Ashland daily tidings. (Ashland, Or.) 1919-1970, August 06, 1926, Page 4, Image 4

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« M « 4 . S fe M é *U t
I b * o i an omhge-grov«
tntot M had purchased,
this eeantrÿ w*p sk MH
désert pure a n # simple,
learned th a t
I« » M fa ll of 1171
land Acadmny” was
w ftk Professor / . I t i
prutodsot. l i that d w
t l ts a u a » co i>fltelite> «amMea»
1» teteBdad te t e n t e * M » - W H .
«k « • M o rs te o t U j t e .sW » M r tte»
F«ung 0( the werte ara tktektag
w arte te fa y te tktek ta » tete«
•b o a t today.
s- A» to whether lb« ywrtb o t the
abate reügteff teas p atrto ttew to
’was quickly demonstrated* t in t
* J«b< waa s tilte d sad W . T . tkafce
’ teas a t e .president ot the com.
1 pawy which poettie» he held for
fourteen years, a n d u a d e r kte
s0edwtetoa the desert wen ‘Baade
|a Momma as tke rose." A more
beautiful region is not Mtead ia
tk e ecteraes pf Southern CnMfor-
aja, and W . T . Leake, at t M sge
pf eighty years, has a MOMtlftil
' home a t the little city e f Uplands.
1 two miles from Ontario, on Euc­
lid Avenue, one of tke moet beau­
tifu l drives I have ever seen'. An
1 avenue fourteen miles long, two Seperated-for 70 yearn M rs Johsrtns Jeftneoe ■
suffered somewhere on the oae st
i hundred feet wide, shaded With met her “baby Brother - Albert LWsOn 7'r of
in California and had cense on
I gigantic pepper trees throughout; t u n e t e lle r brmjynt I! snout Recently Larsen tri
sister from whom he had been separated bv i
horseback via Crescent City and i He length sad bordered Me whole j Ms
when He w a r a veSr ofcf T he fortune terter to
said he was teaching penmanship length with beautiful homes, sur­
his home would gtve the rlev» He went home an
and desired to get a class at Ash­
rounded with fru it, flowera and ten terre te tlva» which enabled M m tt »el soot
Thte being somewhat in
my line 1 undertook to help him
Mr. Leeke’s second wife died
organise a class. He was a very
it was nothing but desert every­
S5 years ago, leaving him with
One penman a n d . soon became
where, and Oh, what a change! I
three small children; two- boys
popular. He wanted te get late
had not seen my old friend for
the Academy's» a teacher and was
forty years and our days together
has been his housekeeper for
engaged to take charge of the
were red letter days for two old
many y e a n and hie boys are mar­
Commercial Department and clas­
men who were bOy pioneers to­
B E R K E L E Y , Cal.. Ang.
ried and doing for themselves.
ses in elocution, and w ill be well
W e had much to talk
One of them is superintendent of
(U P )— Five hundred ngw melo­
remembered by the old timers as
abont and many incidents long
dies w ill be added to those play­
a large plantation and factory in
Profeasor W . T. Leeke.
forgotten were brought to mem­
ed on the Campanile .chimes ke
Mexico, of which he and hie tether j
He brought
Mr. Leeke taught there fer sev­ own the eodtrolling interest T h e y 1 ory and discussed.
Bather towef, University o f Cali­
me back to Laguna Bench and
eral years. He was very efficient
’ ■
have 1100 acres aad Mg. Leeke .
stayed two days again.
I talked
and became very popular at the
, Charles B. W eikal, recently qte-
visits the plantation once o r twice
much of Ashland, Ra Improve-
school and in the community. He
pointed chimce master, ia ld be
a year and is treated lik e a nabob.
and tke w riter bésame pals and He ia president of a b an t at Up­ meata and its beautiful park and w ill a d d 'a t ICSst t ^ r t nuteher to
and k e and hie daughter the 1000 chords le f t h im by MS
teok a very active p art b the af­ lands and vice-president of »noth- sehoola
fairs ef the Mttle town and in so­ er nt Ontario. His ranches pro­ have declared their intention to predecessor.. H e said th e «m ite»
visit Ashland,. If, sod when he number o ic h im e s prevented ad ­
cial affairs. In H 7 4 Mr. Leeke
duce »a abundance o f oranges, |
does come, I bespeak for M m a dition of more than tjta t nambsf. ;
married Miss Anna Fartow, slater grapes and grapefruit.
reception of cordial greeting and
of on* fellow towesman„ E. J.
> I wrote to him a few weeks ago attention -duo to him.
'?’■ <* **
Fartow. Mtes Fnrlow was a very
and he came at once to Laguna
beantttal and talented young wo­
Rente in hte ear aad remained
August 1st, 1828.
man, hut died within a year after
with tee tor two days aad took
their marriage and her body now
me back with him where I spent •
elifoBt a week and was driven by -
him alt ever the wonderful eeun-
W e visited
Ontario, Po­
of the women’s te«Ms singles
mona, Chine, Rtvemfde, Red­
the 8eabri*ht in v ita tio * W on
lands, Colton, San Bernadlno and
BteABRIGHT, N . J., Aug. g.— ment toddy. Thé score wag I
other places. W e passed through
(U P )--E lis a b e th Ryan of ^Cali­ and «-1. I t was the firs t del.
°« « rlnyard o d tlio o acres< a * < fornia
■; defeated
W ills, for M t e W gta since she refcvi
vtdyatea A n t t e ^ g ,< rd *s t< ‘ ktaM m a » i t e t e o n , F m £ e ’ fin a »
are said to cover mere fkan
0 0 0 acrse.
Many of these vln-
yards are planted in clear white
.adad. bwt are wonderfully pro­
thinking mofle abedt patviecttte
, than religion who declared that'
i »e realy Christian nations exist
a t the present, tteae,
The reply Dom Great Britain,
gfvlng the concensus o f opinion
I of ovér 80,000 boys is as fellow»:
p . “Christian nation» are usugliy
, stronger aad Opead a great deal
o t th e ir time robbing non-Chrte-
tten nations.’’
Lack o f fdlth ia political meth-
rOds was very generally expressed
i‘'and ke a matter e f laet thfoogh-
Perhaps the g u te sweeplfli to-
f dtofment cabe taste-the Japanese
boya and young me« w ie repi ted:
"ChrisÜad. countries are pow­
e rfu l; aon-Cbxlstlan ease
* * » k ; thought of aon-Chffatian
Chimes Will Rave '
Many New Melodies
Many people have the ability to sat« if
they would only exercise f t
It is largely a matter ef gffttifig started
and fanning the habit
Hegnlar deposits with ne are one of the
»-'v/ww II1KUBB a
’• *
I v i DOT/Gill 5
u j/ I uTICrS.
Elizabeth Ryan,
Beats Miss Wills
The Citizens ßank of Ashktttd
A»hlan< Ortega»
V; '-»aC
♦ ♦ »♦
» » . e é - e s » » ees » e . » e . g d s ».%
n •* ' , r , ,j ¿ite.
stes i I f “
. á
1 passed through this cevntfy
la the apring of 1881 and than
ly became sub-agent nt Yianax.
In this decdpatlon be spent gve
K B. Dyer had been Indian
Agent at Che Klam ath Agency in
1871 sad T l . ssd W»S present nf
tke sm sselaallia o f General Can­
by aad Commissioner Thomas dur­
ing the lled ee W a t. A fte r Mr.
D m s a lt the Agency. be came
to floatkera California and be­
came ene ST t ie pioneer commun­
ity that enttled tke Ontario Dis­
trict n e a r R lv e riM e . H e was ea-
tbwteMOe about thte new settle­
ment and persuaded M r. Leeke
to teveet at what Is now Uplands.
He qtet the Reservation and came
to Senthem Califerala. H e be­
came active ia the community,
b u t « u soon offered a Euperin-
tendaacy o f the Indian Schools of
the Mbrth West and spent two
te that capacity gaining high
/ 1 te ll endnttefl for efficiency.
■ A t fee glnee ot bis superintend­
ence Jte returned to his interests
for your car—
10 cents
A Window Full Of
urday Afternoon ond’Evening Only
fes with gkss and in e*cep-
ea. (See Window)
O b safe N ow at Gl