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    Voilni-Hi1a.v, February 4, 1020
AStltAKl) ttfeERL- T1DIXC8
, Established 1876
Published Every Wednesday by
!;?- i.LltI
srnsciui'Tio.v rates by mail
One Year ". '- 00,
Six Months 1
' Three .Months . 75
Outside of the fulled States
One Year
ix Months
Display Advertisements, per column inch, each issue, 25c.
Local Readers, the line of six words, 10c.
Classified Column, 1c the word, each time.
Legal Notices, 3 1-3 cents the line, each time.
Cards of Thanks, J 100.
Obituaries, 2'i cents the line of six words.
Fraternal orders and societies charging regular Initiation fees and dues,
regular rates.
KelUious and benevolent societies will be charged for all advertising when
an admission or collection Is taken, at the regular advertising rate.
The Tidings has a larger circulation in Ashland and its trade-territory
than all other newspapers combined.
Entered at the Ashland, Oregon, Postoffice as second class mail matter.
FARMER AND INDUSTRY j cause he claimed they were better,
The average fruit grower does not you would quit him. Why not ap
realize how closely his prosperity is ply the same rule if lie handles
related to advertising. We can all Jail's butter instead of yours?
lemember when apples, prunes uud The same thing is true of your
berries went begging for a market cannery. You are a fi nit and berry
in Western Washington nnd Oregon." and vegetable producing community.
To cite a concrete illustration, take You are trying to run a cannery. You
loganberries, strawberries and rasp-
berries in tho Willamette valley, Or-
i-gun. A few years ago in the height
of the season the grower' could hard-
ly give them away. The territory
lor shipment was liinintcd and there
was nothing to do with them.
Then came the manufacturing era
of berries. Business men saw the
r.nv material going to waste and de-
rided to mnko a friut juice, jams and
canned products for national con
sumption. They realized what the
farmer did not, that they must create
a marketgood finit was no good raspberries, and ollr.-r early Units,
unless you could sell it. Hundreds sl"'"1 six weeks at a local hotel,
of thousands of dollars were spent wauled raspberries for breakfast
advertising loganberry products in he was served sliced bananas. Ho
the newspapers and magazines of wanted cherry pie lor dinner he
the country, people who had novel Will r'-rved coeoaniit pie. II,. want
heard of loganberry juice wondered c'1 strawberry shortcake any old
what it was and In a lew short years time ho was served tapioca pud
thc manufacturers of small fruit pro- ding.' Aiid, when he felt suit! i:
ducts had developed a national in- W1's c"rry pie ho was handed
dustry requiring more raw material lem on pie. In other wolds he came
than could be supplied. stated above because of our fruits
The price of small fruits advanced 113 to ,llu ,alll wrvice lie went
until today it is the most profitable disappointed,
crop the farmer can raise. Indus-' illt':l iH' wo ,mist ,l in ,l"'
try has made farming profitable and ,lil,,it (,t toinij-first to our own pro-
it is now up to the farmers to supply
the raw material and roporntu with
the manufacturing end of farming.
Tho farmers could havu raised
berries for the next hundred years
and starved to death at it if com-
""'lrii' 'r('K,!( 't taken hold
of the proposition and through pb-;
' """ " "'""'ariuroii product ,
created a m.-irl.-M ,,,,,1 .i.. i
.. , " """"u "r
I. IMIIIHU. i nut is
ine larmer must stand shoulder
shoulder with industry fur his
1....1 i ,, , ...
; all that sort not even intimation that to ihe Sunday Oregonian of yester
! Ashland folks shod use Ashland mad,'i day which carries a full page writeup
OMMU.MTV IVi'EltlNT ! butler and canned goods and even of Ashland's aulo camp with six fine
ARTICLE Xo. . J use Ashland maid flour. Now, every-i pictures of the ground That la the
In tho first. article on communitr!
' 1 1 euiiuininiiy
was likened
to a huge engine, the individuals!
making up the parts, not in a heied-i
ilary sen.-o but a democrilic sense,
"IIU paiL llllerC laiU'e'llilo will, ......
pait interchangeable Willi nnv
oiher par, and the individual re-
warded according to service
lered. If one Is acting as a spring'
nnd wishes to become a drive-wheel,
mat one must first develop drive
wneel power by getting too biu for
' "L i"."-e. is tile reason
w hy it is so necessary to look after ! naher, baked Ashland flour and had ognition is made In the law of the ' plot beside her husband whose re
our community Interest. We never 'some awful nice bread, but I guess , '10"10 bul'.n carried and roller ,,,, hild been removed' there from
NOW 111 What fSIni V Ill.iv lu. ,l.llil
(I I, ,,17 O K...-1 I .. .
, m ,.,u.,,in, an r.cison at a Lin-
oln. The biggi-st pay it- n (eVel-
(nine n. I....... . .. j
uml gina- it on9
MIOllId kugcesl
them to
irnaiiu or r list o for 1 hei r common
school education, you would say,1
"Not much, wo have Jn,t us good
hciiools as cither citv. It Is mnr .,.
rcity. It S mor,. eco-
'"' nome.
and besi.,.., we want to build up our
own Institutions." t , nol Jl:.,
true with the food they eat? Why
, n ,.-.. . ..
r- ,UUr ,.; J0U u,.tf
a wheat produi iiig cnminunitv. vou
Iuivp u mill tliitt niiiiiuf ai'tlirtTH Ditu'
"lien you ,u f Portland or
'Frisco you p.iythfn.iLl,t ,.,
you ship to utile
er coiiHiiuniliea vou
have t uy fhippin? ernses. It ;
is more i-iotiomlcul to eat your own
i. our, i,y lining so yuu
" - pror inn. , in, l ,
'"i -tnes and create mere places fr
'ir uU and I,,,,, , c ,-,,,.,,,..
In tin- fnl id ,. i. 1,i..
ii.iim ! ,,, .,., .,,, h, UCa t e,l
are leiy anximi- lo build 11 n the
"'.-.". it III, -alis ,,,.
wain, i u,,,i ,, i,u.1Pi,
fertility nf !he M. ,.r ,.,.,
'I all kinds, a hette , cr.viMM.ry, nior-w.-alih.
. j,,i,B ., , ,.
And y,( j-ou are l,u, 1,1; l,i,;t,.r -i,,,,.
l ed 101a oilier c(iiini.imili,, ,.,yin,:
freight 1,1,1 h ways.
Vou are producing Luit.-r and
Vaim yuu are anxiuus to build
i.'ie Hi(lii.-try. Saw the 01, y
1. ..: t.l 1 , .
way to
ui. .,. ,,,,.s ,u i iU
iM the smaller one, yell hue. Ini,
JOU fay. i,iy rn.i-eiMaan d,,.,, m.t
handle our l.iitt.r. U'-ll. thi-n, ask
him to, and if de retiiM-s. ili .m;,.
i rer iii n.
If your grfciy!n-,n iiee(d cleik.
iind unit in r ,i,f, . 1. . 1. . .
- "" "'I'" " (
. 1.40
use canned goods. Your cannery is
not as successful as it should be bu-
cause you are getting your canned
Roods from other communities, pay-
iK freight when you should be
building up the homo industry. Ash
''"''s and vegetables are unex-
celled. Why eat inferior? Eat the
est and help the grower and ni.iuu-
facturer at homo.
I know a man who came three
thousand miles to Ashland last sum
mer because of our superior fruits.
He wanted to eat our strawberries,
J. II. D1I.L.
t- $ !, .$ 8 J .$ S J 3 tit .
Mr. Editor: I boorowed nabur
Smith's Tidings last night uud read
what .Mister Dill has to say aiioiit.
keinmunity interest and usiu our own :
products . lie even silEKesteil the
K,.a of buililin up home niiliislry and
body nows what poor wheat is raised!
by the Ashland farmers; that it has,
weed seeds and smut and oats and ,
barley In it and that nobody can oat
flour made from local wheat, even the j
Ii-nul u, ulimi nil .i,M,,,,, ,,l
(root sociation, an organization got i
up by the froot folios to ship tle-ir
cuicKen Wlieat anil riour anil rolle,!
barley all in from Klamath Kalis and
they are here and in buzness to h,.p '
the froot grower, and
miimilv uin
My wifo did want me to git sum
local Hour to try It I .Mrs. bniitli. our
, nnlv n l,n,.n H- ir
. .
wanieu some Asiiiand flour (and she;
Is a good bread baker too, for she
. . ... ...
icnrnea now 10 UaKe niter we were
married) so I went to tho grocer and
asked fur somo, hut he sed he has
sum, but that he had a better made
lu Seattle and that hit didn't cost
hut 50 cents more and what wuZ :
hot r,0 ,ei ,i i,.
few seats to good bread, anyhow,
So I hot the good flour made in So-
llttlc ,, ,s n)a(ln pn,t(y Roml bm
(after my wife got Used to II) and
, ,-, ,,,,t ,iny v lllig ,,,.,, film-.
The same thine is tru of the li)k:tl InW
L'r;id( front L-'imww hv tho ulil-.ini
kannerv. You know that the Ash-
1,,,.! ..... .... , .it-
de - lux peaches kanne.l In Oenreta or
the Select Slock of California I
asked my groreryman
for Ashland
h.inneu irool a lew limns uud lie sed
ii,.,,. ,..,i i .... ,
sto-'ks us he carried only hi "grade
M,,,s,.rvg. ,
Some years i.e.. they was a brooe,
man Hailed broom lactory in Ash
land. My wife ord -red a Ashland
l.t.w.l,, 1,. .... t, 1 1 1.
wuz made in Soint Looey. He said
it was a better broom and he Hint
my wife would like il better: it had
a purty bit of red velvet around the
top uv (lie broom, and, anyway. 1
v. ink bard fur my mmiey and why
Miud-nt I have what I want nnvhim
Wl.y shuil I gu to Ihn mill and pa
!1 fur a sack uv fbmr in, id from)
inferior Ashland wheat when I kill gi'
a sack of Flash- is veri best made in
Seal tie fur thiee fiflv, or by a leu
pound sac uv self riMii Ashland pan
cake flnur fur XT. rents when I kin
fit pounds uv Ant Juniimi.-s fur
1.,.. ..
1, run,. 1 i,,,w nr i'crrn7 w
-r mien 1 mn git iiaglewooi tiul-
lor lur only $1.60 a role.
Tl.. ,Unn ....... C.III. r.r.A tl,,,t wnn
ii "'J.
rorwaim ue.i pam
a fancy price for n lot uv bltiustem
. r it i i ... i k
wheat from Ashland, but I don t be -
I leivo it; unehow, I i.m a ralerodei
I. ,1 l,livo in ivn.-Hn fnr III.
wiu ground here the ralerode would
' . . . . ...,.. ... iini..i .iwl
. , ", ....... . ,..,. k- implies -
am, i lie ..iit-iiL iuu.
I don't beleive that Mr. pooke and
gassaway no much about makin flouri
enywiiy, fer, if they did they wouldn't
bo away up hero when they cood git
i good job In sum big mill where
they maile real patent flour.
Resides, e don't want tu do like
the il u at Medfoid the even hev u
slogan down there, ' With Medfurd
Traid is Med ford Maid," and we don't
want Ashland to fall behind like Med
fiird hez done, du we?
Yours trooly
J ?-. S S 3 8 $ 3 $ ;
Editor Tidings: I was edified
and amused by two recent articles
by .1. II, Dill and that poor speller
fellow, on community co-operation
ami patronizing home industries. I
; believe I am just like others much rounding Ashland will long be re
interested in both if it pays.' luemhered by the visitor, for the
! All goods consumed in Ashland j beauty and variety of its scenic at
- community are not produced here, i tractions cunnot fail to make an ini
.hence some have to bo imported, j pression upon him. Nestling in foot-
! Ashland and Klamath flours areiboth;
'par excellence, but I buy a year's!
; supply through our Friut nnd Pro-!
i duce association, because I saved 10
cents per sack tlu-rehy and got a 10;
per cent dividend out of the profit
the Bssoclation made on my money j
invested therein. j
I occasionally import my own
goods for the same saving reason.!
instead of payfflg. a profit to middle
men to help build up our community.
Why, bless your life! I can build upjof waving grain, roll the foothills of
a community as much on JIO saved; the great Cascade range, rich in their
as tho middleman can on $10 gained, coloring. To the west stretches the
And if twn-thirdrf of the middlemen j Koguo River valley, dotted with or
wero transferred to producers, ill-j chards and pleasant homes, present
stead or handlers of products, there '"8 an entrancing picture. No mat
would he such an overplus of pro-: ,ur in which direction one looks from
duction that prices would melt like I Atililtiml there muy be seen things
colit snow under a hot sun. j llll't delight and charm those who
Again by eliminating two-thirds of: love nature and enjoy her handiwork,
all overhead expenses middlemen in- 1
cur in running their places of busl- Mug a recovery from what is
ness where one could do it, and di-
vlding those expenses prorata ,,. n authentic case of "sleeping
tween customers, by lower prices. I sickness," Mrs. William Ilile, chief
would tend to make living still operator of the local telephone office,
c"''"ler. j is gradually regaining her health nf-
liut, says the middleman, who Is
going to furnish a market for pro
duction if all theso non-producers
go into production?' I reply, When
production outruns consumption let
us shorten our hours of labor and
lengthen our hours of recreation, un
til an equilibrium is reached.
Would not we have some schools,
libraries, churches, theaters and
oilier educational and recreational
centers as now, and needs of good
roads,, good government, elc?
It. 1). SANKOHI).
Illustrating the splendid results
being secured by Secretary I.vnn D.
Aloill nf ll,i l',,,,,,.,,,,.,.i..i rii, i!
gelling publicity for Ashland
Kind of nuhlicilv that pr,niu ti,i
sort In a few years. If oersislenMv
pursued, will result in doubling the!
population of tho city. !
. J I
initiaiTieil llien lilul u-nmnn rhn!
- u
ire nread-winners for others are'
granted special exemptions on theii i
..,.: i,,.. r ,. ... .......
tax now being collected'. Although a'
return 'must be filed by every un-j
mmed person, and by every
(or husband), who had a net incoinf
of 1 1 OHO or inni o ilin inB- 1 oi q m.
1 W . 1,1, ,1.
In addition to the ordinary per- exemption of $1000, nil ndili-
linnnl itvi.,,, ,,l itn nf tiiti .
, " i rsi.uiieu
to "heads of families"; nnd there is
s0 M;i(,P(, n .exemption of $200 :
for each dependent under 18 years
of age or who is mentally or physi-!
''''fife. The $200 for each;
V. . ' . . ""1 u' ' ". "y ",,y .,ax: i
""l"''""'"' may ue claimed Dy any tax-
such dcpl.ident k Jo", Presented an idea
to dependents who are members of1"''1' mUt With 1,earty "I'l"-0' 011 1
the family or relatives. It does not ; 1,18 nalt r the Commercial Club trus-
1 ',' viV.V' .".IVT." V nreteamnl their tees Tuesday evening. Mr. Jordan-'sj
liMiig. and it does not apply lo the ! nrk.l,,,,l i.iaa . i .m. n.
wif ,. hllsnnd f ,0 malT,,d tttX-
paVtT, OVen tltOllch Slirh nnrsnn mnv!
have become a total burden.
The person who claims exenitpjnn i
V ,.W"L 01. u '"V1"' m,,st
biiikiu nelsons w no 01-
vide between them. innro nr !. i
equally, the finnncial and other
:'iu.iii, me niiMiieiai alio oilier re-:
sponsibilities of a household cannot
claim that either one is
the head!,
0f the family. But if a Bingle person
., n ,i. ,
1'iHties of the household and is nid-i0'1'1
('d by having one of his brothers or
sis mm kii i ii ill iv niiiKiiii unri pfinirtn.'
,inc ,. rollll, not ,,r:lc. j
tically be cens red more than hil
oar.l. such trivial assistance ,,!;
nor ue aiioweu 10 inieriero with li s
,.t..... .1,.. r... nVn...,.tln
The g I benefiu from the Na-
tiortal Kdilorial excursion lest July
j still culininating. On January 2
the H'-rald, of Tracy. Minn., printed
a fine writeup of th" coast trip in
which Ashland was given the follow-
cnmidimeiit :
Mam Is an attractive city of
'KiOII ,pul
on. located in the beau-
liful lii.uue River valley of Southern
Oregon, about midway between
1 i.riiami. onvnii. n ml S.,n Fiaiaisco.
The Pacific highway, the ureat in -
teialllinnal highway
from British
' olumbia to Mexico, through the Pa- ,
,f,. r-..,.. 1 ....i.:
Oregon, and
California, passes
I through the center of Ashland, plac -
,. ... ....... ,. , ..,
Mia icival .n ,! ilnwn Ilia Pulift,
Coast. Tens of thousands of tour-
I iota nnno tht-niiuh Aihlnml hv mil
1 ........
ul C,C'J " B'- ""
iulutn that Knth Mai. tm-A a iwl flrnnlB
PuS8 10 tne nortn are ul"ie favored!
I wl,n t,le advantages of this highway.!
1 T1"9 makes Ashland with its olhoc
i,,le ,psort cities tho l'nltei1 S,1,,e9'
reached by the visitors with ease and
i comfort. This is a factor in Ash-
land's growth into a great watering
j place.
' Ashland Is essentially a home city,
the majority of Its citizens having!
been drawn to it because of deiilru-j
bility as a place of permanent resi -
deuce. It has all the advantages of
I Tliis makes Ashland with its olhoc'ure as large If not larger than those:
a modern municipality, in addition striving constantly to go tho Ashland
to Its natural advantages in the way! camp one better and that in order
of healthful climate and ideal sur-ito maintain it's prostlge, constanl
vnimdh4 Tlip cllv Ituelf In beantl -
fill, and broad, well paved and light-
ed streets, pleasant homes with their
i flower-bedecked gardens, green
lawng HnJ wealth of fol,nge p,.esellt
a most pleasing appearance. Fine
Uchools, public library, a splendid!
armory, churches, hospitals, and at
tractive stores add to Its metropoli
tan aspect.
The charm of the country sur-
hills of the Siskiyou mountains ut jn Medfurd yesterday afternoon to
an elevation of 2000 feet above the, consider what should be done for
level of the sea, the city is located 'the preservillion of fish in the
where "every prospect pleases." Rogue river. Tho meeting was Iarge-
South of the city, ut the head ofiiy attended by sportsmen from all
beautiful Ashland canyon stand Mt
Ashland and Mt. Wagner, their
snow-capped peaks glimmering in
contrast with the exquisite blue of
Hie Southern Oregon sky. To the
north nnd east .across a charming
vista of fruitful orchards and fields
i ler a sleep that has lasted six weeks j
lor over.. She bus practically re-'
gained consciousness and sleeps now
; naturally. I
Mrs. Ilile had. been ailing since thej
first of Decenilr, It is said, but!
about the middle of the month she
, , . . , , , !
tell Into a stupor ill which she lav
, ,
until about ten days ngo, since her,
, , . . .
return to normal consciousness has;
, , , , . , ,
been gradual, and ut present she is;
, , , ,, , . .; . . i
able to sit up a short tlmo each dav.
, ,
Not at any tlmo during her illness
. ,. , .. , . i
MUM It hpell It.tauiltla In rnllvm Mra
. , . , ,. ,
Ilile .from her constant sleep, It is
... . ,
siaieu, uuu in uiai way sue nas ueen,
kent ut. her streuilh. It is said the!'"0"""1 WOu1'1 fal1 10 : gmder
. , ...,,,.,, ,
case is one of the first In bn seen tn
Ibis section.
.Mrs. Klarcia Foster Rllshv. a for-
mp reulilnnt nf Auhlmul ,li..,l in in
1 Galos. Calif.. Jnnuarv 10. 1920. The
deceased had lived in ABhland for!
eight years, and her husband, the late!
Albion W. Silsby. died here Julv 1 i
The following year Mrs. Sils-
by went to Los Gatos to make hei
home near her ilniiehtei- Mi-!of
Charles B. Boragdon.
Funeral services took place Mon-iin
uay, January 12, from the First i
.Methodist church of I.os Gatos, andjficers of the American Legion
ntenneni ivan mndn In tlio f,.iK,
JI,'S- Silsby is survived by two
daughters, Mrs. Charles B. Hragdon
. 1
ot jv08 ftatos. Calif, and Mis
Cha,es R' Hayes of Seaside, Ore.
"ls0 ' sisters and two brothers in
.Maine and Massachusetts.
. , , V , 7 , !
' JHCKSOll ana biKKiyou
counties in prectinir a hin. h ni 1
the inter-state line between Oregon!
'" California
Following discus-
" '"" 11 ''8 'liea tnat tile mattei
re-!'"s of decidedly state-wide import,
.........j Dm,c-n mo uu ,uu.
and that the two states rather than
h9 two counties, should erect the!war- recent1 Tec(4"'a a ,Pt,"r from
monument. The Ashland Commer-
clllb taking the matter u
with the Oregon State Chamber of
' inn
, 1 ""' 0"l(1 lncl,"Ie dedication
' "' ' h when the 'christening")
01 i lie l acilic hicliwav tikes 11:1 en '
... . .
this summer. Present plans for this
latter nwmnntr i..i,,.ia iv
monies at the Wasiiington-Cunada 1 vhy 1",d J' "' ,,""V0!-t translate il
line, nt the lino!'1'!" English, which is as follows:
and at San Francisco, with none ut
the Oregon-California line.
At the meeting of the trustees of'
e Ashland Commercial Club held
Tuesday evening
a livnlv .lidinialiM
- .. 3 u...vH.,w..
of the value and Importance of the;
Lithia park auio-camp anil 'of it s
present condition and future needs,
led to the ile,-il.,n ih,.i .10.,. hn
taken immediately to secure needed
extension and Improvements
in or-
.1.-.. .. ... uiai na reputation of
'best on
the coast"
which i. so well -
lllshed and widely recognized, lnayl
, ., ,, ..(., ,.,-n'
U111L III UUtlill UK HUlU-VtUtlu
(he greatest slnglo asset for public
ity and as an attraction to auto
tourists that Ashland possesses.
Alnpanvnr In tho niijnfnn nf tlm finul-
nessmen on the board, the direct
financial returns to the community
are as large if not larger than those1
which a large commercial iiniusuy
would bring.
Rather severe criticism of the1
manner in which the camp was kept
up toward the latter part of the 191!)
seatsoli was heard. Attention was
called to the fact that whilo the nut-
mill location and the. fact that the,
Ashland camp was a pioneer, had
i built up it's reputation, that cityies
everywhere along the line were
1 imnrovenients must be made. A
camp which the tourist will remoe.
her as "The best I have Btruck" was
deemed to be better advertising both
for camp and cily than any other
possible means and the decision made
to insist upon steps being taken to
make nnd keep it the best,
President Ferguson will appoint
a committee to investigate thorough
ly the extension and improvement
needs and make recommendations
to tho park board.
A meeting of delegates from Jack
son and Josephine comities gathered'
over the valley, uud Ashland was
well represented by a number of
men who have tho welfare of South
ern Oregon at heart. 1
The bill proposed by the Clack
amas County Fishermen's Union to
be presented ut the November elec
tion was considered nnd discussed at
length at this meeting. A resolution
was adopted to the effect that it
would be advisable that this meas
ure should pass, for the reason thai
many streams in the state empty into
the Pacific ocean or into the Co
lumbia river, at tho outlet of whicii
commercial fishermen are practical
ly denuding the streams to such an
extent that tho inhabitants up these
streams are deprhed of the benefits
or thom.
The idea that the country at the
mouth of the river can regulate for
itself the control of the fishing of
the streams would, according to II, e
understanding of the delegates at
this meeting, virtually give (he coast
counties an absolute monopoly of the u ls ,(J uau M uul slu11
tish in any stream, to the detriment ' 'di Picrcu'tf Pleasant Pellet.;,
of the interior counties.
The matter of the protection of
' , ' , , ' ,
up ut length. A resolution was
adopted to prepare u constitutional
' , .
amendment regulating lishing In the
, .
Rogue river, and limiting the method
, .. ..
of catching fish by hook and line
, ,
only, it is deemed that in a measure
. ' , . ,
of that kind many more persons
I would be employed n fishing than
, , . .
! are employed by the canneries at the
uer oi lnoiviouais.
I A c,mlllitte was appointed to draft
j the proposed constitutional amend
ment to cover the above matter, which
will be submitted to a muss nioetin;,
to be held in Medfurd at un
early (late. Jackson and .lo-enhiie:
counties are a luiit in the method to
be pursued.
The statement has made public
that tho $515 left from the war fund
Jackson counlv will he ti.en In
lone or two deserving ex-service men
the county for the purpose of as-
sisting in educational work.
The of-
be able in the near future to an
nounce tho details of this project,
and any ex-service man wishing to
receive assistance in professional
work or otherwise are urged to com
municate with the president of the
American Legion for parliciiairs.
A committee composed ot John C. :
ManiH Rev. L. Myron Boozer, Geo. A. i
Codding of Medford; V. O. N. Smiths
Rov. Charles A. Edwards and W. M. of Ashland h be,,,, ,,
mMt MMlford ,, cvcnlng to
make preliminary plans for the work
to be dolo ;
!, A. .-J, .S f i
i.Mir.H riui.u n"f
'"""" '
Ray N. Murphy, who served in
Company A. 308th Infantry, 77th
Division, In Franco during tho world
a Frencn '"""'y W'U1 wllum lle "hi
two other Amenc-.n roldiors st iyed
wllile in France- These people, a
ninn nun 11111:1 n ii(f:iniH i,v 1111 1
of the American soldiers, while the
'"" ere m their borne, and a e
s -" !" .-v...,. .v
! ter from his French friends. Thii
J'H written In r rencu, so Mr. Jtur-
"My Dear Child: .
"Wo just rcc'-iv.'d your Id ter.
which made hs very happy nnd that
we were very impatient to get. We
were afraid that something bad bap-
pened to you during your trip. I
.;it I..II vmt .I... .a fr....,,! tl.. :..,,
mi. jVU ii.ui c inuiiu 11, c inn-
very long and were talking about
you very often and we have found in
you a very good child and good bov.
u w n, u.i ., ..,. r
the two other boys.
"I am sure your family is very
happy to see you again after such a
.ad and long trip and in such a
dition, nnd jio many other f;iiiillieH
l,v ,.! II, in l,ai,,,ir.S..
As forour -
.,. .,.
...,,, ,l,li,l ' J - "
make; we have the same happiness
Our only bov has come hack alter
.,,,,. .,,..., '
tlueo yeais.
'I have to lhai.k you for myself
a ud for my daughter, who Is twelve
years old, of I lie little remembrance
you sent us. She wis happy to re
you sent us,
ceivo a souvenir nnm mncrica.
"I hope lint you will give us again
some of your now, which always
makes us happy. 1 liaie to tell you
we have made lots of good wine. I
would like to give you a taste, but
jou aro too far away. I can always
hear you say 'lout do unite. Tout do
suite purler, Mainan, Papa,"
' You know the captain who Wl,s
married at (lie mill (Moulin) has re -
turned from America and in at Pont
l.i Villa.
"I am closing my lit tin letter kiss-
iai: vou verv iii'l'ei'lionalelc ntn vmifl
l.iiniiy that I h ue never met. Thiol:
ing alwas of you:
"Of Fran, e.'
'gets her
' too'liooi;-
:.; 'A lier Lord -
-Vf.MVSi 0 In T pink
,'tlrnY- fcllOV II to
every on",
because it h f.ppnrcnt tliufc it is
not due to cofiiiietio-i, paint and
powder. But the true wormm!
bcauly comes from good honltli,
and this good Lcall'i i ; a woman's
Health ccme.5 with good phys
ical machinery and good spirits,
V;ii active digestion. A body free
"uul imu :ma LU"1L;5 u"
a tonic known for over fifty years
as the best "temperance" tonic
and nervine for woman namely,
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription.
It can be obtained in any drug
store in liquid or tablet form, or
send 10c to Dr. l'ierco Invalids'
Hotel, Buffalo, N. Y.
Cleansing of the intestinal tract
is important. Take castor oil or
select a vegetable pill. Such a
one i.3 coimxised of May-apple,
leaves of aloe, root of jalap, and
made into tiny sugar-coaled pe!
i , . i i . i .. i i i ..i. .
TV. r)
l.Ainr- f
.V ,,.r
f,.r r;-i rur- i nn s
MA iluSU i
("" ia
t-'1iL' 1, jm, k ivuii
.kj; mi funi :t. rt!T oF -..ur V
i v mi.m. in; s i-i i i
i- t Iw-'ifv-firC
f ir rt-Tirdf... i -. lit- t,. !':. . !w:ivs Hcl!:i)l.
'uSr-J "Nearest to
'3 Everything"
Powell St., atC Farrell
San Franciscc
In the heart of the ;;!
business, shopping
nnrl theatre district. !
Win Runnine distilled ice iltiS
water in every room, gigs
uur commoaious
lobby ,fieieservice,and
Homelike restaurant
will attract you. -European
Plan rates
$1.00 up. i
FOR BALK Fine registered Hol
stein bull, 4 years old. Splendid
pedigree. Will sell cheap or'trade
for Durham or Hereford bull. D.
M. Deter, Siskiyou. Ore. 115-2
T ., -,:--:i p... .
In tto Ciremt Co i t in and for the
Oils O. Helman, Plaintiff,
Desedoria V.'c;ca. v. idow of T'rlc We
ren, Deceased, Clarenco Lane and
Minnie Lane, Administrators of
the estate of Eric Weren, Deceas
ed; Ingrid Pergst rora and C. L.
Bergstrom, husband and wife;
Rivera Wallsten and B. O. Walls
ten, husband nnd wife; Eric H.
Weren nnd li 13 wife, Minta We
ren; Annie Lassell and George
Lassell, husband nnd wife; Carl
K. Weren, A. Blanchi and Freda
Kiancni, nusoanil nnu wne, fteirs
of the said Eric Weren, Deceased, !
. , I
Weren, Clarence:
To Desederia
Lal10' Minnie Lane, Inerid
a Wall-
sten. B O. Wallsten, Eric II. Weren,
. ... . . ' . ..
Aiinift v. eren. Annin i.nsse . unrpp
Lassell. Carl E. Weren, A. Bianchi
ani Freda Bianchi, the above named j
.7. ! ...
..'. V...,..' " 11 u'.iMt: MAI
are hereby summoned and required
to appear and answer the Complaint
1 . . '"'", ' r? I . t "lce ;
1-, r-WfW!i;i--ri-i1l
iil" IH4fi
mi jerssm
M Mana9ee.t fi
pi W. B Jamej.
.un-,, Oregon, at ! JksonTllleTTY Wed ' W. ' B J
J ko". within TEN days from the data
l"1 ' "
...... if nnpunr wltlitn .Tneksnn rnnntv.
Inl'""' " ""V" . "
, (jri!Kn, and if served on yeu in any
0lhor county In the state of Oregon,
then within TWENTY days from the
date of Its service upon you, and If
. ,. nl,i1in(i,.
. . siv - WEEKS
from the date of the first publica
tion thereof, and If you fail to ap
pear and answer said complaint with
in the tlmu as above specified tho
plaintiff will apply to the court for .
the relief demanded ill the said Com
plaint, to-wlt:
That the plaintiff hnvo judgmei;!
against the defendant, Desederla
Win-on for the sum of Sixteen Hun
died Dollars with interest tlioreon
at tho rate of eight per cent per an
num from September 23rd, 1917, to
gether Willi ono hundred sixty uot-
rneu nnrl the costs and
. ci'iVbin-Hciiioiits of thl3 suit: Tbut the
!,., deed executed by Eric Weren
and Desederia Weren. husband and
wife on June 23rd, 1!H3, unto Clar
ence Lane and Minnie Lnno convey,
ing twenty acres of land In South
half of tho southwest quarter of the
northwest quarter of Section Five ill
Township thirty-nine south of llunge
One oast of W. M. In Jackson county,
Oregon, and which Deed iB of record
in Vol. 98, Page 108 of the Deed
liecords of Jackson county, Oregon,
and which deed was In legal effect
a Mortgage given to secure said in
debtedness, lio foreclosed as a mort
gage and said real property sold In
manner provided by law, and that,
each of said defendants be barred
from nnv rlirht. titlo. claim or Interest
'therein, and for such further relict
us lo the court may seem proper.
By Ordor of the Hon. V. M. Calk
ins, judge of said court, made and
dated on tho 17th day of January,
11120, this Summons is served on the
defendants, Annie Lassell, Oeorge
LasseH, Curl E. Weren, A. Blanchi
and Freda Blanchi by the publication
thereof for six successive weeks In
the Weekly Tdings, a newspaper of
genei! circulation printed and pub
lished at Ashland, in said county,
and you are hereby required to ap
pear and answer In said causo within
six weeks from tho date of the first
publication thereof.
Date ot first publication January
21st, 1 fi20.
mucins and nniflos,
Attornevs fur Plaintiff, Ashland,
Oregon. 73-Ct W.
Department of the Interior,
I'niteil States Land Office,
v Uoneliiirg, Oregon.
Ferial 0.r,f,!i9
December 20, 1919.
NOTK'K OF Ki:i.i:( TIO
Notice Is hereby given that Jacob
flolilherg of tho City and County of
San I'nfnclscn, Slate of California,
has filed in this office bis applica
tion to select, uniler the Act of June
lib, 1 s i 7 . kjiown ns the Forest Lieu
Act, the SE'4 of 8erlion 28, Town
ship -10 South, rtango 1 Fast, W. M.
Any nnd all persnns claiming ad
versely the lands described, or de
si ii n -r to object because of the min
eral character of the land, or for
any other reason, to the disposal to
applicant, should file their affida
vits of protest In this office on or
before the 17th day of February,
i y so.
77-nt W. Itogister.
In the Circuit Court
County, Oregon.
of Jackson
Jackson County Bank.
an Oregon
Corporation, Plaintiff,
David II. Palmer, alias D. II. Palmer,
and if he bo deceased, the un
known heirs of I). II. Palmer; also
nil oilier persons or parties un
known claiming any right, title,
interest, lien or estate in the real
estate described In the Complaint
herein, Defendants.
To. David II. Pi.lmer, alius, D. H.
Palmer, nnd If he be deceased, the
unknown heirs of D. H. Palmer: also
all other persons or parties unknown
claiming any right, title, interest,
lien or estate In the real estate de
scribed in the Complaint herein:
In the Name of the State of Ore
con, Vou are hereby required to ap
pear and answer tho complaint filed
j against you In the above entitled
Icotirt and caiiRO, on or before six
j weeks from ttie day of the first pub
lication of this Summons, the first
: publication thereof being the 7th
day of Jrnnary, 1920, and you are
hereby notified that if you fail to ap
pear or answer si.ld complaint for
want thereof, the plaintiff will apply
to tho court for the relief demanded
in Ihe complaint, to-wit: That the
plaintiff recover judgment in the
sum of $383. 2fi. together with Inter
est thereon nt the rate of 8 per cent
per annum, payable nuarterly from
December 18, 1919, until paid, to
gether with Sr.0.00, attorney's fees,
and costs nnd disbursements herein
tn be taxed, nnd for a decree of court
foreclosing the certain real estate
mortgage securing trie dflbt and
proniossory "note described In plain
tiff's complaint, nnd that said mort-'
gairo and deed be foreclosed on said
premises in Jackson County, Oregon,
to-wit: Lot No. 7 In Block No. 4 In
the Nlckell Addition to Medford. Ov
eeon: that snld premises described
be ordered sold In the manner pre
scribed by law, nnd the proceeds
thereof be applied:
In ihe payment of costs nnd ei
nenses of sale;
In the payment of costs and dis
bursements of suit, nnd attorney's
fees allowed by the court;
, III.
The amount due the plantlff on
said note, nnd the balance, if any
there be after said amounts have
been fully paid, satisfied, nnd dis
charged, he paid over unto Ihe above
named defendants, or such thereof
as the Interest may appear, and
thereby all and any title, estate, Hen
and Interest of the defendants and
each thereof, Including the unknown
heirs of David II. Palmer, alias D.
H. Palmer, if he be deceased, and
all other persons or parties unknown '
claiming any right, titlo. interest, lien
or estate In the real estate described,
be foreclosed nnd forever barred, ex
cept as to the right of redemption
.mrtM h i-. f.
f,lrtnPr pnd different' relief ns to the
court may seem proper and equitable
in ,hp n,prniSB.
This Sunirnnna Is nntiliuhnrl In Inn
al,l ,n,I Twlit,t,o i,n.l 0.1 I,,, ,.,.
tue dulv made." rendered nnd en
tered upon the 30th day of December,
1919, in this said court and cause
by F. M. Calkins. Circuit Court judge
aikins. Circuit Court judge.
The date of the first publication
-thereof is the 7th day of January.
isth dTv of Fehrnarv 19"o" " "8
c. M." THOMAS.
Attorney for Plaintiff; residence and