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Pair tonight and Saturday.
Warmer in southern Oregon Sat*
urday. Cold East portion.
The Tidings Has Been Ashland*»
THE Y. M. 0. A. .
When the campaign startr
every Ashland citizen should give
financial suport.
Newspaper For Nearty Fifty Years
DAY, SEPT. 24, 1926
Church and I^odge Directories
Ex - Marine Defeats Jack
Dempsey for' Heavy­
weight Boxing Title .■
de A. Malone Place«
Number of Peonie in
Thia City at 5936
Gambling, Beer Resorts and
Vice Run Riot in Suburb
of Cicero
Challenger Shows Hnperlorlty at
Every Point of ThrUltag
Irish and Sicilian Cutthroats De­
termined to Wage War to *
Many favorable comments have been received
by The Tidings the paat*few days over the inaug­
uration of the church ahd lodge directories which
are being printed daily. These directories are be-
ing printed as a part ovVlte Tidings’ general, pro­
gram of service to Anfcland and her citizens.
An effort was made to include all churches and
all lodges in the two dfrpctorios, but if, by inadvert­
ance, any have been left out, officers are requested
to notify The Tidings &nd they w illb e included
immediately. ’
The Tidings has* in mind other features
through which it hope*Jto be of increasing service
to the people of Ashland and .Jackson county.
paid attendance,
CHICAGO, 8ept. 24.— Cicero is
wide open again; Rich times have
> returned to the suburb that Is
* ruled by gangsters and the take
and the payoffs are bigger than
• ever.
This village where conditions
> amazed .the nation
when they
were exposed, following the ms-
chine gun murder of .Assistant
State’s Attorney W illiam McSwtg-
gin, is back in Its old stride.
Lauderbsch’e, the
Ship and
I the Subway, the town’s three j
Total receipts, >3.000,-
Dempsey's share >860,-
Tunney *a share,
Rickard’s share, M fO ,-
D IU M . P H IL A D E L P H IA , Sept. 23
— (IP) — A man of destiny step­
ped into the land where they tpld
him he didn’t have a chance and
won the world’s heavyweight
championship last night before
the greatest fight crowd In his­
tory. • ,
Gene Tnnney, who rose from a
humble clerk in a greenwich V il­
lage'shop, became the champion
of the world by outfighting and
outgamiag the man they thought
was invincible — Jack Dampsey,
holder of the title for seven years.
Goes Down FtgKing
Dempsey Pent down to Join the
long line of champions who have
lost their title in this fateful
year, lighting like a true warrior.
His face was swollen to twice
Its natural site from the right­
hand punches which Gene Tenney
prising even his own backers, shot
in at will throughout the bout.
principal gambling bouses, which
were closed during the McSwlg-
gln killing, opened quietly a few
weexs ago. Good beer la served
again In the saloons.
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Wagner Springs Wiped
A Danish riobleman has appear­
Ont by Flames
ed at the city prison here, pro­
RELIEF WORK MOUNTS fessing undying affection and WAS NOTED AS RESORT
matrimonial attentions toward a
Declares It Is Diggest Catastrophe young woman hold on a »hop-
liftin g and burglary charges.
la Airterica In Many
Popular Place In Southern
.T h e nobleman Is Baron Osorge
Oregon In Early Days;
de Plessen of Copenhagen, and
Lose «10,000
J the woman la Louisa Carroll, j
Renew Beer War
And along with this re-awak-
enlng has come a renewal of the
bloody beer war, aa attested this
week when a cavalcade of eight
Mg automobiles ' swept through
the main street, raking the
fronts of Sicilian saloons and ho­
tels with machine gun bullets.
This time it is a war to thej
finish, its victims are marked and
the police adm it there is noth­
ing they can do to head It off.
They w ill be Satisfied If they can
apprehend the killers after each
encounter. The line-up is the
same as before. Irish ganstdrs
rtllcago. * They told ' ’ au­ on one side and Sicilians on the
thorities they were lpd Into the other.
McPherson ease upon the promise
- Capone Is Leader
o f the evangelist that they would
Leading the Sicilians Is "Scar-
never want for money.
face" A1 Capone, who was the
Mias Daniels, In an affidavit, target of the latest attack, but
admitted she had signed an earl­ who escaped out of the back door
ier affidavit saying the and not of one of his saloons when the
Mr». McPherson was at Carmol machine gunners came by. 'C a ­
with Kenneth Ormiston,
pone has reopened all of bis old
gambling houses, vice resorts a n d !
saloons. He Is encroaching upon!
«on of Well Known Con­
tractor SuecuJnhg to Dread
Spinal Malady
• •
K L A M A T H FA LLS, Sept. 24.—
Spinal meningitis claimed an- 22
ether vietlm when Alvin Lester
Hunter, J l, son of M r. and Mra.
F. H ill Hunter, prominent K lam ­
ath Falla residents, died here
yesterday afternoon.
The boy’s father Is a
known Sonlractor of Southern
Believe Waiter
Drowned Himself
CALAIS, Sept. >4.— Belief Is
Increasing hare that Lnia Rodrig-
ues, a- Spanish
waiter, who
Jumped Into
the tea
night, announcing that he In-
tended suicide, Rodrigues was
not accompanied and no reports,
from him have been received.
the territory of the Irish and the
Irish have taken up arms to ex-
terminate him.
Leading the Irish are the
O'Donnell brothers, heirs to the
leadership of Dean O’Banlon.
Two Irish, Jamed” Doherty
Thomas Duffy, were killed along
with McSwlggln. The bullets that
sprayed Madigan's saloon that
night last April were all for Do--
herty and Duffy. That they hit
McSwlggln, too, was a plain
blunder and cost both sides In
the warfare at least a million
Modern Woodmen
Plan Initiation
Of Large Class
Modern Woodmen, under sup­
ervision of Mahogany camp No.
6665 of Ashland, are planning a
gala time at a Joint adoption
gathering of various camps In
the valley, In this city, at Moose
hall tomorrow evening.
Repre- j
sentatlves frqm Medford, K lam -j
ath Falls, M errll, Talent, and
other localities are to be present,
with their respective candidates,
the adoption class to be a large
Substaatlal refreshments
wjll lie on tap, and the fall re­
union of this fraternal organiza­
tion promises to be a leading so­
cial event in addition to
tine haziness on the docket.
Albany Merchant
Is Out On Bail
PORTLAND. Sept. 34 — J. H
Blkman, Albany merchant, wai
released from custody here whet
be posted >2000 bail. He ha!
been arrested on findings of th<
federal grand Jury for allege!
fraudulent bankruptcy
of disaster relief
can Red Croes, a
tion <ook Miami «
Baker viewed
wreckage by alrpli
organize his relie
tatlon work in M
tramping, they climbed into a
new Chevrolet coupe and speedod
northward up the Pacific high-
way. They took th e ear a t I»
o’clock last night.
San Francisco Pttffce Hold
Woman Who Admit«
Fal»e Affidavit
W ith onp eye closed Dempsey
wept out of the other aa the ref­
eree announced that a new heavy­
weight champion of the world
was about to be crowned.
W ith rain streaming from a
lowering sky which at the last
moment and for the first time
broke Rickard’s record as a pro­
moter of the fair weather bouts,
the Judges, Mike Berenstein of
Wilkesbarre and Frank Brown of
Pittsburgh agreed that Tunney
had so far whipped Jack Dempsey
that the heavyweight champion­
ship for the first time In history
must change hands on a decis­
Let no one think that there
was any doubt about this decis-,
Gene is Master
From the opening bell until Its lltstlon, physicians concentrate!
last fateful clang, Gene, not only their efforts today to prevent az
out-generalled the former champ­ outbreak of pestilence. Typhoid
ion but took his heaviest punchee, and tetanup serum are beinf
withstood them nd struck back rushed to the storm-stricken ar­
ea by boat, airplanes and train
harder on his own behalf.
W hile 130,000 spectators look­ So far a lew Isolated cases ol
ed on amrfzed, the new world’s | disease have been reported • bni
champiop took, all Dempsey had j badly disrupted sanitation
to give and foiight his way to a temg present a serious problem.
cleancut victory through an at-1
John Barnhill, 10, and L a * - discovered Ids loss and notified
end Jarvis, 15, both o f Granger» local police by telephone. Short-
vllle, Idaho, were strandcsl «1 ly after 11 o’clock, Night « file -
Dunsmuir last night and wanted or Charley Claus,, had the stoleo
to get home as quickly aa pee- automobile anti the two youth-ful
| boys in custody. They readily ad-
Home - slclt and weary. Of milted their guilt. They an» hc.i
Farmer Hotel Building «t
Henry Baker, Head of l e d
Cross, Views Many Miles
of Wreckage
tack quite as savage as the Man­
assa maulei- evef- unlehshed, but
which lacked the power of old.
For an Indefinite time, men
and women, too, w ill be asking
how It happened.
The answer Is thia: The Jack
Dampsey who tried In vain to de­
fend the title of which he was so
prend was not the Jack Dempsey
of a few years ago.
Jack Too Old
Jaqk fooled everyone— includ­
ing himself. He thought, and he
told everyone, that he was as
good as ever. But the three years
during which he was away from
the ring had taken an Incalcul-
able toll.
Years between had taken too
much from the fighting stamina
of the man whom many believed
was the greatest heavyweight
champion ot them all.
One should talk of the new
champion rather than of the old,
but somehow. Gene Tunney was
not so impressive In victory.
Tunney was a better man than
Dempsey and he outpointed the
former title-holder with eaee. But
Louise Carroll, Held in San
Francisco Jail; Finance
of Royalty -
ing held in the local Jail pending the worst disaster
federal investigation for bringing bee^ In,” Baker
a stolen car across the str'
line. The beys said they had |
Most Terrible
as far sou th a s Hacramento w l
A fter years of experience w ith
Three hours later the owner they deckled to start, for home.
wrecks, storms and catastrophes
fro mthe east coast to the west.
the San Francisco
P H IL A D E L P H IA , Sept.
fire. Baker de­
24.— ( U P )— “ I w ill
clares that th e jd la m l storm toll
fend my title against any
is the most terrible
man In the world,” the
Meeting with city officials and
new heavyweight cham­
BUENOS A IR ES, Sept. 24 —
executive relief committee.
pion said today.
Approximately 300 persons lost
formally offered the ser­
Dempsey said • a false
their lives in the hurricane which
vices of the “greatest mother in
report of an accident to
; struck Encarnacion,
America" to the storm-stricken
his wife upset him as he
Monday night, according to re­ South Florida.
the ring.
ports from Posadas, an Argentine
Hundreds of trained doctors,
simply couldn’t get go­
town opposite Encarnacion on the nurses, relief workers and ad­
ing," he said.
< border river Parara,
ministrative forces ,Win ba rush­
ed (Into the Btrinken area.
lions of dollars wftlF be added to
the relief fund. Baker declared.
said by police to hare bean the
companion of H arry Carroll, a
eonrlct, an charged w ith stealing
On expensive fu r coat.
Miss Carroll denies all the al>
degatlons, declaring she has bean
cruely victiaisad.
Baron de Plsssea, who said he
had known the girl for some time
and that they had planned tc
marry, ridiculed the charges.
"She is the most wonderful l
woman In the world and I ’m go- I
Ing to marry her and take her
bark to Denmark, despite all
these accusations," he said.
Police say that Miss Carroll '
participated In the Jewel holdup 1
for which Harry Carroll is serv- <
ing a penitentiary term.
’Paraguay Storm
Takes Big Toll
Directors Lay Plan« for
Oomiiur Year at Meet
' ing Last Evening
New Pastor Will
The building was more than g
half a century old. and in the
early days Wagner Springs waa
the most popular mineral and
health resorts In Southern Ore­
gon. I t had been operated as a
summer resort up until al>ont t®
years ago.
- The group of barns were saved,
to • favorable wind, and a ll
harm machinery eeeaped d a m a n
in the flames.
Be Recommended
A new pastor for the Congre- Miami citizens' committee Issued
gational church will be reconi-1 a general proclamation
mended by the pulpit committee! was br°adcast throughout the na-
followlng the regular church ser- tion appealing for millions o t
vice next Monday morning. The dollars to aid the suffering and
new pastor wil succeed Rev. W. launching rehabilitation work.
J. Oldfield, who goes to a pastor-
The rehlbilltation program will
ate In California.
1 be of such great scope that 3 00 1
Rec. E. S. Bollinger, general office workers will be required in
mlsisonary and pastor-at-large ,r>[ the administration office to be
the Oregon Congregational con- established In a central city In
ference, has been serving recent- the ravaged region, the director
ly as acting pastor.
< said.
Everythin Bows to His Will
rwT ibo
Christian Churoh Will Have
Bi# Program a t Sunday .
he i
Next Sunday is Promotion Dajf
E f- at the Sunday School, ef the
»eks Christian church.
The program and exercises ef
pro- the day are designed for the pur-
the pose of giving the public a bet-'
en-l ter understanding of the system
all end organisation in a properly
graded Sunday School.
James Putman, who haa been
Superintendent for the last fou r
years, la largely responsible ' for
the efficiency of this excellent or-
PL tan ization.
Mrs. W illiam Hedrick Super la-
tendent of the Cradle RoU de.
Ip partment, Mrs. Fannie Cooped»
who has charge of the primary
dpeartment, Mis» Mabel Hager,
superintendent of the
,w and Mrs. J. ▼. W right of the In-
o(. termedlate
department, w i l l
to brt#fl7 outline their work and
to what haa been accomplished,
jg ,
V. K. Allison who haa Just re-
,0,, turned from the big church con«
Oft, ventlon at Loa Angeles, w ill give
lon a brief but vital talk on a few
the Pointers gleaned from the con.
, ce ventlon regarding Sunday School
ait work-
In addition to being Promotion
hli Day, next Sunday la alao "W arm -
a> up Day"; the nature of which
will be a lively time in prepare.
,,e tion for Rally Day whfch la a
t0 week from next Sunday. Everyone
Is Invited.
Cardinals Win in
National Leagn
N E W YORK," Sept. > 4 — (O P)
— The St. Lonla Cardinals today
clinched the national longue pen-
nant whan they defeated the New
York Olante, Oto 3. (a a game
when the St. Louie players battl­
ed desperately every Inch of the
way. The Cards eaa now lose all
their few remaining games and
still defeat Cincinnati.
Many Killed in
Railroad Wreck
TOKIO, '■ Sept.
>4. T w *
one persone were killed and
seriously Injured when the '
Fhft the track and turned e
near Hiroshima.
Collapse e f aa
following raina eai
dent. There were