Ashland daily tidings. (Ashland, Or.) 1919-1970, October 12, 1926, Page 2, Image 2

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The Past MoMa A n < | p « k
of the Hope Rebekah lodge met
with Mrs. W H. W orthington at
her home on Laurel street. F ri­
day, October eighth.
Mre- Rebekah Blah of Medford,
whs has been a member of t ile
organisation for forty ream, wae
the honored m eet at the local
meeting. and bar company wae
greatly enjoyed by those who
were preeent.
After the business session was
over, retreahmenta eC apple pie
with wbifeed cream and coffee
were served by the committee ia
charge. The next meeting w in be to her adoring fam ily. She loavde
at the home
of Mrs. Louis besides Mm. Homes and Miss Ita
Schwein on Charch afreet,
Nb> Myers. her hnsband, J. J. Myera,
and an othe r daughter. Fleets, a t
edumdag. Oct. IS.— Social Cir­
cle meets la the Christtaa
church parlors at 2 :1 *.
tareday. Oct. 14— Lady Elk*c
Card Club meets at the Elk's
building at 2 p. m. Mrs. J. C.
Poor and M™- c - w - Wlnne.
Friday, Oct. 1ft— D. A. R. meets
at the home of Mm. Rmil Pell
rn Granite street at 7 :3 0 p. m.
Natarday, Oct. I d . W> R. C.
meets In the Odd Fellows Hall
at 2 p . H l.
; .r
Hrs. Saaanne Carter, county
One of the most delightful af­ school supt . was a visitor in Ash­
fairs o f the pash, week wee the land and vicinities over Thuro-
bridge party oa Thursday after-, / day and Friday.
» 8 8
boob at the honie of Mm. O.
The ground for the community
Chichea Diaaer a t Christtaa
W inner, on Alida street.
house h broken, and excavation
Two tables were la pipy. Mrs. fo r the basement finished.
Domino Frovoat held high score, are delighted, and Monday morn­
with M rs Dsn Kay second.
ing w ill see lum ber and carpen­
Fnnsually delicious (gnd attrac­ ters oa the Job end the erection
tive refreshments o f fra tt salad. of the building commenced. shaped to represent
Homer and Hugh S a n a a «m
whom are attendants a t the
Mm. F . J. Ahlstrom and M m the faces oa the cards, date bam ■gain in F o rt K lam ath, |o weig^
Christina church services, each Frank Feigke
charming and coffee warp served by the in th e ir hoof cattle to a San F ran ­
hostesses at a delightful s u n rise charming hos t c m.
cisco bu/er.
The reception rooms were at- party for Mrs. M ary L e a c h / oa
Those who enjoyed thia plees-
H r. and Mm. F rank Richardson
traettvely deeoratod with autumn the evening o f Thumday. October aynt affair were Mrs. Domino * n l small sou of the Modoc Or-
leaves and colorful flowers which seventh, honoring her birthday Provost. Mte. Paa
Mm. chords, were visitors in Bellview
harmonised to create a soft The guests met at the pleasant Jean Hastings, Mrs. Dean Scott, Saturday. Frank wae a resident
growing effect and adde a home- home of Mrs. F. J. a m « W w
Mrs. Clyde Young, Mrs. Arthur of this community ter»a number
like atmosphere.
from there, went ia a group to Erickson, Mm. Bdwina Dttnn, of years.
After the guests were made sc- the home of M m Leach,
Mm. Bud Lee and the hoeteee, . The old time dance faun > w ill
quainted, they were ushered In to ’ The evening was h ip p ily spent Mm. G. H . Wenner.
have an opportunity to hear some
a spacious, beautifully arranged ln conversation and at a tote
of their favorite music over the
banquet room. The walls and hour dainty refreshments o l choc-
radio by a local old time dance
ceiling of this room were a pro- olate and cake were nerved by
orchestra, very soon. They have
been asked to broadcast from the
new Medford station. The orches­
Roy Frasier. The most pienaant
tra personnel is Boy Tucker,
feature of the evening wee the
F rank Jordan, Jim Davie and'
opening of the many beautiful
and useful gifts, which w e n re­
Mrs. Jack Beagle. These player*
ceived by Mm. Leach.
are growing ia popularity, and
are being constantly called from
The guest list included Mrs.
Lawrence Swan, Mrs. Id a Cran­
k ll pver the valley, to play for
dall. Mm. W ill Loomis, Mrs. Cris
the old fashioned daneee being
Jorgenson, Mm. Fred Penn latón,
held, in the various towns. They
Mrs. George Larder, Mm. C harlé]
played first te r the Bellview old-
Lane. Mm . Eva Jones, Mm. « . H.
fashioned daneee end so we feel
Bash, Mrs. Joe Harner, Mm. Geo.
that we helped to start them on
Riveros. M rs 'R o y Frasier, Mrs.
their road to . feme.
M ary Leach and the hostesses.
Men w ith teams have gone to
Hrs. F . J. Ahlström sad Mm.
F rank Feighe.
absorb th e o d o r o r
flavor o f any food that
you cook in it. And as
long aa i t la m it w ill
does the work o f two
of many other brands—
The family in the biggest
institution in the country
today. The health of each
integral member ia vital
to the welfare of the fam­
ily as a whole. Feed them
correctly, and with intelli­
gence. Place plenty of
‘ ‘health - building” meat
on the table, and watch
results! Meat is rich in
health - giving elements.
Buy it at
Eagle Meat Market
Phone 107
Attend CoDege d r ib fas .
Me d f ssM
The College Women's Club wps
eatertalned at the home of Mrs.
W illia m Campbell a t Medford,
Saturday afternoon, a t 3 :3 « . *
A delightful and Instructive
talk oa Health Education wae
given by Mrs. M arie Connelly
Harrington of the health educa­
tional department of the Oregon
Tuberculosis Society.
The social committee
dainty refreshateats. after which
the members spent a pleasant
W e wish t,o thank our friend *
hour la conversation.
for th e ir many deeds of kindness,
Those attending from Ashland fo r th e ir sympathy end for the
were the Mesdames Pell. Wagner, many beautiful flower«.
Taylor, Caldwell. Redford aad
J. W . Jervis and Family.
Misses Vincent. Ady. Peroxsl.
a n d
» M »
f you would be w«B, aee to
your d faidn a tfcwi . F a u lty kid ­
ney action permits to sir mate­
rie l to remteu in the blood and
upset the whole system. Then,
<V»e Is a p t t o h a v e a t i r e d .
Owe tot » ,
Mrs. W . G. Tucker
Phone 2 M 4
The Lady Elk's will meet si
the Elk's club rooms Thursday
afternoon a t 2 p. m. Mrs. J. G.
Poor sad Mrs. C. W. Wlnne w lli
The firs t regular meeting of
the Upper Valley Community
Cluti for this year, w ill be held at
Cards and conversation will
the home of Mrs. C. A. Brown oa
enjoyed aad refreshments w ill
Tuesday, Oct.
served r by the committee
11. The yeaa's work which has
Visiting lady Elk's are m oet'bbea planned by a committee
appointed te r th a t purpose, w ilt
cordially invited to attend.
Proyost Hardware
Give your clothes a chance for
their life. It Is quite natural
that /o u r garments \h o u ld
«pend some time ia the laun­
dry, bat you yourself should
take the wear oat of them. Our
system allows yoa to.
r ’
Bold on Easy T e n »
' r
A fine gasoliae of the
volatility sod snhility that
produce quick starting, fast
acceleration uid ft m ftim ifli
of w ik i. Scientifically made
to provide the greatest effi­
ciency of engine operation*
the product o f 48 yens of
W ntejprG m nU ev
t o N ftO U r T O U R BAKKMM
384 Oak St. — At Railroad Crossing — Phone 20
' ate«
Bi *
H é b R t ; r
' É IB I-
* »Li
* A’ *