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    Oregon Historical tooUty,
NO. 4
i an in njiuanu
Cnrr, chief qunrtormaster,
W. E. Barrlntrii, chief phnr-
mate, V.
Wants Petitions Ten Years Savings Stadium Pianned
Signed This Week Fill 2-Gallon lug For Orient Games
Autos Collide; PaMinders Will
Two Men lnured Come to Ashland
for nil liriinphpa nf th nervIrA
ors. according to J. A. Cl.uicl.ill. j The ow 22 tradeH
state i.uiierliitmi.lent of public In-j 8ch()0,8 Mi- rtlftei.em tl.a(leB.
structio"- Ages for enlistment 17 to 36; pay
, Jacksonville, Jackson coun-l mnglng from t0 $12fl per
ty, has appealed for permission to, monthi ExCellent chances for pro
suspend for one year, with a pro-1 , und retirement,
posul to send their high school; 1
students to Meillord hy wagon,
paying their tuition under pro
visions of the high school tuition
fund act
Merrill, in Josephine
county, also fuces the name proh-l
lem. Should it hccame necessary
to suspend these schools, the su
perintendent declared, they would
not necessarily lose their rating as
LONDON. (Ily Mail.) The
much maligned "Whitehall Flap
pers" have made good.
All those young phis who dur
ing the war scandalized their so
ber brethren In government of-
A Nash auto tnxl from Med-; The secretary o? the Chamber
ford and u lumber truck met In of Commerce has rfceived the fol-
t.lowinir rnniniiiiifviHnn f....... .....
morning. The taxi. Xntimmi p,i..l. . ti..i, Paris inv i.,n .. -r...,.
commissioners attend In the; gallon Jug. He removed the cork.' the Oriental Olympic sports, To- which was coming toward Ash- Association i..i,,i... American Red fm,. n'm,.,. r....
t.,awu.t I. ... .....I :.... ...I !.. UnttnM atfla llll lr .... 1. t... .. .. , . ... i ...... .,..b lll.H.lll ...... ... .
. ..,, ..,.. j.. ..... . ... almoin;, iniici, comuiucu iwo passengers, ; men! : tains Robert
building program. Ily being out ever the counter and a' stream 01 park and stadium at a cost of more one of whom was thrown com-
A most Important meeting of MOONVILLE, Vt. One after-, TOKYO, Aug. 19. (By Muil.i
the State Highway Commission j noon this week Penn' Bulger of. In order that she may take a
.,. . uiucihib maie, i1. a. navy, win occurs next ween at wnicn it is roim eniereu uio communnins place in athletic collision at Phoenix lit about
.' 1 ' be Jn Ashland from September 21 imperative that the county judge change bank here carrying a two- events in the Orient, particularly 1 o'clock this
Of tllO smaller hig 1 SCllOOls 111 Or- ... 04 . Wl,t,lir lnfnimntliiti ' nnil i-nmniiimliinor.. nftniwl In Iho ! oa Him In it J In removed the COrk. ' I ha flvlontu I nlu,ni,l T
egon face the prospect of being! ,,.,., .,, ,. ,, , ,,.
compelled to close their doors I . . 1 7 7,7 - - - --0 ., L-umulu(.u lwu passengers, , nient : tains Robert S. Doman, of Hay
... , , , , . i'iei Ausiui. Appucanis wanieu Dunning program, uy ueing out ever tne counter anu u sireum ui pars anu siauium at a cost of more one of whom was thrown com-i ti.. n.....i 1 i- ., ritv ..i t !..
.uiuiigu mummy 10 employ tencn- ,(1P 1,.nhoa , ,ho ,h m.l,u,..i. ..tnir!. ,n.. nrt n.r.: ih,.n . mtiii .. t... ....... ... ... .. . . .. I . " "t .-". - '"
, ..i ... , , .. , i,t, ,)lt.lely Cleur lrom lno car Dy ine the National Park to-Park high- Seattle, Wash., who have re-
mlssioner, could not accept the ters ran out. will be larger than the Olympic impact, while the other was; way, numbering about tweuty per- ned to Paris a'ter an official
county seat removal petitions at Bulger piled up the coins In the track in Stockholm, and great care pitched headforemost over the!son., among whom are sevenl tour of Northern Anica give som
the end of the month and there- different denominations and open- has been exercised in the planning ; driver's seat, striking the brakes women, will par.s through Ashlaud interesting figure, to Indicate
fore these must be presented ed an account. He had 1100 pen- thereof, this being In charge of and sustaining serious lacerations, on the way from Med ford to that Morocco is rapidlv gaining In
somewhat earlier than anticipated, nles. 300 nickels, 1700 dimes and experts Who were sent to Europe, of the sculp. The driver was un- Hornbrook, Calif., the morning of on0mic Importance.' From
Due to the above conditions, U 00 quarters. , to study the best tenures of tracks hurt. The car was badly dam-! October 6 wild expanse of unproductive
those having petitions are re-1 Bulger said the Jug was getting there. The tracks will Include aged, one wheel being completely! The officers. Including Mr tius country, peopled hrgely hy Aral,
quested to double their efforts tojheavy and that Mrs. Bulger of 400 yards mid another of torn off and the radiator budlyj Holms of Cody; Mr Scott I eavit't trlb. in 1912, Morocco has de
get as many signatures as poBsi-! gestedhat they deposit the money 200 yards, but the original plan smashed. The injured men were of Oreat Kails- Mr Hirry' X veloped in the pa-t seven yean
ble before next Thursday evening j In the bank. He said that be and to Include a baseball diamond was taken to a house nearby and first Buruhans of Denver- also Mr A what promise, to become a
as the petitions must be turned in! his wife had been dropping the abandoned, it being common opin- aid rendered. i,. Westgard. pathfinder for 'the thriving modern commercial und
to the county clerk on Friday to ; coins in the jug for ten years, and Ion that the two features cannot : American Automobile Assoc!... Industrial nation doing busines.
oe cnecxeu up anu Saturday will tnui ne nau no idea inai u cun- ue successfully combined. iir. imiii-mi.ii
be the last day upon which the tained $326. j On the west side of the field "N Itl VIMi I.AKK
standardized high schools, as per
mission to close could be granted
in an emergency.
Rural grade schools are begin-
fices with their cups of tea alid , commission could accept the peti-l
power-puffs are no longer rccog-! tions so thut the question may JAf'KSO.V COl'.NTV IX
nlzable 11s "fl-.-pper;." They arel'iPPear upon the ballot for the1
I will be an Inclined grassy slope, vte of .15b for to H-'Mtional Parks Mather
tlon; .Mr. 0. Van tt'yck, personal on a huge scale In all the markets
representative of Director of Xa- (,r the world.
and Mr.
I Novomher election.
The committee have estimated!
COIWTV IX ; which will be able to accomino- against, the electors of Ashland -MlthPr hmaelf W(hU1 b8 , o K;,;s K( nKASK
IXDrv.TRIAIi RACK" date some 40,000 spectators, ' decided in the special water elec-; ,mvo )m ' Wl,rolne thopartvL. PKICK
wnue on the east side will be u'1""1 1101(1 naturuay, that the city
SALEM, Sept. 1G Industrial ! grandstand with seats for 15,000 ot Ashland should bond Itself in
.distributed in all directions.
A smull minority of the ultra
itniwi.ini'nni on,xa hni in that Ash lu ml s iou 1.1 furnlHh 700 contests for oovs auil girls Belli spectators. Inside this stund will .tlie sum of siuil.oon for the ..r-
ning to open and no reports huvetlle n'nrpntal roof but tho great signatures to this petition, but attach year at the state fair have be dressing and bath rooms, din- l)ose of building a dam and res
yet been made us to Uio teacherj majorj,y ure wor,K 1Hr,i t0 geti'he Present time there are lesseen arranged on a larger scale ing halls and even dormitories for ervoir up Ashland creek, for the
shortage, although the situation tue 0)(, Col,ntry p jtg commor.j than 200 who have signed. Citi-itliis year by the state department ; visiting teams. Work on leveling' '"Piovemt'iit of the water sltiia
is expected to show a serious con-i , . . . . .. , . ,,ln,Jzens who are interested are nrt-p.l of education and the Oregon state I the grounds has alienilv hnL.nn lion In this city.
i.iiiuii in inn iiiuiif leinoie lurai , i,i,n i.. ..,--. ..rn... ..j In niun nn nf tho ..otltinn. nnt I lierlcilltnrHl rollecc. 'and It Is exnecleil tlnit ll.o oil,o
partv In I'KK K IM'KKASKri
some way when It passes throuitli The Ashl.ellent Egg society dis-
your town. posed of S.lsX dineu eggs dur-
"If you arrange to send a cur or ing the month ot August. This
t-o to Medford to escort the car- shows the usual lulling off in
avnn, such cooperation would be numbers for this month, but the
appreciated. pr0B quite materially increased.
The Chamber of Cnmnierru U Th miiiii,.... .r .....i ..i .
in banks, lawyer's offices, and t0 sle one of the petitions not agricultural college. and It Is expected that the entire 1 Aitnougii only about 30 per cent ,, uki.. i,lM ..,.,... ....: .. ,...,.,........ ,.
Ul .... t ... lulor thun UrD,l..oH., ... Tl I P I r,.lvn i ... rhuriro l.f . cl met Mia ulll I,. . ..I.....I I... nf tlie 111 villi vara I II i-nu.l In ll.o ' IIIOII1II
uig iiiiiuiiriuiui iiousea oi uiii-"' iiium ... - ,.. ,,,. , - i cooperation of unvoiin nleresleil u-oie- k'iiut
kinds. Ulay of this week. 'the exhibit and, in order to pro-; 1!2J
I When the iilnlnir dav nf nenna! Petitions are to be found at Cit-' mote enthusiasm nmong the boys
Ky. The worn- cied score, nf envemment rteJizens Bank. C. B. Lamkln. T. H. land girls, has spent much time in! ACCIDENTS ARK FEWER
en oi l it. kk ine, lenn., nave or- partments, there was a general Simpson, McNair Bros., Poley's ; traveling over the : state. He said The field of railroad operation
ganized and are operating the; reluctance nmong the employers
nisi an leniiniiie uaiiK in Ainer-;l0 give these girls a trial. How
Drug Store, W. M. Barber, G. F. he had the assurance thut the fol- ifc growing less hazardous and the nlaccs s,tln(l follows:
Billings, State Bank of Ashland, 'owing counties will be represent-j g,ade crossing safer to the nubile' '"' Hill
ica. The bank will be known asjover. some of the more enterpris-j First National Bank, E. T. Sta-ied: Clackamas, Polk, Wasco, Til- according to Interesting statistics ! Por 1118
the First Woman's Bank of Ten-! ine came forward and eneaeed ! Pies, Ashland Chamber of Co.n-; h.mook, Washington, Jackson, I assembled hv R. .1 Clancv .,i,i. 'Against 73
cm-l- y.ixt i..,n . fl t .1....
!.: I.. . .. ... ' ' MI-ftT-H ill
" " "u""' " 1,1 jln giving this party a welcome toGIt cents; second week. 1043 dot
of the ..sua vote lu this city at A8l,l.,.l to co, unica.e with tho en at 55 cents; third week, 60
.!.:.. CiuiHiii. ; chamber of Cojnmerce.
Tim vnlo lit llio tu,. i,..l1(t,iv:
.w..,.. - COi .I...,.. ... so
'. .lur.cii in ,.a i.oina.
dozen ut 57 cents: fourth week,
Iiesseo. All the officers and dl-iDatches of them regardless of thei'nerce, L. F. Ferguson, J. H. Me-'Multnomah, Douglnr:. Malheur and j nt to general manager In charge
rectors are married women. Nnlaitetjon they paid to silk stock-Oe. Rose Bros.. Enders, Murphy! Sherman. There will be many in- 0t safety for the Southern Pa-
loiinh St. Station
Against 61
This Hives a total of votes
Alex Sparrow, superintendent SYDNEY. X. S. W. The Prince
,3g f Crater Lake Natioual park, has of Wales had an unhappy liltle
" announced that the tourist travel adventure in a burli hotel, lie
to uruier lane this year will break desired to treat everyone In the
male employes are tolerated antl nts and powder-puffs and from f-lectric Shop, Pacific Telephone dividual exhibits, which will be! cfic eompany,
inn nil n if innpi:i in in,,na tn , ... . .. . n. mi t. .. , .. n, in-nnnnyi .niih ti.nA t kA . . ...
" ; 1UIMIII UTS JIIHUt) UV IIIB L DlieU , iu u., J I ' I It V I Kill I " n-" ' x ut3 DlOU-ijOOK-L.lHLen mill- 'a " " i 'tii , i --j it.. , A . . . . -
women, although men aro not put j ,.r0s, they have not regretted It.! Store, East Side Pharmacy, H. P.,oiis county displays. ' paign inaugurated by the road and 1 01191 "ut of registration in tho ' ' . " 71 , i T , , " T""''
1)11 tho prohibition list. n-... . , I...t.-. n....f oD... ........ i Other counties In Orecnn Hnini I ,. Ultv of 5Snn ! Vl8't01" a"(l 4878 lllni0- Admiral Halsey to whom he up-
I HO PCllClttl Ul a 1UIKU HI1IIJ-I u,.i uuocij, Kl.:ill " 1UIIUWBU U II IJVI SIHieil I IV UaS
club work are: Coos, Yamhill, ( brought about a reduction in1 ext Thursday the second spe
lling firm declared that the girls' Grocery, Holmes Grocery.
i.e "much more assiduous than
i a i a hi it u iiiuiu nnmuuuun llluil i
WASHIXfiTOX. Bootleggers men in their work." 'CAMPAIGN IS ON
Who decide to sh-. their whisky A representative of the Har- l'()R REMOVAL OF
in egg shells should mark the! rod's department store said they
rases, "handle with care," as a had not turned down any uppli-
crato broke receiilly at a West cants fur posts merely because The campaign '-.r the removal;
Virginia station and an Illegal : they had formerly been in gov-1 of the county seat from Jackson
odor filled the air. A prohibition ; eminent employ. This firm hasjville to Medford is now in full
ngent Investigated end found that! absorbed many Whitehall flap-' swing and petitions for placing
Columbia, Hood River, Marlon, Rrnde crossing casualties
in the
cial water election will he held,
ones nad registered at the lake, pealed also waa broke. "I haven't
which is an increase of 22 per a shilling on me," said the ad
eem over the highest previous rec- miral. Another member of the
staff came to the rescue. 1'nlnn Prnnlr riaa.hiitaa r .... I wlion n nr.uwiuut f,t ,. ...n. ,.11 n it ihn
" " ' , ', ' ,ilacB 01 a ""SO increase in the " " , "- '" - ord made at this date In 1919
Baker, I matllla, Morrow and ' ,imi,er nf nntf.m..h:iou ... ... i 1 city charter, and issuing bonds
K'xmatli. i the territory traversed hv the 1,1 ,,ll sllm of 100-000 (r , . . .
Southern Pacific line, Wh-r.B. ! 1 f PrchaslnR tho Buck'""'"" "WV . 'auqua platform
,.. ....... ., . Inlte mneh nf nig imm. . . Mr. Ilr. I OLl TKI) f creek trout at
in uio nisi six mouins oi inn, - -
there were 23 people killed and llllin,llt W'1'01' Il'y for the city
ix hk;h SCHOOL
Tlio Jackson county Red Cross
has arranged for a course in home
the ecus hud been rnrnfiiiiv hinn-n ! nur. on,i thoi .i, ..... - .... v..... , Hygiene anu me care or me SICK
" .... m. av lliu lliuunilia llllUll IIIU UUHUl H1C
and filled with wlil'l.y, after which jiorted us giving us much satis- now being circulated in Ashland
the apertures were carefully faction as those of any other class' as well as in other parts of the
pealed. I of employes. r county.
" ' 1 ! It is evident that before very
85 injured ut grade crossings,
during the same period in 1919
'there were 17 killed and 80 In
will be voted upon
Buck luko is a mountain mead
ow, nearly clrcu:ur in shape,
that Spencer
tills Unto of th
year ure too to eut. He also
told of the Government Fisit
A great n.anv neonle seem to ",,out ,w0 mile" ln diameter, sur-! hatchery further down on the
have the Idea that a.lo.itli.n of the .rounded by low, rounded lira- creek. Why has the government
to be introduced in the public' jlm, for mo; Ashland creek plan automatlc,!, ''f -here the fish
, told of the obstacles In the way : long the county will need more
of getting a water supply from that adequate quarters to keep the rec-:
CREEK WATER PROPOSED source for the city, and the al-lords which are now partly being
At the noonday luncheon of the, most prohibitive cost of the un- stored in a woodrhed und the'
Ashland Chamber of Commerce dei-taking. j question of Investing additional;
today the water question was the! During the luncheon Mayor j county money at the present coun- j
main subject of discussion und Lnmkin earnestly asked all thejty seat must be decided by the'
talks were made by several pres-jvotei-B of the city to get out elec-! voters ot 'he county. j
ant in favor of the Ashland creek tion day, Saturday, September 18, The question of the removal ofi
reservoir project which Is to be j and vote for the Ashland creek, the county seat has been one of!
voted on this week Saturday. 'water supply proposition. ' oug standing and villi the growth!
The water committee of the' II. O. Frobacu, secretary of the of .Medford, which Is ideally geo-
chamber presented a report in Medford Commercial Club, con- graphically located, and with
which they unanimously indorsed gratuluted the citizens of Ashland Jacksonville way off to one side
the Ashland creek project as fol-! on the purity of the present water ! and most Inconvenient for the
greater number of residents of the
county to reuc, the removal to
Medford is the most logical solu-
lows: supply Hnd hoped their problem
"The water comiiiuteo of the of water shortage would be ami
Chamber of Commerce after care-!cably settled to the satisfaction ot
ful investigation, in a meeting held all concerned at the coming water! tion of the question.
Tuesday evening unanimously en- elections. The principal object! Naturally with such u reino"
doised the Ashland creek project of his visit to the luncheon, Mr. ul the county as a whole will suf
us submitted to the vote ot Ash-'Frobach stated, was to ask the aid fer a financial loss in its invest-
land people September 18. The of the Ashland Clnmber of Com- ment in the present court house : J'kj,;skT YEAR HAS
commiiiee leei mat tins is en- :merce in securlns the removal uuiuting. I His will be more than i
tlrely feasible and that the city's, of the county seat from Jackson-! offset with the stie which the city!
Interest will be well" protected,, vllle to Medford. He wanted the of Medford will furnish when the!
schools. The course will be open
to the junior and senior girls of
'the high school, and is In the
hands of Miss Margaret Van
Scoyoc, recently from New Y'ork,
It is stated Miss Van Scoyoc will
have charge of the work In Ash
land and Medford high schools,
and will plan giving the course In
Rogue Hiver, Gold Hill and Phoe
nix as soon as arr-jugements cun
bo made.
This course, as furnished by the
American Red Cross, simply
rounds out the heme economics
of the school curriculum, with a
I knowledge of cooking und sewing,
, gained in the schoo1 room supple
mented by this course in home
sanitation and the fundamental!
principles of caring fur illness in
the home, the younc womun Is pre
pared to take on with a good de
gree of Intelligence the care of
a home and family.
kills the Buck lake proposition.
of this year fatalities were re
duced to 13 nnil (1 Injuries.
This achievement In accident
prevention Is regard")! particu
larly noteworthy In view of the
fact that about twe-thirds of the
mileage of the .Southern Pacific vo,e "" thfl '"l"1"' creek
Is lu territory where climatic con
ditions permit motoring every day
In the year and the range of n.i-
nurrow gash In the Hills lets the ralsed.will he unfit to eat hecaus.i
1 Ufuluna uiI.IaI. JiikIu tl.l.. I . u a I. .. ..
This, however, is not the case. The1 """ ' '""y 'ur iney must
Buck lake project Is submitted to ' rW"V0,r lt 1,1,0 s"en- grow In?
the volers by Initiative llptlllon 'er creek, eveutuaHv finding their Such marsh as exists in Buck
and the election on this matter1 Wuy ln, Klt,vdth rlver' 1,1 "'"i1" owe" ilH l"t-n ""liiely to
must he held regardless of thellry Sea9on ,,,e mwMl" ' used ,0 lhu f,u," '""- !
I'amiiiu st-ier.u iiiiuiiiHu ueuu oi tne snaiiowi.ess ul t lie water in
cat". summer. With t!.e construction
The springs which gush from of a dam bottling up tho outlet
the western edge of tho meadow this marsh will be obliterated. At
form a stream flowing easterly, maximum high water this portion
Issue, and exaclly the same as
though this had never been voted
Should it cany the cily will be
lumuuiiea iier citmiu ui iiumna-f .Mu nir iua r !,r..,- .1.. 1... 1 1...1 .... . .. ...
., - .... ...bound to bo ahead with the build-! ""v" ","" e uuneu iweu.y-iw,.
nun is umuiig ine uiguesi 111 ine ' " 'outlet
Cnited States. California rival.. 01 lne "1,m 1 c.ees,
all states, having now about one-l"" n "lfi l"KI"K "tM lMe
tenth of all tho rutomobiles , , uck nine propeny. n. eveui
the country. l"
. . ... lni.,1 itu ti ufinrim
Tlie comparison cr casualties to 1 .......... sediment
supply aner ino ua.e comes w uen
The Ashland Frlut and Produce
association is one of the busiest
that the water supply Is ample if assistance of the Chamber in get- time for the building of a newj sections of the city these days caret,, anu n is ing signatures on an initiative pe- court nouse win De considered. Ac
much preferable to the so-called tition to go on the ballot at the cording to the laws, the county
13ck Lake project which would; November election. Mr. Frobach cannot bond itself for the build
involve an expense that would be, told of the unsafe condition in : Ing of a court house It must ere
prohibitive und not justified when which the county records were ate a sinking fund and therefore
this other source is available. Ttle'now being kept und said it was it will be a good many years be-
committea also feel that the an Imperative necessity that some lore sufficient money will have
where packing and shipping of
fruit is going on from early morn
ing until lute at night. While the
fruit crop this year is much'light
er than that of years, tho
quality is excellent, and the asso
ciation has nothing to complain
neeu oi waiur is imperative and relict ue taken in this matter. Het'eeii accumulated before u new of wh(m lt come3 t0 everything
inai ii is me Bi-in.meiii oi me ma- asaea tne voters oi tne county to, court nouse could ec nuilt.
jority of the people of Ashland assist Medford In securing the nee-1 The petitions which are now be
that the City Council go ahead 1 essary 2500 signatures to the peti-l ing circulated in Ashland are for
with this Ashland Creek project! tlon. I the purpose of pluclng the removal
at once. President Ferguson of the ion the county seat upon the bul-
"Measuremeiits have been ta-'Chamber of Commerce, stated the lot for the November election,
ken of the water during the past matter of removal of the countyl There should be no objection on
employes, reportable to the In
terstate Commission for the first
six mouths of the years noted
Killed Injured
1918 29 14,16
1919 29 12:19
1920 20 1129
iu a swampy marshy con- teet of water and at low stage 1111-
dition. We visited the place on der at least five. The shores of
September 0 of this year. Some ll.o lake thus created will be
proposition would be 0 -- e.e.ywae.o 011 sloping ground.
una nun ii anu mining 11 11 ine nen tne lime, as come II
that the water will eventually, for undertaking
of permanent
emerging Into Spencer creek hud , the project of bringing this water
a murky uninviting appearance. , Into the valley, If careful study
Yml pint hla i. uf.ok u.,,1 all. i,.i nt .1.. 1 -. .i.i. .. . .e ...
growing needs of the city. ! , , ' " ,-" , B,u""" ""'' l""""-1
It is urged hy projectors of thel "" ""T' ",""1S l"8 worW "" ""'" should dictate the neces-
the waters of creek are
found Insufficient to supply the
Buck lake plan that this project
opens the way for Irrigation ot
surrounding valley lands, and thin
cause the same effect.
sity therefor, which is highly
It is this inursli which Is the Improbable, the pretent marsh can
basis for such extravagant state- be destroyed and a recurrence ot
Computed on the basis of lo-i
comotlve miles and man-hours'"' Hie city
these casualties show less than
one fatality per 1,000,000 loco
motive miles and 3.000,000 man
hours in the first six months of
this year.
' lllt'lltH lid Hull if piiiiv.ii'ImiI lt!t 11 .......ul... ..lit: 1..1.....1 1 1:.
will greatly aid in the upbuilding, V" . ' . , , """ y u m-
1-iiMi.rviili I 111 wiilui'ii i.f Itn, .If li.Lu II.. 1....
. u. n .unu,.,.. buikiih cALttittuua or otuer
would not be fit for human con- construction which can be calcu
sumption. As a matter of fact luted and added to the estimate,
the urea of tulo hind us compared The waters of the reservoir will of the meadow Is very, be lu constant motion, by over
small. One ot the present city i flow discharge at the dam or out-
The derision at the polls Sat
urday to adopt the Ashland creek
water nronoHitlon. does not cl.i
away with the necessity of voMhk connoll. in arguing how little wa-(flow toward the valley.
li ke nln 1. next 11 l""""e" " meauow, s.aie.i i ne purity of the water which
It simple changes the 1111,1 l move a liea' iiy loaded uu-. percolates from t'.o Buck lak.i
lomoiiiie across the above- drama go area is ton well known
season when the flow of water was .seat would be taken up by the
ut a minimum and it nppeurs from j proper committee of the cham
these measurements that the sup-! ber, and he had no doubt but what
ply Is adequate to fill the proposed! a favorable report would be made,
reservoir and ump'.v take care of! Mr. Ferguson also stated that the
I the part of the voters signing same
as the vote will be taken at a time
when no additional expense is in
volved by the county, it being bal-
..... 'upon tho Buck
Itr.i.n ..i.-x.i ii mi
i i T iikk THI..UT T'orxday
,. .. ., question before the voters.
i.e-iusiiuiu,, in. rrom me rntll Saturday lh alter to be ''"""" stream. If that con- to permit of any adverse argu-
edge of the grave to the altar, and w li f ( ( (illnll f bnB ,, ,,,. ,.eTa,lH ,, thilt teorti
from the role of a murderer to ' ' w hi.I, Mr. R. P. Neil and others Just a word about the amount
but peaches. This latter crop is ,u0 ""&" " "u"1"" villB (,.ci,,.( , ,d ,, Ah,. publicly declared, wo fail to see of water avuilubl". The quantity
slim this year, but those on thejeveutl a lo"K jM"'p' " Artl,Ur, land creek's water snpplv, the linw ,l,e c,,r c011'1' lu" through, being discharged during the dry
market are exceptionally fine, pre-i Cunningham and Catherine Eck-l(iH(Htui m)w j(( Kha1 (,.(v These gentlemen have strenuously scuaon has little or no bearing on
suniubly on account of the small enrode, both of Gettysburg, mmlu lirchB(e , ,ll(,k lke ,.,,,., v endeavored to convey the lnipres-the subject. It Is the total aver
amount on the trees. I IHh a source of additional si Iv 8'"" tl,at l,uck ''' reservoir I age yearly amount which cun be
Two years ago the young cnu- Ahih1)(. Cl.p(l( BIpl,v would be a perpetual swamp, pol- caught and stored which count:!
pie were lovers and through jeal- ' inadenente'" , 1,10 wa,er' in eIU,"y the mid this has already been stated
ousy and resentment young Cun- , , ,. ,
Pears are a good crop this year,
as are plums and prunes. The
Bartlett pears hnvc been packed
and shipped, and next week will
see the packing of the D'AnJou
the Bosc and Cornice. Indications
nlngham made a murderous a-
the shortage in the summer sea- noonday luncheons would not be
loted upon at the regular election. . ,,0int to a good crop of these later
Petitions In Talent are to be; pears. The association has lust
son doubling the present supply established during the fall and found at Louis Brown's store, the finished shipping out a car of
during tlie months of July, August ; winter season and urged a large!State Bank of Talent; Wolter'ai mixed fruit consisting of peaches.
und September. i attendance by the members of the
"The State Engineer has to glvo i chambet.
his approval to all reservoir prop-1 Those attending the luncheon
ositious of this sort before on-: today were:
struction is commenced and the! Emil Pell, E. J. finlscr, E. D.
city would be protected by expert j Briggs, W. M. Briggs, Dr.
ndvice as to the character of the R. L. Pnrdio. M. S. Bea-
dam needed in this particular lo-'ver, A. M. Beaver, George L.
cnlity." jTreichlcr, Medford; J. M. Wag-
Mayor Lamkln explained about ner, Frank Jordan, O. H. Johnson,
general store and Nyswaner pool plums and pears to Klamath
hail. . i-aiu.
i The large addition to the asso-
SHEEP MAKE MEAT iciation's plant is completed and
OF WASTE PASTURE j affords much better facilities to
The keeping of a reasonable) the work In the building,
number of sheep on the average j
farm does not necessitate the REGISTRATION' CLOSES (MX 2
keeping of fewer dairy cows or Registration books will be open
other grazing stock. This fact ' until October 2, and all who wish
In other words It is now un to1"""6 wuy ,lu,t l"lre streams to he about 25,000 acre feet. If
i h tnviinvBin in .IokIiIi. uriw.iiin. : ""wl" llt0 I'pper Klamath lake anyone wants the figure In gul-
sault upon the young woman with y w(1 ;,,,,,,, llpon ()n sllpl,y j become polluted, rendering them. Ions there are 325.851 gallons in
to be obtained from the bond Is- Mn" """serous lor domestic ; one acre foot. Hut we repeat that
a knife, inflicting a deep and dan
gerous gush in -her throat, from
which she neurly lost her life. served two years in
the Huntington reformatory and
then returned to Gettysburg,
where he at once renewed his suit
for the hand of the girl he had
tried to kill. He won the suit.
sue voted Saturday and make no!
; the dry season discharge from
arrangement for additional wa- """" "uy uv a .ew oeep i.ucs .uae is more than two. pos-
iter until this supply proves (nail- 1 " 1 ,,mr vl1"1""11 ,u ouisiiiiy tour, times tiial of Ashland
equate, or shall thev procure that 11 ' c,Iecl ver-' lnm neet Ol.creen. flowing water can he. and
additional supply now In anlicipa-! n'ltnr' Thl" luke ordered, not Is. measured with the same cer
tlon of the future hy a few bul by m""y nun-' trlnty as wheat, sugar or gasoline.
As to the merits ot the proposal, ! dreds of acres, of tule or swamp. We ma'de a careful measurement
ii,! in netinn in i, ,i,.tr.i llere ln waters lie and stagnate., of the' Buck lake discharge on
The young couple procured a mar-mined mMy hv the ,erested "nd ,lie waten wnlch discharge! September 6 of tnte year and oh-
nage iicenst. anu were mairie... laxpayprll und jt js , he hoped ,nru,R" ,n, rler owe tnelr latned a result of sixteen cubic sec-
rr.or 10 ner marriage me oro",, more than 30 percent will bo ""ny c"11"1110" to this Ona teet. Thil retult is lower
the reason for calling the water! J. W. Millner, Dr. V. E. Buchan-was determined bv the I'nited'to vote at the general election No
elections and said he was pleased 'an, F. E. Watson, R. p. Neil, L j States Department of Agriculturel vember 2 should register before
with the action of the water com-!F. Ferguson. H. H. Palmer. H. R
mittee ot the Chamber of Com- Lamkln, J. E. Fuller, C. B. Lam
jnerre and a.lvocale.l the passage' kin, H. O. Frobach, Medford; J.
In its recent investigation of the former date i' they have not
sheep-raising posibilities in New already done so. Those who have
England. It was found that farms! moved Into another precinct since
of the Ashland croek water pro-jW. McCoy, C. A. Edwards, G. W. : where sheep are kept successfully; the lust time they registered must
;Gregg, J. H. McGoe, H. H. Lea-! have practically the same number re-register before voting. Places
had been employed as a stenogra
pher and typist In a lawyer's of
'interested enough to turn out and
WASHINGTON Airplane mail
service between th? 1'iiited States
But whether It l desired to se
cure this additional supply now or
later, it will be necessary
voters to cast their ballots on the
! subject next Thursday. As mat
ters stand at present, the city may
widespread stagnation and the than any dry period measurement
consequent vegetable and animal yet taken Includlii' those by En-
deeay. We are asked to apply the'glneer Dillard In 1918.
same rule to the waters to be State Engineer Cenner savs that
for the'd,'awn ,rom Buclt ,ake reservoir, jthe waters of Buck lake weru
One year ago th; very time we withdrawn pending the investlga
caught rainbow trout in Klamath tlon for the possil ility of their
river near Keno. They were pre- use In the valley. They are now.
and Cuba will be inaugurated this; b u.,f!rl both l.ronosl-1 l"ired for the table h,lt "" to OP1"" for filing and that
ti,,ns. ; lllrwn out on account of their cation of their use, tie says, will
full. Announcement of the award
Other speakers of the water vitt, Dr. E. A. Woods, Dr. Gor- and kinds of other livestock as to register are as follows: of the first contract for the dis-i . .. .. . . . . . muddy taste. On September of be made which will best conserv.t
committee of tin Chamber of don MacCracken. C. H. Pierce, E. other farms of like area where no! Northwest Ashland, Ashland patch of foreign mall by seaplane n(h(ir MUtw ,)o lt Cet out to the! ,nl" 5,ear we caui!nt a mess of public Interest,.. Two hundred
Commerce also expressed their fc. siarey, w. H. McNair, A. C.
.views on the suhjret and stated Briggs, V. O. N. Smith, H. G. En
why the Ashland creek project was1 ders. Jr., J. C. Cotter, J. H. Ful-
inore feasible than tlie Buck lake ler. Dr. Maude Hawlcy. Mrs. J. H
sheep are kept, and that the acre-1 West Central, Susie L. Allen.
age In crops on the two classes of' Southwest Ashland, Ashland
farms is substantially the came. Boulevard, East Ashland, C. L.
The inference is that the farmer Loomls.
'Fuller. Mrs. C. B Lamkln, Mrs.lwho keeps no sheep Is simply' North Ashland, Ashlund Oak.
An extended talk was made by H. E. McGee, Mrs. W. H. McNair, throwing away encugh pasturage Ashland East Central. West Ash-
was made by Postmaster General
dally transportation nf mail be
tween Key West and Havana for
r-ne year from . Ort. 15. First
class mail weighing four pounds
polls and express your own opin- ollf Spencer creek Just below acre feet would more than serve
Ion In the matter, whether for or!""clt 'ak,, outlot- They were de- the hundred odd acres near the
against, then you will have a le-""'0"- Tl,, nunt,nK season hud mouth of Spencer c-eek, and pot
gltlmate right to "kick" If things! "Ht 0Pen,,d and within the mile'sibly the hatchery, if It Is still In
don't go to suit you. .below the lake at least five use. would demand as much
If vnu dun't vnt i..., I swamps were established. The more, though I am reliably in-
n. P. Neil regarding the Buck Mrs. Frank Jordan, Stella J. Lea- that cows and other livestock do land, Hellevlew. Bsrron, Billings, six ounces or less will he handled ! certllnl have fausB fo. ' .camper were all using this wate- formed it is not now running.
uke water project In which helvltt.
! not utilize to net him a profit. j office.
jat 6 cents an ounce.
plaint, no mattor what Is done.
Mr. Briffs stated from the Cbau-i