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Wednesday, October 1, 1019
I Local and Personal I
Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Heed started lem where they had Veen sitteniliui; Fnii"ral services for the late E11
luRt night for Portland, the first the state fair, and visiting with .Mrs. j ,,p() vy;:lrml were hold from his
lap on their trip to Australia andj Mullet's sister in that city. home on Factory street yesterday
New Zealand where they will spend
the comiiiK winter on the Flllison-j
White CliuutaiHina circuit, tourina!
throui:h those cetinlrios. They ex-
pert to stop fur several days in Tort
land visiting friends, after which
they will eo to Victoria, 11. C. from
where they will sail.
" J. K. McClnren of Morton street,
hns hcon spending the part two or
three days in Klamnth Kails.
' A family by the name of Griffith
from' rails have moved to
Ashland and are occupving the house
recently vacate'd by 1. CI. Swan op
Liberty street.
Captain Frank Moore and. wife ar
rived In Ashlnr.d last nisht from
' California where they had boor.
' spending several (lays (it various
points. After a brief flop here Cap
tain Moore will go to Camp Lewis
-" to get his disch-rgo from the army.
' ' John II. Fuller wilt lenre this
' evening' for Salem where he will lie
present at the annual conference of
the Methodist Episcopal church in
sesrion, flier", ns delete from the
. Talent M. ' E. church. He will also
'. go on to Portland on n business t vip
Henry Williamson and dnugliter.
Mrs. William Lindsey, h,ivo returned
from Nevada, where they had been
spending. several weeks with rela
tives and, friends.
Mies Jessie Ilose. who is employed
by the government in'resnarch Ivor!:
at the Oregon Agricultural collej!-', i '
in Ashland for Corvnllis. ami will
.spend a week with hor brothers. C.
, If. and, Howard Hose. 1
Mr. and Mrs. MoHoinl or C, -: :
Falls, Mont., ere newcomers to Ash-
land, hnvini: rome here '0 escape Ih
.rigors of the Mopl; na climate. Ihevj
aro being shown about the oit.- 1" j
Mayor C. P. I .ami: in and are se: -ch j
, iujr for a suitable, home. j
R. L. Pollard of llo''ville. C
has come to Ashland with Irs
i)y. They are living at 71 Ores
Dr. 0. W. C.regg wi.ll le.
e.venins for Salem where. he v.-iii ion
resent the Ashland Metb.oipsl cpure'
pt the laymen's conference to l o iv
region there in connection with tbe
general annual conference.
C. W. Trefren get b
, night from 1'altimore, '
ck I-
t th
he hsd bceu a r- i -'er.-iit.'.t
i'-Odd Fellows' c')'i--en';on. Mrs. T -.
'freii, who had accompanied her bus
vbaud to. IhiltitiUiiri, stoiiped off in
San Francisco lo visit her daughter
'Mrs. Dorothy Mcpherson.
-'. 1 1
i-.! Mrs. Welborn Loosen of Tolen'
an Ashland visitor Saturday at
. f fernoon.
J 1). P. McAulirre, a prominent stock
ijisn of Klamath Falls, lias boon ir
:-'Ashlaml the ps-nt two or three day.
i lookim! aftr business Inlereits here
Miss Ilelen Water Will tc'-h rct-oi-l
Mhlfl wljiter In the Cove district. Tlo
'.term begun t h 1 morn in s, -
r . '
Js. .Terdy O'N'-il, .who h-s been em-j-ilnyed
In an Francisco during the
past summer, has returned home.
i!i ...
".. A Portlnnd pnrty rnnusttnff of
'Wilbert Jori'iin, Ben Lockart and
; Will llayter came in from Evans
creek Friday night wh-re t'.fvy had
beeii pursuing an unsiicresful hunt
.'for (leer. After resting up in Ash-
land for awhile they left again to try
.thelr luck in the Dead Indiai
: Mrs. Gentry has returned to bei
' heme in Lebanon after visiting ii
.Ashland with her daughter, Mrs. El
'mor Mitchell, for the past week.
' Mi. and Mrs. Sidney Ilr.zelton, fo-
mer well known Ashland young poo
" pie who have been living In Uka City
I Calif., have moved lo Sacraniente
where Mr. Harelinn k .lcfeptiei ,.
position with I.ibby, McNeil & I.ibbv
I ' '
I Mrs. P. II. Whitney was c lied t-
Grants Pass Saturday by novs Hi
iS serious nccidi-nt had e-ni-ri ;l ti
:ber niere. Mrs. Neil
Ardegi-r i
have bo,
if t';.- a-
Ktrm. No partici'
;lei:rne,l or the nnture
1 J. W. Mosi, r b fi Saturday nirb
for M'-Orew. Nob., w lu- c he w.
.called siid'.b-uly eo b-.n ire s.
'," ..'
' ' Ilev. f'h-lsi o,o ou, , a -,.l ki.ov,
.'Jtethoilisi lnioi-'or. i;.---.! in, , r.
K.-Ashlanrt yostor.l ay v illi hit vii (
Sits w iy lo the iinnu .l .i i nli". e,o- ,
' ifjiib-m. Mr. Cl.ri-' u v. . i. . :
VJnerly astor of ih- v'o h.,-1: i -!,
ifO L:ikviow !;( -i..y..) in onto
fY. M. C. A. wjrk diirnu th hi.
The social (lab of lie 0 g tv,i
tfa'eet in the rtii''"g loom of .'' a;.
Vfcil! tomorrow attc-noon a!
'o'HiU'tii" All li'ioi.ilieis or E. (i S.:'.
Visaing iiii-iii'bcrs tie inu'el. 'lie
liostesses will be Mrs. S' hu-i u,:.-,
Mrs. Packet t iind Mrs. Wright
, Funk llenkosky of Dunsniuir is till S.1111 Jordan of Jordan' elect ricul
iAiihl.iiid visiting hi" friend, A. IT. 'store, j"ir.o,l tho party of hunters
Davis. Mr. lioiiko: Ky is an expert from Ihit'and who cay 10 hove to go
i auto mechanic.
j .
I . Mrs. Eunice Mailer and two ciui -
tlreu' cunie home Saturday from Sp-
A letter from E. A. Estes states
that they have just finished the
journey by r.wto t'fom '.os Anaxdos to
Muskogee, Okla., the trip rcquiriiiK
two weeks. Mr. and Mrs. Sonu
heimer, who spent several weeks here
this summer, are no'v at home In
Muskogee and Mr. Estes reports that
they certainly are in love with
P,"avor Realty company report the
following silos that they hcv? t rn ro
ar! ed within the past two days: Mrs.
Dora fiault has sold her house 11 ml
lot at 55 Third street to II. G. Cor-
mack, a railroad employe of this city.
Mr. and M's. Lewis Merrick sold to
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Chaniborlin
their house at t!"fl Itoulevard, heller
known as the Downinr-Peirdslcv
home. This is one of the finest
huihlir.s; sites in the city.
Mr. and Mrs. Coerce Churchman
arrived from Ti.comi', Wash., Kun-
day. railed hero by the derth of Mrs.
Churchman's father, Eugene Walrad.
rues ronceiiung which there is ah
Miss Alice Vandersluis, music tolutely no difference of opinion in
teacher in the Medionl city schools. ' Pam's flermany." For on
was a guest of Miss Fern Murphy most manors the Ilhlnelnnd presents
Sunday. I ln dHivss.'ng bewiuderment of
Merrill Throne, who has been Thus spoke fi n iot farmers, leaning
clerking in the East fade Pharmacy op their hoes in their fields, and ob
dtiring the past summer, has re- i -o'luioos shookepers, en-rr for tle
si-nod to enter (1. A. C. Me left for.-'- uit of the proverbi: Anie'-jeau j
Corvallis Sunday.
3. I). Duncan, n former well known
ciiizen of Ashland, has v re! u, nod
from the e-st and is ni' kiinr this
:-;t y hi" home again, lie is at rr
fiit in Ihe employ of the S. P. cieii
pa ny.
Fred Pavne. 11 former well k"owi
Ashland hoy, stopped off the first o
Ihe we"k while, on his way from Sao
t-V'nfirvo to I'n-one. where he w:l!
liter tho University of Oreaim.
Mrs. .1 II. Triaill-as of !i!s.4,
" V:.. : I'o'avanied ':"i' 10 I! 'el
'!. T-MIms. to A'lil-r.d ye 'e:;' .
io "t :d th" day. after which tie
'ith b'-t for .Portland. Mn. Tr
aj' will it in tie1 northern ci
for two weeks, while hot- son ,v
inter the University of Oroeui Me-i.-al
The city water co--rni"-'e'i I
ji n'ling 11 new shut-off in the iipp"!
'ounl in in Lilhia park, repl. ring Hi"
old one lliul. is broken. This is to
have thines in readiness in car
lre:dng wealh"i- coni"s this winter.
Mrs. Khun, who has been a piles!
of her daughter, Mrs. C. N. Cn:v, for
the last two weeks, loft last nirlii
for her home in (Vakl nil1, ('
Mr. and Mrr. Walter W !"(' I v n
"hildien and M-s. .lonnio M -e. Mr"
Waiiod's mother, are in Ashland
from Newport, called here by the
de-ith of the late Eurene Walrad.
Miss Fern Murnhy lert Monday
'or '.'u-eno to continue her stndie
n the University of Ore-'on.,
," 'TIs nn ill wind that blows no
body good," Is verified In the tunnel
-ave-jn near Kenhctt last week, when
Northern California got out of gas
oline and curs In that section were
compelled lo come or send to Ashland
'or a supply. Atll-Oiaobilists start,
'ii" on trios into Klamnth and ot'o"
eastern counties came by way of thij
ily in older to slock up in gnsoliim
s the supply wno practically evhau-u.
d iu the northern part of the sister
Donald Itice of Portland has boon!,n,T s!il''u tv,mm. aecon.panied,
in Ashland a few day, visiting witl,:ls ''V adversity,
rn )'iivns. wntip on nin y ny m r-niu
"rancisco where he expects to locate
He Is slopping; with-bis mother nt
the home of his mint, Mrs. E. J. Van
sunt, on ,()nk street.
Two remarkably handsome beds of
alvias are lu bloom in the park Just;"""? '"' ''ostored. All admitted
now. (in,, of these is in tho cily'snch a t;ei would in-olre dangerous
i.eik i! i!, other uurriiiiiids !,o : ;nto. nation:'! possibilit ios.
olictrir liihtcd tree hy the band'
stand. The vivid scarlet of this
-lieiinii.g fall flower is utti'iicting
"i in ti attention and shows the art it--,
tic laste of Park Superintendent
'Ml rai'h .in arranging some color) T':" '--tt 'in' v of
Phonies in tlie park. i,v';s p"'""v ;""
... .1 a, la I, !' til" (;,";,:
Waller M. Thorn or 'en t tie, H'f
i-he. Is in Asbbiiid mi 'I wi'l
week visiting wiin ins pa -
Mr. and Mrs. O. H. .loluH-oii.jto nno in d n ion-
it their borne on North Main stivot.
Xtt. filtuer Pal rick of Corvallls
' ,s r '!,-! here Hie first of the week
v "., i'e:ith of her father, the late
Kuj.iio Walrad.
' ii F. Fr-'e's w.vs an eve:
vi iter in Kiainath Kails.
" y -iniul la. ng lft Siirday iiicb'
p.;, Alto to ootor Ff.nif.ird uli pimply oliojed.
,-iiy 'for the eoir.'iie year. j "Tl-c nt. ope wi'l bo n fiebt do.
' in ilidoil hv fho pi oplp tbo'll-uilxos ;iq
.1. J. MrN'air. jroi ro-lor of the ,,;,..,r, 0f inn,:ir lou-k tlieir 'ri-'it-st
Side I'harTacy. is back froia: ft lo-ritiire The nmtiTe f.)re will
a U.i weeks' busine? strip to San
Kraiirisco. "
j hmitinir in the Dead Indian country,
: and left yesterday
to spend several
:jaV3 i;, tiiC wii;s.
al'ternoon at 2 o'clock, conducted by'
LVv. C. V. Koehler. pasl. of the;
l've.-hyterian church. A larcc at-1
t"nd"nce of friends anil poiahbnrs'
of the d"c sen w present, and thei
floral ollerie's were profuse an 1 !
beiu'iftil. Intennonl was made
llaradine roaol'ry.
l-Lin'.v;-; xwws
Ilv EdWIn V.". HnlliiiKor,
(1'nitcd Press Staff Correspondent. )
Mail. "fierinany will begin another,
war perhaps within 21) rears, eer-
t ;i j 11 1 y
in the following decade to
win back
the territory lost in this
war. I
"The old r""ime will be Inrk in I
power in Herlln in a few years." j
These two predict ions e.vnres the
almost unanimous conviction of the:
Cerman population lu the American-j
occupied same along the Rhine. Tley j
were repeated to me time alter timej
hy nitia-ns or every class, occupation ,
. or p.'.,de in life. 1
, T,(,v a,H am0fit the only two is-'
S"endin!t palm. Waters, hotol-ro'-lors.
'i"eryaiee, well-to-do merchants,
bankers. e-of ricers; ex-privates, uni
versity siedents, laborers, pro-cov-
or 11 111 en ts, anti - governnienters, i Uriibiy night for the purposo of 01
r.on .rchi'.ts or republicans all an- -mixing a iM.-i;,hhorhood sing. The
sweiad as ono man. fit out provide a most popular move,
j Many were unable lo conceal then-1 1,11,1 U was unanimously dociJd to
I sin-price that, the question should it every Friday night. The e
jevon be raised. community sings will therefore 1.-.-
: Some gave answer sadly, ns if re- hold at one of Ihe various houses
si-ning themselves to the ine- i'ahle; t 1,1 that luuhhorhood eac'i week.
: ethers,' triumphantly, like a prize-1 . "
fi-.'hler promising a comeback. M iu- Siirni i -'-d Their (Yieml
r r of dcliyovy varied neenrding to: While Mrs. Dora Young was at thi
iiunoil or temperament of speaker. Hut l.pit t tire show Saturday nicht a eom
' in what was said,- there was no vari-' pap.y of her neighbors invniled her
"The bnliit.of obedience and sjih-
toIs: Son to jinMiorily is too deeply :
drilled into the German mind to peivi
pi if earthing else in (his rene'-a-t'on,
at be-st." a well-lire-1, lli'r.klli"
Vot-u" chae ex' 1 ino-l. fTe p-'ofessed
a-'d w-'th conviiu'inir inceril- a
h -iri-d of militarism and Prus-a :n-r
's'-', f-ieii hi-ler prrsiMi il expei'ieiiee.
hn-.-l to' escape it by goiag to
'ineri' a. as soon as he could learn
Kp .. ' 1 j
"The ('crnvin pennl" today are In-'
c-:pahle of democratic ,..) f-i;orern-;
nonl " b" 00, it ii-oed. "The nation i
is not a-erF-nnied o choosing for it-!
self. It Vno-vs how to accent and
i .Pv co'-vn;i-.,p. from above. Tt does.
-e( no-'e-s (n iuiHefi-.e 11 oco:;m;i j-r
t'-ir reM'-vule. Yon caei-o' ch oy-e. an
Ingrained national trait in a few i
days. II will take a pr-nerntinn or i
two of education in a new school of
Ihouchl. '
"The Junkers will be back In con-:
trol Ii, 'material results. TTo knows
he was pnnaorobs under the kaiser,
j Me wart 'told ' everything. Me was
I snared- Jlio ti-oitble of thinking for
'himself.'. .. '.' i - t
"Now he has freedom and hard1
.umos. lie may enjoy ins new Htwty; A.hl,IKi niah school has, in nddi
iu a way. - ! tiou lo its many other outside activi-
..,...,., ,,.. omanucl a literary cluo. ton , ril ag ricl .uperintend -
tioten sign, lying fare down on the1., U l, slw ivs do Ihincs riL-bl and , . .
. . , ,u u .... t . . , , ,n'""' 11"'l,'! '' un'1L's cut since the death ot Dr. Van Fos-'prs
turf of tho beautiful .Lulson Anlagen . whn thl, club ls , tM bWay there,. . ,,. ,,. .,...,. ,.. ,.
rn the Tvhlne. "
"That sie.n was
be smiled. "Well
glad it's down now. Me enjoys
walking on tho forbidden grass.
"!!u when it comes to balan-inir
acainst tne sterner and more liros-
Parous prternalism of the old days.
I don t th-".k there is much doubt as 1
to bis choice. ;
"That is the way the Junker ajtl-;the
tators will put II up t:) bim."
Few, however, thought, the nion-
'l.e centre! idea seonied lo be
"h't tho Jnnl-ers would cone hick,
hut wo, ring the form -l costumes o''
i;eiiuh!i'.. nM. alt'ioiiah Iho ml result
''"!"" ,'"11'-
the "next war"
.("i-sostdl in the
All essmcd lt"ii,m( cone" sooner i
nian events. '
, i no i,enni,n race is loo tenacious
nier, a i.i
I ib clar, d. "It .has !""ii crn hod ,re
reatriilv, ;,l';.s le riro a";-in.
j ' We aro down now. IT . ve lo I pur
"oh, nil s and h.rre ..ifi: 4 of iin-o'y
l ''": "en ' -il. All ii t-d on t'jl-
j : (I'l l .th"t th" ro'-ioip: ; 1'oed fr(oil
the r it'ierl.'iid bv tl o i f , or- t-oaty
vorc -oni!,..v Cc-pi -n l,"-r;',"T I
W" :l! r!. e i-r-iin. And lb.. n, i ,v.,t
jWM! e a pen-ib 's TV
1 1. i:,o-.. r n.ont aff
e p
rn-ee fioni Pol,, -,r, pot from above.
j' "Ach, it will he a ItKAL war!"
Peplkiis oi the uw styles in fur
coats npy,!;r In warm atal rie'i lota'i
in gar:aeuls nuplo of fur fabrics.
They are even more durable than fur
and ii)nk fu'ly as well, ns the hand model of seal piu-ai here
H mi. ..-t
social ixmm
J'ateitained at Dinner
Mrs. J. H. Fuller was hostess at j .
a dinner at her home oil North; At a meeting of the joint national
Main slrc: t Saturday evening, the'execuilvp coinmittue of t,ho Amuric-.m
honor guests bein? Mrs. -rotor Van -
derslui.s of Grenada, Calif., and.
(laughter. Miss Alice Vandersluis, 1
w bo is musical teacher lu the JI01I-!
ford public schools. Mrs. Fuller also
Save a farewell dinner yesterday for :
Mr. and .Mrs. M. C. Reed, who left (
last night for Portland prior to sail-1
ing to Auatraliu, and New Zealand. .
I Neif;!lboi liooll Si UK
i About Uventy-fivo young people
gnlhereil at the home 01 Air. am)
. Mrs. W, M. IVubc-r on (Ira nil.:1 sheet
household o-i (Iranilo street, and
when the hostess arrived homo she
Win surprised to find tiie house full
of f'iends wlio hud come with best
wishes to help her celebrate her
birthday. The evening was passed
playing cards and i-efreshnient.h were
served. Those present were Mr. and
Mrs. .1. P. Saylo. Airs. .1. Ii. Ilarrell,
Mr. an ! Mrs. (',
Robinson, Mr. ami
Mrs. K. D. Jenniius, Mrs. ElVa Rouse,
Miss Louise Lennart. Cliff Payne,
Mrs. P. West, Mrs. ltoilha lleer Iitid
Civile Young.
Eastern Star Meets I
Knstoip, S'lar hall was in ctila at-
tiro s tin-day in honor of the
viiet of (lie grand worthy matron,
Mrs. A.'lierta MacMurpbrey, who
made her official inspection of the
chapter. The work of decoration
had been left to the hands of .Mrs.
I Frank .Ionian arid Mrs. 11. It. Greer " u1'" '"""'" "'" ! siools m hiskiyou comity -bare no;
jand rirht worlhily had thev lalntred ,";;l"' Tonlorro'A' he vvnl conduct. ' j(,K.i,(,r.
until Ihe hall and dining room were'his VKU,ar sl'rvicos h,s ,""" c- '' U'-J " '""'" of Grants
r Iwv.n.v Tl, nrrtMennrtnet..-c'",rc!1' mA wi" Wv0 M",U'y torVv., cousins of Mrs. J. E. Jones.!
"ed its re-rulsr work for the benefit
of Mrs. M icMu'pbrey. after whirl
fine refreshments were served.
; ''
lilc-a-y Club Organized
! is goii-g to be some real work and
uori-..'ht before." I ent(,,:,;mrl,t. t wi1 i,e the'pur
tbo peasant is ' r the members to "lake the
club is interesting and beneficial as
possil.'o and rarr, the be.,,1 of
tho E, lisii ile,ai-(ineni and origiu-i-tor
of the plan, promises her assist
ance ii: every way possible.
D-'b: to will he in. Older end dra-
! math s- will have a fair chance. Other
literary lines will a!.-o be taken up. i
'pin- organization was made on I
o.e ojn; 0f September. 4 by
' of enthusiastic students. Of-
fines wre elected as follows: Mas-
lit, president; Marie Porter,
blent; Carry May Priggs.
and treasurer; Violet Yood.
Paulino Clil't, s,.r:;e.iiit-at-
vo o pr
secret. .;
tees v. i
toe to
lino' hoi
furac ' i
a m and membership comniit
e appointed, also a commit-
draw up a constitution and
to select a name. :
is going to be a real society,
, , 'i
ug practical training and n
cordial invitation ts extended- to all
"grams and' entertiuitirf! litH.
.special features will be aunouiiceil
from tiuio to time. -
V. It. W.
'isits Si-iti-i- l,odo
ds of Hi 'i'
nienbors of.
lie co w-,o!;.!ll biiUe went
to M'-d-l
feed 1. t nUht- to rPisi 1 the nieel
Ing of that order ho: 1 th'Te. Th
Ash! "I'd lodae wont in rovalia .ni'-t
"nt or the in'tkitrrv work. T.i'-lrht I111" for tho Slit" of Oregon, person
it. . ,. .n ,-,,,' m,,. ., . r iillT appeared J. C. Kaeci. knoxvn to
tarx i-. n-sidei t of iN-Vi, ,h ns-e-a-I'tv.
':c is m.-iking an o'fi''inl visit
.laji in has edi!hlihed a school at
Kyoto for free instruction in the silk
W $ j ' e - ' '' $ 'i
K $ i -i -t- 5
A lioost for Our Clnssllied Ads
Tracy, Minn., Sept. 19, 1919.
Ashland Tidings, Ashland, Ore.:
Find enclosed stamps for the ad you
run for me. It brought results and
I thank you for your trouble. Mr.
J. A. Yeo sent me, the lost article.
I'm a booster for your advertising
columns. I am away from home for
a few weeks, hence iny dcU.y in
romittiii"; tor the ad. Very respect
fully yours,
(liy the United Press.)
TOKYO. (Uy Mail.) Prior
Klt?hirakawa, I'rince Asaka nudl
Princo Migahhl-Kunl. all three hroth -
:.. 1 a . t -
I i;in-!ii-iavv ui iiie eeilHiin Vi .japac
and majors in the Japanese army.
will go to Ai:"ri-e. E!!",!a;i;f audi
France next fall or early next year
for Ihe purpose of military inspec
tion, uncording to reports in the. Jap
anese papers. ' The imperial prince::
expect to stay abroad for about three
j years. Prince Yl, Jr., of Korea is
( also said to be viamiiug.u trip
, abroad,
The maker of an. electric search
light operated by 11 six-volt battery
contends it will throw a beam of
liulit 800 feet. '
. Ley ion, hol'l.ut uciional headqiiartoj-yi
in New York city, a n-iduiinn was
adopted retting : p-.'.rt Sunday,- .'o-
vemlmr 9, to l.e, der'a .ied as
American Lc-.-'ii f'n.v.lav, and the
clergymen throuhout the United
States will be rot; nested to ilovot-
part or the whi le of thoir. sermons
on that d ly lo tlio ideals for which
ilia American J.egion stands. A: hl "mi4 ji rm ),,-, ir.ji. on the huard for ,".
Post .to. II will ,i..k the ro-opera 1 ion minute or 'aoi'e without stii'king.
ci' the local clcrayir.e-.i in ol:-er in-: i )ee-:h conla-ning large bubbles'
'-bis dry, . I),-,,, ris'ii loo loi g or too fast. It
, -hould be cut down and reknoaded
I Trains rti lining
Ihi-ou-h llie 'luniiol 'that
I in Pear Keuneit a week
crews of workmen have
aaged ui -.lit and dav at
had cave.'
ii;o. Lulu::"
h--i 11 er.-!
of the cave-in tryi:i- to r';i:iir tip:
:dam:-aes. and uiilil y..sie,l.,y notli
1 iS apparently seoiued to to,u Hie
fell of rock and earth, a lid for a1
tiii.o ii u.,s Ihoughl Hint. Ihe tuaml
would ha r. o ;,e abandoned en- j
I i rely. The trouble has npiwirKiUyJ
neea ovom ;.ni a::u ti'aias are toin
inc in from the sou'h on schedul"
n ii ,. a .. ,.,.:. .... .i. .
j- ii. ..tiMii,-. ,. in, i, ..,h-'i on lie:
: Pouleva rtl near t he railroad erossine,
shut himself ill the heirt some time
'la a ni lit, Willi snnidal Intent. A
nolo left on the back porcii of his
father's house telling li i -ii of his
son's I urnoso was found hv the'"""''1
father this morning, an an invest ig.i-1
lion dis covered Mr. .Moore lying dead
in his house. No reason lor Ihe
act is known hy the public. T!;
deceased had Icon employed by Dr.
.larvis as a woodcutter lor some tiir e. .
lie is survived by two smell bo.vs, bis
ile having died about Iwo yearn
ago. The body is be'iig. held pond-:
ing an Investigation hy tlio county1
He'.'. ,C. A. i-aiwania laid tho
fourth car rier!;.- conlorenco of the
.Methodist church in .Modl'erd last
night, and will hold the conference
in his own church in Ashland to
ii;;ht. Tonlorrow he will conduct,
his regular gervicos in his home
the annual conference in Kiib-m. He
: will be acco:n allied by Mrs. Ed-
j wards, who will go rn to Portland j
! to attend the branch mr.otjpy, of the
m utternt tp nr,.nc nwus oi
woiiien s i-oreicii iiiission arv soei-
Missionary soul-
...,' ,,,...,
i.lhe expects
to be pone from home about two
weeks. Mr. Edwards, in servin;.;-
Irict In.a very prosperou.f condition,
with salaries in 11, e district increased
to nearly ?:;000. Every cha.rgo iu
the district has increased the sal-
aides of their pastors, some of which
have been increased $300 or $100. ;
i u irnois N.i.MK.
n State of Oregon,
County of Jackson s's.
I, Ihe undersigned, hereby certify,
that I am transacting business at.
153 East Main street, Ashland, Ore
gon, under a designation not show
ing the names of the persons inter
ested ns partners in such business,
as a general partner, to-, it :
The names of the partners are .1.
C. Kargi, residing at 517 Boulevard,
City of Ashland, Jackson county, Or-'
"v"' . ,, , , ,, , ,
That the nature of the business to
.,,,,,,,.,0,1 bv said lairlnershin.
general retail groceries, feed, grain, !
Tlitit the aniount of the 'cr.nltal !'
coniriiiuieii n y sua J. u. jnegi is's -
$!ii00.00 (Nine Thousand Dollars)
that said business it. to commence on
;the 22ml day of September. lfH9. end
j terminate on the 22nd day of Sep-
Itember, HI ill.
I In witness whereof, I have here-
mnto ret my baud and se:i! this theti
22nd day of September, lIMfl.
ivaci-vi ineiii;
sni'te 01 Oregon, -County
of ,Ia kson ss.
On Ibis the 22nd day of Septem-
her. lfilfl, before nio, n Notary Tub
me to ho Hie poison whose name
;was subscribed, to the within Instru
ment, and acknowledged the execu
tion of Hie si. me.
j (Se al) A. II. DAVIS,
! Notary Public for the State of
: Oreron.
1 Mv conimibsion
t.iiis inc. 11,
v. r. J ... ....
I Nrs.fieHeDc Graf
;l Domestic Science Iiircciar
if Svwy FJour Co.
The hum Secrets of Mixing
and Making Good Bread
Hid you know that good bread
the nior.t wholesome, t.mst direst; -
bio. as well as one of the cheapest
foods that you can serve? The more
' tc'imI and flour you serve your fam
llly. the smaller your food bills.:
I n.tii.l i'nriii,a,,. I'm. "roatest amount
or toou value tor tne money exueun - ,
ed, and is the most important article'
of food. Perhaps we never realized
this until wo wero deprived of bread
dmin-4 the period of conservation.
Con. iderimr its (.real value, it is sur
prising how few housewives under
stand how to make a good loaf of
broad or pan oi rolls. The process
of making these yeast mixtures is;
mo-t interesting, and a little careful
study and practice vtili sureiy ' re-:
ward you for your time and trouble.
Helpful Kue.gem Ions About liicail :
' To koep the dough from cooling,:
mix and kn- ad it quickly. In cool
wi.-itber Ihe bowl containing the
dough may he set in a pan of warm
The lonrer the batter Is
beaten the leas kneading Hie rioo-h
wi;l reipiire. When doiu-li can be
liftod. in a mass on a it is ready
Dough ir. kneaded to mix the in-
grodlonts thoroughly; lo make the
:'.!ctcn ei.s'ic end to work in Ihe
air. It is snfiieiei tiy kneaded when
i do. tribute the it. is ee:
IHI.T, ( VlilOltMA, ITEMS .
!. ,V r,. .t H, (".. 4 .' -.
Miss Sadie Knaves is Improiin.'
nicoiy after her operation. Mrs.
I'nsves r"pe"t.' to re save her dam-liter
hoie about Thursday.
Miss I.oui.-e C itu ::..-. and., sisn-r
Klialx-th h ft Kiii'uls.y for a two
weeks' visit at Seaside at (be home
' I of their brother. Prank -tu:'::i.
i- mi I Ursa h is fearae of fee dry
ii ds de-sirlment in the llilts store.
Tii' Sunday school la id a Sand y
' school r il'y :-iini(''y. Mil- '.c was l ui-
i n;-'he-l by Mrs. I!nnin and Mr. Newell,
Mrs.- liidhnd is v.ilh
s. San-, M'-s. Dump, Mrs. Newell
I Mr. a ad Mrs. MePhorson as
Mr. Del M-irter gave an
in' ere-d ing I:
to Hie adults after
Vol are ill hopes
aiter can be here
s hoo!
Del i
Ho. I
ai'Mii soon.
Mr. find Mrs.
As'-I mil spent ;
L. F.
Fe -!
isirn of
Ir. and
Vrt.- Moro It-iH.-y.
Irving iiil.hert and
Kl''iu"t'a Falls are virii.ine
fa m ilv of
Willi .lollll
liibbcrl. and family.
,i lie school is piesr-.-eoug nicety
w-lh yi.iH.Yok lid Mis. S'oneho.u a
as teachers. 1 1 1 ! t .-: was lucky in se
c.irin ; two good teachers. So many
spent tio .vc...:-caii at her homo,
v?,. .nil n ,, l... -..-..,....i ..,
... -J
Comply Vith the Law
, J
: A N D
t- ri 3 ; r-v, V
7J It
lairv ami rood
Imtle.r sold or ex nosed for sale in tins slate
Diust In- tvrnjijiiid in butter rntDt-r upon which
is printed tin1 vord-i "Oregon Dairy Butter,
Id (or ',Y2) ounces full weight," with the name
and address of the maker.
To fuid'le patrons of the Tidings to easily
comply wiih this rniinj: this (dlice has putin
a -upplv of ihe Htandni'd sizes o) butter paper
and will print it, in lot- of 100 sheets and up
w:!ii and deliver it by parcels post at the fol
lowing price?. '
j ii
t il
CO Shoels, 15 or 32
2."i:i Sheets, 15 or 32
m SSicds, IS or 32
S-iid your orders-to us by mail accompan
ied by 1.1 in price of the paper and it will be
pr"inpl!y forwarded to you by parcel post,
nrepaid. '
We" use the best butter papiT obtainable,
nnd our workniaiixhip is of the best. Let us
have your ordr and you will not re-zret it.
' bJEj
j- r-
rtjFfrTJ - ra
tk gcience J)c-pari meni
Conducted by
( Always mako small loaves to Jn-
1 sure bread being baked through; in
Ir.rge loaves the heat may fail to
'penetrate to the copter.
If bread rises much after being
put. in the oven, the heat is not
ra-ent ennur'h. If II ItnHiin t
, ,v ,...n,..D K
i,n n in.iess man uiieen minutes,
the heat is too great. The first
' ten minutes the loaves are in the
oven they should merely rise and
perhaps begin to show a little brown
iu spills.: Ihe Kecund period of ten
minutes they should become a doll
tale 'brown nil over their surface
and cease to rise; the third period'
they should finiih browning and the
fourth they should
shrink slightly
from the pans,
ileal, Cheeks Ciowlli of Yeast
After the first ten minutes ths
oven heat can he decreased slightly,
im us baking continues It may be
lessened still more. The reason for
ihe hotter oven at first is that tho
growth of the yeast plant must be
checked early In tlio baking or the
loaf will become too porous, and this
e.ui be accomplished only by a heat
tjro:t ee.otiirh to penetrate to the very
center of the loaf.
When baking is completed the
loaves will give forth a hollow
sound when tapped, and will shrink
from the pan.
After b iking remove the broad at
o::ce from the pans and allow to cool
in li'sh air, uncovered. Do not put
.'."v;:y until perfectly cold.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Cradle, parents of Mrs.
N'c-j-r-onibe, have rented the fllgelow
rmii m w iiiiams, ure., aim win
move there to live. Mr. Newcombe
is a blacl'smith nt Milts.
PEEK MIASM!) I I' l ilt
ti:i-:k hy catamoinx
I'!: u le Miehahi, one of seven Browns
ville hunters who recently went into
th" Illue river country on a hunt
ii:r trip, was cocked and primed and
ei'.or lo sight deer, but instead wus
treed b.v a rampant catamount, "
Mich.ils .was separated from tho
other . members of bis pnrty In a
wild canyon. Me was making his
iv. iy up a step path when suddenly
a menacing snarl sounded just ahead
of him. Then in a hush not two
cops ahead, Mich.ils sighted a pair
of fiery eyes., and with a bound out
-an.e a battling bobcat. Michals
oil nilx'l a fir treo while the furious
kiity went on Its way into the woods
beue-ith, Tho speed he exercised In
(Ping up that bg convenient fir
tree, never expects again to
Portland Feather and bed
tnry to erect $ 10,000 building.
Echo Totes on water bond issue
November 4.
G:iiils Pass starts In on new street
pa' ing program.
lulincr of the Off con
Commission all dairy