Ashland daily tidings. (Ashland, Or.) 1919-1970, July 13, 1926, Page 2, Image 2

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    A SH LA N D D ^ IL Y T JD IN G S
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lntad «tabs la Che a J r . A. lin k s
leatlon, hold In W sshJngon.D .C .,
laat wlntor. Oeo. G. Brnndeubuvg
g^narol manager of the Oregon
State M otor Aeeoenttas, Stowed
four reels of Oto Oregon f fi« e that
created a great deal of Internet.
A b a result o f that showing,' calls
hare been coming In for the flints
to be shown by the various A. A.
A. .clubs Interested In the co-oper­
ative work In the A." A. A . clube in
the tourist industry.
The latest demand for the Ore­
gon film s came from the Warren
Automobile Club of Whrren, O..
under a request ffom W flllam A.
Korth, assistant secretary of the
W arren dub. In hie request Mr.
k o rth iayh: “ On July X«th dur
v ts e u a
Single Insertion, per Inch
Political, Display, per lneh
One insertion a weak
Two insertions à w eek
Daily insertion ----------
1 W J m H
Klrst insertion, pqr 8 point line
«i*.*; ,'riy
Bach subsequent insertion, 8 point line
Card of Thanks__ ___
Obituaries, per line ....____ ,___ __ * . _ J T
■ -A n future events, where at
collection taken is Adoartt^ a g M
No discount will be allowed
No deoattoue to charities
mg or Job printing — our con
club Is holding Its annual meeting
and we would like very much to
use a set of your films at this
Indiscriminate efforts on the part of, American cities
a. forest of smoke et^oks by locating* new induft*
tries within their limita^were condemned by the confer­
ence of industrial managers o f chambers of commerce
held recently in Washington under the auspices of the
Lmted States Chamber of Commerce.
These trained specialists declared themselves com­
mitted in a practical way to the principle of seeking to
locate in their cities only those industries for which there
is prospect of economical and profitable operation. They
concluded that the uneconomically located factory is a
loss not only to those who have invested their money in
the enterprise but to the community in which it is located- B Y C H A R U 9S P. STE W A R T
The conference discussed among other things, tlm in ­ ___ NBA Service W rite r ................
dustrial survey as the basis fo /th e determination of econ­ - W A SHING TO N — Pennsylvan­
omical factory locations. Information thus obtained is ia and Illinois are normally so
drawn upon in presenting the situation from the viewpoint strongly Republican that a Demo­
of a particular industry. It covers the natural resources cratic nomination to the United
States Senate in either one of
of the community, its industrial resources; its-condition them generqjly la a mere gesture.
Vhe first government attempt to inventory the dollar
valne of the wealth of this .country is that just finished
by the Federal Trade Commission.
It reveals that the United States is richer than France
and Great Britain oombined. ILe total is set down at 353
Its annual rate of increase is fifteen billions.
Agriculture is first in the* inventory at a total of
sixty-four billions. Manufacturing and mining come next
at forty-nine billions. Railroads and utilities are third—
firty-six billions. „Government property—federal, state
and local is the fourth item on the-asset side of the l>a|-
ance sheet, at forty-two billions. All other wealth—per­
sonal property, wholesale, retail and shipping properties
grouped together in die jack-pot make up the' balanoe,
152 billions.
♦ Amazing as is this array of figures thus stated, it is
commonplace in comparison with the fact, adducod by the
Commission’s investigation, that in ten years the total
increased 72 per eerit. Or, stated in terms of billions, from
205 billions in 1912 to 353 billions in 1922, the closing date
of the inventory-
Every business man will remember lhat 1922 was an
abnormal year — perhaps subnormal is the better way to*
state it — for it was the year following the depression I
of 1921, the year of deflation. The total stated, therefore.
Due, >owever, to the activities
of Senator Jim Reed’s sllsh fund
investigating committee, the senti­
ment «ho n g Democrats in 'Con­
greve is t h a t ' George Brennan
stands a reasonably good chance
of election In Illinois this year
„and that W illiam B. Wilson is a t
le«tq a possibility in Pknnsylvnnis.
* O f coarse, so far as Illinois is
concerned, this Is conditioned on
the testimony the Reed committee
succeeds in digging up. That
there was widespread corruption
in connection w ith the Republi­
can senatorial prim ary in Pennsyl­
vania has been shown already.
That the Illinois Republican sen­
atorial prim ary wan Just ns bad,
or worse, has only been charged,
Assuming that the committee
does establish the skbstantlal
treth o f the Illinois
made by Senator Caraway, tbare
a re various reasons why ’ poli­
ticians think moye-of a .U fl wtU be
given to Brennan, in that state,
than they believe has been given
to Wilson In Pennsylvania.
For one thing. Illinois is not so
rock-ribked a R ep u b lic » state as
W hile Republi­
can moat of the time, the Sueker
State always is a little donbful.
“stands by
While no exact comparison can be made, domestic
gasoline prices are both telativoly and actually much low­
er than prevail generally in other parts of the world, it
is shown by a Department of Commerce tabulation •’of re­
tail gasoline and kerosene prices in various countries
•"oogbont the world on or about April J, 1996. Factories
ing fpr inequalities in prices include distance from
■«» of «apply, quantity consumed, transportation
it import duties, excise taxes, distribution aud market-
costa, quality of gasoline sold, and many others. -
Foreign prices a gallon range from 1ft o e a to h i Bricb-
*, Boumania, to 98 cents in British South Africa,
ige of tank wagon juice« ui 30 representative Anaer
«fies on April 10, was 17 cents a gallon, wjth taxes
various states ranging from on« to five cento; and
_ « station price* two to four cento a gallon above
tank wagon price, plus taxes, where levied.
the Keystone State almost never
the least bit so.
Then, too,
from a ll Indications, w ill be the
main laaqe la both states, and,
aocording to the political sharks'
calculations, It w ilt be a good is­
sue for Brennan and a bad one
for Wilson.
This la on the theory that both
states are wet. felection maz
prove one o r both of them to be
NevertMees,- each Is
the “dope,” here in Washington.
taker Oat«, containing
im food’s great tissue
t carbohydrate, its great
wnX plus a l l - i m p o r t a n t
id the “bulk" that makes
htfcmi Heeded, is the die-
tke world todav. -
“stand» by’’ you •
ting. D on’t deny,
natural ttim ulftton this
er Oats today. Grocers
G utck Q uaker,,
• ;
, '
It ia just one of the many such letters we are
constantly receiving. We value them highly
for they tell the story o f a sacred Mission, prop­
erly performed- In each case, it means that we
have done what we could to lessen the pain of
those remaining behind. Our staff is trained for
just this very thing—to serve, quietly, efficient­
I f a man Isn’t moral by choice,
ha can never be made moral by
^N ever waste tim e arguing with
a «tan for whose opinion yon have
Madrid has a plague of white
A business man’s character ia
ants. Picnics around the out­
estimated according to the kind
skirts -af the city would rid it of
of goods he carries.
the peets.
Has Heck says: “M any a feller
When a poor man get» married
feels able to build a garage when
he knows it’s, fast his winning
he don’t teal he k in afford a
. »
What a dog’s life
some poor old pipes lead!
P oo* old pipe ! Looks like he’s gone to the
dogs! -H e was a good pipe, too. The pick o f
’ hundreds.. . But he’s never, had a chance. All
his life he’s been abused.. , neglected.. . treated
like a dog!
C art.
It’s no way to bring out the best that’s in him. -
A good pipe must get good tobacco, . . it
should get Granger Rough C u t N o other to*
bacco is so certain to fhake the most o f any pipe.
Pfione 104
Ho Repair
For Granger is made solely for p ip es.. . made
o f the finest pipe tobacco that grow s.. . mel-
« lowed by an old-time secret recipe that »takes
o u t a ll “ b ite” and “ harshness” and m akes
Granger mild. ♦ spicy.. . and m e llo w ! /'
Being “rough-cui,” too, its large flakes hum
slowly and smoke co o t It brings joy into the
* life o f any pipes Bongs perfect pips-sytUfaction
into the life
£ 7 - ? '
- \: .y . • .
’because they start the
ikfssts that lack in csr-
fast 1« 4
16% pv
tetjc urg
• I t is I
rkh fooi
Get Q
lixvc re
v.Lkh «
QtuJt-r I
writes a elient, “ for the manner in which yon
conducted thgfuneral bf ray beloved husband?’
Home today is where the fam ily
Has the “bulk,” too,
that makes laxatives
seldom needed
light, yon must have a
id. complete breakfast
nost other meal»—lunch
-you get i t .But kreak-
irried meal, <sften badly
. A complete set of films taken
By the educational and publicity
department, of the Oregon State ,'
Motor Association was, sent the i ;
Ohio club for their showing. These
films have created no little inter- *"*
the morning
2>T&a '■>
Opr New
1-8 U. S. OoM
1-1 Qvereisa :.
Overetoe . . .
Overetoe ........
L iU » .S y r b ig .
M rV ' V 1
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