Ashland daily tidings. (Ashland, Or.) 1919-1970, July 22, 1926, Page 4, Image 4

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    w ith its guests, memhers fro m i
Mrs. Mltchelmore reviewed t e r /
two other organisations, the M ar- latareetingly an address given be-
tha Gillette Chapter of Wegtrnin- fore a body of missionaries; the
ater Guild and the ChrMflan Bn- address Intended (or the eneotfr-
deavor Society gathered in the ngement. Of the out-going and new
parlors oi the qkurqh for the missionary especially. I t was In-
program an< sdelal hoar which spimUonal, and fn jl o f , helpful
suggestion also for the chucah
A n executlTa bogrd meeting worker. at home,
preceded the regular meeting, a t
Prayer followed to t the mls-
whlch matters pertaining to the sloaartes both nt home and
business of the organisation Were abroad.
Tha «losing hoar of thb after-
National and Foreign Mtsqtoss goon wae spent In a social way.
each had pipes on tho program, j w ith lig h t refreshments served by
M r's.8. D7 Taylor, president of M u I 4* * hoetesees, the Meedames. 8.
M ir . Grace B. Andrews, Editor
Calendar o f IffvesAs .1
TiWada), July 87^—Covered dish
luncheon for I. Ó. O. F .,\ Ro-
f amili«».
o ’clock.
society was the W a r f o r the a i-j
tarnoon and h e * serttfaod topics
to a number who dimuesed thera
interestingly and well. •
A number presented t#u wprk!
Thursday, Jely l»k— Floral Show.
Uthia Springs Hotel, ' '
. .
Thursday, July 22.— Band Con­
cert,- Uthia P ark ^ t:#0 p. m.
Thursday, July 8B— «eceptìdn Tor,
T 7 0 meetings « ( th e Jackson
Medical Association are
in the United States; the «rot, Civic Cfate M a rt*
and a t these the
Mrs. W . H . Graham, who told in j Turodsv afternoon was tho reg-
detall incidents relative to a a la r moating o f tho Civic Improve­ wives ahd families of the mem­
bers are entertained. One p o
boarding school In Arkansas, in meat Clnb a t tho Club hoses.
in tha winter aad Is a ban­
Which the bays not oakf. attended i
and the other occurred Inst
the school put built the school*
the Rev. H. T. MRehClmere and
family. All invited, particular-,
Jy Normal faculty aad students.
Frida,, J a l, 28— A lpha Chapter
, O. B. S .P lcn ic. U th ia Park,
• :30 p. m. •
Friday, dniy 88— Flo ral ^h o w .
Meric Mitchell wants te do everything she can to help the campaign per
father W illia m D. M itchell, Is m aking, for governor of California. So she
has taken to stumping the etate by airplane. This photo shows her peek­
ing out of the a x h p ’X of her plane.
U thia Springs Hotel.
Mtetey, July 88— Medford, Ash­
land and Klamath Falla loSgca
,of American Yeomen will hold
a picnic at McCloud, oa tbs
Rogue River. AU Yoemen and
friends invited.
• M a y . July 8U— W . R. c. Club.
M rt. J. W MWs. » IS Almond
The account of the marriage o(
Miss Lillian Greer, daughter of
Mr. aad Mrs. Elbert Rush Greer
and Mrs. WUHam Schofield j r., of
Los Angeles, aaaoancsteent of
which was made In Monday'« 1».
sue of the pdlnga, will
of in,
forest to the many friends of the
family hpve In Ashland.
Congratulations and g 4 iln A
Swishes are again extended Mr.
and Mra. Schofield.
©• T s jio r, q . W . Andrews sad
* W . J. M, Roes and Msg. dose
Phine Foley who presided a t the
U W , and dispensed hospitality,
tt tt tt
n a n nature was'taken op except
at the executive board
which preceded t$e social after­
noon. .. r.-
. Tkern were » taw W * ! pres­
ent, among. y u m M r a UaldVeJJ
and Mrs. Rltcbelmore, b o th 'b h t
recently corns'tp dsktend.
Mrs. Gordon MacCrackpn and
Mrs. P . K . Hammond were hoet-
eseee and sorted refreshments of
Ice cream and cake from • pret­
tily appointed table.
A ll-are asked to remember that
the firs t and third Tuesdays of
each month the Clvfc GhiK keep*
open house and those newly come
to Ashland ; guests o f the mem­
bers, and the membership are
urged to come to Ilia Clubhouse
a t that tim e.
j-* f -
» # #
building as well.
The work Ip Georgia pan dis­
missed» by Mrs. C, W . Mima, who
spoke of the work in the large and
then told of the efforts, against
glrnost impossible A ^ s , of one
young girl, who gave her Inherit­
ance, her efforts, friends and her­
self, but who succeeded beyor.d
All expectations. a valla? mis­
sionary doing what she could to
»meliorate ¿he conditions in her
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t e n community.
valley to get better acquainted ating' In all Its phases as one
with each other and to give op- that wopM ha particularly help-
portnnlty te discuss problems In ful.
' « .<
wkteft all are vitally interested,
“M’hy'Named Valley yiew’*"
thus making for cooperation and was told by Mrs. Reachart and
concert of action.
others and How Bellview received
These two clubs are two of the its name was explained by Mrs.
largest and most active In' thei Brown and Mrs. Tucker. The
county ¿nd h>ve supported every. forgMr.-nagted fur its wonderful
, progressive and forwaad looking' view gnd "BeRovue’ as It should
rfnovement. ABoth ar» federated i b»; apelled fo r Ake 1 “beautiful’'
clubs, with splendid programs q fivlS #.
bhlpfnl activities In their com -f
"Summer Activities bf Valley
' They meet regularly: have ex- V,ew Club” WM discussed,by a
cellent programs and jaany meet- nvMnb*r "b oss name was not se-
ings la which the Home Bemon^ c ir *d' The speaker told of their
stratlon Agent la present la her enter**lnmeat at the home of
official capacity to advlte and as- Mr8, OIasgow aa<l (hat the club
sist, when needed.
planned to entertain both the
Tuesday’s meeting was delight- ’r° ,° and Orlff,n Cre«k Clubs,
p'roU-rnal Brotherhood
InsteU »-
fully planned, In eombialng hplp- ’ Mrs. John Morse talMd of
ful discussion and happy pro- “What we will do next year,” and
Dr. pnd Mrs. C. W. ' Hagson
Kp*m nusabero, which were glvan Mrs. John Arnold on “How Ao<
host And hostess at the pleas­
during (fie (maqvrt hour.
; .hel»,eggh othgr.'’
ant meeting of tho Fraternal
About forty fadles from both
Mrs. Ooetche presented the
Brotherhood last Friday night.
clubs met at the- hour named, In question of the County. Demon-
Installation of officeya occupied
the park aad jf o r some little time stration Agent and th$ library
the business hour after which all
Just visited. Th«gi all were asked question.
present enjoyed an evening of mu­
to find their places at the ban-
The clubs went-on record qs
sic and *visltiag. There was no
quet table, beautifully decorated strongly favoring the continuance
set program.
in f lo o r s , with place cards upon of the Home Demonstration Ag-
The list of officers will be glv-
ep later. *
The next meeting will b8 at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Mad
den on Pine street.
Immediately following the
ceremony, the bridal party left
for Oxnard to aee Mr. and Mrs.
They will make Ihelr 1
home at Glen Manor place Los
Angeles, where the Greer famlly
moved a short Urns ago.
“Mrs. Schofield 1« ■ popular
With many friends here tbat she
has made wbU« residing In Bnr-
baak daring the past four /e a r s
Prior to that time, the lived in
Ashland, Oregon, where
has hosts of friends. She was
graduated from the high school <n
that city.
“Mr. Schofield is the son of
William Schbfield. wgll kpop v
broker aad Importer of the firm
of Bockstal and Schodeld of Cov-
<mt Garden fruit mark A. Loudon.
BaglanR Ho has ,‘a wonderful
war record, seeing active service
ak early as December, f »1«. Dur-
Igg Ova guars’ service he Wved an
apparently charmed life. Three
different time« the regiment he
teM with was prartfcaljy wiped
out, he being gmoac the handful
Of m a . spared Three t / m . e .
Wounded, be Aas Itealte d lie harp­
ed fa M b it, (hen Asking ever the 1
directorship of the Boehstal-Schn-
(teid butfamah. Mr. Schofield is
»•» —VS |M i •* • marble draft»-
tt « tt
Quite Stage, Makes Fortune in Oil
w . r . e . c v ib ^««fo —
The W . R. & Club will meet at
Mrs. 8ilsby told of the social
«rviee work In the southwest;
, he^ralnlng schools and especlaJ-
y of the Mary Holmes Seminary
n the south. Teaching people
lo w to liv e g o in g band In h-nH
slth the knowledge gained from
hooka the work of the leaders
At this point, the assembly all
olned In singing, which was fol­
lowed by a beautiful Instrumental
selection by Mrs. J. R. Robertson.
Mrs. Charles Robertson lntro-
wsre nost a«d hostess' at an eve­
ning of bridge, a . n u m b e r
of those present being college
friends of Mrs. Herman,
Musical numbers given by. Miss
Marie Churchill, Mrs, Cjhre Beebe
and Dr. Sommer added greatly te
the pleasure of the guests.
Every minute of tbs visit of
Df. and Mrs. Sommer ha» been
filled with picnic, outing, drives
an d
pleasant gatherings of
fien d s.
th ey left test night for their
California home,
- '
The story covered the work
with the telephone operatives,
who are men, by the way. aa-1
how In ever-widening circle» th e
influence spread. ,The account
was especially inspiring for It
portrayed the eagerness with
which the message was received
and the work by the converts
A General Assembly report was
made by Mrs. S. D. Taylor. This
covered schools, hospitals, dis­
tt » tt
pensaries, printing presses, the
of missionaries, the
K yatrrn S ta r H ave P icnic —
In the field,
Alpha Chapter, No.. I, 6. E. S.
many of which wars sell-govern­
and their families will have a plc-
ing. self supporting bodies. A
nlfc Friday evening at 6:30 p. m.;
the picnic grounds.
J t Is understood (hat the chap­
furnish coffee, sugar,
crpam and Ice cream. Members
will bring well -«Red* basket, of
course. Visiting members In the
the home cd Mrs. J. W. Mills, 315
Almond 'street on Monday, July
»6, convening at the usual hour.
This Is oae of the larger social city are welcomed.
-cltrap , of > the city and keeps its
meetings dp throughout the vaca­
tion season.
The gaqetlngs ate held In the
homes of the members part of the
tíme at others, when the attend-
•ance is too large, at the I. O, O.
F. HalL
a ‘
A Urgq- committee helps the
hostess ig entertainment and in
<ke refreshments.
These meet­
ings are well attended and most
Support tor your foot — beneatli the Srch,
above the anduimnd a ll around the areh!
T h at’» what the BAK[P-ORIP givee you. No
other oxford ever furnished such firm support—
wWofa explains the ever-growing popularity in
our eity, of this unusual footwear.
Styled w ith the touch o f smartness you like^
but more than that, tha B A N D -G R IP Is equipped
w ith a built-in (invisible) band that grips and
supports the foot in a m anner that soothes and
satisfies. You regulate the snugness o f the band
by merely lgcjng |he shoq pg you ptoase-eee 11-
Tailored C
For Early Fall
mbWag o io r -s a d cfchf
mdstetisst froebmstaadr! Fok
Alkonits are a knitted fabric
.ariteed not to sti ctcji opt of f
Umrs, Ud gtevskssrom
a rt or depsrtm af IM tS t, t í M l
Standard O il Service Station*.
V S *»
and ErirkRon
fM '.'W llllam son-Erick-
Sfe sad Short Metal
f Wodford. with other
qfM a p R n k la L ith la
Asday. celebrating Mr.
• M rtbfiar. and (a
te M r . M ary Scott of j
MAX* r-
’ B a r n u m / ^ fiU p ted v O S W A i r . »go and U
nm r Anmrttt^. Tek. She had to markrt « b e .
' keep up the oaymesta on them—but now tlx
and «he will be a mllUonaim «hortly
I I ,