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    R. C. O'Brien.
"While in the U. S. Armv in France
I contracted a bad cold, then the in
fluenza. I was shell-shocked and
gassed. I Buffered in terrible misery
for six months. Was returned to the
United States and the suffering contin
ued. I consulted six different doctors
but they did not seem to know what
was the matter with me and did me no
good, although I took several bottles
medicine prescribed for me. At last a
friend of mine advised me to take Dr.
Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. I
noticed a change in about a month.
This surprised me and I continued to
take the ' Discovery ' until I had taken
seven bottles. I began to feel like my
self once more and today I am feeling
better than I have felt in four years.
With the exception of 'gassed' lungs I
am entirely well." R. C. O'Brien,
3018 Eagle St., Los Angeles, Calif.
Any drug store, in tablets or liquid,
or send 10c to Dr. Pierce's Invalids
Hotel, Buffalo, IS'. Y., for a trial pkg.
Germ-Killing Metals.
Germs that- come in contact with
certain metals are destroyed as shown
by recent experiments. Copper, zinc,
brass and silver are capable of killing
microbes, but these metals also are
most easily attacked by chemicals. In
the tests the germs were not harmed
by platinum, nickel nor pure gold
freshly cleaned and polished.
Value of Observation.
An observant man, in all his inter
course with society and the world,
carries a pencil constantly in his
hand and, unperceived, marks on
every person and thing the figure ex
pressive of its value, and therefore in
stantly on meeting that person or
thing agiiin knows what kind and de
gree of attention to give it.
All Built on Liberty.
"All' of our greatness was born of
liberty, even our commercialism was
rocked in the cradle of democracy,
and we cannot strangle the mother
without destroying her children."
John P. Altgeld.
Serious Smoke Damage.
In the last 20 years Westminster
abbey has suffered almost as much
damage from smoke as time inflicted
in all the previous 650 years of the
building's existence.
Invention of Bronze.
Bronze, the only tool metal known
to our ancestors of 8,000 years ago,
was invented independently in both
the Near East and by the Peruvian
Golfer's Advantage.
The golf liar has one advantage
over the angling xVnanias; he doesn't
have to show anything to prove it.
Boston Transcript.
Mayor Also Admiral.
As a compliment, the lord mayor of
London is always an admiral of the
port of London London Answers.
"after every meal"
Parents - encourage the
children to care for their teeth f
Give them Wi-igley's.
It removes food particles
from the teeth. Strengthens
the gums. Combats acid
Refreshing and beneficial !
You Want a Good Position
Verr wall Taka the a,cmntaw- and BnainMa
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Oeatomrtar, Staaofraphie, PnaiBiUf, o
Taahara Goon at
The foreman Bnainaai fllr of tha Karthwag
which hat wo more Accuracy Airarda ana wJ
If adala than any other school in America. Emm
tor aur Bgcceaa Catalog Fourth 8raa aaar
Merriaon Portland. Or. laaaa at Walter, ra
P. N. U.
No. 14, 1925
! by Shun Story Pub. Co.)
FRIDAY found the Immam Ab
dullah squatted cross-legged upon
the platform of the mosque. Be
fore him, on a little aland, lay
the open Koran upon which his eyes
were fixed, while his chubby forefinger
was energetically gesticulating to the
group of excited women about him.
r'rom the expression upon his face,
and the sharp Interruptions from his
audience, it seemed that at last, in
his old age, after a life filled with the
thousand theological battles, aud
crowned with a thousand victories, he
had met his Marathon, for the longer
he argued the louder grew the ex
postulations of the women.
"The Prophet peace be upon him "
repeated Abdullah for the tenth time
that day, and with an expression of
Increasing despair, "received from I'ar
adise a message that man might have
four wives. You, ladles of Mecca, de
mand that if a mivn has four wives, a
woman may have four husbands. Had
that been Allah's will, he would long
ago have revealed It."
"But Allah did not say that we
should not have four husbands," cried
the women. "Oh, great Abdullah," they
continued, "Allah has revealed many
things through the Prophet, and we
are obedient to all his laws; other
things are yet to be revealed. There
fore, learn for us Allah's will. Pray
that he may reveal to you, you who
remember the Prophet, you who were
among those to welcome him back to
Mecca, you through whom Allah has
already revealed so many things, If a
woman may not have four husbands as
a man has four wives."
Abdullah groaned, for his reputation
as a holy man was at stake; he had
employed every argument to bring
these wives of Mecca to contentment,
yet they had defeated him, and de
manded from him a special revelation.
"I will ask Allah to reveal his will,"
he sighed. "Next Friday I will im
part It to you."
Still groaning in spirit, he arose
from the floor, feebly moved across
the straw matting to the door, poked
his fat, bare feet into his sandals, and
went home.
Abdullah's past history had been an
Interesting one. He was a small, bare
footed boy when the prophet Moham
med returned to Mecca, and now of all
the people left in the Holy City, he
alone had seen him. Inspired by that
rare privilege, he marked out for him
self the career of a holy man. When
his chin was first fuzzy with the down
which evolved into the largest of
patriarchal beards, he wandered as a
dervish, but to suffer from hunger and
thirst, and to lacerate his own body,
soon ceased to be pleasures, and final
ly he settled down as an immam In
the Holy City to gain an easier llvell
'hood by fleecing the visiting pilgrims.
In his profession he prospered. He
alone was intrusted with the keys of
the Kaaba, and so great was his re
puted piety that he was consulted In
every religious controversy.
During his long life Abdullah had
seen but one sorrow his wives had
died one after another, yet that was
not the cause of his grief, for never
for long did he lack his full quota of
wives which, both living and dead, he
could count to a score. The one thorn
In his flesh was that this score or more
of wives had presented him with but
a single offspring, a daughter, whom
he had named Hanlfa. This solitary
plant of the harem grew and blos
somed Into a dark, slender, large-eyed
Arab maid, sending out her tendrils of
love until they entwined about the old
man's heart, as If to compensate him
for his lack of sons. She was the only
child of twenty passing wives.
"Baba," tenderly said Hanlfa, as her
father, leaving the crowd of angry
women In the mosque, had returned
home and squatted before the dish of
pllaf, which he left untasted, "Are you
"No, child," repjled Abdullah, with
an audible sigh, yet without paying
his customary visit to the harem, he
The next morning when Abdullah
appeared, his eyes were sunken, for
he had passed a sleepless night. Dur
ing the dark hours his audience of
clamoring women was ever before him,
and although he had a thousand times
successfully interpreted the Ibwb of
the Koran, now he had failed ; his wits
had deserted him, and no revelation
came; his reputation as an Immam
would be ruined, and all the wisdom
displayed In the past would be in vain.
Thus tortured, he slept none and
ate little. Half a dozen times, dally
Hanlfa urged him to Impart to her
the cause of his sorrows, nnd ns often
did he deny that he wh prTHrttrl, yet
before the week as half 'ided, Ab
dullah had become go feMe that he
even neglected the book which wag to
perpetuate his nmne: he renminbi In
the corner, silent nnd thoughtful.
"Baba," said BaUstfa, ngaln stroking
his old bald head. "Tell me your
troubles perhaps I nn help you."
"I hove none, child." was the holy
mans prevaricating reply. A deep
groan followed.
Hanlfa was too solicitous of the old
man's health to be silent. Long she
stood over him. stroking his head, yet
finally when the abundance of sighs
and groans seemed to be well nigh
exhausted, he explained In a feeble
voice how the women of Mecca had
demanded a special, lmpoaaible rsvela
tlon. Concluding his explanations in
utter despair, he covered hlji face with
his hands and wept.
Hanlfa laughed. "Poor Baba," she
said, still stroking his bald head.
"Your troubles are slight."
Abdullah raised his tear-filled ejes
"They are very slight," she repeat
ed. "Leave them to me and they will
Abdullah's look of reoroach turned
to one of keen attention.
"Yes, Baba, if you will write my
name just once in your great book, I
will bring your troubles to an end."
Abdullah, with the eagerness of the
sinking man who grasped at the straw,
promised. While Hanlfa was explain
ing the special revelation which on
the appointed day he should communi
cate to the women In the mosque, the
tears suddenly disappeared from his
eyes. Fortified, with a new hope and
courage, he arose and shouted to his
sluves to immediately bring a large
tray of pllaf. ,
It was early Friday morning, earlier
than usual, when Abdullah seated him
self upon the platform of the mosque.
On all previous occasions, since he
could remember, his audiences had
gathered and were awaiting him. That
Friday morning, when he said his
prayers, his voice rang with an un
usual clearness, and during his pros
trations his old bones seemed to have
renewed their youth. His face was
beaming with happiness, nnd his eye
had never been more bright, for he
had nn Important communication from
Allah to reveal to the wives of the
Faithful. At his side upon the plat
form stood an immense copper kettle
which his waiting slave had brought
him. One by one the rebelling women
fame and squatted about, anxious to
hear the special revelation promised
by the beaming expression upon Ab
dullah's face.
Finally, when they had all congre
gated, Abdullah, In a voice deep with
mystery and awe. commanded that
each woman present should go at once
to her home and Immediately return
with a Jug of milk. The women de
murred. They had come, they said, to
hear the revelation. Abdullah ex
plained that no revelation was pos
sible until his command had been
obeyed, and In a few moments two
score women, each with a Jug of milk
balanced upon her head, stood before
"Pour the milk Into this kettle," said
Abdullah, with a voice suggestive of
still greater mystery, yet In his eye
was a twinkle of delight which he
could not conceal.
The women filed past the kettle,
poured the milk into It, and returned
to their places upon the floor before
the great teacher. Abdulluh, solemnly
stroking his long beard, looked silently
at the foaming camel's milk, and then
slowly turned to the wondering women
before him. His morning's discourse
upon the perfect wisdom of Allah, and
the wonderfulness of his revelations,
was prefaced with a longer Introduc
tion than usual. Never had he been
so eloquent never had he spoken with
such confidence.
"Now, Oh wives of the Fnlthful," he
said. In concluding his long discourse,
"I shall Impart the revelation which
Allah has sent to you through me,
his faithful servant. Allah bids that
each of you approach this kettle of
milk; he bids that earti of you take
from the kettle the milk which you
poured Into it but a moment ago. When
you shall have done this, he bids that
each of you who will, take four hus
bands, as a man may take four wives.
But," he continued, as the sparkling
of his eyes Increased, "Allah bids me
say that If one of you shall take the
thousandth part of a drop of the milk
which another has poured Into the
kettle, it shall be accounted unto you
a theft, and you shall he delivered to
Iblls for eternal punishment."
The old man chuckled. The con
tented expressions upon the faces ol
the women suddenly turned to umaze
ment. "Oh great Abdullah," finally sug
gested an Innocent one In the audi
ence, "we do not know which our milk
is It Is all alike it is all white and
Abdullah sprang to his feet and with
his arms wildly and supernaturnlly
waving above his head, shouted with
a monstrous, prophetic voice, which
thundered throughout the mosque, the
special revelation from Allah :
"As It Is with the milk, so would
It be with your children," were the
few Intelligible words amid the re
sounding echoes. "As you cannot dis
tinguish which drop of milk you
poured Into the kettle, so you could
not distinguish the fathers of your
children. Trouble me and Allah no
more with your Idle words."
The women were vanquished ; one
by one they left the mosque. As the
last one disappeared the chuckling Ab
dullah looked fondly at the white
foam, smacked his Hps In anticipation
of many days with frequent and pro
longed drafts of curdled milk, and
clapped his hands to summon the wait
ing slave to carry the proceeds of his
revelation home.
Although Hanlfa could not dis
tinguish alef from yod, that Friday
afternoon she was peeking over her
father's shoulder while he dilated In
bis great theological book upon the
various sects of the Moslem world.
One of them, the largest, he described
as the Hanlfah. As her father pointed
out the word, and read It aloud, she
again stroked bis old, bald head, and
then hurried aw ay to bring him a bowl
of curdled milk.
Abdullah's revelation must have met
with Allah's favor, for the Hanlfah
sect has Increased In number and la
all things worldly. Prominent among
Its members Is Abdul Harold, the sul
tan, who, with millions of others,
speak reverently of the good old Sslut
More and more quality In dairy
products brings Its Just rew ard. When
milk is clean and pure more of it is
used and a better price Is paid. Of
course there are exceptions to this, as,
for instance, where the milk from a
large number of farms Is dumped into
common vats. The thing to be done
under such circumstances is for all
farmers to Improve their product and
for them to let the world know about
it. It has been well said that the
way to Increase the use of milk la the
cities is to Increase its value by Im
proving the quality.
People are saturated with the Idea
of sanitation and quality. Products
that a few years ago were sold in bulk
witb no thought of contamination, are
now sold only in sanitary sealed pack
ages. Just so with milk If It pos
sesses quality, people will use more of
It and that will improve the mnr'tet.
The consumption of dairy products
has Increased 23 per cent during the
last few years. Credit for much of
this increase must be given to the fact
that the cleanliness and quality of the
dairy products offered for sale have
been Improved to such an extent that
they have become the best the world
has ever known.
The methods of Improving the qual
ity, of necessity, must start at the
farm The rules or the plans are very
simple. The cows and the milkers
should be healthy. Most towns and
cities have ordinances requiring that
cows be tested and found free from
tuberculosis before their milk may be
sold. It is Just as essential that those
who do the milking and who handle
the milk shall be free from the same
There Is a growing tendency to sub
stitute principles for rules. This ap
plies especially to the production of
clean milk. The way to produce clean
milk is simply to keep It from becom
ing contaminated with dirt. This re
quires a clean milking place, clean
cows, clean milkers and clean palls
and other utensils. Cooling the milk
Is likewise very essential. Kveryone
knows that cool milk keeps very much
better than warm milk. The reason
Is that bacteria, wlrlch cause the milk
to become sour, multiply much more
rapidly In Warm milk. There are pos
sibilities on every farm of cooling the
milk. It may be running water, It
may be Ice, or It may be some other
arrangement. The big thing Is to
apply the slogan, "keep It clean, keep
it cool."
Half a Million Boarder
Cows in New York State
Four hundred and sixty-two thousand
New York state cows do not produce
enough butter fat to pay their board
bill, says Professor EL A. Hopper of
the New York State College of Agri
culture at Ithaca. Yet, he continues,
they add enough to the total produc
tion of milk and cream to depress mar
ket prices on the product of the 938,
000 good cows in the state.
According to Professor Hopper,
there are r5,000,000 more pounds of
butter fat In storage now than a year
ago, which causes the lower price In
dairy products. Under such conditions
it is even more than usually Important
on account of present high feed prices
to cull out the low producers. Culling
was never more necessary or needed
worse than at the present time, says
Professor Hopper.
One-third of New York's cons are
not only fulling to pay their own way,
but are making It difficult for the
other 938,000 cows to return a profit.
The COW-teSting associations now In
operation In various parts of the state
are doing valiant work in coping with
tills menace to the dairy industry, but
what Is needed Is more of them nnd
more men who are not afraid to beef
the low producers. The scales and
Babcock test for butter fat will weed
out the poor cows, If their owners
will see their duty and do It; aud bet
ter rations and more home-grown feeds
will Increase the net eurnlngs of the
good oDes.
i I I I 1 I I I I I I I I I I I 1 I M44
Dairy Facts
Hi-ll i i 1 1 1 in "H4
A dairy barn doesn't need to be
costly to be cltfan.
a a
Cream and milk cool 23 times as fHSt
In water as In air of the same temper
ature. a a a
You must like cows If you eipect
them to make a profit for you. Then
you have got to study and understand
cows and all that goes with their
breeding, feeding and cure.
' a
The best way to meet the dairy
cow's mineral needs la to apply lime
and phosphorus, In the form of ground
limestone and add phosphate, to the
soil, and thereby grow more high
mineral roughages, such as clover and
a a a
A heavy allowance of potatoes for
dairy cows produces milk of poor
flavor. They may he used with suc
cess, however, when not over 30 to
85 pounds of raw tubers are fed a
day to a cow. A slightly larger allow
ance of cooked potatoes may be fed.
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holds no thrills, and
but little anticipation, for the
sick and puny.
Therefore keep up that
100'V feeling,
hy taking
A Mild Laxarlra
A Syitem Builder
That will assist NA
TURE in keeping your
System fit at all times
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Two Great Languages.
The only living language beildei
English which is at present growing
With any rapidity is Spanish. Spanish
Js the principal language of America
from Mexico southward, and the popu
lation of the South American coun
tries Is increasing rapidly. Yet even
Spanish is no likely rival to English
as a world language.
We Specialize in
Hides, Pelts, Wool, Mohair,
Tallow, tascart. Oregon
Grape Root, Goat Skins,
Horse Hair
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Not Always "Mount Vernon"
George Washington's estate, Mount
Vernon, was originally called Hunting
Creek hut when it camo Into the pos
session of Lawrence Washington, the
brother of George, he changed it to
Mount Vernon In honor of Admiral Kd
ward Vernon, of the liritlsh navy.
New Fluff Rugs
Made From Old Carpets "Wear Like
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Millions Paid to Hunt.
During one season sportsmen In the
United States pay on an average about
$5, 000,000 for hunting permits and li
censes of all kinds. This money 1h
used by the various states to establish
game preserves, pay for wardens and
generally to reduce taxation.
Apples Oddly Colored.
Apple trees planted near a perpen
dicular rock cliff at Cashmere, Wash.,
produced apples that were colored on
one side only becauso the sun and
light could not reach the Ride Mxt to
the cliff. The locution was chosen
ho that the roots might find perpetuitl
moislure at the loot of the cliff.
New York newspapers are discuss
ing the ciuestlon, "What Is an adven
turess?" An adventuress is a woman
you and your husband met awhile ago,
and your husband remarks, "Why not
have her out to our house to dinner
sometime?" Kansas City Star.
Ink From the Maple.
A homemade Ink was, In earlier
days, sometimes made from the bark
of the red maple hy boiling it and add
ing sulphite of Iron, says Ihe American
Tree ussociallon. It contains consid
erable tannin, and, ut one time, was
occasionally employed in dyeing.
Reversal of Usual Order.
The sloth, a purely arboreal animal
of Central and South America, prac
tically ipebdl its life upside down.
Those animals hang head down In the
trees and rarely leave them.
Grumbler Never Leads.
ressimists are always in the rear,
and never In the van In the march of
progress. Your successful men and
women ure never chronic grunihlers.
- llisltop Samuel Fallows.
Getting in Shape.
it might console the farm boy who
is growling ahout pitching hay during
the sweltering days of July and August
If he'll just remember ho is getting
himself in fine trim to enjoy golf a
little later in life. Cincinnati Knuuir-er.
Time to "Take Stock."
Many a man who boasts that he Is
self-made wonders why his fellows do
not share his admiration of his crea
tion. Such a man should go farther
and give serious thought to his
achievement. Introspection might n
duce his conceit. Grit.
Earliest Sweet Sounds.
The lyre,, the flue, the trumpet or
horn, und the kit Intra were used by
the Greeks. The Kgyptluns used the
flute, the Hum, the lyre and the
harp. The harp, In many Instances,
had 15 strings.
Nature's Great Law.
Kverythlng bears within ItHelf an
impulse to strive ufter a higher de
gree of divinity, und that is the great
law of progress throughout all nature.
Had Scanty Store of Iron.
Practically all the great countries of
antiquity were deficient in natural
supplies of Iron. Consequently most
of the civilized people of early times
hail few tools, limited largely to
knives, hoes and weapons.
WA N I 1 1 N i
Made in two
mm , 2 1 0 a n d 4 2 0 rut v1 1
ion: Addaaartionany
time. Karh awrtion a
completa Incubator,
larga capacity amatl
pace at.tornaJtir raulat
ion, laa work, low '
at in coat. You cn
brant in rrioaor Hau ft.
AddrM ma at one for
frw-aUtlottut Noitrwit-
2. W0 tOO
Lin cuba tor
UtorvaluaobtalW'l'' rraa trial i r irm
i 25 yearn practical experienc and Monajr
Back Ouarantaa.
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Support.. Hnd for rnvaaur
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