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Pyramus and
Novel Home for the Aged Is Opened
,AH, DEAR! now I wish I could
'V lake h ride.:" Snrlnescn sighed
storm) ly-
"Well, why don't .you?" AJjnt Susan
asked placidly- I'Lady Jane Gray Isn't
working exercise 'd he better for her
than standing stalled all day."
' "Ugh! All she's fit for Is crowhalt!
I -wouldn't be seen on her," Sarinesca
flung hack.
"Of course, If you wanter show
off " began Aunt Susan.
"I don't 1 Only not to he a scare
crow 1" Sara broke in, tears running
over titer rosy checks.
"It comes of being an honest man's
daughter. Don't forget that!" Aunt
Susan said, head up. eyes flashing.
"Too honest t try studding from un
der b load of security debts your
grandfather bud put on him. I'd be
proud- remembering n thing like that,"
'I I-cun't J I'm young," Sara
sobbed ; "nineteen and I've never bad
Aunt ..Susan swallowed something
hard In her throat. She loved this
quicksilver child 'dearly, for all she
had found her a trial all the ten yours
she hud cherished her. "Susan, keep
her-snfe, Shi 's Ml that's left me," her
brother bad said When he bade them
goodby. Three months had stripped
him of everything. His wife, his twin
sons, their grandparents all had been
Instantly killed In a motor accident,
leaving him a burden of debts and
grief that ought to have Crashed Mm
utterly. Terribly shaken, he bad some
how lived thTOtJgh it, keeping his bead
unbowed. "I shall come buck living
or dead," were his last words.
A motor horn sounded Impatiently
outside. Sara darted to And out Its
meaning. In n inlnulo she was back,
white, breathleae, laying brokenly: t
can't believe It hut but my Great-;
uncle Julian has come to take me
away for good."
"You are willing to go with him,"
Aunt Susan shot at her, "after he lias
waited so long?"
Sara nodded. "Von won't blame me,
nfter you see their car and my mini's
"Rut you are your mother's daugh
ter," Susan said with u hnrd breath. I
"Re sure 1 won't lay a straw In the
way of your going. Only when your!
father comes--"
"He w'on't ever come! He must be
dead." Snrn cried, Hinging herself upon
her aunt's brciist.
"He will conic living or dead." Su
san Interrupted; "ami he win know I
did all I could for you."
Sara went quickly, but not before
Aunt Susan had spoken with fhe rich
kin. They were of the fairest surface,
engerly gracious. Insisting that shortly
she must come gnd pay them a long
visit, but she distrusted lliem.
Sara wrote daily all through tliei
first week, then the letters slackened,
but Aunt Susan did not wonder. One
of the letters made Aunt Susan start
violently It mentioned the name oi
the man whose trcnchery had cnused
her brother's ruin 11c had been young
lsh then -say thirty five. At forty-tlvc
Sarlnescu would tempt him mightily,
with her fresh untonchedness, her eltln
charm. Hut when Jim, her brother,
catue back the next day, Joy drove all
else from her mind for a week. Aged,
weather beaten, smiling rarely, speak
ing little, he Itemed content to bathe
himself In her devotion. Sara's nb
sence grieved him, hut not bitterly
"She Is young and starved for pleas
ure," he said. "Let her take her till."
Sister Matt) asked no questions, It
was enough for her to have him hack
alive and sound. "You shall hear
everything- after 1 am rested," he had
said at llrst coming.
A month from bis coming they sal
In June moonlight. Suddenly across
the narrow lawn iceme running figure
man and woman- band In hand and
ranting for breath. Ten yards off th
girl called tremulously : "Oh, Aunt Sn
san. Aunt Susan! I've coiue back
home! If It la my home still."
"Your home always," Aunt Susan
said shakily. "Enough that you are
here you need not tell why."
"Rut 1 must !" Sara cried, drnpplni
the man's hand. "You see I mar
ried or else I couldnt ever have got
away." Then all In a huddle came the?
whole story. Those In authority had
tried to coax her Into marrying Judg
Tanner. When he had refused dally,
they had looked her up, telling hei
marriage was the door to freedom
Hut young Peering, the private secre
tary, bud come to her help It bad
been love at first sight between them
he had got a license and a magi
trate. with them scrambled up a lad
der to her barred window they had
Joined bands through the bars, lieer
duly married, and got away undei
threat of the law, "And I cam
straight to you - I shall never go nwaj
agnln." Sara said, lifting her heud a
little All through the recital It had
been burled In her aunt's lap. As hei
eye caught her father's face, she Dunn
herself upon his brcaf.
A long minute of silence- then tin
hud to explain a bit. t'nele Jullat!
nud Judge Tanner, It npKnred. hat'
found out that he was coming home -enormously
rich due In two month
hence their haste. He hail heuten them
thanks to young Peering, who was In
close friend, set to spy upon the pair
"And you did even belter than 1 hoped
Hilly," said Mr. James Graham Jomuis
ly. "I meant to hue you for a sou in
law all along, but didn't dream oi
youtigsters would get the drop on me'
"All's well that ends well," Hilly no
awerd- and none gun said biui.
jmr A iir-L
r iu:-if i i
Board man Locals and Personals TheBoardmanMilTOT
A Merry Christmas and a Happy
New Year to all readers of the Cecil
Will Gill has left Boardman district
temporarily and is herding sheep for
Pete Farley on the McCintre ranch
at Willow Creek.
Lambing season has commenced on
I items. If at any time the writer of : the project. The ileNamee herd nas
Cecil News has offended anyone by I -10 young lambs and the Marshall herd
any of the items, we apologize right about 50.
now and let us start he new year In Last Friday afternoon Mrs. W. H.
"Peace on Earth Good Will Towards Mefford entertained Mrs. Robt. Wilson
Men". jat dinner and during the afternoon a
.lad; IJynd of Butterfly Flats ac- ,,nut ;!0 matrons called and presented
lied by his nieces Misses Annie -rs- "iison vvnn many gins.
(. and Minnie H. Lowe of Cecil were &1 1,10 snow- e 1 "dmis
cotmtv seat visitors on Saturday. making their appearance in great
Published by The
Currey Printing Company
George Huntington Currey, and
Olive M. Currey
Editors and Proprietors
!nl red as second-class matter Feb.
1. mil, at the postoffloe at Board
ipn, Ore., tinder act of Mar. 3. 1S?0.
A little ad in The Mirror wil! sell
t for you.
Charlie Wright left
numbers. They are already beginning
on the local - - " Make Merry Ycur Christinas,
Uh,,.,l,. f,.v l.nmo Ir, 9nnl-nno "v " " " " we,. , .-
Above Is shown the New Daughters of .I icon million-dollar free home for the
Hged at 1 indliiy avenue und One Hundred and Slxtyseventh street. New York
city, which has just been opened. Il is the only building In the country con
Itructed In the shape of an eight-pointed star. The building was planned In
this unusual shape in order thai all the rooms would lie on the outside. Eucb
has a large Window affording plenty of sunle l.l and fresh air.
after spending a few days visiting his
friend J. W. Osborn at Fairvlew.
.Miik Wilson and two of his nephews
returned to their homes at Boardman
a Saturday after calling on all their
old friends around Cecil.
Leon Logan of Four Mile made a
short stay In Cecil on Saturday to
visit his old friend Peter Bauernfieiul
vim recently returned from Ritter.
Wld Palinateer of Windynooit, and
W. A. Thomas of Dotheboys hill were
doing business In Cecil on Saturday.
They went on to lone to learn the late ' f(,ot
news of that vicinity.
stacks and orchards. Now is the time
to either put out poison or have drives,
are you ready? Lets go.
8. H. Boardman has had Installed
in his home, this week, a two stage
amplifying radio set.
Ed Martin who is herder of the
Pete Slavln band of sheep, is spend
ing a two weeks vacation in Heppner.
Joe Kern is herding in his absence.
S. L. Beck who has been drilling
for artesian water the Frank Otto
farm, has had
cold weather.
' nd Happy Your New Year.
The editors, the entire force and
the office cat, sincerely wish all and
everyone of our renders a Merry, Mer
ry Christmas and u Happy and Pros
porous New Year.
After all. we can all to a large
degree measure our own happiness
n Christmas day and dish out for
our portion just about any amount of
stop because of the joy and prosperity in 102j as we de-
has gone down 4', sire.
Mrs Jules S. Bache HANSON J
1 jj
1 ''J
Ilorton who
home of Mi-
is lying very
Hardest v.
Tom Bradv was over from Willow
Mrs. H. J. Streeter spent Tuesday Creok Ulis ..,,,. vlsited ut ,h
with Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hardesty at. MarahaU UrAW
Morgan also visiting her uncle E. B.j 0s(..... Kosal. rpturnea on gat-
ill at the ,,.jav from Hermlston where she
Was called bv the sudden death of
Mrs, w. H. Chandler of Willow- Mrs Arthlir petersoni Mr. PeUxon
creel; ranch was calling on Miss An-left 0 KrWuv wlth ,;is wife ,,mlv
nie C. Hynd on Sunday. We are glad nm, flye f tll0 slx cWWl0n (or Uloir
to report Miss Hynd recovering froni;oU, home in Kansas. Little lllene la
Iter recent illness.
Oral Henrlksen of the Moore ranch
out near Heppner and Clifford Hen
rlksen of Pendleton were visitors at
Butterfly Flats on Sunday.
Pel r Bnuernfiend, Cecil's right
hand man, was doing business in Hep-
pner during the week and declares he ' Mrs j mm Pntci.taine(1 th(.
v, out leave Cecil lor another twelVI
now, often what makes one
discontented would bring forth thanks
giving in the heart of another. Some
people acquire a store of peace and
joy out of every day work a day
world. Others needs must seek the
unusuul for satisfaction.
Live your own life in the way of
your hearts' dessire. which is your
Cod given right; but grant the same
months as he was caught in the midst
i f the severe weather whioh has been
visiting Heppner lately.
Earl Morgan of Broadacres, was
In Cecil Thursday, also Roy E. Stend
nf Seldomseen, Elvln Miller of High
view and Dick Logan and Harvey
'Smith i f Four Mile.
V. Fn liens who has leen working
In the hospital at Pendleton with I'rivilcdge to your friends,
pneumonia. Mrs. Kosar has returned Serve your tell wmnn and observe
to Pendleton to be with the little girl the established obligations of society,
who is reported as very low. Everett v. n as do U e wolves and geese and
is stnying with the KUtz family dtir savages, else pay the penalty of vlo-
ing her absence. latlon and expect the same conduct of
the Misses Ilixson and Aldrieh and all people. Ill
Have file common sense and judge
ment to wisely balance these contra-
tinchers from the I). O. Drop Inn Wed
need ay evening at the BaUenger home.
This was in the nature of a farewell
for Mrs. Degendorffer who has sent
in her resignatb n. Mali Jong and 500
made the evening hours fly by and
the guests thoroughly enjoyed the de
lightful time.
The Misses Alice Aldr'.cb an 1 Bar-
dictory philosophies so that He who
brought "Peace on Earth, Good Will
to Ilea", shall not have lived in vain.
George Huntington Currey,
Olive M. Currey.
barn Hixson wer, shot) : rs in Pen-
Kreba Bros, at the Last Camp, ,llet(m on Hatlmlav
several mouths left on Friday to
Recent portrait of Mrs. Julci S
Itache, wife of a New York hanker
whom the collector of the port I her,
luis assessed $211,000 for failure to d '
rlarc, as dutiable, clothing and Jewel'.,
valued at $18,0tX) which she b rough'
from Europe. Mrs. Bache had inadi
no attempt to conceal the goods, tak
lng the stand that she had the rlgl
to bring personal belongings Into Ihv
country free because fhe was a re
dent of Purls for eleven months In
the year, having kept up a home thcr
since 1000.
Theodore Chrioti.Tnson, republican,
who was elected governor of Min
nesota. Trim Lines Distinguish
Latest in Tailored Suits
Guy Lee and wife stopped in Board
man Saturday on their way to Perry
dale Oregon Where they will spend
the winter with home folks
The V. E. Pie social which was
planned for last Friday was at
tended by n very small crowd and it,
Of all the Christmas presents good
old Santa could bring, we venture the
snow storm bends the list for all of
the small boys who own sleds.
Henry Dayton, the American vie
consul at Belgrade. Jugoslavia, wa
shot and seriously wounded at hi
homo by a young woman, who after
wards committed suicide.
Interrupted telephone and tele
graph communicut ion. more than "0
broken poles in Nebraska and Iowa
und delayed trains through the wt
central states were the results of the
first snow and gleet storm of the
winter. Nebr.i ikt anil Iowa were hard
est hit.
Filipino Pass Bill Vetoed by Wood
Manila The Independence fund
vetoed by Governor Ccucral Leonard
Wood, was passed by the Icgislntun
complete except t r the $50,000 year
ly expenses asked for Filipino d. I.
gates presenting independence peti
lions to the United States. Failure r
the $60,000 appropriation to pass
means that the Independence pre
bureau wlil he closed, It wits sa.d
i end his vacation with friends In
Mrs. L. L. Funk nrrived from Was
o on Tuesday accompanied by her
dajighter Geraldine who was taken ill
While visiting friends there. We are
a.. 1 .. a.. I. . ... i u ae hi oe om upm. is posslllk, that nI1otber will he given
W. V. Pedro of Ewing returned to , (l0 futnre I( was mvh ft jai, nlgW
his borne during the weeg, llfter at (ht,v t-ow had the C0U.age tQ venture
tending to business mnttd-s in vnri- ,n A sp,etulk, ,la(1 beon ,
oils placet for several daym. ttin T,i.,0 . .
nit- j -1 . . i i out hi i. i i nun i.i i ' i
Tom Crabtree who has been visit- Tho ples auetioned off brougllt go0ll before Christmas
ing ins oroiner j. t,. c raotree lerr on p,ic(,g
N. A. Macomher and family plan to
leave Wednesday for Pilot Rock to
spend the Xmns with Mrs. Mncomb-
cr's people.
Mrs. William Davis left Saturday Law of Progress
f r her home in Portland after a few Everything bears within Itself an
the local Tuesday for his home in
Mis. W. Sexton left on Friday for
T.ti Orcnde to spend the holidays in
that section with friends.
Miss Violet Hynd teacher in lone
"Shades of Midnight Stars"! Who
on! 1 have imagined when twenty
years ago We hitched up thai high
stepping bnys to the new sleigh and
ha fhe two miles into town to d
mr last tnlnnte siiopping, that we
would One lay be setting out a hi
for Grandmothers some 50.
oo m- 260 miles distant, on the day
Yet this week
there nre hundreds of such cars on
the highways, bound for home and the
good old fashioned family Christmas
from Salem to spend the holiday with ,;nv of VTS throughout all nature.
district is spending her vacation at (avs yMx fl, the Ralph Davts home impulse to strive after a higher de
honte here, as is .hick Hynd a student porothy Roardman came Saturday KreP (lf divinity, and that Is the great
at Heppner nign.
J. J. McF.ntlre of Killumey was an hatae folks
Arlington visit-ir on Friday. Petei
Farley of Heppner was calling at Kll
larney on Saturday.
J. C. Rallenger and wife leave on
Wednesdny for Wnsco where they nre
lo visit lit the Murehi,. home over the
Jim Furlong ,.f Heppner arrived in hoHdCym Mr. Murchlc who has been
Cecil on Suiulay and will work for
Newton Painless Dentists
Coolidge S.gis Bdl Qivlng Bonus Func
Waahlngtcn, D. C President Cool
Idge Saturday signed tho deficit mi
bill prorldiug i 1 000,000 for admin
istration and initial payments und
(be soldiers' bonus act and carrj
out the recommendations of th
reclamation fact finding comitti , .
Moscow. The annual ceremony of
the Armenian church, known us the
"Ulesslng of the Amurlcsns," will take
place at Erivan, Cnuraslan Russia,
next month. The ceremony is nu ex
pression of gratitude (or help which
tho United States has extended to
Armenia through the Near East Re
lief during the past tew years.
That French axiom which says,
'there Is nothing so beautiful as care"
Is confirmed by the tailored suit. He
It ever no Quiet as to color and plain
us to finish, Its trim and flattening
lines and Impeccable tailoring ore Its
most Impoitanl assets. One of this
lenson's aristocrats is pictured here,
;n beige twill, with double breasted
o..t and p'aln, straight skirt.
KvtKCHtvvrr, vt vjjoulp rwi nou
Kreba Bros, this winter.
Mr. and Mrs. T. II. Lowe and two
daughters Annie and Minnie H. and
I. Kreba all of Cecil spent Sunday
tit Rose Lawn, Sand Hollow as the
guests of W. ;. Hynd and Miss Hynd.
A severe cold spelt has hit Cecil
since December 11th. Friday was the
ideal day of the week, being 12 be
low ami uec. -"in at noon n cropped j(,r 0j- jjr nl)(j jjrs
fo two belOW. Snow begun to full on
Friday afternoon.
Christmas Tree at Khea School New
Heater for School Ru Cold
Weather Strikes Suddenly
quite 111 Is slowly convalescing. Mux
ine Rallenger bus been with her grand Cor
parents since Thanksgiving.
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Filler left on
Saturday for Portland to sp?nd the
the holidays. They will go to Sea
side for Xmns Mr. and Mrs. Arthur
Davis of Spokane came lust week" and
nre staying at the Falrr ranch un
til their return. Mrs. Davis is a iliiugh-
The cold snap has brougllt lots of
grief to Boardman housekeepers in
the way of frozen water pipes and
car radiators. We have hud such
balmy weather that It seems n hard
ship to have a few days of snowy and
cold weather.
Mr. ami Mrs. Uoy Howell of Dark
dale and V. Keyes and wife are all
"xpevtod home to sjienil Xmas at the
Royal Hands home.
Mrs, Joyce Willis left on Tuesday
Main and Webb Sts. Pendlefon
Dental X-ray and Diagnosis
Bank Building
Phones: Office 93, Residence 7S1
Jerusalem. --A gift of 200 live tur
keys has Just boen recoled by the
Near East Relief from sn Armenian
farmer in Egypt. The birds are to
provide Christmas dinners for 1,200
Armenian children to orphanages
Oregon's School Bil
Washington, D. C.
Appeal Is Set
- Oregon's ap-
Z iinctt Logan of Boardman was a
ruber on the Creek on Monday.
inrK who is engngeu in iui fir llome , Tillmn(V)k t0
the Agricultural census for the ov-,,hp nlldav
,'inruent In five preclnts was a bust-v
MM caller in our midst Monday.
Mrs. Je nnie Scoggins and 'daughter
Mrs. Ernest Taylor and family of Ar-
llitvf,Mi ultitt Itillv f lnhoff siwllt Sun
. ' . , '. , , ... peal in the case involvine its compul
av with thidr old time neighbor and " 6
lend Mrs. M V. Logan and family.
Miss Agnes Warner of Arlington
spent Sunday with her friend Miss
Helen Farley.
Hlllle Linlioff and Miss Ruth Tay
lor cmIIchI at the Sharrnrd home on
l,-ur Sundnv
Mrs. J. F. D.xs went to Arlington er rtlfied b' tue 8-,Dllte
on the school bus. to attend the Has-
gal ball game on last Saturday. Mrs
XI. Farley and Wm Doberty also were
passengers on the bus to sis. the game.
Janies and Dick Logan of Cecil,
l ave hcvn busy the past week hauling
old ties from the Junction to their
home on Four Mile.
Mr. and Mrs. Swltser were Arling
ton visitors last week.
Qfflcn In Court House
Arlington. Oregon
sory public school law will be argued
February 24.
Senate Ratifies Three Rum Treaties.
Washington. D. C Treaties for the
uppressiou of liquor smuggling t1lh
tho Netherlands, France and Canuda
Doctor Clarke of the Clarke-Strnm
Optical Conipjuiy. wishes all of his
f-Iends and patients a Merry Christ
mas and a Prosperous New Year.
Watchmaker and Jeweler
Diamonds, Watches. Clocks, Silver
ware nie Inspector Off. R. R. A Co.
i.6 .Main St. Pendleton, Oregon