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    rio HlitorleU -MM9.
NO. 5
Paul Goodwin, who wag injured
hint week when the taxi in which
ha wag riding run into a lumber
truck on the highway at Phoenix,
is now out of danger, accord Ins
to reports It was feared for
a time be bad suvtulued a frac
tured skull.
Callforniang stopping at tile Ho
tel Austin are A. Anderson, J. Q.
Renfrew, J. II. Blunford and wire
of San Francisco; William Bur-
l.ett and wife of Stockton; L.I
Eleason, Los Angeles.
0. Winter and Prank Dickey
have gone down to Kiddle to spend
a. few days hunting out from that
. section. They will bo the guest
of Mr. Aiken, a former resident of
Ashland, while thero.
Mrs. Lester Swlnk of Butte
Falls was a week end visitor In
Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Pote' and
I.elah Pote were Ashland visitors
from Eugene this week, stopping
at tbe Hotel Austin.
George Stannard left Saturday
evening for Los Angeles where
he will enter the University of
Sopthern California. He expects
to take up the study of dentistry.
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. McCracken
and son of the Valley View dis
trict 'are In Salem this week at
tending tbe state fair.
Guests from a distance regis
tered at the HoteJ Columbia are
John Foster, wife and son of Dick
inson, N. D.; Mr. and Mrs. Rog
ers of Loleta, Calif.; M. L. Mor
ton of Hennessey, Okla.; H. M.
Randolph and wife of Sacramento,
Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Leavitt left
yesterday In their car for Portland
' to attend the Women's Christian
Temperance Union convention in
Hession there this week, and visit
their son Alward. On their re
turn they will stop at Salem for
the state fair.
Miss Mabel Smitli left Saturday'
nfgbt for Eugene to resume her
fonrso at the university.
J. A. Lockhart, who recently
purchased the Dornn property on
the Boulevard, is making many
improvements lo his home. He
bus torn down the old barn that
has been a landmark in tbat vi
cinity for manysyeurs, and will
erect a fine modern garage hi its
place. He will also make several
needed improvements to the resi
dence. Mr. and Mrs. .1. 0. Hunter of
Roschurg are Ashland guests this
Tveek, stopping at tbe Hotel Colum
bia. Dr. II. Tl. Moore who bus been
away on a month's vacation at
points' In Curry county, has re
turned home.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Winter, who
hn"Ve been guests at the home of
the former's brother, O. Winter,
on the Boulevard, have left for
their home In Chicago after spend
ing the summer in the west.
Mr. and Mrs. C. I). Skeen of
Montague, former Ashland resi
dents, are visiting friends here
for a few days this week.
B. Eaton of Klamath Fulls and
F. Marlon Wilkes of Klamath
Agency were over night guests at
the Hotel Columbia.
Mlsg Daisy Cllne has come to
Ashland from Sacramento and
will spend the winter with her
aunt, Mrs. R. L. Wardle of Third
street while she attends school
ljere. i
vjrs. Lou Reader Is moving
from her home on Gresham street
which she has occupied for so
many years, to her house on
Fourth vnnd East Main streets.
Eastern tourists in Ashland
stopping at the Hotel Austin to
day are Frank Carey of Middle-
town, N. Y.; D. Russell of Denver,
Colo.; M. E. Chaffee of Parsons,
Kans.; E. Lanford, wife and three
children, Cleveland, Ohio.
J. J. Murphy and sons, who had
been attending the round-up at
Pendleton, are home. Messrs.
Murphy stopped off In Salem for
the opening of the state fair and
state the Ford demonstration of
farm implement! hown on the
'tract adjoining the fair grounds
is one of the finest things they
saw while there.
t J. Schaunnessey, who nas Deen
employed in Ashland for some
time, left last night for Portland
to locate.
C. E. Donnelly, day traffic chiei
of the W. U. Telegraph com
pany In San Francisco, arrived in
Ashlund yesterday and will spend
his vacation here. Mrs. Donnel
ly had come here several weeks
ago and is vlBltln; her mother,
Mrs. E. E. Giddinga.
C. W. Winter and wife of Spok
ane and C. J. Smith of Eugene
are guests at the Hotel Austin.
Briggg. Dr. Crandall received
word from Dr. Sawyer this morn
ing that Lois wag still living but
unconscious. Two lumbar punc
tures were mude but as yet tbe
case bag not been diagnosed. The
best brain specialists o( San Fran
cIbco are consulting with six other
doctors on the cage and every
means known Is being used to gave
Miss, Fern Murphy expects to
Nellie 0. Miller of Granta PaBseav) tlll evenlllJt ,or ,,, Unlver.
was an Ashland visitor today,
A son wag born to Engineer
and Mrg. J. F. Jarvlg In tbe Duns
mulr hospital Sunday, September
Mlsg Hlrschburger of' Dunsmuir
is a guest at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Franco on the Boulevard
this week.
Mrs. W. C. Debley and Mrs. L. J.
Miksche of Medford were up yes
terduy spending the day In Ash
Mrs. Pearl Dodge returned' October Ui
from Pendleton a duy or two ago
where she had been visiting her
sister, and stopped here with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. 0. H. John
son, before leaving last night for
ber home in Berkeley.
L. J. Orreg and Donald Wells
drove to Yreka and buck Sunday
In the Orres car. They state the
roads are in excellent condition
over the mountains after the rain.
W. R. Williams is driving a
new Overland automobile - which
be purchased from the Overland
Ma rcy company.
John Flnneran and Bill McMil
lan left the last of the week for
Eugene to enter the university for
the coming year.
A. E. Jordan and wife drove
down to Grants Pass today. Mr.
and Mrs. Jordan have recently
come here from Virginia and are;
so enthusiastic over this country
sity of Oregon at Eugene to re
sume ber college course for the
coming year.
C. L. Dean of Jacksonville, Flu.,
and H. C. Ewult of Chicago, III.,
are among the tourists from a
distance stopping at the Hotel
Saturday, October 3, will see
the. opening of the football sea
son in Ashlund, when the high
school eleven will play the team
from Klumatu Falls on the high
Bcbool grounds. A return eamel
at Klamath Falls is scheduled for
The funeral of the late J. S.
Bliss, who died Tueuduy evening
at his home on H:,r risen street,
wag held from the Nazarene
church yesterday afternoon. In
terment was made in Mountain
View cemetery.
Mrs. Henry Grimes of Medford
and Mrs. O. L. Brown of Klam
ath Falls were in Ashland yester
day afternoon. They came up to
meet Mrs. Brown's little son, Ba
sil, who came lit from Klamath
Falls on the auto stage.
The Billings reulstate agency
reports the sale of the Marks
White house on South Pioneer
avenue to J. M. Hrghs and wife.
Also the bungalow of Dr. G. 0.
Jurvis on Wlmer street to H. B.
Plummer and wife, newcomers
here from Colorado
George P. Henderson of Sacra
mento and George M. Taylor of
will qtart a series of meetings ex
tending over ten days or two
weeks at Central Point. Mr.
Cochran will spend a few daya here
with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.
T. Cochran, before joining them.
Mrs. Cochran and their youngest
daughter , will come to Ashland
today. Mr. Cochran expects to go
to Central Point tomorrow morn
ing when the serviceg will start.
Tbe newly remodeled residence
of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Jacobs on B
street was sold yesterday through
the Staples Real Estate company
to Mrs. Clara Taylor of Klamath
During tbe past three days 1.10
Inches of rain he fallen in Ash
lund up to this morning. This
will be of inestimable benefit to
the pastures and farm land In this
C. W. Sharpe of Camas valley,
son-in-law of Chief of Poliec J.
W. and Mrs. Hatcher, was up yes
terday making a brief visit at the
latter's home.
Ben Zernstein, who formerly
conducted the Bon Ton bakery
on Fourth street, hag purchased
a bakery in Gerber and has gone
there to take possession. He has
sold his residence property on
East Main street to Mrs. P. N.
J. H. Turner has purchased the
Walter Beebe residence on the
Boulevard, and expects to occupy
It by October 1.
Yesterday wag a great day In ROSEBURG, Ore. Diamond
the local Methodist church, the! lake, oue of the famous beauty
close of the greatest year in the
history of the church. The
fourth quarterly conference took
placo Saturday night, at which all
the business of the church and
The state highway commission, I auxiliaries was finished, and the
through its chairman, S. Benson, I f-ostor and members close the
Will Gathar Old
Clothes for Needy
nnt ' L. n 11. .
V , i , "u"7e"' B. II. .Jones, field secretary for
may be Included In tbe boundaries tne Near Eas)t ,
of Crater Lake park If the bill ,and ,a9t , M
now being prepared by the Na-iarranglnR for tlle anml;( ,,,
tlonal Parks association passe :clotues 0 o(h herif
cougress, accordi&e to word re- . ,v v., . j ,
r. , - to the children and destitute peo-
celved yesterday afternoon by W. , ... ...,. .
bus announced that at a meeting year with the assurance that this F. Ramsdell, forest Bupervisor of ,. , . , . . ,
i,, viiii,., vi i i .v ..... it Is expected that October 2nd
being held today In the court-Inns been by all odds the most the Umpqua reserve The Parltsi will be tbe date a olnted fo
huuse the commission will adver-i prosperous and successful year, fl- association was defeated in I'3 ! gatlxei-in 'of n'o'clotliln' '
tlse for bids for the paving of the1 nanclnlly and spiritually, this or-'first attempt to secure control of- Tne B0ysContsCwill "the
Oswego-Oregon Cltv section nr thn' icunizutloit hux ever known, ninmond lake nil in th ovum tii' . . ' R'' Pr "'
Pacific highway, extending fromj Reports read at tbe conference; lake should be set aside as a park , tue scoutmasters "Ct " "'
Hie Mutnomah county line to tke'show that the total receipts of the . It will mean a great logs for Ever' citizen "oun" r ill
west end of tbe sunspension bridge1 church are over $7000. An in-j Douglas county. Thousands ' shoulde Tn'nT'once'to'look int i
across the Willamette river at Or- creaso of 7ti has been made to tte tourists have been attracted to.,, , . . '"
egon City. ! membership within the year, J this section by this scenic won-i ..fron" thence v'9
Thia gection of the Pacific hlgh- while yesterduy morning 27 pro-ider and Its withdrawal from the meut a,.Ke or "mall thiMs "'It
way at the present time is In a! mot long were made In the Sunday j Douglas domain would meau com-!.,, ' ' , , , '
i , ,. , . , . , ' . , . ., ! , ,, , all wearable, and t'p them in coin-
deplorable condition and untl the school. The happiest of relations i inerclul loss. ,, . .. . .,
, ..... ., . iv. .., . . I,act bundlesfor contribution to
middle of last week was practl-, exist between the pastor and his i In the event the boundaries of tnls t j
cully closed to traffic because the1 members, which was shown mate-1 the Crater Lake pari; are extend-i n ' v . . .v
. , , . . , I . ,, . ,, , ., , ,i ... i Over one hundred thousand
recent rains turned the road into! nally when Rev. C. A. Edwnrdsied to Include I) aniond ake, t he , ,,.,,
, ,., i , , ....... . children are now in the shelter ol
u quagmire filled with ruts, some was given an unanimous Invlta- restrictions now u force aroinn ,. . . ., K.
, . , . . . , ,, . . ..... . . , , ... "'e orphanages of the Near East
of which were two feet deep. tion to return to that charge at Crater lake wou d be extended to ,, , , ..
. .s..n ....... . , Relief, and thousands more an'.
a salary of $5000 a year und the! the other natural wonder nearbv. !.,, , , . , , ,,
:. , (Waiting to be received, besides
I nn rnniin . . A nliai.u. ...... .1.1 l.n .......
..... uw..un... , ,v v.. nine ..... ur .i.tiuu 11.1 pan- ,.. .. . i ,
-,,,,-' ' . . . F , the men and women who are des-
Hev. Edwards has been the paa-sage through the paik, regardless' (itu(e of ciotun!
tor of the Methodist church of this of whether a person stopped at. v, , ,
,, ... No clothing will be unwelcome,
city for the past three years, and the luke or not. Visitors would , ,. , .,
u.rr . i um U1UH' WIM-
The Social Realm
Xewly Weds Visit
during that time he has bad the
Howard Jeter and bride arrived hsiui; a uourisuing
fiom Sacramento this morning rowth amo"g ,lis membership,
on train No. 14, to visit Mr. Jeter's, wlth a aiKU' lncre!,"e ,ne I,r08
...other, Mrs. S. R Jeter. They 1 1)ei'"r ' He is not
were recently married and wm only remarkably popular with his
spend about a week in Ashland jcw" l'rislilonu, s, but he und" his
l,Bfnr rBtnrnl- hnmo wlfo " l'vC 'greatly dl-
deared themselves with the entire
not be allowed to cany guns and
special restriction
made for campers.
would be i
come it will be.
The young people's societies of
the churches of the stato have un-
KI.MOHK AM) IUK,1!. ;""',;'ken ",e "f" ',,ak f rai-
AITOINTKI) I.IITTFX VVTN money to pay the transpor-
II. T. Elmore and Ileecher Dan-""" '1 "larges on me ciotlilns
from Oregon to Constantinople,
lllrtluluy Party
Mrs. George Hrookniiller en-
Mr. and Mrs. Shaw and family ' ftrtained a party of young people
nt hJnrfnllr Vah urn trtinat nf Ash- at her home on Liberty street Sat-
. ., ... . iv....: Mr. Edwards leaves (his even
una tins weeK ana are stopping one ... ..u..o. ... ....i. ... .strict utteiitlnn
1 . .. . . . . ' hlir for Ihft lillllll'tl rim .M'onen nf B,lu'1 "linmoil
at the Hotel Columbia. jcaugnter Lorraine B eie e un n rti.-, IIlUlt,llf5 otfol,p lu bellnlf ot
a a uay anniversary. :x nine scnoor
. ...... . II ll.l Ilia oll.pon. ululma nf Mo
Fred Hamlin, who sustained Bjtriends were present and spent a1
Ifracture of the skull bv falling' delightful afternoon with eames, cllu,Tn tllB citlzens.of Ash-
from the window of a barn at his after which light refreshments I "s wo" tnat ,,c wi" rotllrn
and are entering into the
with earnestness mid enUiiisiasiii.
Let Ashland do itself Justice in
ford have received their appoint
ments as First and Second lieu-
city, and the most cordial rela-i len"in, respeciiveiy.
.i i . ..... .1 H. T. Klinoie. I lie new First lieu-
iMjnn exisi neineen .nr. r.uwnius. . , , .. , ,
and family and their wide circle ; ton.nt of First Company, has been - n,s8 -
of,,.e.. I with the organization since it was' '.v "lore tllun '"'!' thought but
oi acqu.iini.inci s. '.i.i..i. .ni nr. i ...
started in February, 11119. Jlis;"""-" """" ul,u """"
to his work und ! r'1"'11 multitudes nf little people.
they are taking advmtage of everyj DunBmuir are among californiami
opportunity to take a trip abroad;
In their car. They came home
from Dunsmuir last night,
The Beaver Realty company
made the sale this week ot the
Spiudler house at 842 Rlaine
street to G. W. Miller, a new
comer to Ashland. The new own
ers will take possession as soon
as the present occupant vacates.
They also report the sale of the
George F. Euston house on Hel
man street to G. H. Ketcbum, tbe
present occupant.
Troy and Ivan Phlpps have
gone to Eugene to enter the Uni
versity for their second year's
Mrs. E. L. Peck and duughter,
.Mrs. L. K. Wood and son Emile,
of Newport, have come to Ashland
with a view to locating here.
Mr. and Mrg. Fred Brookiniller
motored to Granta, Pass Sunday
In their new Chevrolet car tbev
recently purchased.
Rev. J. W. Hoyt, Sunduy school
missionary for tbe Southern Ore
gon Presbytery, came home last
evening from an extended sojourn
In Lake und Klamath counties
looking after his work In that
section. Mr. Hoyt drove over by
the Green Springs mountain road,
and states the roads are in remark
ably fine condition considering tbe
rain that has fallen on them.
registered at the Hotel Columbia
this week.
Mr. und Mrg. M. A. Stevens and
child of Seattle are registered at
the Hotel Austin Other Seattle
guests are (). W. Gier and E. C.
G. F. Billings made a business
trip to the Cow Creek valley yes
terday. While there he called on
C. W. Root, who with his wife is
spending several weeks In that
section. According to Mr. Bill
ings, Mr. Knot is looking well and
states he Is much Improved in
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jordan
camo in yesterday from Crater
a used a suspension of work and
activities have closed down for
tbe season. Mr. Burt states four
inches of snow fell yesterday and
It was still snowin? when he left
the mountain.
The Staples agency negotiated
the sule of the Worthing residence
lake where they hud been spend- and a half ucre of land on Ash
ing a few days th's week. They' land street yesterday to a new-
were unfortunate to be caught In! comer from Klumath county, who
home some weeks ago, wag out were served.
on the streets today, somewhat
shaky from his long confinement,
in the hospital but considering'
himBelf lucky "to be alive,
pastor of the local church go with
The teacun club will meet Tues-i RECEPTION- IX CITY
idav. October 6. Instead of next! A man who fulled to heed the
, . .. , i iv. u : Tuesday. A strong committee
va.nui uiaiis Biwiiiuig al ilia nit-
tel Austin are W. E. Weightman.i bee" aI'poi,,led and they a,e
J. H. Hardiiiv. Jerrv W. Stanley' I)'1,nn'nB a unique entertainment.
and Y. Johnson of San Francisco, I Watcn tne Pa,er fpr ,1,e """'""H
and N. J. Hetherlngton of Log ment- Tne ",eem,s wl" De nem
AngeleB at the hospitable home of Mrs. T.
i H. Simpson, on North Muin street,
E. C. Burt came in yesterday ! and will be In charge of Mrs.
from the Dead Indian country,! Jonn Fuller, assisted by Mes-
where he had been employed onUlames Judd Miller. F. F. Whittle
the road grade this Bummer. A
heavy stowstorm on the mountain
compaiiy were the cause uf
his promotion. Lieutenant El
more's promotion !'as been very
rapid, haring enlisted us a private
in February, 1919, und having
been promoted first to corporal,
then sergeant, then First sergeant
and then to First lieutenant.
Beecher Danford, the appointee
warning to stop given by Night to the office of Second lieutenant,
Policeman Webster Wertz, re-1 First Company, is an ardent work
ceived a shot in the arm while :.t-!er. He was a member of the old
H. J. Carter and Miss Molly Son-
Announcement Luncheon
Mrs. Buy Ladd Sherman of Oak
tempting to make a getaway at an
early hour yesterday morning. Ac
cording to a report from Siskiyou,
a trainman was held up on the
mountain by a party ot hoboes,
The funeral ot the late Georgn
Washington Grow, whose, death
occurred at his home on Emigrant
creek lust Thursday, was held yes
terday afternoon from the Stock
undertaking parlors, with Rev.
C. A. Edwards, pastor of the
Methodist rhiuvli conducting the
services, lluriul was made in the
Kingsbury cemetery. J, M.
Wagner, Butler Walker, C. C.
Walker, Dr. Caldwell, (!. W. Bar
ron and Oscar I.owe, old-time
friends und neighbors, bom the
casket to its lust resting place.
Mr. Grow was born September
11, 1845, in Pennsylvania. Hi
First Company, and has had ser
vice in France. The boys are all!
very enthusiastic over his appoint-1
Colonel White, thr adjutant gen-
ox. i pi,Uf ..p ir....l.AH . Ami nt nnirnn wrnta hntli lleil-i
'. , , .. came west lu 18uS und soon afier
notified to make a search for theU very eucouragli, sltet tmii
robbers.. The chief started at, staling that he had noticed the lr; Cullfornta. Comin
about midnight for the scene of , good work, and felt personally L
the holdup, with an assistant, lee.v- pleased over the appointments 1
ins word for Mrht IMIiceman Sergeant Er Ic tt eren. another j 3,Jt(lp(1 0 u u)Ilu.
WeilZ 10 WatCll out lor SUSPICIOUS; suniu-uy ill ui vuniimiij, nun l-
street was at home at a luncheon i characters on the street. Some' pointed ns First sergeant to sue
to her oldest und most intimate) time later Mr. Wertz came acrossiceed Lieutenant Elmore, who fnr-
frlends Friday afternoon, nt which u party of hoboes, and ordered merly held that position.
time she announced her np-llhem to stop. Instead of obeying' The First Company is now get-
. i t t nt- T..l. 41. n .. r: tt.,. ttiio- ii hnn1 vaiv Vnnliliv Ttirtnil
proacning marmmo .o ..... ;u. m.-. imv o ". - "I daughter of whom, Marv M. Pin-
Henry Parry of Minneapolis, when the policeman shot, after recruits were taken In last week
I stead on Emigrant creek In No
vember, 1 87U.
The deceased is survived by his
wife und ten of tlie eleven chil
dren born to th's union, one.
will make
this possession bis
The body of the late Frank El
liott, who died at Talent yoster-
W. C. Butler will leave today
for Roseburg where he will enter
the Soldier's home to spend the
winter. .
E. D. Brlggs returned home last
night from Oakland where he bad
been called by the critical illness
of his little granddaughter. Mr.
Brlggs states the child Ig still in
a serious condition.
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Carpen
ter, who sold their home recently
on Liberty street with the inten
tion of moving to California, have
decided they canont leave Ash
land, and are going to their ranch
on the Boulevard to live.
Miss Edith Herrln ig among the
Ashland young people to return
to ber studies in the University, of
Oregon at Eugene
John Kernan of Portland was
an Ashland visitor yesterday, the
guest of D. M. Spencer. Mr. Ker
nan will be remembered by all .the
members of the old Ashland First
company ag "Old Honest John."
Mrg. W. E. Newcomb, who has
been the guest of (fiends in Ash
land for several weekg, will leave
today for her home In Redding,
Dr. Bertha Sawyer, was called
to Oakland, Calif., in the early
the big blizzard that struck that
section, and had a strenuous time
getting out. By the time fliey
were ready to leave the snow had
piled u n three feet on the level
in the park, and was still snowing, "ay- wl" "hipped to Crescent
It was necessary for the govern- ultjr Mny morn'ng for burial,
ment team to pull the auto stage! Brief ,u"eral services will be held
oufover the mountain, Mr. Jor- in tlie stock undertaking parlors
don stated, and this broke the Sunday afternoon at about 4
road so he could follow after, but 0 c OCK
be drove through snow for IS
miles through the timber before
they struck bare ground. Ac
cording to Mr. Jordan the roads
were pretty slippery through the
timber and made automobillng
anything but a pleasure trip.
Mr. Jackson, who has lately
come here from North Dakota,
has purchased the Carey place
and acre of ground on Almond
street from the present owner, Mr.
Clark, through the Staples agen
cy. Work has commenced on the
remodeling of the Stephenson
building on East Main street op
posite the city hall, which has been
leased by the Pruitt-Myer Auto
mobile company of Medford. As
soon as completed an up to date
salesroom will be opened.
Two cars collided at thelnter
sectinn of Fourth and B streets
last night but ne injuries result
ed from the accident. I
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Peter, Mr.
and Mrs. Oscar Banks and two
children, Jamie and William, of
Canton, Ohio, have arrived in Ash
land and are guests at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. L. Misch on the
Mr. and Mrs. S. Patterson and
duughter Rose left this morning
by auto for Mudlson, Calif., to
visit their daughter and sister,
Mrs. Oscar Fansteel. They expect
to remain away from Ashland a
month or so.
Misses Grace Chamberlain and
Elizabeth Palmer left yesterday
on an extended sojourn into Cal
ifornia. Thoy are making the
trip by wotor, and will go first to
Pacific. Grove, thence various
points along the coast, and will
be away upwards of six month?.
During their absence their home
will be occupied by Mr. and Mrs.
N. P. Shuler, newcomers to Ashland.
Twenty-six guests sat them. Tlie shot hit one man In i and many more are in line for en-
Tlie splendid training
. . . . , vnn.. ... .. i..rn..i..n .. i nnnt. . Ilul
uOWn 10 a iwo course iiuuuruii, u.i: nun, liiiiii-iiii;-, u mikiil wi-.hii ..n...v.... , .. n
8t 4 o'clock. Tlie tublo decora- wound, tie was t:'.kon to a local una nuvaiuuges inui an ennsi-i
tlons were in yellow and white. I hospital whero his wound was ment In the company offers is
children surviving are as fol-
Assisting Mrs. Sherwin were Mrs.
J. M. Wagner and Mrs. E. J. Van
Teachers' Reception
Regardless of the stormy weath
er about 125 patrons of the pub
lic schools accepted the Invitation
Issued by the Parent-Teachers'
dressed. It Is staled thut his in- very nppcaling.
Jury amounts to very little.
W. II. Grow, Mrs. Aiiiii.t
Williams, Miss Millie Grow, Geo.
P. Grow, H. S. Grow, Ashland.
Mrs. Lydla Hopkins Soda Springs;
IS. P. Grow, Medford; W. It.
.. ni-ni.. nba..ufui.i n..iip . r....
SEASON'S WORK EUGENE The forest reserve. Xe,,le Uornian. Perry, Ida., and
' The Tuffs sawmill which start- leconiiulsunce party that started ! E; A- G,ow- Portland. There are
ed operation last February on the work in July at Crater hike to map,"'8" grandchildren surviving.
Dean Indian mountain closed the out a route for the proposed sky- X(IT,(,K 0,, SH(,-...(...S KUV
season's work this week. This I line highway ulong the summit of I ' ' J 1 '
teachers in the city schools j 000 feet of pine lumber, which eu (Jlisltlluu ciifts. in uine county, -order of Sale duly Issued out of
allow the latter to becomelwus tuken by truck to Medford ' und only a few miles from the Mc-, and under the seal of tlio Circuit
minted with the parents of ' for shipment. A big crew men j Kenzie river highway, according ! Court for tlie
pupils under their charge. Ajwere employed there during the; to N. K Mucduff. supervisor of 5tb. 1920, In a rerfhin action
circles last evening to greet the! mill has cut upwards of 2, 000,-j the Cascade mountains, nas reacn-; Uy ExeclUon ,,.
new teachers In the city schools! 000 feet of pine lumber, which ed Obsidluu cliffs. In Lane county, Order of Sale duly Issued out of
the Dunils
short program whs presented at past summer, eurnlng a payroll tho toscuile national rarest, wuo, therein, wherein Cornelia I.,
which Mrs. J. B, Hunell mid of from $50,000 to $(10,000. This' bus Just returned from a teu days' ! Kingsbury, as plaintiff, recovered
daughters sang to the accompa- sawmill has about three years' op-! trip through the forest. "aTrLK
nlment of ukuleles; Miss I)owlratlon there. The energies of. Members of the purty have sent uj , MrKerrhor, deceased, S.
pleased the audience with a de-the company now will be devot-word to Mr. Macduff thut from s McKercheV and Mildren Part'on.
lightful reading, followed by a 1 ed to getting the lumber off from I Diamond lake to tbe old military as defendants, for the sum of
.h.rminr nc selection bv Missthe mountain while the weather! road over the summit by way ot iieifsi m ju ue
Berna Hnight. The rest of the
evening was devoted to getting
acquainted, and the company ad
journed with a more cordiul rela
tion existing among teachers and
At the hearing held at Taylor's
office in Medford Saturday af
ternoon three men, Clarenee Mc-
Dade, Herman McGlcwn and David
Bearkg, were bound over to the
grand Jul to await trial for hold
ing up a freight train on the
Southern Pacific a short time ugo,
According to tho confession Mc-
Dade is said to have made, he and
McGIown gtole' two suitcases
Boulevard, while enroute to Losifrom Oakland, Calif. They then
Angeles to spend the winter. Mr. iCamelown and held up and robbed
Peter Is a brother of Mrg. Miksch,
Earl Cochran, one of the sing-
a west bound freight train at
Stolnman. In the alleged confes
sion McDade implicated Bearks,
ing evangelists from the Moody! an S. P. brakeman, and two oth
Blble Institute of Lo? Angeles who'ers, for whom tbe county officials
helped conduct the evening ser-jare looking. McDade and Mc
vlces of the Fourth of July cele-j Clown were caught ut Hornbrook
tratlon, came In yesterday with and taken to the county Jail,
bis oldest daughter from the I Bearks was arrested at Dunsmuir.
north where his company had beenj McDade's home Is supposed to be
Thimble Party
As a compliment to Mrs. W. E.
Newcomb of Redding, who has
been visiting friends in Ashlund
for several weeks, Mrs. Louis
Dodge, assisted by Mrs. Harry K.
Tomlinsdn, entertained a party of
friends at her home yesterday af
ternoon. Twelve of Mrs. New
comb's close friends gathered at
Mrs. Dodge's home and spent an
enjoyable time with needle
work. The hostesses served re the close of the af
ternoon, tbe predominating fea
ture of which was a "Lake of the
Woods Sundae," and was hugely
enjoyed by those partaking of this
dainty decoction made from the
product for which that resort is
holds good.
the Willumelte pass u very eusy
'grade1 has been found ami Mr. Muc-
duff says that from his own per
,17. 1915. and the sum of $:i2.1i
with interest from November 5.
1917. und the sum of $55.71 with
interest from June 28, 192(1, all
A Mi STUDENTS., sonal observations l.e knows there at the rate of 8 per rent per an-
More applications for udniis-lls an easy route from that point nu".'' w t i l.a.OO utlor-
... ... i ...... , J. .. .. , v. . ney's fees und $108.35 costs and
sion to the School of Medicine of to the McKenzle river hiKhwuy. ,shiiremontii. which judgment
the University of Oregon have
been received than cun be admit
ted, according to administration
officials of the University. Appll-
Norlh of the McKenzle liighwuy ;, enrolled and docketed in said
the sky-lino highway will of ne-: Court September 18th, 1920.
cesslty be compelled to extend to N,,,i . h""'ly 'VI, Por
tion. I will on Saturday, ovem-
lower lovols owinsr to the vast
moons nave neen received ironiiiava liens on tne senium aim ior her tun. i!i3ii( at in o clock, a. m..
fcraduates of pre-medical depart- several mlleg west of it In eastern at the front, door of the Cotirt
inents of well-known custom in-i l.nno and Llnn'and western Des- house In the City of Jacksonville.
. . 1 . ., ,,, Jackson Counlv, Oregon, offer for
stitutlons as well as those of thoj chutes Counties. It would be prac; hui w, H( I)HHj(, HUCton f().
ocust. A waiting lint for the 1921- tically an Impossibility to build , C118, to n,e highest bidder, to sat
1922 year has nlready been j through the lava beds, says Mr. isfy suld Judgment, with the cost s
formed and is well filled. Owing ; Macduff. of this sain, subject to redemption
to the lack of facl.i.les for hand-j The party, which Is headed by Xst theZu!:
ling a large number of students M. A. Johnson, engineer in the. ants, Jointly or individually, had
at the medical school, only a lim-j lorest service, and F. W. Cleutor, on December 17th. 1913 or have
Ited number are admitted each landscape engineer, expected to since acquired, or now have In and
year reach Mount Hood before the win- " the following described prop-
' , ,. lerty, situated in Jiickson Countv,
ter storms set In, said Mr. Mac- state of Oregon, to-wit:
WHISTLES H HILK HE duff, hut he says that, Judging! Beginning at the northwest cor-
IS HANGING HIMSELF rom tnB progress thej have madnjner of Lot 25 in Block "D" of the
WEBSTER, Mass. Whistling! (nUl far t s doubtful If they w'!Melkle and Payne Addition to the
Cieeriiy. Stanisluw Osinsky 2,; t tnat far lhl, m, j edXld3 "CXi
years old. put a noose around hl on tne ,,,, of M A,,iiti0n, m)W
neck, fastened the other end to PITTSBURGH. Pa. Legally 0f record in the office of the
a gag pipe, kicked out a box which dead and cremated, according to county recorder of Jackson Conn-
he was standing on and strangled the records of the Allegheny V- "r7"' 'T. "ou,n .
. . ,i . , ,., - v. ihundred (400) feet; thence west
Oslnsky returned from work und morgue, his wife waiting for his on(J hlindrt(l, un(, aixiy tifM (HS,
ate a hearty meal with his pa- ashes, Samuel hcolt,' aged (eet; thence north four hundred
rents. He was chatty and smil-1 years, supposed to bare been (400) feet; thence east one nun-
Slsklyon Teacher Wnls
Ashlund friends of Miss Jane
M.' Gilchrist, teacher of the pub
lic aphnnl. at Rllflvnii i v a rnrplv-
ing the announcement of her mar- lug. He told his mother he wouldj murdered last July and big body I ?! ".l1" '"'!
hlriripn nn a tnwhnat. relumed a . . ' ...
; Ing alley on east giue.
rlage to Archie J. Craig, one of chop some wood in the cellar.
Glenn Rhodes, a mail clerk, has part of this week to the bedside conducting an evangelistic tour in Bates City, Mo., and he claims
come up from Oakland and will of little Lois Maurice Brlggs,: through Washington and Canada.! to be a locomotive fireman. Mc
be employed In the service out niece of Dr. Sawyer, and grand-! The rest of the company came In Clown gives hlg residence as Po
Irom Ashland for a time. I daughter of Attorney E. D.lcars at far as Grants Pass, and.teau, Okla. ,
the telegraph operators at Siski
you. This marriage took place
September 4, but announcements
of' tbe bappy event were not is
sued until this week.
She heard her son whistling few days ago. and tbe fact was re-: Dated at Jacksonville. Oregon.
and thought be was piling up ported to the coroner's office. September 25th. 120.
wood. Instead be was arranging j When the other body wag found,
hi noose. No cause for tbe was Identified br Mrs. Soott,
icide wag known. I who arranged tor Its cremation.
Sheriff Jackson County. Oregon.
,5-4-Wed Deputy,