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    Unsettled with local ntfns in
Northwest. Normal temperatura.
Ashland’a Leading
per for Over Fifty Years
(United PreM W in Service)
(United News Wire Servtoe)
Osark Hound Do
of Bitter :
BBML1N, D m . 7.— Almost treb­
led coal exports from Germany re­
sulted front the Brttlsh/coal stop­
page. h> .five mentis time.
According jo official figured,
from May until September, IS IS ,
inclusive, 0,216,000 tons 'of coal
over and above the amount s t-
ported during the corresponding
period of 1026, were shipped to
foreign markets. To an ever in­
creasing extent, ‘ German vessels
hare plied to European ports and
w ith their Mack cargoM, have
swamped the former British trade
Last W Mk was a busy one In
Chamber activities; w ith the Golf
JMnner Party -on Tuesday night
at Llthla Springs Hotel and the
Holiday Opening R ight, Friday.
have been made regarding the suc­
cess'Of both these affairs and we
feel like giving a silver cup to
at least half a dozen of our en­
terprising «merchants. I f this ef­
fort succeeds in.stim ulating early
holiday shopping, in seeing what
we have right here at home, and in
spending yoqr money where it
w ill do a ll the most good, it w ill he
satisfactory indeed.
Thia F*ea uy. Arnold Bennett
H all, President of the University
Of Oregon will be with us on
the usual Tuesday aad a ll Alpmnl,
and friends of the University ace
invited to meet with the Bnsiaem
men in extending a cordial re­
ception to D r. H a ll. /IA the even­
ing arrangements have been made
tor an addrem at the Normal
Brims* by E r. ■ JUH and a large
audience of Ashland elttoeas
Heaviest inroads were made In­
to the British markets bordering
on the Mediterranean.
coal exports to Ita ly , Algeria,
Greece, and' Egypt increased six
tlm M . Into Yugoelavie, which
throughout the year 1026 did not
receive one ounm of German coal,
316,000, tons were imported.
Exports to Scandinavia doubles.
Norway, formerly an undisputed
British market, daring the last
six months absorbed tea tlm M pa
much German coal as before the
English' stoppage. England, hith­
erto importing no German coal,
.bought 1,220,000 tons f r o m
Germany. France, Spain, Hol­
land and Belgium each about
doubled th e ir direct purchases of
this fuel.
Brea Germany’s coal trade to
overseas was stimulated by the
British mining strike. Argentine,
according to available
imparted approximately ' sixty
The Christmas seal campaign
in Ashland is meeting with a
hearty response according
Mrs. 8. A. RoMaett, lognl direc­
tor of sales. Letters recently sent
out containing seals has resulted
in It« private hose« responding,
and IP from the business district
mailing a check of their allot­
ment. “Last year there were
*380 worth of seals sold in Ash­
land,” Mrs. Robinette stated to­
day, “ and this year we are trying
to Increase this to *600. W hile
the responM has bM a very grati­
fying se far, we must receive the
full cooperation of every one if
we are to do our share in this
worthy project.”
The first to he heard from was
the Masonic lodge, who In mailing
there eheck for *1 0 , for their al­
lotment of seals, took occasion to
express their “hope that you w ill
sell the full quota for this local-*
P R A IR IE f)U C R IE N , W U.,
Dec 7.— (U N )— Erdman Sanford
OtoOn has been form ally charged
with the murder of Clara Dorothy
Olson by a coroner’s Jury verdict.
From the factual, Jerky recital
of Christ Olson, and a soggy let­
ter which fell carelessly from his
daughter’s wedding dress while
aa autopsy was being performed
on her body to determine the
manner in which she met death,
the farmers who comprise Coron­
er Prank 8. R oily’s Jury, con­
cluded that the 1* year old col­
lege student was responsible for
the- murder.
The letter remains as testimony
only because Clara, the pWM
home g irl, cherlsned the love note.
Instead of destroying the missive,
as its w riter had Instructed, Erd­
man’s *2 year old sweetheart,
wboM body was found in a shal­
low . grave near Battle' Ridge a
few days ago, kept it In her bos-
Twthre Workmen Are
jnred When Powder
Explodes -
Oregon .BaftMee
«Optima E E Stortas i
Ylriftl of the state Ç
Çpihinere*. (aR*ulh*sp
Bet <o dutIHed to a pdpy.jbf ««*-
ton Business each month l a d fa il­
ure to receive it should he report­
ed to this offiee.
; One of. the mpny ways th which
the Normal School benefits the
community to the opportunity It
affords ns to co-operate in eeeur-
tng some of the best thiags In the
way of eatertatament. Next week
eh Monday, December 13th, the
U krainian Chorus, one of the most
remarkable organizations off i(s
kind in existence w ill appear in
the Armory under the auspices
of the Normal School. When we
realise that this concert to one
of the big numbers on the regu­
lar W inter Course of the Elwyp
Concert Bureau in Portland, and
that we can enjoy It right here at
home, we should not fail to give
our v e ry .N e t patronage.
(Ü N )--~À a . airplane loomed above
the lUcofctpJcuous bayous of the
Mlsalssltol river Monday, search­
ing Bet ¿to French rug» schoon­
er, A&Uepe J., upon which two
prohibition agents are help cap-
ÿ The cotoglste disappearance of
the rihih-runner, despite a week's
search by all the available gov-
eramet craft la gulf
an d
southern waters, ceased Prohibi­
tion Director O. Jackson to con­
clude the* the vessel may he in
hiding not fa r from the point
where il escaped from two rev­
enue cotters.
I f the airplane sights the craft
in the bayons, cutters w ill he no­
tified by wireless to carry out the
capture a t nay coat. The audac­
ity of the rum boat’s crew in
making off with Chief Assistant
Prohibition Director J. B. Mat­
thews bad a coastguard petty of­
ficer, has perturbed officials.
The captured agents had been
placed aboard the schooner as
Investigations' of a wjyeleqs
message reporting the AgMae J.
as running before the wind
the genbral direction o f Nicara­
gua bore ho fru it
American shipping aad eoasnls
throughout the gulf and Carib­
bean area have b M a tndlmcted
to wbteh for the schooner.
■ • y , c.
Joe MUtor la Ho spital
of 86 years.
. Joe MlUer, who forMsriy had * Mre. Wtrten to the
the shoe store la MfcGM’o D ry Kris Waren. Mrs. B.
Ooods Store, fell oa tho w et Rave-! stott aad Mrs. ChnrlM
moat at Creseeat City, whom ha Funeral arrangements
to now residing,’ and sMtalhed heOP toads. '
injuries to his hip-
He M U the
mother of
Q. W alle-
have not
’ ’ ------&
hospital at that city.
¡*b*e OosasleMB—
..... -a-.
- «-¡.A
The sale of the rMldebe* at No.
Located la OakhMd, Chi—
! 131 Church etTM t, belonging to
Mrs. M. M. Bwitaoir and dangh-i Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Brining, h M
tor, Charlotte are aieely located Just b M a completed. The Brin-
In O aklind, Cal. E lse Charlotte h ijfi w ill continue to occupy the
to attending HealdS BhriMSh Cok plAce for tbk prsMBt. YodkOy A
- r
*Ce. report IkoiM deals.
’s midnight
g e lt
journey thht brought
f l b i / p U ' dujpdlot grave yas. told
by Obrtt4i<t .the laquM t. Dress-
ni .gu n Ib f bis tobacco fields, he
bald B strg ith t away story of his
kgaghjer’i tofcving. About 600
o f his townsmen, also ' wearing
overalls aad sheepskin, listened
to him au.he.answered question
b iter question. He was nervous.
He hpd difficulty
the natnes of his five daughters
and three sons. He was visibly
disturbed by the barrage of cam­
eras— something to which he was
not accustomed— and the m ill-
taut manner of the district at­
torney. J. B Enrll.
“She w e a ta w a y nt midnight,”
he said. ” 1 never 'saw her alive
Two weeks later he went to see
Erdman, why by then had return­
ed to Gale college, Gatosville.
barrhaaed Sfodehaker Sedan—
O. W . Long of 60S East Main
Street has purchased a new
'Studebakar sedaa from Ed High,,
local dealer.
that she would shortly be ' In
receipt o f a cable from H arry
Day. a producer, Instructing her
-to be in London for rehearsals
January 3, If she cared to accept
the proposal.
“ I couldn’t possibly be In Lon­
don on that date even If the d if­
ference between my husband and
•myself were settled, which they
are not. Furthermore I am not
looking for any theatrical
gagements or any -otbpr kind,
she declared heatedly.
From Dwnamnir—
Albert Guthrie. Southern Pa­
cific employe at DunamufF, Cal.,
Portland — Steamer “ Doric-
spent the day yesterday visiting
with his parents, M r. and Mrs. W. ata*” tak es 98,000 boxes apples
to Glasgow.
C. Polk on Gresham street.
Senator Walsh of M on ta»
Presents I^esolution to .
Cíalas Newly Elected
Was Mixed up in a CUi
Railroad Affair
W ASHING TO N. Dec. 7.— Sen­
ator Walsh of Montana, who.
brought out the story o f the
*100,000 Dohepy-Fall loan today
began proceedings against 'a new,
senator on the basis of an alleg­
ed campaign gift of *1 0 0 ,0 0 * to
the M nator made in 1 *1 1 , and
which a Canadian Judge describ­
ed as an “act of bribery.”
Walsh presented a resolution
shortly after the senate convened
for the short session calling for
an invitation by the prlvtlegM
com m ittM
charges that A rthur Gould, newly
olected senator from Maine, con­
tributed *100,000 to the cam­
paign fund of J. K. Fleming, pre­
mier of New Brunswick, the con­
tribution being hooked up w ith a
railroad project la
which Gould was Interested.
The charge w ill be the basis of
action to oust Gould from the
senate and seat his democratic
colleague. Fulton J. Redman.
This would give the democrats a
m ajority of one in the next M o­
nte. ‘ The resolution w ill be tak­
en up Tuesday and Is expected to
be adopted.
Gould w m standing at the fro n t
of the senate w ith three other
naw members to be sworn in
when Walsh sprang tMe sensation
of 4be otherwise routine opening
Sydney R. Paine, fingerprint
expert, M id that Yoffe’s prints did
not coincide in any way * with
those toft op the bedstead a t the
Myers boats to the M iler.
The reward offered for the ap­
prehension of the strangler; w m
boosted to *1 ,6 0 * tontgt hy Port­
land police inspectors and night'
relief officers who contributed
' ’
Former Exalted Bator n er c
W . B. Newcom b of Grants Pass
former Exalted Ruler of the Ash­
land Blkst w m In this eify Sun-
gay to attend the Elks Memorial
Day Services.
Drum , an \ -ark hound dog.
F o r’two yearn the fight between
Lewis Welle and Bloomer Clark
to r the ownerahlp of the, black
and tan dog, valued at *2 6, had
been waged In court, and the
coats, not Including attorney’s
fees, had mounted to more than
11,000. Welle waa charged with
stealing the dog. On the fourth
tria l, which ended a few days ago
la Eminence, Mo., the
found the dog belonged to Wells
and discharged him.
Two years ago Wells, who for­
m erly lived In Oregon county, re­
turned to hla former home for a
visit and took with him his dog,
Drum. Clark, a neighbor, saw
th e dog and claimed that It was
his dog. Lead, which had been
stolAi some time before. Wells
was arrested and charged with
stealing the dog.
Twice the caae was tried at Al­
ton, Oregon county. A t the first
tria l Wells was convicted and
fined SB. A new trial waa grant-
There was an intake of breath
through the senate chamber. It
seemed that everyone present
held their breath until the reso­
lution Walsh then presentet) J W
-.•S B M
Another European Victory Recalled
ko9 of Oklahoma State In
▼estig&tors Killed While
O xjpb M b ou »
K P -U E MM»
■foe WHBA
fT tA ^ dP -
PORTLAND, D0c. 7.— (U N )—
Hopes held by Portland police
that Morris Yoffee, held at Eu­
gene m b anspect, w m the strung-,
tor who murdered Mrs. Florence
Monks ■ o f Seattle -nad>
Blanche Myers of Portland, went
glimmering tonight, when It w m
definitely Mtahlished by , finger
prints that Yoffe w m
tie here »
W A 8H IN G TO N , Dee. tz -rW u e
Monday brought more wane for
the aging defendants in the F all:
Doheny oil conspiracy.
1— Albert B. Fall learned that
as-soon as he to through ' being
tried for conspiracy with B. L.
Doheny he must stand tria l on
similar chargM for his alleged
transactions w ith H arry F. Sin­
clair. The on man obtained the
lease on Teapot Dome oil reserve
la Wyoming. He also gave exten­
sive financial aid to F all much as
Doheny did- The casM are sim­
ila r in nature, but involve total­
ly separata transactions.
The shpreme court upheld thq
Sinclair-Fail Indictments. Gov»'
eminent prosecutors said they
would, be ready for tria l about
the middle of January.
2— F all and Doheny gased op
the disheartening spectacle of
their star wltacM , Admiral C. K.
Robison, being battered tinder
terrific cross examination by
Owen J.' Roberta, governm ent.
prosecutor. Roberta forced the
admiral to adm it that the alleged
Japanese war scare could not
have hpen taken very seriously .
here as it occurred during the
Robison admitted t h |t despite
the defease MMMeM erOm oeeresw
Vlce-prM ldent DawOs w m ready
to administer the oath.
Walsh t o m from his place on
(he democratic side of the cham- broke from his keeper In the court 1 * f everyjmdy la the vicinity, poten­
room and leaped upon his for­ tial i n J l m iaeladud. Re /gtyp
mer owner, licked his hands aad AdihRtof?tha< hq misled kto su-
whined with Joy, giving every y e rio r,‘Sacfutary of the Na+y,
sign of recognition In his own Dsnhy.'to to «•»' fhM reason b i-
eloquent language.
hind t h t Mcoad Doheny on M e
The Jury then made Its decision and llk p t lM witheld iit a l ln fo n
for Wells.
metlen about them from - tWo
VW a T? ;
Finffer Prints Ao Hot Tally
With Those Taken by
Portland Police
»•— (U N )—»It la not often that a
dog la given the opportunity to
testify In open court 4n K’tooM
Of him self or hla nWuOpff52^
waa the eaaj^gon
OKLAHO M A C IT Y . D m . 7. —-
(U N )— Among the hundreds of
criminals In Oklahoma who fear­
ed and hated Luther Bishop, two
gun fighter and “nee" of the statu
bureau o f criminal InvMtigatlon,
his brother officers today sought
to snare the one who slew him.
Every criminal, whose activities
have I» m b stopped by Bishop dur­
ing "his long service as a peace
offtoer In this state was being
hunted today. Many were takes
Into custody and questioned.
In his bedroom, where the de­
tective was attacked early Sun­
day morning while he slept, of-
fleers sought for Information that
might lead to. the slayer. Whether
any elews was n o t.p f cpnr*ev dis­
Meanwhile the public claqaor
for the a rrM t of Bishop’s murder­
er grew more Intense and the
*6 0 * reward Governor
M. E. Trapp, grew today to *1600.
person Rho murdered
Bishop, the state’s most famous
dctMtlvs, and the officer who
brought an end to thu Osage mur­
der ring, entered his' room by
climbing a front porch and catting
a seyMn at his bedroom window.
Onoe inside he .took the.detoctive’s
automatic from its position on
the floor and attempted to kill
him as he slept. The first abet
Btohop’e rid * aad
awakened him. BrutoM oa the dd*
tectlve’s arms and shoulder« la-
dleated that he had fought tor hla
life while his asM ilapt fired «iae
•hots, six of which toak etttot oa
momberU fit iWiRieoU. •
l 2— D toeny’s Infected arm ap?
-patently -bueaseu w arm for cento
was adjourned half an hoar M rly
that he might go bach to hla ho­
tel to runt. HU looked tired and
Memed jomewhat depreeeed h at
h e still hopM to sit through the
trial which shopld ead in about
tan days.1
MARION. III., D m . 7.— Oaly
half aa hour after be had said
that he “ had lived 1*0 yease d a r­
ing his tour years as sheriff ef
Williamson county,’’ Oeorge Gal­
ilean was arrested by his Maces
M r, Oran Colsmaa, oa a charge
of murder, brought to E r a ChSs.
W oliard. who allegM thht O alll-
gan to reepoasible tor the death o f
her husband and six o th en daring
the 8. Olean Young reghmo.
The charge g ro in o at o f ope
of the many hita aad aatt-klaa
fights which ripped o*oa "hloadx
Williamson oonaty” darlas OsJH-
gun’s Administration.
tho third tttao that