Ashland daily tidings. (Ashland, Or.) 1919-1970, August 11, 1926, Page 3, Image 3

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A n * «s
Through the spreading of Us
fame as a summer playground,
Oregan is getting it« ihara of
tourists who are enjoying their
vacations on the highways and
. While the number of tourists
coming tp Oregon has , IncreaaM
this year, each succeeding week of
the summer sees a, larger per­
centage of these visitors proving
to be bona fids settle»« who have
tcome with the express purpose of
remaining on farm lands.
From the various sections of
the state reports of new settlers
for the mpnth of July total 184,
with 190 additional arrivals look­
ing for locations. The new farm
owners report a capital Ihvest-
ment for the raon(J> of 8826,060, .
In |he Portland Municipal Au­
to camp hundreds of cars from
all over the United States and
Candada are coming and going-
daily. At th». Information bur­
eau where representatives of thp
Portland and Stats Chambers
give Information, 135 families
have received assistance in find­
ing locations on. farms in Oregon
during the period from July 4 to
July 31.
R. E. Reese from Colorado who
has been corresponding with the
Land Settlement Department says
that It has taken him two years to
get here and when he finds what
he wants, right there he Is going
to stop. Mr. Reese is now look­
ing over tke Willamette Valley
and Southern Oregon for a farm.
C. E. Root, from Michigan, has
gone to locate on a small fa m
Just out of Eugene. He was so
confident that he wanted to make
his home here that he shipped his
household goods, then brought his
family by automobile. He will
have a regular farm home, fruit,
vegetables, chickens, A cow, a pig,
and even a home-bbllt trout lake.
G. W. Dodre. from Illinois. ha«
bought a highly Improvgf 85 acre
broccoli farm near Canyonville
Douglas county.
J. 8. Brown, from Idaho, after
looking over other stales, has se-
leered Oreaon for his h0™*- H*
has bought ♦ wen tv acres near
Newberg. Yamhill county, all set
out with berries, •cherries, prunes
and wwton|»»v<.‘
va » - .<
These are only a few who have
expressed their appreciation of
the onnortunitles in Oreeon, but
thesr tvplfv the many who pass
through the “Gateway” offices
where they are welcomed
to suitable locations
throughout the state.
frenzy of Joy at discovering that
she was not a victim of cancer,
for which she had been under
treatment, a woman patient In a
hospital at Aarhus broke away
from her attendants, flqng herself
out of a window and was Instant­
ly killed.
WttmWDAt, August
DON'T ACT U X BJU N C ... - ,- .X
VIENNA —. (IP) — Monkeyi
aré the chief victima >ttf the play­
ful whim« of visitors to boos , as-
cording to the findings ot the
management of tfie Vienna Zoolo­
gical. Qgrden». . Deviating from
the nasal high flown language ol
officialdom, the management hat
now posted the followlngl pro
clamatioh on the monkey-cage:
Don’t feed the* apes. ReineiAbe
that three-fourths of the mon
keys at this soo aré afflicted wit’
Intestinal disorders as the resui
of indiscriminate feeding by well
meaning hut misled public.
Don’t tease the Apes. Any ■nn<
who Isn’t ashamed to torture?«
caged and ' defenceless animal * li
himsdlf deserving of the name o
a mlschtevous monkey.
When you stand In front of the
monkey’« cage, behave In such a
htanner that no one is tempted to
make any invidious comparisons
between yonr intelligence and the
LONDON — (tP) — Increased
sobriety, simpler and common-
sense dress and a general dietary
Improvement Is making Bngiand
healthier, .according to Sir George
Newman, Chief Medical Officer of
the Ministry of Health.
“Good Souses, good food and a
sanitary environment in working
conditions make for health,*r Sir
George declared,’’ but these things
cost mone^ and are out of the
reach of many people.
“The simpler things such ae
more tooth brushes, more win­
dows and a more general appre­
ciation of sunshine and fresh air,
are easily within the reach of
every one, however, and are mak­
ing for a healthier peoplg in Eng­
MOSCOW — (IP) — The Soviet
Government Is. preparing to offer
all possible co-operation and en­
couragement to hunters who are
trying to exterminate wolves.
Wolves have been Increasing in
numbers because of the neglect
of hunting during the stormy
lot y>e Revelation, and to­
day; their numbers In Russia pro
per, excluding the affiliated Uk­
rainian, White Russian and
Transcaucasian Republics, is es­
timated 'at a hundred thousand.
During winter months wolves
sometimes invade peasant villages
snd small towns and cases have
been reported In which they at­
tacked trains and were only beat­
en off after a desperate battle. Ap­
proximately a million cattle are
killed by wolvee every year; snd
the losses which they inflict on
the peasant population are reck­
oned in tens of millions of rubles.
Cases of attacks on human be­
ings are also not Infrequent.
Takes Ike Bardies
These two photos show just how a well-trained hone .takes the hurdles. In the^ first
picture the horse is shown just leaving the ground, taking a final shove, with its hind
legs. In the second, it is sailing over the cross bar as gracefully as you please. The
horse is Princess Pat, ridden by B. J. Suraerski, and the pictures were taken at the
Onwentsia horse show at Lake Forest, 111.
. '
Indian Youth is
Baseball “Find”
(U P )— A successor to
Bender, In the Indians' hall ot
baseball fame la destined to
break into the big league box
scores, major league scouts who
have seen him work believe.
According to a letter reeeivéfl ed around the tree and sang car­
He is Otis Rocky, 19, a full
some time ago from Miss Marie òla. For oipe brown and whits blooded Indian and a right hand
Faldine, former Jackson County skins, creeds, snd doctrines, and hurler.
Nurse, now stationed at Junéuu, all other differences were forgot­
Eight scouts, some af them
Alaska, Christmas as celebrated ten.
from the majors watched him
They also feast during their pitch a no-hit, no-run semi pro
in the far north la to say the
least different. In describing the Easter. Every housewife expects! game recently and In a later con­
festivities Miss Faldine says: "We her friends to call and. have tea i test at Fort Bragg he fanned 19.
are in the midst of the Russian which is really a feast— with all ¡ The San Francisco Seals have
holiday season. You know I spent sorts ot cakes, salads, cheeses and signed Rocky.
Christmas at Sitka where most of Just everything. Each caller
The Seals wanted him' sooner
the population are Russians or of brings an egg which has been .bat Hockey has contracted to
a Russian descent. Their Christ­ colored. When she enters she plac­ chop waod and wouldn’t break I Is
mas is two weeks later than ours es her egg in a dish in the middle word. He will Join the Seals Au­
and they celebrate a great deal of th e table where* the feaat Is gust 23.
Many of the Indians go to the spread} as she finishes her tea she
Rumian church and my how they takes out an egg from the same
From Oakland—
do love the ceremonies with priest dish and goes on to the next
Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Mix and
and monk in brilliant robes— can­ : house. They are really quite ser­
illes and incense, chants and ious about this and every Russian family, of Oakland, Cal., are in
Ashland today, renewing old ac­
ringing of bells. If It only had home has the- same thing.”
quaintances. This is Mr.' Mix’s
some effect on. them physically
Friends of Miss Faldine will be
and morally — nothing much glad to know that she is planning first visit to Ashland in 12 years.
They will return to their home
seems to stir them fn the right to return t,o Oregon this fall.
Crescent City.
During the Russian New Year’s
Returned from Portland—b
Stopped In A sh la n d -
they celebrate for about two
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Barthonse,
Mrs. Jack Cunningham, Mrs.
weeks and every night there la a
returned yesterday from Port­ Charles Hnff and Mrs. Ted Hawk-
grand ball— or rather it is a
masked ball. Every one turn« out land, where they were called sev­ Ina and daughter. Emit, of Duns­
eral weeks ago by the serioub Ill­ muir, Oal., were the guests of Mrs.
In the whole toWn and all wear
ness of their daughter, Mrs. O. J. L. C. Dunn, recently. They were
different costumes ‘and masks qv-
Bruett. Mrs. Bruett is slowly im­ returning to thplr horfie from a
ery evening during the time. No
visit to Crater Lake.
one works very hard during there
days of fun and feasting because
they all want to feel fresh for the
dance In the evening. Some of
the costumes are really works of
art and it is surprising that they
can think of anything new or or­
iginal becauaq they do this every
year and have ever since the Rus­
sians first came to Sitka. Also
there is so little to work with in
Baker— Local mine owners pre­ such a small place, but somehow
pare comprehensive exhibit of ore they do think up some Wonder­
and mine products..
fully clever thing« snd it Is greet
At Christmas we had a com­
munity tree outside the old Rus­
sian church.
It was beautiful.
Christmas night everyone gather-
Woman’s Place Is On the Ocean
Hopkins Estate
OS ANGELES, Aug, ».— (UP)
he prospects of the Unfreraitj
Southern California winning
Coaat Conference this com-
season never were brighter
his early stage of the game,
the conference Coaches have
ctlcally characterised the Trw-
i as “the team to beat.**
L S. C. loomed formidable
; season. Undoubtedly »hey
e a strong, threatening outfit,
the early part, of the season
y looked like world beaters,
along came Stanford and W.
D'„ both* considered oat of tho
nlng from, the start, to put
skids under the southerners,
'he .Trojan weak spots were
lack- of two good tackles and a«
efficient quarterback. Coach How
ard Jones la fuknlshed with a
wealth of material by fifeshman
squad of last season. But, not­
withstanding U. S. C. probably
lost fewer varsity stars than any­
one in the conference by gradu­
ation. • •
Judging by the repqrts from
the south following spring prac
tlce this year the Trojans will
have two good tackles snd the
riisncM for a fast - thinking,
speedy - acting caller of the sig­
nals-Are enhanced by several col­
orful prospects.
ir any team flnlshei
the Trojans In the slope
the chances are it will be one
these four— Stanford,' Washing­
ton, Oregon Agglee, or California.
While Jones knows just about
where he stands already In the
way of regulars, other conference
strategists will he worrying as
"Pop” Warner at Stanford will
be trying to fill the shoes of Er­
nie Nevers, one of the greatest
fullbacks the gridiron has over­
produced, and “Mugs” Mitchell,
his reliable quarterback.
Bagshaw at Washington may
find himself In a quandry to till
the places of Wilson and Tesrean,
his two stir backs, lost through
grsdutlon. The value of Wilson
was demonstrated in the post-sea­
son Alabama battle. The Huskies
could get nowhere without him.
Tesreau’s defense snd Wilson’s
offense will he missed.
“Nibs” Price may get gray
hairs bis first season as coach
Samson Suit Case» and Hand Bags
wonderful luggage at prices yon can afford to pay.
BERLIN. (U P ,— Insults 'rg*
costly directed at the uniform •£
8AN FRANCISCO, Aug. 10.— (he former imperial army haksr
The million left by Mark Hopkins, provoked a vigorous protest fro)»
one of the “Big Four” pioneer the Army Officers League. *
railroad builders of the West, ant
Caricatures and affronts, aioH
sought by 13? claimants wlto ed at the military uniform ot the
would altar sharply accepted rec­ ex - kaiser’a troops, abounded
ollections of this outstanding fig­ t r o o p s , abounded throughout
ure in early California history. Germany during the heated politi­
Hopkins died In 1878, appar-! cal campaign preceding the na­
ently leaving no will. Ther^ was tional referendum on the ex-royal­
an estate of 820,000,000, distrib­ ties’ property claims;
In their protest, the ex-offlcetfl
uted to heirs fixed by court rul­
demand a strict government In­
vestigation and punishment of the
Socialist circles ridicule tho
“JUST FOR-FUN OF IT* protest and defend the mocktafc
MEXICO CITY. (U P )— Three of the former Imperial Army. Ob­
soldiers were shot down and In­ servers insist that the protest
stantly killed In a restaurant In itself show s' a strengthening of
Unabla by a maq who later de­ the reactionary forces In Germ­
clared he shot them just for the any.
fun of It. When police took his
pistol from him he denied havtrff
Advertise la D m
done the shooting.
at California while attempting to
secure replacements for Carey,
guard; Carlson, quarterback; and
Imlay and Dixon, backs.
Both Idaho and Montana lost
heavily by graduation and this
season will no doubt be spent in
building for the following year, so
these two schools are not doped to
obstruct the TroJdrfs plath.
It looks like the Trojan’s will
supplant the Bears as the
“Shoo Fly”
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Keep Fllhs and other insects,
off your cows. Half-eent’s worth
saves three quarts of mil*.
Has been used by the beat dairy
men since 1885. Big shipment
just in.
Binder Twine and Grain flacks
Peil’s Comer
you Save,
If you are not saving a definite portion of your in- ?
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Who's Boss-
You or Your Tires?
United States Royal Bal­
loons do not have whims.
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way they serve yon faith-
fully day after day, taking
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the pavements are slip­
pery and you step on the
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When the Southern California Yachting Association holds Its annual se-
gatta this summer, the yscht Walgar wilt partlclpsts manned by a’ crew
‘of wqmsn. Skipper Margaret Walsh, daughter of a fnmetfs ParM t «asst
ship builder, is shown silting Un a'boom. w(th Seaman Esther RUt^ in
the rigging« ■'
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