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♦ «’
<p]l us the wonderful story of his
{nlssionary work in that coun­
try. We regret that we cannot
have thetservice in the afternoon
so that all Christians might hear
him. The pastor has, never heard
Dr, Eubanks equal ta describing
the Joys and sorrows of a foreign
B. Y. P. ,U. at 8:80. The
young people will be glad to wel­
come you to this hour o f study
and devotion. Subject: “Do You
tik e Your Work»”
Preaching, 7:80 by the pastor.
This is the third of a series of
sermons on the Book of Revela­
tion— and “Reyelailon” is the Di­
vine title of this, the last book of
the Holy Scriptures. Come for
these studies of prophecy.
tt 88 tt
Church of the Naxarene
Fourth and “C” Streets
■ Sunday School at 9:45 a. m.
Mr. T. S. Wiley, Superintendent.
. At 11 o’clock, morning'worship,
lcludlng short sermon and Sacra-'
ment of the Lord’s Supper.
At 6:30 p. m. Young People’s
Meeting. *
At 7:30 p. m. Praise service
followed with sermon from the
subject, “Jesus Knocking at the
The regular mid-week prayer
meeting will be held on Wednes­
day evening at 7:80 p. m.
A hearty welcome to these ser­
P. C. Thatcher, Pastor.
The Full Gospel Temple
J. E. Murphy, Pastor
Sunday school, 9:45* a. m. C.
J. Foster, superintendent.
Morning worship, 11 a. ra.
Young peoples meeting, 6:30 p.
ip. If you wish to bo associated
with young people who stand for
righteousness an d ' battle against
unrighteousness; we invito you to
eome and unite with us and help
to Increase the army for right.
Evening worship, 7:30. These
meetings are evangelists and if
you are Interested in the salvation
of souls and the spread of the
Gospel, come and Joist with us in
this important Work.
Every Wednesday,in each week
prayer meeting 7:30 p. m.
Friday 7:30, choir practice.
Mr. Arthur Hardy, choir leader.
A homelike church Where you
will receive a hearty welcome.
> .‘Trinity Episcopal Chumfe
«v SVicar ttie Rev. P. K. HammoifU..
Holy Communion at 8 a. m.
Sunday school at 9:45.
Morning »qrvice and sermon at
Strangers and visitors cordially
. .
» « «
The Free 'Methodist Church
Cor. 7th and East Main St.
Rer. A. L. Whitcomb, an Evan­
gelist from Long Reach, Cal., will
preach Sunday morning on the
, subject, "The Fullness of God.”
Also he will speak In the after­
noon at 2 :30 on this subject,
“Magicians, Ancient and mod­
Congregation Church
ern." He will inctdently discuss
Sunday school if sets at 9:45
some of the tyodern religious
with classes for all ages.
In the evening his
Morning worship at 11 o’clock.
subject will be "Human Tragedy."
The sermon topic is, “The Ad­
Rev. Whitcomb is an excellent
venture of Worship.”
preacher, spiritual and convinc­
Jimlor Christian Endeavor will
You will be well paid if
meet at 3 o’clock with Mrs. Gaf­
you come to hear him.
fney in charge.
All are cordially Invited.
The- Senior Christian Endeav­
or will participate in a union
» tt «
meeting at the Presbyterian
Methodist Episcopal Church
Church’ in celebration of the 46th
H. F. Pemberton, Pastor
anniversary of the organisation of
Morning worship at 11 o'clock.
the Society..
Sermon subject “How Shall We
The evening service will be a
Pray?” The first of a series on F irs t Church o f C hrist, Scientist
recognition of the wonderful
Pioneer Avenue, South
work of Christian Endeavor. The
Evening worship at 7:30. Sub­
Sunday morning service at 11 pastor will be assisted by a com­
ject “The Way qf the Transgres­ o ’clock, subject, “Spirit.”
mittee of the Young People’s So­
sor is Hard.” 'One of a series of
Sunday school at 10 o’clock. ciety.
ehort sd'mons of some great sin­ Wednesday evening service at 8
The mid-week meeting of the
ners of the Rible.
p. m. Reading room open dally church will be held Wednesday
Sunday School at 9: 4 5 ._ A real from -X to-A except Sunday* . .*»4,
evening with, a supper for all
Bible school. You will have a holidays. The public Is cordially
good time studying the Book here.. welcomed.
READ T n n iV G S C V A 8 8 ADS
Junior League for children
from 8 to 14 meets at 4.
Epworth League for all young
people meets at 8 :1 5 ., This is an
inspirational hour where a live
topic is studied.
Prayer meeting
evening at 7:30.
You are cordially Invited to
come out f ° r these meetings on
Sunday. Excellent music, Goypel
sermons. Christian fellowship and
Phone us your order for your Sunday meat, We
a homelike atmosphere make the
are sure you will become a steady patrop. ■
hours spent here helpful and en­
couraging. You will be glad you
camo. Strangers and visitors es­
pecially welcome. Make this yonr
home church. C ome as you are.
tt tt tt
First Presbyterian Church
With the Illuminated Bulletin
The tumult and the shouting dies
The captains and the kings depart
Still stands Thine ancient sacri­
An humble and a contrite heart.
Lord God of Hosts, be with us yet.
Lest we forget— lest we forget.
Sunday morning the pastor will
speak on tho subject "A Bible for
the Bay in Which We Live,” at
11 o’clock.
- ’
Bible School, 9:45. W. M.
Wright puperintendent.
Juior Christian Endeavor, 4:00.
Intermediate and Senior Chris­
tian Endeavor. There'will be a
Union meeting of the Cohgrega-v
S Pound Bags Pure Oane Sugar ..................... 37c
tional, Christien anU Presbyter­
ian societies in honor of the forty- ■ 4 Pound Swifts Jewel Shortening .................... 69c'
sixth birthday anniversary of J Hadfields Comb Honey, 2 Cakes for .............. 35c
Christian Endeavor, 6:80 p. m. |
At 7:30 a Young Peoples
church service will be held at
which time a number of yonng
While Stock Lasts
people will take part. Mr. Mltch-
elmore will answer some ques­
tions regarding Youth and “the
Youth Movement Today”, also
“What do you think of the Glad­
stone Case?” “What is the fool­
ishness of God?” ete.
Blue B om Bice, 3 Pounds for ........................... 25c
Wednesday at 7 o’clock the
mid week service subject will bo
Italian Prunes—Hew Crop—P o u n d ..................... 10c
“What Is a Christian?”
tt tt tt
Last Day of
Begular 20c Gan
First Baptist Church
Those Big Sweet
Van Camp’s
Myron S. Woodworth, Pastor.
Sabbath School, 8:45.
Preaching, 11 a. m. Remember
that this Is the houi'Xhat Dr. |
Eubanks, recently of Chine, will j
Mr. gad Mrs. Fred Homes re­
turned from Portland Wednesday
where Fred had been in attend­
ance at the annual meeting of the.
State Chamber of Commerce.
A modern dance Will be given
at the club house Tuesday, Feb-'
ruary 8. Mr. and Mrs. Chas.
Robertson and Carl Loveland will
furnish the music fot this dance.
The floor is still being worxed
and a better time than ever ia
promised for the eighth. We yrilli
serve pie and coffee that night,
and so depart from our regular
rule of either cake or doughnuts.
A committee of men from the
chamber of commerce met with a
few men from Bellview Tuesday
night at the school house and
had a very helpful session. A
meeting en-masse will be held be­
fore long and a generally helpful
tíme planned.
Don’t forget that the Bellview
women are holding a food fate
at Hardy Bros. Saturday.
ean get lots of good things to eat
there and so help relieve baking
for Sunday.
Henry Homes
and Wilbur
Tucker drové to Prospect Wednes­
day for the purpose of looking
over the sight of the new Copco
nnlt which Is under construction
this year.
Mrs. W. O. Tueker
Phone SF14
The next regular meeting of the
Upper VallbF* Community Club
will be held in the club rooms at
the new community house next
Tuesday, Feb. 8. > .
It had been hoped the new
county demonstration » I f n i
would meet with us, but as she In
out or the county until after the
fifteenth, the club has decided to
put the day in the “dolling up*’
o f the new home. Windows will
be washed, the auditorium will he
redecorated*, window drapes will
be made and hung, chairs will be
trimmed, upholstery recovered,
and painting done. The’club wish
to thank especially Mr. and Mr».
Carl Gottsche, for donations to
the club of four ja s y chairs, and
the drapes for both the club room
and kitchen windows. The meet­
ing Tuesday, will be an all day
session and a full attendance la
hoped for. There is lots to be
done! Plenty for all.
Mr. W. D. Jackson, of the pal­
ace Lunch, graciously offered the
club an electric coffee u rn,,which
he is not now using. So an elec­
tric .plate will be purchased and
this urn put into use at once, for
our scheduled parties.
Keep* your dates open for either
the 17 or 18 of February. It will
be worth your while to Visit “Cy­
clone Sally,” at the Community
House on one of these nights.
The old time dance at the com­
munity house Tuesday night was
a success. The weathbr was bad,
but in spite of that We cleared a
substantial sum.
Mr. and Mrs. Canton of Al­
bany, who have been spending
some weeks in California, are vis-
Shop Saturday
r 4 37
. . . .
C. & H. Pure Cane Sugar,
Extra Special, 14 Pounds, $1.00
6 for 25c
Good Lemons
Per Dozen, 15c
Delmonte Corn
Pork and Beans
3 Large Cans
10c Per Can
3 Cans For
• Onions
6 Lbs. for 25c
Now ia the time far yon to
do yonr fencing. Ground la
soft for setting yonr poota,
and we carry every •***,
height and dcacrlptton to fane-
Ing that In made anil at. right
Hai-raws Plows and aU kinds
of tools carried in stock.
A few White Hewing Ma­
chines left for *00.00 each,
will cost yen *120.00 else-
Peil's Comer
We Deliver
Within City Limits
We Are Busy
We 8atisfy
“Statistics show that from an
outstanding bonded Indebtedness
of 334,000.000 in 1915 Oregon’s
bonded debt had increased ip
1985 to 9173,000,000 and though
It may be that the state and its
people have seen fit to assume the
burden as a matter of good invest­
ment, the rate of Increase con­
sidering what other states have
done, Is somewhat alarming.”
itlng Mr. and Mrs. S. K. Barnes,
as they are enroute home. They
were very enthusiastic and enjoy­
able members of the old time
dance at the club house Tuesday,
as was also Mr. Carty of Medford,
who is too, a house guest of the
eventually to give Oregon anotho
direct main line railroad e a v
from southwestern O r e g o
through Klamath Falla and on By
way of Alturas.
Prices For Saturday
Herbert’s G rocery
Honey, 1-2 Pint . . . , 20c No. 1 Potatoes, Lb.
Catsup, Large Bottle, 20c Sweet Potatoes, Lb.
GoocT Coffee, Lb.........45c Cabbage, Lb...........
Prunes, 3 Lbs. . . . .
Green Tea Lb............. 50c Raisins, 3 Lbs..........
Another Barrell of Sauer Kraut
Just in—1 Pounds f o r .............25c
For onr company or for your home there is ni> cconomv in cheap Inferior brands. We know
Ifood food and we conscientiously buy anil sell only (lie best to the end that you
will always be satisfied a n d we will ..alwaya l>* «happr te'KKSiryda i f e ^euaed.
Saturday.and Monday
PORTLAND. Feb. 4.— (U N )—
Rather significant suggestion that
Oregon should look a thè
matter of setting a brake on Its
rapidly Increasing bonded Indebt­
edness was made by Paul Shoup,
executive vlce-nresident of the
Southern Pacific railway company
at Monday's members* . forum
luncheon of tho Portland cham­
ber of Commerce, host to the Ore­
gon state chamber delegates «.in
session here.
Shoup intimated further great
activities for the Southern Pacific
company In Oregon by saying that
"If the, powers that be are will­
ing," the Southern Pacific hopes
Continuously Selling Only The Very Best
Phone 107
Eagle M arket
Railroad Head
* Issues Warning
Bulk Dates
4 Pounds, 25c
Seashore Minced
2 Gans, 35c
ih Trü Blu Cookies
Chocolaté Eclairs
And Chocolaté
Màple Drops
Per Pound 25c
Siskiyou Brand, an Ex­
cellent Standard Grade.
No. 21-2 Can
12 l-2c
Dry Onions
8 Pounds, 25c
fresh Rhubarb
2 Pounds, 25c
Gem Potatoes
Per Cwt, $2.85
Klamath Nfetted
These are only a few of our many brands and varieties— Ask tho- Salespeople for our Big
Canned Goods Food Buyer, if one was not left at your door.
Our Special Sale Price Showing Having in Quantities
Our Beg.
*4 Dx.
% Dx.
Asparagus Tips, Lihbys Large 1 lb. Square Cans .... .80
2 •”* •
You Save
Asparagus Short Tips, Lihbys (Salad Points)
1 lb. Round (’an .................................. _....................a s
You Save
Beans with Pork, Van Camps; IS os. Cans ................10
You Save
Beans, Calendar Cut Htringless; No. a Cans .......13 1-2
You Save
Beans, Van Camps Red Kidney; No. 2 Cans .......12 1-2
Yon 8ave
Beans, Pride of Oregon Fancy Stringless Cut
ReAigee; No. 2 Cans ................................................. jo
You Save
Corn, Standard—Good Quality ................................ ia 1-2
You Save
Corn, Del Monte Tiny Kernel; No. 2 Cans ................20
You Save
Peas, Island Gem Standard, No. 2 Cans ....... ..... .12 1-2
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Peas, Del Monte Medium; No. 2 Cans .................. i.. .10
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Tomatoes, Silverdale Htamlarils; No. 2 l-2 s Can, .12 1-2
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Tomatoes, Libbys Solid Pack; No. 2 1-2 Cans ........... 10
You 8ave
Pineapple, Libbys Sliced.. No. 2 1-3 Cans .................... so
You Save
Pineapple, Hillsdale Broken Sliced; No. 2 1-2 Cans, .24
You Save
Catsup, Libbys Indians; Large Bottles
.................... 2S
You Save
Soup, Campbells Tomato, No. X1 Cana ................ ..... ,io
You Save
* 8 .0 0
Specials Saturday and Monday, February 5th and 7th Inclusive.
RAISINS Seedless Thompsons, 4 Pound
Package ..................................................... gfle
CORN MEAL — Eastern Kiln Dried— 0
Pound S a rk .................... ........................... 8Ac
CRYSTAL WHITE SOAP— 10 bam ........ M e
LIBBYS MILK— Tall Cans, 4 for ........ M e
in Coffee excellence— Hot out of our Roast­
er today— Hot on your table tomorrow
POUND ........ 47c; H POI NDS ........ | 1 J 8
20th Century Grocery
Caltunet*« Doable A ction
gives you a baking powder con­
taining two leavening units—
one begins to work when the
dough is mixed, the other waits
for die heat of the oven, then
both units work together. You do not
have to use extra care o r precaution
when you uae it.
aauKvoo pownnt
THOS. » L L , Prop.
Prices good from Saturday, Feb. 5th to Monday, Feb. 21st, Inclusive.
n s wotoa s c u a ro a r
Plaza Grocery
61 I t MAIM ST.
Big Special Canned Goods Sale
m u xwtnxxa thmx prawn