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    Wednesday, September 20, 1020
ii iii j. -
ASlillUld nCGkly lldinS
Established 1ST 6
Published Erery Wednesday by
Bert R. Giw Editor
subscription rates
One Year $200 i
Six Months
Three .Mouths . . "5
Display Advertisements, each
inch 30c
Local Readers, the lino 10c
Classified Column, the word, each
tim lc
Legal Notices, each time, the
line 3 l-3c
Cards of Thanks $1.00
Obituaries, the line 2 ftcitown or Wallace, Ida., wub referred
Fraternal orders and societies (0 U8 lmvlng u yc.y complete
charging regular initiation fees
and dues, regular rates.
Religious and benevolent societies
will be charged at the regular
advertising rate for all adver
tising when an admission or
collection Is faken.
Entered at the Ashland, Oregon,
Postuffice as second class mall
Wins Second Prize
M State Fair
The exhibit of the Northern
California Counties' Association,
which attracted so much favora
ble attention throughout the state
lair, was awarded second prize
for a booth display. $200 in cash
lioiug with the ward, says the
Montague (Calif.) Messenger.
Besides the award mentioned
above the following individual
prizes were taken by Siskiyou
louuty exhibits:
County prize Largest, best
end most varied numeral collection
of any county second prize,
Best exhibit free, gold, first
l.rize, gold medal and $20.
Best exhibit cinnabar (H. J
Barton's) gold medal and $10.
Best exhibit quicksilver, gold
medal and. $10.
Best exhibit mineral wators,
Table Rock, by Meamber Bros,
gold medal.
Best exhibit agates, George
Grieve, gold medal.
Best exhibit California dressed
stones, gold medal.
A rainy day, and cold at that,
found the Commercial Club room
without a fire and the only topic
of the day being wet und fur
nishing little of a warming char
acter, the secretary decided to
hi roll up through the park and
note the effect of the storm on
creek, flowers, grass und princl
rally on the auto-tourist, who is
not deterred by heat or cold, by
wet or drouth .
How can they set along In this
drizzling rain, with little children,
babies In arm:', without stoves and
the conveniences of the house was
Supply Your Kitchen With
Light and Lasting.
Pt ovost Bf os.
We Have on Hand
A Complete Line
37-39 NORTH
I ..
I what concerned us. Tlie nrsii
party wa mot were dry, comforta-
ble, if you please, having their
house with them and un oil stove,
in the house, and sat in this house;
und conversed with .us of roads, j
and scenery and various interest
ing events which had occurred on
their tour. Near us was u tent
I wilh an extra pitch to the roof and
! the parties occupying this tent,
( Mr. and Jim. C. W. Dudgeon,
ttt-ra dry and comfortable, und
much plpased with our auto park.
Mr. Dudgeon was evidently nn ex
perienced traveler and camper,
being on a tour to occupy more
than one year, before again reach
ing Omaha, Neb.
In talking of the conveniences
and equipment to be found in
other camp grounds, mention was
made of the fact that some camp
grounds furnish baths, and the
I equipment, though quite small as
I compared to ours.
Stepping into the kitchenette we
found many quite busily engaged
in preparing eats and a savory
odor greeted our nostrils. The
register as usual presented the
names of people from long dis
tances: Billings, Mont.; Nebras
ka, Colorado, and even farther
east, although we did not find
anyone from Maine today. Many
people write a few lines below
their names, such as "Ashlund
has the most beautiful natural
camp ground we have found any
where," and "This is the most
beautiful place yet," but we did
not expect qulto so much enthusi
asm on a rainy day, and we felt
sorry that the Chamber bf Com
merce, or the Park Board had not
yet worked out the place for a
fire place where a good rousing,
warming fire might greet the
traveler and extend Ashland's
hospitality in a practical manner.
We decided that this mutter must
be pressed ut once, but that such
fire place should have around it
a roof to protect from the rain
on such a day, or evening as this.
As we wete retracing our steps
we met James Manley of Manley
Bros., sawmill operators In the
Siskiyous, who live at Green view
in Scott's valley. Mr. Manley Bays
their mill cuts around 20,000 feet
of lumber a day, that they use the
old hotel at Colestin for their em
ployes now and that not many
people camp at Colestin any more.
W'e remember where a Sunday
school picnic to Colestin was the
usual thing each season und many
people from Medford and Ashland
camped there during the summer.
Mr. Manley Bald the county fulr
ut Yreka promises to he an enjoy
able occuslon this year, commenc
ing October 5, and the long
stretches of crushed rock, which
have made the trip over the
mountains rattier unpleasant, is
now being surfaced, and an ex
cursion to the Yreka fulr may' be
an enjoyable event.
We noted u somewhat battered
looking Ford roadster, the owner
being engaged in a considerable
repair operation, and learn that
the owner, Mr. II. A. Kanthak
from Bremerton, Wash., who had
been on a trip to Southern Cali
fornia, und spent some time ut
Sun Diego und the Imperial Val
ley, had returned with his wire,
coming by way of Klamath Falls
to Ashalnd, with the intention of
locating here; about thirteen
miles from here, his brake guvo
out and in order to avoid running
into a team, Mr. Kanthak ran the
car Into the bunk with the result
that it overturned. Mr. Kanthak
was uninjured, but his wife was j Fred Homes, while the latter filled
quite seriously burt und is now at j the second car. The total ship
the Granite City hospital. Mr. ment is about 2700 bushels, and
-- I was sold at $2.18 f. o. b.
. i....L.l. !...
ivnuiuas is luuKiur jiur u uuw
to rent and plans to locato here,
Coming uown me creeK, wuu
the water splashinr and roaring
over the rocks, we could liurdly
believe that Ashland could ever
havs a water problem, and that
every time we asked anyone what
is the principal thing we should
do for Ashland, the auswer would
Invariably be get water. Well,
we trust the vote last week to boud
for $100,000 to more fully devel
op and conserve the Ashland creek
supply has unswered this demand,
and that we may turn our utti'n -
tlon to the question of housing
facilities, which is most vital right
Eugene. By establishing a
school of Physical Education, and
by creating a co-operative organ
ization between pre-medlc work
and work in tho School of Medi
cine, the University of Oregon bids
fair to become a pioneer in the
field of higher education. Both
Ideas are unique, and according to
President Campbell of the Uni-
versity, neither appears in the
curriculum ut any Institution in
the country.
The School f Physicul Educa
tion, recently created, is planned
to co-ordinate the work of the
two departments of physical
training for men and for women.
and to incorporate a new depart
ment of social hygiene, which will
include the operation of the
University informary. Dr. John
F. Bovard has been named dean
of this new school,
The University of Oregon was
recently the recipient of a gift of
$15,000 from the Interdepartmen
tal Social Hygiene Board, to be
used for the establishment of a
department of social hygiene at
the University of Eugene. This
money will be used for the estab
lishment of the department there,
and for the carrying of the work
of the department throughout the
Co-operating with the new
school in the phase of safe-guard
ing the general health of the
state will be the various health
societies of Oregon, the School of
Medicine, and the extension divis
ion of the University, which will
act as a clearing house between
tho agencies und the public.
Sneakthleves were busy In Ash
lund lust night and two business
places were entered At the Ash
lund Fruit und Produce associa
tion entrance was made by prying
open a padlock on the buck door.
All the drawers In the office were
ransacked, hut nothing was mis
sing this morning except two ci
gars and fifteen cents. The meat
market belonging to W. M. Hibbs
on Fourth street was also entered
through the back door. Two Jars
ot fruit, a part of a ham and a
few pennies were taken from the
market. Tho police think this
thievery Is the work ot hoboes go
Ing south.
Two carlouda of wheat were
shipped recently from this section
ot the Rogue River valley, which
wag raised by two of the progres
sive farmers east of Ashland. The
first one was shipped Monday and
the other Wednesday and their
designation was the Portland Mill
ing company. George W. Dunn
filled the most ot the first car.
with a portion from the farm of
While standing on the crossing
where Oberlin street runs on to
North Muln, Mrs. A. G. McCarthy
and daughter, Mrs. Frank Moore,
were struck by the automobile
of E. K. Hull about 2 o'clock this
attcmoon. Both ludies were quite
badly bruised und shocked. Mr.
Hall was coming down Winter
tho saving habit soon be
comes and puts oue iu
the front Hue of finan
cial' success.
Use inouey wisely save
persiitentlv deposit reg
ularly with The Citizens
liauk of Ashland.
I ,..,. .v.,,1 ..,.. .,HAkl . .1 1,1
men uu ui iu omji ui
(car when it struck Main street in
nine 10 avom nuung me womqu
who were standing near the walk
across Oberlin. Mrs. McCarthy
was cut above the eye by her
glasses being broken and was oth
erwise bruised and is guttering
from the shock. She wag taken
to a hospital. Mrs. Moore was
taken Into a neighbor's house
near the scene of the accident. She
received a severe bruise on her
side. The Hall car struck a tree
by the walk In the driver's attempt
'to avoid hitting the women,
The proposition submitted to
the electorate ot Ashland yester
day for the purchase of the Buck
lake property as a source of fu
ture water supply for this city was
completely snowed under, the to
tal vote being 833 against to CO
for the project.
At the city hall 445 votes were
cast against the proposal and but
34 in favor, while at the Fourth
street fire station only 26 votes
were cast favoring the plan, while
388 voted in the negative.
The fight over .his proposition
brought out the largest number ot
voters ut a special election in this
city for several years, and per
haps in no proposition Biibmit.
ted, In years had r.o much inter
est been shown.
Leaders of the fight, both for
and against the proposal to pur
chase the lake property were busy
all day taking voters to the polls
in autOB, and many 'here thus got
ten out who would not otherwise
have voted.
George W. Grow, u pioneer far
mer of Jackson county, died at
bis home "on Emigrant creek yes
terday. Mr. Grow had ben ail
ing for the past two months,
troubled with high blood pres
sure. His death yesterday, , how
ever, was sudden. The deceased
had spent practically his entire
life In this community, having
come here in 1865. and had been a
well known and progressive far
mer ot the Emigrant creek dis
trict during his residence there.
Funeral services will take place
from the Stock undertaking par
lors, probably at 2 o'clock Sunday
afternoon, the hour depending
upon the urrival of distant rela
tives. Interment will be made in
the Kingsbury cemetery. He Is
survived by his wife and ten chil
Although tho Southern Pacific
has announced the restoration on
October 1 of the Sunset Limited,
one of the fust pre-war trains
which will cut the running time
between San Fruncisco and New
Orleans eleven hours east bound
and two hours less west bound
railroad officials here entertain
little hope that the Shasta Limited
will again be put Into service be
tween Portland und San Fran
cisco. "The Shasta Limited will not
be restored, at least for some
time," says John M. Scott, traffic
manager of the Southern Pacific.
"It was the poorest paying train
in the service. There are now
tour trains running daily between
Portlund and San Francisco, giv
ing a good service, considering
the shortage of cars and other ap
Jim Theodore, a Greek, who
lived tor some time in Medford,
and who is believed somewhat
demented, created a sensation on
a Southern Pucitic train Tuesday
when he pulled a big revolver on
Conductor R. W. Lane and Brake
man E. M. Howell of this city
when aBked for his railway ticket.
Jim contended that the gun
was all the ticket he needed, and
the conductor apparently agreed
with him. Lane, however, wired
ahead to the Medford police and
when the train arrived in that
city a delegation of officers es
corted Jim Theodore to the "skoo
kum house."
In Justice Taylor's court, later,
he was bound over to the grand
Jury under $500 bail on a charge
ot assault with a dangerous
I weapon, und fined $25 for having
I a weapon in his possession.
He Is being held for examina
tion as to his sanity.
WASHINGTON, Sept 3 Relief
from whnt was described as pos
sible "destruction of the livestock
Industry," through curtailment of
banking loans was sought from
the federal reserve board by a
committee ot livestock producers.
They asked tho board tOencour
age banks of the reserve system to
aid them financiallr In raising and
marketing their product.
The commltte, which came as
the representatives of a Chicago
conference of producers, packers
and bankers, predicted dire conse
quences to the livestock Industry
throughout the west unless bank
ers and cattle loan companies dis
continue "calling" ot loans. They
i id millions of dollars in loans
were maturing this fall and they
believed a reassurance from the
beard that it approved of such
credit extension by the banks
would materially lessen the dif
ferences with which the livestock
men have to deal.
Committee spokesmen told the
board that, as a resrlt of the cred
it situation, "the little cowman or
sheepman" was being forced to
dispose ot young stock which, it
he could borrow more money,
would have been kept on the
farms and ranges. Frank J. Hag
enbarth of Salt Lake, declared
this to be the indioation ot "a de
struction of the industry." The
Bale of young livestock, or breed
ing herds, he said, was being forc
ed in many sections because the
ownerg were unable to finance the
feeding of their herds. He also
srld that in the Pacific northwest
there was an abundance of rough
age but little stock to feed It to,
because ot tightened credit.
Senator Jones, , New Mexico,
blamed eastern bankers tor not
"helping the livestock men of the
west. Instead ot financing automo
bile manufacturers in exporting
their products to, Europe,"
R. S. Morris, rural supervisor
of the county schools for the past
three years, died at North Bend
September 9, after a long Ick
ness. News of his death was re
ceived this week by Miss Susawie
Homes, county superintendent.
The death of Mr. Morris occurred
in a hospital at North Bend, and
the cause is not known, but it is
thought to have been due to stom
ach trouble. The deceased was 35
years of age and was unmarried.
Mr. Morris came to Oregon from
McPherson, Kus., where he grad
uated from the normal school there
and after he had taught in Kansas
schools three years .was a student
at the U. of O. for two years, and
then taught one of the Roseburg
grade schools for six years. From
Roseburg he came to Juckson
county to assume the position of
rural school supervisor which of
fice he had held to the time ot his
Possessed of splendid educa
tlonal ability, a deep sense ot mod
esty, and withal a fine character
and conscientiousness and willing
ness for bard work his demise is
general! regretted.
A gift of 220 volumes, including
some valuable books in Oregon
history, general literature, and ag
riculture and horticulture, has
been made to the Oregon Agri
cultural library by Mrs. Clara
Waldo, formerly a member of the
college board of regents and now
residing In South Pasadena, Calif.
The books are from the library of
the late Judge Waldo. Mrs. Wal
do also presented to the physic?
department a telescope and tri
pod which belonged to Judge
This is a second gift ot books
received within the la few
months. The form? r wns made by
E. H. Walker of Corvullls, for
merly a California schol super
intendent. They nre subjects of
an educational nature, Including
some complete files of magazines.
John H. Fuller, who. has ably
presided over the affairs of the
Southern Oregon Chautauqua as
sociation for-the past two years
Tires your patience more than to
handle horses and cows covered
with flies? Shoo fly will do the
trick. A new barrel Just In and
cheap considering prices tor Imi
tations. Your cows will give from
25 per cent to 35 per cent more
milk during fly season If sprayed
with Shoo Fly.
New and used sewing machines
always tor tale or rent, at Pell's,
corner by the park.
Over fifty years ago a youni
hysician practiced widely in
ural district and became famou
or his uniform success in th
uring of disease. This was Dr
farce, who afterwards estab
shed himself in Buffalo, N. Y.
nd placed one of his prescriptions
hich he called "Golden Medics
liseovery," in the drug stores o
he United States so that the pub
c could easily obtain this ver.
emarkable tonic, corrective an
4ood-maker. Dr. Pierce mani)
actured this "Discovery" fror
oots and barks a correctiv
medy, the ingredients of whic
tature had put in the fields an
'orestfl, for keeping us healthy
few folks or families now livin
lave not at sometime or other use
his "Golden Medical Discovery
or the stomach, liver and heart
)ver twenty -four million bottlf
if this tonic and blood remed
lava been suld in this country.
will again be at the helm for the
coming year. This was settled at
the annual meeting of the South
ern Oregon Chautauqua associa
tion, held in Chautauqua Pioneer
hall last evening, when the busi
ness pertaining to the association
was transacted and officers and
directors elected. The other of
ficers to serve the coming year
will be the same as those ot last
year, and are: Vice President,
C. B. Lunikln; secretary, F. J,
An amendment to the by-laws
was made ut the meeting last night
by which all buying season tickets
to Chautauqua will have a voice
and vote in the meetings of the
year. This privilege was only uc
coftled formerly to life members.
A committee consisting of Mrs.
Ellu B. Mills, Mrs. Sherwin, Miss
Blanche Hicks, Mrs. D. L. Mlnk-
ler and Mrs. S. Patterson was also
appointed to plan for Chautauqua
entertainments through the com
ing winter. By this means It Is
hoped to augment the expense ac
count us well as give entertain
ment otherwise denied by the win
tor season.
A social meeting was field pre
vious to the business meeting at
which M. C. Reed, a member of
the Ellison-White Bureau, gave u
most entertaining talk on his trip
to New Zealand, which he took
with a Chuutauqua company last
winter. Other numbers hud been
planned for the social, but the per
formers failed to appear, Light
refreshments were served at the
close ot the session.
Why leave your collection of
Kodak and Camera Views lying
loose In gome drawer?
The Prices Are Right.
Polevs Drug Store
Real Estate
Homes and acreage. Farms and
Stock Ranches.
All Kinds of Good Insurance
Ashland Agents of Abstract Co
Billings Agency
Established 1883.
FOR SALE 17 months old Jer-
. sey bull, perfect in type, and
condition. Sire's dam is Melius
Laurie of Albans- 990 lbs. but
ter In 1 year, excellent thorough
bred dam, of tho Cort. Meyers
strain, but not registered. He
Ib a beauty. W. J. Wallace, 66
Mountain Ave., Ashland.
3-eo wed.
FOR RENT 160 acre ranch on
WiJIiams creek; 90 acres in cul
tivation. Inquire 1340 Ashland
St. l-6
Notice is hereby given that the
undersigned has been appointed
executrix of the estate of Philan
der A. Van Nice, deceased. All
persons having claims against said
estate are required to present the
same, with proper vouchers, duly
verified, to the undersigned, by
leaving the same with L. A. Rob
erts, the attorney for said estate,
ut bis office In the Citizens Bank
Building, Ashland, Oregon, before
the expiration of six months
from the date of this notice, which
is September 22, 1920.
4-5 Wed. Executrix.
Jn tbe Circuit Court ot the State
of Oregon for Jackson County.
City of Ashland, a Municipal Cor
poration, Plaintiff,
Wllilam W. Wilson, Levi Wilson,
Minnie Hansen, Warner M.
Wilson, Amanda Wilson, Gerald
Wilson, Roberta Wilson, a mi
nor, heirs of Nancy J. Wilson,
deceased, aAd heirs of Merrit
D. Wilson, deceased, and all in
terested. Derendants.
To William W. Wilson and Min
nie Hansen, the above named de
fendants. In the Name of the State of Ore
You are hereby notified that
the City of Ashlund, a municipal
corporation, is the holder of Cer
tificate of Delinquency numbered
6243 Issued on the first day of
January. 1919, by the Tax Col
lector of the County of Jackson.
State of Oregon, for the amount
of Nineteen Dollar and Seventy-
Nine Cents, the same being the
amount then due and delinquent
for taxes for the year 1914. to-
gether with penalty, interest and
costs thereon upon the real prop
erty assessed to you. of which you
are the owner as appears of rec
ord, situated in said County and i
State, and particularly bounded
and described as follows, to-wlt:
Lots 20 and 21 In Block "S" of
the Railroad Addition to the City
of Ashland, Oregon, ub tho same
are designated, numbered and de-
Scribed in the official plat of saw
addition on file with the County
Recorder of Jackson County, ore
You are further notified that
said City of Ashland has paid
taxes on said premises for prior
or subsequent years, with the rate
of interest on said amounts as
Year's tax, 1915; date paid,
Jan. 2, 1919; tax receipt No. 13,
482; amount, $38.78; rate of In
terest, 12 per cent.
Year's tax. 1916; date paid,
Jan, 2, 1919; tax rece:pt No. 13,-
362; amount, $40.53; rate oi in
terest, 12 per cent.
Year's tax, 1917; date paid, Jan.
2, 1919; tax receipt No. 21,943;
amount, $31.39; rule, of Interest,
12 per cent.
Year's tax, 1918: date paid, Oct.
4, 1919; tax recelrt No. 17,546:
amount, $25.62; rate of interest,
,12 per cent.
, Said William W. Wilson and
Minnie Hansen as the part own
ers of the legal title of the above
described property as the same
appears of record, and each of the
other persons above named are
hereby further notified that
plaintiff will apply to the Circuit
Court of the County and State
aforesaid for a decree foreclosing
the lien against the property above
described, and mentioned In suld
certificate. And yon are hereby
summoned to appear within sixty
dayB after the first publication of
this summons, exclusive of the
day of said first publication, and
defend this action or pay the
amount due as above shown, to
gether with costs and accrued In
terest, and In case ot your failure
to do so. a decree will be renuerea
foreclosing the lien of said taxes
and costs against the lund unit
premises above named.
This summons Is published by
order of the Honorable F. M. Cal
kins, Judge of the Circuit Court of
the Stute of Oregon for the Coun
ty of Jackson, and said order was
made and duted this 18th day of
September, 1920, and the date of
the first publication of this sum
mons is the 22nd day of Septem
ber, 1920.
All process and papers In tnis
nroceedliiE may he Berved upon
the undersigned residing within
the Stute of Oregon at the address
hereafter mentioned.
Attorney for Plulntiff.
Address, Pioneer Block, Ash-
Innd. Oregon. 4-tit
By virtue of an execution and
order ot sale duly Issued out of
and under the seal of the Circuit
Court tor the Stute ot Oregon, lor
Jackson County, dMed September
9, 1920, In a certuln suit therein,
wherein Thomas C. Jones and
Harvey E. Jones, as plaintiffs, re
covered judgment agulnHt Alfred
N. Beck, as defendant, for the
sum of One thousand Two Hun
dred Seventy and 69-100
($1270.69) Dollars and Eighteen
and 40-100 ($.18.40) Dollars costs
and disbursements which judg
ment was enrolled and docketed
In said Court September 4th, 1920.
Notice is hereby :ven that,
pursuant to the terms of Bald ex
ecution, I will on Saturday, Octo
ber 23rd, 1920, at 10 o'clock a.
m., at the front door of the Court
House in the City o' Jacksonville,
Jackson County, Oregon, otrer for
sale and sell at public auction for
cash to the highest bidder, to sat
isfy said judgment, with the costs
ot this sale, subject to redemp
tion as provided by law, all ot the
right, title and Interest that the
defendant jointly or Individually,
had on January 11th, 1915, or
have since acquired, or now have
in and to the following described
property, Bltuated In Jackson
County, State of Oregon, to-wlt
Beginning at the
corner of the southeast quarter
of the northwest quarter of Sec
tion 8, Township 39 south of
Range One East of the Willam
ette Meridian, in Oregon; thence
running east on quarter section
line 28 rods; thence north 40
rods; thence west 28 rods; thence
south 40 rods to the place of be
ginning, containing seven acres,
more or less.
Also, the north half ot the south
half of the southwest quarter of
the northwest quurter of Section
8 In Township 39 south of Range
One east of the Willamette Merid
ian in Oregon, containing ten
acres, more or less.
Also, the north half of the
north half of the northwest quar
ter ot the southwest quarter and
the south halt of the south half
of the southwest quarter of the
northwest quarter of Section
all in Township 39 south of
Range One east of the Willamette
Meridian, In Oregon, containing
twenty acres, more or less, all the
property hereinabove described
being situated in the County of
Jackson, State of Oregon
Dated at Jacksonville, Oregon,
September 11th, 1920.
Sheriff of Jackson County, Oregon,
4-4 Wed.
In the County Court of the State
' of Oregon, for the County of
Jackson. .
In the matter of the Guardianship
of the Persons and Estates of
This matter coming on to be
heard at this time upon the pe
tition of H. L. Waterg, the for
eign guardian of tbe persons and
estates of Lee Truett Waters and
Elsie Elizabeth Waters, minors,
which guardianship is under the
jurisdicton of the Probate Court ot
Polk county, Arkansas, ot which
county said minors are residents,
ag fully appears by duly authen
ticated transcript of the appoint
ment of such guardian on file in
this court: and it appearing from
such petition that it is necessary I
and that it will be beneficial to
I said wards If all their right, title
land Interest In and to the follow-'or
Ing described real property, to-:
Beglnnlng at the Intersection
of the southerly side line of Nob
Hill street and the westerly line of
Almond street la the Nob Hill ad-j
dltion to the City of Ashlund, Or
egon, thence in a southerly direc
tion along, the westerly line of Al
mond street a distance of 70 feet;
thence south 58 deg. 40 min. west
parallel to Nob Hill street 125
feet; thence northwesterly paral
lel to Almond street 70 feet to
street; thence north 58 deg. 40
min. east u distance ot 125 feet
to the place of beginning, being
lot 10 and a strip of land 10 feet
wide otr the northwestferly side
of lot 9 In the Noli Hill addition
tb tho City of Ashlund, Oregon.
Also, beginning at tho Intersec
tion ot the southerly side line of
Nob Hill street, and the westerly
side line ot Almond street in the
Nob Hill addition to tho City ot
Ashlund, Oregon; thence in a
southerly direction uhmg the west
erly line of Almond Btreet 70
feet to the point of beginning of
the land herein conveyed; thence
running south 24 deg. 18 min.
west along suld Almond street 6
feet to stuke for corner; thence
westerly to a point which is south
58 deg. 40 min. went 60 feet tram
the place of .beginning; thence
north 58 deg. 40 min. east 60 teet
to the place of ' beginning, wero
sold ut private sale for cash lu
It Is therefore ordered that the
next of kin ot said wards and
all persons Interested In said es
tate, be, and they are hereby di
rected to appear before this court
ut the court-room thereof in Jack
sonville, Jackson county, Oregon,'
on the 16th day of October, 1920,
at the hour of 10:00 o'clock A. M.
of said day, to then and there
show cause, if any they have, why
a license should not issue for the
sale of said real property, and It
is ordered that a copy of this or
der be published for three suc
cessive weeks In the Ashland Tid
ings, a newspunor of general circu
lation In said Jackeon county.
Dated this 14th day or Septem
ber, 1920.
3-3 Wed. County Judge.
In the County Court of the State
of Oregon ror the County or
In the Mutter of the Estate of
Leta V. Wever, Deceased.
Notice is hereby given thut the
undersigned has been appointed
administrator of the estate of Letu
V. Wever, deceased, and all per
sons having an account against
the suld estate are required to
present tho same duly verified to
the undersigned ai his store in
Ashland, Oregon, or to his attor
neys, BKICGS & P.RIGGS. In the
Pioneer Block, Ashlund, Oregon,
within six months from the date
of the first public-Minn of this no
tice. First publication September 15,
1920. C. II. VAI'PEL,
3-4 Administrator.
notice of appointment of
administrator and to
present claims
In the County Court of the Slate
of Oregon for the County of
,In the matter of the estate or Ed
ward Forgie, Defeased.
Notice Ih h(r"lv iHv-fn flint tlin
'undersigned has been appointed
administrator ot tho estate ot Ed
Ward Forgie, deceased, anil all
persons having claims against the
said estate are required to present
the same at tho office of BIUCC-S
& BRKiflS in the Pioneer Block.
Ashland, Oregon, within six
months from the date or the first
publication cif this notice.
Date of first publication, Sep
tember 15, 11120.
WM. M. BltKKiS.
3-4 Administrator.
Notice is hereby given that the
undersigned has been uppointed
executor of the estate nf Philln
Bonham, deceased. All persons
having a claim against said es
tate are required to present the
same, with proper vouchers, duly
veritied, to the undersigned, by
leuving the same with L. A. Rob
erts, the attorney lor said estate,
at his office in Tho Citizens Bank
Building, Ashland. Oregon, beforo
the expiration or six months from
the dute or this notice, which Is
September 8, 1920.
J, P. SAYt.E, Executor.
2-5 Wed.
Notice is hereby given that the
undersigned has teen appointed
executor of the estate of John H.
Bogue, deceased, by the County
Court of Jackson county, Oregon,
and has quullfled. AH persons
having claims against said estate
are notitlcd to present snmo at my
office in Ashland, Oregon, with
proper vouchers and duly veri
ried, within six months from the
first publication hereor, which is
September 1st, 1920.
1-5 Executor.
012707 )
Department of tho Interior, U. S.
Land Otrice at Roseburg, Ore
gon, July 21, 1920.
NOTICE is hereby given that
whose postofflce address is Plne
hurst, Oregon, did, on the 1st
day of June, 1920, file in this of
fice Sworn Statement ond Appli
cation, No. 012707, to purchase
the NW SW. Section 4,
Township 40S, Range 4E, Wil
lamette Meridian, and the timber
thereon, under the provisions of
the act ot June 3, 1878. and acts
amendatory, known ns the "Tim
ber and Stone Law," at such value
as might be fixed by appraise
ment, and that, pursuant to such
application, the land and timber
thereon have been appraised.
$170.00, the timber estimated
1.10,000 board feet nt $1.00 per
M., and the land $40.00: that
said applicant will otter final
proof in support of her applica
tion and sworn statement on the
8th day of October. 1920. before
F. Roy Davis, V. 8. Commissioner.
at Medford, Oregon.
Any person Is at lilmrtv tn urn-
test this purchase before entrv.
Initiate a contest at any time
before patent Issue?, bv filing a
(corroborated affidavit In this of-
fice, alleghig facts which would
defeat the entrv.
! w. H CANON.
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