It is possible. All interested ladles
should see Mrs. Perry Ashcraft, Mrs
P. K. Hammond. Mrs. C. L. Loom it,
Mrs. F. II. Walker or Miss Mary
Spencer and arrange with these
ladles for a meeting as soon as de
sired, Thn Monument.
The work of securing the funds
for the Memorial monument Is pro
gressing, but slowly. There is ap
proximately $300 now contributed
or subscribed, but there Is need for
at least $400 more for this most
worthy purpose
Commander Kimpsuu drafted a de
tail of Legionaries a few days ago
and went out to thn spot where It
is to be placed and prepared the
ground for the liistullullou of the
stone. The stone Itself is being pre-
i we do uot wish to obscure our aim
It is a time when the world needs
Russia, and when Russia needs llio
News which I receive from the
Interior of Russia is encouraging.
Thinking men are doing their utmost.
In many cases, no doubt, their zeal
is a poor guide for their efioits, but
there is encouragement in tha fact
thut at least thoy all are trying tor
the achievement of the same ends.
Tlie result will surely be good.
My message to Americans at the
present moment Is to urge them to!
study Russia, to get butter acquaint-j
d with its possibilities, to cherish i
the friendship which already exists!
between the two peoples, to continue!
the bonds of sympathy ami fnllh audi
Then when the times oceins, as
it will ere long, we nhall count on
America to help gloriously a sh.i
has ulways helped those who strug
gle valiantly for the right. The New
Russia will need many things from
AmericaIt will need great gifls of
charity, It will need the utmost
credits of American banking groups,
It wll need American bruins and
energy and organtaing ability.
Study the Russian character, and
you will learn to love the Russian.
He has his faults, bet. he has great
And lliey are the
warded to the NationsI Treasurer
for transmittal to London and Paris; pared by the engravers and will be1 virtues as well
case they are shown to crowded ' Posts of the American Legion. The ready before the day set for Its com- faults and virtues of a virile race
houses and. always some turned ; Poppy fund has been sent In and thel pletion. .which seeks and is worthy of you.-
way Popples will be dolivered here dur-j The Legion Commutes Is making friendship and help,
' ' Mug next week. The State Bonus and ! arrangement with Colonel John L.l I am chairman of the Committee
World War Veteran Grave Markers 'Loan bill fund has been Bent in and! May, formerly Captain of our own j of Russian Zemtsvns and Towns for
men, and the materials used In
these workshops are largely Amer
ican. The finished articles are
ugaiu used for relief purposes. At
our headquarters In Purls there Is
I file of men and womeu, often with
I the children, askiug for food, cloth-
lug, money, or frequently only for
I'erhups the groutest problem
which the outside world must solve,
i is the exact method which shall be
used In helping Russia. The Rus
sian psychology is perhaps u little
intricate, and only Russians can
deal with It successfully and effi
ciently. A certain freedom must be.
accorded to Russians to administer
Ihe capital which will be Invested in
J Russiu by other nationalities.
I Russia is normally the world's
greuteat producer of foodstuffs and
raw materials, she is also the
world's most Important customer
of manufactured goods and a poten
tial market Willi unlimited possibil
ities. The method employed by the
American Red Cross In Its work for
Russians has been ideal, ways
and means have been largely in Ihu
hands of Russian men and women,
while the American organisation ha
stood behind and supervised the dis
tribution of Its relief materials.
- I hope that when Russia seeks eco
nomic aid there will ba a repetition
of this attitude and spirit. It was
the American way in old Russia, ami
it was one reason why America won
such a large place in the hearts of
Ashland Post No. 14 has just re
ceived a shipment of fine bronr.e
grave markers to used in perma-trades w
nently marking the graves of our the passage
Ex-Service comrades. The markers! so we must work for them and help day,
0ui.lthe Russian people'. The American
!!, knll tm wtlllnir UP a fin.l that Ineill Xtlllllu f'nmiionv ultn liniilllO Itl'llef l)f lillSSISIl RefUgeCS.
... . I..". .i .... ,..-lPn,,i,.,ti Ik u continuation of a ""V1 "0"' mixer", and be Is
11JCIV Rfll (JIlllV M UUIllMll III UHf tlllll-iwi'TU IVII uuil.lf, IV MIDI im.j"n - - I... ,. u
to see
the leaders"1"' averybody gets a "square. deal."
e quite a number of our com-1 served so well during the Inst Wa.-jOrgaiiiiation is a continuation ot - -
ho are greatly Interested in! that he became a Brigadier General,' movement started early in the wur!uu" ver'r sympathetic,
tage of this bill next June, I to come to Ashland as speaker of the to aid pur soldiers. Abe orRHiilia- J inpable. and very anxious t
An effort is also being made. tlon now embracen all
are composed of a' bronze disc about i put it over. This loan bill will be a, to secure Major C. A. Malone (who among
seven Inches in diameter,' edged by n great thing for the people of tlu needg no Introduction) to come and
wreath of laurel, and' the words atate as well as for the ex-service act as Marshal of the Day.
the two million Russian
route through Montana. In his en,-1 Sonoma county, Calif., and lived In,
tire trip, Mr. Keefer said, only one, that state for a number of years, en
gaged In farming and threshing ,
operations quite extensively. I
In 1881, Mr.. Patterson niarriedi
Ella J. Fewel and soon after return-;
ed to his boyhood home in Jackson
county where he has ever since re
aided. An indefatigable worker and care
ful manager he was successful In
his farming operations In this coun
ty and for many years was among
place could' compare in' any way
with the local camp ground, That
was at Lincoln, Nebraska. At no
place did Mr. Keefer find a peer of
the Ashland camp grounds. ,
Yesterday several cars '. from dif
ferent Btates were camped at the
auto grounds. Some were muddy,
others were shiny and ready for the
Oregon roads, but the owners were
all happy and enjoying themselves.,
Many bad. lit camp fires and were
gathering around the cheery blaze In
true campers fashion.
Dale Brown, 20, a well known
local boy and an employee of tlie
Southern Pacific company, died at
twelve o'clock ; last night
a tlie result of Injuries re
ceived Tuesday morning of this
week when he fell from an auto
mobile while attempting to change
from the back to the front seat,
.' The accident, which occurred at
Granite street and StrawbVrry
Lane, resulted in serious laoera
' tlon of tlie sprnnl cord, it was re
' ported by the attending physl
! clan. Young Brown had been In
' a state of partial paralysis since
The body waa taken to tlie
.' Dodge Undertaking Parlors. The
funeral eei-vires will be held from
the family residence, 725 B. St.,
' Tuesday afternoon at 3 o'clock.
Mr. Brown It survived by his
; mother, Mrs. C. Brown. He was
unmarried. Rev. Roehler will of.
the county's leading agrlculaurists.
With the advent of commercial j
fruit growing in this valley he also'
engaged extensively In orchard plant-!
Ing. Some years ago he sold hlsj
large acreage east of Talent, andj
established his home the small farm
on the Pacific coast.
Mr. Patterson took an active in
terest In public affairs of the coun
ty, state and nation. He served sev
eral term's as county commissioner
of thfi county and made a splendid
business record In that capacity. He
jwas among the first to work for Im
proved roads in this section of the
.state and great progress waa made
j In this county In the good roads A(ter Pedaling 960 miles on blcy
What is 'the status of your bank
account? , .
If you are a resident of Ash
land and your balance is under
$271.43, you have not your full
But if you bail from elsewhere
and are here only for a brief so
journ, and your check stub shows
n balance of $80, don't be dis
couraged. Financially, you are
the equal of your neighbor.
Such is the interesting atory
told by financial statistics. .
The total amount of money in
the United States on the first day
of April, according to government
reports, was $8,082,773,886. Thla
amounts to approximately $80 for
every human being in the United
Hence, If you nre married and
without children and your fam
ily bank roll looks like $160, you
nre keeping up the average.
The total bank deposits In
Ashland not tho wealth of the
people, "but the actual deposits
lu banks witbin the city ag
gregate $1,628,564:58. Figuring
the permanent population at 6000
there would be $271.43 for every
man, woman and child in the city.
If an equal distribution were to
be made. , ' "
With a favorable score of 14 to By JOHN H. FULLER
The New Russia, which I believe
will come Into being very soon, will
undertake a strong economic ad
vance almost immediately. The New
Russia will aim to develop Its farm
ing possibilities at once, and for that
It will need a whole new equipment
out Europe. We do not concern
ourselves with politics, for w si'l
composed of men of all parties and
all schools ot political thought.
1 1 1 We have been watching events in
Potroarad. and have been hoping of 'ilng machinery
I . .. TtiA ,1.lnRa u,klAk Va... I) ..-..I- l.,
. .. . ,.iu .i i i..t..ii om nnnortunitv would come ull"" ". uni nu.
a, tne Asuiauti n.Ku -..". u.-rua.- A!)had' big auditorium makes ; " ,T " .7 , . . ,Jneed for her economic
team defeated the Grants Pass!., ,n, ... A.MmA to command whlcl1 Would "lable U" t0 help thei" ecollomi! reconstrnc
school team for the second time this1 ' , , , T, I thousands who are suffering from "on will come mainly from America
Json ZwXoTZ ThT " frC"'f (laltraCtioni'' """' hunger- and disease and pr.vatlonlor from Germany. But all Russians
M',0r!e .!!!7 JT;lhe 0,e"i"K 0f ,,,e "",80n 0f 1921 1 there.' Our resource, are limited, would prefer American goods and
a snappy game mi .uv.iuim we are indeed fortunate In being able. " . . ... . . American co-oneratinn Tha An...
that the Grants Pass team was un-l t0 ' . Ul8 U(lle. Colllml)la Bym.; we are ready to go with help, American co-ope.a ion The Amer
able to get within more than t:,0"IMnt M'" ''ndle 1 1 "' " flm, collllliel whWever wo can do lean government Is the model for
awe to get wunin more man a j)n01y Orchestra, who are making . , ,i,e cnvm-iunenlu of nil Dm new
wild .winging distance of the ball. ti;il8.collt,ne,ll, ,0U1, and will 0.0,1 a"d W"C""VC' ', i
Credit is given Herr for clever workappMr S AshJal)ll for granJ . ".Ci'".. l! 'h ! Tl
as catcher for the Ashland boy:.. ,, on wednesdav ,..(.,llc. Mv"w,u or' . tZ. . " .. , .J " " '
Scorlne for the local team was madu V. ... . V .. that wo can do emergency rcnet in-, ' r.uuM, . iu new to
bcoring ror Hie local team was mau lltj, Tllcy w)11 g Vfl ono ot ,ne ,i,i ... nnhllrs
hv freouent runs throuehout the!..,..,..... stantly. We havo been taking carj; publics.
- UIKKfrU HHIl Ilium Vltrifl! l UKl.tlllrl
whole gamo. Four new mon were eve . d . ,-AgilInnd the or-
in the Grants Pass lineup. The ! ,allM,0II 0( 0,.r ,,rly ,,,,,.,,
game was played on the campus oflprlseg orchestrn . HoU)Mll 0I1 ths
the locul high school. ! violin, piano, harp, 'rello. cornet and
In the .Medford-Ashlaiid game tronlhone 0,8O 10 pen(, d,u.
played at IWedford Friday, Ashland ; m,He wprM0 flenevlcve Gilbert,
conquered by a score ot 23 to 7.,anrt M1e rjorothy Volkey, dancer.
Rush pitched for the local team. Thej The eominK , (piemld or.
game was featured by the twirling Ranizat0n will mark another great!
aoniiy oi me ahiiiuuu p.icner unit event , Al,wm'g WCU elite--
' II
.Miss Florence Pool, home dem
onstration agent for Jackson county,
will attend the Farmers' Week pro
gram in Ctirvallis, Juno 13-18, to
hear Miss Florence K. Ward, who
heavy hitting by Hie local boys. nriK., alll! ,., h , ,, . will give a series of addresses June
Guthrie,. Ashland second baseman, j tl.acton , tMn lne w,l(,h ,, .17 and 18. Miss Ward, a represen-
knocked the ball frequently and ipeared , thB ,lld,orum ,noe ,ho latlve of the le.ierai, ..
always to the. fence. Four more nHvnt nf M.H.m. ai,,.,.iiin II" charge of than 2.r.0 county
IfuiiitMi are iwiirHiui ".m .-pnuuiti. . QH jg 1919,
i Those who remember this Dec
ision will recollect the delightfully
warm weather ut this time and we
CS11IA rilli-lnr th. Ilm nf hi. ...ten- u" ""' Da aill., On tn
, . . ... , first leg of a trip to end In Newt
U1U lUUliV Cl ICtJ,
(ir. P. Wire to Tidings) .
bollermukers working for the Peu
insula Lumber company plant here
almost cooked to death at 3 this
morning when live steam under pres
sure wus suddenly forced into - the
i boiler In which they were working.
The men are hovering between lift
nd death at the hospital. They
bad been working throughout the
night, in order to have the stean
III. .h.t..lo t. . ...... ...i.l .n ....... I -PI- ""..uB ... ...... .v. ...
............ iiBgi.u win ue uracil 111 liiieim hub '. h-k..... .oc.i.f...
A Cliristlan Endeavor Rally ln-'expcct the evening of the appearonco
eluding all societies in Jackson, 0f thi. snleiidid musical orEatilziitlnn
home ileiiinnsiratioii agents and
more than Till home economics spe
cials in the 33 northern und west
ern states.
That the working day. of a farm
woman Is n.J imiiiis ins year
Josephine, Klamath and Lake coun-;W bring a great audience and will! around. Is brought out by a survey
ties is to be held In Ashland, May j Inaugurate a series of the very fiii-jmade by Miss Ward in the statesj
i-D, ma. iuh iiiceiiimn un .nay , est entertainments, musical, literary, under her supervision, in summer,.
will be held in the Congregational and dramatic, which has ever been 'she has found that the farm woman
From Grants Pai
' Mrs. Arthur Dennison and Mr.
and Mrs. Harvey of Grants Pass,
were week end visitors at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Murphy of this
church and those on May S, in the witnessed In our cltv. All southern I work. 13.12 hours. And 87 out of
Presbyterian church.
iVork City. Floyd M. Still and J. B , Progiam roiiows. opening event of the season and sldurlng the year.
Mr. Patterson Is survived by a .Anderson arrived this morning by! 7:30 p. m. Orchestra, vocal ' suitable souvenir of the occasion will, On the average, according to Miss
wife and one daughter. He was a train, from Redding, Calif. The solo, Mr. Percy Stratton; Rally be prepared and presented to all j Ward, farm women can find only l.t
prominent member of the Odd Fel-jhlgh mountains between Redding , Songs, C. E. Choir; Address, Lloyd ; present. The seat sale will start on hours of spare time during the
lows fraternity, and that o-der wlliand Ashland made It Impossible fot Garrick. , . (Wednesday, May 4th at Rose Brot. I summer, and only 2.4 hours In the
participate In the honors to be pailjthem to ride their wheels betwee 1:4.1 p m: Social Hour (stunts) in Ashland, and at Palmer's Plane winter. Four per cent have water
his memory on Sunday. jthe two points. They will proceed by the executive committee. Ash- House In Medford. in the kitchen all the rest must go Farm Bun-an Incorporate
; vi t . jfrom here to Portland and after la'nd Congregational Society, Ash- to the pump. Kerosene lamps are The slock of the Jackson County
Flower Thieves ; . , making a tour of th Pacific coast land Christian Society, Ashland Construction Work at Long's Cabin-, 'filled by 79 per cent., while 6 per Farm Bureau co-operative exchange
Flower thieves visited the lawns j will travel east in mi effort to win ' Presbyterian Society, Medford Chrto- Mr. Winbtirn had fifteen men at cent do the family washing, and has Just been Incorporated with
of Wm. B. Smith and Dr. Gordonjan outstanding prize of $1,000 of- tlan Society, Medford Presbyterian j work cutting and peeling logs forlewer than halt of these have wash- $60,000 capital, 30.000 shares of
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company for the trip. Society, Phoenix Presbyterian Tin- Long's cabin. It is stated that It : Garden work Is dons hy it ncr mon, each at $50 a share, was placed
The boys are now seven days clety. will be of peeled log construction i cent, according to the report, and 2 on sale today. It was sunounced
ahead of their schedule and will: 10:30 p. m. Devotlonals. .'with shakes roof and that when the per cent spend more than six weeks that $15,000 worth of the commou
stop In Ashland for two or three; May 5, 1:30 a. m. A meeting of logs are varnished for protection assisting with some part ot ihe flel'l stock has already been sold. Prior
days. They are ex-service men. the Executive Council. ; against elements and beetle that it, work. All this In addition to the! to emending Its charter and going on
Still having been wounded In the' - 12:80 M C. E. Luncheon. Toas will oresent a most charming effect. 'cooklnir. baklnit Sewinr elnantnr. ' th .tnrk ha.l. th kt.raot. h.f heH
day shift lumber mill. Engineers,
i not knowing thut the men were '.a
the boiler, opened the valves with
out Investigating. The Injured men
nre C. L. Senter and P.A. Hicks.
last night and stole the tulips from
two large'beds of flowers. Not sat
isfied with stealing the flowers, in
some cases they dug up and took
the bulbs of rare varieties. This is
the second time this year Mr. Smith's
bed has been visited. His early tu- Chateau Thierry engagement
Hps were taken sbout a month ago.. Anderson gassed at Argoiihe
and mtster, Rev. C. F. Koehler;
sponses, Union Officers.
Re- It will be sbout the finest mountain scrubbing and caring for the
cabin on the eoast. . . . Idren!
operating under a
. fee.
$5 membership
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