Ashland daily tidings. (Ashland, Or.) 1919-1970, August 30, 1926, Page 3, Image 3

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tM tlw to to»» SUBCto to ffte
image Sale” which Is an am*
treat fa> Civic Club annals,
ho«»« wires whether mem-
Mtogfe of the
tBo «Beato of a
to f t tfertM N a. « I » BW le ft!
fetofy fh d a y
the home tuest e f f y J f t K
tra . . Charles
while In the city, sang yoetevddy
V * x w for fear
at the Presbyterian «hatch. Dtof-
i tertaU choto ano was aoííve fe
i the toaste feuftr Ctob and other
; cirio Oad Jtttffeffc organtaattaa*
tivtog renerously o f íe v gtertatoe
volee in cbnreb, in ctoft and for
her frienda* pleasnfe.
dock evening», 105 Nutley 8t.
feotoftay, Au?. « ft* - Progtoaatoe H. GNlOCte, Mr. au dM i
Dfenar by Westminster 001*1.
cton'ehsat.irSO p. m. tor mem-
b Imrr and friends.
Monday, August 8ft - » W
’ C Club, Entrance to Park. A»-
sistant hostesses to charge.
Thursday, f l o p t - hm ft — Lttfle
Light Bearers and Junior C. E.
Partite. Preejbyterlan Church,
Thnreday afternoon from 1 to f
and from » J o J p . « •
1c WBp®*
rOF©ign MiMion*
ary Society o f the
M. E.
Starts from the
—At auction sale. Tuesday. >1.
S. P. ateeh Turds; Msdfmd, Ore­
gon. This bunch of stock has
finished worth on the new terminal
at Bngeaa, Oregon, have ao oth­
er neo for them sad araat sell,
regardless of price. AU blade e f
ftt«u and Jack Nlgaa, i
L, L. Merrick and Mrs.
made the wonderful tri»
la k e . .
Part of the group rot
L ake of «ho Woods, o
Medford. The day was e
ally stamp, and the vtoMe
beautiful view of the la
to to to
Mkm Whiter ■euteem-i
Mrs. to U Merrick <
HoBriBB TroWtf Ixwi
q ^ ^ , ' iieOendOfl, tori
8he left Sudday Car a feto dnyn
vtolt ♦ « mande down «fee valla?
and totea vtottlnp iB Postland, hm-
fore nwntolng her waufc at Ce*»
Í » r in g going to Mrs. Paul Winter. toh.
< » »
The daintiest a t decorated sand»
■Wtchea. Chess cakes and eoftoe
tfeere served later In the afternoon.
With little Gordon Bourne, aesiat-
Those enjoying
Rnaaell end Mlsa Nell Rns
Mr? sa d Mri. Clark Bash ofi
ef tlhir vaeatioa, the guests of;
Mr. and Mrs. Leule Dodge at fhrir'
eettage at Lake of the Woods, j
- Upon their l etura to Ashland J
Mr*, and Mrs. Bhisb were compli­
mented goests at a number of
pleasant affaire, given by their
On Monday evening Mr. and
Mrs. W. H. MeHair were host ami
hostess honoring Mr. and Mrs.
Bush at dinner, with covers laid
for eig h t
Those enjoying dinner and
evening with the complimented
guests were Mr. and Mr». Louie
Dodge, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Mc­
Coy and host and hostess.
Tuesday, Mr. and Mrt. J. W.
McCoy entertained Mr. and Mrs.
Bush at luncheon and dinner.
Dr. Maude Hawley was hostess
for a delightful breakfast, far
them. Wednesday morning, at her
home on Walker avenue.
A delicious luncheon, at the
hospitable Barber home was an­
other eveat of Thursday for the
out-of-town visitors, amt the day
closed with Mr. and Mrs. Bush
guests of Mr. and Mrs. V. V. Mills <
at dinner.
They left Thnreday for their i
home in Long Beach.
i- the states A fe .
M n* Charles Hooper has en-
her daughter, Mrs. Dale
Oall«T for the past week. Mr.
Gulley arrived the latter part of
the week sad they returned to
their home in Roseburg Sunday
accompanied by Him Virginia
Hooper who will make a short
visit there, returning before the
t rMlto b e -' A de,,c,0U8 luncheon was ser- opening of school.
•r fe
p j f £ X i <dle^ s t o t o i e r i,k * k
Plea,ant ’ tolta wlth frleBd»
cuesta of P
d* resistance.
marked the visit of
SM Mary
TIle taMe WM *n artistio tri-
f SHrOrtam [Sfegtor too «dor aehomo e l ptob
' TiowtiUle. ¡'h***K carried out In the beauti-
mm CvafW feTeOAterpfece of phtk sweet peas
s guueto dr
torn, plWk candles, * dainty
Vllft They ’ ***’ Mf(1’ <nd nof cuPg- wMch
Oriniagn of !*•** *tottily decorated in th y
, 0^ ^
plhk rosebuds.
k » y *r« r a - rt
to to to
Mlsaleaary Society Meatr ■
On Tuesday evening, the Mission­
ary Society of the Naserene
ehurch will have an open meet­
ing of that organisatioa, with an
exeellant program, te which the
friends interested ere cordially
The loetoty m prapmtag a box
to Ito- Stott to the field and each
member tr to bring something to
help fnr IL
Members are especially urged
to cotoe.
September 5
t t i- t f .
ter«. 5 «
Orgi, I»
- t h is i e gomma be .
USiM' A 3 0 TO M .
cra n e
u rr-A
3 o O O N d E -Q R A C titT
L drill P r o «».
W ith cooler weather pre-
vailin#, a hot lunch w ill be
more satisfying at the
noon botur, especially if
you come to N ininger’s
where a varied menu o f
genuinely home - cooked
food is invitiBgiy placed
before you.
Hot and cold sandwich­
es and complete luncheon
service. We serve Shasta
ice cream at our new foun­
N I N I N G E R ’S
Are You Thinking of Going?
LUO<4 IH O . RES \
BEEN « rT T iN *
-tH* CRP*«-*
H so we have everything yon will need,
khfds C lothing Boots and Shoes, etc.
’ S ü l l mvcôe OT î ^ a T
< P W T OF IT.
gteettog o t lb« Cbrto UtptoMri-
aogt Club, which eofeanep fe
Box 147,1 torday from a trip to Victoria and
«»•-I» I Vanean ver Talaa*,
At It, the year'« plana
iniiiWl Tha sua» books
OP" LlFtfcff.
ko M, trade dad repair Guns and Ammunition. AI
BíítgMt Little Store in Town
Opposite New Hotel — Open Evening»
Mrs. Daley McOdrry accompan­
ied by Mise Vita Haney of Aah-
»rsd aatf Her brother Dr. B. F.
M to It
¡y Williams
f i . — Though separated by thou-
saada of miles, California and
1 Australia have much in common,
‘ dWe to the great gold rnehee that
1 gave aeeh Ita Mg start toward
1 wealth and poWer.
Sir Joseph Carrnthers, Sydney,
jftid to p imdftd pdlltlcel flgme tn
the antipodes and a member of
i the New South Wales assembly.
. brought thia fact out on his ar-
, rivet <m hto ffrtt vfeie to the Un­
ited States.
“Historically, California's and
» AeetraUa’t atrgggkm wane the
I epne. FnrfemtMy tor Australia,
' California*» great gold meh of
;» reliable per ; '49 nreeoftsd oum. After oar gold
ffeWF tu fe ld d f w o in Australia
haedhs.p A reel u / Write s i turned to California’s history and
one» fur particulars. Tallman imitated bar by going Into agri­
Plato» feore. B aleto-O m f .. „T cultural fetohatfe.
“Irrigation, a big problem In
Auetowlla, aha» Was patterned after
that e f California. , We first made
your (Me place? Work
th r totototoo ' <
p latting egfe
B. s. torahan, Rogna
stoned fruits. But again we looked
to California ead found proper
substitute« lh citrus fruits and
« it to.
thlch were Bdtertalns Today—
caught to
Mrs. O. P. Cano» to hostess
today honoring a group whose
ndooru, on birthdays occur practtcalhr the
but not s yaate day.
The complimented guests are,
t Mrs. Ida M. 8mith, Mbs Caribal
■ Morehouse, Mlsa Margaret Scott
- of Saa Pranoisco aa*d Miss Elaine
» to r ■
The reception ocearu this after­
fetogtttfel W y -
noon, with maay Meade lavleed
From a letter received frem Mr l to greet the honored guests.
Lt- A. Roberts, MfeikMIag item;
Pin* and white. wiM be seed
« b ~ W e a r ig r p g lto C ¡I .
la deaeration and dainty eaadlee
, Shg M H It o ' ft baring a won .will mark the birthdays, while
derful experience. fM in, Ames* dellblmm refreshment» WtU he
served daring the »leaaaat after­
» « »
Pleasant Gatherings for Mrs. L.
L. Merrick and Mrs. Hemion.__
8unday last Mr. and Mrs. Hugh
Gillette entertained Mr. and Mm.
O. F. McConnell, Mrs. L. L. Mer­
rick, Mrs. Hemion of Los Angeles,
and Virgil O. Gillette of Klamath
Falls at a delightful dinner.
The afternoon was spent In a
happy family visit.
to « »
Trip Co Crater Lake For Mrs.
Merrick end Mrs. Henriee—
On Monday, Mr. and
tf to
Starting to
Yam « • ■ « meatem earner
day morn» j , watched With so sMcb briefest
b y her friends, added much to »
afe^* ’the pleasure of the guests by
Tfere « h r Maytag g number o f beautiful ae-
brnoon and lections; some ot them her own
h fMe e*aa- compositions. <•
Those present te enjoy , the
at o f W ed- happy affair were: Mias Jean
a d trip and Aaderton, tors. Eric Weren, Mrs.
n r gueats Bdrtha Denton, Mrs. Harry Teo,
d Lake, re^ ' Mies Bernice Teo, Mrs. Homer
John Day Billings and small daughter
tmara, tore. Verne Cary, Mhs
r had tile Hamt Bruner and the hostess,
irbesy Mod-
s “ Itt
to e ? Beach spent the greater p ari1
P(M» BAUS—Two apartneesre
» u m . One block from Citisene
rnk. Opposite Beptiet ehutch
»ase. This U a deal hmrpaha ac
rear la leaving purusnently
» . and see.
S tt-1 mo.«
These articles wi)l be called tor, V. D .B N M r, <X AudeiMto/ Mm.
donor canMf W it t them to H. C< Hansen, Hr», ft- B. Traria
ftfe.ofe* home.
and Mtov (bribe! MeiObotme,
Mtofher thing that member»
Refreshment committee: the
i t < friend» «u y do, white j>u<- Meedames B. H. HtnthorM, , A.
• a r 00 tRe fall supply o f fruit, 1», Segsworth, H. P. Holmes, Or F.
whtf» Canning to pat aside a Jar Carson.
or» to o , os a few glasses of Jolly
If to expected that them win
* Marmalade far f t e
be a large number lit the caravan
* i f | h to hold, fa connection with that wend» Its way from AeMand
thm “Hemmage Sale.”
to enjoy the day to fun. frolic mid
» tt tt
entertatameat — not to mentlott
the wonderful dinner at noon,
V the