Ashland daily tidings. (Ashland, Or.) 1919-1970, September 29, 1926, Page 2, Image 2

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Th« meeting was attended by
some forty member« from Grants
Pa »a, Medford and Ashland. At­
torney A. C. Hough of Grants
Pass, in presenting the resolu­
tion, In part, said: "In my thirty
(U P )— Norway’s royal
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have worked before many Judges ty and smart social se t Is much '
said district, and
on both the Federal and State interested this fall In the matrl-l
Whereas, the said O. M. Thom­ beaches, and I can say to you monlal intentions
of; Crown
as has bee» so uniformly cour­ frankly and sincerely that my Prince Olar who Is one of the,
teous and fair te the members of work with Judge Thomas has rrajst dashing and handsome qf>
this bar, and , has at all times been the most pleasant and sat­ Europe's eligible princes.
stood for constructive reforms isfactory of any Judge I h«ve ev­ • Prince Olav was 24 last July.
in the legal procedure of the er known. He is human, cour­ Everyone hopes that before long
state and possesses the essential teous and fair minded, and yet he will choose a bride but Jilst
high qualities and ability that pc has with almost super-human en­ whom he will choose is a matter
to make an efficient Judge, be It ergy cleaned up the conrt work in that is subject for much specula­
this district to a point where it tion in Norway.
When the Swedish Prjncd Carl,
Resolved, that the Southern is now running on an efficient
Oregon Bar Association In regu­ strictly justness like 'basis. lu-f a son of the late King Osear II, Conveyance.
An order issued by the Logan
lar meeting this 28th day of Sep­ deed Oregon would be most for­ of Sweden, came to Norway last
tember, 1226, unanimously en­ tunate to have on the Federali autumn with his two daughters, public. utilities commission pro-
dorse the appointment of the Bench a man so well fitted to it was believed that one of these videe for elimination of the street
princesses would be chosen. This car service operated by the Utah-;
Hon. \C. M . Thomas to fill the fill fhat responsible position.”
At this meeting petitions sign­ speculation was given added 1m- Idaho Central railroad' and that
vacancy upon said Federal Bench,
ed by all the members of the; pptus when the Crown Prince had permission be granted the sarnie
and he It further
Resolved, that a copy of these bar of Douglas, Josephine, Jack-J himself photographed in full uni- company for motor bus transpoy-
Resolutions be mailed to the son'and K lam ath .counties Were form with' all his orders on his tatlon.
---- ------------ •---- —-
President of the United States presented, and have been for­ breast. Photographing of mem-
and to' each of the Senators from warded for consideration., The berg of the Royq) family Is very
C U eaifld Ads B rin g Results
committee also announced that uncommon In Norway.
they were assured the support of
Hopes were * Wracked
w hen' ____ ,__ ________ _______ _,--------—
Lane, Deschutes, Csook, Jeffer­ Prince Carl and Princess I n g e - ........... .
son and Lake counties.
borg, King Haakon's slater, ih-
turned home with, their daugh­
ters unbetrothed.
B yw far
More recently, came the n n -
nounoement that Prince Carl with
. . /
his consort and daughters * was
W o n ’t O verlook Three
again to visit the Norwegian
( I
YOSEMITE, Cal., Sept. 29.— court. Many were again certain
Ladies, if yon miss this op­
portunity you’re as unlucky as
here is going to have a “noise
a blind man at a burlesque
box.” a radio, In a special radio
show. You know it’s getting
wigwam .
on towards Christmas.
Ever Bince advent of the radio
H e re ’s One T hat
Chief Ungwah-Too-Tah hag been
"T akes the t ’nke”
opposed to It. But the younger
members e tribe argued with
the old chief until he consented
to get them a "noise box.”
"Maybe will chase out old evil
spirit,” the chief said. "We have
big celebration when comes.
Plenty o f war whoops.”
ldqpt a f to s |h a m to r of
Q«r«% took ectosloa to «all
Judge Thomas
.. Endorsed For .
of work oh hatyk fb r th e cham-
bar for tko coving year, apd
suggested th a j a fter a vacation of
several moatha the »eg# berg
would bo la e position to get
behind the w o rt w ith
■ r
V ‘ , Federal1 Job
*'tf. P. Welters,' f . M. ^5. A. sec­
r e t e * . briefly teld of hta lsapree-
eto«g o f Ashkum, sad eebed' sjgsc-
lal atwniito ta : the wieM h at
scenic wonders which abound
throughout Southern Oregon and
la the vicinity of Ashland ta par­
ticular. The water question Was
referred to by CouncJhpan Tag*
lor, who urged that th e people
either through organisations or
hls future home, delighted
. ’ ‘
I L YrL?
- V- • -
uuu. a d i
«.b. I las
im committee,
Ca» Afford
Safety Peposft
personal effort secure the facts
concerning this Important im­
provement. "The council"
stated, "courts a complete Invee-
the MS*u on.”
T h e ‘G í b e o s Bank òi
Ashland, Oregon
forum with a saxaphone solo. H et .Secretary Fuller, la an inter-
was accompanied on the piano by estlag manner took up his trip
Miss Laura Ragpke, director of from the day he le ft
music in the local schools
j and brought o u t . 1’ na eompara-
In welcoming the members t o t lv e way some of the attfrctloUs
this meeting, O. F. Carson, pres-' and Improvements that 'Oregon
Indian Village
Will Get Radio
Why send off to Cata­
logue houses for Barb­
wire and Fencing?,
P eriod design In heavy quad­
ruple plate. I f you d o n 't need,
it yourself — h id e one back
of th e piano ’t i ll C hristina».
While we can meet their prices
on most anything In our line.
Turn In your order for your
wants, and let us figure with
you before you send off for the
Looks M k r
Tw ice th e P rice!
Bread Tray
P eil’s Comer
A "sltek fixing” fo r a wcllset
tab le —- UR - year qundruple
p late — only a few a t thia low
popular in Norway. He Is expert
In ski-ing, rowing and sailing. He
will be the first Norwegian King
after the lapse of 600 years, who
will 'speak the unadulterated Nor­
wegian language.
In Norway It would be hailed
with unmixed satisfaction if he
should choose a* Swedish prin­
cess as his consort. It would
further .strengthen the good r e ­
lations existing between. N ojw ay,
Sweden, and Denmark.
watch it ride!
® 8 L 3 r;q Lilly»
», *
C ft R
' E M A T IO N
A no th er Money Haver!
—Incomparably the better way
Sugar and Creamer
is now
in every
part of
G raceful In design and heavily
plated — maltes a alee C hrist­
mas g ift
fat- y o n r
"fre s h ly -
wed” d a ug h ter.
Chas. A. White
» no longer
a barrier to the progres­
sive people who desire to give
their sacred dead the deanly
rest and tender protection
exte n d e d by the Po rtland
Crematorium and Mausoleum.
Out o f the lot!
K T O need to argue quality when you can Mate it,
- I N nor to prow popularity when yrti can see ft!
O u t of the whole lot, men pick Chesterfield .for its
toharnp character and its natural good tadte. fifcery
bit tf ft» fcnormous growth lias been earned by itettoto,
« n d b y tU ta lo n ,!
Y o u r.lo cal funesal dieactor can
explain fully how either Cremataon
o r V a u lt Entombment can, be
employee- w itnouc e r a * ciuuye
we meet dm train, attend to all
details, and carry through the
family's wishes faithfully.
ÍWvor Supreme
■ ' k 's jttfcty clear from Gbeeterfdd’» recard tb it good
J L ^aai'wAA.b A
’ • v 5,
• _ .v
o f irncfmrr, illustrated
beautiful institution,'tti
yam itqpmt.
Such popularity
mw>t be fa n
C r e m o fto n -T U a u d tJ fo fo m b m e n t
Rouh- «, HoX 7Ä,|
M<-df<iV<l, Ore.
160.000cupr were «
- ,
jiá B L
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M -
4 V ’S»';'
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