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JQJul.iJf,l..'.- I I Oil
School Bills if
Lasf Legislature
Reviewed at Lunch
The Purent-TeacheiV
in much In evidence today, and a
' good representative of that organlza-
tion attended . the teml-monthly
luncheon by. the Chamber of Com'
merce at the Hotel Austin at noon,
when tlity were addressed by lead
ing educational champions of the
state. These were Miss Bertha Davit,
who represents the vocational work
under the 8mltb-Hughes law at 0. A.
VC Mrs. C. W. Hayhurst of Portland,
ptato president of the Parent-Teach
ors" Association, and Hoc. Ben 0.
,heldon, whose efforts to promote
educational interests In southern Or
egon are well known.
Mrs. H. T. Elmore, vice-president
of the Slate Parcnt-Teachem asxo-
cialion, presided-at the meeting today
,and introduced the speakors. As fin
(niJpetUer, the gathering voiced ft
number of the booster songs of the
;Chamber of Commerce, led by Capt.
i W. M. Brlgga, with Miss Bernlce Yeo
at the piano. ,
The first speaker was V. V. Mills,
twho, in Ihe interests of the American
Legion and other patriotic organiza
tions of Ashland, told of their effort
to raise funds for a memorial to be'
.erected in honor of soldiers of all
, wars, which, when erected In Ashland
cemetery,. will he suitably commemo
rated with flowers on Memorial Day,
Only a small portion of the sum
needed to secure this shaft has been
euhscribed, and the Leglonaires are
anxious to procure the entire amount
and have the monument erected be
fore May 30 of this year.
M Iks Bertha Davis was next speak
er Introduced, and in her opening re
marks she pledged her influence with
State Superintendent Churchill ard
the 0. A. C. in furthering Ashland
educational Interests. Miss Davis
outlined the vocational work under
the Smith-Hughes law to the mem
bers of the Chamber of Commerce,
nml spoke particularly ubout Ash
land's practice house, which le one
of four In the state. The Smith
Hughes luw, the speaker said, Is to
.V -take care of girls, and boys In the
schools who are not able to go to
college, or who drop out of school
before finishing, or get behind In
their classea. The training given the
girls In the practice house, Miss Da
vis stuted, fits them for the great vo
cation of life home- makers. She
also told, of the benefits of the
Smith-Hughes law to women outside
the schools, adults and married wo
men with homes, and girls In busi
ness and offices. This was particular
ly Illustrated by the recent dressmak
ing and millinery classes in Ash
land, and she urged all to attend the
I fashion show this afternoon and evo
Assoclatlon'ning In Chautauqua Pioneer hall,
where the needle work of the women
In these classes I on exhibit
Ashland Posi, Uo. lt
A8HLA5D, 0RS005
Glenn E. Simpson, Post ConunAndefr.
H. 0, Wolcott, VSoe-Coounaacto.
ruiph Hadfleld, ntort,
Wm. Holme, Treasurer.
Donald Spencer, Adjutant and Legion IdJtor.
prefaced her remarks with a gracious
tribute to Ashland park, which she
Hi ! L-i-UlJIJ I, I HUB
. - 1 .
and Field
Meet to Be Held in
Talent April 29
Thrt BmVpiiMi nnnnnl lnrlrgnn onn i. il.u. ini.n.J t...,ll.kU r
Ashland Post, No. 14, has received jber of bur own fellows who are great-. mouut from either the bonus or the ty t ructc and field meet will be held broad Jump; hop. step and jump; ,
a bulletin from department head-(ly in need of. lust the In Taient Friday, April 29. under the! flag race; potato . race; baseball
quarters at Portland, showing thehU bonus Jaw, would give them.i The bill provide, that any person Lu,plces ot (hB ,a(.kaon Coilntv Aih.,htn
on. This meet Is open1 The afternoon program" wilf be as
Mm Havhurst the next sneaker. istanding of all the posts of the Amer-t Perhaps you don't need It yourself, aualifled to receive and who elects to!ia,in AMfloiii
,chu -e.u.. ... ---.r-' . " , " "V ". na """to all schools ot the soconrt and third I follows: Boysl 00-yard dash; 220-
show a membership of over 200 eache stood together, bo lot's stick to-.nt $16 tor each month or major por- ,,, , ,t, ,(v ,, L. ..,, lin . .... .... ........
' . .. j nu - I V,i,m l.,.l .!. , ,1.1.1 .. .. ... . .......... ..... ..... w. iuu, iivviii.i -uii .o. v.,
had visited some time ago. She: i-orunnu ros. .eaus w.w. . .......... ... uu.. on ihereor that such person was m pftr,clpHted , by (he following! 3-pound and 12-pouhd shot put; Jav
briefly outlined the work of the.Pnr-!hlP of 2.138. They follow In order: (We know of at least a dozen of ourUtive service between April 6, ln,8choo,s: 0frlle Rlver, 0oM Hill,tlln throw
enl-Teachers' Association and told of'Sulem, S78; Klamath Palls, 273; As-Auddle, who want to own their own nnd November II, 1919, exclusive of iC,trol Point, Jacksonville. Phoenix. Rural-An amusing and'strenuo.H
nomcs, ami w..s oonu, um win ux it ie first 80 days, providing that no Applegnte and Talent. The -Olympic sack race.
tnm llmni Th n at at A riamiplmnni n.,l l.ii i.. . m inp A I
; person snuu receive in excess oi oV. Cup, for which these schools will con- Two thrilling relay races Boy
anin Af till In VIVA nil Aaiil.. fi runil t t. i i - -t Aaa ill . I
t- , ' ' ist, wiis won oy uouriuu in
io prepare projjug.iiiua. mis mnneyibe made on a flrst-mortgago security
will enable them to tell everybody In up to 75 per cent of the appraised
tne state aooui me proposeu law and value of the property purchased. The
show the benefit! to be derived there- toan to be paid back to the state at
Ifrom, not only for the ex-service, men,; per cent annually, 4 per cent to he
but for the community in which they Credited as Interest aud 2 per cent
reside. ito be credited as nrlnclnal
its great Influence as the connect!.. m. aidmjt. in; hooq niver,
link between the teachon. and Medtofd, 205. There Is a total
ents In working for the gre'atest good; membership In the state of 7,904.
for the children. Mr Hayhurst also The posls number from 1 to 99. with
stated that this association Is one of I"1 -"ve W lneve- These in
the most influential matters, nnJ ; ,0i,,', were tblWie4 in very
called the attention of Jackson eoun-! town"' where ,l,e elKblM are
ty's representatives, Hon. E. V. Car
ter and Hon. Ben C. Sheldon, both of
whom were present at the luncheon,
to the Influence that can spring from
this organization In encouraging and
promoting educational legislation.
As Mrs. Hayhurst speaks again th
afternoon and evening, she made her
remarks brief. .
Representative Ben C. Sheldon,
the last legislature' and chairman of
the committee on education; was
the principal speaker nt today's
now too few to constitute a post.
shland Pout, No. 14, now has a
'membership of 63, but more are In
the offing. . We will have a hundred
before Memorial Day,
(- Eugene Post, No. S, Is preparing
for one grand time during the con'
fvention, which is to be held there
(July 1 and 2. A fishing trip and Joy
ride up the McKensle river is a part
n f ' ' ""i io inn nun win ronsiHi oi
Next time you are down town dropi. Tu8 '"an feature of the act is slg-!i,0yS' and gr8- no-yunt flush; 100
Into the office and hand your four'alle(' " oue of the most progressive
jblts to the adjutant, who will send it1'6!19 Included in the Icglsliitlou en-
In for you.. (actea in tbe stalo of Oregon; The
Some of the aallent features of the
one of Jackson county's delegation atyof the plans for the entertainment ot
the delegates and firends. The Amer
ican Legion secret organisation
known as "Homines 40, Cbeveaux 8"
Chamber of Commerce forum lunch-will stage a big initiation.' All candl
eon. He gave a general resume of dales will be brought In box cars
tbe educational measures considered, with a bed of straw to remind us of
at the last session. j the convention , enjoyed In France.
Mr. Sheldon spoke ot the gcinr..lllA8hlund ought to be a dandy place
feeling at the session, which reflected Ifor the convention ot 1922. Why not?
feeling over the state that tl.e uii-l A buddy writes for Information,
Usually high tax cvles of this yearbsking in what round Congress
were largely uue iu ma puuy.cs kku- iKnoexea out ine bonus. It was a foul,
prous voting of Increased mileage al- touddy, and the money was forfeited
jowances for the three educutlomil
Institutions ot the state, with a con
sequence that there was a rigid ques
tioning, ot every school measuio
which might mean heavier taxation.
The result was the adoption of many
forward-looking school luws, but
practically none looking to an In
crease In school costs a result, ac
cording to Mr. Sheldon, -fair to the
Ibcliools and to the taxpayers alike.
Special reference was inado to tbo
two most Important new school laws:
IJie county unit plan and the require
ment tor a gradual Increase in drain
ing for the teachers of the grade
schools of the stute, this latter bill
having a direct and helpful bearing
on tbe ambitions of southern Oregon
to have Its normal school reopened
to the railroads.
"The Salvage Dump."
440'ynrrt reluy race; 8 town teams, 4
by Central Point in 1S1B; hy Talent! best men to a, each mnn to rtin
In 1918; by Phoenix In 117; by Tal-I lio yards. Girls: 440 relay raed,
ent In 1919, and by Talent In HJO.jj town teama, 4 best girls to a teaiii.
Contests for all rural schools in the each girl to run 110 yards.
county will bo hold on (ho s:imo day
In the morning the school contests
will take place and will rousiHt of
luregou cuuus Am; -v
You must have been ft resident of
the state of Oregon at the time of
enlistment or Induction Into service.
You must have served between April
6th, 1917, and November 11, 1918.
You must have had more than 60
days' service.-'
' Conscientious and political object
ors and persons whose only service
was In the 8. A. T. C. will not par
ticipate under IU provisions.
If you have received a bonus from
another state, or have received extra
.pay from the government, the amount
,-of such bonus or extra pay will be
If a veteran entitled to receive the
compensation hag been killed or has
1'Im? Oregon llunus Election Coiues
Jun 7lh
Buddies, it has been Drought
ka new opportunity lu life's battle and
should mean the foundation of many
future fortune for former eervlco
There Is a strong effort being made
by the opponents ot the bill to de
feat It at the election June 7th, so you
.must talk it and work tor it among
your friends from now until we are
assured by tho returns that It is a
law, Zero hour, Buddies. Let's put
It over for the benefit of our buddies
rand the community In general
Bring your four bits down lo the ud
Jutant. ,
1 A part ot the creed known and flag
etlquet s:i.vh, "Do not allow the flag
to be flown'ut nljiht or in slormv
Iwe.Hlter." It hus grieved members of
the American Lealun. Ilnv Remil mid Hi money wm ne paia to nisfc)tier patriotic organisation
relatives. -
yard dash; 120-ynrd hurdles; pole
vault; riinnlni; high Jump; running
broad Jump. All classes and age
will be Included In these contests.
Rural 50-yord dasli; 100-yard
A girls' championship bnxehalt
gaino will be a feature of the after
noon program. Two picked tnam
will play a game of playground base
ball for the championship of tbe val
ley. No admission fee will be charged
nt tho meet, and everybody will bo
Most Accidents Due to Autos
; Striking, Railroad Trains
to note
dhat there has Wen emuldenilil.. ni.
- Veterans who hav received fiuaii- ect or c.irHemness upon the part of
toKclal aid from the atate for educa- ni,.o n,.,.,,!. .........
cur attention that there are a num- fional purposes, must, deduct such matter. -
Digger Squirrel lilf) pniipPrP
Poisoning WeekMlj UUUltOtO
Time to Apply
"That at the hazard-of his life a driV'
er of an automobile slinnhl run into
trains, break down crossing gules aud
run over crossing flagmen, when a
little precaution or wait would elimi
nate all danger, is a problem embrac
ing carelessness that almost passes
iCOiiiprelieiislnii," states It. J. Clancy,
assistant to the geueral manager ot
.the Southern Pacific. ,
"During Ihe last three years' end
ing December 31st, 1920, 181 people
were killed, i!38 were Injured, and
J HO'.) automobiles were damaged or
destroyed at grade crossings' on the
Southern. Pacific.
tempting to cross a railroad truck,
I and where vision Is obstructed they
Uhould stop and listen as welt a-i
"A passenger train tliut la u quar
ter ot a' milu awuy is also only a
trifle more than u quurter ot a min
ute away, lienee it is essential that,
before attempting to cross, automo
bile drivers reckon in timo as well us
distance, for a quarter ot a mluuKt
Is pretty short lime to effect an es
cape if in shifting gears the engino
goes dead or the machine stalls on
the. track.
"The permissible speed of u pas
(uger train is iiO miles au hour, .it 11... ...
" ' This Week, April llth'to llilli, bus
'been proclaimed by the Rodent Con
trol committee of the Farm iiureau
ks "Digger Week." Every farmer in
Jackson county is supposed to poison
The two hard fights at the session "" "us wis ween,
over educational matters were on the iU be tha 8Vrt of
campaign, ana a nuie later another
free text book bill and the Portland
teachers' tenure ot office bill. The
former proposition was not adopted,
and in the latter case a .change was
made In the former tenure luw.
. A brief statement was given of
most of tbe remaining 20 educational
frills consldereQ at the session.
week will be set aelde for this same;! UNIVERSITY OF
work, as all of the squirrels do notlGENE. April 12. Four hundred aud
l come out at tbe same time. Some of ten different courses will be given in
thenr will sleep longer than others, Xhe spring term of the University ot
and will not come out for three or i Oregon that began last Monday, April
NEW YORK. Two hundred and
thirty Polish boys and girls, the chil
dren of Polish refugees In Siberia,
'have been transported to America
The manufacturers of automobiles
recommend In their inxli 'ictlon books
that the prankcase be drained and
thoroughly cleaned at regular inter
vals. The reason for this ; to avoid i ,i h.. i i.
J ""1 J'.ci.ftCl. llH Biijijiuri
ed ubout 7 seconds and it require
I "Of tho 1009 accidents, 4M, of but a brief wait for all danger t'
i j j,
mm9 - . - ! more man to per wm, wprn uuusvuj nisappear. ,
tpple I IK OpraV'y automobiles running into trains,! "There Is but one aafo comae w
, land in 122 InatnncoB crossing gates pursue and Ihut Is before attemp!-
1 .- ...... . .....were lowered . td .nrotect Vehicles
. Thin waelr will ha tha Imai lima i, while train was liiisslnc were run
apply tho pink spray for apple q through and hrokeu down. One cros.
in most sections of the county. This'""11'' flagman was killed and -8 In-
Spray should be applied after t!Kl4"re(1 h5' nutomohiles while endeav
cluster buds have senarated and th'orlng to. warn the drivers of ap-;
'blossom' buds are showing pink. It .fproachlng train. .
ill not do any damage to sprav afterj "The noise of the engine of nearlv
:i tew of the blossoms ore out, liut'"" automobile!) Is such Hint then set and kept In action until
OREGON, Kl' . .i.nnij i a,.i ,i,: vtiiny not hear the whistle or noise the crossing is nassed. Those warn-'
for apple scab. This Is a very tood "n approncning ir.ain ann mey mgs are aisnnctiy auaiDie at tne cros-
Itima to use Black Lust 41) fnr iiia'hhonld tlierefore In nil Instances
ing,.loMt:K. iHk. ure hatlt mar-
be done safely, slopping, loiiking a).:l
listening If vision be restricted by
obstruction or If necessary for any
reason. Two long and two, short
blasts of the locomotive whistle arj
blown a quarter of a mllo back from
thn crossing and the locomotive bell
unnecessary wear on
rwhlch would be caused ij tho con
tinued Circulatou of contaminated
oil, Btates Mr. C. H. l'iereo of Ford
four weeks yet. In order to make h
thorough clean-up of the digger, It la
necessary to start this work early and
keep it going all summer. Every
farmer should make it a practice to
have poison grain convenient and use
it when he sees a digger squirrel.
pLet us all get together this week and
see what you have done at the first
;clean-up. Every community lit the
.4. A student ordinarily attends 2,200
cla8ses to get hie bachelor's degree.
o, If it were possible for him to at
tend all the classes given by the uni
versity In one week, he would have
his education, and a varied educatlou jf water
'control of green aphis. This can be
.'used at the rate of a pint and a half
to 200 gallons of water. Use liquid
hllme and sulphur, one gallon to 25
gallons of water, Dry lime and sul-
look In both directions before at-
sing to
any one with normal hear-
phur, 3 to 4 pounds to BO gallons.! "
3 10 Punas 10 69 Pllous; Tim recent train wreck on one of
Spray thoroughly and
cover all parts of the tree.
engine, eradicate the digger squirrel
ii nd been placed In Institutions by thetp
Polish National Committee of Amer-I '
Regular cleaning of the automobile
crankcase Is the first and easiest aid
(lea. according to the 1920 report of
(hut organisation. This action was
,taken at the request of Dr. Jakubkie
l.wlez, a special delegate from Vlady
' vostok, who urged it as being the
.only means ot saving these children,
to better engine performance and
'longer engine lire. The wear and tear
'of engine operation causes steady ac
cumulation of road dust, carbon, fine
,. .i , ... 'metal nartlcles aud other Imnurltlen
V. ii oi ineiii ui'iniiiiifMi or sepuraif-(i . . '
from their pnoents. from death or de-!Ja cr,nkca o- This gritty contnm
aiationallzntlon at the hands of thet,na,ed " UKh the en-
'Holshevikl. ; j 'ne' lmI,uirs " performance andj
, ... ,..,, ultimately leads lo rapid depreciation
wi i.. .... n,. '""land repairs.
us possible. Poison barley can be on-
'tulned In every section at cost at 16
cents per hound.
teport, 100 have been placed In the,
The oil,, like the blood of, the body
(Orphun Home. Ellsworth , Pa.; 16, clrcuIateM thr0UKl, ,
at that. But it would take him about
140 years to finish and get passing
trades in all these subjects. i
Eighteen ot these courses are In
architecture, 9 In normal art, 16 In
jflne arts, t In botany, 8 In chemistry,
25 In commerce, I In economics, 13
In education, 12 In English literature,
25 In rhetorio and American litera
ture. 9 In geology, IS In (Jermun, 6 hers of the city council, visited the
In Greek, 83 In physical education for Ashland Iron Works yesterday to
rtnen, 24 In physical education forUritness a demonstration of the Mora
women, 10 In hlBtory, 18 In house-jpump, the new device that Is being
hold arts. IS in Journalism, 10 Injbuilt at that Institution. This is a
Latin, 10 In law, 11 In mathematics, new Irrigation pump that has been
4 In mechanics and astronomy, 9 in brought to Ashland by (he Mora peo
mllitary science, 16 In music,. 3 ijil.ple, with the object of having them
philosophy, IS in physics, 3 in pollt- manufactured at the local Ironworks.
ileal science, 14 In psychology, 7 Injand the demonstration of the pump
tho eastern lines, in which many
lives were lost, la so unusuul in mod
urn railroad history that attention
may be directed to the fact that a
passenger in a railroad train, accord-
I NEW MORA PUMP ,nK ,0 statistics, Is really safer than
! ho would he If he wore walking the
intreets of his home city. The safety
' measures put In force by the South-
dents to such a small figure that, C-
cording to the statisticians, a South
ern Pacific passenger could expect to
travel 2,620,202,909 miles, or 104,
808 times around the world, in per-
Larimore Chosen
For Crater Lake
Hotel Manager
The Northwest Hotel News an
nounces that Mr. R. E. Larimore hus
been selected to go to Crater Lako
(national park and take charge of the
hotel there. The securing of his ser
vices wfjl satlle satisfactorily! .the
question of the hotel management at
'.this most popular resort ot Oregou.
Mr. Lurimore will be under tho direc
:rectlon of A. L. Parkhurst.
Mr. Larimore is well known over
feet safety. Since June .10, 1909, thohe country as a successfii) innnagor.
Southern Pacific hus carried 482,-'"is wora ai i ne Oregon in I'oltlnnd.
, in St. Joseph s home, Milwaukee,
'Wis.; 20 In the Fellclan Sisters'
Home, Detroit, Mich.; 31 In the col-
engine and
carries away all dust and dirt at the
eame time that it lubricates, but, un-
lflte the blood of tbe body. It has no
li.iirA nt fha PntlnA Mntinnnl llllniiitA
' ' . ' A ... " I ' w"y cleaning Itself, as the blood
, " n i. i.. ,, . i'loes through the lungs. For this rea-
Viei WIK S WlUlli.ll AHVIUIII. lllfB, III, hnH ... .
. . . ' 'lon, it Is necessary to drain out the
'Tho expenses so far have amouu edi,,. , . . ,
,.,... pla oil at regular Intervals and-to
' ' : , flush out the crankcase to avoid de
. ' iposils of. dust and dirt, which might
1 otherwise contaminate the fresh oil
as soon as it is put in the crankcase,
T Rn fUeavuA uanln the crankcase Is a Job
10 De IDSCIVCU generally disliked; therefore fre-
: quently neglected. To meet the need
of regular cleaning of the crankcase,
modern crankcase cleaning service
hasbeen established at first-class
garages and other dealers on the Pa
cific coast. These garages and deal
era use a new scientific flushing
agent that cleans out old oil. dirt.
Animals Week
' ' This' is "Be Kind to Animals
.Week," and demonstrations calling
'attention to tbe importance ot klnd-
;ness toward man's four-footed friends
will be held by tbe Oregon Humane
'Society, tl Is not known that any
.particular observance will be made In I grit and other Impurities and does
not impair the lubricating efflcency
of the fresh oil nsed. .
Today is known as "pet animal
'day; Wednesday will be "benefit"
day; Thursday, "red star" day; Fri
day, "school" day; Saturday, "Boy
Scout" day, and Sunday "Humane"
Sunday. The week will be observed
throughout the nation under tbe aus-
or nine million dollars will he made
available for federal farm loan bank
loans in Oregon, Washington, Mod'
taua und Idaho from the ond issue
to be sold by the federal farm loan
board April 15, according to present
estimates, but some of this money
may not be available July. This
Information was - fu'r.lshed Senator
MeNary by the "federal . 'arm loan
"board In response to an Inquiry as to
additional farm loans for the Ocboco
irrigation project in liie Prinevlile
Loans were suspended until tbo
dam there could be approved Ly Mr. I
McKlttrlck, the engineer appraiser of
the Spokane headquarter', and this
will be done soon.
What proportion o'thlji '. ..fnfl,f.00
will go to Orptron caiinoi now in de
termined, hut the board rs'lmates
public speaking, 19 In French, 1 in
Italian, 18 in Spanish, 4 In sociology,
r.nd 6 lu zoology.
Fifty-five of the 410 classes are
held at 8 o'clock In the morning, and
11.- Eight ktbe same number at 9 o'colck, neces-!
given yesterday hn roused the keen
est interest among those who wit
nessed It. The pump was used In the
ditch of tho iron works with power
from an automobile, and while little
power was utilized In running the
,1!i3,f38 revenue passeugers, and tho
revenue passenger mileage has been
18.341,420.368 miles. In this time
only Beven passengers have lost their
lives, a percentage which is In Htrik-
lug contrast with every other known
means of transportation.
Dltatlng an early reveille on the part! machine, a wonderful amount ot wa-
ot the students. Several of the ter was fnrced on the land. From
classes will be held in tbe evening, j present Indications the new pump
Some of the unusual course ln-1 promises to be one of the best assets
elude photography, extemporaneous
speaking, home-made, physical app
ratus, marketing, philanthropy and
educational tists and measurements.
that annHcatlons now on tile from
The service lg readered for a nom-j Oregon would dUn'i the total
an.l It wilt hnve lo he pro
rated amour II,- four stiles.
uai cuarga iu auauion io I tie cost of amjunt
the neceasary "gallon of flulshlng nil
fund the fresh lubricating oil poured
into the crankcase after It has been
cleaned. Garages and dealers rivlne
pices of the Humane society, and in this service are designated by a blue
many places appropriate prograrnk'nd orange sign, bearing tbe words
will be given in the schools and ' Modern Crankcase Cleaning
churches. '"lee." -.
Culifornians stopping at tbe Hotel
Austin are W. W. Woolf of Gottvllle.
Chas. M. Savage. James L. Lodie and
Mrs. M. Barthelomew of San Fraa-
Ser-lcixco. C. R. Thomas and son of Peta-
lurra, A. B. White and wlte of Yreka.
Ashland' can secure.
The funeral of the late John Wm-
ton Jonea took place yesterday after
noon from Dodge's undertaking par
lors and was attended by Urge as
semblage of bit sorrowing friends
nd associates. Rev. W. L. Evans of
the Baptist church gave an address
over the bier of this young man,
after which members of the Americas I tbat the call continue to .come
Legion, consisting -of Arthur Brick-; American people, and Dr. Wirt Is be
aon, W. C. Holmes, 8. O. Songer.j lag sent out by the board ot relief In
Jtay Jillson, 8. A. Peters, Jr., sad order to tell the story of their suf
Donald Dlckerson, bore the casket to ferlngs a he actually knows of Its
Its last resting place In Mountain Vxistenee.
View cemetery. Military service In No action was taken regarding the
K representative audience greeted
Dr. Lincoln Wirt, who addressed
them In the Presbyterian church last
evening on conditions prevailing in
Armenia In connection with the Near
East Relief. Dr. Wirt had recently
returned from that terribly afflicted
country and la able to portray cou-
dltionns first-hauaen. While relief
I being meted nut to the Armenians
gradually, the needs are so great
llafter the failure of Wright ft Dickin
son, was such that he turned the tide
lot business from a distinct loss at ttia
time he took It to take charge of the
housing proposition at the Stundlfe,
Ship Yards under the U. 8. shipping
board. Here he hud charge of the big
((Liberty hotel and thirty bungalows
'for a period of three years.
Mr. Larimore hus always been very
active In all civic matters, having been
one of the successful speakers on
all Liberty loau and Salvation Army
(drives during the period of the war,
, John W. Mills. Sr., died at hiB
home iu Ashland Thursday evening
nt to oVloek ut the sue of 85 years
and three months. He was bora lu'aml ln 1,17 ha w the president ot
Bristol, Teuu., on January 8. 1 83, j""' Il("'8 Festival Association and
..,, I.. l.r. came to Oregon, where ",rouKn "l'rig etforta. with
lie made his home until the Civil
War, when he enlisted with Co. C
First Regiment of Oregon Cavalry.
December 20, 1S64.
After his discharge Jiily2s. 1866,
at Vancouver. W. T.. Mr. Mills re
turned to ItiiHebiirg. then later went
to Jacksonville, where h was united
In murriuge lo Tabltlia Anderson on
December 29, 1867. To this union
seven children were born, all of
whom ar living and were with him
ut bis death. Thesn are Mrs. C. W.
Matties, Mrs. (i. L. Carey, W. A. Mllls.l
John W. Mills. Jr., Jessie Mills of
Ashland: Mrs. J. A. Friielle of Suo-iopen July 1st for the 1921
qtialmie Fuls, Wash., sad F. T. Mills
of Chico, Calif.
Funeral services will be held from
nothing but opposition und very litti
money at the hand of the festival
board, succeeded in giving Portland
a festival that year second to none in
Its history.
The traveler and tourist will bo ai-
sured thst all that is necessary in the.
Avay of hospitable and courtaous
treatment and service will be dealt
out for his comfort and pleasure. We
believe "Lurry" will put Crater Lake
on the map. It Is certain be has tho
best wishes of the entire hotel fra
ternity. ,
Crater Lake Lodge wul officially
abd probably close September SO.
The shipyard hotel will close down
In time for "Larry" to transport his
the cemetery were conducted with e'eetabllshment of a community che.t the house Sunday afternoon at 2 fcrew direct to Cruter Lake. His elief.
salute tired by a aquad from tbe Ntln Ashland, save a vote on such s'o'clock. with Interment ln the rhoe-JJ. C. Fritz, formerly with tbe Arllm
tlonal Guard, end taps were soauded fund. Tills vote resulted in an over-lx cemetery The service at the. ton aud Universuy clubs, has a re.
ffter the casket was lowered In tbe whelming majority In favor of the' cemetery will be conlucted by tlnjord for gaod culinary work, and Ihe
ground. community chest. order of O. A. R.
'entire crew I loyal,