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'them to Pendleton and returning on Shnrrard J. and F. White and J. F.
Sunday evening.
I Peterson and Mrs. Farley, those ben-
Repairing Irrigation Dam 56 Votes ' Mrs. -Moore and son and daughter efiting from this ditch.
are Cast Birthday Tarty
Zeunett Logan of Boardman was a
caller on Willow Crook Saturday, en
route to Leon Logans al Cecil.
A pleasant lltle surprise was given
at the Pert Bennett home on Satur
day, the occassioa being the birthday
in law were callers at the Peterson's Dick Logan of Cecil halted a few
Ion Thursday night. Mrs. Moore form- minutes iii his uncles' M. V. Logan
erly resided at Heppner but was en- on Tuesday while enroute to Board
route from Idaho to the Willamette man on business.
Oscar Lundell spent a day or two in
Arlington this week.
Election came and went quietly in
J, F. DeoB lias been having a tu-jsel
with the grippe 'he past, few days but
was getting the best of the lxut at
ins! reports.
of Mrs. Bennett. Cake and coffee was this precinct. The school house was
served at the close of the social even
ing and those ulending report a good
used f r a polling place at Rhea with
0, I, Lundell chairman and George En,al.ging w-rft FlowStuck
nniiii-hM'ji, ivsner .uoiuugue ami air.
Mrs. M. Farley was a business visit Bpillman and J. F. Deos on the board,
or at Pendleton .Saturday and Sunday. 11 TOtes were polled, so Mr. Lundell
Mr. and Mrs. Pat Council of Hep- stated,
pnet were guests al the Farley home Repairs are being made to the dam
Saturday, Mrs. Farley accompanying on the LogaB place by Messrs. Ellis
in Sand
With Car Are Dinner
Guests See Show
Brief Resume of Happenings of
the Week Collected for
Our Readers.
The port of Astoria budget for 1925
has been fixnd at $682,644.
The Silverton Gun club will hold its
annual turkey shoot at Silverton Sun
day. James W. Fidler, 78, for 60 years a
resident of Oregon, died at his home
Succeeds Haughton
jEL Prosperity
When you make it a habit to pass a part of your
earning through the Re ceiving w indow of this
Bank each paj day you are looking through the
Window of Prosperity.
Almost without exception the great fortunes of
today had their foundation in small sums saved in
this manner, and there is no reason in the world
why you should not start the same way.
The opportunities to bcccir. wealthy today are more
plentiful Hum i vi i- before, but jou must make a start by
ODnVr ilmtr
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And Special Knvelopes To Match
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$1.75 for the first dozen and 75c
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Mrs. George Krebs accompanied Mrs
L. L. Funk to lone on Saturday where near Jefferson.
they visited friends a few hours. There were 81 persons arrested In
Mr. and .Mis. II. V. Tyler of Ithea Astoria during October and fines col-
Sfdlng were in the Dalles for a day or 'ected amounted to $1595.
two during the week and had some Coos county cheese won first and
dental Work done before they returned second honors at the Pacific Interna-
home, lional Stock Show In Portland.
Mr. and Mis. Jack Hynd of Butter- The Congregational and Presbyter
fly flats were the dinner guests of Mr. ian churches of Corvallis have decid
and Mrs. George Krebs at The Last ed to make an effort toward federa-
jjljjj MBI
camp ranch on Sunday.
Ous Davis arrived from Pendleton
Oh Sunday and spent a day or tivo
with friends in and around Cecil lie
fore leaving for The Dalles.
Miss lthoda Deck teacher at the Ce
cil school spent (lie week end with
friends in Eight Mile.
Miss Crystal Robert! of Condon was
colling al Karl Farnsworths at Ithea.
Miss Josh- P dro of F.wing return
ed home on Tuesday after spending a
few days with friend. tTC Pendleton.
The Pacific Telephone & Telegraph
company has started work at Oregon
City on estimates that will exceed
Mrs. Laura D. Harlow, wife of Lou
A. Harlow of Troutdale, was elected
mayor of that city as a result of the
recent election.
The postoffice of Tumalo, Deschutes
county, has been discontinued and
mail to the district served by it will
be sent to Bend.
.Mrs. Eric Waldo and children left
lor their home in Eugene on Tuesday After being mistaken by officers for
after spending their vacation with a robber, Neilis Zimmerman, Albany
friends in Morrow county. high school student, 16, was shot in
Mr. and Mrs. Bufus Fnrrens and tne head at Albany.
Children of lone accompanied by Miss( Two hundred and fifty Elks from
Violet Hynd teacher near lone, spent Portland will be guests of the Albany
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hynd ledge Saturday at a banquet, program
nt the Butterfly flat ranch. Miss Annie and initiation ceremonies.
C. Hynd returned to lone with her sis
ter and will visit friends in that lo
cnlity for a few days.
Iv ..,1,1 r,... r r ni.. , .i..
.... .... .,. ... v huiir mm urn t0 the secretary of state at Salem
coniiren ami .rtmir Turner or
Hood River this year has the dis
tinction of being the first county in
Oregon to send its election returns
Cuckoo flats, were Calling on Mrs. H.
.1. Streeter on Sunday.
R. E. Duncan of Busy Bee ranch
was delivering a truck load of honey
In lone on Thursday.
Miss Gladys Medlook of Morgan was
visiting at Roekcllffe on Tlmrsdny.
Mis. Boy Slender and infant dnugl
The American Medical association
has placed Oregon Agricultural col
lege on its approved list of institu
tions offering standard pre-medical
Powdery mildew, a new disease of
red clovery has made its appearance in
Benton county. It first appeared in
ter of Beldornseen ranch accompanied Just,uoine coumy, wnere nearly a nun
by Mi- Annie s-ender and also Mrs. dred flelda have been rained.
J. K. Crflbtree of Cookoo flats were Report of a rich gold strike come
visiting .Mrs. I.. I,. Funk nt Cecil on from Salmon creek, In Baker county.
Thursday of this week. A man named DicklnBon exhibited in
W. , Hynd of Band Hollow, T. H. Baker last week samples of the ore
I.owe of Cec il and W. T. Palmnteer of that will assay $6000 to the ton.
Morgan left en the local on Thursday A successor to John S. Coke, United
f ir Portland where thej were to take States district attorney, with head
in the big stock show, quarters In Portland, probably will
"Wirt" Palmateer of Wlndynook was not be appointed until after January
a business mjie, nt tne c.,mntT S(lnt ,, x accordlng t0 Senator McNary.
i nursuay ami rnaay.
Mr. and Mrs. George Krebs of the
Last Camp were doing business in Ar
lington on Tlmrsdny.
Mrs Dell Ward of lone accompanied
her sister Mrs Karl Fnrnsworth nnd
daughter Helen of Rhea to Monument
Friday where they will visit friends
for a few days.
Mrs. .1. E. O'Neal returned to her
borne a- Bwlng on Friday after spend
ing several weeks with friends at
Hood Liver mid Portland.
Roy Sandstrom, 13-year-old son of
Mr. and Mrs. Axel Sandstrom, of Ban
don, was killed instantly when he
caru'e In contact with an electric wire
which was hanging from a pole.
The city of Klamath Falls author
ized a $60,000 bond Issue for the build
ing of a public library and public
women's rest room by a vote of 1C22
to 1141 at the election last week.
Albert Wilton was killed Instantly
at the Culp creek camp near Cottage
A bond Issue of $JtK.000 for the
completion of the isaker-l'uity and
Hakw-Coruucoi'ia roads which was
submitted to the vow is of Baker coun
ty received ou unofficial returns 3051
voles iu (aor and l;'05 against the
The state tax ou gasoline and dis
tillate sales for September. 1924, ag
gregated $277.17:?. ft. according to a
stateuieut prepared by the secretary
of state. The tax was based on 8,
998.510 gallons of gasoliue and 286,
706 gallons of distillate.
The state laud board has no legal
authority to loan irreducible school
funds of the state ou a water ditch,
according to a legal opinion handed
down by the attorney-general. The
opinion was requested by an irriga
tion district in eastern Oregon.
Thirty assessors of the 36 in the
state attended the annual convention
of the Oregon County Assessors' asso
ciation in Portland last week, heard
addresses, re-elected their old officers J "' Paul 0. Withington, close friend
and selected Dallas as the meeting ,f "u lllte Haughton, hns been
place for the next convention. 'PPointod head coach of the Columbia
iniversity football team. Withington
The Cottage Grove cannery die- s aQ ,ulo coach and is well schooled
tributed more than $14,000 during the n the "Haughton system," for he has
1924 season, largely in the packing of ilnyed and coached under the tutelage
products that otherwise would have f w."
been a waste. The amount paid for
produce was $6,594.76 and $7815.29 was 1
paid for labor, cans and boxes.
In an effort to check goiter among
the children of the Lincoln school of
Eugene the health clinic operated by
the Lincoln Parent-Teacher associa
tion has started a weekly distribution
of iodine tablets among the children
of the third grade and upwards.
Oregon pensions have been granted
as follows: Willis Snook, Portland,
$15; Carl Ritterspacher, Portland, $12;
Edith M. Gill, Klamath Falls, $20;
Sanny B. Vesey, Portland, $18; minors
of Frank E. Coqulllette, Independence,
$20; Christopher C. Marsh, Myrtle
Creek, $18.
By a vote of 3611 to 1384 Klamath
county voters approved a special $125,
000 road bond issue for completion of
The Dalles-California highway to the
Deschutes county line and also com
pletion of the west shore highway ex
tending about 50 miles around upper
Klamath lake.
Following a violent storm last week,
a large buck deer sauntered into the
city of Lakeview, wandered down
Main street past the courthouse, turn
ed into one of the principal business
thoroughfares and walked out of town
through alleys and the back yards of
residents of the city.
Edward Hoik, 48, was killed in
stantly and Joe Smite seriously in
jured at Astoria, when a slingload of
lumber being hoisted from the Ham
mond Lumber company schooner Trin
idad at the port dock broke from
its fastening and crashed down on a
crew of longshoremen.
Complete returns from all precincts
show that George L. Baker was elect
ed mayor of Portland on a plurality of
16,833 votes; that John M. Mann had
been elected commissioner on his 58,
515 first choico votes, and A. L.
Lieut. Gen. Damaso Berengucr, for
mer Spanish minister of war and
senior officer of the army, who has
been sent to Jail for six months by
Dictator Prlmo de Bivera because he
atrended a political meeting of promi
nent men who seek to overthrow the
"Sliorl Sharer hns quite recover- Orov of tne Anderson & Middleton
'd i'r..m his hunting trip and is once Lumber company when caught be
more Bl work for Walter Pope at the tween a '6 and a stump and crushed.
Hillside i eh drilling the well a few Changes in the state game laws
more feet, , jjoort supply of water mailing open seasons uniform through-
' '" ! ' i; bur Walter wishes n out the state, were recommended In
better supply before he calls halt. meeting of the Umatilla County
Melville Logan of The Willows, the
future sheriff rf Gilliam county, was
In Civil on Thursday on hli wny to
Four Mil-
Al Henrikscti of Pendleton while de
livering livestock on Willow Creek on
Monday night, inn till car Into the
""" ; ' - 'l!'-'i In spite of all in the second degree.
an enon ponlfl ii"t get back on the
highway again till nun and Q0rM
from the Pedro ranch to wed him out
Mrs Dwight Mistier of Daybreak''
NtMh near Cecil left on Monday to
visit friends in Portland
Flgh and Game Protective associa
tion' at Pendleton.
Fred Parazoo. who recently shot
and killed his stepfather, James Snid
er, trapper and hunter, residing at
Peel, was indicted by the grand jury
at Roseburg on a charge of murder
Washington, D. C. The cost of run
ning the federal government In the
fiscal year beginning next July may
fall below three billion dollars, or half
a billion dollars less than the estimat
ed expenditures for the current fiscal
On the basis of estimates prepar
ed by the budget bureau and on which
Barbur on a plurality of 12,563 on all its conferences with the spending de
three choices as the result of the partments of the government practi
clty election last week. cally have been completed, the anti-
The board of directors of the Ana cipated appropriations for the year
river irrigation project at the north beginning next July 1 stood at $2,-
end of Summer lake have requested 980,000,000, exclusive of the postoffice
Rhea Luper, state engineer, to make department, the receipts of which are
an investigation of the possibility of expected to balance the expenses,
the development of the land in the Officials of the budget still have
dry bed of Silver lake by a system work to do on the budget for 1926,
of deep wells and electric power to be which will be submitted by the presi-
developed at the irrigation dam. dent to the forthcoming short session
Edward H. Edmundson of Salem of cnsress.
nut tney nave gone so thoroughly
into every estimate, great and small,
submitted to them by the several
Approximately $2,276,000 of second
half state taxes have beei received
at the state treasury department.
About $390,000 Is outstanding. Out of
36 counties in the state only six have
not completed their payments.
In the absence of other employes
& robber entered the Multnomah Com
mercial & Savings bank at Multnomah
station, near Portland, forced the tell
er into the vault and escaped with
J1720.45 in cash and $6050 In bonds.
Total resources of the Oregon banks
Do It Now and Have It Done!
Gllff Arluutfiut HJuUrtm
Personal Stationery & Social Printing;
itr.mmmmtii:::ii:min: :t::ini::itti::t!:tn:::i::m:mtmmmmtmmtmmmmm
Thankfulness and Hope
Thanksgiving Is not, at Its best,
what nnybody says or does, but rather
whHt he feels. And so It Is, that all
of us, equal members In free de a' tn 0,01,6 of business on October 1.0
BJOCracy, art privileged to draw our were 160,743, 454.12, as against $318.
Inventories together, to total up the 991. 712197 on June 30. acccrding to a
credit side of our ledger of life as one statement issued at Salem by Frank
united people and to join together in Bramwell, state superintendent of
n lestlval of good cheer and beam banK8
thanks for what the past has yielded ,',,, u k
to face the future with a mutual hop' Colonel J. J. Harbaugh, ,8-year-old
fulness in what It holds In store -. Lane county Juvenile officer, was ser-
Farm and ltancb. loualy injtirad when a Southern Pa
cific freight engine struck his auto
mobile at the Spore's crossing on the
Mohawk branch 10 miles northeast ot
J. L. Schnavely and N. E. Benyon.
engineer and fireman on a steam
shovel belonging to the J. F. Shaa
Hiipaay. are though to have been
killed when the shovel was carried
across the road and 50 feet of level
ground, down an embankment of 75
Certainly Have
Men haven't destroyed oivlllmtlon
but they have hurt Its reputation like
thunder -Dulutb Herald
King of Mountains
Mount Everest Is nearly us htjrh as
the combined height of Mount Cook
(the highest mountain In New Zea
land). Fuji Yatna (the highest In .T
pan) and Hen Nevis (the highest In (Mt- d Pluaged Into the Bull Run
me British isles). river.
has received highest honors at the
Annapolis naval academy, according to
a lettpr received in Snleni He Is
a son of Mrs. Alice E. Edmundson. His '"ches of the government, that they
recent award makes him a "five- feel angea t0 b de he
striper," the highest honor that can a"er w111 e in tne nature ' thous
be bestowed upon a naval cadet, and ands rather than in millions ot dollars,
an honor granted to only one man.
Shipments of broccoli from Douglas FLORIDA BANS TWO TAXES
county jumped from 175 carloads in
1928 to 400 In 1924, according to Constitution Amended to Prevent
Foster Butner, manager of the Ump Income, Inheritance Levies,
qua Broccoli Exchange. Mr. Butner Tallahassee, Fla. Florida In the
said that this year an even greater general election adopted by a vote of
acreage had been planted but that due approximately five to one a constitu
to the dry summer the crop to be tional amendment forever prohibiting
harvested this winter probably would the levying of Inheritance or Income
be about the same as the 1924 crop. taxes.
There were four fatalities in Ore a"Ption of the amendment
eon due to Industrial accidents dur Florlda becomes the only state In the
ing the week ending November 6, ao ,ln,on that nas definitely expressed
cording to a report prepared by the itself 83 beIn determined that there
state Industrial accident commission tiaHl1 uot at aD' llme b a tax levy on
The victims were: Lloyd W. Lyons. incomes or inheritances unless
Walton, donkey engineer; William ,n" PePle at Borae future date decide
Handla. Portland, buoker; William F to again amend the constitution.
Husrch. Camas Valley, laborer, and ;
Basil Albeit Wilton, Vale, wood buck Washington Referendum Cost Huge,
r. A total of 539 accidents were re Seattle. Wash. Printing, checking
ported during the week. and pos'age for initiative and referee-
Goose hunting on the upper Colum ,lum measures have cost the state de
bia' river is good now and hunters fe- Pa"ment $919,707.61 since 1913, ac
port securing limit bags in the vlcin cording to figures compiled for Waah
lty'of Blalock and Arlington, accord !ate chamber of commerce by j
Ing to announcement of Captain A. E l'- D M'Ardle, director of the state
Burghduff. state game warden. He parunent of efficiency. During that :
said goose hunting would be good for i mo 13 initiative measures, 15 refer- j
the next two months on the bluffs ' ndum measures and three referen
along the Columbia river and in the iuw biIls have come before the people '
wheat fields. Sportsmen are warned aud of tnese but tw0 Uitiatlve. one i
that the territory along the Columbls referendum and one referendum bill
river for a distance of a quarter of a ere aPProve, prohibition and the
mile inland on Sach side is a game rt'PaI cf the state poll tax, the bone
refuge. !ry law and the soldiers' equalized
compejt8ftiB ct.
mVM I MM " Mi -