Ashland daily tidings. (Ashland, Or.) 1919-1970, February 27, 1926, Page 2, Image 2

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    A SH LAN D
Published Every Evening Except Sunday by
fH X
Bert R. Qreer ..
George Madden
W. H. Perkins
»eed to have coiwts th a t ascertain 'fa irly q u ie tly the fa c ts, w^
and d eal b u t ju stic e in accordance w ith th ese facte. We* Keep?
need to h av e s ta n d a rd s of civic m orals, th a t re q u ire th e
legal profession to cooperate fo r qu ick as well as ade-
Business Mai
...... Neve
'Mttg- woUdwtttllx
soi?tlpg »r
epw-horse p< the WaMerg »Iain?,
fleo* mitt i« a w pestare* Mara to,
re welcome.
spend $ e rq « of . jUa, days in
• WtîH»r«aA r e « i* California.
“Muggins,” q g g /< A years old,
M*. bean, ift wm w t e « , R®nd-
»P» «*4
mere oej#e,
D o Y o u Need* a •
bornee, salvas and soit« rogad
from Ma back than any other
hopse i? America, rider» th?t
?nqw kim, of old aa«;
'•He’« got mone ‘eow senne*
I f S o , Phone
tbap e a r ether b en e, too,” they
Telephone 9»
Entered at the Ashland, Oregon PoetolMrc as Second Class Mall Matter
Subscription Price, Delivered io City
One Month --------- ----...........................- ....................... ............... » .85
Three Months ........ ,...........- ................................................... .....
Six Months ................... «,....................................— ...- --- ..----- -
One IT ear
By Mall and Koval Rentes
One Month
« ,65
Three Months ................... ......................................... ............... —
Six Months
a ,.., m
One X ear
....................................................6 ,5 0
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First insertion, per 8 point line ......................................... .....u
Each subsequent insertion, 8 point line ____ __________ _
( ard of T hanks----- .. i ,.
. . i..
. .
Ohitua^es, per line ................ ............;...................... ..................
i i
No donation» to charities or otherwise will he made in advertis­
i n g or )oh printing — our contributions wRi be in cash.
“All future event», where an admission charge is made or a
collection taken Is Advertising.”
No discount will be- allowed Religious or Benevolent Order».
FEBRUARY 37, 1030
DELIVERED FROM AX*L EVIL— “Joseph is a fruitful bough.
• • • The archera have »orely grieved him * • • But his bow abode
in strength, and the arms of his hands were tnade strong by the
hands of the mighty God of Jocob.” Gen. 49: 22-24.
PRAYER— O Lord God, Re that dwelleth in the secret place
of the Most High, shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty,
and no evil shall befall him.
F irs t, i t was th e needle, then th e b read p an ; now th e
w ashtub is w aning. I t is difficult fo r people to u n d e rsta n d
w hat A m erican business e n terp rise h as done fo r th e alle-
v iatjon o f th e duties of the housekeeper.
T he ta sk of m a k in g clothes fo r th e fam ily b eg an to
be lightened when E lias Howe invented the sew ing itia-
chine. N o tw ith stan d in g th a t useful im plem ent is still a
u n iversal artic le of fam ily equipm ent, its use is no longer
a d a ily h ab it. T he factory-m ade g arm en t has alm ost p u t
th e hom e-m ade artic le o u t of the running, by su p erio r
style, fit an d finish, n o t to m ention low er cost.
The ^Ashland f*unil|r w hich m akes its own b re a d
is th e exception and not th e rule, as i t w as a few y é ars
ago. B aking has becom e.a v a st n a tio n a l in d u stry an d in
every city, the bakeries supply p ra c tic a lly all of th e b read
E ven . though thousands, o f fam ilies still use th e
w ashtub o r pow er m achine iu tlu y r hom es, the lau n d ries
have been m aking in ro ad s on the tu b fo r years. T o d ay
it is estim ated th a t th e av erag e la u n d ry cost p e r fam ily
is $5.
T he needle h a s p re tty w ell gone o u t o f use except fo r
m ending. T h e bread-pan an d th e S a tu rd a y b a k in g hav e
re tire d to sm all p ro portions. A nd th e la u n d rie s claim
th a t now th e prosperous A m erican, people a re an the w ay
to tu rn in g over th e ir rin sin g an d w rin g in g to the la u n d ­
* ». iwt
NBA Service Writer
WASHINGTON— The impossi­
ble’s happened..
Calvin Coolidge has talked 1
do is a deed; wh»t too much. • At aily Fate, the '
1» often a mortgage. "presidential spokesman” has.
Painter or a
Congress consists of regular
The main thing in successful
Republicans, regular Democrats >
oratory is to get through and a»|d so-called radicals, who are I
»it down.
rebel Republicans, mostly.
In the 88th Congress, as in
It -is easier to entertain a this, the 69th, the regular Re­
^pxen guests than to entertain publicans had a safe majority in
the House of Representatives, so
ohe thought.
leave the House of Representa­
tives out of consideration.
What p e o p le s « y about you
But ih the Senate the Demo­
when you are not present— that crats and radicals together are
is reputation.
ktronger than the regular Re­
publicans— that is to say, when »
Captain M. C. Pottereon-of iRnuan,
Don’t watch a man too closely they vote unitedly.
country. For a quarter qf a oentui
where it was bis teak 1» »tra» condi
if you want to keep s -g o o d
In . the lis t Congress that’s A lifer" made him a black walnut
opinion of him. ,
what they did, tying np every­
How good - yog are is a mat-
So, between sessions, the reg­
ter of choice. No one is ever ular Republicans buttonholed the
better than hq wants tq
regular Democrats and said:
“Let’s combine against these
dam radicals and you shall have
Hex' Hbck says: “Soonei* or'
some of the gravy.”
lqter, whiskers will have to be
worn again, so we can tell off­
Thus wax formed what the
hand whether it is a man or a radicals called the “ooalitloa,”
though the regulars,
sides,, hated the expression.
Every time the regular Re­
publicans wanted to do anything
o f any consequence, they pro­
claimed, “This is non-partisan,”
which enabled the regular Demo­
crats to vote for it.
Wtyjn some factory, gets . a
lot of som doesn't know
what to dq with-, we have a* new-
breakfast food-
. . l i i ’»S
T m KS
will have to buy new one» this
Some people
8cientious they
are so con-
applaud radio
A pqor man’»-son hasn’t mucH
more chance to make a success
than a rich man’s son.
. A fqst girl 1» often slow abont
reallring her mistake.
L ike a page out o f m edieval h isto ry com es th e sto ry
th a t a B lack H and le tte r drove an o p e ra sin g er ou t of
Just a iew more weeks now
D e tro it th is week.
before time to keep your fingers
B enjam ino G igli does n o t h av e a n y g re a t fa ith in out of the electric fan..
the police protection of a g re a t A m erican city . W hen
he g ets n o tifica tio n th a t he is not to sin g in D etro it, he
does n o t sing.
Call it cow ardice, if you will. I t is n o t easy fo r us
to p u t ourselves in th is s in g e r’s place.
W h a t is our own place, in th is m a tte r! W e are the
citizens, tlie sh a re rs in th is governm ent, th a t is no t able
to afford pro tectio n to a man com ing to us, in one of our
la rg e st cities, to sing.
W e can rbm ihd ourselves, fo r one thing, th a t the
g re a te st w ilderness th e re is, is a w ilderness of people.
Crim e is alw ays th e m ost prolific in th e tw o extrem es
of jtopulation, th e m ost scattered and th e m ost dense.
W hy!
Because in these extrem es of d en sity o f population,
the cost of ad eq u ate police suyeryision is the g r e a te s t
W hy a g a in ! B ecause it is here th a t the ra tio o f public
support to the w ork of the police is least.
In the very dense p a rts of a la rg e city , th e gossip
relation of citizens to th e ir fellow citizens is a t its low est
ebb. I t is there llia t m en and women know least about
th e ir neighbor*, and care .least. Men m a y hide in th e
dense crow ds on the streets, h id e .in tlie lodging houses,
w here no one kn< ws. nr m w . (In th e o th e r band, in t h r
d a s te lands, w here the population is lig h te st, th e refugee
may', by him self or w ith an accomplice, o r tw 6, escape
th e ofto n est an d show the g re a test force, when a ctu a lly
concerned. In th e light jo p u la tio n and in th e dense p ap u ­
latio n , alike, m ost citizens are engage« 1 in looking a fte r
th e ir own business axclusively. In th e m iddle ra tio of
p o p u latio n th e citizen s know th e m ost ab o u t th e ir n eig h ­
bors, an d are begt fitted for helping th e police to a p p re ­
hend prisoners.
P a ris , o r L ondon o r Belin, New Y ork o r Chitfago o r
D etro it, a re a ll wilflerneffs, w here the crim in al m ay best
w ork. No w onder G igli is afraid. He knows. H e has
know n N aples an d Borne an d New York as well. W hen the
...» TOKYO, — (IP) — A declar­
ation of Manchurlaa policy has
‘M n made in the House of Peers
by the Foreign Minister in re-
sponne to taunts from the opposi­
tion that the present cabinet*bad
failed so far to protect Japanese
interests in Manchnyi* and Mon-
Hence that expression of ap­
preciation from the “presidential
’* Inferentially, the opposition
takes the stand that Japan should
‘ The regulal Democratic sena­ double or treble the number of
tors’ home folks hadn’t been Jffbaneee |roops in Manchuria,
paying much attention to w hat
strength sufficient to enforce
their senators were doing, b»M sfw.Hey of “closed season on all
north of the Great W all.”
Spokesman’ complimented t h e « M f t aron Shideharai who said he
Welcomed the opportunity of mak­
they sat up and took notice.
“coalition” ing: a plain statement of Japanese
blew up, with a deafening re­ policy towards Manchuria in par­
port, in the midst of the Senate ticular and China in general, re­
debate on the tax bill. As for plied in effect that Japan will not
the U x bill, “Qo to It! Rip it hesitate to employ ai| necessary
up! Rnla It!” yelled Senator rnegqs for the protection of bar
Smoot, its sponsor, in an access treaty rights ip- Manchufie. rights
of fury, as he saw what the reepgaixed by all the world, but
combined Democrats and radicals Japan will not go beyond that,
were doing to it.
nor, undertake any action that,
could he construed as interfering
in any domestic affair of China.
Wendling — Booth-Kelly
If Chinese choose to light Chin­
reopens on full-time after
in Manchuria or anywhere
weeks of repair shut-down.
els«, that is their business with
Federal- authorities will
which Japan will not interfere so
118,000,000 feet Klamath
long as Japanese rights are ngt
dian Timber. -
involved and Japanese life and
1 ft
J. a
Bbnt W o r k e r s a n d
P a in t»
B est
Ruckheft Lact Boots and Shoes
W e h a v e b y f a r th e la r g e s t »took.
L E E D G M *S
property 1» apt endangered, Sbide-
hara pointed o u t
Japan is a petty to iMaffnatipn-
al agreements to respect the ter­
ritorial Integrity of Chi«* wad
Chinese sovereignty oxer her 8*-
cognised territory, sad Japan lg-
tenda tq abide by. her tejeraatieu-
al agreements, hp continuad.
It la generally understood that
Baron General Tanaka* leader o<
t»e main opposition party, who
was mlniptar of war when the
Siberian intenvaoMon took place,
tavoys * . much mor« >ggrs—iv>
attitude towaud CWna.
If kin
party, the 8e4yahai. should gain
power in the expected) general
«lection thia summer, a forward
movement by Jaffna, Iff Meochurte
may bq expected»
R ings
P in s .
V alves
A xles
G ears
B rake L in in g
T im ken B earin g
M otor B earin g s
• unngjt » » jjtp »
AottU»'« G iw M fowripg Oyg»Bi»attaQ
W flwd ÇiSPte» Di»«a«n*ah»4 Axperiowi and Européen Btars
Hup.T b S t a g H ew ing,
s Cratorian
Iford, O regon
‘« A R M E N«
Kurt Popnltr >»<t Sriorxt Opw»
In a New Hole
any, tea a iwws, q a jo ; Baioowy
Our Mieles
Beteb* m a e t 41 i T m *1 r qt.
Reel Estate A Real Inaurane
nffaw Edison
Recorder*» Office, A»Ul*nd, Ore«on,
February 20, 1926
NOTICE 10, HEREBY GIVEN to aU persons Interested in the
ownership of any parcel of land ahqtUur dn the following streets—
Union. Fairview*
8herm««, Harrtaun, Molly, Morton, Liberty,
Henry. Beach. Mountain Avenue, P««l» Avenye, Wlsceoein, Aehland,
apd the Boulevard*—that it la proposed | m tfc». Common, CpuacU qf
s»ld city to construct cement sidewalk», cuqb« and cutters, on said
street« M W h n the. folio «ting named points, excepting where euch
le >B rqv e n »e « t s a lr ee d ih i Rhi i . ■
»*' '
- --L
Uafan atneet. both, «idea, between Boulevard and Bairvlew,
E airviex 8tr»eL botl), al<|ee,. between Gresham and low»,
leWa Street, North side, betwben Mt. Avenue and Lincoln
Sherxnhn Street, both sides between Boulevard and Iowa '
Hkrrlsop StmeA bptk «Idee, between Boulevard and Iqwa.
Holly Street, both sides, between Harrison and Liberty
Morton Street, both etdee, between Boulevard and Pennsylvania Ave
Liberty street, both stdes. between ¿ouleyw h and Aehland
f a
f a
f s s . «
s s s ?
thfl Offlgr «a»
th flt w O p la y
a ll m ak>s o f
Ì W W to thfl
v s
. f a
. v
z , f a
W ta‘ . . 1B
Palm Ave. bothT »ldee, between lew * and Ashland
betWee-n i i h , ATe- *nd east end of Street.
’**■*’ *>*••*»
A v A and Normal School
¿L j JS j JS'TO i S f , 3 ? r c T o . toJ S J ^
Oregon on w e ed s? , the fad day of M a r c h !» » « , » t g ~o’rio ck '
c o n a the»
lx u c u and
e n ^ there
ea U x to
i^ w offer
q ih » any
. c u »UffgeetMns
e u S d £ t t ^ or > ohlectlona »e the
Palmer Piano
»7 otfeR qf
t>e Common Cqupett.
Of H. Johnsen, Mayor.
_ 2 . . ..
- . \
Gertrude Blede, -
L J « —« a t Wed. Sat.