Ashland daily tidings. (Ashland, Or.) 1919-1970, October 13, 1926, Page 3, Image 3

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    AWTTAirfl AAini ito nroi
P«O Three
Y M C A Leaders
V isit in Ashland
" *
Ashland Is fortunate in having
M any H ig h S ch o o l S tu d en ts a visit from two of the field sec­
retaries of the Northwest Connell
J " o in With A sso c ia tio n
of T . IT. C. A. John H . Rudd,
W ork
The following high school stu­
dents met for dinner. In Pioneer
H all last evening, for the pur­
pose of organising a H i-Y Club:
itunald Gandee, Horace Dunn, E l­
liott MacCracken. Kay Neil, Jack
• Nims, Barney M iller, and James
Coach H. W . Crlpe of
Ashland High and W . P. W alter,
Y. M. C. A. secretary m e t'w ith
the group.
Bellowing the din­
ner a discussion obthe H I-Y Club
' ‘ was held, after which It was un­
animously agreed that such a. club
should be. organised, with those
present constituting the (¡barter
membership. The following were
then elected to office: James N ut­
ter, President. Kay Nell, Vice-
Horace Dunn, Secre­
tary; and E lliott MacCrgcken,
treasurer. Coach H. W . Crlpe was
(selected faculty advisor, and W -
P. W alter as Y. M. C. A. advisor.
The president appointed Kay Neil
and Jack Nims on a committee
to serve with the president to
select a business man as advisor.
The club w ill tneet evlery Tu «i-
day evening in Pioneer H all at
the dinner hour, < : l’5, at which
time a regular program of dis­
cussion, business and good fellow­
ship w ill be enjoyed. The com­
mittee in charge of next Tues­
days meeting w ill be.
M iller,
Nims and Gandee. Other mem­
bers will be added to the club
as rapidly as possible to bring
the membership up to its fu ll
secretary for towa and country
work. Is here to confer w ith Sec­
retary W a lte r on matters per­
taining to ,th e local field. Fred
A. Crosby, secretary for program
with boys in the northwest, Is
here In the interest of program
and » policy for the )ocal >-field.
W hile Jfere M r. Crosby w ill meet
with a number of the local men
as well as meeting w ith the mem­
bers of the new|y organised H i-Y
club. Mi*T Crosby has had con­
siderable expeaieace in the com­
munity w ork of the Y. M. C .A .,
and his visit ip . tim ely and w ill
prove of real value to the locaf
work. Both men expressed them­
selves as being well pleased w ith
the work being promoted here.
Z ■
M o m n i O lsen P la y e r s W ill
S h o w H er e N e x t S a t ­
u r d a y N ig h t
Judging by the advance sale
that ip ptogodsaing foo “ Dear
Brutus,” the evening of Satur­
day, Get. 14th, it w ill be one of
the most successful performances
yet enjoyed by the popular Mo­
roni Olsen Players. Almost con­
tinually since the announcement
w as made that this famous C Ir-|
cult Repertory Company was be­
ing brought to Ashland under]
Mrs. Anderson is a prominent
plylc worker In Medford and is L E T T E R S FR O M
a member of the City Planning
Commission of that city,
. The successful conteetanta of
Tp the Editor:
Southern Oregon are receiving the
- The undersigned and three
Two residents of Southern Ore­ congratulations of their friends. other parties took a trip up the
gon w ill be -financially reward*
Ashland creek canyon a tew days
warded tor submitting m eritorias
ago to prospect and look up a
suggestions in the name contest
suitable site for a dam In Ash­
conducted by the General Petrel*
land creek watershed of which
eura Corporation.
They are' C-
there la .so much talk and argu­
L- Swenson Jr., of Ashland and
ment pro and con for Its loca­
Mrs. Bert Anderson o f Medford.
The announcement of three
The best one that wo could
awdrds, together with some one
W alter Hughes, former athletic find Is the Watson Cabin or hia
hundred and* forty-four others, coach for Ashland high school, homestead, situated about three
• ; were made known Saturday on has been signed up as basketball miles from the post office. W e
giant telegrams which were dis­ eoach and boxing Instructor for went up 80 feet on the mountain
W . H. Ray Mills, missionary In played at all the dealers of Gen­
the Southern Orgeon state normal side, put the level on a ( stump
charge of the menEs work at the eral “ Moto-Crat’l gasoline.
school, according to announce­ and It was a surprise to us how
ObodwlU Industries at Los An­
When the contest was first ment today by J. A. Churchill, much ground. It covered up Ash­
geles, CaL, has been.spending a announced there was an offer of
land creek and Reeder’s Gulch
president of the school.
neighborhood only 81,000.00 cash for the beet
A dam 80 feet high and STS
Hughes for six years had charge
making his headquarters
with name for the new General ( f )
of aJJ athletics for the local high long on the top would hold about
friends. M r. Mills W interested in
The number of sug­ school and made an enviable rep­ 120
million gallons of water.
the gospel missions and has been gestions received, more than 4
utation for himself throughout By making the dam 100 feet
visiting and speaking in the dif­ half million, far exceeded the ex-
the state. Both the faculty and high It would hold approximately
ferent ones In Ashland, jlfedford, peetatolna, of the officials of the
students feel elated over his 200 m illions.,The cost of a wall
Eagle-Point and Trail.
General Petroleum' Corporation choice at the normal schooL and 80 feet high would be about
• Mrs. M ills Is a graduate of the so that they decided to distribute
they believe that he w ill b i able 8126,000 and a. wall 100 feet
North Dakota state university several more thousands of dollars
to whip a formidable basketball high would cost about 8200,000
and while in Medford met two of to those who closely approximat­
or less.
team Into shape« this winter.
her school mates, Mr. and Mrs.
We figured that we could make
ed the name selected and fe r
It is understood that the arm­
J. C. Oarkin. Mr. Carkln is to
other meritorons suggestions. I t ory will be procured for both a contract with .some one to get'
be the next speaker of the house
Js under the lptter classification basketball and the boxing classes the wood for the clearing of It,
and is planning on a
that awards pre being made to which will be started later this then when the water gets high
through California to study the C. L. Swenson Jr. and Mrs. An­
this winter, put in a temporary
conditions there.
hydraulic pipe and sluice off the
.M r. and Mrs. Wells, who were
C. L. Swenson Jr., Is the son
greatly Impressed by the scenic of C. L. Swenson of Swenson and Sdctfic International Live Stock Expotitíon,Port¡coid, Oct. 30-Nov, 6
beauty of Ashland and ita sur­ Peebler the furniture dealers. H e
roundings, are leaving this eve­ was born In Ashland and is seven­
ning for Redding, Sacramento, teen years of age. He Is leaving
Lodi and Barkersfleld.
this week for San Francisco to
study interior decoration, which
vocation he became Interested tn
while working for his father dur­
ing vacatolns and after school. He
submitted "a number of suggest­
ions and It not known upon which
one he received the merltorlns
SAN FRANCISCO, Cal., Oct. 13
— (U P )— A band of terrorists
who have murdered five persons
within the-past
hours durln3
an unprecedented reign of law­
lessness were still at large today.
Police have extended their vig­
ilance over a 100-mlle * radius
from the city.
mistakes aa before. One man
married to a certain
would Ilka to be married to aa*
other. His wife has a “cold ma­
ture and doesnt understand.” In
his “second chance** at life, "he
la married to his affin ity hut un­
happily. and Is carrying » a flirt­
ation w th his wfe in,realty.
There are other situations just
as funny w ith the other charac­
ters and also some very tender,
serious moments.
« C A S « PIBE
Walter Hughes to
Handle A thletics
Lost delicious
lost refreshing
d irt and soil which would In­
crease the capadty of the dam
another 10 million gallons.
Crush the boulders for the
concrete, thereby making use of
them too. W? found the bed­
rock where the fall for the dam
should be right In the bottom of
the creek and solid mountain
rock on both sides so there would
be no trouble to get anchorage
for the wall.
The men who were with me are
good, loyal, economical and hon­
est men who have the Interest of
onr city a t heart and want to do
anything that la fa ir for the pro­
motion o f more w ater and a t a
cost of not more than 8200,000.
I am sura that onr voters at the
election would go strong tor the
above sum, while on the other
hand, the expenditure of nearly
a half million w ill be voted down'
and lost.
At Normal School
M issionary And
W ife V isit H ere
Vault Entombment
Incom parably
th e B E T T E R W A Y S
R eign of Terror
H eld by Bandits
fO G R ESSIV E people no longer are
compelled to g iv e th eir sacred dead
into the unhallowed c are o f desolate earth.
the auspices of the Normal school
the box office has been beselged
with requests for reservations.
I t Is a well 'know n fact that
“ Dear Bratus” Is one of the big­
gest hits Sir James B arrie ever,
wrote since Mend Adams made
bis “ Peter Pan** famous. I t pro­
vides splendid roles far every
member of the Olsen Players, and
there are many Indications that
The girls pre copying Senator
it w ill prove one of the happiest
Borah’s Botticelli bob. But Nick
selections In the way of plays we
Longworth needn’t have
have been favored w ith this sea­
“ Dear Brutus” is a fantasy on
! thw .welj-known theme o f “what
I bight h^ve been if.” Which affords
W h y sen d o ff t o C ata­
a game that probaply all men
lo g u e h o u se s fo r B a r b ­
one of the most amusing games
w ire a n d F e n c in g ?
play from yonth to age. and Is
While we can meet their prices
there Is to play. W hat might
on most anything in onr line.
have been I f Cleopatra had
Turn in your order for your
squinted. Or If that mining stock
wants, and let ns figure w ith
had made good— and so on. It
you before yon send off for the
deals with a group of people who
are given a second chance In life
only to find that if they had their
| lives to live over again, they
N o matter where they reside—the incomparably
better ways—cremation or vault entombment at
the Portland Crematorium and Mausoleum are
O v e r n i g h t to
r. ore. i s , 1«
P e il’s C om er
would make
exactly the
P o r tla n d
Comfortable Pullm an quarters assure a
night’s restful sleep; arrival In time for
business next m orning.
Reserve space o n either N o . 54 or N o.
16. T h e former puts you In Portland at
7:15 next morning, the latter at 8:50 a.m.
K B n 'U B N I N Q
Similar comfortable Pullman service leav­
ing Portland either atfeOO p. m. (N o. 15)
or (N o. 53) at 1:00 a. m.—sleepers ready
• A V I
A n y reputable funeral director can arrange for the
services sad attend to all details.
u p en Ttquest we wiu sena you
e brochure th at explains otir Ser­
vices—-and shons v ie u s o f oor
b eo n tiftl beddmgf.
The Coot of
10% to 30%—btty roundtrip tickets.
Sim pson’s
Southern Pacific
C w w a f ío n ^ T A x u t t E n t o r n b m e n t
“ T h e W in c h e ste r S t o r e “
G. N. Kramer, Ticket Agent—Phone 43
Route 4, Box 7SB
Medford, Ore.
( Try it on your favorite hill! )
1,800.000c u p s w e r e served
A Com plete L ine of
flu ffy , f i n e - g r a i n e d
c a k e p r o c la im s it s o w n
good n ess.
S q o w d r ift
i s s u c h a d e lic a t e sh o rt*
e n in g
L ca k es o f th e
fin e s t
tex tu r e .
glass and hand de-
a Cups Fleur
z Cup Sugar
corated china
Yolks o f Four Eggs
M C“P mm
) Teaspoons Baking Powder
I Level Teaspoon Salt
I Teaspoon Lemon Extract
Pi Cup Snowdrift
Cream Snowdrift, add sugar
gradually, beating well. Add
well beaten yolks o f eggs
and flavoring. Sift together
the dry ingredients and add
alternately with the milk.
Bake In greased loaf tin or
layers. Use any icingyou wish.
Sn ow d rift
. At
' '
Chas. A. W hite
Flat Ware
th a t i t m a k es
F ill up your tank w ith Gerteral "Moto-crat” G asoline and
head for your pet h ill—the o n e you have alw ays w anted
to get u p in h ig h b u t have never been able to m ake. T hat
w ill tell yo u m ore about gasoline in ten m inutes th an you
have learned in years o f driving.
H a ra ’» w k a t y e a ’l l fin d « a t —
Y ou’ll go farther in high because you’ll have a noticeable
increase in power.
N o fu el knocks. Less crank-case d ilu tion.
Y ou’ll get a noticeable increase in gas-m iles.
A t th e en d o f th e run your spark plugs w ill be c le a n —*
your values unpitted.
General"M oto-crat” Gasoline m eans lower transportation
Bare’s w h y
G eneral "M oio-crat” G asoline is h ig h ly volatile. Every
drop vaporizes instantly And b u m s com p letely. T hat’s
w here you gbt your greater power, quicker start in any
weather and quicker pick-up.
T h is gasoline is th e result o f years o f effort to produce
th e perfectly balanced m otor n iel. G as-m iles h ave not
been sacrificed for additional power.
N o acids, sulphur—free from knock-producing com ­
pounds. T hat’s your clean m otor at the en d o f th e run.
Your G eneral Independent Dealer has G eneral "Moto-
crat" G asoline for you . It costs n o m ore than others.
D on ’t forget—"It’s th e end o f the run that cou n ts” w ith
lubricants. Fill your crank case w ith G eneral P arabase
M otor O il lP a ra 4 rd for Fords}. T hey’re sound m otor in­
14 L M E D B Y T H E
■4 ï ook for the Gvem a n d
r « W -.w p i.
>■ I «■— .
ctuSM A k u s a ra n
Siçn J>-