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    For ïïw ty Í W
W ithout the use of medicine c o n e
nine cases out of ten o f antbirm.
This is a proven fa c t
Y ear 9
Oonstitútion Ratified" Today ;
Douglas County Club
Show s Pep
fa ü tü ig
(U rne
Klam ath Falla
Grants Pasa
Yesterday’s Reeulta
A t Klamath Falls— Ashland 11;
Klamath Falls. 8.
A t Medfonf— Grants Pass, 10;
M e d f o n h C t,<
Ashland today ig perched proud­
ly ct the top of the ladder In the
Southern Oregon Baseball League.
True, Medford, to. edging for It­
self a toe-hold on the same rung,
but Ashland is likewise there and
unless all,. baseball signs fall It
w ill continue to rest there long
v after the Pear Pickers start the
Inevitable slide downward.
In one of the most‘remarkable
climbs In bush league baseball,
Ashland took the long hard jo u r­
ney from last place to first place
by winning five straight games.
Students of the Southern Ore­
gon State Normal school will elect
their firs t set of student body «(-
fleer« at the morning assembly
tomorrow. T he constitution was
presented to the organization this
morning and was speedily ratified
The Douglas County club, com­
prising approximately 25 student*
had charge of today*« assembly.
The students «ang a few Douglae
county song«, gave a group o f
yells and otherwise let the rest or
the student body know all about
Douglas county and the famed
Umpqua Valley. Douglas county
colors were also much in evidence.
Stanley Breneier, who Is a t­
tending the Ahhland School of
A rt, w ill address the students at
a'special assembly at 9:45 ThuiW-
day morning. He Is art teacher
at the Santa Marie, C al.,- high
school and «111 speak on art. The
general publie Is invited to attend
this asaembly.
N ew Customs Officials W in
B e Plaoed on the Cana-
man Border
The loeals put the g— s « n tyi« '•M tturt Tt Hartaon. collector o f
in the two opening innings. Lefty
Silva, form erly of Grants Pass,
but more recently a white-winged
* Pelican, was chosen by Klam ath
Manager Duback to stem the Ash­
land tide of victories.
Score Nine Rune
Lefty .lasted les «than two in­
nings. His boom ball was working
to perfection. He would hurl it
over the platter and then, boom!
I t would sail to all corners of
the hall orchard; Before the sec­
ond inning was over the locals
had scored nine runs and M r.
Silva was chased to the shodrera,
provided they have such conven­
iences at Klam ath Falls.
Young Mr. Davidson, a high
school kid, then took up the task
of providing the a rtillery work
for the
Pelicans and the
chuoked^ a nice brand of ball,
although his support at times was
He let Ashland down
w ith but two more runs during
the final «even Innings of the long
drawn-out contest.
Mohler Works Nicely
Lefty Mohler was easing along
In good shape for the Ashland
team for seven innings, when he
began i to Weaken. A t bis own re­
quest he tftfve way to Emory
Davis at the start of the eighth,
and the spitball king set the Peli­
cans down without trouble In the
two final frames.
A t no time was Mohler in real
danger. F o i the ost part he
was breeiing along under wraps.
When the going got tough he
would tighten up. The sun field
«In both right and center field
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Is distributed gratis to the
guests of Tbe L ith la Springs
and Ashland H otel and to the
campers at L ith la P a rt and
Jackson Hot Springs camp
grounds— a total of approxi­
mately 200 copies each day—
la order th a t Ashland*« visit­
ors may know something of
onr city.
Ashland Natatorlum
The Cantarilla Oregon Power
' L ith la Springs Hotel
Hotel Ashland
L ith la Park Board
..Jackson Hot Springe
City of Ashland
Talent Irrigation District 7
Nearly 30 Believed to Have
Been L ost in Dover, N. J-
.. D isaster
A ll Students and P aoulty of
. Normal School W ill he
G u e s ts .
Fatalities Prom Swimming
Greater Than Prom Auto­
mobile Mishaps
Eighteen Lire« Sacrificed During
Week-End From Various
DOVER, N. J., July 13.— (U P )
— Amid scenes recalling those of
the world war, army and navy
men today are going about the
task of finding the dead in the
ruins' of the -great arsenal explo­
sion here late Saturday afternoon.
A clot« check made by United
Press revealed:
dead: 2<£ missing: six additional
bodies reported, 94 injured. I t
was estimated that J>etwqen 50
and 100 Who suffered minor In­
juries were treated at emergency
hospitals but le ft without leav­
ing their names, so hard pressed
were relief workers.
An official bulletin said that
three of the missing men are of­
ficers., Fellow officers feel that
they are among the dead.
A ll students and faculty mem­
bers of the Southern Oregon state
normal school wilt be guests of the
poop!« of Ashland on an auto trip
to Crater Lake a week from to-
! merrow. It was officially an­
Women have been in politics foi sev-
«Bal years—but sew girls are in. too.
Irm a Datt
j« re e p e rt.
Pelicans < Humbled
Over In Klam ath Falls yesterday
w ith a hostile crowd booing them
for nearly three hours, Ashland
humbled the haughty Pelicans,
11 to 8, In a free hitting con­
by scintillating defensive
‘ work on the part of the local
John W. W eeks Succumbs
E arly Today Prom Neural­
g ia of the Heart
customs, revealed that fifteen to
twenty new customs men would
be assigned to thq Canadian bor­
der, w ith instructions to cooper­
ate with prohibition forces to stop
whiskey smuggling.
Additional immigration Inspec­
tor« have already been placed on
the border and they, too, w ill co­
operate with
above, la city clerk of
Uk. first, women te
A h at position, and Lola O anaawar.
W A SHING TO N, D. C. July 12.
— ( U P )— A navy survey was un-
aer way today at Dover to deter­
mine to what extent an "act of
God” was responsible fo r the trag­
edy at. the munitions depot explo­
sion there, and to determine what
degree of human laR ahility en­
tered Into it,—
The great depot,-spreading ov­
er 480 acres, was JsaowMmd to he
Immune against such a dtoastat as
befell It Saturday when lig h t i n g
(hurt). is city treasurer of Huron»
■ D
She's Only 22. and the young-
est city treasurer in the country
Local Residents
Are Given Praise
nounced this morning at - the
chamber of commerce offices.
The normal school w ill declare
an' all-day holiday in order that
the students might see Oregon’s
greatest scenic attraction
guests of the people of this city.
Many weeks before the normal
*<•» Its doors word was
sent broadcast throughout the
state that a ll students would be
taken on an auto trip to Crater
Lake and this Is believed to have
aided In bringing students here
who might otherwise have gone
The chamber of commerce has
complete charge- of arrangements
for the trip. A t least 60 automo­
biles w ill be needed. To date
but 20 have bOen definitely signed
up and all residents who will do­
nate their cars for Ashland Day
at Crater Lake are urged to noti­
fy Secretary F u ller at the cham­
ber of commerce as quickly as pos­
Envoy Lillian Gray, who was In
this section In th a Jntprest of the
Salvation Arm y** (¿gte-wlde cam-
M a y a
pa4ffR»fcXtey exgPMMhwr sincere
signed to prevent • spread If one:
This w ill be "pay day" <’ night
But ip spite of aU human pro­ for members of the Ashland city
motions a large part of the 83,- band, ffhd all members of the or­
000,000 plant is ruined and ex­ ganisation are asked by Director
plosives valued at 390,000.000, Carl Loveland to be, present a t the
were destroyed.
i teg u lar weekly practice at the
city b a ll this evening.
The band w ill open its series nf
evening concerts this week, and
the date for the first concert w ill
be decided this evening. It will
be held e ith e r Wednesday o r
Thursday evening. A ll members
w ill receive th e ir checks for their
music on July 4th and Sth.
thanks to the people o f . Ashland
for the splendid treatment accord­
ed her in this section. Although
the Salvation Arm y la still short
in Its quota she believes the need­
ed sum eventually will be pro­
Forum Lunches W ill be D is
continued During July •
And August
sblnet portfolio because of fall-
ig health more than a yeaf ago
nd ever since had been losing in
ealth. No arrangements for the
jneral have as yet been contplet-
California. Eight persons wore
drowned and the ninth died or i
troken neck as a result of diving
tn shallow water. It was the firai
week-end of the year In which
drowning« outnumbered a u t e
V T D C u r ucat u r i n
The toui numt* r <* death«
AlflLfTlL lIL n l i
taom all causes was 18. Tragediei
r n n r ftT r i n r n i i i n r ,n the Pac,flc Northwest included:
everal Serious Blades* Re-
ported ill Oregon OvgT
P ast W eek-End
— ------ -
PO RTLA N D, Ore., July 12,—
J P )— Extreme heat during the
ist week-end brought new for-
>t fires In various parts ef-O re-
in. A stiff blase Is burning 400
res of timber In the vicinity of
Itchell Point, a scenic spot on
e Columbia River highway. An-
her uncontrolled fire Is burning
er logging company land eight
from. Vernonia, while still
other fire In the same vicinity
now under control.
A fire west of Dea* Island«;.-«
. . . ....
burning over 300 acres,
mostly slashings. The fire "situ­
ation la Improved today over Sat­
urday and Sunday, due to the ris­
ing humidity.
his brother, James, and Bitten
Peach, were drowned near Epl^
r * t * . They were descendants o f
George Washington. A t Seattle
Donald Mtlljiam, 21, was drowned
In Vashon Lake, and Tom Somnto
tall f f om * ladder. A t Belling*
han*. B. L. Shaw, 22, who broke
*»*■ neck while diving,
Deaths In Oregon were; A t The
d *H m > Jusn Coiners, a Mexican)
WM bit by • railw ay crane and aL
moat Instantly killed. A t Oawe-
*°> Charles Daugherty was dtowir-
* * • Donald Bruce was drowneg
Bt Columb,« Reach, Portland, a *d
Charles Newman waa drowned ig
the, river at Portland. A t Linw»oq
W illiam O'Connor, 33, W*a dfbwn-
wj,j|e swimming.
Directors of the «chamber of
commerce w ill hold a luncheon at
the L ith la Springs hotel tomorrow
W ild Disorders and H «
noon fnd all members of the or­
Damage Reuorted in
ganisation who have any matters
British India.
they desire to bring before the
board are Invited to lunch with A ttractive Young .Matron
A LLA H A B AD , British ladle»
July 12.— Serious communal dis­
H eld as Bootlegger in
The forum lhncheons will, be
orders la whloh Moslem mofaa
N ation's Capital
K a n tag City B oy Shoots Soli discontinued during July and. A u­
looted and burned Hindu villages
W hen Branded aa T hief
gust, it was announced today, but
W ASHINGTON, July 12.— Ce- and basaars In various localities
B y W oman
the activities w ill be carried on cillan M iller, 26, an attractive within an area of 600 square
through the .luncheons of the young wife, appeared In police miles around Pabnn were reported
KANSA8 C IT Y , Mo., July 12.—
7 R elief W orkers Drowned
chamber directors.
court today as the first woman today.
( D P )— Accused of stealing 75
B E R L IN , July 18.— During the
Train W reck Takes
th e disorder» were reported
ever charged here with rum run­
cents, Earl Bibee committed sui­
last two months, accounts in
" 2 L ives
rapidly. Police anil
ning. She was arrested within a
cide her«" today.
German savings banks have in­
few hours after federal prohibi­ m ilitary reinforcements
The boy had been playing with
B E R L IN , July
12.— Thirteen creased by 8210,000.000 accord­
tion officials had said that wom­ were rushed to the disturbed area.
Policies o f French Leader ^several of his friends near 1 the
persons were reported .to have ing to official statistics.
en were taking up bootlegging In
htxne of W . C. H all when Mrs.
A pproved bv Chamber
been killed today In accidents at­
Thereby the amount of savings
large numbers because of the big
H all missed the money from her
tributable to heavy raids and per capita of the population
o f Deputies
money And tbe ease with which
purse. She questioned the child­
reached the sum of 88 as compar­
they escape detection. *
PA R IS, July 12.— The Brian* ren, b u tjsll denied having taken
Seven flood relief workers were ed .with a 32 in January, 1985.
Although the steady Increase I government and the financial pol­ the money. Earl went to his
reported to have been drowned
ed a t A ny Time
dnring a thunderstorm at Ausslg. of accounts In German savings icy o f M inister o f Finance Joseph home, took a revolver from a
W ASHINGTON, July 12.— Tbe
A train wreck at Nago, between banks shows that tbe German's
M A R 8 H F IB L D , Ore., July 18.
Warsaw and Crackow Is reported' are returning to the old proberb- ordinary powers to pass financial the chest. He died a few minutes
youngest United States senator
Robert M. La Follett«, will start
to have caused the deaths of two ial thrift. It w ill still be a long legislation by decree, have achiev­ later.
earth Is creeping down across the
persons and the serious Injury of up-hill climb before tbe pre-war! ed Complete victory In the cham­
back to Wisconsin tomorrow te
Msrshfleld-Coqullle h i g h w a y ,
ber of deputies.
direct personally his first big po­
eight others. The train was de­ ratio ot 384 per capita of the pop­
about 12 miles from her« today
Two votes of eonfldencd have
litical fight. He goes out hoping
ulation Is reached.
• *
and tbs road may be croaed at «ny
Katherine Hoffman Badly to retire to private life the man
Llghtnlpg struck near simbach,
time, Tbe movement Is thought
Ont About Head in Sat-
who one« waa his father's most
according to a dispatch from. Mun­
to bo an afterath of the large slide
urdav N ight Ortah
promising political protege. 8 e <
ich, killing four workman and In­
which swept across the highway
juring eight.
Irvine L. Leuroot, whose seat R
KAN8AS C ITY, Mo.. July I t . —
Katherine Hoffman, a small girl sought by Governor John Blaine,
The most popular topic of con­ ruary* of this year.
whose parents arrived here recent­ La Follette candidate.
I f the slide crashes down upon ly from Jtrlsona, sustained a deep
versation In Missouri these days,
with the possible exception of the the highway engineers predict it scalp laceration and brain con­
weather, Is why Senator James w ill be more than a week before cussion early Sunday when she
VA N C O U VER . Wash., July 18.
Mandamus Petition is Filed — ( U ? ) — Jlour hundred thousand A, Reed should not become an ac­ It can again »be opened for traffic. was thrown head foremost to the
A gainst County Clerk
tive candidate for the democratic The mass of rock and d irt. Is so pavement In s collision on East
trout fry hay« been planted In the president*’ nomination In 1928.
massive that no steps can be ta k ­ Main street.
ATHENS, July 12.— Isolated
streams of this eaction of Wash­
en to bait It. ** ,
H er father wa$ driving the car
fighting was reported today from
W fty
thousand cut­
Mandamus proceedings to com­
another car driven
the Roumanian-Bulgarian
throat trout Were recently planted
pel tbe county clerk of Jackson
Charles Rugg collided with It.
tier where 10 Roumanian soldiers
In the upper waters of Salmon
connty to accept and fUe petitions
The girl was knocked unconscious.
were reported to have been killed.
Two sanitary sad delightful
oroolt. A. ■'
for an initiative measure propos­
»lunges are available to toar-
M ike Cassidy, Ashland baseball
Roumanla addressed a severe note
There fire now 100,009 steel­
ing to remove the county seat
iste and others who visit Ash­
player, rushed into the street and
of protest to Sofia.
land during vacation days. Tbe
from Jacksonville to Medford head treat oa band and they will
he planted aoon.
Ashland Natatorlum, jaat two
ALDERSHOT, Eng;. July 12.—
were filed w ith the supreme d u rt
station where medical attendance blocks below the new L ith la
George Plumbley, 19, despondent
today, according to a special tele­
Springs Hotel has two large
was procured. The girl was taken
over the death of bis pet dog.
gram to The Tidings.
»lunges always available.
to a hospital and later remdved
rode bit-bicycle at full speed in­
The petition was signed by
W ASHING TO N, July 12 — In ­ to h e r home.
At Jacksea H et 8priags In »
to a pond here and was drowned.
Porter J. Neff, Rawles Moore,
A .report of the accident was large open a ir plunge with
ternal revenue receipts for the
W illiam Bcigfs, Newton G. Chnn-
year 1926 were more than 3260.- made to the poRce and trafflo o fi
N E W YO RK, Jgly 1 1 — A ■®}\and John H. Carkln.
060,009 of the 1935 total, the fleers w ill make a complete In­
The petition is based on tbe
sympathetic w a lk o u t of power­
treasury department announced vestigation.
house . employes threatens
to contention that 15 percent of the
W hile yon are a guest la oomnlty. be certain to vltalt Lithla
paralyse the elevated, and sub­ voters is sufficient to initiate tbe
Income tax collections during
Park, a playground o f many aeree. with the main entrance
way lines of tbe Interborough measure. - Tbe county clerk bolds
the fiscal year endlpg June 20,
. Oregon— Cloudy on the
at the Plana, where NatureTa deepest beauties are found
Rapid Transit company, already that 89 percent la necessary.
1916, exceeded Income tax eoi-
along the Wsdks that load yon through the forest border-
coast and fair la the inter­
suffering frota a partial strike of
lectlena during fiscal'year 1928
ior tonight and Tuesday.
motormen and switehmed.
by more than 8100,600,000.
Moderate westerly winds.
La Follette Will
Wage Hard Battle
Favor Jim Reed
For Presidency
Many Roumanian
Soldiers Killed
More Workers to .
Engage in Strike
Many Trout Fry
Put in Streams
Kills Self Over
Death of Canine Internal Revenue
Receipts Showing
Much Larger Gain