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Rain tonight and Friday.
is a potential pay roll for Ash­
Ashland's Leading N<
(United Neva Wire Service)
per for Over Fifty Years
land. *
(United Press W ire 8ervlce)
RSDAY, FEB. 3, 1927
Linn County Clerk Accepte
.Merchandise in Lien of
Senator Johnson Thinks He
Will Have Easy Time
in the Senate
A LB A N Y , Feb.
3.— ( U N ) —
Linn county la accepting merch­
andise in payment of personal
Evacuation From War Zone
taxes, collection of which is being
Progresses Rapidly,
enforced by B ari M iller, deputy
Says Report
New Governor Tells Law sheriff and tax collector.
— h— ■
Today thecou n ty took in from
Makers This is Only.
Manager of Toronto Swim­
tire dealers a number of automo­
Now •
ming Marvel “ Fired”
SALEM, Ore., Feb. 3,— (UN)—Practical assurance Congress Takes Steps to Protect
bile tires in sixes it can use on its
' Last Night
that the Southern Oregon state normal school at Ashland
/tm cricans During Civil
BIG BATTLE LOOMING county owned, motor vehicles. The
court issued the sheriff a warrant
will be allowed a dormitory this year was given today
for the amount involved.
gram of the senate steering com­ Conqueror of Catilina Channel
As the practice grows court­
EU G EN E. Ore., Feb. 4,— The
mittee. which will probably be
house workers are predicting the state banking department today appropriation of $150,000 for this new building.
Refuses to Obey Wishes of
Under legislative precedent of many years, the final British from the Chinese war reached next week, and Johnson
time when milch cows w ill be closed the bank at Florence. The
8A LE M , Feb. 3.— ( U N ) — Be­ tethered to trees
court condition of the bank ia un­ recommendation of the ways and means committee, such I sone is continuing, according to u ld today that he will call the
fore a capacity crowd that stood house lawn.
known but they think It Is sol­ as announced today, means that the bill will pass both la navy department dispatch re­ bill up for action at that time, be­
cause the measure calls for an (U N (— Notice that she had "dis-
In all available spaces in the
reported vent although the withdrawal was
legislative braneheg without formidable opposition.
house chamber, Governor Patter­ made to accept some pigs in pay­ •o large that an adjustment of
3. W illiams, in command of the appropriation oj >125.060,000 the I missed” Henry O’Byrne as man-
In addition, the committee appropriated $32,210 for Asiatic fleet.
argument will be made that the | ager of her son, George Young,
son Wednesday delivered his mes­ ment of taxes and now Miss Amy the bank's affairs is necessary.
the maintenance of the normal school at Ashland in addi-1 ! In addition to 25 Americans bill should originate In the house was served on O’Bryne late yes-
sage on state finances to a Joint Ross deputy in the sheriff's of-
tiofi to the millage tax allowed each year. This will |and 24 British who have left but Johnson said today that he l terday by Mrs. Jean Young, moth­
sesslon of the senate and house flee la wondering what she will
EUGENE, Ore., Feb. 3.— W a r­
do w ith them when they a rr’ve.
provide for improvements $nd a larger teaching staff (Chunkiang for the lower river, a thinks he can overcome that ob­ er of the Toronto youth who won
rants for the arrest of Henry
A fte r the applause which greet­
total of 56 additional Americana jection and bring the measure to fame and >35,000 by swimming
Bergman, president of the F lo r­ for next year.
are expected to arrive In that a vote In the senate without prior Catalina channel.
ed Governor Patterson when he
The sum o f $175,000 was appropriated for the new- city from the Interior, Adm iral house action.
ence State bank, and Miss H arriet
was presented to the Joint as­
Mrs. Young’s telegram was sent
Weatherson, cashier, were issued main building of the Eastern Oregon normal school to be Williams reported.
Action by the house Is contin­ from Los Angeles to O’Byrne in
sembly had died down, there was
here last night in connection with started at La Grande, and $175,000 for another building
A group of British women and gent upon a favorable report of San Francisco, where Young Is
no demonstration as he outlined I
the alleged hold up of the bank at the normal school in Monmouth.
12 the rules committee, which has scheduled to appear In a theatrlc-
the state’s financial difficulties
last Thursday.
postponed decision on a resolu­ al engagement beginning Satur­
and analyted the various propos­
Bergman and Miss Weathers-n
for Hankow. Japanese at Chang­ tion to give the measure a pre­ day. The message read:
ed remedies until the government
Joseph P. Chisholm Passes disappeared from Florence Mon­
sha also are preparing to evacu­ ferred place on the house program
made the direct statement that he
“ You are hereby notified that
Away at Home on Oak
day evening, and have not been
ate, the message stated.
for this session.
recommended a graduated income
the paper held by you purporting
seen nor heard from since. Berg-
tax with a- maximum rate not -to
tg be contract ^ Ith .m y soç and
. 9 < **r*in ..Agitator«
Punjab forces are restraining
exceed three per cent.
Joseph Peter Chlsholme, well
agitators In Shanghai while Gen­
Need More Revenue
■ .known veterinary of thia city,
eral Sun Chuan-fang has been
Imm ediately there was an out­ passed away at hie home on Oak
^successful In battle near Chok-
burst of applause from the mem­ street yesterday morning, sifter a
I iang, the fleet commander re-
bers of the legislature and the lingering Illness.
I *>n, George Young, who Is a min-
throngs of cltixens present.
The deceased Is survived by six
Two movements were started
Government Patterson’s state­ children, three boys and three
T :.
Jin congress today to force PresI* First Decisive Victory of
ment that the deficit In the next I girls,
(U N )— A plea of not guilty waa
biennium is estimated to reach j | Funeral services w ill be held
entered today by John M. Ken­
approximately H.OIO.OdO' unless I
•Hles with China.
from the Catholic church Friday
nedy, 64, when he was arraigned
I Senator Borah, Republican Idaho
some new method of producing I morning nt • o’clock, w ith Dodge
W ASHINGTON, Feb. >.— (U N ) ,
A similar telegram waa cent al-
In municipal court on a charge pf
Application of more diplomacy — The revolution in the western I w to the San rra,,c,ac° theatre
inoome can be devised and put in-1 ft Sons in charge of the services.
assaulting A rthu r C. Bure$; tried
to effect, censed a alight commo-l
and less force was sought by gen- section of Nicaragua haa bean I *h e re Young ia scheduled to ap-
Interm ent will be in the Moun­
Jointly w ith . Madelynne Ohen
lator Borah, republican, Idaho,
tion among the auditors.
The I tain View cemetery.
broken after an 18 hour battle ',ear- In this message the theatre
chain for the alleged murder of
declaration waa one of the most I
I chairman of the foreign affairs In which the liberal forces were management waa lnatructed to
Kennedy’s son, J. Belton Ken­
I committee, and Representative completely routed, according to a I Dajr to his mother any money due
striking made in his address and I
Irving E. Vining of Ashland, nedy. I n . 1 *31 .
I Summers, New York democrat, cablegram received at the Nlcar-1 Young.
Its effect was intensified by the I
president of the state chamber of
Kennedy’s ¿rials was set for
I offered a resolution in ,the house i(
commerce, w ill speak to the stu­ next Monday.
explanation that even at this fig­
aguan legation today from Guadra
Under the asserted agreement
Evelyn Frisby Kerr, aged one
I to have the president appoint
ure the state’s building program I
dents of the University of Oregon
Pases, minister of foreign affairs which Mrs. Young repudiated
year, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A.
In the Diaz cabinet.
I O’Byrne was to receive 40 per
would be eliminated with the ex-1
at a special assembly today, ac­
D. K err of 608 Palm Avenue, I Chinese treaty delegates.
Should Take Lend
ceptlon of the tuberculosis hosplt-l
cording to word received here.
"°nt of the earnings of the Cata-
" I f America should once more left
Mr. Vining w ill speak on "Calls
on the battlefield and scores U*na channel swimmer. Young Is
al In eastern Oregon and the
Funeral services will be held
Emil F. Pernot, Who Was of Service.” The state chamber
BEND, Feb. 8.— ( U N ) — Prlne- from Dodge ft Sons Undertaking take the lead in the movement , of prisoners taken, the message ’ aid to take the position that the
new state normal school build-1
I Working on Tuberculosis
president Is enroute back to Ash­ vlho won the first round of the parlors tomorrow afternoon at 2 to help China,’’ Somers declared, , itated.
contract should be compiled with
Cure, Dead
“we will gain the everlasting
land after attending the annual Central Oregon debate tourna­ o’clock.
This marks the first decisive and his stand was said tonight to
friendship of the young republic.” , victory of the Diaz forces on the have brought he and his mother
meeting of the state organisation ment yesterday by defeating both
Arrangements for interment
PO RTLAND, Feb. 3.— ( U N ) -
Senator Borah also pressed , ivest coast.
I at odds
In a telephone conver-
In Portland the first of the week. Bond and Redmond high schools. have not been completed.
Kmll Francis Pernot. professor of
upon the president the necessity
The text of the cablegram read 1 sation with her eon this afternoon
bacteriology at North
for appointing delegates to con- { is follows:
Mra. Young pleaded for him to
Dental College, who recently took
fer with China as soon as the
“ Liberal rebels attacked the come to Loe Angeles and discuss
charge of experiments with a
warring factions are able to t own of Rivas. A fter 18 hours hie business affairs with her, but
herd ef cows to test the tuberculo­
>f continuous fighting the liber- he was reported to have refused,
sis cure devised by George K irk ­
The president was told, accord- a Us were repulsed by the govern* saying that his presence waa de-
ing to reports that naming of a „ nent forces leaving In their land manded In San Francisco,
Observer for Eight Years, patrick, died of pneumonia at his
residence here yeseterday.
delegation now would demon-
in Official Position to
lead, wounded and many prle-
Mrs. Young claims she la too
Professor Pernot was a man of
strate this government's good 0
to journey to the bay city as
frail constitution and had suffer­
faith and might facilitate a Chin- t lty of arms and ammunition, requested by Young.......
W A SHING TO N, Feb. 3.— Scar* ed from attacks of pneumonia
ese agreement.
cely a dozen of the 436 members frequently during th-j past 20
However, neither Coolldgq nor t
of the house of representatives years.
the state department appeared v
are qualified as leaders in the na­
onthused over the proposal.
tional legislative
Fess, parliamentarian of
house, said today in an Interview
w ith the United Newe.
Fess is qualified to know. For
Good Program Planned for
eight years he has been an ob­
Funeral services for the late
High School Gym Sat­
server and adviser to the speak­ Mrs. W illia m Glelm, who passed
urday Evening
er. He ,s resigning at the term in­ away yesterday morning at the
(U N )— Decision was reserved to­
ation of the 69th congress to prac­ Community hospital In Medford,
day on the petition of attorneys
tice law In Toledo. He is a son w ill be held from her residence in
for Charlie Chaplin, who sought
of Senator Simeon D
Fees of Talent tomorrow, February 4 at
to have the district court of ap­
peals make a permanent order
2 o’clock, Rev. P. K. Hammond,
The young, dapper parliamen­ officiating. The burial w ill be in
tying up >8,000 in alimony grant­
tarian knows more of the whims, Stearns Cemetery.
ed Lite Grey Chaplin, the com­
the pefty bickerings and the char­
edian’s estranged wife, by the
acters of the individual congress­
lower court.
A temporary re­
man than any other person.
straining order Is already effec­
LOS ANGELES, Feb. 3.— (U N )
tive and prevents receivers for
— Mrs. M arie Arbllllgera, report­
Chaplin’s property paying Llta the
ed to be a wealthy Guatemalan,
money which her counsel contends
and her three children, A rthur,
Is necessary for support of her­
Stan Pillette, star third sack-
.LO S ANGELES, Feb. 3.— (U N ) 18, Carmen, 16 and Edward, 13,
self and the two Chaplin babies.
for the Ashland baseball club
— A man hearing a resemblance were suffering at their home to­
Neither Chaplin nor hie wife last season, will be given a try­
to the "dark strangler," wanted night from eating poisoned food.
appeared when the petition was out with the Loe Angeles coast
for the murder of a dozen wo­
Members of the fam ily were
argued before the appellate court league team this spring. * He
men In coast cities and for other .taken to the receiving hospital for
sitting en banc.
was signed up last week by Marty
slayings in the east, was arrested treatment after they became dis­
Krug, manager of the Angel club.
In the bnslneee district tonight tressingly ill this morning, and
News of Plllette’s rise in the
by city detectives.
were attended by police surgeons.
world waa contained in
The prisoner was overpowered , They were unable to give any
W ASHING TO N, D. C„ Feb. 8. a letter received by John Enders
after a etrnggle. He said he was definite Information that would
— (U P )— W illiam Phillips, am­ today from Johnnie Morgan, who
Steve Kelmas, Ft, a marine fish­ assist In determining the nature
bassador to Belgium, probably played with the locale for a
erman and that he came to Loe of their sickness but Dr. Dorn of
will be appointed minister to Can­ part of the season. Morgan has
Angeles recently , from
Santa the hospital said that the symp­
ada. His name has ben subihlt- been playing winter ball In Cali­
Barbara to attend an automotive toms somewhat resembled pto­
ted to the Brltlsn government for fornia but wants to return to
maine poisoning.
Ashland this spring.
Mother of Local
Woman Succumbs
dcai / o dd / hi iiT in ki,nvaiid
an<* °r y°u ,n wni beha,f
Infant Daughter
- Called By Death
Another Slow Moving Game
Talent Resident
Will Be Buried
Reserve Decision 4
On Chaplin Case
Stan Pillette
To Get Tryout