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Rain tonight and Sunday. Nor­
mal temperature with strong
south winds.
A shland
The Tidings Has Been Ashland's Leadina
T idings
Newspaper. For Nearly F ifty Years
(United Pruts W ire Service)
be given the three winners.
W rite a letter to some friend
In another city telling what
you think of Ashland.
W rite on one side of the
paper only and if possible use
i typewriter.
Send a copy of your letter
to the Contest Editor of The
16, 1926
W h it« Pelican Hostelry is T o ta l
l/oss From Explosion
President Coolidge Urgi
Better Attention to
Public Duty - ,
K L A M A T H F A L L S , Ore.,
Oct. 16.— (Special— Sturt lug
at 10 o’clock this m orning, n
fire swept through the W lilt*
’ Pelican hotel here today anil
shortly % ftr r 1 o'clock tlds
afternoon it wan declared
the building would bi* a
to tal loss.
dresses Local Kiwanis
Club Lunch
Three Youths Are Taken to
Portland for Series of
Howard Paul Savage Nam
ed National Command­
er at Convention
Will Use Marines
/To Protect Mails
Beware the Greedy Dog
Labor Institution in Pitts
burgh Fails When Agent
¿ ¿ S T t t ' T GET
Shorter Week Not Conapir
acy, Ju rist in Wash­
ington Decides
between >320,000 and
WASHINGTON, D. C.. Oet. 16.
Those arrested Inelud. —(LP)— A decision of far reach-
McCrady, president of nig Importance to labor unions
ition, who told police ¡and Indirectly bearing on the five
and a half dny week, was hand­
ed down here today by Justice
Smith of the district supreme
court lu favor of the painter's
union. The judge held that the
union is not engaged in consplr.
Fire On Vessel
Does Big Damage
(United News) — Fire In the low­
er hold of the Japanese freight­
er Montreal Maru, docked at a
local pier, late yesterday cause.I
damage of approximately ,>260,-
000 to the ship and pier.
Two firemen were slightly In.
Jured and three others overcome
by smoke; Heat from the engine
room was believed to hove ignit­
ed' cotton Ip the lower field.
Central Point
Theatre Burns
EUREKA, C al.,. Oct. 16.— (U-
P ) — Discovery of a wrecked au­
tomobile north of Crescent City
lite yesterday indicated that the
Members of, the Kiwanis clip?
were t.iid >* socio of u e danger­
ous features of the Housewives
Council Constitutional Amend­
ment, yesterday, when Darwin G.
Tyree. Secretary of the California
■Oregon Power Company, and the
main speaker S't the meeting, dis­
cussed the bill from the ninny
nngles by ’which its passage
would affect the tax payers of
The principal danger lies In
the unlimited power it gives the
executive board, Mr. Tyree point­
ed out, tlie bill not only allowing
the board to rnlse tlie money, ex­
ceeding more that) fifty mill-ion
dollars, but naming* for tlie first
four years those who would con-
Although the report could not
Other Officers Chosen at F rid a y
be verified thia i afterhoon, due
Session of N ational
to the confupion, ft wus report­ M rs, Madge t'rntp o f Tulen(
ed that a leak had been detect­
held as C hief G overnm ent
ed in the ammonia tank and one
Witness '
United News Staff Correspondent of the employe? had gone into
(United News)—'Howard Paul
W ASHINGTON, Oct. 16.— Cltb the basement with a lighted can­
Savage of Chicago is the new na­
zens who neglect to vote are disk dle to find it. The escaping am­
PORTLAND. Oct. 16.— (Unit-
tional commander of the Ameri­
loyal to the American system of monia caught Are and exploded, News):—Alleged to have looted
can Legion. He was elected Fri­
self-government. President Cool­ and within a short time, Klam­ fivp homes In the vicinity of
day after a spirited contest of
idge declared last night In open­ ath's magnificent hotel was a Klamath Falls on October 3, El­
two ballots In which neither he
don Cross. 16, Frank Murdock, 19
ing the first International orator­ mass of flames. .
nor his chief opponent J. Munroe
ical contest here for school child­
The fire was still burning and Felix Jackson, all of that
Johnson of Marion, S. C., was
ren of several nations.
”Thc general plan If the vot able to command a- majority.
fiercely at 2 o ’clock this after- city, were brought to Portland
The president seized the oppor­ iroon, and firemen were throwing Friday by Deputy U. S. Marshall ers of Oregon gave their approv
Three other candidates. Thom-
tunity not only to explain some of personal . e ffe c ts,b e d d in g and Wells and bound over to the al would he to plunge the state as Amory Lee of Topeka. Kan.,
the principles of self government other effect’s dtft of the windows. grand jury by Bert C. Thomas. Into hydro electric, and Irrigation E. E. Spafford of New York, and'
Commissioner, projects far beyond the capucity Jay Williams of South Dakota,
to the children, but to broadcast
The White Pelican hotel was
a lecture on the obligations of
when they fulled to raise bond of of the state pay.” thé speaker de­ received scattering votes.
one of the most sightly hostel-
b .o o o .
citizenship for the benefit of
clared, “and in case of a failure
Vice ( ’om iiinnilent
In Southern Oregon and was
their parents.
Murdock uud Jackson are In­ of these projects, the loss would
Five vice commanders were
dians while Cross is white.
Apathy Shown
not he upon, the promoters of the elected from six candidates. They
Another prisoner brought by change in the -constitution but were John E. Curtiss of Lincoln,
He emphasized the necessity of the Klamath Development com­
voting, because
political pany, one of the largest realty Wells' was Madge Cram.t who Is would fall upon the tax payers of Neb.; J. D. Sims, of Maryville,
scouts report a general state of holding companies In Klamath being held under ball of >500 as the state.”
Tenn.; Thomas Busha. Helena,
apathy toward the congressional county. Mrs. Hope Weston Kil­ a material witness In the white
He urged the members of the Mont.; Stafford King of St. Paul,
bourne has been the manager slave case against James Nolan, Klwanls club to study the bill Minn.; and John B. Townes of
election barely two weeks ago.
55, who is alleged to have trans­ carefully in order that they Waterville, Maine.
“ All our citizens of the requis­ for the past year.
The loss this afternoon was ported Mrs. Cram from Talent, might properly safe guard thelr-
ite age and education are called
Gill R6bert Wilson of Trenton,
on to vote,” he said. “ I wish es­ places at >300,000, with Insur­ Ore., to Waitsburg, Wash., back selves and their property Inter­ N. J., with 566 vntes; was the de­
emphasize th a t ance of about 90 per cent of the to Bend and then to Klamath ests.
feated candidate.
Falls. Nolan’s bail was fixed at
Whenever a choice is to be made total loss.
V. E. Miller, proprietor of Mil-
Captain Joseph L. Wolfe of
>2,500 and ho was placed In the ler's Toggery, rendered two bass Philadelphia wbb elected nation­
In electing a public officer all
those who can qualify are under
county jail, while Mrs. Cram and solos, which were enthusiastically al chaplain over Father Francis
the most solemn and binding ob­
her two children are being kept received by the club. He was ac­ J. Hurney of Washington. D. C.,
ligation to register their decision
at the home of the Volunteers of companied on the piano by Billy and Captain A. V. Simon! of Fort
America here.
at the ballot box. To fail in that
Briggs. The meeting was presid­ Sill. Okla.
is to be disloyal to our whole sys­
ed over by President Hardy who
Savage was a first lieutenant
Steals Postal Order
tem of self government. On our
has recovered suffecleutly from In engineers, having Been ap­
The third case brought
his recent illness to again take pointed front civil life In 1918
Wells was John Mepdoza,
( Please Trfrn t o . Page 4 )
un active Interest In the club's af- at Chicago. He was assigned to
ASTORIA, Ore., Oct. 16.—(LP) charged with violating the postal fairs.
the 5t5h engineers at Camp Cust­
—A southerly gale accompanied laws. He found u postal order
J. C. Thompson, resident man­ er and served with the regiment
by torrential rains Is raging on
ager of the California Oregon in railroad construction overseas
the north Pacific coast. Although him and cashed It. it is alleged. Power Compuny ut ^ edfortf. ac­ until June, 1919. He la now an
Before going to Chiloquin,
the velocity of the wind is not
companied M<-. Tyree to Ashland officer In the reserve corps. Sav­
where lie was arrested Mendoza
and participated III the general age Is 42 years old and Is In the
exceptional the rainfall is by far
Is said to havo been forced-from ‘
discussion that ensued after the railroad business.
WASHINGTON, D. C., Oct. 18. the heaviest experienced since operating a pool hall ut Oakridge
speaker had concluded hiH re­
Several band prizes
when Ills license was cancelled marks.
— (UP) — Postmaster- General
i awarded as follows; first prize of
upon tho discovery by authorities
New today is considering the ad­
>1,000 to Monaghan post, Sioux
visability of using the United been reported although more that lie liad no citizenship papers.
la., 500 to Columbus, Ohio
States marines to protect the than two inches of rain have fal­ His case, In all probability, will
1; >260 to post No. 124,
be Investigated h.v the Immigra­
mails, due to the recent epidemic
Beaver Dam, WIs., fourth and
14 hours.
tion department.
of mall robberies.
>250, Batavia, N. Y., post; fifth
and >150 Garrett Cochrane post
No. 1 of Williamsport, Pa.
Obedience to Law la Also
tla l,|f Says N ation’s
Executive •
'iieen to Avoid
Trail Of Bandits
Much Publicity Believed Located
W ASHINGTON, D. C„ Oct. 1«.
— (LP) — Queen Marie of Rou­
manie has decided to bar new t,
paper men and news photograph­
ers from the Baltimore and
Ohio's special train which w ill
carry her about the country.
These orders were given to the
railroads today.
Opens tomorrow. Use due cau­
tion and observe all state game
That The People' May Know
The complete written report of Consulting En­
gineer'' Frank C. Dillard was concluded in these col­
umns yesterday, and a summary of his various sug­
gestions and recommendations brings home a num-
Feder&l Officials Planning
ber of salient facts which it might be well to stress
Probe of McPherson
this time.
Case "
— -
r ,
In the first place, he recommends to the people
o f Ashland their approval of (he proposal to purchase
of an additional 200 acre-feet of water from. the,
Defense Preparing to Introduce
Talent Irrigation District at an approximate total
Evidence Early Next
of $22^)00. This additional supply, he gives as­
W eek
surance, will provide this city with at least 600 acre
LOS ANGELES, Oct. 1«. —
feet of water even during such dry seasons as we
(United New«)— Uncle Sam may
have just exjierienced and will insure for all time
take a hgnd In the Aimee Semple
to come enough to take care of the orchards and
McPherson case, it was Indicated
gardens of Ashland.
here Friday.
Mr. Dillard discusses a| length two separate pro-,
A hew federal investigation
may be launched, it was Intim ât,
jects which would increase the city’s domestic water
ed, when United Slates Attorney
supply. One of these—the South Fork Spring—would
J. G. Ghanneson announced that
provide pure spring water at a cost of $650,000,
bis office was Interested in two
including the $50,000 which would be required to
new “avengers” letters reported
the distribution system in condition to receive
to have been received by Mrs.
Minnie Kennedy, mother of the
However, it is plainly showed that the South
Ohanneson said that postal
Fork Spring wil^ furnish ,water for not more than
inspectors probably will seek to
8700,people. After the city passes that growth, there
trace these letters which, ac­
is no other .source at South Fork Spring which.could
cording to reports, were receiv­
be used. It woul(j then be necessary to procure
ed at Angelas temple and pur­
ported to have come from the
water from some other section.
“ kidnappers’’ of Mrs. McPherson.
In Ashland Creek Canyon there is sufficient
E vidence C om pleted
to supply a city many tirndfe the size of- Ash­
construction proposed under tlie present
drew Its case against the famous
bond issue of approximately $450,000 would provide
prophet of the Four Square gos­
pel to a close and the defense
water for a population of 10,000 pepole, with more
prepared to answer charges made
water available to provide for 15,000 people when-
by the state that Mrs. McPher­
ever it should be needed.
son bad attempted to veil her
Other strong arguments favoring the Ashland
amatory relations with her radio
supply are set forth in Mr. Dillard’s report.
operator by preparing false evi­
The city at the present time owns perpetual rights to
dence and perpetrating the '’kid­
naping" hoax.
its present supply of water in Ashland Creek. It
The colorful pastor of Angelas
likewise has perpetual control .over the Ashland
temple may take the witness
Canyon watershed, thus insuring that this water can
stand in her own defensq. It was
be always safeguarded. These rights do not exist at
reported, in a desperate effort to
►Soyth Fork Spring.
turn the tide of incriminating
evidence and bring about the dis­
Although no provision Jias been made, for it in
missal of complaints w h i c h
the present bond isfctTe’ Mr? Dillard’s report recom­
cHkrge the evangelist and four
mends the installation of meters throughout the
others conspired to defeat jus-
city. He urges that this be done out of thy earnings
of the water department, if it is possible to do so.
This, he declares, will help immeasurably in conserv­
ing the city’s water supply.
Mr. Dillard puts the facts bluntly and to the
point. If the people of Ashland believe the City will
never grow beyond 8700 people, lie probably would
rcommend the South Fork Spring at a greater cost
to the city, hut if Ashland intends to keep pace with
a federal Investigation were w rit­
the nofnial growth of the entire Pacific (¡oast, the
ten on stationery of S. .8. Hahn,
Canyon supply is the one to he chosen, for
counsel for Mrs. Lorraine Wise­
there, and there alone, can l»e found sufficient water
man, star witness for the state.
to supply Ashland when it shall have grown to sev­
Hahn admitted the stationery
eral times its present size.
was his, but denied any know­
ledge of the contents of the let­
At the outset of this campaign many lpeal resi­
ter which Informed Mrs. Kennedy
dents declared that they had complete confidence in
that Hahn was acting for the
Mr. Dillard and would be willing to follow any
recommendations he should make. Others who did
Author of Letters
not know him by reputation asked for facts concern­
Ohanneson said that in case
Mrs. McPherson was held for
ing his experience, and when these were furnished,
superior court a thorough in.
they expressed themselves as being well satisfied
vestigation would be made to
with the council’s selection.
determine the author of the let­
»So with a great mass of the people now satis­
with the ability and integrity of the consulting
The defense score in the cross
engineer, they now have only to consider whether or
(Please Turn to Page 3)
not the jieople should follow the recommendations
which he has made. In his judgment, Ashland Creek
is the better of the two sites and should be
developed. If Ashland expects to increase its water
supply, it would seem the only logical thing would
to carry out the recommendations of the engineer.
Following are the rules for
Other features of the water improvement will
the letter w riting contest. It
closes Oct. 23.
he taken up next week, including the construction
Any person over IS years
of the auxiliary reservoir on Crowson. Hill, which,
of age Is eligible.
while shunted to the background temporarily, is
Letters are limited to 260
really one of the most important items in the gen­
eral water program.
Cash prizes totaling >30 will
Fire of unknown origin des­
troyed the Central Point theater
oiyly today. In spite of efforts of
Volunteer fire fighters, the build­
ing was a total loss The damage
Is estimated at >3600. partially
covered by Insurance.
C orporations
three bandits w i» .ebbed the
Liberty bank at Del Norte yes­
terday had doubled back .In to
Califernla, according to local au­
LOS ANGELES, Cal., Oet. 16.
—(LP)— Affidavits charging two
members of the Los Angeles staff
of the U. S. department of justice
with engineering the conspiracy
to overthrow the government of
Mexico are being prepared here
for presentation to the depart­
ment at Washington, according
to Lorrln Andrews, noted Inter­
national lawyer, who la attorney
for General Estrada. Estrada la
charged with violating American
End of fire« half— .Ashland, • )
tirants Pass, O.
Ashland Junior high echo
feated Grants Paaa Janlo
at football thia morning, M
on the local field. The Aa
boys outclassed the Grants
boys In enery ir part h u n t <