Ashland daily tidings. (Ashland, Or.) 1919-1970, September 22, 1926, Page 3, Image 3

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    P a w Thro*
Urgent Needs
Of Hospital
Are Outlined
moots once a month; bow the
county is districted and. work or­
ganised and In what way the work
la supported tho s p eakerto ld 1«
introducing tho subject.
How thio money derived from
the Christmas Seal sale and mem*
- In the belief that the next
(Continued Prom Page One)« bershlp la the association Is util*
preeidential campalgh
w ill be
lsed, was stated. The nurse’s car,
fought ont entirely along wet and
speaker. She brought to her audi­
the supplies, the m ilk and cloth­
dry Bnes. Mrs. E lla A. Boole,
ence; the program of the health
ing purchased were some of the
New York City, National Presi­
work in the public schools and
Rems named.
what the parents may do to for­
dent W. 0. ‘J’. U., today sent out
"A ll the work io etaoatlonal.
ward that work.
- a final message to the delegates
The clinics are an t m w t a n t fact­
W ith a brief resume of the sit­
to the 52nd annual convention of
or in the wo^t.
The Ashland
the W . C. T , U., Los Angeles,
uation as it existed a few years !
clinics were given a strong need
ago, quoting the eye-opening sta­
Cal., September 28— October 2
of priase as the most sncceseful
tistics gathered daring the world
to attend the convention
in the county, bat the speaker
War. and the wonderful impetus
pared to make dp a plan to car­
suggested mere than 48 members
given physical education in the
ry on the fight against modifi­
of the association would m ake a
schools, by these surveys, she met
cation of' the Volstead Act or
better showing for the commun­
a ll possible objections to health
nullification of the 18tb amend-
ity. '
work In the schools and stated
* "H ealth is the cheapest thing,
that now three fourths of the
"Desptte the announcement« of
in the long rnn for which to spend
schools provide fer health educa­
Representative Tllson pf Con­
money" said Miss Carleton. "M a k ­
necticut and ether political man­
ing children fit for intelligent liv ­
In her splendid address, the
agers of campaigns now in pro­
ing. was sorely a worthy object­
speaker outlined the points stres­
gress that ’p ro h lM tio h h a s
sed in the program; first: com­
part In polities,’ American Vot­
In closing, Miss Carleton out­
munity welfare, with its training
ers are lining up on qne side or
lined the work done for mothers
in unselfishness. Second; group
the other of the prohibition ques­
and introduced Mrs. Gammii, who
approval, with positive health em­
tion and all major political
was' chosen to attend the Port­
phasised, t^e concrete means for
strategy is directed tpward that
land meeting as secretory of the
measuring health and rules of the
division. The next congress w ill
Home Economics work In Jack-
be dry If evpry tjry voter votes co
son county,
Prevention is the keynote, ac­
election day; but after that the
Horae Makers
companied by education. Health
Association Against the Prohibi­
* Mrs. J. A. Gammii called at­
protection secured by common
tion ' Amendment w ill reorganize
tention to the Home- Makers In ­
sense methods.
for a final assault on the 18th
stitute to be held in October In
Examples Cited
Their aim will be
Medford, asked the assistance of
The speaker cited concrete ex­
», BWB
to elect a wet president and It is
the Ashland ladles in making it
amples and called attention to the
to avert that possible calamity
a success.
Splendid showing made by the
that the W . C. T. U. convention
The phase of the work in which
schools at the fair, In the health
w ill bend Its efforts."
Mrs. Gammll’s interest centers Is
posters displayed.
Young people w ill
have * a
The nation’s crack hog-callers "started something” when they held their championship contest in <
the "L ittle Mothers* Clubs" and
By health chores in the lower
Omaha efty flreihen even quit their checker games to learn the pork-persuading art. Here's Cha
large part in the convention pro­
this she presented, with the aims
one of the firemen, demonstrating that he can lure a pig Just nine weeks old right away from its
grades, slides and talks In the up­
gram and w*ill form ally present
— to interest children to conserve
, ytth.his J’poo^e’^cries.y At the upper left Is Mrs. E. C. Warner of .Wernersville. Web., oosofths
per and the seven rules of the
the Patriotic Roll signed by more
and preserve health, to improve
women performers.z
game. Is the work carried oi\
than half a million young men
the individual and community
through the schools.
First aid
and women of high school and C. T. U., Mrs. M. C. Mnnnr./
life and last to prepare for moth­
college years.
W orld’s treasurer and Dr. Valer­
classes In the upper grades are
Additional signatures are be­ ia H. Parker, president of the
W ith so enthusiastic a leader,
some of the forward looking plans
ing received dally, many young National- Council of Women, w ill
the work along that line w ill be
In this year’s work.
people saying that they are es­ also speak.
carried on successfully.
’ Keeping contagion out of the
pecially devlrous of signing so as
An initial musical number was
"Canada’s Experiments In Liq­
I community is an important part
to make protest against the gen­ uor Control” w ill h e ’ the subject
G overn m en t E n d e a v o r s to o f the work of the school nurse. given in a delightful violin solo
Indictment of American of ah address by Dr. W . Peck,
by* Chester Woods, Mrs. E. A.
S h o w W h y M erton P n t
Concrete Instances were cited.
by the wets. educational secretary of the, Pro­
Woods at the piano. Enthusiastic
A c r o ss G igantic# D e a l
After the Illuminating presen­
Signing fhe Patriotic Roll means
applause brought in response a
hibition Federation of Canada.
tation of the health program, no
that the signer agrees to nphpld
beautiful Swedish melody.
Mrs. Mfcry H arris Armor, the
. N E W YO R K C I T ^ Sept. I t . — one could * retain the slightest
the cohstlcutlon of the
United Georgle cyclone. Captain Rich­
Rummage Hale
(U P ) — Contrasting the apeedy doubt of Its importance In the
States, assist law enforcement
Announcements were made of
mond Pearson Hobson, Mrs. Eva
manner in which a claim o f 87,- school clrrlculum.
In the community.
the Rummage Sale, October 8 and
O. Wheeler, president o f the W .
000,000 presented by* Richard
County W ork
A featured event of the con­ C. T. U. of Southern California,
9, with the attendant food sate
Merton, German financier, wo»
"Health W ork"
In the
vention w ill be the children’s F. W . Richardson, Governor of
and flower exchange and for the
allowed by the alien
property county was epitomised by Miss
pageant, which will be a Vivid California,
contemplated reception for teach-
George' ' W .
Attorney Mildred Carleton, county presi­
and colorful
of Mayor of Los Angeles and lead­
evi­ dent of the Health Association.
the recent statement of
Presi­ ers of National and California
dence of other lesser claims
Who compose the County Uptt
d e n t Calvin
" E v e r/
woman’s organisation! and clubs,
which were bound around by and the Executive Board which
child should be taught reverence
w ill address sessions of the con­
much government red tape. The
for nature reverence for law and vention.
government claims that .a bribe
Cod." This pageant w ill be pre­
The central feature (o f the ex­
of 8441,000 to the late John T.
sented by 1,000 children
hibit prepared for the Sesqni-
King, a friend of Daugherty and
200 young people.
Centennial w ill be on display at
M iller, ex-officials now on trial,
Pat Neff, ex-governor of Tex­ the convention chutch, as
w ill
supplied the needed influence to
as, will address the convention exhibits of H.wenty departments
circumvent the usual red tape.
Sunday evening, September 25. of W . C. T. U, work Including
Sehoritg Ernestina Alvarado of
Child W elfare, Américanisation
Mexico, president of the
Mexi­ Legislation,
can W. C. T. U. w ill speak on
W orld’s Night. Miss Anna Gor-
tion, Soldiers and Economics of
don, president of the W orld’s W. Prohibition.
White House
Planning Tor
Real Economy
b r in g in g g o o d nei
F a ll V a lu e s
Finest selection of new styles
in Jewelry we’ve ever been able
to allow.
. .
Y o u n g People? F o rb id d en to
M ary, E n d L iv e s W ith
R e v o lv e r
DA VEN PO RT, Iowa, Sept. 22.
— Burdetta Bergholte, 18, and
George Powell, 2 J, whose parents
wonld not let them get married,
were found- dead in Powell’s au­
tomobile near here, Tuesday af­
ternoon. They had w ritten a
note saying they could not he
happy without each other and
that they would seek "happiness
in death.” A revolver found in
Powell’s hand Indicated that he
had shot his sweetheart and then
Waltham Watch
“ Yoti Can D ep en d U p on
It— ”
In handsome green gold filled
cos e— thin and stylish— fitted
with on adjusted movement of
real dependability.
A real
nuui’n real watch.
Chas. A. White
N e w Y o rk to P a r is A l
M en W a n t A n o th e r <7
. T o S p a n Ooaan
F IE L D ,, N.
V u « Cernadine Harmon.'^lt-year-old
McCook (Neb.) high school senior, is!
buddy to the American, Legion men,
of that town. She .won a bathing-
contest they held, and then helped!
them put on. a membership carrf'',
paign.ns The Legionaires plan to-
boom her for the tiUe "Miss Legion''t
a t the national convention 4n Phila^
delphia this f a l l . /
Jected New York to Paris flight
today declared that a realization
of their hopes would be the only
fittin g memorial
to their two
comrades who were killed yes­
terday when the plane crashed
and burned at the moment of
starting. The flig h t leaders are
hopeful that they w ill he able to
acquire another plane and at­
tempt the flight.
Sept. 22.— (UP) — The three
principal figures in the pro-
Hello Gang!
! -
' '
ie second cup
Business Men
Affirm Faith
In Home Town
(Continued from Page On«)
en, and I, for one, cannot ofifi
where it has hurt anybody. Wh
have heard the pessimistic stev-
ies for years. We have at laadC
lost a lot of pessimism so novf
we can forge ahead without any
hinderanee of any kind.
J. H . McGee— W hat this town
needs mainly is more f ilt h
the part of Its people and a better
display of
ly. we are genuinely sorry to see
''these railroad folks
away, but the new normal school,
the new settlers and general in­
crease in population w ill more
than offset the damage dpne by
the railroad. It is the pessimis­
tic talk and lack of . faith which
is hurting Ashland more than
anything else.
to leave Instead of Ashland’s. I
venture the prophecy that at the
end of this year every merchant
in this city w ill find that his
books will show an increased pro­
fit this year oveialaat year. We
have lost some mighty fine peo­
ple, but we have lost nothing in
a business way.
V . V. M ills—-I was born and
raised in Ashland and for the
past 20 years I have been hear­
ing what would happen when the
Natron cut-off was completed.
W ell, the catastrophe has fail-
The Animal’s Friend
Keep Flies and other Insects
off your cows. Hslf-cent’s worth
garbs three
quarts of milk.
Has been used by the best dairy
men since 1886. Big shipment
Just io.
Binder Twine and Groin Sacks
Peil’s Comer
He May Enter Your House and
Steal Your Valuables
The Citizens Bank of Ashland
- Ashland, Oregon
^welcome as
Your complexion perfect, your teeth excellent, your eyes
a first - -
snappy, your hair glossy, your hands manicured like a
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patrician’s, your^skin fine, your health and body sound . . .
from linens and silver to rugs
and furniture.
The famous Dolly Madison gold
table service, the complete set of
flatw ear, all gold, besides gold
flower vases, fru it
dishes find gold - framed table
m irror, w ill be in her keeping.
So w ill the W hite House paint­
ings, rugs, chairs and tables.
President Coolidge is consider­
ing whether to hire a valet to re­
place M ajor Brooks, who servfid
as the president’s body servant la
addition fo his work as custodian.
D uring
Brook’s illness, John
Mays, the W hite House barber,
acted in this capacity.
and from inwide out, yotir clothes, your tastes splendidly
1926! The best You the world and its advertisements can
produce. When yon move, swiftest conveniences spring to
your bidding;. When you eat, the most delectable comes
to your plate. When you, work, when you sleep, exercise,
play — the world’s latest stands servile, yours to com­
mand. You are lord of your living, and it is advertising
that makes you so.
Read the advertisements.
They equip you with sane
judgments. They educate you to what is waiting for you
to enjoy, and help you use it most wisely when i t ’s yours.
Read of the good things — here — in these columns today.
The Little Things
Our service includes the handling of many little
details which might not Becessarily be consider­
ed a p art of the funeral director’s duty, acts of
thoughtfulness and provisions for comfort in
the arrangement of our funeral home.
Though these things do not appear on our item­
ized statements, wo think it worth our while to
maintain them. I t is an investment in good will.
Advertisements bring yon the
world from which you
may choose
J. P. Dodge & Sons
Funeral Difeotors
era of the Normal and the city
schools in which the P. T. A. and
Civic Club will unite.
Mrs. Harris Dean, presided at
the meeting. Mrs. O. O. Eubanks
was in charge of the program and
Mrs. P. K. Hammond and Mrs. A.
H . Pracht served tea during the
social hour which followed the
Day Phofie 111.
Night Mtafiea 8814z—181-J