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jk O P E W W H E N I G d T — M H C t J
m B A tD V - ÛOOO OÙ B A U W -W M O A -^
O k M M S o H O iffft P O V S C A T Á g
^ w A i b U - l Û . -w»c* » w * * * * 2 ^ ! ^ — —
Shale Oil Success
.So much basketball this season in Ashland has
rather overshadowed the high school’s activities
along this line. A team that would otherwise, have
attracted much attention has been more or less ne­
glected from the public’s standpoint. Now however
with one of the best teams in the state coming here
for a two game aeries, the fans should not forget
that we too, have a winning team. So far this year
we have lost but three games, and one of the early
in the season, on a floor that had been used for
dancing, and 'upon which it was nearly ini(>ossible
to stand.
With a record of this kind back -of them, the
boys as well as the school officials who have been
working quietly but efficiently are deserving or
some attention from the public, when they appear
here at home. An enthusiastic rabid basketball
crowd would do much to help the boys Friday and
Saturday. Why not give it to them?
A Broad-Gauge Industry
There has been a shortage of capital for the
development of weatom metal mines; but the situa­
tion is improving as the public better understands
Western st#tos particularly are dependent tq»on
their metal mining industries.
These industries
should have full encouragement by both state and
''national government«. It is incumbentx upon the
government not to impose exhorbitant tax bunlen«
upon the mines, or unduly restrictive regulations in
the form of “ blue sky” laws upon the promotion
and development of mining enterprise«. On tlie
other hand, mine developers and operator« should
not resort to extravagant claims for the purjxjse of
inducing investors to place their capital, in mining
ventures. '
The marines have been
busy lately w ith three wars
— China, Nicaragua and the
leathernecks Is on the way
to the Orient. That makes
two regiments over there.
We still have a regiment le ft
to use If the Mexicans get
enthusiastic. -
a couple more coun­
get hard toward Amer­
maybe w e'll have to
another regiment. .
Nervous Nelllo Kellogg
wants to find out all about
the Shanghai gesture.
Now that two men have
conquered the Catalina chan­
nel, sone 10-year-old school
g irl w ill swim across with
an anchor under each arm
and lowing a boat.
Why think of cess-pools when
there Is a sky overhead!
Making a thing prettier c
not necessarily make it better,
Obituaries supply an occasion
for lying that is never overlooked.
When She child ie emart, It tre­
quently happens that the páronte
Women will hangAiore respon­
sibility on a pin than a man will
on a nail.
When we are ashamed to say
There’s a movement on
foot in Naw Mexico to re­
name the state after Coo­
They might call It
Aad they could
change the name of that
faaroua towa to Calhuquer-
a thing, we can get eome relief
by referring it to our imaglna-
Hexk Heck says: “People who
behaves themselves auppliea doc­
tors and lawyers with mighty lit­
tle money.**
LONDON — Gabriel d’
Annunslo, Italian poet, and
books In his bath tub while
gold fish swim about him
an<> I n s p i r e
thoughts, he told Miss Luelle
Pakln, English singer, when
she saw hie la Venice.
D ’Annanxlo also confided to
Miss P arkla that when he
Is tired o f life he to going
to load himself Into a can­
non aad arrive la eternity
jaet ahefid of a charge of
PR IN C ETO N , N. J. —
“ W hat proportion of the
earth's surface was Ulamln-
eastern standard time, on
December 22 last!** was a
qaesttoa that stamped many
la the midyear examinations
Professor - Joseph
Oreea's class la latrodactory
history, economics and poli­
tics. I t was a . mean trick
to play on the Prlnoeton
The answer is
“one h a lf’* a portion that
always prevails.
A T LA N T tC G IT Y — The
Ualtdd State« may soon loaa
Ito aocond heaviest man,
Henry Tltm an, who weight
687 pounds, «uttered a aer-
loaa stroke of paralyato
Ho has bean
employed as a taxi starter.
10 Years Ago
20 Years Ago
30 Years Ago
tea laovad the Hargrove
r stock from the «tore
h M ala to the M inkler
om oa Beat Main last
The m illinery store
itpy the building Jointly
H. McGaa, who Is now
from hl« old stand In
C. E. Closter, of the 8. p.
U n . P. W. Paulson and Mis«
car Inspecting fofee of this city, Susie M artin w ill «tart Saturday
has secured a 30 days’ leave of for 8an Francisco, .where the
absence, and with Mrs. Closter former-wri!! visit with her moth-
left yesterday for a trip to South­
ern California.
Ml«« Marie Kinney of-Portland,
J. W. DoWMna, manager of the who ha« been vlelting the Al
Hotel Oregon, returned Sunday
from a business visit to San
Francisco. Ma Was aoe«m pan led
as fa r as Edgewood upon hie
return-, by Mr. Parossl who came
over Monday a fter a business
visit w ith creamery friends at
Cox fam ily on Seventh street,
joined her mother on yesterday'«
southbound train for a trip to
Los Angeles.
H. E. Reese, a brother of E.
M. Reese of this city, has pur­
C. D. Woods returned Monday chased some property here and
from Centralia, Wash., where he will move hts family ap from
has spent the past few days.
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Crater Lake
In Winter Time
Caretaker a t Crater Lake
• Lodge
' VMHOAANUrt O iR tt ObOr -1
H A tO -tu . opbm sore .
poRtfc vjrtW A «APUM
Another regiment of the
By W illiams
F s NHOA 8 C M — N H - I G 6 .
7 C A Q A L U O -V ik A O A -H b W C e .— 1 1
Attorney W. J. Moore has just consummated
the purchase of the residence property known as
the “ Alice L Black property” which is favorably
located on the Boulevard in the very heart of the
school sone, and is considered one of the most desir­
able and attractive {pmeS'Of that favored district
Mr. Moore is president of the State Bank of
Ashland, is a careful, conservative dealer, and a
close observer of general business conditions. His
recent purchase would indicate that he has con­
fidence in a bright future for Ashland, where he has
resided for the past twenty years, during which
time he has been actively identified with various
interests of the community. He intends making
extensive improvements of his new purchase, and
seems to take an optimistic view of Ashland’s fu­
ture, noth withstanding the dire predictions of many
pessimists to the contrary.
It was Mr. Moore, who on behalf of the C. W.
Boot estate, conceived the idea and initiated the
plan of purchasing certain tracts of land at the
entrance of our beautiful park, to be 'used for
general park purposes by the city. When he pre­
sented his plans to his associates, the other two
members of the board of trustees, they at once con­
ceded the wisddm of Such purohases and heartily
entered into the details of exercising the options
to purchase which Mr. .Moore had procured. These
lands are admitted on all hands to be of incalcul­
able value to the city of Ashland, and in their pur­
chase the trustees of this fund have not only shown
a progressive spirit, but have also shown their faith
and confidence in the future prosperity of the city.
Ashland needs' more men of the progressive,
far-seeing type of the membership of this board 'of
trustees, with concerted action and less of the idle
street talk of the unthinking.
High School Basketball
. " - “'k.1'" ....................
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Buys Ashland Property
The hopes and aipbitiens of many Ashland
people have been raised recently with the announce­
ment that the Shale Oil project bids fair to become a
success. The recent test run, was sufficient to con­
vince the engineer in charge of the activities that
the principal involved of extracting the crude oil
from the shale, was correct. That the oil was of a
high grade, the engineer also stated, and he further
declared that it should mean a good paying in­
dustry for Ashland.
This should be worth something for those who
are prone to minimize the advantages that Ash­
land in particular and Southern Oregon in general
lias to offer. This means the probable development
of one of our natural resources. It will undoubtedly
mean that the untold wealth that has been lying
dormant at our door step, will he converted into
assets from which every one should receive some
benefit. -
W. H. PERKINS, NEWS editor
Friday, December IV , IM S
I t stormed a little while end
then there to A dense fog driven
by a high wind; while the tem­
perature toan lew the fog to
freexlng oa the limbs of the trees
in gfeat lamps; It Is crystal clear.
The wind and I had another
fight and an usual I came out
second beet, I Was trying to
clean the rent of the snow out
of the building and as fast as
I would throw It oat the wind
would blow It back in, what it
didn’t get back In the building
It p ut down my shirt collar. I n ,
the last two days I have «Wept
the floor of the new building
twice (4 th ).
Yon know I hare been guess­
ing where the telephone line
was broken, It wee one mile
south ef the Boath Entrance,
the lineman was ap today and
repaired It. I had been planning
to t e It toasorrow myself, as I
hare to go out to the Fo rt with
some mall.
I called up the
hotel and tried to get some one
to come a fte r It,
I guest the
boys would rather do their sking
around the store, don't know
as I blame them any, but 1 hare
to go out or you* folks w ill not
get your Xmas cards from the
Lodgd at C rater Lake. Something^
like Banta, wish I had the rein-,
deers. Expect to be back Mon­
day, December 20, and spend
Christmas with the llaos.
Radio News— C. F. C. N. to
coming In like a house a Pre,
first time In weeks.
W ork and tried to clean oat
W eather — D ay cloudy; wind
south; enow ta ll siaoe last ob-'
serration, 4 la., snow on ground,
68 la.; precipitation, ?64 in. Tcm.
H . 86. L23, R. 7. M. 28.6.
Saturday, December IS, 11126
I got up fifteen minutes to six
that morning
If I
rightly, made things fly for two
hours, Set the thermograph, car­
ried up wood aad water, shovel­
ed some snow, and at eight
o'clock I was playing my role
of Banta.
I traveled that 42
miles fo r no other reason to
take out some Christmas cards.
Of all the simple minded, I
take the cake. I made the trip
all the way on my own power.
It took me just nine hours, no,
the skilag wasn’t of the best.
The crust under the new snow
was rotten and would give down
with each stroke of the aklls, then
th« new anew was grainie, like
and the two conditions
made it hard going.
To top it
off central forgot to call the
garage, and as the song goes,
the ear that I longed for never
easse; eo I walked the lire miles
from the snow line Into town.
I really enjoyed the trip down,
even to the last fire miles. When
I Was In the timber, there was
the snow laden trees to enjoy,
they were beautiful, and as I left
them behind and came Into Wood
River Valley just as the purple
and lavendar shadows of the
days end was settling over a
landscape mottled with white and
deep green; I forgot all about
the car, or was glad I had to
walk. There was the ragged peaks'
of the Cascades outlined In pink
and drhlts, w ith a background of
sky aglow, w ith crimson colors;
the faint outline of farmhouses
nestling In deep blue shadows of
the foothills, tka curling smoke
o f the chimneys, the windows
aglow with {rlsndly light.
haps It was these things that
caused my stride to slow and my
traveling time seem long to you.
I reached the hotel at fire
o'clock a little tired.
O lar A. Thornton returned
home Tuesday from Moamoath
where be has completed a course
In the state normal school there,
Ha w ilt teach 1« Ashland daring
the next school year.
LONDON ( U P )— When Is a
motorist drunk? Judge Sturges,
Freight Conductor R. L. Park­ ene of His Majesty’s learned dis­
er and wife are vtefttng with pensers of British rule, gave hts
relatives In British Columbia definition thus:
“ Where the skill and judgment
for « month.
of a man, normally .required in
the manipulation of a motor-car,
Ie obviously diminished o r Im pair­
ed as a direct result of the cos-
dump t Ion of alcohol, I hold that
Kaaag forbet, star poto ployer, playfully seised. S
•M Ato beanti/«* «*/«. Jom» art Unger between har
teaigaraaitntal m lsm e tss. Vom» nibbled M, Rat t
meats « dtveroe. Raaay «esitato«,
tootop Aar, eKAeagA secretly haow-
<M she to««« Abner Orotaua. Tkag
tra oil gatait oa a «wefcead orals«
oa the yoeht of Kttvatr, a.tUHoa-
atra tomber Atop, «0*0» Hoang eat-
ttaatat for taaiaaaa rtoaoaa. Otart,
a w idow , aaatga Baaag. Stivaar,
toviag Oikrt, to /eoloas 0 / Jimmy.
Honag, entlsMap fftioaor*« aid,
agrtaga « from to pet graof tKot
Rebuffed, Clare hesitated sullen*
ly. Stlvner took har ana sad es­
corted her eat of the «oom, and to
het* cabin.
In a moment he returned, and
when the door wan eloeed strode
directly up to Runny, with out*
stretched hand, tad declared firaak-
“Forbes, 1 apologise with all my
y heart for losing my tamper as I did.
I'm sorry your mana— everything—
sot so nnmerdfliUy shellacked!”
Banny, with a wan smile, took
g the proffered hand and shook It in
hearty token of peace and friend-
• ship, file face Immediately reset
k la hard, weary Ones.
He passed a hand sc r ees his eyes,
. and shrugged futllely:
"The heat laM plana- of mice—
a and fools”— he quoted, bitterly.
Captain Marty, who after Clare's
. departure, had pone unoetenta*
1 tlonsly ism Joan's desalted room,
j emerged now and listened quietly
k while Runny ranted on:
“It ’s all a mystery to ma. Pm
a dead certain that Aimer waa ripe
i to he trapped. Why, (Sara plainly
1 heard them, this afternoon, making
, a date to meet oa the sundeok. He
was to climb down. Aad I gave
r Joan free ground by the exouse
1. that I was going to stay lata with
■ yon fellows in a poker game, aad
, for her not to alt ap «ad wait for
me. Why, their aoaat eoaldn't hare
been set clearer for them. Yet—
he couldn't hare been with her—*
Clay broke Into the conversation
now, tor the first time since the
whole smasing complication had
“But they were together, Ranny.
Captain M arty and I, When we
sneaked to the railing shore the
snndeck heard two voices—theirs.
Then we began to talk loudly, so
that they would hear ns; the cap­
tain *bett1ng* me, according to
plan, that I was too old and stiff to
climb over-the railing, sad I taking
him np on it. offering to eagsceAlm
ta'a climbing ro e e /W h e a VO Otort*
ed over the railing, we plainly
heard them scamper hi.’
Raney nodded: “Aad I m aU
hare sworn I heard a man’s heavy
footsteps and voice, when I wae
making the fuss over opening the
, corridor door, as we agreed I
ebenld, to give him time to dodge
lato the closet And yet—he w a n t
hie rage predominated again, aad i here, aad now there's nothing I eaa
do. They'll be wary hereafter. All
he turned upon Glare savagely:
“Yon rattlebrained little trouble­ . hope of catching them to gone. And
maker. tor God's sake wipe that Joan will hare no use for me at a l
Insipid grin off your face and ex­ , after this. If I know herl I'm doom*
plain why you ever did such a reck­ ed for the fate et a deceived hus-
less thing as to come Into my room band!"
Captain Marty Interrupted quiet*
—half dressed like this—"
Clare hurst into 'quick tears. ly: “ DQn’£ g lr e up so easily. Mr.
Things are net as hop*
“Don’t talk to me like that, Ranny,
less as you think. Ooms, l*rs got
please. Am I so bad!“
She looked from one to another, something Important to show you!”
Surprised, Raaay, stlvner and
hoping they would say yea.
She got no encouragement Noth­ Clay followed the doughty mariner
ing but an Impatient verbal prod Into Joan's abandoned eabln. While
from Stlvner, which made her hur­ they crowded close to his shoulder,
he pointed to something caught oa
ry on to eob: f
“Oh, dear, I can’t aee for the Ute a latch, sued to hold open the port
of me What all this fuss la about I window that looked upon the sum
Just came here to remind Ranny deck.
that he promised to write in my au­
It was a fragment o f « woolen
tograph book.
Seel”—she pro­ hle»«r ooai' Tkey rwiogutoed It In­
duced the hook from a pocket of stantly. Abner had w o n such a
her loose fitting silken garment
coat after dinner that evealug,
Stivaer*s face cleared.
"Ton see,” expoanded the cap­
was the only motive!" he pressed. tain calmly, "the whole affair is
"Why, yes I ” The big, baby eyes qtitte d ea r now. Excuse me for a
Were Innocence personified. "What pointing a metal, hat If «re seafar*
else did you—OODLD you—think! ing men lost our heads and ault
No one ans were d when I knocked, reasoning about things to fly a t
but the door was open, Just a crack, each other's throats as Mr. Stirner
eo 1 stepped in. Then, afl at a sud­ aad Mr. Forbes did, We'd go down
den things began to happen so in our first storm. Here’s whkt
quickly that I grew bewildered. I happened. Gratmaa was trapped—*
heard Mrs. Forbes* volcb on the Just as you planned 'he'd be, only
sandeck. She spemed excited. She worse. Mrs, Clemoueaa dodged lato
was coming. In. I heard someone the closet Jaat batons h T ead Mro
In the corridor, too. 1 know R was Forbes ran In. W ith someone at
foolish of me, bat f didn’t want
* ? " '.* * ?
H ER to catch me, aad I didn’t bell ringing fa the etoeat. he didn't
know whoAras doming in the other know where to hide. Mrs. Forbes
door, so 1 dodged Into the handiest Shored him Into her bedroom. We
place. Then“—she shuddered St Were all too inteat oa the ball ring­
the recollection, and made a quaint­ ing Closet to par any attention to
ly wry face—"that awful, plagued the bedroom. Gratmaa probably
hell began to ring when I closed Waited until M r. Varlok and JUtop-
the closet door. Oh,.dear! I hope ped la from the tundeek; then he
— I hope—you’re not terribly angry climbed out this window, shinnied
With poor, foolish little met”
up over the railing, ran to his room
She tiptoes up to Raany, sniffling. and put his dressing gown oa over
Me turned away. With an impatient Ms clothes to make hellers he had
been sleeping. That would account
She tried Stlvner. He, loving for his delay; and I noticed a look
her, was more plastic slay. But he past between Mrs. Forbes and him
took her soft little chin Into one when he did eomet*
Mg hand, and shook- the foreflager
“I 7 * nt*®
c&tch him fsdhand-
of the other hand under her nose: ed,” bemoaned Ranny.
“Nof angry, hat terribly dlsap-
"Well," suggested Captain Mar­
Inted—and embarrassed. Y o u ll ty, "demand to see his blamr. If
ve to be a mighty good little girl this ptoee fit»—T H A T wou.d be ev­
from how an to live this dawn, with idence
enough for ME, If I were
me ”
Mrs. Forbes* husband, to set Mm
Clare pouted a bit, tike any, adrift!"
sehoolgirl under a iboldlng. and* *
(Ta ba ooatlnued)
. r
he la drunk,, if in charge of a they take alcohol when In charge
motor-car irlth la the meaning of
o f a car, knowing it Is likely to
the Act.
diminish their skill and judgment
’’Some people,” he added, “cun' th iy cannot complain of the re­
take very little alcohol but If sults.”