Ashland daily tidings. (Ashland, Or.) 1919-1970, September 03, 1926, Page 2, Image 2

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News Bditor
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ha. been lighting o v .r r f i
ét tke « U l.à tO .O ll dowér
"‘•^ J B W .ih q
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J ° f prle* ®
Ï M to t U fa h fi And thé Shit of
electricity for homes and corn;
mèreial purposes (n the South to
to be reached at the eomiag ses­
sion of Congress.
The special joint congressional
committee appointed by Congress
Itself to find a solution of thé
perplexing problem has proposed
to tfae Benito that the project be
leased to the Alabama Power Co.,
and a dosen ieeocfated Southern
j>ower companies.
The bill to neW gn thd gMtttte
calendar and CM dM sà Denton
of the joint committee hto att-
nouaoad that he will pseas ter
Its adopttdn eoon gdter Geggreu
reconvened ter thé regular short
session hi December.
A strong opposition is growing
to the measure. Senator Norris.
R ep.^ N to., ' ritoterite’ e i ' govriw-
' Wen ¥B JS î A U T
iy tr
* du ct
Abes« .toeae«.- • FW ete
S ! instigai iqn. Jhe A gricultural
E -d, s a y s : .- A z z
Jndividu d actjdn bjr farmer!
b fire pr iblenv on o fir rfarmn
solution inlesKi inventions anp
S itin g a iparaju» «ipporjisefn
the spurs I settlement and ljmi
i ¡jintry d
«hyin g an
* iat they j
| it of tbfl
'bit attention
« » v e n t ajl
ifflgood wOf
1 ?<
it is conceded that Stanfield has,
and; Will h o id ri Strafag ¿qreomtf
ft j> 1 ’ ) v
Baturneto in ftoetteke
Already there to «h fnttem Mt-
terntes betwsee the warring too-
u ot*. .SB a rerun of Stan field's
htedri wffh thb Fari/. iié itA itiiti
the complétât at stariti««* tu n
that steiw te
ririfi^i metlj-
’iir j - p e r cent o f bis s a la r y /o r ^ t f q p p l dneuniufc/ hig
c in m y e r being required tq pay flie same amount for liim,
w h ^ t h t y 'W f e T n aHditron ffiree’ p e l eent“for uiiemplov-
nteMhnriiaci>id£nt irisunfitc^afiri fd w jier eerit Ph ^ompteli-
|iatJ r ’«BUnteitt». i,This means that t.b«l worker pays $5.50
<» lo n u th oiit,of a salary of $30, in addition to his ineotme
ta x g jn d . after-p ayin g -these charger to the g o v e rn m e n t
"e rH lftokrf<imrawi t o .receiving fc pcnMon obfroni $0.26
!y?^0 s* F,out^ «Dervh® M reaohod the age o f 66. ,
. . . . . « mm
, ■ tot»»
: i sis»', n-wW1»
.« « « -» ^
;■>?> h > MOTHERLY L O V E . ¡t
. . ■-
. .
f things never turned out
glutljnted, {he battei 1
»ng yon never wpnid : change
iyd or .It may be ctyd
r wajg and things Would? turn
but uniste it has H
worse, , ,
,2 . ....
d completely,’ enough
it will be left to permit an exam?-"
À returns^ tourist rei
idatfrfn* Of the te eth , :' ,
,V yvfcjgi- a teerujt Jtfiis th e n a v f celery .wae¡ heau^tul.
hla tenth: a h r a y i’<>* thoieeghl« Inoe he saw a sign *
ritoteautsd: -Agiar thwt thwdantuf
to an ' expert with ¿ tho informs SttBfTtSto agalh ttt toast once J
U Ptt.-.rT W y^ J y k w iS ^ i.s e e i t year.
, . ;J ■ • .
It is upon (his dental record
you have him on filej* the ex­
pert <«Mt find oat very.quickly. that Expert Taylor depends.
Expert Thylor does not expect
^Ut | f the pripts are. those of an
UPhpqWtt lpdlvldual,, th^ -export hto system to supplant flpger
has to do a deal of searching prints, but he does believe it will
through hto" records to determine prove ah invaluable supplement
whether or not he has a corres- to (he latter.
degtal identification is a
l ^ t l t e r f M / t h o u g h all - ex-; matter of minutes, while an iden-
perts agttte .tha^ there .ary jio Cwa tiflcatlg» by finger prints some­
sets of print, just alike, there are times is a matter of days. Having
some pretty strong resemblancod, accomplished it by the former
f ^teeMy,; gfri/ose a question method,• it can be verified by th«
arises concerning the identity of latter without the necessity for
sdnlepne who has been a loqg time an examination or perhaps thou­
dead — is nothing but a skele­ sands of prints.
ton, perhaps — or who perished
tn a fire or an explosion. Tho
And,* While it doesn’t matter, k fefiOOKLTM, k l , 8<$t. J .- i
Impossibility of baking prints ia the whole Detain family in NeT# "A fluh Monopoly wish erbltrortlf
obvious |n such a case.
'Tprk tied its name changed to •ffk'éù prices of pike. rihRe fish
But • where a body,. or even a Oorfnan.
end carp and spread, llbelone re­
skeleton, to available at all, tho
mporte about ft. competitor, existé
skull to almost certain to be
« éfei Say. report.
; - »
ment will receive |8 8 ,«00,000 re­
turn from Dan No. 2 and >10»,-
«>>,<•• who* it eoAetriuets flam
Ifo. g ; and that the potesr to be
generated by iftg I t aeoeeiatei
power companion wttj be equitably
disturbed througfi the -tioritlerh
s ta tu .
> ih d fotlr Checking ^oebunt whether it he
large o rum all because we feel that our, modern busi-
pew methods wifi benefit y»u, your account will
benefit the bank and we Will ;both be betted able to
benefit the community.
, r
W?lher will enter prisons of shame and kiss a
febto’j band thrust through tho bar«. She will-«it beside'
thegdpuaed in. eppr^s pf k w , wfifin the mob jeers and the
heaH ^ss machinery of justice griudn its grist pf agony and
w ity jinw avofing faith maintain her child is innocent.
She will stand at the foot of the scaffold and, when thh
trap has ./alleiif pillow the condemned and lifeless head'
upon;her breast.
'*‘Hnt, if the path of life has led her son to the fields
<»f Ifoftor,- her lieart will glow with pride ineffable, uil-
speAltaltle. Jf lie is called to war, she will bid him good­
bye with dry eyej», althwugh her heart ig filled with tear«.,
She .will maintain a firm and hopeful mien that he may
gm afom rage frmn her «ublitne example. When he gleejw
upoh Hi«U«rted field, her gpirit will keep wateh W hilst
■ ^ hifibering, she will pray. In the agony of waitc
ing, she w ill.d ie a thousand deaths and 4'hoke bilfck h er
sobs jyu l hide her torture. Hhe w ill Search, for liife
amongst the slain hp <1 try with kisses to w a rm ’ th e d e a d
nn<bviCMponsiv« lip s to life. Wic will coffin her licaft
with the brikrted b«*lyc and brr soul w ill keep the eterntH
vifiit b f 4 dcrithless love. This mother love is the golden
corff th a t hinds the earth to. God.” '
’ ' ' ’ . *4b d »e't»4db'»s e~sesii s'
i BOOK« _ PEN-
L E A F books ; Etc.
fe d iti ’
y William»
J l <
■ «CM
i- '— ;
H fc /Í
D tO 'lK ïfc L L ,
iW H O Ó t fí
ri O d ia s é
y o o f AB og Y
W lM \M 0 ü R
g J E R A L L S O FF
B E F O R E , -T H ’
rQ u » c w e r ç
w ou eq u i
k -S K iN .’A
I e m io f F
•While tbe'pW senl outlook ft» tile sugiW in d u s tr y it,
nMUriNtot» promising, le n d in g n u t b o o tie s on tin- M ibjoct
fcfttiS iait'’Kiene h»i (‘’rtisid«Table opirndsm in th e o u tlo o k
'or B
f u t n n u . K n gai like a ll p ru ih u ts >»nd commodi-
tios,&Ea Its goodnunl bad ycrrv. tori th e d e m a n d ig <on-
tìi<rlife-HaVpf of our dorn eri ti f*
All out knowledge, «xderiehcc rind facilities
Jite fet your disposal.
•' .1
. * ( ...» I - ’
«ted »ori«/ « sénâtàrth g i f t fc
a question («at odiy the «Mieta
te Novembri? M k « ''riìdWef. Dui
Hgney’s prospects ate brighter tb-
dgr 'unorTfr any wbm
prtraswy. .
, , ,,
/ •
a gpeech recently. TJuited States Senator James A.
Keod^’f .Miasouci. paid the follow ing beawtiftd tribute to
ln ° w ’1"V !° Vf<
Bring your financial problems to us find let us
assist you to soke them.
i .
Bocimreiiaiaws m Germany and Bng-
v .ltM ift'-d iitJ itf ’. " f t i z >.» a J j
pffte^Ktg wi? do hig&xtffot tb0 etmtfs
try^Jnnoi 8el! abroad. It is stated that this lias resulted
a r ®w.' txwu Jtociul xelfare law » which* forced empkiyerg
and.Workers to pay
,0Q0,000 in 1295 for alleged real,
farFDenefitg, while ontirtteJUMjcte Qwvthtot >W«Wewe Snly
$ 1 , » , 000,000.
J | | l o s t o f the cost o^|3
pWQÍalarie* of officials and other reti taj»e
c o i« B r tc d uritbuWl ju u ter n
The view of (he o>yo«Itlo& is
set forth. >y tie». W. Frank
J a n e., tié» P , Mich., *h o In a
minority report t the Joint coro-
mtttfte etntetl: «Thete bidden ir e
internala 1« «vritteg firtiitsei
rm nitthiM tiei J u t to ter a .
thny sedHUy ten, had when; M*«
Ortetts hearing gift., tin y odine
(Corittotted Fréni P af* Onè)
« « W d o w n , at least Make. the
• « t e e . of t i e bill highly doubt­ s
W « A P P E tf-U p 'lW tffe ’ « ö t f <
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