Ashland daily tidings. (Ashland, Or.) 1919-1970, August 12, 1926, Image 4

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    ,Ù fch»b5iM & a£lM Ì fe e ¿MÜetlve
im pS gR le
« l w boRf| m
i ^ w r e and
W ag h er pictaN a o r Southern
negon, which ahe wUI take out of
l J i Ì M o t r W r f e
. M i» «d er «apNaked Morse» dè-
lighted wife Iter visit sad the
Wokdferfut trips ehe enjoyed while
tlve effect in the table appplnt
' t o » » for whom .Covers were
lsid were Mrs. C. H. Browh, Mrs.
Theresa Lowe, Mfe. Bechtel, Mr».
Laesb aad fee hostess, Mrs. Meer.,
tth- a n t Mrs. bonis podge are
.expecting M r. and M rs Clark
Bush o f Long Beach. Saturday, of Charles B N U l * n MelMOO
this week tcf speife the Vacation,
The eessibn begin« Mt
as their guesto a t-fe e Dodge oot- o’clock and is ap JIluetraU
given My Ä Ä t S ttrth a 'M .
tags a t Lake o r the Woods.
• The 404 -foHewiag their a rriv­
al, M r. and Mrs. Dodge, fam ily
Every on4 IttteneetM is invited
and guests w ill go out io t i e L k e
fo r a TOW t ts t, - M t there w in he
ft» »
Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Barber fetter- summer coloag in the happy fash­
ion o f these who sojourn there.
Mr. and Mrs. Bush w ill be wel-
sioaary -Society.
The spacious lawn of the hos-
chureh Neets at home of Mrs. pliable Barber - home was the I corned by many friends in A sh -1
Prank Bess, 5S1 Rllison street, scene of a delightful dinner party land for they were term er resi­
dents and their removal to fe d
ridsy, Aag. 1R — Aid Society, Sunday afternoon.
Church. A fter- i A dinher such m only a South- California city a m atter of real re­
'■ — -
i enter could prepare was served g re t
. •
t t t t ft
enftsy, Aag- IS — Neighbors of by the hostess, Mrs. W . M. Bar-
W . R . O. B old S o c ia l-.
Woodcraft. Plcalc la L ith ia . her.
Bark. « : • • p. m.
j The guest Included, Mrs. lfe ry
T h e W . R. C. w ill hold another
Aag. IS— Neighbors of H. Underwood and sop, George, of their enjoyable socials next
Woodcraft.- Lodge mooting M o l North Carolina, M t- -and Mrs. Monday, afternoon in the Park.
1 J. G. Barrow at Japan. Mr. and The plaee of meeting w jll be in:
■■day, Aag. IS— W . R. C. So- Mrs. Level-site Davis o f Siskiyou fee park nearest fee city and not
d a l. . L ith ia Park. Assistant county, M .C . Sullivan, Prank U p p !
and Marshall Barber of Medford,!
•Baby Clinic. M r. and Mrs. C. W . Fraley and '
M ty a n d M t«. J. a . Lockhart at
this city.
Mrs. Underwood of North Csfo-
lirfS le s sister of Mrs. Barber aad
Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Barrow are
missionaries whose chosen Held
of labor is Japan. ...
r •
m m
Bbba* Queets
ft .
Visits to the ranch, near Gold 0>0]ock.
M 1U, gave them e view of the
«ve ry one is to brink a tre»
valley aad fee beauty spots near filled basket. Coffee, Cream and
Adhtaad w . r . not neglected. The , Bg *r 7 u be furnlrtied.
visitors were happily Impressed
A fte r the feast, fee company
w,th Ashland and its environs.
wm a 4 joarn to the hall, where
W a n t* a t The Ptasa—
A doable wedding anniversary
was oalebrated Sunday evening at
fee R asa whoa M r. sad Mrs. B.
Doremus entertained at dlanor
there, oommemorating fee . W«d-
ding analverkary of themselves
and also feat of their daughter,
B l«. R. D. Busgard.
The guests were: Mr. aad M i>
8. Iferemas, host and hostess. M r.
aad Mrs. B iffin Bussarti, a n d ,
Warren Dotemus. Mr. and M ra
Bhcsatd Were over from Klamath
Palls for fee Week-end the gaettn
of Mrs. Bustard's parents.
tt tt tt
Bntcrwdned a t Dtaaer —
Mrs. Ernest Ricks of A l l
N o rfe Main Was heetess, assisted
by her mother, M ra M. Brannan.
a t a delightful dinner recently?
f t was a mid-day meal with all
fee delleaciee of fee season serv-
Cd at what was a real feast.
The compltmenfed gasato were
they lived hare tor some little
M r. and Mrs. Pinkerton. M ra
time. Mr. Conway was a con­
tractor aad h a u le r aad many of
the bungalows erected la 1I1C-
1111 were planned by him.
The afternoon was spent very
M ra Conwap Is an especially
happily la a m l visit ot ofe
gifted women; mapy win recall la
musical circles the pleasure shh
gave wife her voice.
the membership M U attend the
regular lodge meeting, which oe-
AJ1 t h ^ membership w ife their
«anllles are cordially Invited to
* * Pr* M n t
I I ft ft
W . C. » . U. Have M eefefe—
Mrs. W ill Davis presided at the
business hour of Tuesday’s mect-
lag o f fee W . C- T . U.. which op-
ened the regular session,
Devotlonals were conducted by
Mrs. A . H . Russell aad Mise Bene-
d irt.
D aring fee program hoar, In-
teroetlng reminiscences of the ex-
perlence of thoee who conducted
barber meetings and stories
ot tertet8 froh» Prances B. W ll-
ft« “ «1’
* * “ w8> * • °»
<rtoB* r
* * * • * r * * * organisation.
n* tl
: w ill -a t the
of Mr*
° ° O '* 8* » “
8tr* t
,o ’,r t ‘1 Tu“ day of
^ ^ l i ? take
feM lfen of o ffic e r s
w il
t k
“7 ■ • ■
ft w» conia m kat jfef .MMMh
fchiidre» and satogMCd a n lg a L 4 » A n d re n . a il)
fee breaking of those nder whole mentalities, <Hs|
We would cw m far most o f the »le unhappy hdarts.
'and muck f t
f e f f e * of the
' universe.,
? '
1» bvdry line td take
k « 0 tt« of fe e werid.
s «Or “ten ta lfe t” child-
»b rwdbgalse that we are
W ftk r i l i i toé th è » pro­
fit ire save fee crippled,
Wav iBreet
IMC aitèady
r a fe O e itte
d fc keep
It Ä Ä S
la a tn u n e a t« to
vantagfes la fee
bedn because of
placing these ad-
schools it has
tim work of the
Association, and
t th e Väce <jf l i f e ’ “ * • oaukMt fe e vision end aeted.
b fc h t. M en to n l i r e 7,118 *• *5“ « * luv*ri«bty true
A t t o h f e i. d ™
<ar M entally »W k-
b p C h ild ., Thia ts «.mere difficult
problem to handle than the physi­
cally broken. The feeble-minded
h r the eub-nonnal child la not
aMfe to cope 4 fth dfedfe fe d is
Often M I tat» Mufti, pubUhad d r
embarrassed when *
panledshlp, thereby fd ftk h rih r netting .«ad environment would
the Bacbtabod pf God and fee have saved them from destruc­
Brotherhood of Mdh.
tion. -often hand-training M akis
“Courteay ffbhi olftBaM brings
i-eapeot f e d mare e ffle ie a r^ tro m
employes, helpe-feam to_agr«nce-
meht ana better fein g a
“Then let ns In o ar demeanor
convoy an inward feeling of k lf e -
neee, for to courtesy, feat prec-
i° M g ift of gentle mannerism,
w ill be due In a great measure
onr value wherever o ar dutlse
?. .
I t is hoped, that later the essay
Of Miss Jeeete Wade, a
clerk a t Oakland P ier may be se­
cured, a short essay o f perhaps
two hundred words yet i t won fee
grand prise offered.
TOose winning second and
third pfeoer In Shasta Division
k N. B. Beaughaa, Dunaesuir
Chas. J. Brady, paaemfetu-
indtor, Ashland.
X k ffY
Do not wjut until y p u i sizg
is sold* as these shoes art
aftrttotiv^y priced and Will
be gold quickly.
m arkdown
on the stylos loft from
summer stock.
, Beauty Parlor t
Young— Bcautlefen
Permanent Waving
(Nestle M etho*}
:> *
W ill meet your parifehldr used.
Results Immediate a^d D efinite
ä t e i ä i ü ™
W S fr iÄ V
F *k
H r. aad M n . W . M. Day ea-
The Roam Missionary Society of
at a dsllghtfal m tlg
fee )lottm dist Episcopal church I
dinner Sunday, a l , two o’clock.
wRl hold its rggulsr monthly Mr.: and M ra J. W : McCoy. Mias
BMptlng; Pftday. August l l , at the
Note: I t would ba Illegal to
himae o f M ra F r«sk Bass a t 501
pahHah three y state meats It not
Osaste sad boato enjoyed • skry “ W . J. Vance, Beaker. Valley
asssat afternoon togrt M r.
Payk. Mo.. s a k : “Two days before
ft f t ft
dghsg tob o l-Q u adrap ls, I bad a
i« d hassorrhsae la my throat
oasakd by tltfife a ia g which pro-
f e f t t o s b u t e4u-
the hand! of
i Country? B«
Very flfe t fee
Child and dap
isation x e ot
on. A fte r «1
who gives fe e
toorgei of fee
htep, teaches
This (Thursday) eveaing there
t t t t tt
el- and his,
ìtrs. *Graoe E. Andrews, Editor
all. along the feto MM neglect oar
* ì * “
fr e S c m u w M fi
Likd th<} physician, ftfej
aa«w«r 4 call, at any h
d<jr. I t is our mission h
W snanat
when our services art ti
all tjwes be reached bj telephone.
■ ■ j
r «y.
t t f o P B A-rm Ä
can »
OBEPE n iE A T S D 'P A lt o A
Ili Mi