Ashland daily tidings. (Ashland, Or.) 1919-1970, December 18, 1926, Page 4, Image 4

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    C. J. BEAD,
««♦tata «*+««•se»
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HE*» fofo **
*> * M * LaA^
**** ytmaqefc A o A ÖtftM* ? ÉÉfti
g ^ l 5 i Att^t
Bi Wtóter
We Exercise Our Brains
The London Times is doubtful whether British
prosperity Cato hé secured On the American plan
of high wages, mass production and increased con­
sumption, as urged by British investigator« who
studied Arterican conditions. It seems to feel that
Arteries has special advantages of1 resources and
_t •—
Îiij.ÀÏ__- -1.1-1-
__ ___
which are
not X —_
common to
Great Britain.-
Probably, with unconscious British conserva­
tio n . it reacts against the thought of the complete
turnover that might ifofe to be made in British
ideas, in order to adopt American customs.
Jn this country the old doctrine of class con­
flict is rapidly being replaced by the idea of eodpfeiR-
f ion in industry. Oar greatest industrial organitet-
tions, pu Wie Utilities hod railroads, have woken
up their stock ownership and sold their securities
to millions of employes, customs and capitalists.
The American Federation of Labor Has formally
subscribed to the view that higher Wages eaU coWO
only out of increased production. .
■ There is nothing in the American labor or cap­
italistic system which cannot We adopted by Great
Britain, its workmen and capitalists, if they desire
to do so'.
It is not so much the utilization of natural
advantages as it is the exercise of-common sense,
coupled with unbafopored private initiative, that
— hwn Jmtff Bwr Umted S tate« in to the nation it is
today. It is well for other nations to realize that
America has no corner oh braih power, although
the average citizen in this eotfntry may give hie
brains more exercise than the average citizen of
other lands, because he has been encouraged to-do
so, and his ambition has riot lioen crushed by pater­
nalism, as in many other lands.
Paying Judges
^ r w u v iio n o j nivo m
wi«& w
d o e s - th ' R o o e ttfc b * z / i Ü bague -
Pf=> HE SOARS ÜUfco UM í T l ESS s p a c e
who ' s A Kiuer IN HIS ONH UTfVE.
What Others Say
Deaths from thberculoris art decrtU^ing, xays
the head of a big life insurance company. The
mortality rate in 1920 was an average of 118 for
every 100,000 in habitants, while -daring the first
ten months of this year it was 81 for evflry 100, 000
No doubt the little Christmas seals that arc
sqjd at Christmas tinfe art responsible for A large
percentage of this decrease in the tuberculosis
mortality rate. Have you bought yours this yetfrf
A New Jersey mother recently spunked her
fifteen-year-old daughter Who ran away to gat
married and then forgave her. We agree with the
suggestion of the editor of the Pocatello, Idaho,
Tribune that the spanking should have come before.
Illinois courts have rulpd that a husband is
entitled to alimony if liis wife deserts him. . But
can he get itf
The numlier of autonrtbttes Is IncrrtlsHtg by
leaps and bounds and pedestrians are surviving the
same way.
Washington is to have « big stadium to which
congressmen can go to extend their remarks.
S m o p a m p s p e n thin k Am erica overdid the
reception tto Quceh Marie, t i e overdo a great many
things, Much as lending money.
Isn’t If Odd?
The old-fashioned woman
who used to have to went
overshoes a fter a fa ll rain
now has a daughter who gods
6Ut before breakfast to swhto
the channel,
resident has
rnited States
Chat accompoities Jodgwhipfl has long been recog­
nised as a handicap to the appointment' of men
best suited for the positions.
Oft times lawyers who would hpve made the
best judges have refused to leave private prac­
tices for the honor of the bench. Others have taken
the position for experience to get acquainted or for
some other retoofty but very f«w for the salgry A t­
tached. specially is this true of state cohrte. It
is doubtful if there is a judge sitting in Oregon
today who could not command more in private
practice than he receives for his services on the
The condition is unsatisfactory. It is unfair
to ask men o f the type we want to fill judicial
positions to work fur the small sum they feceive.
States might follow the lead of congress to good
advantage. There is one way to get good men on
the benches and to keep them there and that is td
give them a salary commensurate with the ability
they must have to discharge their judicial respon­
sibilities satisfactorily.
in * orar m y lo g fo r the «inter ét
’to and found foto under fo t dai«
. Qone tro m th e lodge to t
two d *r«. after trapper« in,, the
nerthwest com er of the p a r i.
Then under'the date of Nov. « I
found this story:
■'ifit the north bonndry pf park
«,:»«. a. n u N ot . t . this morplng.
W orked ,««et, looking over botto
side park linea for one ope-half
mile. Cam e.te Boundary Springs
at X o’clock, fh é re was aftow on
aft foe bo'rtfi filftstdes fidt ho a ll
diU rran
tr'teki. ArrtfWt ai K. > . corner
i t 4. tttiufod sbirth ktaftfng well
foelSo ib < hark. Ìif o è d tìtf ski
trite«« a i 8, fòltoW«« tfcèià t ill
Sark, « 6*cioci. w s did Sot went
tó Iò ta fob tftftke fo W« made
camp. We had rtas ò M to think
that foe MéA We' wdr« looking for
« i r « tampttd fohth of ytoefe toe
Verb, to toe t o « « dot ifùltd a rito
for fear they Would smell the
«moie. I t *d ir h fold night gfld
* e had fo ¿top toorring to ¿Sep,
wartn M ore were traveling light
«W dftfflst b a ll M ante«.
fito h n tftR lo n toyed tià d ria lt ln
foe early mornfog hotirs. i t day-
h ta a l We were oh the there àgata.
The trail lewd, due east for about
a mile, but not a Sign of a t r ip
Set, folto south And i t fast wedt
again to foe park fine. By this
time We Were «ondi of Crescent
Ridge. W s fiò àtto fo e meadows
at the head o f Copeland Creeli,
by thia time tob had giteti up fo l­
lowing foe tracks, the last we sato
i temper beau-
Of thatofthsy Wefe ohtalde of foe tlfully,
park ) K
We Vegan to Idoh for
■foe c d V F W e realised that It
would be a ebabce ft We found
It, nhfeto toé found ttdrb track«..
About 4 We ftfndd It hidden under
to erifr- e f tafo» l i ton g to etaaft
care, the floor to r tfe « with hbto-
fo c t bdughs, the opening was
w ille d up almost io tne o ie r hahg
A «m in Opening was left for the
stooke to eScape- W e waited HM-
tft d a f t add no o h i showed . up,
th in went A abort distance away
where we could see the fire H
thoy made one. W e watched ail
nfght but tbagr did dot come t6
The next morning We
looked for trap sets (aside the
park, flare tt up.about noon and
started back tp foe lodge. ■
" flu r first land m ark was Bald
C rater,, we arrived there at X
wifre ri/FÿÜKU iva y0U
o’clock, and took Red Con« C ra/-
Bengl A heavy flat landed flash
or as our next tatactive, thinking
When «
Isn’t any
yer —
m all robbers:
marine Is bent on
time to hire a laW-
R B h & lN O , C n l . ^ - i letter
mailed in Arlxona in K ey,
1 W 3 , w te Meeived here foy
«ay by H)ee L»«rel Quinn,
th e mtoMre MM «foa mfe-
A well besteh road Is often foe
. wrong eng te t a k e .— _ .
Face the aun and your shadow
will net get ta fb u f w ir .
When a man wants hla wHe to
The Worst hard luck cota-
PoetOd with .a two-dollar M il
is that it Isn't five— Verno­
nia Eaglé.
The spirit of a greater
Port Orford was made mani­
fest at the get together
chatobbr of Commerce meet-
tag Tuesday nfght. It Is foe
co-operation of the entire
community that builds cifies.
— Port Orford News.
Fossilised mosquitos four
million year« old bave been
dug up In Utah, and we ret-
omtnend this pursuit to other
Aill collectors— WeSton Lead-
A ll that mad Wants here below
to a little more than he’« got.
Any many can be flattered by
telling him he la a man who 3an-
not be flattered.
Wh6 to most provoked— foe
husband who goes home and
dtane/ dot ready or the wife who
has dinner needy and the hnsbaM
doesn't cofoel.
«ent tro ta T h tfo n 'to Re«-
lantH C fihl., WherW 4t appar-
lingered. The pa­
per W r fellow«« With age,
end, " foe w rttin« «|> fad««"
that it Was scarcely legible.
Mias QUtna sat« foe w rit­
er of the letter died tWo
fears age.
B IR M IN G H A M , AÌà.-*‘D ret
e d a . Ù.
that dawg,' « d e a fin
Powell when .hU hound gave
up h hot fSOVK trafl to tree
• chipmunk. ' lie
foe «toe* of Ms «AH doWif
6n th« hbubd'« hAunche«, foe
Impact released foe trigger,
and PoweU Is in a serious
condition wtth Mrdshot In his
right Bi«e.
P H IL A D E L P H IA — Janies
Donovan, 1> year street beg­
g ar, has been arrested upon
discovery that he Mved a t ah
expensive h o te l/ e«ned
ehavffflsur and ton« 111,000
lh A local bank. Dowovan
had been pnri*«, a t o r to a
day to push him through
streets la a wheel «hair.
we could t e t w f l w gt Red Gone
Springs. W e hardly le ft Bald
• to r à u t ns.
« blinding
Yon couMn’t see
tern»« et
p«dfe to Mat. e«r he'll gài f t « fom-
g frg E
« tu e
» « rt
« & n ft M O M foe « « tfr. fcmw
DoWn, bott Of them, the cop «agito a MMM Of the M b « «t
■tod; WW got WfNbtag t a w » y - r«ut? asked «tanto eàrcastlcaliy.
Busters that Jimi
cop who made the
doubly IntXreafoAJ
hito of tbto i
was not wholly lost oa the g e n ii
4 i
the frisking dog the adulations « T
10 Years Ago
aged that the fortunate tarn
of - which' real thor- fols finit encounter with foe H
' Bnglneer A. H. Copner Is paint-
«Mes Ida Case, of this Stato Nor»
tift Me Aon«» ahd garage and
fecally deported yesterday
making numerous, other Improve­
• -
ments on the property. v
Long ago foe hoA
sea had csasSd to «
mystarious crime-
“Clim ax” Delsman, basketball
and football star of the Ashland «Jay fto foe north. '
high school, last year, left with
Mr. and Mr«, 'tt. R. W iling de­
his mother Monday for the middle
west, where they will spend sev­ part todito ta iota then d atab ­
l e « f t j*ortian«. where they toll/
eral months.
r*«t«e. The best toefoee o f MtoV
Mtatorons AfoNtad friends accom-
C. R. Robertson and family nr» r t t a f t x foeweta (h«rt new ttstae.
rived In Ashland Tuesday from
St. Louis and w ill make their
home here. Mr. Robertson’s dta,
Mr«. O. W , Addison and lltUe T / V ~
O. <p. Reherteen. is manager 6f Sob « f* heta tto A Oro Flnoi, flttk -weM tor RpH
the Sqndito total orchards on foe Myeu cobdta, to visit with MA- e r tonr daya
hills across Bear Creek.
Addison'S parents, Mr. snd.,Mva
Chas. D, Hevsnsr.
J. 3. Cambers returned home
last Saturday fromra visit to his
Mf. sad Mrs. George a . o a t «
Dkck take Tsach. making foe uer went tasé te «agís érftaf'yta
trip both ways from the Dead In ­ teiMay to visit relatives sod
dian on eaow shoes.
friends for a tew days. -
hlm as h meet anfolefous star«
and sprang sfl
Now, however,
Fred Roper a rriv e d 'fióme Sat­
urday s ta n lb F from Caltfbrbla
a matter of alwa;
e walked along. Aiwa:
acted Murtagh WHh the
hrilltag, fassinattng Wi
what the htohly titoli
ras poeslbM of in the
nbat agatast. unegagl «
toe breeght ta ftr the wnrirtag
wflérs he
some t il
home for
put Christ and His cause first.
Thé W ad-W M creating the
on our feeta.
A t first We
would scrape It off, hut w hin
feet deep.
Ton Wotfd get in the the fo la began to efoae off wtth
middle otaftm of these and breal|
t h r o u g h , b r e a t h was freetlng
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