Ashland daily tidings. (Ashland, Or.) 1919-1970, December 10, 1925, Page 2, Image 2

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national at ajl. Forinstauce, at Thaniagiving time, $
Americans in London had ordered turkeys for tl
Amerioan lnriid*y feqst. Then, on the death of
dowager queen» Alexandra, these Americana felt tha
would be a courtesy to cancel their dinners, and t
sold the turkeys for what they could get. The birds w
bought by Englishmen, and eaten by many who did
thldk, because the queen hjid died, they should fo,
their appetites. And the tayte for turkey, thus bro«
about through the “ death of! a distinguished personal
has produced a new market for turkeys for the com
ur friends von’»
psora for Chrlst-
• Let’s see new? what did we da with the money
last tax-reduction saved us 1—Schenectady Gazette.
— Never give the boy all the allowance you can afh
Keep back some to bail him oat,—Baltimore Son.
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Next month the banks should break all records,
the one when everybody is going to begin saving.—Pa
w H at ooxmttvtks advertising
“A lt future ¿rests, where an admission charge la 'mads e r a
collection taken ta Advertising.”,
! No discount « ill be allowed Religious o r Benevolent O f dafs
• No donations to charities or otherwise « ill be made In advsrtis
ink or Job printing — oar contributions «111 bo In cash._______
J D EA TH OR L IF E : — To be carnally minded la death; but to
be spiritually minded is life Mad peace. Romans 8: 8.
I Prayer:— Gracious God. w e know that Thou art a Spirit, able
change ub from carnal to spiritual. Ws took to Thee in fatfh
Thou change ns into the likeness of Thtba Own imago.
How does a politician manage to stay in the mid
of the road and keep an edr to the ground without
accident?—Detroit News.
‘ .
Parent - Teacher
Maybe the magazines ofle finds in the dentist’s wa
ing-room are put there to indicate bow long the denti
been practising.—Arkansas Gazette.»
i 'Pie first annual message of President Coolidge rince
ijs popular election’ to hig high position is a document
hat wll 1 increase the respect with whieh. be is Held.
♦ It will not add greatly to his
stt&oo no
‘¡telling blows;” it does not influence any passions; and
f does not greatly stimulate any emotious.
' :'
On the other B andit'Id'by no 'means a cold doou-
uCnt. Whatever Cal via-CboKdfee may be as a man, he is
A mym^agts negligible as a writer. H e s h o y s power
ijid jncisiv^n.ugSj fpr the purposes he has in writing.
| If the message is long, it is not effusive. It goes
ibeciflcally to many points. It faces with clear courage
Be irfufildiatl!'hOindrum questions of Government that
Modern Swords of Damocles
the President concedes to Congress
a)id to the JSenate a number of fields about which there
hhs been some dispute. Also he asserts for himself As
President the domination ■ of some other fields that have
been under di*enss|oa../-He proposes gome ogeewtive ah-'
tlority to meet the coal strike. Haft Wtocfts tolnto: PdfiTt
tf Congress to clean up the Muscle Shoals muddle. He
sAeks to simplify tito p resent cogfu ^ d status Qf the ifaip-
5£fThe Presudent is jndd in his adhesion to his convic-
tiftjs on the world court. Like every President before
L jj B he has become a’ oontert to the need of reasonable
(■¿Operation between nations to settle their disputes in*
slsad of leaving these disputes to the accidents of dip-
ldtfacy and the casual danger of bloody wgrft
jr , On other question#, be is bold or not» as lie may think
tfitoocasion reqqjres^ For instance; he Is specific but by
nlttneans aggressive W;tbw vp^estion of prphthition. The
spates, he says, should jftare their constitutional- obliga-
i W of enforcement. 'Aid bn.civil service, on whioh the
C$jftidge term has mgda'no particular advancement over
tw&e of his prcdcyesspE&he suggests an extension of the
tSwialities of thi.toorit system. f
S*The document i^l^ng.-^ is worth reading, as a-
t^fibook of cnrri)h|'Givsrameht. And it will he found
e n r reading foe
who are at all concerned with na?
¡Too bad that the question of the seating of Gerald
ive aa a mojnber of the United State* Senate can not
lecided purely on its legal merits. For it is purely a
il problem.
, ‘
I But tile $i|ly way to decide, under the constitution of
¡United Stated as to whom shall be seated in the Ren-
[ is by a vote of the Soqate.
»And the members of the Senate are w aved—have
h through all the history ef the Senate—by the qnes*
i as to whether the man to be seated will vote tlieif
; or not
’ >
| It is a hopeful sift«, ltowever, that more and moret
lagal qnestieiw involved are brought into these dis-
lion«. Some day, it is iftssible, men will be seated in
By Williams
Portland almoat twenty years
and was u7 member of the Shot
oaaoctystton j»ye years Before
Ifta . J. F . a m waa its presl-
debt. <wls , i ■ i <<.'* '• - •*>
fc’ Mra. Gabriel haa taken aa ac­
tive part in the musical world
and was form erly a teacher of
F o r two years she was a
Campfire guardian and conduct-
ed all city community sings and
ceremonials w ith hundreds of
girls participating.
Aa a member ot the Irvington
association she has served at
various times as publicity, music
and program chairman and two
years ago was elected president,
last year havlg bees unani­
mously re-elected.
She Is the mother of four
ehiltjren, one son at Oragoa
A gricultural
eon who eaters U n iversity, ef
Oregon next term,, a d augh ter 1a
Grant high and a second daugh­
ter In. Irvington grade school.
Mrs. Gabriel is oae ef tbk young­
er workers but 1s a woman of
Yaet, a
brings a « tilin g spirit and fresh
enthaetesm Into tha worh.
W ith the harmontona co-s*-
eration ot the 18,0*0 workers In
Oregon v e may look forward (o
a still bigger field tkia earning
•tar 01 Alistu», Tessa. I» « and went to
». He’s food of mv h m Ufa, and rmsern
trvytas th e you«« peopw •* beg. bet en
— It to better «o ride, than te walk.,.
M . W . Ham aker, local Star
dealer, re tu rn M teat night from
Oakland, «h a re he attended a
two-day convention -ef Star deal­
ers at . the Pacific const factory,
along w ith 480 other deniers and
Monte says th a t'th e 182« line
of Star cars «sa displayed nt
the-eo w veatlo a and th a t they
are beasties.
One of the new
Star Sixes which
would be a revelation, w ill »be
oin ‘-display hers sometime In
January,, ho said.
Dnrtag the comvhntloa the
Star officials gave Mente suite
a aen'doff «h e n various stunts
tha local dealer had need to
advertise the Stars « e re brought
to the attention .o f the dele-
Funeral services ,w ill be held
F riday afternoon from the Stocks
Undertaking Parlors at 1:00 o’-
eloch tor Mra. Rachel Ana Ken­
nedy who died at the Community
Hospital TOeaday.
Mrs. Kennedy was 84 years ot
dge. 8be was born in Missouri.
She bad bean a resident ot Ore­
gon for a number e f ydars, living
in the Tollman Springs district.
Interm ent w ill be ta the H ill
Mr*. K*ilU*ay M rarwTwMI Dy
fo u r children, R iley and Sam
Kennedy of the Soda Spring dis­
trict, Mrs. Olive Bllderback* of
Corvallis, Mrs. Nora De Sots of
Richmond, C alif., and Mrs. Effie
[.arson o f 8t. Helena Ore.
E. F. A vert«.8tete EBtee war-
den, met w ith the Isaac W alton
league members la Grants Pass
-Tuesday night, fallowing his con-
ferenee wKh the Jackson County
Sportsm ans Association 1a MOd-
ford Tuesday afternoon.
. j Aecefdtag to ¿he Grants Pass
courier, moat of those who met
A verill nt Grants Pass were 1a
fa ro r of cloetag the Rogue River
t0 fa b in g
during the
« In te r
year around
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M ark Trae. Mrd. Jesse N M , Mrs.
Carl Gottache, Mrs. W . L. Moore,
Mrs. Mary Homes Tucker, Mrs.
Homer Barron and Mra. Edwin
Outbursts of Everett True
4M P
O c t
Ô T -fe b l
CH»CA<R o ,
L o s /d is e d u c a r?
bAsfcl X O Ä .K
• s s v that " T i r » « '
e x j« < Î L S O 8 KHatRW
© e q o n i N G - pm «, too
M U C H o r A •B u R T J C N
F O M T H « T O « » , 1CU,
Five interested m others, from
Ashland attended the eounty
council meeting a t Central Point
last Saturday afternoon and re­
ported S very good meeting.
Monday, the oeuneil and High
school circles met a t the library
to finish thia years werk and
plan for future activities to be­
gin ta Jdnnary. Mrs. K arl Wins
was elected president of the
Highs school; Mrs. F. W , ‘Hitch,
eock, vice president; Mrs. W . C.
H itd te U as secretary and treot-
urer. Aa parents w ith pupils ih
schools lets 'aH join and help
these fine women who hnv*
consented to give of their tlmh'
to 'le a d ns to acdomyftah aome
real worthwhile w o rk , W e w ifi
<N0W U>O»<
R A Q Q tr— S C /L L
I f it hippeus tlmt Nyc, as a member of the Senate^
Id vote in a “ radical” w$y, and if it happens that tlill
al way is favored by -jt majority of the cittens of
i Dakota, then he skotild be seated, the prejudiced
y eonservai
of the Senate to the cow-
>n| if th3 appointment Qf Nye by the governor to tha
icy in illegal» not provided for by the statutes, theg
oald not he seated no matter how much he may ha
>wad by citiseas of North Dakota. Our GovernmsBt*
teea must ran smoothly. They muet repraaea4
it o f onr people. They must also preserve tha
gf qf democracy. The j>eople of North Da-
Md to “ reprcsetitation” only provided that
i aa orderly way.
ha a defeat of good government for the right
eeatod In tbe wrong w a y , o r for the right mag
* * right w lay to be unseated In the wrong)
tJndbr the 'sane leadership of
George J. Perkins, the > w erk of
the state association has made
steady gains until today Oregon
is considered one o f the out­
standing states ta the nation.
1 w t * . F o r tin i * ■ * a c t r a t *
made a splendid Bendar but has
won a warm plane la the hearts
of her co-workere and loaves
tha chair w ith tha good w ill
of every member la the «tote.
Mrs; W . W . Gabriel, our new
state president, has been doing
fo r
Daring * two-year1 resi­
dence In Seattle she organised
the F ran klin H igh aysoc iation
and alee served .ha program
and music ehalrman a t Madrena
F iM E
be the better parents for Jrnow-
Ing some of the needs and prob­
lems of our school and the
splendid work our teachers are
doing which soma of us knew
so little oL
Co-operation Is
onr motto.
■ * . T X ? to *<
Arrived Ik Ashland—
Mra. Flora Snmnar, ot Draw,
Oregon, arrivée in Ashland Tues­
'Zh’A --s
day night to vtaft har Wrothar, B.
W . N e iffe r,-w h o is detained ta
Ashland Bacante of tha critica;
fllnaes o f his wife.
T * < r r , i t ’5
N O T M ItN « X A T 'A L <-
fs o A
M 1J - W » R I M O ,
V r t p W T ^ T IQ N S
AW f V m
O |V D e A ^ E .t >
cd - TH<a 3 < ,C T > 3
s P i^ e x u e o ^ T »
a m il œ iaä . w e it e
G H fM « - w e / p a c s i
e x W T iM Ä
is /d itm o r tj
O t * W
€ N T l« Æ