Ashland daily tidings. (Ashland, Or.) 1919-1970, August 10, 1926, Page 2, Image 2

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D A I L Y .T I D J N Q S
U ton't lb » yfeufVud inter, right
Bart R, O r e a r ........... ............. ¿.¿t.', ____ '
........ . B ««or
W. R , Perklus ....................
-------------------- -
» U S ■ *» < »
---------------- T * S t e i . » t
« • 1 hara » North expoeure and
•» conrtrutoto that no manner ot
Mtodent can «teert A a Jdtaded
Vfiter back lutò the eroek. Tkeee
Storm in Florida.
Damage to
estimated at (6,000,000.
WARHIMOOK — B auatt* W lh
hare blown a Hmb off a treo. Item E. Saitoh, chairman, and M s
fellow mem hera of tha senate com­ < *• emanata af tratar fa r nN tttnd
Ratored * t «he Aehlaud, Ores m Podtofflce m S e c M i CU m * M M l'M bU vr
, Mrs. Coolidge to paddling -a m ittee on investigation of the
Btabuertettew Prhv, Delivered in ( Ity
canoe. Caa Cal paddi« bis?
alien property custodian's ofiloe
Ona Most» ... .................... -
he w o r th all
1 —
\ bi
Three Mouthu _______ __
seem to be la for a bpsy summer,
8ix M onttu L J L _________
T ilted States may be a* terrible
¡totina o f efedre
we te 'g e t
The alton property n u te fite n s
count»', Unt la Russia they don't
» water we heed. I t w ilT m in i-
wear any bathing salts at all.
lae ooatamlaatlon or the pes-
ough overhauling and their vol­
(Mtty of It, Iw toe toUl get oar
ume Is trem end ou s.
St. Lóate couple have ton bdya-
I f there has been g ra ft, as. Bor­
M r » »P P li from a close area
That’s raising a rough bouse.
ah experts to shew. M's g alte ml
I t caa be entirely under the
the cards that It w a aw a;» record
ttro l of tbb City; probably no
Twenty years ago today we ran scale, for the sums the custodian < tor equal steed area la the state
Btngfa laaerttou, per Inch «JL_________
Political, Display, per Inch
............. .........
to see autos, net to dodge ontos. has handled bare been eompar-
prego« ¡m» «ho san» production
sble to the hoard? -fa, the Uaftoto
Sne water th a t can be control-
( to easily.
<’ k
Staes treasury.
Two Insertions a w e e k ________
Dally insertion ......... ..... _ ...........
“ Millions” to Borah's rough se-
The baste ptonelple of U te plan
Rates for Legal aad
THJI 8TA TB O F OREGON, IN timate of the amount ha believes
that we have the water, as this
First insertion, per 8 point line
e r - Is supplied daring
Each subsequent insertion, 8 p
legal advice alone lS .» » h ,P « g ap- i mths when there to an ahnnd-
Sait la equity to «Met title»
Card of T h a n k s _______________
Obituaries, per l i n e ______
J. A. EDWARDS. Plaintiff, va. pears to have, been span«. Thtaft
SUSAN V. MeCRART, SUSAN L. ■say o r may no« have beau tea IJ
Me­ much b at Borah thinks it was.
“AH future events, where an at
r i t A R T, SARAH *B . F A LK B N -
Bx-Cnatodiaa Thomaa W . M th -jl
etton takes is Advertising.”
STH1N, M ARY F . IN G R A M , child­ ar sad ex-Attorney Genera} Has- <
Ne dleoouat will be allowed R t
probably w ill «
re n ef BEN JA M IN F. M eC R A R t, ry M. Daugherty
E. A P IN K E R TO N , B T H B L D. have to bear the brunt of things t
° <t >nt tl0?8 to ckarit* * o r ‘»tberwlse w ill be made la a d v g ttU
PIN K E R TO N , EM M A W IN G , a when the Inveetignton really g al t
t y e r Job printing — our centributions w ill be In
' ■ '■
* q
widow, and each' of t b m . 'If liv­ down to cases.
Both are under Indictment In a
in g , and eU aakgow« heirs,
dead, a i d M l othe» partite or per­ New York in connection w ith one t
sons unknown etotming shy ti­ of the custodian’s turnovers, but i
Prevention of grade eposding accidents b go easy an<j tle, r ii b t M Interest to or to the that was Just a single transaction, e
simple that there is no excuse for sq^li afceidentp, ¡A ll thit itohr pf¿pefty ’ «»Vrtbed hereto, Bomb expects to dig Into then- a
is necessary, ts to look ip both xlirfstions F> sf* w^etier Defendants.' ' ? ‘ ’
a tram is approaching- • (f » traifc |g dpptoaching, s i f t * To Susan It. McCrary, S u m s '•!». ; Even if the explanations ara
Very tru ly yours,
McCarr, Jahn H e a ry McCrary all aattefaetory there win have to
ami let it g o b )’. ’ 5
’V '
si j i V
and bin wife, I f any ,and if dead, ba a great many of them.
• WhWi there is more thali one fqack’wAlt after a train
has passed; -to make sure that another train is not ap­
proaching on one of the other trheks.
i Where a crossing does not afford good!,vision, be-
¡When signals a r t‘in nctifin, cr^siplg galtes l^wdred
These are reasonable regulations, I f observed, tfiey
will prevent grade crossing accidents just as effectively
ax»- tea
Borah ’doesn't lilfii» the Idea of
ap alien property custodian’s of­ • dtacNts of Mr. and Mrs. R. Farr—-
fice, anyway.
•Mr. and Mrs. L. Haae, o f Long
He doesn’t consider it right to i Beach, Calif., are the gneets of
aaise private property even la M r. and Mm. Roy F a rr.
tto e of war, and, with billions of
o tr own invested abroad now, be ‘ Growing up is largely a matter
ventures the guess that, the next . .of settling down.
tto e we get iato one, we’ll wish
wv hadn’t set such a -precedent.
,At any rate he says the seized
claiming any right, title or toter-
ept (n o r to the real property des­ property ought to be returned,
cribed in said complalqt, and n<jw the war’s over, and he' adds
mtot emphatically that the cua-
tojSlan and his friends ought not
to have gobbled any of it ujb—if
they did— while,« w a p i k e gov­
ernment's possession.
his heirs, if any, and Sarah E.
Falkenstein, and her husband, if
any, and if dead, her children, If
any, and M ary F» Ingram , and her
husband. If any. and i f dead, her
children, If any. pud B. E. F ln ker-
tpu and Ethel D. Pinkerton, if
altoe, amt to their heirs, if any,
W |edrf. i» n f c * ,’W Ing. aad any and
toll' per A n s o rf parties unknown
Who’s Boss-
In other words, by such regulations, crossing acci­
dents- can be averted .without loading^ up municipalities
wit^ taxes for grade yhahget. 1
. In ail probability, nò- levy of ad valoreih takes fin
purposes of state government will be ne/essiiry iii Okla-'
lioiia this ydar, because of the surplus created by t^ieiin-
cre|sed amount of money collected from the gross pro­
duction tax on oil and minerals.
i This type of special taxation is a great thyig for
everybody but- the party being taxed.
• ‘ B ‘
»The various taxes now assessed against thè:off in­
dustry (which gasoline nsere have to pay) aggregate a
staggering amount. They are the result of au effort to
raije tax funds, not by qqual
^f krf persons and
indpstnes, but b$- taxation of l ertàiii industries k*a*{t able
to tesist payment.
/ ' •
Aa one large industry atteri «notlwr it gtadually
taxpd the limit by special taxes, smaller industries will
beqpine the target of the “ special ta$ gum**1 ’ ■
» The bask* principle of ‘f »guai taxa|ini7
sight of, but It will eventually have 16 be revhted. If
sound government iq maintained.
z «
’ /
L i t Fila S p i e g a
; Hotel
PORTLAND, Ore., Aug. 10.—
(U P )— Belug a grandmother to
no excuse for failing to obtain
aa education, according to Mre.
Elizabeth Wendebura, a student
o f’ Journalism, sociology aad gym
at, the University'of Oregon sum­
mer sessions.
Mrs. Wendeburn is a native of
Garmaay and tho mother of four
cMldren. “Getting a little tired
frpm gym exercise« is better than
bdlng permanently stiff jointed,”
she declared.
. .Busines« Visitor in Mcdfonl —
Roy Pprr, deputy game ward
ea, was a visitor in Medford Wed
» .
pnited States Royal Bal->
lbons do not have whin»,
¿hey give Bervice — they
db not require it.
Van’ll be delighted at the
way they serve you faith-
fyBj/day after day, taking
y o i over any kni<i 'of
! r d’ smoothly and safe-
Their Tree Low Pressure
lappns new -comfort, bow
economy and neW freedom
fropi worry. And when
the! pavement* are* slip-
iMTy and you step on the
l-rake, you’ll know that
you’re boss.
Auto Electric
Beauty Parlor
It*s mora to your credit to help
iqpn h e c è h 'h e |> d o w » Urna * 1 -
Young— Beontielan
Permanent Waving
(Natole Metho«)
Folks who board want to keop
house, and folks who keep house
want to beard. ' Z'1 ....
You can accurately Judge a
community by what It darn with
Its agbad* and tomato cane.
W ill meet your particular need.
Results Im m ediate and Definite
■: i t
H .,
T iT
;’"*f < .■
: • — -----r
Our bast education comes, irom
associating w ith folks who know
things that we don’t.
neighbors, and you w ill hear
truths about yourself th a t you
thought nobody kneir.
Keeps your liver functioning
t - . t - ’i • " i . 4
R etail Liver Salt Contains the
idgredtontr a t the better saline
mteeaal .waters.
The action, Is gentle, yet eer-
tala. Keep fit.
1923 Bwfedct TBwtag
1923 Chevrolet Touring
2920 Fend Touring
1924 C h em let Tearing
- 3290.00
> The ■
Automotive Shop
R é c o rd s
Aa Long As 1 Have You—
Dream Of Lev»—
* * -
n i'
, .'Galanter* Clnb Orcheatfa
Btbool Day ewbetbeavto—with v « c *l cbori
Give Me, Today»—y lth vOcal ¿ehoruaM- ?
ColoMM Club Orchestra
RamamberJ~ ’
« 1 1
} . t . t
O Boy, W h b tia GJri-^ t > ’
i i ! :
i ll
Isbgm Jonas’ . Orchestra
W hat Was I To Do— w ith vocal ebons—
Bye, Bye B la e k » M _ w lth -docal chorus—-
Bennie Krneger’s
You oi; Your Tires?
(grandmother is,
H Summer Student
lo o k p u ttin g to w a te r re g u la r ly
an d t h e eonoequencfe to a r u lu -
Pickwick Stage Syst
that will
Surprise You
Edison Mazda
; Lamps
Phone 82 *
Just across from the
Li thia Springs. Hotel
Commenting on the poKtieal attempts to break down
the tariff to-“ help” the farmer, or to pass lawn te lift the -
1 armors by their own boot straps, the Suu Francisco
Croniele says:
“ The farmer, more interested at the movement in
tlie growing of his «wops than in what < is to liecome of
tliem finally, is the victim of ]x>l(tical hocus-pocus that i
keeps him standing still. Industry dechnee to be tuken i
in by sack tactics any more. It does not blame a ¡wlitieal 1
iwrtv for the weather, and is vigilant on all fronts.” -, 1
Breaking down the tariff at the expense of Ameriean j
industry, would destroy the l»est market the farmer lias. |
Protect all industry, including agriculture, by reasonable i
tariff laws which give our workers ami-fanners an even 1
break with .cheap labor1 foreign competition.,
Thia may sound lees interesting than “ revolving!'
funds” ami other weird “ fann relief” measures offered ’
Illnstrative of i-ossibilitivs of (be gas industry is the
statement of the Peoples’ Gas Light 3 Coak Co., that
L000 c«bk feet of gas will' Prepare 18 meals for six
persons; heat shaving water for 1,1 K)0 days; roast enough
coffee to make two cups a?day for 70 years; light two
cigars a day for 500 years; b«-il 275 gallons of water; take
l,0(K) threo-quarter-pouud loaves of bread in a Perkins
cpBtinuons oven; prepare .¡,'M) singly restaurant meals;
roast enongjh eoooa beans f « 45,000 cups; do the work
of two huns in hatching 70 three pound steak*;
barbecue enough ham to nu ke’1,750 sandwiches.
that is ajfidied to the esteem
i, a picture, n dog ok a mince
T h u e -O a u tte r
C h ia ,,« -
16% srwtoi
¡0 0 ^ 6 «»«1
b u ild e r:» «
. its great
energy’ element, inus xU-ii important
Tttafciwrwnd H
faulty «llmlnation. We huvi
to OSU» U »CT
tetto s n a
Li thia Pharmacy
For Sole b
Leedon*rs Tire House, Aahhmd, Oregon
C. C. Bo|i4
Talent, Ore.