Ashland daily tidings. (Ashland, Or.) 1919-1970, July 23, 1926, Page 4, Image 4

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4 h«
t the
* day
d be
ed at the bottom, »
Thirty-four and a half minat*
later, after someone had obtain
ed a grappling hook.' Hkneetf Wei
pulled to the surface. ¥o all ap
pearances he was dead, t ** '
With ap inherent «tubbcrnnesi
he still appeared dead an. tour <a
more later when coroner’s mei
arrived. Bnt tho sailers whs la­
bored over the inert form Tqfnset
to'relinquish their opfapanloa
waterlogged and ’M d * timdfch k t
And than a white band plopped,
palm down; upon the w et boasoe.
It was Paters hand and it moved
of its owh strength. A moment
later Peter grunted, atyl th . dep­
u tes admitted that they’ might
have been mistaken,.
"It wasn’t long Peter recall­
ed, "before I was back on, my fast.
"Maybe the liquor had kept me
down, and maybe Ittiwd kept me
alive. But whether nr ap, I’ve not
touched a drop slafe."
Which to AU given on the word
—An air stream, blowing 799
.miles an hour, has been perfect­
ed by the Barena of Standards f»r
feeling airplane propellers.
The experiments with the new
high pressure air
shown that tblg'metal propellere,
now coming into om . are more
efficient at very high speeds than
woolen propellers^
elite coast atatee am spending rel-
attvely mor# mob«y for educaUng
their children th*p; a r e -ea ste rn
schools, and they are outstanding
te efficiency aceorgjn« to »Utls-
ties of Dr. Frank W. Phllllye of
,ttae George Washington univers­
ity, chief statistician in the Unit-
ed States bureau at eahcatlon.— s
Phillips has ranked Washing-
ton first in general «ed llence in
kir'biennial tdrVeg. "W^sblng-
t®B ranked ainilariy 1» 1918.
1910, 1922 and 1924.
•, California, with tho highest an-
■■*' * * * W Mtild of hay state,
1169.36, ranks second to Wash
lotion, according to the report,
Ohio ranks third. Near York
fourth, New Jeraeyvfifth and Min*
i rojs wi '* W
C M M ; PhllUp Morris, proal
of Morriy and Company
• (U. P. Staff Correspondent )
LONDON,. (U P )— Prohibition
’M the. Wost* dangerous problem
A m erica now has to confront, Sir
Charles Higham, advertisingand
trade export here, told the United
l i t e m an hie return from his 3i»t
r trfc ‘to the United stabs«.
"Liquor is freely sold in Amer­
ica and is not difficult to hug,"
of the world to prospective cus­
Sir Charles declared. "It la,'how­
tom er!. The American no, longer
ever, of poqr qu^ity. Oo my test
to write
Seitd catalogues
trip < found people hr (io had been
h^new us­
total abstainers 25 years ago. c a ll­
es the fastest njfihyds of. selling
ing thkir bootleggers Jor a regu­
cooperation— the cable, telegraph
lar supply.
.?»:• ' system,
ant m p i ^ < • ' '
/ ’While the people of the United
States are hindered hg «he prohib­
ition la w /th e w h ile altltdds of
the people Meme fo be one of
-warning against Interference with
*thelr right to drink.’.
*The American people have be­
come » great playing nation and
the quest for the ’mighty dollar*
which la so often misunderstood
By the foreigner,;^. for the sole
purpose of earning that it might .
he spent on the better things of
I r v i r ? W ~ p r fl|
Sir Charles declared that the
Colo., former prosteent pf
HSroford' CattlO Breeders Asso>-
cjatlon of America; O. M. Plnm-
thef, Portfend. gOneral falsnaffer
of tkd Pketffc UMdtastlotttl U r t
p o f e W f t t t lo f f t TbobiadWilson,
presidents* Wihten aad Company
packers, : and’i t K r t a r i i & x i
pine, Tax.,« president oP t i l l fo x es
Cattle Growers Association .
"What wo realljr are seeking,"
said R. J. Klnkef, secretary ef the
American H erford Cattle ^reed-
ere Association,
-a , pure food
and drop a ct appUeaUe to the
meat Industry."
as delicious to eat
which it come s.
W hile you will
ways first in your memory,
cation o i beef so th e . housewife
will get exactly what she pays.
|- From its sessions, leaders ex­
pressed the hops, of perfecting an
Organisation to propagate the dor-
trine Of mqpt standardisation and
labeling of meat under govern-
ment supervision.
W illiam M. Jardín^ secretary , »
Secretary Jardine has glyen his
agriculture, few? gottatora, pee
approval to the plan of standardis­
ers, rauchgra, livàsipA and coi
ing and labeling beof cuts ao the
mission men met hege for Mie fir
will know whether he
annual Better Beef Conference.
prime cut from a prise
The bbnferenoe aeeks a way f<
.steer or a tpajrhetted flank from
the. standardisation hnd claaail la Texas maverick/
Governors attending are Me-
Knlvle. of Nebraska; Gore of, West
Virginia, Penmen of Kansas, agd
of Missouri. Other lead-
ftfiPfc c*n~ RWbttlUon. work
when fermetatatiou persists in bri Include M. A. Vraylor, pleel-
fo rk in g too
detet eC the First National B usk
lcego; C. T. Curtis, dean of
r|igh, bnt in Ash-
are tiòt. L et us
pressed for you.
setpe far rrenca
aJUtUmore tan
Standard Cleaners
2 L ......
W e D eliver
If yob must have troubles, why
not carry them where they don’t
■how? t
■ Wtw
30-06 in our window
J h e Most Suocess^ul
Man You Know how
much he valu es his bank
L ittle StUre i s Town
’ Hotel — Open By<
account. < Htftl tglt you
that thtf Adrfte A&d as­
sistance, afforded by a
.bank such as the F irst
N ational is invaluable.
. MShoo Fly?!
The Animal’s Friend
Keep rifee. pad ether insect«
off your dowe. HaU-eei&s worth
saves three quarts of milk.
Has been need by the beet dairy
men since 1S86. Biff shipment
teat. la. -
» -
p =
^ - t --------
invite you to
list of depositors.
You Start on a Trip
d Your ValuaMes
oxes as toB ^as $2.00 a Year
¡ J w i l i not stain.
F or Sale A t^ 1
East Side Pharmacy •'
eng of Nature’s