Ashland daily tidings. (Ashland, Or.) 1919-1970, July 23, 1926, Page 5, Image 5

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    green Jlbhnny Logan's d tfg
Hart misjudging hard-btt Mies,
EM Bob) admits h r doesn't Mke
a s not le g to e O w * •’" $ * « *
sg,” indited tk> following poem
»titled "The M w t Three Whets When our *■ aaetght southfter.
re The W o rs t” to the ball club-
then M trlow gate a Job that Says he doesn't need the money.
really suite him,
, And Curran paeseh up s Sunday
nd O'Brisd1» tam e 1* changed to
> When Watte, resigns In t q r f ?f
Fhen our merfag*r, John Enders.
the bat-boy,
‘ ?
U *ea CosE Cola “¿euders,”
And Hughes admits his shoulder
nd Darla throws. aw>y g, Mtot
J * to flirt;
P F lh b .W ’alter Hughes. Stan FU-
W ljen “ Pate” grows up to be tight lette, W alter Wstts, 'T ate'* Pat­
Inches teller.
e r e « , "Duke” Marfow, Oerden
And Bill. Force's eras «tarts grow­ O’Neill, J e t» Morgan, P h i l
ls * old and lame;
O'Briea, Doug Rete, Johnny Lo­
W h o * these things start coming gon,
Cherley Curraa, «"Hep”
O'Briea, John Enders, ajanager;
2 ? » we'll place a bet with you Bill Psrkins, Jr„ bat bay; D are
T H A T T H E ASHLAND BALL Sargentk ground-keeper; J a -d
CLUB COULD S T IL L WIN M iller and W . H. Pertins, dira«-
■ JDVWBY G A M E ..,
i^ lle f a M < t frbm W M f i i
t^ d U r ^ l^ Îe y ïie l
FOB BENT— I -Poom furnish­
ed modern bungalow, also five
roam fam ished honse. Close in.
Adults preferred.
Inquire 2B7
Vista St. Phene 111.
, ‘T I I tall the w orld this Marnale,
issarne nkedlrine, add I don't kes-
digestion.- or. y a and la s t «
, Itale to recqmrtead ft to anybody 'tktog I ws MC- .
a fte r the way It has fixed me up,"
declares G .*E f. ' Oete. qf
. B rindato/. FortlaojÌ. óre., well
ra te d ¿ n d . rand? lo f a real
kSóWn donerete pontrgetor; - J
worb. > I don't hara an. ad
“W hy, I wga -ho th e re d -w ith
stomach trouble so bad the pant
1 eight month« that everyyoa* J
•MtW Wia&r
A ilgust Regatta
W ill B e Failure
by buggy. Call M
2nd St.
FOB SAIEE-Two choice
50-100 on paved st fOr legs than
coat of paveoMnl. 9 2 t down, hal.
IB a month. Brown and Rice, <2
N. Main 8 t.
i , ,
Women and Children
OfOoa, 1 0 1 'P^oneef' Avenue
tice llmlted to aya. aaf, woaa a n t
throat— X-rpy including teeth.
Office hours, M to 12 and 2
to B. Swedenborg Bid*., Asn-
land, Oregon.
FOB 8ALB— M«r« fryers tondv
OfOoa Fhoae l t B J
Rooms 1 a n t 2, First National
272-2 Bank Bldg, ottica Hoars, 10
to 12 Nooa; 2 to B p. m.; 7 to.
FOB «ALB—O ta pair ' em « . 2 evenings.
Inquire 1 |2 2 E. E a it.
for your Sunday dinner. Order
early. John B. H air. Phdne 22B-L.
FOB SALB—Ona aad one h ilf
ton Olda truck,
F rg ft.b o d y, good condition at
August championship: regatta, of
the pacific Coast Yachting asso­
ciation, most important event on
the coast yachtlqg calendar, will
he featured .hy. t^e attendance in
tpetJofnt role o f spectator-partied
pant of the United States battle
fleet, according to plans not under
¡The fleet’s participation .in ro­
t a t t a events w ill Include a «utter
race for the Olympic club troplyg
and a race for navy R boats.
AsJilaridTeam G iven
Biff Q iick en Feed
gtag — Ttotlaffxg
i' gladly furbished.
fug games. H e said ha th a u fh t
aer other man except W sttk upnld
gather ^together a gronp Of ptep?
ays from every eordaP of th e, Pa.
elite coast r and “whip th e n In to a
well-oiled baseball Machine. Be
kl^o had w irm praise foe-Maae«?
er Enders.
On behalf of tho directors, Jud
MHler 'told the player« that the
fans of Ashland were with them
eviry minute of the tlb h qbd w ire
oat there pulling for th e n jhet ns
hard aa the fellow« themselves
'w ere playing in every game.
L ets o f Oratory
J3 b H|
~ A ll of the boys were
chance to orate, and needles» te
say the speeches wer« shprL BaM
players are hot noted tSt their
forensic abilities except when ed
umpire makes a raw declstotf, as
umpires are wont ,to do. *
D a rin * the early stages of the
banquet a messenger boy arrived
With a flock of tetognups to r moM
Of the players, F o r the sake of
team Morale the official censor
declined tp Jet them he pubNUied. j
l» « t f i
F O B BA^LÉ— One singla p í m i í
ate seemed to turn to gas in my
* at«teach/ coattnnes M r. Oesj.
* » qSA /jhanW "aK , t o * believe rfe
“F o n a yanr I hadn't beeA able I'm 'g M d to 'te ll my friends ‘èn f
, to sleep on my right side at night everybody'else about th U medí»
' because Of sharp pains which ■Cults'F
Karnak la sold W Ashland, af!
would run through my. bod^q.
.Moaning« I Just fe lt so tired anjj t h f’Mast Side Pharsas^y and by
wornout I could hardly drag my-' «U tending druggttts. A v * -f-” #
F O B BALE— YPnafc Jersey Saif.
T . «. W iley. Phone 414-Y. 278-2«
FDR SALK— dood WMkUyVba-
Ea '*•- "t . e toAÌU
Av/cy from to« noise and din o f traffi c» where yon
¿*vr *elbcw room and breathing apace—pat wp the
o.'. Ler.i-^unfoW the table, stove, bed*, etc.— bring
<r acl—-hate m;youri favorite station with poor
Complete your camping outfit now for inMnodiate
and future ope.' ?*Westeny Auto” stores offer you
substantial «avings on camp goods oquipnaoah.
Westport Portable Radio— and enjoy a REAL Va­
Palmetto Tent
The meat popular tent known,
because of Its ease of han­
dling—-no guy, ropea—there’ Is
only one pole—It is Jointed.
These tents are of 10-ounee
k h a k f and s(s« la TxlW
Wot. Price ..................$23JB5
t x l f Khaki Palmetto,.aWUtt
l l x l l Khaki Aut« Teat.|34JO
Other T ents. to ■ I4P.75
4 H F electric motor. Call 412-T
or saa H. B / Carter
2 « -tf
FOR SALS: — Ford Bmfcster, icratlag
Swingspottt Unit
Individual colored container*
fo r gas, oil, and w a te r-
7 x 7 , K h a k i 1 0 -O u n c e
Full 7x7 base; good quality 10-os., MMtokr PudK DobP in Mde mages
a very convenient feature. You can make yquv. c lr part of y o w
dressing room, for the top of,tent extends weir down ever opposite
«do of ear. A lightweight, compact site' te a t
r ,
E A A A b
Thia Wetk Only, oomplete with poles and stakes.
U e9O
Bams style In 8-os.zwhlte duck at ou< regular low gr*A o f . . | 8 J 5
S to o ls
new top aad palot, t tiras. En- anea t r
glaá good shape. New bands, Ì17B — ■ . ,
— Oak St. Garage.
2BB-tf »♦
fasten on running board. O<‘-
2 gallona, w ater 2 gallona, oil
1 gallon— an emerccncy u n it
th a t you should ca rry aion«
as a precautionary iuoasure.
Prie«, complète ................ 28.90
H and y Service IT if lt .. , . ,|2,4B
Consists o f 2 one-gallon c u n *
“Boyeo” T h re e -in -O n e . ..«JO
Canteen fo r extra gaa, o 4 and
w ater.
C h airs
Angelos Beds
Thii» Is- a- real - spring b e d -
F ob BALE CHEAP: — s-room
furnished, modern home. 112 7th
222-1* mo«
gives you a m a x im u m amount
of Comfdrt— I f w ill n'ot sag
— folds In to , sm all, compact
Size M 278 Inches.
1-2 Regular Cord
1-2 Qversito Cord
Regular Cord . . . .
Regular Cord*.. . .
AO-Steel Bede
A folding bed that Is vsry
strong and substantial — w ill
easily acconsmedpto tw o largo
bargains In Real Estate
iwn and Rica, B2 No. Main.
Folding Table
|*rlfie «, • • * y- ?•••••••• *|I4.5O
twent^-flve customers wç wîlL gNé a
'ran. -
Prioe ............... to»#
M a ttre ss P a d s
Made of O. D. Drill ticking
and stuffed with new cotton
®inplC ElZg e r e
D o u b le
e e » ew s
S iX g e t b i e
P>* ■
A high quality stool.
heavy duck seat with a good
quality hardwood frame sup­
ported with steel Unges. , You
should purchase several of
them at tela price. • 7 9 A
Thte Week only........... J
aw • s
One for evefy member o f the
party— mass of BBvy dudh
seat with good quality hard«
woud frame, steel hinges sup­
porting It, TMV b««k affords
greater comfort. •
- ftA »
Thia Week < * 1 2 , « . . . . . . 0 t o G
in oomfort. Tho food,
tastes m uch hotter \V.wn a r ­
ranged n e a tly on ode of tho?»
lig h t-w e ig h t 'folding ' tabic«.
T h e table la strong and sturdy
— I t w ill not pn. F rier..
P on cb ri Mafttteaa
Size 48x7« Inches, K h a k i cOv-
er w ith w aterproof pantasote
covering on the back. "Prteed
W A N T E D : — W ork, by high
school boy. Pbona «.
M ark every grave w ith our
crystal gr*y, ü ft lmmedlite or
Fall delivery.
6. Pennistou
only ’. . . . ; • • • • • • u * w iv a to " 88
Aluminum Set
Is easy la carry, .for
rte ftt bpBde of it»e 7au
»king pod. . Sot consiste
Canvai, Hardwood
SantæGruz W ill
Clamps on the repining board
of yo«r car. The proper place
to carry qfl those extra pate-
ages. thereby giving the pas-
Sengtus much more Mom‘In
Observe Fiesta
P L A C K teJK S t
us build
you r‘fir e place. W ork guaranteed.
SANTA CRUfc, Canary islands.
E. R. Strahan, Rogue River, Ore
(U P)«— The sonnai .«esta, la hon­
278-1 » 6 .« o r of the great nival victory of
S E M A 'C rh^'M B r b e 'Ib id hqy« tb-
mòtrtw. I r t o W n celebrated
ì a this waÿ évef slnéc Ì 7 Ì 7 .
® k2lλ£ » m a r s find the (lests
l i
to te
•S S R J » 2 S ta L T . . - i ï «
< feet 2 inches long .by 2 feet 4 Inches wide—they Sr
high quality hard wood frame covered with caNVU
package only 8 feet long. A real bargain. This weak
80 Inches. Regular grade, with
triangular endgate
Egtra qaaKtn ad stem ■ •
Strict ly
•^ tn to a .
Made ’
* » a e « e e e q e e a e a e e e
Vaariini Botili
trip* oomplete
fteteeoto. a to S e ttd e ÎA M ttto
British flagfc captured from Nel
Quart rise, enameled.... AM
Pint rise! aleksi com i-
S te a k ? U M m lto W «
. V a e a a m B ottina
to obtain bettfomtabv
. j a
tingulsh a
M d blues , ;;f >
'! 1
a v o w in g t w e r i o r
F o r sole a t a l l M S fM
L ^v’
JÍ-.-V '..¿Q?. p . •
Moredhold Thau
4 fÄ jn h T W ff“ *
T .tJ
MáH» “irtU nrtM o'
.toar -en Abate MMery they le a n
8 * *
8 __
W" 1
Mke a suita
........S 7^^
Thus they rdsUtse It Is true,"tSa?
strange dtory *»
t h | fk s ta is
being held, ’ i f they ebeck fu f-
C olon u lf^ *
Folding .Stere
JiS_T".inTÄS.“ ÄJ