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    derella s ir) *a < r her
Ppotod «9 a t the famous loro
aaet la S aw Oardene la a
l»st in Douglas.
Saturday they didn’t leave any
“ I w u not sore that they had
d aw slippers.
not seen each other,” Ryan testi­
One peryon who m ight hgow fied.
■aye they “ took everythin* bat
.'“How did yon arrive a t that
the varnish.”
conclusion?” the defense asked.
“ Their exterior display aad re­
Browning, who admits to BI actions on the way to D e s g lu .
y u rs , w*> obviously sincerely There w u much laughter be­
worried over the sltaatlon Tues­ tween them, and considering all
day. H e sat la his office and is­ of the probable things that m ight
sued a statement to newspaper have happened to their mother
men la which he avoided using they seemed disinterested and
the word “separation.” He kept a nonchalant. Also Mrs. McPher-
clerk busy during a large pert of sons boy, Rolf, who had b u n
the day clipping Newspaper re­ With Hollenbeck in Winters, Cal.
ports of Peachey’ desire for a These things made me believe
they were not keenly perturbed.”
Meanwhile he wrote ont
le t t e r is Bead
pencil for reporters:
A le tte r from Superior Judge
* t love my wife from the bot­ Carloe Hardy, friend o f the evan­
tom of my h u r t . More than any­ gelist, to Mrs. Lorralpe
thing in this whole world, and man, self confessed perpetrator
there has never been a minute o f the “ Miss X *’ hoax, was Intro­
since the day we were married duced info the court records. The
that I would not have given toy letter was mailed While on a trip
life for her,”
B B B U N . Opt. 0.— ( U P )— Gen­
eral Von Bgook, commander of
the Germán army, today submitt­
ed his resignation which h u re­
sultad from the revelation that
Prise» V ilh e lm , oldest eon
the form er arowa prince, partici­
pated la the recant arm y war
games la Württemberg. Repúbli­
cas* have bees load la the pro-
Hoheasolleka prince la thè armed
Bodies of Miners
Not Yet Located
ROCKWOOD, Tens., Oct. 8. —
(IP) — Twenty-two bodies of the
S I miners Who perished In the
explosion of the Roane mine here
Monday, were still in the depth of
the shafts today. A ll eiforta to
recover thgto thus fa r have fail-
crease In her present allowance
of 8800 a taonth.
Showing a new found
dence that amaaed her Interview­
ers. Alice said. " I have bees try-,
lag to forget about the coart case
I had entirely forgotten for sev­
en glorious weeks.
“I eaa never forget, though,
th a t X am Leonard’s wife— hut 1
don’t want to talk about him .”
She denied that hhe had seen
bar husband la Paris.
R etainer Talks
Althongh Browning could hot
bring h lm u lf to confirm a sep­
aration Johann, the old fam ily
retainer who pilots the old fam ­
ily baby blue Rolls Royce, prov­
ed lew reticent. Johann b u hith­
erto been considered a vary re­
liable second spokesman.
“ He bought her mother 58.-
•0 0 worth of clothes,” said Jo­
hann, not without emotion, “and
last Friday she packs up 115,000
of her own cothes anS makes me
drive w ith them to her mother’s
flat, and the next day she goes
out aad buys >0,000 m fte worth
of clothes. And on Saturday Mr.
Browniag gets the bills and she
moves everything ont of their
place In the K ew Gardena Ia n .”
whoa the
Once believing, as many honestly now believe, that
a state Income tax was the solution of taxation problems.
I favored it. When chairman of the Assessment and Taxa­
tion Committee of 1123 Oregon Legislative Session I assisted
in framing and adopting a state income
tax law.
-----T —
— ■ —
(Continued from Pa<* One) ,
The Citizens Bank of Ashland
Ashland, Oregon
It reached a few Individuals who
are making good Incomes and pay-
ing Httle, If any, property tax, but It
drove from ()re*on m illions of very bad-
needed Investing capital, as everyone
knows who has kept posted on this state's
A direct case that forced me to know
a state income tax at this period of Ore­
gon's development is unwise, was a m il­
lion dollar Investment, which had been planned for the city
In which I then lived. This investment hesitated u n til the
state income tax law was repealed.
Then it proceeded to
locate within that city’s corporate lim its paying municipal,
high school and other taxes w illingly. I t also brought in ‘ a
payroll of at least 820,000 a month.
CIn- when Ryan was asked why he had
Safely Deposit
“ I believed the payt telling of
her Jaunt on the desert, her de­
scription, to vivid, of the rofds,
the cactus, the fences aad the
room of the aback where she eaid
she had b u n help captive by the
kidnapers. I did not believe She
S —AS----- — .
■ - - . «
Aotnor e t the Dennis Resloution,
X vidence In A im H
Trial is Dam aging
Everyone Can Afford
“W h a t was your mental reac­
tion when you firs t heard Mre.
McPherson's story la ¿ rls o a a f”
Ryan w u asked.
" I considered I t a vary good
“ I am merely asking your men­
tal reaction. Did you bellava ItT ”
the detenu demanded.
“ I believed it approximately,”
Ryan .replied.
“ W hat p art did yoa believe?”
would make such statements un­
le u she knew they court
shocked up on later.**
The next witness scheduled to
he called is Fannie Northrop, a
hotel maid. She is expected to
*lv e testimony intended to sub­
stantiate documentary evidence
that Kenneth o. Ormiston, fugi-
tlve radio operator, was a guest
at the Clark hotel here, on May
18th last, the day the evangelist
In an affidavit in which Ormis­
ton named a Miss X as his com­
panion a t the Carmel “love cot-
W hy send off to Qnta-
logue houses for Barb­
wire and Jencing?
While we can meet their prices
ob most anything In our line.
Turn liry o u r order for your
whats, aad let us figure w ith
yeu before you send off for the
e day of the evangelist’s kid- Thursday in order that attorneys
participating Us the c u e might
The trial was adjourned until attend to urgent matters.
Johnson Washer
W ith the 20-Year Guarantee
Peil’s Comer •'
Sane Tax Thinking
an Oregon Need
I s V ow D eserted
Ry<u> then In,lnuat«d that Mrs.
McPherson had been In touch
(Coatiaued From Page One)
w it>> her two children during the
, L.
_ _ _ _ _ ________ time she claims she was held by
knacks upon which Brown is said kidnapers, and possibly had seen
to have Invested approximately them during that period.
820,000 since they w e r* married i
H ad Hl» Doubts
last A p ril 10.
This eagle was brought ont
A t any r a t*
north end instructed Mrs. Wlse-
man t a *e t la touch
Mm at
Sen Franelaco.
The battle between Ryan and
defense attorney oocupled almost
the entire day, w jth Byun meet­
ing calmly the terrific g rillin g he
[yers A utom atic Pum p for the Forili
G en eral Electric Vacuum Cleaners
H ot P oint Electric Ranges
Edison Mazda Lamps
Hard war«
The W inchester Store
Trade In Your Tires
/ of N ew
This Is but one Instance of a large number throughout
the state, which proves that no m atter how pretty the theory
of state Income lax may seem to be, Oregon can ill afforiT*
to adopt' such a business.policy,'when tao other western state
has It, and our dire need is io secure more people with
investing capital to develop industry w ithin our borders.
Lowering taxes w ill never be done by an ambitious and
progressive people.
That has been demonstrated time and
again when seemingly worthy projects of economy have
failed of popular sanction. The demand of the public for
improvements is so great that administrative dfconomy effects
only small savings.
. .
These facts being of common knowledge and to a great
extent, of record, how are Oregon people to obtain any
tax relief
Just one way: Attract more people and more investing
capital to share the public burden.
No state secares new industry and new Investing capital
without offering some inducement.
That is why I Introduced Senate Joint Resolution No. 6,
commonly called the "Dennis” resolution, in the 1925 legis­
lative Session. That is why it was passed by the legislature
and offered to Oregon voters for their consideration at this
general election.
It provides that no income tax and no inheritance tax
can be levied by the State of Oregon before 1940.
The Dennis Resolution is simply a business proposition.
It is all nonsense for Oregon to adopt an Income tax law
one year, repeal It the next and then adopt It again the fol­
lowing year.
By each methods the state gives out-slders,
and her own people, the idea that we are a ll confused and
cannot think out for ourselves and adopt a fixed policy relat­
ing to our financial affairs. I t leaves the commonwealth in
art unsettled condition, and causes constant uncertainty,
under which business and Industry and the daily affairs of
the people cannot prosper. The Dennis Resolution guarantees
to investing capital and to a ll business generally a sane and
fe policy until the year 1949 by assuring that this com­
onwealth w ill levy no state 'income or Inheritance taxes
on her people until that year.
E will make you a liberal allowance
new or used bring them in and get ou r
for the tires you are now driving on
proposition. It w ill interest you.
in trade for brand-new, fully warranted Royal Balloons or Cords and U SC O
Balloons or Cords add to your driving com­
fort, deliver faithful service and long mile­
N o w you can have the satisfaction and
comfort that comes from driving o n the
age and protect your car against the shocks
best tires obtainable w ithout sacrificing the
o f the road. Every tire bears the nam e and
unused mileage in your present tires.
'trade-mark o f the U nited States Tire Com­
The tim e to trade is just after you buy
pany and is sold under the standard
your new car, but whether your tires are
Drive your old tires to our store and let us put b ra n d -n ew
Royal or USCO Tires on your car for you.
O v e r n ig h t to
Taking off inheritance taxes for that period Is also
a direct bid for lnveetlag capital.
The state treasury, in­
stead of losing any money by doing away w ith inheritance
tax, w ill gain many tim e* such amount by the Increased
wealth attracted to Oregon, which w ill pay it* regular taxes.
Capital seeks the channels of greatest »wards aad least
We have everything to attract it la the w syefreaourcss
and climate.
_ .
Now, le t- us all Ho sdtne hard thinking, cease calling
each other names for a Urns, end veto fa r Oregon's'advance­
ment and prosperity.. .
or(No-5S)at W h-m .'
at W0 pan.
• A T I
10% «> 30%-top roundtrip ticket»
Vote 306 X Y 1 Í
Voto 339 X KO
Vote 336 X KO
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