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    FRIDAY DECEMBER 19, 1924
Brief Resume of Happenings of
the Week Collected for
Our Readers.
Louis Stass, 55, was killed instant
ly near Coburg, when he was struck
by a falling tree.
J. C. Perry, a Salem druggist, was
elected King Bing of the Salem
Cherrlaus for the ensuing year.
The Associated Oil company will
immediately erect a ?20,000 distribu
tion plant in Eugene it is reported.
Winter's icy grip has forced the
shutdown of two of the three pino
beetle control camps In Klamath coun
ty. Fire, which officials declare to have
been of incendiary origin, caused dam
age to the city hall at Astoria esti
mated at $2500.
A total of 10,920 carloads of lumber
were shipped out of Bend by tin
Brooks-Scanlon and Shevlin-Hixon
mills during 1921.
By a vote of 51 to 31 a levy fov
20,000 was voted in road district No.
I, in the Manzanita-Nehalem count, y,
for road construction.
Newton C. Cheney of Medford and
Earl Leslie Wilson of Portland hav
been admitted to practice law per
manently in this state.
Sower construction work costing
approximately $200,000 will be com
pleted by the city of Klamath Falls
during the coming year.
Thousands of boxes of prunes we
mailed and shipped by Portland citi
zens last week to friends and rela
tives in pruneless states.
Two large male cougars, travel:".?
together, were treed and shot by W
O. Allison not far from Ukiah. Tht
larger weighed more than 200 pounds
The demand for cross-bred lambs
to form the foundation of breeding
flocks has grown so keen that tht
price has been raised to 11 cents ;,
Noel Ehy, 18-year-o!d son of Mr. and
Mr3. N. K. Eby, who reside in West
Sutherlin, was kicked to death by a
horse when placing feed in the ani
mal's stall.
Frozen fog which descended ovei
Klamath Falls did considerable dam
age to telephone and power lines, and
blanketed the city with a fascinating
white frosting.
The Southern Pacific company has
awarded a contract to the Utah Con
struction company tor building a:
proximately 22 miles of railroad fro::
Grass Lake to Dietz.
A special school election called at
Roscburg to consider the issuance oi
school bonds in the sum of $165,000
resulted In the approval of the bond.
by a vote of 416 to 210.
Fire, which for a time threatened
the entire business district of Malin
was checked by the volunteer fire de
partment after the Malin hotel had
sustained damage of approximate!..
Benton county is to have an "ecc
nomic conference" January 13 and 14
The government has just completed
an exhaustive survey of the count?
the first to be finished In the Pacific
Fire losses in Oregon, exclusive of
Portland, in November aggregated
$168,450, according to a report pre
pared by Will Moore, state fire
marshal. There were a total of 2,"
fires reported.
A bill to limit the powers of county
judges in their capacity as juvenile
judges will be introduced at the next
session of the state legislature, ac
cording to J. G. Tate, chairman of the
state child welfare commission.
Consiruction of a new hatchery for
the state fish commission at Beaver
creek, which is about two miles from
Hebo on the Tillamook highway, has
been started. The hatchery will be
one of the largest in the state.
So rapidly are demands for fiction
volumes increasing at the Umatilla
county library that the board has
found it impossible to buy books in
sufficient quantities with the money
avai'able to satisfy the demand.
Following a check of its own figures
with estimates furnished by the coun
ty assessors' o'fice, the Multnomah
eounty tax supervision and conserva
tion onimlssion placed the local 1925
lax levy at 33.2 mills, as against 32.3
mills year.
The value of all taxable property In
II. e state of Oregon for 1924, includ
ing that equalized by the county
boards of equalization and that equal
ized and apportioned by the state tax
commission is $1,058,830,736.61. as
r-.-.-.inst $1,042,410,618.66 for the year
li)23. These figures are set out in
a statement prepared by Earl Fisher,
itate tax commissioner. The total in
crease in valuation for the year 1924,
as compared with those for 1923 is
116,470,117.95. ..
Published by The
Currey Printing Company
George Huntington Currey, and
Olive M. Currey
Editors and Proprietors
Consolidation of the Bend Brick
company, located 2V miles west of
Bend, and the Central Oregon Brick
company, located near Terrebonne,
has been announced. The new com
pany will be known as the Central
Oregon Brick company.
Because of the growth of the dairy
industry in Klamath county the Fort
Klamath creamery, which had been
shut down for several months, has re- j
opened. More than 200 dairy cattle
have been shipped into the Fort Entered as second-class matter Feb.
Klamath country since October. 1 11, 1921, at the, postoffice at Board
In a report to the board of direc- j man, Ore., under act of Mar. 3, 1870.
tors of the Linn county chapter of the !
American Red Cross society, A. C. .
Heyman, chairman of the roll-call ; ! Wl'-oleSOni"? Neglect
unve una year in me county, set iortn
that a total of $2078 had been raised
in the county for next year's work.
Eric W. Allen, dean of the school of
journalism at the University of Ore- w mm wt
gon, will be in Chicago December 29, f"VTJR neighbor across the street, who
was t
Dean of Men, University of
30 and 31, attending the annual con
ference of the association of Schools
and Departments of Journalism, and
the Association of Teachers of Jour
Prices for practically all foodstuffs
to be used at the state institutions
during the six months starting Janu
ary 1, 1925. have increased from 5 to
. n ii r r r m n - . r
j HUBI. U. UAntI J .
Th' things you
whisper behind your
bund may not be
more Interestln' than
th' things you say
out loud but they sound more so.
Community Church Service
v Every Sunday &
Sunday School 10:30 a. m.
Church Service 11 :30 a. iu.
Christian Endeavor 7:30 p. m.
"H"M Your Conversation -H-H-H-
"Perfumes," now used as lux- -
uiies, once were necessities. I
The word comes from the Lat:n
words which mean "from" and
"smoke." The first perfume
were derived from the com
bustion of aromatic woods and
gums. They were used original
ly to counteract the odors Which
resulted from the burning of
flesh in living sacrifice.
1"I"M"I"M"I"H I 1 1 I 1 1 1 t I N-f
All are Welcome
REV. B. S. HUGHES. Pastor.
For bargains in Second Hand GooUs.
see Rider in Hermlston. Oct 24tf
lie mother of nine children,
all of whom were u credit to them
selves and to the community, used to
say when asked how she succeeded
unaided In rearing her family so suc
;'essfullv. that there was nothing bet
ter for children than a good dose of re!. ef for the farmer,
I have wondered some times if the
fact that youngest sons and only chil
Robert D. Carey of Wyoming, who
was named by President Coolirige
chairman of the commission to devise
35 per cent over those quoted on June dren have so little independence and
! initiative is not because they have
at the office of the state board of
An amendment to the interior de
partment bill as passed by the house
continuing the appropriation for the
Owyhee irrigation project in Malheur
county until July 1, 1926, was adopted
by the senate appropriations commit
tee. The amendment was offered by
Senator McNary.
Organization of a state constabulary
to supercede all special state com
never been let alone. The host of par
ents and grandparents and aunts and
ancles which incessantly hovers
around makes any moments of heav
enly neglect Impossible. The child is
never given a chance to think for him
self or to work himself out of a difli
cult corner.
nli I
Salem, A total of $2,559,480 will he
asked of the forthcoming legislature
for the maintenance of the state's 10
eleemosynary, penal and educational
Institutions administered by th state
A student with whom I talked only board of control, according to budget
estimates as approved by the state
I Sell-Insurance
J. C. Ballenger
. , ,,,,
Umatilla Pharmacy
W. E. Smith, Prop.
Mail Orders Given
Special Attention
2C6 E. Court Street
tt snort time ago assured nie mat at
thought the best service I had ever
done him during the four years of his
undergraduate course was to leave him
alone, to refrain from giving him ad
and when there was evident reason for
missions and agencies now charged j vice when he knew I wanted to do so.
with the enforcement of particular
penal statutes, is contemplated in a
resolution unanimously adopted by tht
District Attorneys' association of the
bucket commission.
This figure is $46,rr14 less than the
appropriations for the same 10 insti
tutions for the bieimiuni of 1923 24
just closing, but Is $H7,007 in excess of
state in annual session in Portland.
Charles G. Dawes, vice-presidentelect,
will be on the program at the
annuel convention of the Oregon Wool
Growers' association in Pendletor
January 14-15, if a report from Boisi
that he would be there for the Idahc
meeting is correct, Mac Hoke, secre
tary of the Oregon association says
In accordance with a contract let
it, to keep from calling him 0 account i the actual expenditures for the blen
for his wrongdoing when he knew that nium, as approximately $114,000 of the
I was aware of what he had done and 1923-24 appropriations will be turned
disapproved of It. If I had reproved bach to the general fund of the stale
him he would have argued; as I did
not he changed his conduct.
Tt Is a difficult lesson for parents
:ind teachers and organisation officers
to learn, but it Is often true, never
thelcss, that the best way to re
form children Is not to notice them
the best wny to teach young people 0
lesson Is to set them an example unci
say nothing, the best way to Imprest
children is not to lay down so man
as unexpended balances at the end of
this month.
The budget estimates for the forth
coming bli nnlum make no provision
for new buildings, the Increase in the
estimated needs for the liennlum over
:be actual expenditure!! for the pres
ent bienniuni being accounted for al
most entirely by the Increased popula
tion of the institutions.
Eat and Drink
At The
New French Cafe
E. 3. McKNEELY, Prop.
Pendleton, Oregon
(Only the Best Foods Served)
Furnished liuoms Over Cafe
B Quick Service Lunch Counter
In Connection Willi
Dining Room
Electrical Fixtures and
At your Home
All Work Guaranteed
Call Weston's
by orchardists of the Rogue River j rules and to preach less. I have oftei
valley last fall to the American Can
company for shipment from Toledo,
O., between November 20 and Decern
ber 14, 110,000 orchard heaters, or
smudge pots, in five cars, arrived at
Medford to be used in heating
orchards next spring.
A total of $111,965.63 has been ap
portioned to the schools throughout
Tillamook county since January, 1924
felt that the reason some fellows d
better than others Is because like th
old lady's children, they have beer
given a dose of neglect -they hav
been allowed to work out their own
When we know (hut someone will
coddle us and wult on us and run after
us and think for us when someone is
always at hand to bear our sorrows
and carry our burdens and pull us hack
from flfincer vp crow to evooet It T
according to a report of the county , know bwhnnAn wh ,,, , mc ,
school superintendent's office. The: n.iml)n(r f they were going on a Jour
funds from which this was derived nPV . t know young men who cannot
include $44,128 from county, $5430.22 et up In the morning without blns
from the state, $42,962.50 from the culled ; I know boys who never get out
the books unless they are told. If oui
education Is worth anything It ought
to teach us to be Independent.
Perhaps we need a little more neg
(, 1924. Western Newspaper Union.)
for Chic Accessories
elementary fund and $19,435.91 high
The work of issuing 1925 motor ve
hicle licenses has started In the sec
retary of state's office at Salem. Un
der the law these licenses cannot be
used legally until January 1. Id is Simple Dresses Call
suing ana senuing cut mis motor ve
hide licenses earlier than usual this
year the secretary of state is of the
opinion that an eleventh-hour conges
tion will be avoided.
Organization of the Willamette val
ley growers and levying a duty of six
cents a pound on cherries imported
into the United States are necessary
in event the cheny industry of the
northwest is to prosper, according to
D. L. Beard of The Dalles, who has
returned from points in California,
where he conferred with a number of
cherry growers' organizations.
Resolutions were adopted at a meet
ing in La Grande of 50 sportsmen, held
under auspices of the Wing, Fin and
Fleetfoot club, advocating shortening
of the trout season indefinitely, hold
ing the deer season to the month of
October with a limit of one buck, ask
ing for a grouse season from Septem
ber 1 to October 31, and recommend
ing a bounty of $50 on cougars.
B. F. Jones of Newport appeared
before a subcommittee of the house
committee on claims in Washington,
D. C, in behalf of a claim of Lincoln
county for $186,000. It Is contended
Head of American Federation of Labor
Die3 in Texas
San Anonio, Tex. Samuel Gompers,
who for more than 40 year3 directed
the destinies of the American Federa
tion of Labor, died here Saturday
after realizing his last hope, that the
?nd ccme on American soil.
The death of the American labor
leader followed a trip to Mexico City
where ho attended the sessions of the
Pan-Am ericas Federation of Labor.
The end came in a loril hospital 11
hours after his arrival from Mexico
City, where he had been stricken
earlier in the week.
Fresh Chris mas Candies
We Are Now Displaying a Large and Choice
Assort matt of
Lalourell Auto Company
As long as the vogue for simple
dresses lasts, the Importance of dreaa
accessories will be maintained. Wom
en look to neckwear, costume Jewelry,
corsage ornaments, girdles and the
like, for that touch of sophistication
Wife Killed for Burglar.
Yakima, Wash. Ernest C. Green
man, deputy game warden, killed his
wife Monday night. They hoard
noise, and thinking it was burglars,
Greenman took a revolver from be
neath hi3 pillow and went into the
bathroom where the noise seemed to
come from. Mrs. (ireenman went to
the front door and was trying the lock
when Greenman eamt out of the back
room, and believing her k' ill in bed,
shot her. Authorities have Investigated
and are satisfied it was accidental.
Mrs. Greenman was an ex resident of
Oregon City, Or.
Wheat Hard white, $1.75; soft
white, $1.71; northern spring, hard
winter and western white, $1.68;
western red, $1.64.
Hay Alfalfa. $1919.50 ton; valley
timothy, $19(fj20; eastern Oregon
timothy, $21Q22.
Itutterfat 40c shippers' track.
Eggs Ranch, tO 041tye.
Cheese Prices f. o. b. Tillamook:
Triplets, 28c; loaf, 29c per lb.
Cattle Steers, good, $7 758.25.
Hogs -Medium to good, $X. 75 3.85.
h The Best is none too Good -
Try Our Sherwin-Williams Paints 1
and Varnishes. The r? is
none better
We Have a Complete Line of-
Cedar Flume Slock
Building Materials
Builder's Hardware
Cement, Lime, Posts
Wood & Coal
that the government in the sale ofwhicn tne lulple fro(.k, ,.',, Mult, i -Spring, medium to choice,
the Blodgett timber tract and accom n(,eds. It Is the upkeep of this un- ' 3
panying sawmill deprived the county : obtrusive apparel that keea us busy
of one-third of Its taxable property looking for ways and means of urying Seattle
by a deal which gave the timber and j I and giving It character. Wheat Hard and soft while, $1 70;
mill to the Pacific Spruce company on i bov ' a rouI' "f I,re"' rre- western whlte' har,J , U 67;
a tax-exempt basis for years to come.! "f rll,,,"n two ""'" "e ; northern spring.
are made of wide niPtal brocades. At $1.68; Rig llond btseatom $1 K5
Assertions that the Indian bureau's tne ,pft ,)lack und Mver , U(M, nn(M, Hay .Alfa!fa yn. (, mgj Um
plan of educating Indian boys and wm, silk, suspended on a silver f)tny ,, (.' ,2S; mix.d hay $24
gti la Willi wuue imiuicji uaa yiuvcu cnaiH aim unisiico WHO piivpr lusari,
a failure and a plea that the Indian Several colors, and the glinl of gold
boarding school formerly operated at appear In the bag with n Dllagree
the Umatilla agency be reopened were mounting. An ombre ribbon snot with
made in a public statement at Pendle- Kold ihr& wnr,n ,nn Hn'' ,,r"wn
. . Q . . . , . . ,. hade, makes the pretty girdle, and
ion uy ni""i i-u..-i,.u, bwh i ...-.. ,k ,.n. ,i ,.( .t Jltiw,.- WaKhlnutnn trlnlro. H-
yri H1U I aiirui IHC V"llfl niir, ,..,. . WW V t .. n ... ,
Eggs Ranch, 3745c.
Butterfat 44c.
Cattle -Choice steers, $7.50S36.
Hogs -Prime light, $!i.609.90.
Cheese Washington cream brick,
5 Boardman, - Oregon
The Highway Inn
O. II. Warner, Proprietors
Bourdman, Oregon
Cayuse tribe. The Indians have been
The plecea'aire bound with narrow Washington Young America, 22c
advocating the opening of the old rlbbon , rpr, find nv ,,ut.
hoarding school for some time, and a tong or beads are set on the binding.
delegation will leave soon for Wash-
Ington, D. C In an effort to obtain a little ad in The Mirror will sell
action on their request. it fcr you.
Hog1? Prime mixed, $9.25 3-9.60
Ca'le Prime steers, $6. 75ft" 25.
Wholesome Home Cooking