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Cannot rarrive three months in
the rich osone at Ashland. Pure
domestic water helps.
The Tidings fías Been Ashland’s
the use «f medicine cnree
es out of ten of asthma.
a proven fact.
Newspaper, For, ftearly Fifty Y ea n
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Wir« Service)
SPA Y, SEPT. 2, 3926
Candidate for U. 8 . Senator
B ere Follow ing Medford
O nly 409 Ballote O u t in Spo­
Organised Labor On Record
etai W0OO Bond Elec­
A gainst Private Insur­
Frederick Steiwer, republican
tion H ere
ance Concerns
Candidacy As Independent
of Present Solon Starts
A shift nd Rnd Medf ord Are£
Ohio Railway
to Mget in Po-itp-nött -
Marries Own Step­
. Contest Sunday j 3
PORTLAND, Ore., Sept. 2.—
PECULIAR . . TRIANGLE atorial battle as an'independent BITTERNESS PR EV A ILS
- *
candidate tor United States sena­
tor, waa a^yialtor in Ashland tor
CoonpU, at Spedai Session,
• Ashland votara, at tho special
• le c t in yesterday, defeated the
proposed >5000 bond issue for
the street department by a vote
of 499 to l i t , or a - majority of
*7 agSlMt the bonds. The total
▼oto cast was 409, indicating that
there was hut meager Intoreot in
the proposal.
As soon as the result had bq-
oome- known, too city council la
a special meeting last night In­
structed the street commissioner
M> discharge all employee *Ot one
nod to curtail all street Rerk. oe-
OectoHr to the normal Ocbpql I**,
provemeat district, where mush
o f tho ihoaey would have been a b rier time last evening, follow­
•peat had the vbterq authorised ing a meeting of the Jackeon
Use sale a f the beads '
ceunty republican central com­
mittee at.Medfprd, In which hie
The street commission wee In­ candidacy was indorsed.
' '
The county committee adopted a’
structed to cease ell Work In the
normal school district except what resolution declaring the capdtdacy
can he done at odd moments of Senator Stanfield 1« contrary
from time to time without added to the spirit of the Oregon direct
expense to the city.
primary la*. Mr. Steiwer was
Facing what they declared to present at the meeting.
he a sortopa dilemma In the
matter of keeping the streets in
proper condition, the council an-
thortged to negotiate with local
Shako to learn It th e,city could
borrow 99000 with which to oqrry
Statittice Show A v e n g e of
Fonone A m K illed
D e ity
' A s a shM —e h 9( the votoe Showed
titot toOmeaaar« Was E m ton’ln
both words, Although it was more
decisively defeated In the first
ward. or d ty kail polling booth.
In Ibis ward tbs vote was:
t e r bond Idaho................ „18
1 Against bonds
....... |8 8
Tbs veto In, the second ward,
or Fourth street Are station, waa:
For bond issue....... ..........103
Against b o n d s....... ,...........110
Several employes of the street
d ep a r tm e n t will be a ffected by
th e d r a stic order issued by the
council last night.
The street
fund, It-was said, la badly depleted
•ad unless the money can bo bor­
rowed from , one of the banks,
the city Will be enable to pnt the
streets in proper shape tor winter
WASHINGTON. Bept. 3 —A u ­
tomobiles kill an average of six­
teen persons daily In the large
cities of tke United States, acci­
dent reports to the commerce de­
partment, showed today.
Automobile fatalities reported
'from January,3 to Aug, 14, num­
bered M ®3.
Daring the fonr
weeks ending Aqg. 14, 497 per­
sons were killed by motor vehic­
les, an increase of 30 as compared
with the^correspondlng period last
year. .
New York, according to statls-
tlcs, la the moat dangerous city In
the country fdr pedestrians and
automobi lists. So far thia year
509 deaths have been reported
from motor car accidents in and
near the metropolis. , , ,
Chicago has reported 319 fatal
accidents, Detroit, 176, Philadel­
phia, 187, Los Angeles 128, Celve-
lgnd 182 and St. Louis 117.
The safest city appeared to be
New Bedford, Mass., with an auto-
i mobile fatality record for the year
of only two.
Other cities reported fatalities
Tontit Geta Free Trip From
from »January 8 to Aug. 14, as
Ben FTenoiaco to
follows: San Diego 22; San Fran­
cisco 68; Spokane 17; Tacoma,
18; Portland, Ore., 23 and Se­
SEATTLE, Wash., flept. ». — attle 28.
Alt Hagen, 17-year-old San Fran­
cisco boy, failed to get off tho
steamship H. F. Alexander In
time after calling tor a telegram
as the boat waa about to sail
front thn bay city to Seattle, will
leave tor home today. The 1,400
MARTINVILLE, Ind., Sept. 2.
mile heat trip didn’t coot Alf one — (U P )—^The condition of United
States Senator William .McKinley
The boy called a t too ship for of Illinois was still unchanged
a telegram. R « a s seven thlputes this afternoon, rfle sank into n
before selling time bat hd made coma shortly before midnight.
the trip la two minutes. .How­ Physicians doabt If*he will live.
ever, the passenger who called
for a m e s o m i r did not hay» the
telegram quite reo<Jyt , The mtn-
utea slipped hktoy. so did thO H.
» . Alexander. Why® Hagen raaeh-
•d «ta took he was on hie «Ay to
COLUMBUS, g. C„ Sept.
Julius A. Dldechun-
•It; the 400-pound prison­
Wenatcfee Mayor ;
er who blocked the narrow
doors of the prison and
Id Assied to Quit
who added a few pounds
and three . Inches to his
WENATCHEE, E>to» « t a t 3. » girth durigg hla »lx month»
—t Charging lhhlty and that liquor M term tor violating tho
floyr» frgoly hors, a eotamtttoe K prohibition law, he» been
from tho O ^uettotty Welfare'M released. . The rolyyoiy
le g n e called on Mayor Halbert M prisoner wee brought to
and asked him t o resign, It wee E tho prison last winter on
lefraod today,
n a truck, *
. • o
Illinois Solon
Still Critical
Star Boarder at
Jail Weighs 400
Medford Directors Attempt
to “ Slicker” Locals ;
B ut Are Halted
N eglects to Get DiVorce from
, Girl’s Mother Before '
W edding
State Federation at Klamath
M eeting Urges Compul­
sory Measure
Be Halted
T M o ttr
Bob Stanfield's entry Into the sen­
TOLEDO, O.. Sept. 2.— (UP)
— Henry H. Hendrlcksop, 26. a
railroad fireman who married hla
16-year-old step-daughter without
a divorce from her mother, la
facing a possible life term on a
statutory charge.
He was held to the grand Jury
under 921,000.' • The statutory
charge was filed when It was
found that a bigamy conviction
would be* difficult because his
second marriage was performed
la Illinois.
2 (U .P.) — The. Oregon state Fed­
eration of-Labor went o s record
today favoring compulsory com­
pensation rather than the volun­
tary state compensation law. Ac­
cording to the reeolutlon which
was adopted, the labor cohorts
favor a law prohibiting private
cottipensatlon Insurance companies
from doing businem In Oregon
The board of directors was In­
structed to hold a conference; with
big employers with view to draft­
ing a law for presentation to the
next legislature.
». • i
Ashland and Medford will play
off their postponed baseball gamo
at the county fair grounds next
Sunday afternoon at 2:30.
This was the decision reached
after a stormy meeting at Medford
last night between the Ashland
and Medford directors. Follow­
ing their usual tactics, the Med-
ford directors wanted all the best
of every argument, and as. a re­
sult of some of their unreasonable
demands, the bitterness which has
prevailed between the two teams'
was intensified.
Plenty of Nerve
Seeing defeat staring them In
the face, the Medford magnates
wanted Ashland to loan them a
couple of players. This request
was met with a laugh on the .part
of local directors, and the Med­
ford bosses were told to try to
be good sports tor once In their
Then Medford wanted 60 per
cent of the gate receipts because
¿be game Is being played at tke
fair grounds. They were remind­
ed that 1« le 'fk h la n d ’s $>me
game and Ashland la entitled to
the Mg cut. They also were re­
minded that the county fair
grounds Is not a Medford Institu­
tion, but belongs to the entire
county, and that Ashland's ball
club has Just as much right to
play there as the Medford dub.
cornered battle that Is apt to af­
fect the entire state republlca'n
R. Tumor Stops Off in ticket. In the opinion of close
political observers.
Ashland on W av to
Stanfield without question has
Klamath Falls
a large personal following. This,
Gigantic Forgery Swindle Is
coupled with his success for the
Ruth Sanders of Evansvitre, Ind., doesn’t mind being a R. R. Turney state superin­ railroad tax refund bill, assures
Under 'Probe Follow ­
in g H is A rrest *
girl, but she likes to be a sheik, too. So she dresses in her tendent of public Instruction, him strong support in at least
brother’s clothes and makes dates with the girls—and fools stopped off in Ashland last night 18 Oregon counties, and indica­
en route by auto to Klamath Falls
SEATTLE, Sept. 2. — Police ’em, too. “ Sure, I get a kick out of petting ’em,” she
tions are that It will be a bitter
where he will conduct the east­
were holding Arthur C. Sellers,
battle between Stanfield, 8telwer
ern Oregon teachers’. Institute
Seattle attorney, in jail today
and Rcrt Haney, democratic can­
which gets under way there today.
while Investigating ape of the
didate. * Haney will draw heavily
He will be In Jackson county dur­
biggest check swindles ever per­
from Portland republicans be­
ing October to conduct a teach­
petrated on the Pacific cOast.
cause of bln record as a ship­
ers* institute. Mr. Tutner waa
Detectives who arrested the at­
ping board commissioner. At the
accompanied to Klamath by his
torney last night said they took
present writing it appears to be
wife and sister.
him into custody In connection
a tos-up between th egp ^ ree can-
- Mr. Tnraer is serving an school
With th e check-passing Investiga­
There were a lot of other min­
tion when they found 18 checks H t u w a r t a n Suspect Confess Three Men W ill Die. ip Elec superintendent under' appoint­
who believe
trie Chair for K illing
e s He Is N ot R elative
ment by Governor Plerde, follow­
o r arguments, with Medford’s di­
In his room
printed with the
that Governor Pierce's chances of
Ohio Man
of K rapp Fam ily
ing the reslgnatien this summer
rectors showing the same nnreas-*
names of Seattle firms and signed -
election are brighter now than
of J. A. Churchill, now president
onable attitude, and as a result
with names of their officers.
they ever were before.
Officers have long sought to
COLUMBUS, O., Sept. 8. — of the Ashland normal school. months ago Pierce was beaten, but of this peculiar brand of sports­
manship tho Ashland jllrectors to-»
trace the source of thousands of 2 (U .P .)— The 19-year-old Hun­ (U P) — Three men will die In He Is the democratic candidate for
If the Stanfleld candidacy splits day urged the. ball players to beat
worthless checks believed to have garian yonth who waa held in jail the electric* chair tonight In the the office at the November elec­
open the republican party, Pierce Medford helct Sunday at all costs.
come from a single "bad check" here ae - "Baron Frederick Von state’s first triple execution. The tion.
of course will benefit. The wily
It will be the last game o f the
ring. '
Krupp;" yesterday admitted that men. are Richard Rhoades, John
old breeder of white face cattle season, and Ashland players and
his real name4 Is Robert Oaber
Is an adroit campalger1 and ap­ fans alike will be highly gratified
and that he posed ae a German last a negro. They are all from
pears to be making good pro­ with results tills year If the locals
nohleqian because of the attention Pomeroy, Ohio, and were oonvlet-
gress In the rural communities
can only humble the Pear Pick­
shown visiting royalty by Amerl- ed of the murder o ff James Mc-
A nominating committee of ers and stone that 17 to 0 de­
Stanfleid supporters is gxpectpd feat which Medford administered
Hla confession was made Just much about Bryant’s bootlegging
to meet within the next few .days at the start of the season.
prior to his departure 'With Wil­ operations. The negro hired the Referendum League Submits to nominate Stanfleld as an Inde­
So Ashland fans who can derive
Officials May N ever Learn mington, Dels., officials who are white men to murder McCumber,
Initiative Measure for
pendent candidate and thus place a lot of peraonif'enjbtmbnt tn an
Reason fs r Airplane
This State >'
taking him to the eastern city
him formally into the senatorial Ashland triumph o*er Medford
Mishap, Claim
to answer charges placed against
should be on hand at the fair
SALEM, Ore., Sept. 2 (U. P .)—
him of* passing worthless checks.
grounds next Sunday aVtornootr.
Repeal of all Oregon laws pro­
Until yesterday'he held to the
■sa the l e v l deem
nnw tg
hibiting the sale, manufacture and
— The reason for the crash of
importation of liquor Is sought In
Medford team.
Commander John Rogers* alfy famous Krgpp faintly. He admit­
an Initiative petition filed by the
• Due for Trimmtog
plane which resulted In hie death ted having been entertained by
Oregon Prohibition Referendum
The Medford team was dee for
last Friday at the navy yard here Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone,
corporation,. ■ The petition asks
a trimming last SundhY'but the
may never be accurately known, Governor Dern of Utah and other *
a place for such a measure on the
rain stepped la and celled a and;
naval officers said as the 'hoard notables as the Baron Von Krupp.
general election ballot Id 1928.
den halt to a real Ashland holi­
o f Investigation prepared to offi­
MOSCOW, Sept. 2. — A high day. But with fair weather pronù
cially Investigate the tragedy.
diplomatic official em­ iaed for next Sunday, and. e l to the
The plane side-slipped into a
SBA,TTLE, Whsh.„ Sept. 2. —
in an Interview today local boys determined to topple
nose dive while at a height of
A motion for a new trial was
government was Medford from she top of the lad­
lose than 50 feet and crashed in­
filed yesterday afternoon by at­
reedy to discuss settlement of der, It ought to be an epic ball
to shallow water In the Delaware
torneys for Wallace C. Gaines,
American claims without reserva­ game which Ashland fans will
convicted of murdering his daugh­
NEW YORK, Sept. 3. — Cost of
remember with keen enjoyment
Samuel Schults, avfatlon ma­
ter, Sylvia on the shore of Green
He declared it waa possible for until next season rolls around.
chinist, who was Rodger’s me­ living In the United States haa lake. The Jury decreed that the — : Four persons were killed and
The Ashland team will present
15 Injured this afternoon when hi" government to recognise the
chanic, suffered a broken back declined 8.4 per cent since No­ father should be hanged.
unchanged lineup, with Glen
In the crash, bnt naval surgeons
Gaines’ attorneys asked for <t tup electric cars collided head-
expect him to recover. He could dustrlal conference board report­ new trial on grounds that the on near Monroe, Michigan, 23 the bulk of the American claims, Winters storting the pitching and
offer no explanation as to how ed today. Living coat fell elght- jury received evidence, books and miles north of here. The dead without recognising Tsarist debts Sunny Mehler ready to take up
tento of 1 per cent from June to documents not admitted by, the tbns far have not been Identified. which compromise the bulk of the burden at any time. The boys
the accident happened.
the English and French claims. hare been indulging in a lot of
court, that there was misconduct
extra hlttlag practice, and tho
on the part of the jury, that new
way they fell on the Medford
evidence has been discovered and
Oregon— Fair tonight and
pltehera last Bunady indicates
that a verdict contrary to law and
day. Moderate temperature
they will be ready with a barrage
evidence was returned.
of base hits that win make the
light variable winds.
Medford rooting section resound
OALESBURQ, III.. Sept. 2 (U.
REEDSPORT, Sept. 2.— East­
P .)— Central Illinois and Iowa
E. B. Henry and Henry Orimea
ern mackerel are schooling in
are facefl with a loan of about
the upper reaches of the Umpqua have disposed of their holding»
>2,000,000 as a result of flooda
river near Reedsport tor the first in the Howard and Grimes stage
which swept the path of torrential
time in the memory of old-time
ÄTBWART LANDINO. B. C., rains throughout a wide area.
fishermen. The mackerel weigh , bet ween Medford, Ashland and"
3. — Teto-WakSh, a 107- At least 600 families are homeless
CHICAGO, Sept. 3. —»
aboht one pound each and are too Klamath Falls, according to word
year-old squaw, has diaclosed that here and at Peofla.
Sergeant Edward Krai
small tor the large meshed nets
ard of Medford, who founded the the teeret of enjoylng tobacm Is
r , - A >10.-
bought a dosen fresh egg»
Shehas amoksd
stage tin« to 1016, beeomes sole to telthfulness.
to the country for the sick
A change in'ocean currents la
the sasao plpe for >5 ysars.
wife of hie pxrtnsr and
believed to have sent the mack­
erel to the Umpqua waters. Fish­
•gainst Olga -MHaneff, Rumina
the police station. Two
ermen at the month of the Ump­
dancen .v;
days later, detectives be­
LONDON, Sept. I. — A Dally
qua and on the upper reaches
News dispatch from Haifa says
came pussled at queer
are making good catches.
While you are a guest In our alty. ho certain to vtlslt Llthla
sounds coming from the
17 persons were killed and nine
Park, a playground of many acres, with the main entrance
squad room, opeaed Krai's
shops burned to street fighting
At Klamath Falls—
at toe Flaaa. whore Naturqto deepest beautlas a n found
loeker and found that twe
Mr. and Mrs. P. O. O’Neil of
along too walks that load you through too forest border­
large numbers daring a recent
of tho fresh eggs had be­
this d ty were In Klamath Falls
ing on Ashland ereek.
night attack.
come chicks.
Soviet Diplomat
Says Russia Is •
Ready to Pay Up
Cost of Living
Shows Decrease
Four Killed in
Streetcar Crash
Central Stateg
H it by Floods
Mackerel Running
Stage Line Sale
In Umpqua River
Announced Today
Uses Same Pipe
for Many Years
“Fresh” Eggs Are
Hatched in Jail Love P ir r é i s .
: Made Defendant
Several Dead in
Streét Fighting