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Fair Tonight and Wednesday,
n a m e / Wednesday.
npenad. Use due eau-
iuid observe all state'game.
N&vtpaper For Hearty Fifty
Y ean
-* •
Wire Bervtee)
That The People May Know
Til founded rumor has the faculty of traveling
faster than fact. Ashland is now in the throes of
such a rumor when those who ere so careless of
the source of Aheir facts that they are taking a great
delight in doing everything in their power to defeat
the water bond issue by circulating the absurb re­
port the water users will have to pay as high as
twelve dollars a month for their water supply should
Blind Attorneys Secretary
the bonds carry."
Reveals Profs—lonsl
On the face of it this is an absurdity. Were
Secrete of Employer
those who are evidencing such an interest in the"
BATS OTTE R E D MOREY 'future welfare of their city fair enough to read
the reports, or take the trouble to inquire at the
Witness Declares Mrs. McPherson
Reorder’s office, they would find that they’ were
Offered to Pay 91800 fo r
dealing in fancy rather than fact.
As a, matter of fact the water bonds, if carried,
increase the cost per month about 80 percent.
United News Staff Correspondent
words if you are now paying $1.20 per
LOS ANGELES, Oct. .Jf. —
month for water, with the bond issue in effect it
(United News)— Almee Semple
McPherson is trying to fool her
would cost you in the neighborhood of $2.15 per
own mother.”
month. This is not an unreasonable increase. Other
Like a message from the spirit
cities are now paying more than that per month and
world the foregoing opinion of
glad of the opportunity. Ashland’s water system
a dead man went Into the re­
is not now nor has it for some time been on a self-
cords of the evangelist’s perjury
hearing Monday, brought about
sustaining basis. Regardless of whether the water
at the Instance and to the con­
bonds are carried or not, water rates will be in­
fusion of the defense.
in order that this defect in the general
Professional secrets of R, A.
scheme of the city can be remedied.
McKinley, blind attorney, which
would have been hurled with
This fact should be remembered and when such
him, had not hla blindness forc-
ill founded rumors as are being circulated the past
e<r him to use another's eyes,
few days come to you, brand them as false as they
were revealed by his former sec­
are made of whole cloth. Vote for or against the
retary, Miss Berhice Morris, on
bonds, which ever you feel is the proper thing
the witness stand.
"As sure 4 s I'm alive Aimes
for the best interests of the city. But do not let
Semple McPherson Is a fake and
absurd statements, concerning the cost to you as
now she is trying to fool her
~'water user, influence you in making your de­
own mother,” McKinley told his
' : '
secretary, she declared, shortly
before hla death In an automo­
bile accident.
. This, and other startling op.
Inlons of the man who had been
working with the evangelist. It
Is claimed, to And her "kidnap­
ers.” were aired In court by
Miss Morris when her objections
to telling secrets of a coqfdentlal
nature were overcome by W. I.
Gilbert, chief o f the defease
connasj, who declared "we want
to get to the bottom of this
The damning cirenmatancaa as
revealed by Miss Morris would
have been humorous bqt for the
seriousness of the ease la which
the stats contends that Mrs. Mc­
Pherson conspired to defeat Jus­
tice by perpetrating a hoax to
conceal a ten day vacation spent
with Kenneth O. Ormiston at
McKinley had no qualms over
taking to Mrs. McPherson a pic­
ture of one of hla process serv­
ers, Joe Watts, showing the man
with sideburns and shaggy eye­
brows, made with mascara, so
confident was he that the "kid.
naplng" story was a fake. Miss
Morris declared under oath.
Locate Missing
Papers of Klari
INDIANAPOLIS, Oct. i f . - f .
(United News) — The “missing
papers” believed hidden by tor.
m erk la n dragon D , C. Stephen­
son h tk on goftrg 'trf-prison, and
which promised te reveal the fntt ,
story of Mpn power in Indfkna,
were la the hands of the grand '
J®ry as It swung Into the second *
week of its inquiry Into political
Miss Mildred Mead, Stephen­
son's stenographer, who appeared '
dramatically after a week's Mb- *
sence, led Prosecutor W. H.
Remy to the documents In ths
safe deposit box.
Before y eveal tag the hiding (
place of ths documents Miss The Comrade Club work la a
Meads was questioned for more part of ths Christian Citizenship
thud two hours by the jurors.
program of work with boys that
O t h e r witnesses questioned is being promoted on a world
Monday wars Maxine Elliot, for. wide scale by ths Y. M. C. A.'
msr secretary to Stephenson, and Plans are being m&de by ths
Carl Loayy, a close* personal Boys’ Work Committee of the lo­
frtead of the ex-dragon.
cal Y. M. C. A. to organise sev­
While ths grand Jury waa In eral of these clubs* which take
"Mr. McKinley told me that session nine members of the re­ boys from IS to 17 years of age
he knew she would identify any publican editorial association met Into their membership. The Rips
picture of any one we would here and denounced Thomas club Is sponsored by ths local
produce, provided we would show Adams* part In ths Inquiry as Methodist church.
it to her in the presence of her unauthorised. Adams beaded a
mother,” Miss Morris testified. special committee of ths associa­
"When I handed her the photo tion which started the politlco-
of Joe Watts, Mrs. McPherson klan probs.
ertef: 'That's him, absolutely. I'd
grand - Jury probs, and
know him any place.*
** ed
asked that It be made “a thor­
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With approximately 276 teacn-
ough airing.”
ers registered here the Jackson
C'.unty Teachqrs Institute clos'd
a bbsy two-day session this after
noon with an address on “The
Standards of Promotion"
A late Superintendent R. R. Turn­
NEW YORK, Oct. 12.—-(Unit­ sensations are looked for.
er. In the afternoon election of
ed News)— “Peaches.... Heenan
In her petition for the appoint­ offlcere was held and the gener­
Browklng has countered her SI ment of her mothe'r as guardian al bue'nc-M of the Institute wad
year old husband's suit for sep­ ad litem, the girl declared her transae'ed.
aration with one of her own, in suit waa based on the fact that
The sessions were unusual!/ in>
which he it charted With 'hruel Browning's conduct hod been strurttre at this session acevrd-
and Inhuman treatment.
such as to render It unsafe. Im­ !ng to < Ificiale with many front
As a preliminary step the proper. and dangerous for his the outside occupying tho lecture
young Bronx miss, who waa woo­ young wile to live with him. ’ plattorm. Among those xyho took
ed and won, with much publicity,
Browning recently sought, to part in the program Were: State
by Edward W. Browning, * weal­ repudiate" Peaches* ” Insinua­ Superintendent R. R. Turner,
thy realtor, has obtained a su­ tions by posing on the roof of Miss Peat rice Walton, represent­
preme court order appointing her his office building, holding a ing the State Library,
mother as her guardlarf.
newspaper »loft with onp arm to Strnhfe, V. V. Caldwell, M< m
"Peaches'* now ha» two guard­ Indicate bis virility and playing Lebue C. Maratera, anid Miss
ians if she nepds them both, for "leap” |o demonstrate— as he pqt Glara 1 rotter all of the dojt'trrn
Browning, after his child Wife It— “I'm Ms much-of a man as Oregon Normal; Mrs. W A.
left his bed and board, had a law; anyone/’ .
Buibi'hi of Monmouth, Miss Sta­
- , '
year of Putnam county Mamed to
»he child wife he befriended ton Ueakle, Miss Laura Rtfguse,
take charge of her Interests.
and «hen married, ha» left ko sqpe’-rnor of Music Ashland pub­
- Although the middle aged mil­ doubt, however, os to the nature lic sell- ols, Mies Celeste SI umsmi .
lionaire, whose penchant
for of 4ut testimony and those wji. Ckilrehs* Librarian,
spreading sunshine t i the Uvea c»rs tor such things are OntU' Mrs Jostle Dodge, , State ’Vice-
of little girls has brought him a* rating sensations akin to those President P. T »A ., Dr. V, 8.
great deal of trouble, ffae the pioiluted by tha «rial of Leonard Utaiy, fonnty Health Unit and
first move
for a separation, l.ipp Hklhelander’a unsuoeetsjit R. O. Fo-vlsr County Club Agent.
charging desertion — It Is from* sup « ' annulment of hie kra>-
the trial of "Peaches" ’ suit that rlage to dusky Alien Jones.
Teachers Close , ‘
. • Busy Sessions
The Tiding«, in its dcairo to
hotter serve, has established a
special carrier service, » Meh
will he available until 6 JO
every eveuu.g except 3uuduy.
It you do not receive you»- pa­
per by this time phore 39, the
Tidings office, and the ipecial
carrier will deliver one io yoqr
. '
Two Shota
Jantes B
Late Book is Supposed to
Remove Some of “ Bank”
Around Early Leader
United News Staff Correspondent
NEW YORK, Oct 19.’-—Patrio­
Diplomatic Dinner Before tic societies, basing their exist­ Twenty Two Year Old Boys
Visiting President Brings ence on the American revolution Are Believed Responsible
will now turn their muskets on
Victim Narrowly Escapes
for Reign of Terror
, ,'e
W. E.'Wobd ward,'the latest bio­
In ju ry as Coins Are !
The Committee • appointed by
WASHINGTON. Oct. 19.-r-The grapher to expose the lmpertec-
B y, B allet
the Directors of the Chamber of onward wave of Queen Marie's tlo n so f George Washington.
Commerce to Investigate the* American popularity struck ’ two
Woodward, a former business­ Police Let Loose Hall of Ballets,
„ Narrowly escaping injury -,’str
possible death last night
a proposed plans of the City Coun­ snags today. Officials were busy man, who wrote ‘'Bunk" and oth­
cil spent the afternoon yesterday |trying to hush up the criticism of er books, has undertakgi to re­
holdup man fired one shoi
went through his coat packet, in a trip up Ashland Canyon and the queen’s violation of diploma­ move some of the bunk from the
bending same coins thsrs. Nkuss la going over the different prop­ tic etlquitte in holding a stats popular conception of the nation­
O. Bannister, collector for Abe ositions involved In the plan. It dinner here last night without al parent in u book Just publish­ Two tweuty-t»u year oiri youths
Mutual Life Insurance Company Is understood that this Commit­ first calling upon President and ed entitled “George Washing­ were in the custody of the police
ton, the linage and the Man.” today, charged with the life ter­
was robbed of |3 0 . about ' olght tee desires to* have further In­ Mrs. Coolidge.
Meanwhile Washington
ma­ After an exhaustive study, Wood­ rorist murder? cf Saturday ar.J
o ’clock last night an the foot kill formation on several pointe In­
road near the John Childers volved and believe that the peo. trons were aggreived by Marie’s ward does not picture Washing­ A'ouday a week ago. One was
pie should have opportunity to last minute decision, not to let ton as a hard drinker or a rake, near death from wounds receiv­
Prince Nicholas out of her sight, but he arcuses him of various ac­ ed when he attempted to allude
Ban nut er met a man yeeter-, hear the question thoroughly dis­
thus eliminating any chance of tions and faults with which a The police. Both men were iden­
day morning near the postotflee,
that told him he was recently opponents and to this end will informal entertainment for him. public man could not get away tified by victims of the holdups.
C apital L oses Head
in these enlightened dnys, and They gave their names as Law-
from California, haring purchas­ recommend that a public mass
WASHINGTON. Oct. 19.— The contends that he was a mediocre xence Weeks, and Clarence Kel­
ed a home Just outside of Ash­
capital that never looks trytee at general whose -stupid blunders ley.' Kelley was the man believed
land, and that he was desirous of ing week for this purpose. It Is
president lost its head tonight would have caused disaster had to be dying, while Weeks was
transferring some Ilfs Insurance likely that the Armory will be
over a queen.
not the blunders of opposing said to havo confessed.
In order to facilitate payment.
A troop of cavalry and two British generals beeu absolutely
Never thinking that It was net a the engineers In charge of In­
dozen husky policeman couldn’t atupendous.
honifide request the holdup vic­ vestigation and members of the
Home A rticles R ecovered
drive a thousand Washihgton-
tim mads arrangements to meet Council will be asked to state
Ian's away from the Rumanian Woodward’s book, married Mar­
the highway man between Seven the plan, answer any questions
(United News) The two bandits
until Marie of Rumania tha Custls for her money while
and eight o ’clock The appoint­ and that any who are opposed
who a w e e a g o killed 5 men and
ment was kept and after a to the program will also be In­ stepped out on a balcony and at the same time in love with a who terrorized San Francisco a
made them a little speech.
married woman, Mrs. Sally Fair­ wounding three others in a spec­
statement that the necessary pa­ vited to state the grounds tof op­
fax. He introduced some of the tacular two day crime wave have
pers were out to bis hosM, Ban­ position*
fiber window with her son and first president’* correspondence
nister and hla'assailant got Into
been captured.
Those making the trip yester?
to back up this assertion.
the former's car and drove -out day were the Committee: Messrs
One of the killers, Buck Kelly,
'"Come out on the balcony.*1
Although it has often been
across «the covered bridge, where E. D. Briggs, A. E. Kinney, A.
was «rounded late Monday when
the crowd called. A minute later written that General Braddock’s
IL was found that there was no M. Beaver and Messrs Fuller and
he sought to escape a squad of 10
the three opened the door lead­ defeat and the massacre of his
house. - Both men got out o f the Malone.
detectives who closed in upon his
ing to the second floor balcony. troops was encompassed through
car, and as they alighted, Ban-
hiding place.
Kelly's partner.
Another minute passed, while the his failure to heed Washington's
nister waa met with the command T
Lawrence Weeks was with the
crowd yheered and screamed. advice, thé author points out that
I to "Stick 'em up."
raiding officers.
Then Marie waved her hands and the general accepted one “trag­
’After a week of investigation
This was accompanied by the
there was silence.
S -
ically unsound” piece x>f advice
the police took Weeks into cus­
flourishing of a-revolver, whisk
“So nice of you all to come,” from Washington “which con­
tody while he was working as a
was finally pointed at Bannister's
she said.
“Thank you very tributed greatly to his disaster"
Detectives questioned
stomach. Thirty dollars was re-
when he agreed to divide his him all day and finally Webks
moved froqa his coat pocket, and (Ui
She turned and wont in and forces a( a time when an undivid­
consented to lead them to Kelly’s
th e hakdit in dtacnat. declared
the crowds of cops tried, once ed fooue would hav.a ,tkh
hiding place.
that **Teu Have more mpjwy
‘more 16" induce the ctow d rff etth- Opposing French and Indians.
Kelly apparently anxious over
than that on you, and I know It.” of
ious men, women and children to
Woodward implies that George Week's failure to return to the
***Yop- go to— " waa Bannfator's cosl
go home. But the majority of was something of a show-off
room they occupied together, was
reply and with that, due either to the
them stayed most of,the evening, that luck was one of h|s greatest
looking out of the window when
a nervbds finger or a desire to
hoping for nnother glimpse of her assets, that he piled Indians with
the officers arrived. He ran
sc a n his victim brought a report Sep
liquor to see them caper, that he
from a rear door, but was cut
from the gun that came so near tert
Meanwhile, police were on du­ condoned the practices of camp-
down by a volley of bullets. Kelly
serihasly injuring the life insu»- the
ty at every door, secret service following women, that free distri­
was removed to the emergency
Anoe man.
to k
men had to O. K. every person bution of liquor replaced elo­
hospital, wounded In the arm and
going in and baggage men de­ quence in his first election cam­
After firing one shot, the band- aboi
livered 50 hand bags and seven paign. that he had only ordinary
It' turned and ran doprn the road he
Weeks previously had led offic-
trunks in time for the royal pur­ Intellectual ability and never an
where a large touring car, man- com
er* to a “blind pig”, where some
! original Idea, and that he .caused
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I atrocious, punishments to be . In­ of the articles were stolen . from
thé bandit viatims were recover­
flicted for breaches of discipline ed.
after he took command of the
continental army.
Cause for Serious Thought
“U Howe had continued the
Ijirg er W heat Surplus
battle on Long Island on August
27, 1776," Woodward writes,
The U. 8. Department of Agri­
"Washington would have disap­ culture estimates there will be an
peared from history, except as an increase of 14 per cent in the
Incompetent general who' almost acreage of winter wheat in the
ruined the American cause at the there will not be any material In­
crease outside of this country. If
Up to George’s time, Wood­ the winter and spring wheat
ward says, the Washington fam­ yields in the United States shall
ily was persistently mediocre— equal the ten-year average, the
they work "sane, duft people, ex- Department estimatee the export­
able surplus will be considerably
larger than that of this year.
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Committees to Call
Public Mass Meet
ST tme
h tw n
>S U P P L Y
LONDON, Oct. 19. — (United
(News) — Millions of Londoners
Shivered today following a SO
degree drop In ^temperature with­
in 48 hours.
■ A rush to coal dealers sent
the price .of fuel soaring as Eng­
lishmen began to realise the full
effect of (he six months old coal
strike. In some districts the price
Jumped from four shillings and
three pence a hundredweight to
four shillings and fourpence, but
despite the rue in price stocks
were depleted rapidly.
While hundreds of thousands
of unemployed men went to labor
exchanges to collect their doles,
others crowded around the only
fueled fireplaces in their homes
and many went Into cheap movie
houses, public buildings and sa­
loons to seek warmth. The Lime-
house district was a picture of
frigidity. Those who were able pounds of coal dally.
Miners nt work Mead*]
to afford coal used a single fire­
place and made the best of the bored 219.1P0, a decrease,
hundredweight allowed otm from th s number «1
Saturday. A
iitgl ip -l
them for a fortnight.
Oak Companies Are adjusting n o te d a f te r th e week eM
t l > ■ « A i2 1
metetk so that only a certain • w .