Ashland daily tidings. (Ashland, Or.) 1919-1970, August 02, 1926, Page 4, Image 4

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Iioeal j Personal flotes
G. Wolcott of Wolcot Gro­
is moving his grocery stock
114 4th St., to 141 East
St. in the Phipps Building.
TMtiag la Klamath Fall»—
Mrs. W. L. Maxey is spending
a few days with her husband nt
Klamath Falls, wbo is an 8. P.
Returned from North—
Mrs. Agnes Herndon has re­
turned from her northern trip.
While away she visited her sister
la Seattle and son in Eugene.
Cliff Payne makes F r e n e
Stopping in Ashland—
Mr. and Mrs. H. Lux and A. R.
Baahlm of San Diego, are stopping
in Ashland while on a vacation
trip. They are very favorably
Impressed with Ashland and are
visiting the interesting points In
this locality while here.
Enroute to Klamath Faite—
Wallace Pratt of Seattle, Wash­
ington, stopped over the week­
end in .Ashland visiting with the
Oscar Lewis family on Alida at.
Mr. Pratt was on his way to Klam­
ath Falls, on a business trip, and
la an eld friend of the Lewis fam­
Advance styles and fabrics in
men’s clothing at Panlserud’a.
Ivan Pease will leave tomorrow
morning for Portland by car and
will be accompanied by Mia«
Gladys Hastings, whe has spent
the past two weeks in Ashland
visiting her brothers, Verne and
Jean Hastings.
Mias Hastings is
employed la Roberts Bros.
week in Portland, by auto. Mrs.
The Fountain for cold drinks,
Sugg will do her fell purchasing ice creams, candies and tobacco.
of millinery and will return by
way of Newport.
Htopplng in Ashland—
Fried chicken Covered Wagon
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Silverson
Phoenix, Ore.
SB4-1 mo.' of Minneapolis, and Dr. and Mrs.
C. H. Will of Seattle aro stoppina
Left for Portend—
la Ashland nt tho Lithin Springs
Miss Anna Hargrove and Mrs. Hotel-—. . . . ...» ... .. . ..
Ida Neil, left this morning for
Portland to do the fall and winter
mllMnery buying during Buyer's
week. During their absence Mrs. From Medford—
Fred Homes will be in charge of , Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Roaeberry
the Millinery Shops.
and family pf Medford spent yes­
terday In Ashland as the gdests of
Returned to Ho me s
Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Madden.
Miss Audra Wagner, Mias Ma­
bel Wilcox SBd Mrs.'Wanda Wil­
cox, Normal school students, re­
Mr. and Mrs. Shadier of Mon­
turned to their homes at Coqull’.o tague are visiting Mr. and Mrs.
and Myrtle Point yesterday.
William Rice for a few days.
Harper Method Begip Treat­ ‘ Oct your window screens and
ments, Paper Curling. Marcelling sdroen doora’ pt Jordan Sash and
Bobbing, by appointment only. Cabinet Works. ‘
Phone Z17J, Mrs. Andrey Troboe.
138 Emerick Street, opposite High From Medford—
388-1 mo
Mrs. A. H. Soukup was a visit.
or l a Ashland from Medford Sat­
Gone North on Trip.
Mrs. Cora Dodge left Sunday
evening for a two .week's stay nt From Medford—
Dillard. Mrs. Dodge will combine
Miss Bertha Snyder , of Medford
business with pleasure.
spent yesterday visiting friends In
. ..
Retuvning from Boa Frenetico —
Mra. Keller and daughter'Iv­
am o who are motorlng '* through
from Ben Francisco srrtved In Home Over W epklfod
Ashland Sunday eventag.
Mrs.-G. V. G illette and soff-,
George - Virgil Gillette, spent the
Garnett's Cafetería, 32 North week-end la Ashland from Kerk.
Miss Eva Poley has recently re­
turned from the University of
California, where «he has been
for summer school work.
Miss Ree Martin, who Is attend­
ing the summer Normal, spent the
week-end nt her home at Walder-
BeginaU Denny tnnuS
water into gold by the magic "Lite-Lika Llkaneose
of his smile in his newest and Ashland on The Plaaa.
merriest melange of mirth— Mopped ta Attilaa«
Rolling Home,— a gorgeons Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Callaway
American comedy of a go-« and Mr. and Mra. Jaa. Brown «f
getter who ran a hard thin 8acramento stopped tn Ashland
dime and a waterfall into a yesterday and were guests of the
fortune overnight while the Hotel Ashland last evening.
girl of his heart looked on. From Central Point—
It’s a real joymaker if ever Mr. sad Mrs. A. B. Stratton and
her mother, Mrs. Smith, of Cen­
there was one. See i t
tral Point spent yesterday tn Ash­
land visiting frlsnds.
Ripe Crawford peaches, lina for
Ashland Fruit a Pro.
Driving on across vast lee reochas
to break an eternity of silence, Â a n -
Byrd Masoned kis name in the
panels of groat adventures. His
■t OaayoavUle—
weary bourn o f final preparation,
Nina sad H aul Emery,
|ha dramatic take-off, tko jourSoy
J»n and on Into the white solitude
► Churchman and daugh-
—the clrcllag of the Pole, the
« t t , «nd Mra. R. <j.
joyoa. welcome bock to tho base,
i picnicked at Caayoa-
all theee live «gala on the screen.
“Don’t Pinch”
Returned from Two Weeks Vnch-
k ,
t' - t
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Taylor re­
turned from a two weeks vacation
visiting Crescent City, Clamb
Beach, San Francisco, and Yo­
semite Park. They^ stopped at
many auto camps in California
and* they state that Ashland has
by far the cleanest and finest an-
to camp.
went to L nko1»í'tle'’
terday, Mr. and Mrs. Dodge l
Bobbie returning Jaat event
Mtaa Dodge-ana Mtao Sutherli
will spend a week’s vacation
the lake.
, . ’ '*
Beth Sutherland
alng for a three week’s visit
California. She w ÏÏf viait
ids la Sacramento.' Stockton
— —
s — - ,
Mr. and Mrs. Pay Potter of Hilt
»eut the week-end In AsMhnd
siting Mrs. Potter’s mother Mrs.
From Hilt—
Mrs. Ray Elliott a i HlH i
the day In Ashland shopping,
Cliff Payne makes ladders.
Returned from Crescent d t j
Mr. and Mrs. V. O? N. Si
and family returned yeatei
from a two weak’s vicStlon
Crescent City.
v •
Trip to Shale City—
8. D. Doremua made a trip
Shale City yesterday.
rrok-mut In Klawath ita le —
Mrs. Lloyd Kipp and Miss Helen
folker spent thé' week-end lfr
Jsmatb Falls. .? Mrs. ^ernón
ricks returned with thpm ' to
»end* a few days visiting friends.
r< Miss Janey ,Walker enfi /Miss
Janet Wilson am speeding a few
fiuja aa the guests o f Miss Wlhna
Óygcr nt her home on Nell creek.
P ill On Ballott
SALEM, Ore.. July Si: — (IP)
— The hydro-electrle bill was as­
sumed a pfaee on the November
ballot when the supreme court
yesterday held that 13,7330 verl-
fled signatures Is all that «eras
needed on the Initiative petition
which was died.
Secretary of
State Sam A. Koaer refused to
give the bill a ballet title on the
ground .that 14,100 signatured
were necessary. The petition-Sl­
ed with the secretary of state
contained 11,778 signatures.,
Merchants Held
On Booze Chargi
X . , Mr. and M bs . Ralph Bowen «ad , ASTORIA, A q g , I .— R. L, Cul­
• JamUy spent yesterday* in Mod- ver, proprietor of a filling station
at Seaside, and. Henry C. Kemhus,
, ford vletttng M eade.
manager of a confectionery store
in the resort .city, arq under ar­
Mr. had Mrs. Charlea H. MeFes rest P«. charges pf vlaflaUng the
»< Sants Monica stopped la Aah- liquor law.
. WANTED: — Furniture rapaci gnd at the Columbia hotel last
ed. Write box X, care of Tidings. fleeing.
282— »H
not Week-end at Siskiyou Camp
FOR SALE: — 1822 Chevrofcfl
The J. H. Hardy family and the-
one. ton truck, bed and cab. 3
R> Hardy family apeat
good tires, f i l l i . Low A BafrBSr.
DALLAS. O re, ^ttg. J.—-(UP)
lek-end at Siskiyou Camp.
Oak Street Garags.
lS 2 -3 t
— A loss of approximately *380.-
000 was caused Sunday night
FOR RENT: — Well furnished
a fire of undetermined or-
5-room house. 2 blocke of First
S W S S tW
National Bank, 320.00. Sea Dan­
, b a M a r n W .. « a . , M W *
iel Payne. Ashland Realty Co.
plant of the Standard Oil company
FOR RENT: — Nice 4 rooiq
j was threatened but firemen suc­
ceeded^! n.halt lag the flames? ’
house,: completely furnished with­ Lrt Teachers Leave —
in two blocks of two school houaaq
Mlae Hanks left yesterday for
and the normal school. Brown ft
lermel by the Son.* flag' Mrs?
Rice, «3 N. Main.
Whitman and daughter, M 1 s 4
WANTED:. Woman wants work Whitman left on 14 for tho north.:
at bousecleantng or nursing. 2SS lias White left thia morning for
3rd street.
282-3* eattle. where she will sail fort
tasper Park and will be joinedf
SPECIAL bargain la Smatt bare,by Mrs. Whitman and Mis«
Acreage— 4 1-2 A. about two and Whitman.
1-2 miles from Ashland on Paeifle
highway, all In Alfalfa, all under T o Grants Fbau i
water, five room bouse, small \ Mr. and Mrs. Bari Barnett and
•( * « f
barn, for a quick sal«, only 31303, Miss Beasla McMillan spent yes-
this Is really not enough to pay
erday In Grants Paas visiting
for the house, the land Is rood, rleods.
the location la flue. Soma terms:
A fresh crisp salad—ten­
Beaver R ealty Co. No. 37 N: First
der cold meats; a vege­
Lumber Plant is
Razed by Flames
Back from IT. of C— -
Mr. and Mrs. Cleo Howell are
home from the U. of C. where Mr.
Howell has been taking a course.
They are staying a t the Goheen-
Hanu home until their house is
We specialise in BOo luncheu—
FOR S A I # —Nine room house
ready on Palm Ave.
Ashland Cafo.
243-1 mo frl| |n good repair, has thq modem
equipment, located In good loca­
Moths will not find a place to To O escm it City— )
tion, on a corner, will make a
stay If clothes are cleaned before
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hill and good rooming house, or apart­
patting away. Ashland Cleaners family made a trip to Crescent
ment house, to be sold at a re-
and Dyera, S3 First street 261-tf City yesterday.
dlculously low price, only 3280
down, bal. like Tent, the surplus
Left for PwtlaiMl ,
Moving to H. Sfolte—
rooms will rant for enough to pay
Mrs. Charles A. Haines and
J. B. Whitaker and family are out for the homd of a small fam­
son, loft this morning for Port­ moving to Klamath* Fqlls this
land to spend two weeks visiting weak where Mr. Whitaker will op­ ily. Beaver Realty Co. 37 N. First
her parents Mr. and Mrs. Zahrung. en a grocery store.
' •■■ ■
j ’ .
’ »
LOST: — Bnslnees end of a
Have a Pitch Daadnftf Remover Webster pen. Finder return to Mc­
Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Vaupel re. Shampoo at The Vanity Baanty
Nair Broa. Drag Co.
turned last evening from Port­ Shoppe. McGee's Store.
land whefo they have* spent some
FOR BALE: — Pears, estimato
1003 boxpa. F. Wedge, one mile
Mr, and Mrs. K. Clark of Lonls; west of Talent school.
villa. Kentucky, are stopping In
FOR CANNING — Paacháa,
Newcomb for wood. Phono 331. Ashland nt the Hotel Ashland,
nectarines,' pluma and to­
Now In Ashland, all hinds of while oa a tour of thy west.
matoes.* Bring own boxee. J. R.
mlUwood nt 105 Water street,
Gibson? 1 0 Scenic Drive. 282-I»
jnst below the mill. Special prices To Lako of the Woods
now on 6 load lots, direct from
LOST: — Dog, spotted Mack
Mr. and Mra. Louis Dodge and
the m ills nt Medford. Mr. and Mrs. son. Bobbie, and daughter, Mias and whits fox terrier. W ill answer
J. A. Baker la charge. 234-1-m».* Edith Dodge, and her guest, ' Misa name e f Spot. 310 Reward tor re­
BCI an Kngto ftotuniA to Reboot«»».
Mies Gertrude Engle who has
been spending her vacation with
home folks tn Ashland, will return
to her work la Richmond on Mon­
Also a Comedy
for a three week's v isit They
are visiting Mr. Lumen's* mother,
Mis. Ellen Lumen at Cascade
Gorge end will visit hie slaters.
Misses Grace and-Anna Lurngn In
AShland. They will also take (n
Crater Lake and other points of
Interest while here.
Portland, turn to Fire Station.
BERKELEY, Cal., July 1 1 , -
fetuttyriag arises from a defect la
personality. It Is not* a disease
nor a had habit, curable by esd-
recitation of such Mother
Goose formulas as "Peter Piper
picked npecfc of pickled poppers.'*
This Is the belief of. Miss Panl-
lns Camp, psychologist and auth­
o r ity on child guidance at the
University a t California summer
session here.'
.*'Stahimering arises from the
inability o f.a child to face certain
situations/* Miss Camp opined. "It
is a neurosis which should bo giv­
en Individual treatment by a
F>R. O. E n jo y ,F len te -
Miss Camp believes that many
The P. B. O. Chapter, Av C., en­
children Inherit stut­
joyed a delightful picnic lunch­
eon party at one-thirty o'clock tering from irritable or. over-anx­
Thursday afternoon/- Refreshing ious mother?,-bat that It can be
conversation and a satisfying cured. ,**
spread was enjoyed to the full by
tbir participants.
( S i IIWIMB b '"
' (Continue« From Fugs Ona)
la id for first place te' the South­
ern Oregon league.
Pass defeats Klamath Fqlls next
Sunday and Medford ia k ssA S b -
land Into camp, all four teams
will go Into n tie.
The Animal’s Friend
Keep FUku and other Insects
off yonr cows. Half-csat’s worth
saves three quarts of mQk.
Has boon used by the heat dairy
man since l f l l l . Big shipmeat
just 4n.
Binder Twins and Grain Backs
P eil’s Corner
Pickwick Stage Systems
C b W
P/ate Lunch
Cinnamon Rolls
A Real Delicacy
As they come from the
ovens, onr -cinnamon rolls
are delicious confections
for your table. Unsurpass-'
ed for breakfast, lunch or
with the dinner dessert.
fte s h Doughnuts
Sugar Doughnuts
Oakeo and Pies
T e w * O s f e - t u r ■sat Mala St. Phcm
• H
table from»Ashland gard­
ens. ■
Then, top this off with a
bowl of juicy Ashland
peaches and sweet, rich
U T l tm SSftVE t o u
Just thé th in r for Summer Weather,
We spedatile in noon
lu n ch es.C om p lete foun-
Economical — Safe— Dependable
’ '
Freeh Daily
t • ' ,
Boda Fountain énfi L Ù ch m
A Mistake!
You will find a Calf Skin Shoe does not
scuff and will retain a brilliant shine.
We have a fine line of this type of shoes
form en.
. '
?• .
mqt- Ihgm.
Certain persons insist on stat­
ing that we cater only to young
fcnen’s trade. This is a mistake. We
give the older man as much consid-
eration as the young man. We
specialize in all kinds of men’s
wear. We have the best in meh’s
wear that money can buy. If we
haven’t the garment you want we’ll
g e tit
Those unnecessary expenses and
wasteful leaks which are a constant
drain oh your finances.
This call best be ¿tone by using a
checking aocotmt with us.
Yours truly,
By V. D. Miller.
Th« CSthsens Bank of Ashland