Ashland daily tidings. (Ashland, Or.) 1919-1970, July 16, 1926, Page 5, Image 5

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    •«■V3. b**'
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eavvwa <n*r. k V V toMn good, and I dig
not know w h at it was to eat «
P « t K * r - njeal wtthflut
m iserably
it Of Port-
fop Tn B o o t
wtth Uide*i>tion afterward.
A g *!" —
R m to ro d
F O * R B N T: — One 2-room
apartment w ith garage. Close In.
BOI Boulevard.
ffsrnak has
a I feel the
»¿In many a
any good I ’d
M* W
* **V »
ta u t |av e won I p U u
♦ w n # W Ch**d.M i
! • H*«tet. U«t n w w
h * M - ternu -
£ ‘7 * 4 * £ »
* *
M® >
J" to o fg V M n ii. t t t e . W W u j
I understood that he wUJ ¿ I t R g <
ftered at Ag»w*n sad L om - co|)ei
pod and poasl^ly w |y ^ y fog leg »
U national chlmpionahQ)?
Since the
sudden rise ot • Th
•rance In the wor| d q f* tennis. vee r
»> erica mast look to its colleges ‘'gets'
|>r the stars that w ill succeed more
Uden, Johnston. RicRard* ote. muqh
"But K a ra « * bps fixed a 4 M B
llk® * " * * m* n * u 0TWr
brother-in-laV pnt a * on.tO th>W
medicine after it* rid h i * o r *T
frean case o f stomach treubts a p < f
made him look like a d iffe re n t!
man, *}wL that’s jpet * what
done fe r mg? too. I eat %Jrat»vér{
I want now. the indigestion, g u ai
.»r a set || g e e d ^ B p ®
developing a speedy service
a strong backcourt game,
ha intercollegiate toardament'
I this year at Haverford, fra.,
1 a remarkable demonstration
iow perfect the seeding system
Not only did the
oath to apt tot eight seeded players reach the
l ea Impossible r had before the ^ m i-lln a l. bat
Chandler . has the top four went Into the senri-
ka»V» » M l «
the twe outstanding
id la idling fo r tovorlttes met for th« * * *»• / Y'
1«.— A
M Y dri’ u t ° ep?qrfs n r W W t w
in New York, city Is being organ­
is e d / An additional' Io rie of
l i o men 1« to be sent into the
nation’s great wet spot tn an ef­
fort to make an 80 per cent re­
duction in th« p resent traffic la
alcohol within six months.
~ mo—
declares and bliiopsne«* act
M l
i« E.
2»tk the past; a n < I |si4»i fe*7 brim to ll
Fell kaown of * « V toft gad e n e rg y /
M r wife hag token three b o d
Iowa from U e e lf K a r a * * * » ft has rhf h e a l
it so weak of stomach Uogbig and extrem df
tim e th a t sc V nmwp»«M / ^ . a » r ‘. Jhs« U n «
aid tir« me ’em f«, me »licAtHhto medicine^
H * Rpker. M a n s e tt f e e
does all th a fs l
»U and « * claimed for ft a « * thaw tome.? ®
Israd how I
Karnak 1> sold In Ashland by J
the East Side Pharmacy and b y l
of all leading druggists,
Pitched Baseball
Girls on Hik$ t o - j-
Kills U. S. Sailor r ’Collect $50Q Bet
°H lo e, 1 0 * pioneer Avenue
Uee U aitR d to pgp, ear, ¿ose and
U u a g t - X - p y l»«l«dtag tenth.
tMHca lsmü«, - X I to I f and 1
to I , Swedenborg Bldg., Ash-
Chevrolet touring, good nibses,
new battery, 1828 license, good
running order. Phono 8F2 or call
Bog 104 soufl pf highway bridge,
> M -4 t*
PORT ANOBLE8, W n.( July 1«.
— E arl Leonard M iller, chief <mpr-
ter master aboard , the . United
States battleship W est Virginia,
was dead yesterday a*, a result of
being struck by a pitched ball in
a-baseball game.
M iller decked
Into the ball
while-batttag. ^ e eeptbraed p a y ­
ing. A few hour» later he com-
plained^of being blind. He was
tgken to the hospital ship Relief
for an operation but succumbed.
Uorofhy M iller, i t , and Baity:
passed through,
Ashland last (trenigg M kig g ffr»»'
LOe Angelas to MeW YbVk on * ;
wager. According to (he Rgger
tlfty had to walk fyem fcoe/Aa-
gelea to San Francisco hut could I
sgeept rides from there- on. ■ I f f
hey mektfSlre trip In three m onth*
they w ill receive f 600 ‘ a-pteceJ
They w ill return by tra in , a Mips
M iller hiked, Jrouf Portland go
Los Angeles about six sleeks ago. -
Veteran English
A-ctr^ss is Dèad
VltotUg H A s h la n d -
M r and Mrs. H ilton B. Rteh-
ardion, qf 8an, Piego, * r * vtoitfng
in Ashlagd With Mrs. Richard­
son’s brother, Don Whitney.
Pull oversiïo, fun /ta r idar* itiM b t and sa«y
CTiaranteed. A heavy, long servloe, s*flil-flpt
rib ¿read, that runs smoothly and wears evpaly.
« »
Ä sa^ H M S
b ^$14.95
^ $ 1 5 .4 5
Wea^well Baÿsxm tlQftC
» ^ $ 1 7 .4 5
LONDON, July l« .-^ < to a Dol­
ores Drummond, the "M other” of
tge British stage is dead. She
w u 1 |.
r ' - r n U ’i ‘l U C ? '
fctod Drummond was known to
every foUowar e l the theatre la
England. She had phtyed w ith
Henry Irvin g and practically a ll
Quite a Humber o f‘local boxing*
of the leading
fan * afe planning to go to Ooid
which had made ontafsnding' * u o HIM tonight where a boxing card
cesses (faring her lite-Uigu.
to M n g «staged featuring
W e a r - w e ll
id Hill Boxing
lard to Draw Big :
Crowd From Here
" “Ä
LO STr-O ne
88x4.40 ’Western,
‘ Qiant Ballon Cord Tire, in city.
July 14. Finder please return to
Western Auto Supply Co. Re?
repaired a t ® e R atfe
Foundry, also * few cook
fer sale cheap.
8 S * (O v e r e i« )
SS (O v e rs in )
SS (Ovpretoe)
r e in )
SS (Oversize)
> tx3R
SS (O versize)
BS (O versize)
a s#
Western Giant Corl»
H « ~ , i ,a !s n s ? r a ; T i S j « ! , „
on a ll types of comiaeratol -truoks, <t<
liv e ry oars, busses and paiwcnger car
■ j
..... .....m 'i i
..... '$88.9t
..... S3b.0£
c o w p f c te
O u t f it
re with
Immediate or
Ea«« Grey—
Zane Q * y to coming, bask to
the Rogue. JYesqenter of all
•tregips apd tNpags of the world
wheye the- fishing Is famed, hk
comer her* ttot-e eften than he
visits any Other
fighting stoell&ad of the Rogue
has m ad . his impression oh Grey, I
Returned to Medford—
Clyde Peart, local resident who
was brought back from Suisun,
Cal(f., early this week oh a non­
support charge by Deputy Sheriff
Paul Jenntags, to scheduled
have a hearing In Judge Taylor's
court this afternoon. A t present
he Is a t liberty under a *1000
Medford M all Tribune
.N E W YO R K , July J«.— (U P )
— T H * ..» W r y , for the second
year In ajicceasfon, o f . Edward
Chandler o f the University, ot
California In the inter-collegiate
tennis champion
increases the
suspicion thdt be Is due for a
yanking among the first 10 men
»toysr» i t this cemptgy.
- *
lb Is poepible that Chandler
Rake care o f the cuts and *tone (brulsea la
the caslnge and tubes by using th)s rubber
¿Jit ty tha f ma k^e a p erm an en t rep aln Com -
Your snare tire needs protection froip the
sun. ra in and dust. W e o ffer this cover ef
durable, w aterproof, blank e n a m e l-d u c k ,
.lie s 30x8R a n d ' i i j I R inches a t
10Oto o utfit re g u larly priced a t 45e.r
>nkia —» v /m l»
______ ______ WWW
V u k a n iz e r
Ills complete o u tfit including
8 patch Units to a real value
t this low price- I t is the
tot word In vu lo a a ls e r* K s *p
a o u tfit In your car. • Priced
Rlfegu Of Standards fd r ka-
M M W ig pressure asueas.^A J-
r o r balloon or
pressure tiros. Priced at
galloon Th-ee.-
Truck Tlsger-x
ie Schrader V a l
-per boa of 6—2
lS G to ts
atidard Valve In
Four schedules daily: e :8 0 n,
stop ovsr'anywkegs «
TBUNKR— See (he AgeaC J
IR A T9— H igh beefcjM' jrehMtf
• The feature of the Highs
S tr. S id e................................. 527.98
M x*/s
.......... . 529.70
ji9 .B s
S tr. S id ..............................
• r . , - ....... : ................
» U . 3. T i r e G a u g e ‘
S F - A on
» » the ’S Bourdon
iV 'T
and diamonds valged at
Rubber Putty R ep air K it
CHICAGO, Juljr M . — Thre-e who to now on* of the Most ar­
bandito raided a rogjg. Ip thçCeu.- dent of *11 the Rogue devotee*.—
greue hotel yesterday occupied by Grants P M Cob Her.
W i l M * . Brown, r a l ^ n for a
B riflioni %f J « h w n » ttU ,
W . J. Robinson, of (h»
m » ; w ó ' ^tottors'lii A M -'
O u r own brand»—made
specification.! and . guai
to give satisfactory servi
SS to v e rein )
SS (O versias)
Old-tlme fyvM’ito, Joe Corman,
« id B u d / Tihomaa in tWe5 main
event. Several good prelim inary
bouts alee have been arranged.
T h e am oger w ili be held in m
NA NTA SK ET, M aw.. July SS. open ato Pavilion and ample- aeat-
— i » t«(S*r that, he ean more, eas- *®S
arrangement» hate been pro­
By locate his dog, who ofton v
' id ed .' "
M W tW
Gets Gold Tooth
For His Pet Dog
1 la Real B au te
Rice, S> N e . Main.
^ d e o C M itp
uake “W ettern Auto'
Your Headquarters
For Auto SuppHes,
Accessories, Tires,
Capping Equipment
rafeK N
U3U •