Ashland daily tidings. (Ashland, Or.) 1919-1970, September 02, 1926, Page 3, Image 3

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an “ aperitif" was »erred.
From there, th a pr s rreAi nn
vaadad Ito way to the h®“ ® . «
Mte. I . ft. ftfiheftNM , (W ft»a
amm *. Lhdvtat th h natoa. agate
Aentre t«Wn to rite hfWM af flM.
Josephine Poley, where the t l W
coarse was aajBfhd. A t each
Watoe Wheats Mhpardrf, to* W th
Mrs. George Brookmlller 4M
Liberty street was the next hos-
M i.
U 4 -tf
procession ta tk its tray W the
home of Mrs. W . H. Graham oa
Pina street, « h e re another aearse
awaftod’ the company.
Prom hare cars whirled the
diadrs to the boulevard borne e l
Mrs. Charles Robertson, who ser­
ved the adjnnet to the final coarse
which was partaken of at the
ehareb, M which the guests were
taroday, S ep tem lw fiJ— T rin ity
Gnild Meets, ftnfteh Mouse,
randay, B c pt ember B. —* Con­
gregational MiSMeaary Society wry, ha« Taremaa ross ner
Meets. M ia. H . B. Carter Host- could sea w h tt She saw.’’
Lake of 6 èn eta (L e a U t o s
now DrOWjnt.
Both the homes visited and the
menu had been kept a deep, dark
Once Hated Work,
Now Ed Joy« L t
"W o rk asad to ba a burden to
Mte agate;
A dlariks Is tbo bast bowel medi­
cine I ever used, and for stom­
ach gas I t has no ppaal**. (signed).
Mrs. W . I L Cltetsmaa. Adlerifca.
brings and B A s quickly and ro-
new, but now ! sMoy
saday, September P — Baptist
W * »
M * * •* “ '
magro.* « T C i to lar 4L— F lo ra l
Society. Public Library. • p. « -
■geh j V sbie. ,A d -
♦ — Clvte C 4 « h
t f e t fa « ..b lp a tq d
Btosto. Club M amas, B»BO- p. m.
a t the Clvte Club Mouas,
M a y , September • lb .- • — • H om e,
Missionary o t the Methodist ja ils Eldar aad M r. Em
kerfty « fire wafted Mr
the toav. M r. Mur p h y s
fequare Oafipel Tsmph
teg at the ceremony.
The living room, wham the
- Tuesday evening members o f
the Epworth League enjoyed a bridal party were grouped ’woo
good eld fashioned hayrack ride. teade beautiful With masses of
By six fifteen a t least th irty dahlias aad gladioli, shades of
members of that orgalnzation pink and pato btaa the predom­
ware gathered at the church ready inating colors.
The b rid e - was very
to enjoy the jo lly ou tin g.
M r Ralph Blllingu brought the I ■owned in soft georgette crepe.
eehdayufihe. Soon all were aboard ! With taaebre o< pale M ae and
A Chevrolet touring to
M r. and Mra. Henry Reid. Who
hte aajayteg tha ttott of MP. aad
Mrs. Eraaat Eayea from ÓaUtor-
aia, cajeriained At a delightful
pliment to « A aatrof-town gaesta.
Those fo r whom covers were
laM were V P . Ahd M rs. J. A. Mc-
Gas. M r. a ad Mrs. Oscar Silver,
th e ir two children. Mire Dorothy
Raid, H a rry Ritchie. M r. aad Mte.
the “fad special” and
hoftfi. W hile not a speedy w a y
The work of Sergeant Y ork waC
Mather Counter, ae bridesmaid,
Of locomotion, the
hayrack is
•w eet and dainty la silken gown. p articu larly noteworthy
guaranteed to' produce more fnn
A report from the secretary
M r. Glfltoa Enid aapparfad tha
to the square inch than any other
and treasurer gave the gratifying
vthlele. f. ‘
< «< ’
JaA the tmtoediato fafitMr An< news that the qwertfit’k «noth
- ' Bangs bbra sang, stories and
a few tttf mate f rieoto wars pre« wan BMbked. w ith a bit dt a aafi>
jokag tol<L Until a suitable place eat firf the eeTOinoro.
plna, from the contests of tha
Ic supper, waiting to j
A fte r eongratalatioM . fiad goed m ite hags.
be eaten, wag found near Talent. wishes, a delicious three course
w ill be made
Here the deHcloua contents of toedglAg sapper waa served. Here, Ih fcr to t the regular opening
too, delicate spades of lovely meeting ot tbo Guild.
• M B
kactro dabltea w ith tera ware
■aad la the beautiful centerpiece. M ro. O . G. How ard Moetoes
. ^n the wa> hack, the Leagae Blue aad pink. In ant cups andl
seienAded everybody aa they jdace cards, which were espec­
M rs. O. G- Howard- to bestem
paSsed. Many amusing incidents ia lly d M M fc.
carried ,o n t the to r tha « h a tte t af the Fsreig»
Mtoaionary Society of the M. ft.
occurred enroate . which, » H l he •Amo general color scheme.
which convenes at B.Sfi
a eoatwa e f.fa a tor many a day.
’ T he bride to a d au gh ter Of Mi*.
'' Wbiet sll Warp retanm d safely Bbd Mra. j . R . E ld er qf B4fi Al- P . M ., a t her home at 41 Ofesh-
am street, Friday afteraooa, S e ^
lo town taa Leagae gave throe
roaring cheers far Mr. Billings tor » •n a g WoteSUhood M
Aafitond tateber third.
making the jo lly evening possible. ghd Itos attended Ashland grade , Members are to bring th e »
mite boxes, o r he prepared ta
and high echoolg.
a contribution. A special
. The Ladies Aid of the Presby­
terian church w ill hold Its regu­ ffom A ah la M High two y e a n age
la r meeting at the charch to tha ahd has been on tha home ranch pletion of the pledge tor
M ary Young's salary and for the
Junior room. Friday of this wedh.
All members be sure ta coma Highway since that time. H e Is. scholarahlp of •» the student la
CNina which the organisation in
since there to plenty for all to the son o f Elton Kerby and Is a
he lpin g to support.
splendid young maa
To the happy aaagto toh hast 5 Aa auettdnt program to pre­
M tt M
Wishes of a host of frieads are pared and there will also be tha
Former Aahtoad ReeWenta
efitended, treating they may efijor regular election of ottefira.
• MB
a long, happy aad pBg spd r aa»
" They expect to make their home
M a th o f town. WBdtt th e ir plfcak
ate definitely settled.
» M M
Bstweaa th irty ttva aad Carty i
ssembera and friends o f tha d
M artha Gillette Chapter o f W est- I
minister Guild ware guests a t the <
pAogrereive dinner which marked
t i e first masttag of tbo new year. 1
As planned, a ll
dt tile
charch. where a 4
dasee o r mare ahtdteoMlea Were |
■ readiness to convey the guests 1
ta the different hotoaa to r tha -
various eonraea.
The a ffa ir ftfitsn « It B thd a » h
M m bly a t tha ehuteh kt five- h
thirty aad tbs program waa given t
at the charch a fter the last c o tirs elh
which was served there a t e lg h t-ln
Orea Coratoh o f H ilt. Calif..
A a a A fihbad visitor yesterday
V r . B. V . PBIppa had family
d atovfBE
to Partland
M k . w h ate they v W «Aha their
lasladlag tooth.
GGrtte M M A M ra H IS ONLY
This Is true o f many working
SB. (en d w om en a lso ) dogged
Ah a h l eatin g fiaar a t ULhaaith
When the dinner ended, Mtos
Edna Goheen culled the Chapter
to order and * chart dSvotfcma!
service apaaed the propram.
Musical numbers ween given by
Mra. J. R. Robertses aad Mire
Florence Allen. M ra Robertson
played two delightful piano «else
tions, which were particularly
well received.
Mtoe Allen neap
two beautiful numbers: “Be The
Beat of Whatever Tan Are" and
"Jwet a Cottage Small,“ thereby
giving groat pleasure. to thoae
Miss Eva Poley gc,
eem panted her at the piano.
Mra. J. W . McCoy, who to the
Presbyterlal treasurer, ASM A
Short but very SfePCh to rite P ito t
Address. In this, she IBtotoartted
the work tbs missiohacp W giSlm -
lion» ot tbo church ate going
and made A stfirittfig compari­
son of the aaaoant given py tbo
local arganiaslisna nineteen years
Ago, to what to contributed now.
W hat to said of missionary
endeavor by the secular press
was noted aad concrete examples
of the wonderful work being ac-
Many bm ettful descriptive lat-
tave have badn received daring
their extanddd sojoarn abroad.
Both Mra. Jack aad Mra. F e r­
guson lived in Ashland for soma
tlmd aad thoae who knew there
will he interested la news of th e « .
. When w riting to relatives they
have asked to ba remembered ta
friends here.
• B It
Mewwge toste M ro.
T. J. Melmxrrn.
Excerpt« from a mereage « -
cefved ffo m Mrs. T . J. V a lm g re a
wUI he a f iaterori to bar away
the situation and problems sea-
fronting the astestek sttsa rites«
sad the work beta« ssa am p l lshad
by the mfaaleaartee a f the M a»
arena ehareb.
Those who took parh la tbM
part of the program were Mrs.
Jaasen. Mias May BmsdtSi. Mrs,
C. W . Fraley, Mias Baby Peffley,
M ra A, D . Mass. Mra. WhMaaMn,
In the talks» the old rokgiona,
the superstitions and tbs condi­
tion» as they asirtsd la the past
ware brought oat by thaaa tak-
1 M M t
Storied « • ( »
raU hr Baste
M w tey, M it . OAorge Leider. Mra.
Wm. Tab d M MVB. PeftMy tohlaft
tuM at (ha Wih th a t the ftasar-
ane church la doing in A frica .,
A t the ritee a t tha program
hour, a hustadds toAAriag was
haM. Many articles toafa brought
for the mstatonary box. which to
in ebarge B I M M. C. W. P*fil»y.
ftM the yakr.
£ Ah otfttttadtag, taterearing ah4
p h rtM ia riy beipfAt year*» w o rt
B*s been planned; a year that
• H I T m e«hef trill anticipate With
jftetouto afid regret when
Heating« hate ctoaed.
Tuesday, the program offerings la a veteran of the Ctyft W ar, sad
« i l l be discussed. The announce-
BI years ef age aad alca that ef
MAntA will M Made. It to re- Mrs. ltobertsea'a mother, Mrs.
gWhted that all roteteittoto MSB
Bolee. of Salem, who to B I yearn
. - .
These two have held the b irth­
day celebration together for many
years, but on nerouat af
M r.
Robertson’s Illness. Mss. Boles,
aosompaalsd by M r. aad Mrs. O r­
rin Stratton aad Mrs. Margaret
Brown drove down from Salem
for the week end. and the birth­
day party was at M r. Robartsaa’s
1» kgntd andad to it
xro-ashed to sat aside
M ra Stratton aad Mrs. Srowa
they «M b to MWtri- era sisters a f Mrs. Rehartsoa. In
spite of Mra. Boles* advanced
anas ar fitatoM wf fra « , jatty or > e a n aha made tha trip «1th
JAM to add to the food alto wBMP comtort and enjoyed the outing
to a part of the sale plans.
and delightful visit at the Robert­
\< Every member ht tee Citfc ONh son homo tanmenmlyk
.to asked to he present. Brtag a
Their guests have no« return­
friead that would enjoy heeare- ed to Salem.
lpp «a member. It is begad that
To M r. Robertson a n d to Mrs.
the membership will doable this Motos, many friends extend eon-
gratnistioas and peed wishes tar
,7> Plane am bring made that tto happy anniversary aad hope
that many others may ba enjoyed
been, appointed to répugnant tha
N ational Board of the Christian
fceptember 14th to the SSrd.
tema paars ago fiM f to a caasia
■f the Misses Poley. She has n e tt­
ed hare aftaa stoeo, aad has many
wha are lataroateg M the
Work that she to doing. I t w ill
be remembered that a Poley roub­
le« was held tost winter to visit
With her daring her stay ta thia
Mtos M itchell passed
rough Ashland vacantly.
hiade a brief visit with the M ell-
Inger fam ily at jChlco ea ragta.
tt M •
Sapply .vourself with groceries
from our sptebdid afuwrtment of
lunch goods. Our stock is all
incluSiye and includes lrigh-tjauli-
ty canned foods prepared by the
best manufacturers.
Hand ns your list—we will fill
it and deliver the artier to yoar
home or garage.
Afthlaud Feed & Grocery
Society M tots
Mra. HL B. Carter at Monntaln,
Avenas to host see thia afteraooa
id Lewreace Powell of tha other
WHA aad anargtsa war« «atehed
. ¿ V (MV
ÎXUtrev 1 W " l
¿H ad